Reference numberHINCH 3/5
TitleMortgage by demise for 1,000 years; 1. William Poyntz of the p. of St. James within the Liberty of Westminster, co. Middlesex, Esq., Isabella his wife, and Thomas Parker of Puttenham, co, Surrey, Esq. 2. Rt. Hon. John 4th Earl of Sandwich, Rt. Hon. John Earl Spencer, Rt. Hon. George Bussy Villiers Esq., commonly called Lord Viscount Villiers and Henry Seymour of Sherborne, co. Dorset, Esq.
DescriptionRecites:) 1) William Poyntz placed out £2,000 at interest on a mortgage before his marriage, and on 16th February, 1762, this mortgage and principal sum were assigned to 2. upon such trusts as Poyntz should direct. 2) Indenture of 10th April, 1762 1. William Poyntz 2. Isabella Courtenay, now wife of 1. 3. George Mason and Noble Wallwyn Pytts. 4. As 2 above. Agreed that the assignment of the mortgage made in trust for William Poyntz until his marriage, and then upon trust that 4. should lend out the money due upon the mortgage, the interest of which should be paid to 1 and 2 and on their deaths, to their children. 3. Soon after marriage, the sum of £2,000 was paid in, and 4 laid it out again in the purchase of £4 per cent Bank Annuities of the year 1763 These were later converted to money. 4. William Poyntz and Thomas Parker, his trustee, own lands in co. Berkshire. Poyntz proposed to 4 that part of these lands were suitable as security on which to place out the principal sum of £2,000 at interest. 4 agreed to this. Now for £2,000 to William Poyntz from 2 1 demises to 2 Part of The Upper Farm (further described), part of The Lower Farm (further described) and all of Burds Farm (except for the parts conveyed in Hinch 3/4) in the p. of Midgham,Co. Berkshire.
Date8th July, 1768
CreatorNameMontagu family, Earls of Sandwich of Hinchingbrooke
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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