Reference numberHINCH 3/30
TitleSettlement; 1. John Baily of Rambridge, co. Southampton, Esq., and Mary his wife. 2. Rt. Hon John 4th Earl of Sandwich of Hinchinbrooke, co. Huntingdon, and John Gawler of the Inner Temple, London, Esq.
DescriptionRecites: 1) The will and codicil (1761) of Francis Seymour Esq., the 2nd husband of Lady Hinchingbrooke, and the father of Henry Seymour Esq. and Mrs Mary Baily. 2) The death of Francis Seymour; the dispute between 1 and Henry Seymour over the codicil; the compromise agreed upon (1764) 3) The personal estate of Francis Seymour to go to Mary Baily; the dispute over the personal estate arising from F. Seymour being tenant for life under will of Henry Portman Esq., deceased, of divers sums of money due to H. Portman and secured to him upon mortgages of divers manors etc. in co. Devon, late the estate of William Northmore Esq. 4) Release of the lands of Wm Northmore in co. Devon to John Gawler (3rd-4th August, 1772) upon trust to sell what lands he could and apply the money as directed; the rents from the unsold lands being paid to John Baily. Now John Baily wishes to settle the sum of £450 per year upon his wife during the joint lives of 1 John Baily agrees with 2 that he will not receive the rents due to him but that John Gawler will receive them, and pay such of them as together with the interest or dividends from the sum of £6,000, given to Mary Baily in her father's will, shall amount to the yearly sum of £450, to Mary Bailey during the joint lives of 1. Attached:) 1) Schedule of the estates in co. Devon which have been sold. 2) Schedule of the estates in Co. Devon still unsold.
Date23rd July, 1774
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CreatorNameMontagu family, Earls of Sandwich of Hinchingbrooke
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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