Reference numberHINCH 9/239-241
TitleLetter; J.G. Green, Buckden, to 7th Earl of Sandwich.
DescriptionProposes to retire as Adjutant of the Hunts. Militia, and leave the field open for a younger and more efficient man. Feels that he is no longer equal to the duties which devolve upon him during the period of training. Now requests Lord Sandwich as an old friend to allow him to continue the practice of Adjutants, of nominating their successors and receiving from them a consideration for the appointment. In the Hunts Militia, Bonnett received from Dobbins, Dobbins from Greene, Greene from White and White from himself. J.G. Green. If this privilege is withheld, it will be a serious loss to himself and his family, especially as it is doubtful whether he can receive his retiring allowance because he holds another appointment in the Queen's service. Attached: 1) Rough copy of a letter 7th Earl of Sandwich, Hinchingbrooke to Captain Green. Acknowledges the letter of resignation. As regards the sale of the Adjutancy. Regulations no longer permit this. Reminds Green of the correspondence with the Home Office in 1853 (Hinch/9/58 and 83) As a result of this, never expected that any question of sale would arise, and therefore agreed some time ago to recommend a friend of his when a vacancy occurred. 7th August 1856 2) Copy of a letter 7th Earl of Sandwich, Hinchingbrooke to Captain Green. Restates his position on the sale of the Adjutancy. 14th August 1856
Date6th August, 1856
CreatorNameMontagu family, Earls of Sandwich of Hinchingbrooke
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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