Reference numberM10/7/11
TitleLetter from William Burness, Westminster, to the Duke of Manchester
DescriptionReitterating his account of events that took place on Lady Day 1844 (see also M10/7/1). Burness exchanged words with Porter, who had demanded from Burness some accounts in a "very unprecedented manner". The accounts of money Burness had received from Porter, compared with the Duke's bank book, showed that the Duke had given Porter around £100 which was never given to Burness. When the accounts were returned, it showed Burness paid for labour titled "Sundries Dr to Leash". The Duke scheduled an appointment at 9 o'clock to settle these accounts next Lady Day 1845 however, to Burnesses surprise, the Duke left Tandragee at 7 o'clock that day without settling the accounts. Burness retains possession of the Dukes account books until a settlement is made.

Has not persued legal measures, but threatens that he does not rule out doing so in the future "however reluctant I may be to drag before the public the Ducal crown of Manchester in connection with such men as Porter and Purvis".

Tried to bring this matter to the attention of Lord Mandeville, however his lordship was otherwise engaged or not at the residence. Will try again to see the Lord on his return from the continent.

Does not wish to "drive measures to extremes" but is determined not be used "as a tool in the hands of other for £ (money) making".
Date03 October 1849
CreatorNameThe Montagu family of Kimbolton Castle: estate and family papers
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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P/0076Montagu; Sir; George (1799-1855); 6th Duke of Manchester (1843-1855); of Kimbolton Castle1799-1855
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