Reference numberR5/11/14
DescriptionCopy of Marriage Settlement (by Lease and Release). Reciting numerous perevious mortgages; that Martha Weedon the elder of Huntingdon, widow of the late Joseph Weedon, clerk, is now owed £957 5sh 11d. by John Favell of Normanton, Yorks, gent, because of one of these mortgages; and that a marriage is intended between Richard Favell of York, surgeon, only son of John Favell and Ruth, his wife, and Martha Weedon the younger of Huntingdon, spinster, one of the 2 surviving daughters of Mrs Weedon. Mrs Weedon, John Favell, his wife and Richard Favell to James Favell of Houghton with Witton, DD, Joseph Hempsted of Broughton, gent, and Henry Brown of Ramsey, grazier, as trustees. The Manor of Keirbye, otherwise Kerebye, otherwise Kereby, otherwise Keirby with Netherby, the tenements belonging to it and all the tenements, mills etc, of John, Ruth, and Richard Favell in Normanton and Woodhouse in or near the township of Normanton, Yorks which were conveyed in mortgage to Mrs Weedon, all other messuages etc. of Favells in Keirby, Normanton and Woodhouse. Mrs Weedon, Martha Weedon the younger and Sarah Weedon of Huntingdon, spinster, the other daughter of Mrs Weedon, to Hempsted and Brown, as trustees. Closes of meadow in Lilbourne, Northants, 10 Muchwood Parts, 4 Broadalls Lots, 1 Meerside Lot, 1 Midfetter Lot, and 1 Bill Lot, late the estate of Joseph Weedon, deceased, and 2 Stocking Fen Lots, and 2 Turf Fen Lots, late the estate of Joseph Richards, deceased, father of Mrs Weedon, all in Ramsey. The Misses Weedon agree with Hempsted and Brown to surrender their copyhold lands into the hands of the Lord of the Manor of Whittlesea St.Mary, Isle of Ely, Cambs.
Date26th - 27th June 1771
CreatorNameFellowes family, Lords de Ramsey of Abbots Ripton
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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F/0004Fellowes; family; of Ramsey Abbey; Barons de Ramsey1660-Present
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