Reference numberWH3/2082
TitleCoronation Celebrations Cycle Parade, Huntingdon
DescriptionThis image was originally identified as part of the Boer War peace celebrations in Huntingdon, which took place in June 1902, but it is now known that this image, and WH3/2083A-B and WH2/155 are of the cycle parade celebrating the Coronation of King George V in August 1902.
The Hunts Post of the 16 August 1902 describes the cycle parade, which was headed by the Huntingdonshire Volunteers, and which assembled on Mill Common. Prizes were awarded for the best costumes and here we can see the prizewinners in the women's section.
First prize was awarded to Miss Gaunt, who represented Peace and was dressed in a white dress decorated with white flowers - presumably she is the lady standing at the extreme left of the group. 2nd prize was awarded to Miss Goodliff, who was dressed as a "tasteful representaton of a shamrock. She carried a small lifebuoy and anchor, and on her head was a model of the famous America Cup [Irish] challenger" [The Irish challenger yachts in the America's Cup, entered by Sir Thomas Lipton from 1899-1930 were all named Shamrock]. She is standing next to Miss Gaunt. 3rd prize was awarded to Miss D Murkett, who was dressed as "Old Mother Hubbard". She carried a dog in her arms and there was a cupboard on her bicycle. She may be the woman dressed in the Welsh costume, as there is a small cupboard on the front of her bicycle, and what appears to be an animal on top. 4th prize was awarded to Miss Draper dressed as a nurse, and who can be seen in the middle of the group. 5th prize went to Miss Simpson dressed as a cook and 6th prize went ot Miss Rowe who was dressed as Ireland, and can be seen next to Miss Simpson holding a banner. A special prize was given to Miss Harmistow, who was dressed as a gipsy and can be seen and the extreme right of the group.
The Hunts Post recorded that the Mayoress, Mrs H.C. Jones, awarded the prizes, after which the groups were photographed.
This image is virtually identical to WH2/155
DateAugust 1902

CreatorNameThe Whitney Collection
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives
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