Reference numberWH3/2083A
TitleCoronation Celebrations Cycle Parade, Huntingdon
DescriptionThis image was originally identified as part of the Boer War peace celebrations in Huntingdon, which took place in June 1902, but it is now known that this image, and WH3/2082, WH3/2083B and WH2/155 are of the cycle parade celebrating the Coronation of King George V in August 1902.
The Hunts Post of the 16 August 1902 describes the cycle parade, which was headed by the Huntingdonshire Volunteers, and which assembled on Mill Common. Prizes were awarded for the best costumes and here we can see the prizewinners in the men's and children's sections. Mr A Campbell won the first prize for an "ingenious representation of Lord Kitchener. He rode his bicycle in the centre of a 'property' cooking stove, the pun being obvious!" Mr Campbell can be seen on the left of the group. 2nd, 3rd and 4th prizes went to D. Watson, A. Watson and E. Roebuck, who dressed as "The Three Old Maids of Lee" - possibly these are the three men in the centre of the group wearing masks. 5th prize went to R. Fairley, who dressed as "Weary Willie" - he can be seen on the end of the group with the sign around his neck. 6th prize went to O. Markham who was "Tired Tim" - possibly the man standing behind Weary Willie wearing the long wig.
No girls took part in the competition, but the boys who won prizes can be seen here. Master Colbon won first prize dressed as "Bugeler Dunn", and can be seen with his bicycle on the right of the group, and Mr C Smith's little boys, "in smart military rig with a 'fiery charger'" were given the next prizes. These are presumably the two little boys standing to the right of "Lord Kitchener". Masters Reed and Howard were dressed as Tweedledum and Tweedledee, and can be seen standing and sitting at the front of the group.
The Hunts Post recorded that the Mayoress, Mrs H.C. Jones, awarded the prizes, after which the groups were photographed.
DateAugust 1902

CreatorNameThe Whitney Collection
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives
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