Person NameHeathcote; family; of Conington Castle
ActivityA notable family of landed gentry, whose various branches owned extensive lands throughout England and Scotland at various times over the course of centuries. The first significant figure in the family was a businessman and merchant who established his family as nobility, and successive generations were often as local or national officials such as JPs, MPs and frequently served as High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire. Scions of the family worked as barristers, researchers in various fields, authors and sportsmen. Throughout the centuries the main occupation of the family was as landowners, with one branch rising to be among the largest in the country in the late 19th century.
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KCON/3/5/7Deeds re. lands in Fobbing (Essex)
KCON/6/1Various Trusts
KCON/3/5/12Deeds re. lands in the Manor of Mylton Hall
KCON/3/4Deeds re. Manor and Lands at Upton
KCON/3/6/1Series of deeds re London property
KCON/4/1/2Account Books
KCON/4/2/11Accounts: Steeple Gidding
KCON/7/10Miscellaneous letters
KCON/7/3Conington Tithes
KCON/3/5Deeds re. properties in Essex.
KCON/2/5Family Settlements: Heathcote
KCON/4/2/23/6Memorandum of Heathcote agents 1775-1776
KCON/6/2/11-17Bills to Mrs. Ann Skinner for her coals
KCON/4Estate records
KCON/7/7London Properties
KCON/3/3/DDeeds re. Little Stukeley
KCON/1Manorial records
KCON/3/10Deeds re. lands at Sawtry.
KCON/2/2Wills: Heathcote family
KCON/4/2/2/11Rentals of Upton Manor estate.
KCON/4/2/2/8Rental of Steeple Gidding. 8 tenants: 1,052½a. £803.8s.
KCON/1/DManor of Great Stukeley (Camayes Manor)
KCON/4/2/15Accounts: Private: Miscellaneous.
KHINCH/10/27Letter; Thomas Coote, St. Ives, to 7th Earl of Sandwich
KCON/2/5/A/3Instrument of Seisin
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/7/99Correspondence between George Thornhill of Diddington, Huntingdonshire, and J.M. Heathcote of Conington Castle, Huntingdonshire regarding a new Trust Deed
KCON/4/1/2/14Account Book Payments for wages and labour on Conington Castle estates.
KCON/6/2The Skinner Trust
KCON/4/2Conington and other estates
KCON/3/3/BSale of Great Stukeley lands from Bertie to Heathcote.
KCON/5/6Case re. will of John White (d.1769)
KCON/4/2/9/2-4Cash Accounts; Conington estates: Quarterly statements.
KCON/4/2/6/6Allotment of land in Little Stukeley to John Heathcote, Esq., Quantity and yearly value given.
KHAC0/439/10Yaxley, Stone Mill.
KCON/7/1Sir Robt. Wilmot's estate at Weston.
KCON/7/5Purchase of Stukeley estate
KCON/7/2Purchase of Conington and Steeple Gidding Estates
KCON/5Legal Cases
KCON/5/8The Estates of Sir Robert and Lady Anne Hamilton.
KCON/4/2/12Account: Essex and London properties.
KCON/4/2/22Game Books
KCON/4/2/7Estate Surveys. Miscellaneous
KAH/31/234Meeting house petition submitted by Thos Bateman and William Whitney, John Heathcote's house, Upton
KCON/2/2/6Codicil to will in CON 2/12/5 also cancelled by will of 1869.
KCON/3Title deeds
KR/R45/1/4Particulars, Plans & Conditions of Sale of an agricultural estate of J.N. Heathcote at Gt. & Lt. Stukeley, Sawtry, Holme and Steeple Gidding.
KCON/7/10/19Letter to J.M. Heathcote from F.W. Farrer re. various legal matters.
KHAC0/439/17Sawtry, windmill.
KHAC0/439/12Yaxley, windmill.
KCON/6/2/41Receipted Bill to Mrs. Skinner from Anderson and Glenhayre, apothecaries, for medical supplies.
KCON/4/2/5/9Terrier of the Lordship of Steeple Gidding. With map. Gives field-names.
KCON/4/2/23/7Schedule of Insurances Conington Estate.
KCON/4/2/21Maps and Plans.
KCON/5/9Will of Miss Catherine Moyer
KCON/6/3Trusts of Marriage Settlement of Viscount and Viscountess Downe (J.M. Heathcote and R.B. Heathcote were 2 of the trustees)
KCON/2Family wills and settlements
KCON/5/7Re. the Will of Sir Gilbert Heathcote. (d. 1785)
KCON/3/15Miscellaneous Deeds
KCON/4/1Conington Castle Estates
KCON/4/1/3Miscellaneous records
KCON/4/2/9/5Cash Account Statement. Conington estate.
KCON/4/2/14/17Request for Payment to John Heathcote, Esq. to pay to Messrs. Hardisty and Parker £7.10s. From S. Francoons(?).
KCON/4/1/2/24Farm Account Book Conington. Receipts and Payments.
KCON/4/2/17/21Estimate of work to be done at Glatton Round Hill farm. From William Bridge, builder, Sawtry.
KHAC3/3297BModern prints [6] of JM Heathcote’s photographs
KAcc148/5/E/266Poem by A L Heathcote about the visit of a Commercial traveller
KHAC3/3297B/2The Gatehouse, Leighton Bromswold
KHAC0/439/16Woodwalton Fen, the windmill.
KCON/4/2/11/7Account for building and repairing at Steeple Gidding. Disbursements paid by Mr. Mitchell (the agent).
KCON/6/2/48Account of the exor. of the late Mrs. Ann Skinner in account with the residuary legatees.
KHAC0/439/21Conington Fen, windmill.
KHAC0/439/18Conington, windmill.
KHAC0/439/19Conington Fen, windmill.
KHAC0/37/56Inskip Ladds - architectural drawings - buildings
KCON/6/2/39Account of Mrs. Skinner with John Wilson, 159 New Bond St., for linen etc.
KCON/4/1/2/9Account Book Conington Castle estates. Copy letter book. Statement of Cash Accounts.
KCON/4/2/11/8Receipt from T. Harris to J. Heathcote, Esq. for £20 for half a year's tythe of Steeple G.
KCON/4/2/17/7Estimate for work proposed at Rose Cottage, occupied by Mr. Moss and owned by J.M. Heathcote. From John H. Howard, Holme.
KCON/4/2/18/7List of objections to the draft of the conveyance to Mr. Heathcote from Lord Denbigh and others - made by Mr. Wilmot.
KAH/26/241/48Mandate for induction: William Brereton, Rector of Steeple Gidding: patron, John Moyer Heathcote of Conington Castle Peterborough Esq.
KCON/2/2/5Will; John Moyer Heathcote, Conington Castle, Esq.
KCON/4/1/2/22Farm Account Book Conington. Receipts and Payments.
KCON/4/2/14/27Account to John M. Heathcote, Esq. from Thomas Parker, London. for expenses re. settlements on the Marriage of John M. Heathcote, Junr., Esq. with Miss L.C. Macloed.
KCON/5/7/26Particular of purchases made by the late Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Bart, in Rutland and Lincs. ;And of purchases settled by Sir Gilbert H. upon his younger sons. ; Lists made by Thomas Forsyth.
KAH/27/1/271/200Licence for non-residence: George Heathcote, Conington On account of the insufficiency of the Glebe residing in Sawtry, two miles distant.
KCON/4/2/12/20Account to J.M. Heathcote, from Thomas Parker, 40 Bedford Row (solicitor). Legal expenses re. London property.
KCON/4/2/12/14Account to John M. Heathcote from W.A. Glasier and Son, Auctioneers and Valuers, Charing Cross, for survey, valuation and advice re. the Three Cranes, Watling Street.
KCON/4/1/2/25Farm Account Book Conington. Receipts and Payments.
KCON/4/2/21/2Map of Upton
KCON/6/2/45Receipted Bill to Messrs. Hardisty and Parker, from C. Arthur Bedford (proctor), for probate of the will of Ann Skinner, widow, decd.
KCON/4/2/18/8Comments re. the purchase of the Conington estate. Presumably made by Heathcote's lawyer.
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/14/176Account book of Mary Anne Thornhill, deceased, John Heathcote Esq., and George Thornhill Esq., in account with Messrs. Child and Co.
KCON/5/7/16Papers in Case state of funds for the payment of the portions of the younger children, John, Robert, and Elizabeth H., as established by Decree of Chancery of 12 July, 1786.
KCON/8Miscellaneous Family Papers.
KCON/4/2/8/21-27Accounts of the wood on the Heathcote estates at Steeple Gidding, Upton and Conington. Includes a valuation of the oak at Upton in 1778.
KCON/5/4/11Montague v. Heathcote Letter from Mr. Robinson to Mr. Heathcote's representative. He is continuing his search for papers for Mr. Heathcote re. this business, although as yet he has found none.
KCON/4/1/3/4Record of Charities of money, clothing and beef and other assistance, doled out, mainly at Christmas, on the Conington estates - at Conington, Upton, Stukeley, Sawtry and Steeple Gidding.
KCON/4/2/20/3Act for Inclosing and exonerating from tithes, lands in the parish of Great Stewkley, otherwise Stukeley.
KCON/4/2/6/13Particular, Rental and Valuation of Mr. John Heathcote's Estate at Upton.
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/4/63Instructions regarding the purchase of an estate in Offord Darcy, Huntingdonshire, by John Moyer Heathcote Esq.and the Reverend Charles Thornhill, trustees of the real estates devised by the will of the late GeorgeThornhill
KAH/26/238/32Mandate for induction: George Heathcote B.A., Rector of Connington: patron, John Heathcote of Connington Co. Hunts Esq.
KCON/4/1/2/3Account Book of Conington Castle estates. Includes Conington, Steeple Gidding, Upton, Sawtry Gt., and Little Stukeley.
KCON/5/12/11Statement of Case for Counsel's Opinion. Christs' College tenant v. John Heathcote.
KAH/26/236/117Mandate for induction: Ralph Heathcote D.D., Rector Sawtry All Saints: patron, William, Duke of Devonshire.
KCON/4/1/1/10Rental of the Conington estate of John M. Heathcote.Conington, Steeple Gidding, Stukeleys, Upton, Sawtry, Alconbury.
KCON/3/2Steeple Gidding
KCON/6/2/1Receipted Account; From Slade, Bedford and Slade (solicitors) to Mrs. Skinner, for expenses incurred re. the probate of the Will of Wm. Skinner, decd.
KCON/3/13Deeds re. lands in Buckinghamshire
KCON/4/2/18/6Queries from Mr. White (Sir John Heathcote's agent) and answers from Mr. Bertie's agent (on dorse Mr. Curtis) on Sir John H's purchase of the Great Stukeley estate from Mr. Bertie.
KCON/7/10/18Letter J.D. Fairey, Esq. to J.M. Heathcote, Esq., Conington Castle, P'boro.
KCON/4/2/18/2Querries re. Conington Estate (sale to Heathcote from heiresses of Sir John Cotton). Rough copy. Later expanded into a memorandum
KCON/4/2/18/9Queries re. estate (no details of place given, but probably Conington, c. 1752). Usual queries re. timber, tythes, rents, neighbours, etc.
KCON/5/7/28-29Calculations of Sir Gilbert H's Personal Estate.
KAH/26/239/85Mandate for induction: Henry Herbert Wyatt M.A., Rector of Conington: patron, John Moyer Heathcote of Conington Castle Co. Hunt Esq.
KCON/6/2/51Legacy Receipt on Account of the personal estate of Ann Skinner. from Charles Bird, for his half share of the residue of said personal estate.
KCON/4/2/7/6Survey of 3 houses on the south side of Portugal St., Lincolns Inn Fields, belonging to John Heathcote.
KCON/3/3/D/33Copy Court Roll; Admission; Of John Heathcote, Conington Castle, on surrender of Eliz. Eddings, for £60 from Heathcote to Eddings.
KCON/3/3/B/12List; Of papers and deeds re Great Stukeley and Little Stukeley.
KCON/2/2/4Will (Abstract); Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Bart, Normanton, Rutland.
KCON/7/2/2Letter to Sir John Heathcote, Bart., at Normanton, Rutland, from Robt. Mitchell, agent to the estate. re. purchase of (Conington) estate by Heathcote: details of timber on estate.
KCON/3/1/B/10List of Deeds of the Mannor, lands etc of Connington, to be executed by Sir John Cotton's heirs, and handed over to Sir John Heathcote, as belonging to him.
KCON/4/1/3/1Estate Supplies Book Conington estates.
KAH/26/238/124Mandate for induction: Henry George Molyneax M.A., Rector of Steeple Gidding: patron, John Moyer Heathcote of Connington Castle Co. Hunt Esq.
KCON/4/1/1/6Rental of estates of J.M. Heathcote. Conington, Steeple Gidding, Sawtry, Upton, Stukeleys, Alconbury, Includes cottage rents
KCON/7/5/4Letter Thomas Hudson, Stamford, Clerk to Mr. Curtis, to Sir John Heathcote.
KCON/3/3/D/30Copy Court Roll; Admission of John Heathcote on surrender of Edward Lovett for £200 from Heathcote to Lovett.
KCON/4/1/1/5Rental Conington estates: Conington, Steeple Gidding, Sawtree, Great Stukeley, Little Stukeley, Alconbury, Upton
KHAC1/1342Steeple Gidding Estate
KCON/5/4/12Memorandum sent to Mr. Heathcote. Mr. Oddie has affirmed that the Duke of Montagu's Manor. for which he has steward and bailiff, is called the Manor of Coppingford cum Upton.
KCON/2/5/A/15Grant of Annuity (Deed Poll)
KCON/4/2/10/9Receipt from W. Walton, Rector of Upton and Surveyor of the Roads to John Heathcote, Esq., for £2. for 2 years wood tithes. And 6/- for 2 years' assessments due to Surveyor of the Highways.
KCON/6/2/22Memorandum of Agreement that Mrs. Ann Skinner rent the front room on the first floor with the vault under the stairs and the use of the washhouse on Tuesday at 12 gns. p.a. from Thomas Joyce, 17 Exeter St., Sloane St.
KCON/3/7/1/6Surrender Copy Court Roll: Alc. W.
KCON/3/3/B/11List; Of 49 documents forming the title deeds of Great Stukeley; from the Abstract prepared by Mr. Mayer of Gray's Inn in 1750; goes up to 1731.
KCON/3/7/1/3Power of Attorney
KDMC/379aMap of the Heathcote estates
KCON/4/2/14/6Particular of arrears due on bonds payable to R. Brown at R. Boothby's death. Total £223.17.11d.
KCON/4/1/2/8Account Book; Conington Castle estates. Farm accounts. Details of sales and purchases of livestock, corn and seeds, dairy produce and poultry, oilcake and manure. Expenses for labour, market and misc. items.
KCON/4/2/6/14Inventory and Valuation of crops and fixtures on the South Farm, Upton, from J.M. Heathcote, to Wm. Baxter. Drawn up by James How, Broughton.
KCON/5/4/4Montague v. Heathcote Draft Conveyance
KCON/3/7/1/7Surrender; Copy Court Roll: Alc.W.
KCON/3/12/12Abstract of Title of Robert Wilmot to his estate in Weston-upon-Trent, Derbys.
KCON/4/2/23/11Fragment saying that the farm mentioned in jointure to Mrs. Francis Cotton in occupation of William Gill - repairs of fences are to be maintained by the sellers she having no power to cut timber nor plow boot nor hedge boot.
KCON/2/5/A/2Marriage Agreement
KCON/3/6/1/13Abstract of Title
KCON/3/5/14/5Manor of Chalvedon Hall in Pitsey, Copy Court Roll Surrender
KCON/4/1/3/3Record of Charities of money, clothing and beef, doled out on the Conington estates - at Conington, Upton, Stukeley, Sawtry and Steeple Gidding. (N.B. labelled Xmas gifts - but does not agree with contents of vol.)
KCON/7/4/9-11Letters from Oddie, Lumley, Nicholl and Smyth, solicitors, to Thomas Parker, Lincolns Inn, solicitor for J.M. Heathcote, who now holds the deeds, asking for their production under Deed of Covenant of 30 Jan. 1821, re. dispute re commutation of tithes of the district of Weybridge, parish of Alconbury.
KCON/4/2/15/3Receipt Joshua Cox of Thomas White, Esq.
KCON/7/4/2-6Letters between John Hart Cotton, Royal Terrace, Adelphi, and Samuel Seddon, Piccadilly, lawyer and Thomas Holled, London, lawyer.
KCON/3/7/1/5Appointment (Manor of Alconbury Weston) by Thomas Johnson, St. Ives, chief steward of the Manor of Alc. W.
KCON/6/2/6Account Book of Mrs. Ann Skinner. Receipts and payments 1816-1822
KCON/4/2/14/18Account to John Moyer Heathcote, exor. of the late John Heathcote, Esq. from Messrs. Hardisty and Parker, and Messrs. Parker and Sculthorpe.
KCON/5/5/3Authorisation for the Trustees of the Earl of Morton and Bridget Heathcote to sell or exchange lands for lands in Scotland to the same uses, under marriage settlement.
KAH/26/237/15Mandate for induction: Thomas Harris, Rector of Steeple Gidding: patron, John Heathcote of North Luffenham Co. Rutland.
KCON/4/2/6/11Particular of the estate of the Bruce Cotton family at Upton.
KCON/4/2/9/1Account Book Expenses for Conington Castle and estates.
KCON/4/2/12/16Account to John M. Heathcote and the Met. Board of Works from Glasier and Son. For surveying and valuing the Three Cranes, Watling Street.
KCON/3/1/E/13Agreement (copy)
KCON/5/7/6Estimates of the annual expenses of the maintenance and education of the 4 Heathcote children.
KCON/3/3/B/5Abstract of Title; Of Charles Bertie, to the Manor of Great Stewkley called Camoys Manor and a moiety of the Manor of Broughtons, with lands etc. in the Stewkleys.
KCON/4/1/1/4Rental Conington estates: Conington, Sawtry, Great Stukeley, Alconbury, Upton and Steeple Gidding. (Conington, Upton and Steeple G. include the cottage rents.)
KCON/4/2/5/8Extract from a Survey of the Manor of Steeple Gidding.? Gives rent per acre of the 5 farms. Average 15/3d. per acre.
KCON/4/2/18/3Memorandum (copy) John Heathcote to Robert Mitchell, Saltree.
KCON/4/1/2/10Wages Book Account of wages paid by John Heathcote for work done on his estate.
KAH/26/241/45Mandate for induction: St. John Wayne M.A., Rector of Conington: patron, John Mayer Heathcote Esq.
KCON/4/2/16/45Certificate of the Contract for the Redemption of Land Tax. County of Essex.
KCON/4/2/7/11Particular (Survey) of estates belonging to John Moyer Heathcote, in the parishes of Conington, Steeple Gidding, Upton, Alconbury, Great and Little Stukeley, and Sawtry.
KCON/5/12/16Case for Counsel's Opinion and Opinion. re trespassing and poaching at Luffenham and steps to be taken for its prevention and punishment. from J. Balguy.
KCON/3/10/1Manor of Sawtry; Jewett and Moynes; Copy Court Roll; Admission
KCON/7/5/26Letter (copy); (Sir John Heathcote) to Taylor White, Esq.
KAH/26/240/66Mandate for induction: Arthur Summer Walpole M.A., Rector of Steeple Gidding: patron, John Moyer Heathcote Esq.
KCON/4/2/6/12Survey of the freehold estate of John Hart Cotton, Esq. at Upton.
KCON/4/2/6/4Appraisement of fixtures at Little Stukeley on the premises late or now in the occupation of Miss Baily taken for the proprietor John Heathcote, Esq. by Mr. Thomas Maile, Godmanchester. Covers woodwork inside the house and lead and piping outside.
KCON/7/10/22Envelope; Addressed to the Rev. Mr. Nicholas Brett, with Lady Cotton, at Stretton, nr. Biggleswade
KCON/4/2/12/6-13Receipts from John Heathcote to Mrs. Ann Hardy and then to Mrs. Ann Hippesley her executrix for rent received for a house in Portugal St., near Lincoln's Inn.
KCON/4/2/3/1-9Rental Conington estates. Gross and net Audit sheets. 1890 - 92 include Cottage rents.
KCON/4/2/16/47Counsel's Opinion. re the payment of the Rector of Conington.
KCON/4/2/21/5Plan (torn) Extract from plan accompanying Sawtry Enclosure Award.
KCON/5/7/24-25Particulars of personal estate of the late Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Bart., as at the time of his death on 2 Dec. 1785.
KCON/7/10/24Letter to Mr. Seddon from Mr. Cause, asking for names of tenants, the length of the lease and the rents of Mr. Heathcote's houses in Portugal St.
KCON/4/1/2/23Farm Account Book Conington. Receipts and Payments.
KCON/3/5/12/20Admission (with Counterpart)
KCON/7/5/14Letter John Mayer, Grays Inn, to Sir John Heathcote, Bart, St. James's Sq.
KCON/7/5/18Letter Noah Curtis, Stamford, to Sir John Heathcote, Bart, at Normanton.
KCON/5/4/7Particulars re. the Manor of Upton, extracted from title deeds and writings in the possession of John Heathcote.
KCON/3/3/D/31Admission; Of John Heathcote, Esq., under a deed of bargain and sale of 7 Dec. 1828 from Messrs. John Dann, Lt.S., and Henry Gale, Great S., farmers, exors and trustees of the will of William Bebee, late of Lt.S., farmer, deceased.
KCON/3/12/13Schedule of Deeds re. Sir Robt. Wilmot's title to his estate at Weston.
KHAC3/3297B/1The Crown and Woolpack ,Glatton, with the corner of the Addison Arms
KCON/4/2/22/2Game Book 1857
KCON/6/3/22Schedule of documents sent to J.M. Heathcote, Esq. from Thomas Parker, Lincolns Inn Fields, re. marriage settlement of Viscount Downe.
KCON/4/2/17/2-5Estimate of proposed drainage improvements in Conington Fen on the estate of J.M. Heathcote. From Robert Lunn, March.
KCON/4/2/23/10Book of Reference Great Northern Railway. The widening from Abbot's Ripton to Peterborough crossing the property of John Moyer Heathcote in the parish of Conington.
KCON/6/2/4Account of the personal estate, and the monies arising out of the real estate, of Wm. Skinner, who died 26 Sep. 1816
KCON/4/2/12/18Account to J.M. Heathcote from Daniel Cronin, 1 Vernon Place, Bloomsbury Sq., For surveying and report on the Three Cranes in Heathcote v. the Board of Works.
KCON/2/2/8Further Codicil to CON 2/2/5 also cancelled.
KHAC3/3881Letters to JM Heathcote re Conington Castle etc
KCON/4/2/10/13Account to Sir John Heathcote, Bart.; for expenses re. parchments, engrossing deeds etc. re. the transaction between Sir John H. and Chas. Bertie, Esq.
KCON/7/5/13Letter Noah Curtis, Stamford, to (Sir John Heathcote)
KCON/4/2/14/4Account to Madam Moyer from T.E. Couse, (Mary Edwards and Brown) for Brickwork etc. Account sent to John Heathcote.
KCON/4/2/23/9Statement of the boundaries between the lordship of Glatton-cum-Holme and that of Cynnyngton. (compiled by J.M. Heathcote. Possibly copied from an older document.)
KCON/4/1/2/15Account Book Conington estates. Misc.
KCON/4/2/2/15Rental Totals received from the 3 estates of Conington, Steeple Gidding and Upton, with a list of defaulters.
KCON/7/2/4Instructions for Payment; Frances Cotton to Sir John Heathcote.
KCON/4/2/12/17Account to J.M. Heathcote from Toplis and Roberts, Auctioneers and Surveyors.
KCON/4/2/17/22List of Repairs to be done at Owls Nest Cottage, Round Hill Farm, Glatton.
KCON/2/2/2Will; John Heathcote, St. George's, Hanover Sq., Esq.
KCON/5/7/7Counsel's Opinion that will and codicil of June 1786 should be proved - preferably by Mr. Heathcote alone for the moment.
KCON/5/7/34Lists of Counsel in the Cause Sir Gilbert Heathcote v. Heathcote, Esq., and others. in the Cause Lady Heathcote v. Sir Gilbert Heathcote, and others.
KCON/3/5/8/16Lease and Counterpart
KCON/3/3/B/8Abstract of Title; Of John Heathcote, Esq., to the Manor of Great Stewkley and messuages and lands in Great and Little Stewkley, Rectory of Gt.S. with glebe lands and all tithes. Moiety of the Manor of Broughton with apps.
KCON/5/4/6Letter from Mr. W. Walton to Sir John Heathcote, asking pardon for his offence of clay-digging - and making the point that it was not because he doubted that Sir John was Lord of the Manor.
KCON/7/5/1Letter M. Tyson, to (Sir John Heathcote)
KCON/3/5/8/17Lease (and Counterpart)
KCON/7/10/12Letter George Bramwell, Lincolns Inn Fields, to Lieut. Gnl. Robt. Manners, Messrs. Adair, Evans and Marjoribanks.
KCON/4/2/7/10Glebe Terrier of Conington.
KCON/6/2/52Receipted Bill to John Heathcote, Esq., from Messrs. Hardisty and Parker (solicitors) for legal expenses re. the Will of Mrs. Ann Skinner.
KCON/4/1/2/27Farm Account Book Conington. Receipts and Payments.
KCON/5/5/4Account of trust money vested in John Heathcote and Daniel Wray, Esq., trustees of the marriage settlement to the use of the Earl and Countess of Morton and their children.
KCON/2/2/13Further Codicil to will of John Moyer Heathcote, Conington Castle, Esq. Will dated 9 Nov. 1869.
KHAC3/3297B/4Unidentified. Wooden bridge, with wooden-clad house and outbuilding
KAH/26/237/31Mandate for induction: Joseph Sympson, Rector of Steeple Gidding: patron, John Heathcote of Luffenham Co. Rutland Esq.
KCON/4/1/2/7Account Book Conington; Castle estates. Payments for labour, fen engine pumping, rates and taxes, gravel bought, ballast burning, Castle gardeners, gamekeepers, bricklayers and misc. items. Covers Conington, Sawtry, Alconbury, Steeple Gidding, Upton, and the Stukeleys.
KCON/4/2/17/17-19Estimate for new cattle shed and removal and repair of cart shed at Mr. William Selby's Conington Fen Farm, the property of J.M. Heathcote. from William Bridge, builder, Sawtry.
KCON/4/1/2/5Account Book Conington Castle estates. Conington, Sawtry Upton, Steeple Gidding, Stukeley, Alconbury W.
KCON/3/15/11Lease For a Year
KCON/5/4/10Letter from D. Eaton, Little Dean, to Hon, G.B., Esq. Asserting the rights of the Montagu family in the Manor of Coppingford cum Upton, proved by their putting their own gamekeeper on it.
KCON/3/7/1/4Appointment (Manor of Alc. W.) by Thomas Johnson, St. Ives, gent, Chief Steward of the Manor.
KCON/5/12/8- 9Re. John Moyer's Will Letters between John Heathcote at Low Layton and Samuel Seddon, Piccadilly.
KCON/6/2/2Account from Edwards, Lancaster and Edwards (solicitors)
KAH/26/235/129Mandate for induction: Paulin Phelips, Rector of Connington: patron, John Heathcote of Luffenham Co. Rutland.
KCON/4/2/9/7Cash Account; Statement: Conington estate: Farms in hand. Extracted from Mr. Hinton's Farm Cash Books.
KCON/5/4/3Letter from R(oger) Kenyon to Robt. Pulleyn.
KCON/3/10/5Final Concord (copy)
KFE/1/36Reconveyance-Release from Mortgage (lease and release)- £10,512-6-6
KCON/6/2/44Receipted Bill to John Heathcote, from R. and J. Newton, undertakers, Wardour St., for the funeral of Mrs. Ann Skinner at Brompton Church.
KCON/5/4/2Letter from Edward Clark, Sawtry to Mr. Heathcote, at Low Layton.
KCON/4/1/3/5Executors' Accounts Receipts and Payments made by Lydia Heathcote as sole executrix of her husband, John Heathcote, who died on 19 July, 1795.
KCON/1/E/1Account from Little Stukeley General Court to John Heathcote, Esq., under a deed of Bargain and Sale from Mr. Bebee's Executors. Total £7.10.4d.
KCON/4/2/10/4-7Receipts for rent received for premises on Upton estate. Collected for the use of his Grace the Lord Duke of Albemarle. by James King and Jo(seph) Heron.
KCON/4/1/2/2Account Book of Conington estates. Receipts and payments. Conington, Upton and Stukeley to 1775. With Steeple Gidding from 1775. Saltree from 1806. Little Stukeley from 1815; Alconbury from 1828.
KCON/3/2/B/6Final Concord (and Counterpart)
KCON/7/10/21Letter to - - from John Heathcote.
KAH/26/237/123Mandate for induction: Joseph Proctor D.D., Rector of Connington: patron, John Heathcote of Connington Castle Co. Hunt. Esq.
KAH/26/240/26Mandate for induction: James Murrey Dixon M.A., Rector of Steeple Gidding: patron, John Moyer Heathcote of Conington Castle Co. Hunt Esq.
KCON/5/7/23Particulars of one year's produce or income of the fortunes of John, Robert, and Elizabeth, the three younger children of the Heathcotes, from 2 Dec. 1786 to Christmas, 1787, arising from the state of the preceding account.
KCON/4/2/16/46Certificate of the Contract for the Redemption of Land Tax, County of Rutland.
KCON/7/10/10Letter from Thomas Palmer, Empingham, Rutland, keeper to Mr. Forsyth, 100 Newbond St., London.
KCON/4/2/7/12Survey of Cropping on estates of John Moyer Heathcote, in Conington, Steeple G., Upton, Alconbury, Great and Little Stukeley, Sawtry and Huntingdon. Gives names of occupiers, field-names, and crops grown.
KCON/5/4/5Examination on receipt day, 6 June, 1758, by Mr. Mitchell, agent of the Upton estate, in the presence of the Upton farmers, of Mr. Walton for digging clay at Upton without authority.
KCON/5/12/13-15Court of Common Pleas; Catherine Collins v. Heathcote, Esq. and wife and others. Papers in Case.
KCON/4/2/16/49Note re. the tithes of Conington.
KCON/4/2/16/43Certificate of the Contract of the Redemption of Land Tax County of Berks.
KCON/5/7/30Account of legacies
KCON/4/2/2/16Rental of cottages on the Heathcote estates in Conington, Upton, Steeple Gidding.
KCON/4/2/6/5Particulars of Stukely Estate.
KCON/5/5/6-11Letters re. Lord Morton's marriage to Bridget, dau. of Sir John Heathcote.
KCON/4/2/20/1Bill of costs incurred in soliciting and obtaining an Act for inclosure of Upton.
KCON/4/2/21/1Map of the Manor of Upton.
KAH/26/241/32Mandate for induction: James Sowler, Rector of Steeple Gidding: patron, John Moyer Heathcote of Conington Castle Co. Hunt Esq.
KCON/5/5/5Queries on Case of Mr. Douglas, with opinion of Scotch counsel thereon.
KCON/7/10/15Letter from William Morley, Peterborough. to John Heathcote, Esq., Charles St., Berkeley Sq., London
KCON/4/2/14/28-31Account of estate of Rev. R.B. Heathcote, decd., Includes short statement of marriage settlements of Mr. and Mrs. R.B. Heathcote, and the Trust Funds comprised therein. 18 Feb. 1891
KCON/7/5/7Letter Ro(bert) Mitchell to (Sir John Heathcote)
KCON/7/6/3Letter Henry Hoyle Oddie, Carey St. to ---
KCON/4/2/17/8-10Estimate from C. Foote, Compton House, 21 Westgate, Peterborough to W.C. Thomson, Conington.
KCON/4/2/10/2Receipt; From Stephen White, Rector of Conington, for £20, half years' rent of Conington Tithes, due from John Heathcote, and £10, half a year's payment as Rector of Conington due from the Earl of Denbigh and others. Received of Mr. Hinde.
KCON/7/7/11-14Letters to J.M. Heathcote, Esq. from Farrer and Co. re. the property No. 1 Kings Arms Yard, and the granting of a new lease thereon.
KCON/7/9/1Letter to John Burcham, Esq., Stilton (one of the Inclosure Commissioners) from W. Wells, Holm Wood, (land of the Manor of Glatton and Holme.)
KCON/4/2/11/9Account John Henson Ladds and John Heathcote, Esq.
KAH/26/239/77Mandate for induction: Roderick Charles MacLeod B.A., Rector of Conington: patron, John Moyer Heathcote of Conington Castle Co. Hunt.
KCON/5/7/3Counsel's Opinion that Sir Gilbert's Copyhold estates belong in law and equity to Lady Heathcote for life.
KCON/7/3/1Letter from Taylor White, Lincolns Inn, to: (Sir John Heathcote)
KCON/7/6/1Letter from - - to H. Hoyle Oddie, Esq.
KCON/5/7/9-15Letters between George Wilson, Symonds Inn, Thomas Forsyth, Bond St., (solicitors), and John Heathcote, Esq., re. the arrangements for and the hearing of, the case re. the will in Chancery.
KCON/7/5/20Letter (copy) (Sir John Heathcote), Hocking, to Mr. Curtis, of Stamford. (Reply to Curtis' of even date).
KCON/7/1/9-18Letters; Exchanged between Sir Robt. Wilmot and Robt. Ryder his agent and Sir John Heathcote and Taylor White, his agent, re. the annuities purchased by Sir John out of Sir Robt.'s estate at Weston. Includes one re. the same matter from John Eardley Wilmot.
KGILBERT/4051/5/1Huntingdonshire Poll book (with 2 letters of W. Kelly to J.M. Heathcote, 1852).
KCON/7/5/12Letter Noah Curtis to (Sir John Heathcote)
KCON/4/2/17/23Estimate for proposed work to be done at the Cottage Owls Nest in he occupation of Messrs. Richardson and Son, Glatton. from Wilson Scotney, builder, Sawtry.
KCON/7/7/1Letter to Messrs. Grover, Mackay, Perry, Lovele, tenants of houses in Portugal St
KCON/4/2/10/8Account from George Robinson to Sir John Heathcote, Bart, of expenses incurred re. the conveyance of the Manor of Upton to Heathcote. £19.12.8d.
KCON/6/2/43Receipt from C. Arthur Bedford (proctor) Doctors Commons, to Messrs. Hardisty and Parker, for the original will of Ann Skinner, widow, decd.
KCON/6/2/42Receipt to Mr. Heathcote, from ? for the use of Mrs. Skinner. Board and wine.
KCON/4/2/17/24Estimate for proposed work to be done at Mr. T. Mackness on the estate of J.M. Heathcote, at Conington. From William Scotney, builder, Sawtry.
KCON/4/1/1/11Rentals of the Conington estate of John N. Heathcote.Lands at Conington, Sawtry, Steeple Gidding, Stukeleys, Upton, Alconbury, Holme.
KCON/7/2/5Letter from Robert Mitchell (agent to the Conington Estates) to Mr. Robinson at Sir Gilbert Heathcote's bank, Grosvenor Sq., London.
KCON/4/2/20/2Inclosure Expenses Upton 1812 - 1821; Stukeley 1814 - 1819; Expenses incurred for hedging, ditching, Weeding etc. in connection with these two inclosures.
KCON/7/4/7Letter from Henry Sweeting, Huntingdon. to Mr. Hynde, Sawtry
KCON/6/2/50Account of the personal estate of Ann Skinner late of 6 New St., Chelsea, Middx., widow, who died on 1 Aug. 1835
KCON/6/2/47Authorisation from Mary Totton, Alfriston, to her dau. Frances Devnish, to receive the legacy bequeathed to M. Totton by her aunt, Mrs. Ann Skinner.
KCON/5/9/1Counsel's Opinion; Definition of the rights of Miss Packe and Mr. Hussey Packe under Settlement of 12 Aug. 1824.
KCON/7/7/2Letters (copies) from H.C. Stone, P.S. Corvan, Rich. Huggard, W. Vincent, to Thomas Parker (Heathcote's solicitor) announcing their willingness to take leases of houses in Portugal St.
KCON/7/5/16Letter T. White to Sir J. Heathcote.
KCON/4/1/1/2Rental Conington estates: Conington, Upton, Steeple Gidding, Stukeleys, Sawtry. Includes cottage rents
KCON/7/5/3Letters Noah Curtis, Stamford, to (Sir John Heathcote)
KCON/7/7/3-8Letters to J.M. Heathcote, Conington Castle. mostly from Thomas Parker, re. the renewal of the lease on the Three Cranes, Watling St., by Mr. Tubb.
KCON/3/12/3Exemplification of Common Recovery (copy)
KHAC4/4676J M Heathcote scrapbook re drainage
KCON/7/5/24Letter T. White to Sir John Heathcote, Bart at Normanton.
KCON/7/10/17Letter (Rev.) J.H. Barber, Little Stukeley,Rectory, to (J.M. Heathcote.)
KAcc148/5/C/176Letter (draft)
KCON/5/7/2Estimate of sundry expenses of Lady Heathcote and children (dorse).
KCON/7/4/1Letter from George Robinson to T(aylor) White, Esq., (Heathcote's solicitor) re. queries on piece of land called Pierson's piece.
KCON/7/5/10Letter Sir John Heathcote, London, to Mr. Noah Curtis.
KCON/7/10/14Letter from Charles Bayly, Pitsea, Essex, to Mrs. Lydia Heathcote, Charles St., Berkeley Sq., London.
KCON/6/3/21Appointment of New Trustees (copy) for the Downe trusts. By order of the Vice-Chancellor.
KCON/5/9/3Letter to John M. Heathcote, 14 Curzon St., Mayfair, from Norton Rose Norton and Brewer, solicitors, enclosing Mr. Macheson's opinion and suggesting steps to be taken re deeds etc.
KHAC3/3297B/5Unidentified. Brick building with wooden-clad outbuildings, and possibly mill wheel casing. Sluice gate and river in foreground.
KCON/2/5/A/14Marriage Settlement
KCON/3/1/E/12Articles of Agreement
KCON/3/10/8Assignment of Term
KCON/2/5/A/9Declaration of Trust (+ copy) John Heathcote, North Luffenham, Rutland, Esq.
KCON/4/2/16/42Certificate of the Contract for the Redemption of Land Tax. City of London.
KCON/7/7/9-10Letters to J.M. Heathcote from Thomas Parker, containing reports on various London properties belonging to Heathcote.
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/10/135Account of Mrs Mary Anne Thornhill, John Heathcote and George Thornhill, Esq., Trustees under the will of the late George Thornhill Esq., of £12,000 in The Islington Trust Estate
KCON/4/2/22/1Game Book
KCON/5/6/1Will (copy) of John White, Tuxford, Notts, Esq.
KCON/6/2/40Account Book; Receipts and Payments of Mrs. Ann Skinner.
KCON/6/2/46Bill of amount expended for Mrs. Skinner (presumably on garb for her funeral).
KCON/4/2/23/8Comments re. Mr. Henry Druffield's house in Portugal Street, near Lincoln's Inn.
KCON/8/4Inventory of books at Conington Castle.
KCON/7/6Tithes on Duke of Manchester's land at Great Stukeley.
KCON/6/2/23-37Receipts to Mrs. Ann Skinner from Thomas Joyce for her rent.
KCON/4/1/2/16Farm Account Book Conington. Payments only.
KHAC3/3297B/6Conington windmill
KCON/4/2/2/12Rental Conington, with totals for Stukeley and Upton.
KCON/4/2/14/5Receipts (copy) relating to the annuities due to R. Brown from Robert Boothby.
KCON/4/2/9/6Cash Account Statement: Conington estate. Farms in hand.
KAH/26/235/134Mandate for induction: Thomas Harris B.A., Rector of Steeple Gidding: patron, John Heathcote of Luffenham Co Rutland Esq.
KCON/2/2/10Codicil to will of 1869, further to CON 2/2/5
KHAC0/439/22Conington Fen, windmill.
KCON/4/2/20Documents re. Inclosure
KCON/5/7/27Particular of the gross rents of the late Sir Gilbert Heathcote's estates in Lincs. and Rutland as at Michaelmas, 1785.
KCON/4/2/10/10Account of charges incurred in arranging the purchase of Upton.
KHAC3/3297B/3Washingley Hall
KCON/1/EManor of Little Stukeley
KCON/4/2/2Rentals. Lands in Hunts.
KCON/4/2/17Estimates for repairs, expenses, etc.
KCON/4/2/18Data re. purchase of estates.
KHP17/2/2Curates Licence to Rev. George Heathcote.
KAH/26/241/28Mandate for induction: Jonas Pilling M.A., Rector of Steeple Gidding: patron, John Moyer Heathcote Esq.
K588/C/12/5Letters from M.A. Heathcote at Connington concerning the signing of the preliminaries of peace with France.
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/9/118Vesting Assent of the Boxworth Estate by John Norman Heathcote of Conington Castle, Huntingdonshire, Esq., as Special Representative of the late A.J. Thornhill, deceased, in favour of Noel Thornhill of Diddington Hall, Huntingdonshire, Esq.
KED/4169/1/15/244Sale for Executors of H.G.Heathcote Deceased
KCON/1/D/2Jury Lists
KCON/2/2/14Will (summary) Rev. George Heathcote.
KCON/2/2/18Will; John Moyer Heathcote (cancelling all previous wills)
KCON/5/4/1Statement of Case. by J. Hinde. sent to J. Heathcote at Berkley Sq.
KCON/3/12/6Final Concord (copy)
KAH/26/238/33Mandate for induction: George Heathcote B.A., Rector of Steeple Gidding: patron, John Heathcote of Connington Co. Hunts Esq.
KCON/5/7/8John Heathcote's comments on the recent Chancery Decree
KCON/4/2/14/15Account to John Heathcote. Lawyer's expenses.
KCON/3/2/CSteeple Gidding Rectory
KCON/4/2/10Accounts: Conington, Upton and Stukeley
KCON/5/5Check title
KCON/5/4Montague v. Heathcote: re. ownership of Upton Manor.
KCON/4/2/2/13Rental of Conington, Stukeley and Upton. Gives field-names.
KCON/4/2/14/7Promissory Note from George Smith to John Heathocte. For £42 rent owed.
KHAC0/439/30Conington?, Cranes Mill.
KCON/6/2/18-21Receipts from Mrs. Ann Skinner to John Heathcote for payment of her annuity.
KCON/6/2/3Share Certificate; Issued to Mrs. Lydia Heathcote and John H., Esq., for £439.9.3d. Navy 5% Annuities.
KHAC0/439/27Glatton, post mill.
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/5/80Certificate of Acknowledgment of Deeds
KCON/4/2/8/71Bill to John Heathcote, Esq. For expenses connected with the drafting of the mortgage to the Duchess of Bolton.
KHAC0/439/11Conington, windmill.
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/10/128Appointment and Release (Draft Copy) of land in St Mary, Islington, Middlesex
KCON/2/5/A/17Grant of Annuity (Deed Poll)
KCON/2/5/A/16Declaration of Trusts and Revoking of Former Trusts.
KAR52/12/40/1-21st Part. Charles Bodvile, Earl of Radnor. 2nd Part. John Leigh of Adlington, Cheshire. 3rd Part. John Heathcote and John Bernard both of London. 4th Part. Edward Northey of Middle Temple, Richard Powys of Parish of St Anne, Westminter, Sir Philip Meadowes of Parish of St Martin's-in-the-Fields, John Hardesty of Furnivalls Inn, Samuel Travers of Middle Temple and Andrew Card of Grays Inn. Mortgage, by way of Lease and Release, of fourth part of property as in R52/12/39/4
KHCP/1/20/9Deposition: John Sexton and his sons Robert Sexton and Burrows Sexton. Holme charged with stealing a sheep (40/-) from Original Mackness, Sawtry St. Andrews, farmer and a lamb from Thomas Jenkins, landlord of the Woolpack Inn, Connington and farmer (renting from John Heathcote Esq.) Evidence from Sarah Clarke, Holme; Elizabeth Wilson Holme, William Smith shepherd to Jenkins; William Sams, farmer, Holme; John Edgson Sawtry All Saints, butcher.
KCON/3/3/D/35Abstract of Title of John Linkfield, Lt.S., poulterer, to a close of pasture called Two Acre in Little S. late the estate of Simon Drage and Edward Green. Copyhold of the Manor of Lt.S.
KCON/2/2/16Will; John M. Heathcote
KHAC0/439/7Holme Fen, windmill.
KCON/2/5/A/8Settlement (Demise for a Term) (with copy)
KCON/7/2/1Letter Edward Ferrar, Esq., to: Thomas Brand, Esq., at the Hoo, nr. Welwin, Herts.
KCON/5/7/4John Heathcote's Opinion of the Draft Chancery Bill.
KCON/6/2/53Quitclaim; Mary Totton, late of Chertsey, Surrey and now of Alfreston, Sussex, widow, and Charles Bird, late of Neville's Court, Fetter Lane, London, and now of Wilson St., Grays Inn, printer.
KCON/6/1/3Marriage Settlement
KCON/7/5/17Letter T. White to Sir John Heathcote, at Normanton, nr. Stamford, Lincs.
KCON/7/5/22Letter Taylor White to (Sir John Heathcote)
KCON/4/1/2/4Account Book Conington Castle estates. Usual farm accounts.
KCON/4/1/2/13Account Book Conington Castle estates. Payments for wages and labour.
KCON/2/2/9Further Codicil to CON 2/2/5 all above cancelled by new will of 9 Nov. 1869, which is missing from collection.
KCON/4/1/1/9Rental of the estate of John M. Heathcote. Conington, Sawtry, Steeple Gidding, Stukeleys, Upton, Alconbury, Holme.
KCON/4/2/2/10Rental of Stukeley and Upton. Gives tenants names, holdings, acreages and rents.
KHAC2/2145/2Bundle of 5 deeds relating to Steeple Gidding, Lodge, Grange and Cold Harbour Farms and Advowson of Rectory. Includes Conveyance of John Heathcote of Conington to Wm Fower of Littleport in 1915 and subsequent mortgages to 1922 when Lodge Farm is shown by an abstract of title to be the property of F Doggett.
KHCP/1/35/91Deposition: Joseph Charles, uttering counterfeit coins to Ann Smith at the Mitre Beer House in Buckden,, Elizabeth Bellamy at the Light Dragoon Beer House in Brampton, and Elizabeth Heathcote at the Sun Beer House in Brampton.
KCON/4/1/2/20Farm Account Book Conington. Receipts and Payments.
KCON/3/5/14/6Abstract of Title
KCON/4/2/21/4Plan of land in the parish of Fobbing leased by Rev. Canon Heathcote.
KCON/4/1/2/11Wages Book; Account of wages paid by John Heathcote for work done on his estate.
KCON/4/1/2/19Farm Account Book Conington. Receipts and Payments.
KCON/3/12Deeds re. lands in Derbyshire and Staffordshire out of which John Heathcote bought an annuity.
KCON/4/1/1/1Rental Conington estates: Conington, Upton, Steeple Gidding, Stukeley.
KCON/3/7/1/8Abstract of Title; John Hart Cotton to copyhold land held of the Manor of Alconbury Weston.
KCON/4/1/2/1Account Book Conington estates: Receipts and payments. Usual places.
KHAC0/439/26Yaxley, Stone Mill.
KCON/4/2/14/16Account to John Heathcote from Alex. Murray. Solicitors' expenses.
KCON/4/2/9Accounts: Conington Estates
KCON/3/3Deeds re. lands in Great and Little Stukeley
KCON/4/2/8Accounts: Hunts. estates in general
KCON/3/7Deeds re. lands at Alconbury
KCON/4/2/23Estate Administration: Miscellaneous.
KCON/4/2/6Estate Surveys. Stukeley and Upton.
KCON/2/5/BDeeds re. Settlement of Robert Boothby's Estate.
KCON/3/4/3Sale from Cotton to Heathcote family
KCON/3/6Deeds re. properties in London.
KCON/3/1/EDeeds of Conington Rectory
KCON/3/5/14Deeds re. various properties in Essex.
KCON/4/2/3Rent Audit Sheets. Conington estates.
KCON/4/2/5Estate Surveys. Steeple Gidding.
KCON/3/5/11Deeds re. lands in the Manor of Prittlewelle
KHP46/30/2/15Pamphlet " A Sermon Preached in Saint Mary's Church, Huntingdon at the Opening of the County Hospital on Tuesday July 25th 1854 by the Rev. George Heathcote."
KCON/4/2/12/19Account to J.M. Heathcote from Thomas Parker. Legal charges re. London properties.
KHCP/1/35/61Misdemeanours, Assaults, Etc.: Joseph Charles 40, coach trimmer; Ultering a counterfeit shilling to Anne Smith at Buckden, to Elizabeth Heathcote, at Brampton. 3 months' hard labour successively for each offence
KCON/6/2/7-9Receipts to Mrs. Ann Skinner from Thomas Coggins for her rent.
KCON/4/1/2/6Account Book; Conington Castle estates. Usual farm accounts.
KCON/4/2/17/11Report on repairs needed to various tenanted properties on the Heathcote estates, with estimates.
KHAC0/120/1Election Scrapbook
KHP17/3/1Receipts of Tithes by Rector of Cotton & Heathcote families
KCON/3/1/B/9Abstract of Title of the co-heiresses of Sir John Cotton, Bart, lately decd. to the Manor of Conington and the Advowson of the Church of Conington.
KHAC0/439/14Holme Fen, windmill.
KCON/3/4/4Sale from Cotton to Heathcote family
KCON/4/2/8/2Account Receipts and payments of the Hunts. estates of John Heathcote, Esq. From the exors. of the late Mr. Mitchell (agent).
KHAC0/439/20Conington, windmill.
KCON/4/2/14/1-2Accounts from Taylor White to Sir John Heathcote, Bart, for expenses re. the making of deeds etc.
KHAC0/439/15Conington, river scenes.
KCON/4/2/12/15Account to John M. Heathcote from Thos Parker (solicitor) Legal charges for business re. London properties.
KCON/4/2/10/1Account Book; Receipts and Payments. Conington, Upton, and Stukeley.
KCON/4/1/1/3Rental Conington estates: Conington, Steeple Gidding, Sawtry, Little Stukeley, Upton, Great Stukeley. Includes cottage rents
KCON/4/2/8/3-20Accounts Receipts and payments of the Hunts. estates of John Heathcote, Esq. From the agent, John Hinde, halfyearly.
KCON/4/2/17/20Estimate of proposed repairs to be done at farm premises in the occupation of Mr. Richard Turnier, Sawtry, and the property of J.M. Heathcote. From William Bridge, builder, Sawtry.
KAH/26/241/14Mandate for induction: Henry Warren Forbes, M.A., Rector of Conington: patron, John Moyer Heathcote Esq.
KCON/3/1/BSale of Conington Estate by Cotton to Heathcote
KAH/26/237/83Mandate for induction: Joseph Proctor DD., Rector of Steeple Gidding: patron, John Heathcote of Conington Co. Hunts Esq
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/10/146Conveyance of property in Clerkenwell, Middlesex
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/3/20Lease of the Rectory and Parsonage of Doddington [Diddington], Huntingdonshire
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/14/182Appointment of New Trustees
KAcc148/5/C/124Letter and reply and Draft letter
KCON/2/5/A/12Marriage Settlement
KAH/27/1/271/199Licence for non-residence: George Heathcote, Steeple Gidding On account of the insufficiency of the Glebe House for your residence, you residing at Sawtry, about two miles distant and performing the duty of your said Benefice in person and keeping the Glebe house and other offices in good & sufficient repair and Condition.
KCON/3/3/D/34Copy Court Roll; Admission; Of John Moyer Heathcote, on death of and under the will of John Heathcote, decd.
KCON/3/6/1/7Memorandum of Agreement between
KCON/5/7/31-33Papers in case of Harford v. Browning, 1773, (1786) used as a precedent.
KCON/3/3/B/10Deed of Exchange (Lease and Release)
KCON/7/2/3Letter T(aylor) White, Esq., representing John Heathcote. to representatives of vendors (heiresses of Sir John Cotton) of estate in Hunts.
KCON/7/2/6Letter Mr. Wilmot, Bloomsbury Sq., to: Taylor White, Esq., Lincolns Inn.
KCON/3/12/2Final Concord. (copy)
KCON/3/10/2Mortgage (and Assignment of Term)
KCON/4/2/10/11Ministers' Accounts of Huntingdon; Holdings and possessions of the late priory of Huntingdon. The Account of Richard Nele, bailiff and collector of rents.
KCON/7/1/1-5Letters to Sir John Heathcote, St. James' Sq., London, from John Morton, junior, his kinsman.
KCON/7/3/3Letter from Rev. R.C.M(acLeod), Mitford Vicarage, Morpeth late Rector of Conington, to (J.M.) Heathcote, re. stipend of Conington Rector.
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/9/117Vesting deed for the Boxworth estate
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/9/122Deed under the hands and seals of John Norman Heathcote of Conington Castle, Huntingdonshire, Esq., and Noel Thornhill of Diddington Hall, Huntingdonshire, Esq. declaring that they are discharged from the Trusts of the Compound Settlement affecting land in the parish of Boxworth, Cambridgeshire.
KCON/3/15/9Bargain and Sale
KHCP/1/33/51Deposition for Michaelmas Calendar: William Henry White, Station Clerk, Holme, Accused of not rendering any returns to the G.N.R. Head Office, at KING's X of money paid for carriage of goods to various persons, including Mr. Heathcote, Connington Castle.
KCON/4/2/14/19-23Receipts to John Moyer Heathcote, from the Bank of England for Stock bought.
KCON/4/1/2/26Farm Account Book Conington. Receipts and Payments.
KCON/7/10/16Note from E. Sweeting. I have the conveyance to Mr. Heathcote to get presented at the next Court.
KCON/4/2/14/24Account to John M. Heathcote from Parker and Sculthorpe Legal expenses re. marriage settlements and will.
KHP30/2/1Correspondence and notes concerning the armorial shields of the Watson family in the chancel. The Watsons were Barons, Earls and Marquesses of Rockingham, and owned the Great Gidding Manors from the 16th Century until they were sold to Earl Fitzwilliam in 1827. Includes family trees and correspondence from Rockingham Castle and W.J. Heathcote of Conington Castle
KCON/3/2/B/1Letter of Attorney; (and copy); Frances Cotton, Harley St., Cavendish Sq., Middx., spinster.
KCON/3/5/5/4Assignment of Term in Trust
KCON/7/5/2Letter Noah Curtis, Stamford, to (Sir John H.)
KCON/7/5/21Letter T. White to (Sir John Heathcote)
KCON/4/2/5/11Inventory, Valuation and Appraisement (copy); Taken at Gidding on a farm in the occupation of Mr. John Henson Ladds by Mr. Pocock and Mr. Maile.
KCON/3/7/3/8Lease and Release
KCON/4/2/8/28-69Bundle of Receipts of John Heathcote.
KCON/4/2/8/1Account Receipts and payments of the Hunts. estates of John Heathcote, Esq From the agent, Robert Mitchell.
KCON/6/3/4Release (copy)
KCON/6/3/6Release (copy)
KCON/4/2/8/70Account from John Hinde to John Heathcote, Esq. Payments and receipts re Heathcote's estates.
KCON/2/2/12Further Codicil to the will of John Moyer Heathcote, Conington, Esq., Will dated 9 Nov. 1869.
KFE/1/34Assignment of Mortgage (1 of 4) £10,512-6-6
KAR52/12/40/3-41st Part. Earl of Radnor. 2nd Part. Sir Thomas Powys of Lincolns Inn, Charles Godolphyn of Parish of St Martin's-in-the-Fields, Reverend William Wade, Dean of Exeter, John Heathcote and John Bernard. 3rd Part. John Lord Ashburnham and Henry Hoare of London. 4th Part. Parties as in 4th Part of R52/12/39/1. Mortgage by way of Lease and Release, of whole of property as in R52/12/39/4.
KCON/2/5/AHeathcote Family Settlements
KCON/3/2/B/2Letter of Attorney; Frances Cotton appointing Thomas Holled.
K676/Q/47Copy of painting by Gainsborough of John Heathcote, Esq., of Conington Castle as a young boy, elected 1796.
KCON/4/2/9/8-13Accounts Conington estate: Profit and loss. Farms in hand.
KCON/4/2/10/3Bill for work done at Conington by order of Mr. Hinde, Sawtry. To John Heathcote, from Robert Baxter.
KCON/2/2/7Further codicil to CON 2/2/5 also cancelled.
KFE/1/35Reconveyance-Release from Mortgage (lease and release)- £10,512-6-6
KCON/6/2/38Account of Mrs. Skinner with John Lund, upholsterers, warehousemen, and manufactureres, No. 10 Marylebone St., St. James's. for ticking etc.
KCON/7/10/23Letter to Samuel Seddon. Piccadilly, London. from Mr. Heathcote. returning the enclosed (?) signed according to directions.
KCON/6/2/49Receipt from Jane Peat to John Heathcote, exor of the will of the late Mrs. Skinner for £10.10s. - the legacy left left to J. Peat, in the will.
KHAC0/120Political pamphlets and posters
KCON/4/2/18/10Notes and Queries re. estate purchased by Sir Gilbert Heathcote.
KCON/3/6/1/16Schedule of Deeds re. title of a leasehold house in Grosvenor St. belonging to Miss Ann Heathcote. Delivered to her by Samuel Seddon.
KCON/4/1/2/17Farm Account Book Conington. Receipts and Payments.
KCON/4/1/2/18Farm Account Book Conington. Receipts and Payments.
KCON/3/2/BDeeds re. sale of Steeple Gidding Estate from Cotton to Heathcote.
KCON/3/4/3/4Abstract of Title of the 4 daus. and heiresses of Sir John Cotton to the Manor of Upton.
KCON/2/2/11Further Codicil to CON 2/2/10
KCON/5/8/10-14Letters Bigoe Charles Williams, Lincoln's Inn, to John Heathcote, Conington Castle (both exors. of the estate.)
KHAC4/4824/14/239Marriage settlement. 1. Taylor White of Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex. 2. Taylor White the younger, eldest son of 1., esquire, and Sarah his wife, eldest daughter and co-heiress of Sir Isaac Woolaston late of Lowesby, Leicestershire, baronet deceased and Dame Sarah Rowland Woolaston, niece of Sir Edward Lawrence of St Ives, Huntingdonshire, baronet, deceased. 3. The Honourable Sir Edward Clive, justice of the court of common pleas; Sir Griffith Boynton of Agnes Burton, Yorkshire. 4. Sir John Eardy Wilmot, justice of the court of kings bench; Sir Gilbert Heathcote of Normanton, Rutland, baronet. 5. James Hewett, esquire, sergeant at law; John Heathcote of Luffenham, Rutland, esquire. Marriage of Taylor White the younger and Sarah Woolaston.
KCON/3/3/D/36Schedule of documents belonging to John Moyer Heathcote, Esq., relating to property in the above manor.
KCON/1/C/2Steward's Papers
KCON/4/2/17/1Estimate of the buildings and repairs necessary to be done on the several farms in Steeple G., according to the agreements made with the tenants in the leases.
KTORK/17/243Deed of Exchange
KCON/3/2/B/9List; of Deeds and writings relating to the estate of Gidding A./Steeple G. Delivered this day by Mr. Seddon to John Heathcote, Esq. And receipt for them from John Heathcote.
KCON/4/1/3/2Letter Book Conington Castle estates. Copy letters re. estate business.
KCON/3/7/1/2Power of Attorney
KCON/4/2/14/3Account to John Heathcote from T.E. Brigstock for solicitors' expenses.
KCON/7/10/13Letter Earl of Sandwich, Hinchingbrooke to John Heathcote, Esq.
KCON/4/2/10/14Account to John Heathcote, Esq., from Alex Murray for expenses incurred re. the paying off of the mortgage on Heathcote's estates in Stewkley. Total £28.12.8d.
KCON/2/2/3Will (copy); John Heathcote, St. George's, Hanover Sq., Esq.
KCON/3/6/1/15Memorandum of Agreement between
KCON/4/2/5/5Valuation of Steeple Gidding Estate. First copy also contains details of lands at Folkesworth, Stilton, Caldecott and Denton belonging to the same estate.
KCON/2/5/A/1Marriage Agreement
KCON/4/2/14/25Legacy Receipt Inland Revenue to John Moyer Heathcote, Robert Boothby Heathcote, George Heathcote, Mary Anne Lydia Packe, and Frances Catherine Rooper.
KCON/4/2/17/12-16Estimates for work to be done at Rose Court Farm
KCON/2/2/1Will (copy); Sir John Heathcote, Normanton, Rutland, Bart.
KCON/2/5/B/11Assignment of Annuity
KCON/3/3/D/32Copy Court Roll; Admission; Of John Heathcote, Conington Castle, Esq., on surrender of William Bedford, Lt.S., butcher, for £60 from Heathcote to Bedford.
KCON/4/2/10/12Account to Sir John Heathcote.; for the purchase money and other expenses connected with the purchase of the (Gt. Stukeley) estate from Mr. Bertie. Purchase price £11,700. Total = £12,076.12.1d.
KCON/3/10/3Bond (and copy)
KCON/5/9/2Memorandum re. the Trusts of the Will of Miss Catherine Moyer, decd.
KCON/4/2/14/26Receipt from the Inland Revenue to John Moyer Heathcote for duty on succession to jointure rent-charge of £1,200 p.a. on Conington estate on the death of Mrs. M.A. Heathcote.
KCON/4/2/8/72Bill from Messrs. Harrott and Metcalfe, Linclons Inn, to Alexander Murray, Esq., Symonds Inn.
KCON/7/5/25Letter T. White to Sir John Heathcote, at Normanton.
KCON/2/5/B/1Power of Attorney (copy)
KCON/4/2/18/1Queries re. Conington Estate (sale to Heathcote from heiresses of Sir John Cotton)
KCON/7/9/2Letter to John (Heathcote?) from his uncle, The Rev. G. Heathcote, 5 Arlington St., S.W.
KCON/2/2/17Codicil made 8 Dec 1904 to will of John Moyer Heathcote - will of 31 Aug. 1898
KCON/5/5/1Morton v. Douglas Papers in Case.
KCON/5/5/2Papers in Case Sholto Charles, Earl of Morton, defender, v. Mr. John Douglas, and his guardians, pursuers.
KCON/6/3/7Release (copy)
KCON/6/3/8Release (copy)
KCON/6/3/9Release (draft)
KCON/6/3/19Petition for Appointment of New Trustees In Chancery re. the Trusts of Marriage Settlement of 8 May, 1849, and re. the Trustee Act, 1850.
KCON/6/3/2Disentailing Deed
KCON/2/5/A/7Marriage Settlement (Grant and Demise for a Term) (with copy)
KCON/3/1/E/10Agreement (Draft); For securing the stipend of the living of C.
KHAC4/4824/9/168Release and Assignment 1. Charles Lawrence White, Ensign in the Third Regiment of Foot guards 2. Dame Elizabeth Heathcote of Upper Brook Street, St George's parish, Hanover Square, Middlesex Widow and Relict of Gilbert Heathcote late of Normanton, Rutland, Baronet, Deceased 3. Lydia Heathcote of Charles Street, Berkeley Square, St George's parish, widow of John Heathcote late of Luppenham, Rutland, Esq. 4. Sir Thomas Wollaston White of Wallingwells, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire, Baronet 5. Taylor White of St Ives Esq, James Worlsey of Worksop, Nottinghamshire Esq, and his wife Lydia, Sarah White of Wigthorpe, Carlton Parish, Nottinghamshire, Spinster, Richard Worlsey of Stamley, Yorkshire, a captain in the Royal Navy and Elizabeth his wife, Francis White of Wigthorpe, Spinster 6. Frederick Gustavus Fowke of Lowesby Wall, Leicestershire, Esq. 7. Samuel Edwards the elder of Stamford, Lincolnshire, Gentleman 8. Thomas Smith of Lincolns Inn, Middlesex Esq. Release from (1) of one sixth part of £5000, also Assignment from (2) and (3) the personal representatives of Sir Gilbert Heathcote Bart. and from John Heathcote Esq of two several terms of 100 years and 500 years created by indenture of 27th May 1765 (with the consent of the other parties)
KCON/6/3/14Release (copy)
KCON/7/5/9Letter Noah Curtis, Stamford, to Sir John Heathcote, Bart, London.
KCON/5/7/5Register's Minutes (copy) i.e. Recommendations of the Court to the Master of the Rolls. Decree of Chancery.
KCON/2/5/A/6Marriage Settlement by Lease and Release.
KCON/4/2/20/4Notice of Authority to the Commissioners for the Inclosure of Glatton with Holme, authorising them to exchange Constable Close in Conington for an equivalent of land in Glatton Field with John Heathcote, Esq.
KCON/3/2/B/5Deed To Lead Uses of Fine
KCON/5/8/15Appointment of New Trustees and Quitclaim (copy)
KCON/6/3/15Release (copy)
KED/4169/1/8/155Sale for J.N.Heathcote Esquire
KCON/3/1/B/1Agreement for Sale and Purchase
KCON/3/1/B/4Deed to Lead Uses of Fine (Bargain and Sale)
KCON/3/4/3/1Assignment of Term
KCON/3/1/B/3Lease and Release
KCON/3/1/B/5Deed to Lead Uses of Fine (Release)
KHAC0/120/2Election Posters
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/9/115Conveyance of fee farm rent
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/14/173Articles previous to marriage, between John Heathcote and Mary Anne Thornhill
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/9/120Declaration re trustees of the Boxworth estate
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/5/97Manor of Buckden with the Members: Compensation Agreement
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/10/125Release [Lease missing] of Hilly Fields, Islington, Middlesex
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/14/174Settlement on the marriage of John Heathcote and Mary Anne his wife
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/4/60Conveyance of Freeholds and Covenant to Surrender Copyholds, for freehold and copyhold lands in Offord Darcy, Huntingdonshire, including lands in Top, Middle and Further Red Lands
KCON/4/2/14Accounts: Private: Heathcote family
KCON/5/12Legal Cases: Miscellaneous.
KCON/1/CManor of Upton
KCON/7/4Lands at Alconbury
KCON/7/9Constable's Close, at Holme
KCON/3/5/5Deeds re. Manor of Chingford
KCON/4/2/18/5Questions to Mr. English(?) dorse. re. Upton rents and tenants.
KCON/4/2/12/21Account to John Moyer Heathcote, from Glasier and Sons. For survey, valuation and advice re. the house and shop, No.53, Coleman St.
KHINCH/9/C/B/67Letter; S.H. Walpole, Whitehall, to 7th Earl of Sandwich.
KHINCH/9/C/G/256Letter; W. Wells, Holmewood, to 7th Earl of Sandwich
KHINCH/8/A/D/103Copies of 2 letters; Robert Mitchel, Sawtry, to Lord Ludlow
KR/R45/1/14Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale The Upton Estate and property in Sawtry, (J.N. Heathcote).
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/14/192Indemnity against death duties arising on the death of the late Arthur John Thornhill
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/14/178Miscellaneous papers relating to financial dealings between George Thornhill and John Moyer Heathcote (appointment of trustees, dividends on annuities etc.) [14 items]
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/9/119Deed of Appointment
KHCP/1/27/47Report: The visiting Justices (J.B. Rooper, William Heathcote and E.Rust) reported the death of the turnkey, Martin Rycroft, and the appointment of Thomas Storey.They regretted (in April) the unusually high number of commitments (101) for the quarter, 41 more than in the corresponding one.
KHAC4/4824/10/190Assignment of a recognizance for securing £1000 advanced thereon 1. John Galloway of Ely, Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire, Draper and only acting executor of the will of William Galloway, late of Wisbech St Peters, Isle of Ely, Gentleman, deceased 2. Ann Heathcote of St James' Square, Westminster, Spinster
KCON/3/4/4/3Schedules of Deeds and Writings relating to the estate of John Heathocte, Esq. at Upwood. The Manor and lands bought of the Cotton family and Hull's farm.
KCON/3/10/6Demise For A Term
KCON/3/1/B/6Final Concord (with counterpart)
KCON/7/3/2Letter from Alex. Murray, Symonds Inn, to John Heathcote, Esq. re. the annuity of £20 for the Rector of Conington.
KCON/4/2/16/48Extract from Rent Audit Book of 1603-1612. of Money received in lieu of tithes on 28 Nov. 1603 by Mr. Henry Williamson, parson of Conington, fr. Sir Robert Cotton, Conington.
KCON/4/2/2/6Rental and Valuation of the Estate of the heirs of the late Sir John Cotton of Steeple Gidding.
KCON/7/2/7Letter Thomas White, to Mr. Wilmot, in reply
KCON/3/12/7Agreement (draft)
KCON/3/3/D/37Conveyance; Under the Act to facilitate the conveyance of Worhouses (6Wm. IV.) 1. The Guardians of the Poor of the Huntingdon Union and John Halls, the Churchwarden and Henry Riddiford and George Armstrong, the Overseers of the Poor of the parish of Lt.S. in the said Union. 2. John Moyer Heathcote of Conington in the Union.
KCON/4/2/16/44Certificate of the Contract of the Redemption of Land Tax. County of Essex.
KCON/6/3/3Marriage Settlement (copy)
KCON/3/10/7Assignment of Term
KCON/4/2/5/6List of Buildings and Repairs to be done by the landlord on the Steeple Gidding estate, and for the various tenants.
KCON/7/5/19Letter Noah Curtis, Stamford, to Sir John Heathcote, Bart, at Normanton.
KCON/7/5/15Letter Taylor White to (Sir John Heathcote)
KCON/5/6/3Counsel's Opinion
KCON/8/3Scrapbook of historical and topographical information on the fens. Compiled by J.M. Heathcote.
KCON/6/3/20Affidavit; In support of petition for new trustees. from The Rt. Hon. William Henry Viscount Downe, Bookham Grove, Surrey, and Edward Elsdale Clark, of Snaith, Yorks.
KCON/4/2/23/5Memorandum that Mr. Seddon and clerks attended in Lincolns Inn to finally settle the purchase of the Drury Lane House with the purchasers
KCON/7/5/5Letter Noah Curtis, Stamford, to Sir John Heathcote, Bart, London.
KCON/3/4/3/2Deed to Lead Uses of Fine
KCON/4/2/2/5Rental with comments on estate of Steeple Gidding.
KCON/7/6/2Letter Henry Hoyle Oddie,Carey (?) St., to - - -
KCON/4/1/2/21Farm Account Book Conington. Receipts and Payments.
KCON/2/5/A/4Instrument of Seisin
KG/A/15/13Former Box 15 Bundle No.13
KHAC3/3667/2Heathcote sketchbook
KAH/26/237/13Mandate for induction: Stephen White LLD., Rector of Connington: patron, John Heathcote of North Luffenham Co. Rutland.
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/4/52Mortgage for £784.10.0 for freehold land in Rayfield, Offord Darcy
KCON/4/2/14/8-14Receipts for Legacies received under the will of John Heathcote, Esq.. Charles St., Berkeley Sq., dated 21 Jun. 1774.
KCON/5/6/2Papers in Case Extract of Will, Statement of Case and Counsel's Opinion
KCON/3/12/8Release (draft)
KCON/6/3/10Release (copy draft)
KCON/5/7/17-22Letters between Thomas Forsyth and John Heathcote.
KCON/4/2/2/9Rental Stukeley.
KCON/3/5/5/2Abstract of Title; Of Robert Boothby, Esq., to the Manor and lands of Chingford, Essex.
KCON/7/2/8Letter Ro. Mitchell, to Mr. Robinson, at Sir Gilbert Heathcote's, Grosvenor Sq., London. re. sale of Steeple Gidding estate.
KCON/4/2/16/41Assessment (Land Tax) on the lands in the parish of Conington for raising £280 for the year 1763.
KHAC0/439/29Holme Fen, windmill.
KCON/4/2/2/14Rental of Heathcote estates in Conington, Stukeley, Upton and Steeple Gidding. With memoranda. 1775 does not include Stukeley.
KCON/4/2/18/4Query re the descendants of Mr. (John) Howell, one of the trustees in a term of 500 years in the Manor of Upton.
KCON/4/1/2/12Account Book Conington Castle estate. Payments for wages and labour.
KHAC0/439/23Conington, windmill.
KCON/6/2/5Share Certificate; Issued to Mrs. Lydia Heathcote, and John H., Esq., for £94.6.8d. Navy 5% Annuities.
KCON/2/2/15Will; John M. Heathcote
KCON/5/12/17Summons from the High Court of Justice, Chancery Division, Mr. Justice Chitty. re. the Rutland and Lincs. estates and other properties settled by the Will of Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Bart, dated 1 May, 1834.
KCON/5/7/1Statement of Case (by Mr. Forsyth) Queries by exors. and guardians of the present Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Dame Elizabeth Heathcote and John Heathcote, bro. of the late Sir Gilbert.
KCON/7/5/6Letter Noah Curtis, Stamford, to (Sir John Heathcote)
KCON/6/3/11Release (copy)
KCON/4/2/5/4A Particular (or list) of the parcells whereof the estate called Gidding Abbotts consists:
KCON/3/3/B/4Assignment of Term in Trust
KCON/3/3/B/3Assignment of Term in Trust
KCON/2/5/B/10Assignment of Annuities
KCON/3/2/B/3Deed of Appointment
KCON/3/3/B/7Assignment of Terms in Trust
KCON/6/3/12Release (copy)
KCON/6/3/16Release (copy)
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/4/44Mortgage for £6,000 for raising portions for the daughters of the late George Thornhill Esquire and Charlotte Matilda Thornhill.
K279/T/18Copy of probate of will dated 18 November 1748, of Elizabeth Holworthy of Elsworth, widow of Matthew Holworthy of Hackney, Middlesex, Esq., bequeathing money to the poor of Elsworth, Hackney, Sporle with Palgrave, Norfolk, Papworth Everard and Fen Drayton; provision for increase of £12 p.a. in salary of master of Free School at Sporle, so that he may teach a seventh boy; 'dormatory' like that at Holkham, Norfolk, to be built near chancel of Elsworth church and a monument erected therein to her husband and herself; £80 for alter piece and communion rail at Elsworth; all manors, lands, etc., to Sir William Heathcoat, of Husley, Hampshire, baronet; and Rev. Edward Lunn, Rector of Elsworth, in trust for Samuel Smith alias Holworthy, her grandson, lately under the care and tuition of Dr. Owen of Great Stowton, Hunts, provided he takes name and arms of Holworthy, failing which to (blank) Mills, second son of Christopher Mills of Nackington, Kent, her kinsman, failing whom to Charles Mills, brother of Christopher, failing whom to Edward Mills, his brother, all upon like conditions. Proved 23 March 1749-50
KHP32/11/3/1Notice to the overseers of the poor by J.M. Heathcote, Esq. of Conington that as owner he desires to pay a year's poor rate in respect of all the tenements, whether occupied or unoccupied.
KCON/2/5/A/5Instrument of Seisin
KCONConington Collection
KCON/3/4/3/3Abstract of Title of Sir John Cotton, Bart., Decd., to the Manor of Upton.
KCON/4/2/21/3Plan (torn) of estate in Little Stukeley
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/10/152Appointment of trustee
KHCP/1/30/92Notice dated July 27th, 1848 to John Moyer Heathcote, Conington and Henry Reddiford, Alconbury Weston, farmer, of the intention of the Surveyors of the Highway in Sawtry Saint Judith (Richard Attenborough, farmer, and James Thornton) to apply at a Special Sessions of the Highways in Normancross Hundred for permission to dig for materials for highway repair in the parish of Upton in a portion of land called the Islands of Highland belonging to Mr. Heathcote. Statements by other surveyors, William Sutton, farmer, Sawtry, Stephen Whiteman, farmer, Coppingford and by various labourers. Appeal by James Thornton against the justices' refusal to grant the licence.
KCON/4/1/1/8Rental of the estate of John M. Heathcote. Conington, Steeple Gidding, Stukeleys, Sawtry, and some lands in Essex, Bucks and London.
KCON/4/1/1/7Rental of estate of John M. Heathcote. Conington, Sawtry, Steeple Gidding, Upton, Stukeleys, Holme, lands in Essex and Bucks. (Last entry not dated)
KCON/4/2/5/7Appraisement of Timber (copy); Taken down at Steeple Gidding for repairs. Made by Baily.
KCON/4/2/17/6Estimate of proposed works to be done at farm in occupation of Mr. T. Mackness at Conington, the property of J.M. Heathcote. From William Bridge, builder, Sawtry.
KCON/5/4/9Letter from ? Overall, Ramsey to Mr. George Robinson, Attorney at Law, at Empingham, nr. Stamford, Lincs.
KCON/1/C/1Court Roll
KCON/1/D/1Court Rolls (copy)
KHCP/1/33/18Reports on the Gaol: In conformity with the Act 1839-40, the system of separate confinement was introduced in May 1850. April reports from the surgeon and Visiting Justices mentioned headaches and symptoms of nervous derangement among prisoners in separate confinement in the New Ward. The Visiting Justices (Messrs. Hooper, Lenton and Heathcote) drew the attention of Sessions to the lack of ventilation in the New Ward. The cold air shaft was altered and the Michaelmas reports speak of the ventilation as satisfactory and the separate confinement system as working well. The chaplain said that he was better able, under the new system, to advise and instruct the prisoners and that 'a great many have learned to read and write well and facilities are offered to all who are disposed to regard education as a boon'. A return of the stated [ ] gaol (Oct) gives information about cost, work, punishments etc.
KED/4169/1/11/179Sale for the Rector of All Saints and St John, Huntingdon, Miss Ingram, Mr H.A.Heathcote.
KCON/7/4/8Letter from George Frederick Maule, Huntingdon (solicitor) to John M. Heathcote, Conington Castle, Stilton.
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/4/47Grant of Manor of Offord Darcy, Huntingdonshire, and a Fishery in the River Ouse
KCON/7/5/11Letter Noah Curtis, Stamford, to Sir John Heathcote, Bart, London.
KCON/3/1/E/9Nomination; From Thomas Hart, Warfield, Berks, Esq. and Jane Hart, his wife, Thomas Bowdler, Ashley, Wilts., Esq. and Eliz. Stuart, his wife, Frances and Mary Cotton. To Sir John Heathcote, Normanton, Rutland, Bart.
KCON/7/5/23Letter T. White, to Sir J. Heathcote, Bart.
KCON/3/4/4/1Mortgage and Assignment of Term.
KCON/3/12/11Deed to Lead Uses of Fine (Release) (draft)
KCON/3/12/4Assignment of Terms
KCON/3/12/9Assignment of Term in Trust
KCON/7/1/6-8Letters from John Southgate, Allerton to (Sir John Heathcote Bart.). More information re. Sir Robt. Wilmot's estate at Weston.
KCON/7/5/8Letter Noah Curtis, Stamford, to Sir John Heathcote, Bart.
KCON/6/3/13Release (copy)
KCON/6/3/17Release (copy)
KCON/3/3/B/6Mortgage (Lease and Release)
KCON/4/2/5/10Inventory and Valuation of the farm at Steeple Gidding in the occupation of Mr. Henson Ladds.
KCON/3/12/5Deed to Lead Uses of Fine (Release: copy)
KED/4169/1/9/254Sale for J.N.Heathcote Esquire
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/4/62Conveyance of land adjoining railway line in Offord Darcy
KHP17/30/5Historical notes
KBLC/2/16/43"Old Precepts for Delivering Possession of Land Sold for Arrear of Taxes"
KHAC5/5575Sale catalogue for Michael Knight, Hemingford Abbots, collection of paintings by artists from the Ouse Valley and list of prices realised by Cheffins
KHP32/30/3Book marked 'Steeple Gidding Parish Records, 1898 -'
KCON/3/3/B/9Lease and Release
KCON/3/3/B/1Lease and Release
KCON/3/2/C/3Conveyance (copy)
KCON/3/5/5/1Demise for a Term 7 Jun. 1758
KCON/3/12/1Deed to Lead Uses of Fine and Recovery Release (draft)
KCON/6/1/5Marriage Settlement (Heads of)
KCON/6/3/1Marriage Articles (copy)
KCON/6/3/5Release (copy)
KHAC5/5282Diary of John Moyer Heathcote
KCON/2/5/A/10Assignment of Term (Lease and Release) (and Counterpart)
KCON/3/1/B/8Assignment of Term
KCON/3/2/B/4Deed to Lead Uses of Fine; (Lease/Release) and Copy.
KCON/3/2/B/8Assignment of Terms
K515/B/67Valuation book, no.42
KHINCH/2/A/14Assignment of Security (by Lease and Release); 1) Sir Lawrence Dundas. 2) Gibbs Crawford; 3) George Hartley; 4) John Drummond; 5) James, Earl of Morton; 6) Sir Gilbert Heathcote of Normanton, co. Rutland, Bart. 7) John Heathcote of Great [Stukeley], co. Huntingdon, Esq., brother of 6; 8) Henry Drummond of [Charing Cross in the Liberty of Westminster], co. Middx. Esq.
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/10/127Declaration of Trust and Covenant
KCON/2/5/A/11Marriage Articles (Agreement and Deed to Lead Uses of Common Recovery)
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