Person NameCotton; family; of Madingley Hall and Landwade; Baronets Cotton
ActivityBoth branches of the Cotton family which held lands in Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire were significant landed gentry in the counties. They each administered large estates spread out across the counties. Both branches also produced many politicians, with several Cottons being elected as MPs as well as representatives from the family serving as JPs, High Sheriffs of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire, Deputy Lieutenants of Cambridgeshire and various other local offices. A scion of the family founded one of the most notable libraries in the British Isles, which was used by parliamentarians for decades as a source of reference, and the collection of Sir Robert Bruce Cotton, 1st Baronet (1571-1631) bears his name to this day as a significant store of knowledge at the British Library. Other members of the family served militarily, with Sir Charles Cotton, 5th Baronet (c.1753-1812) commanding both the Mediterranean and Channel Fleets during the Napoleonic Wars. The family had strong Jacobite connections, with Sir John Hynde Cotton, 3rd Baronet of Madingley (c.1683-1752) being not only the head of the Tory party in the Commons during the 1740s but also in contact with the Stuart cause and being sounded out for advice on invasion plans. The final two Baronets Cotton of Conington were avowed Jacobites who spent time in exile in France and the 6th Baronet may have been part of the abortive Jacobite invasion from Dunkirk in 1744.
RelationshipsThe Conington branch of the family was distantly descended from the Bruce Royal House of Scotland, hence the adoption of the Bruce name by the 1st Baronet, in an effort to curry favour with the new ruler, the Scottish James VI and I.
The Conington Branch of the family were succeeded in most of their lands by the Heathcote Family.
The Landwade branch of the family acquired their seat at Madingley through the marriage of the 1st Baronet and Jane Hinde, hence the "Hinde Cotton" surname adopted by the 3rd and 4th Baronets.
Linked entries in the catalogue
K588/A/17Accounts of sale of contents of Madingley. (3 items).
KCON/2/4Settlements: Cotton family
KCON/1Manorial records
KCON/4/2/13Accounts: Private: Cotton family.
K588/A/57Mercer's bill.
K588/Z/84Core of a stamp book.
KHINCH/6/C/137Case and Opinion of Mr. Henry Cotton Q.C.
K588/A/80Mercer's bill.
K588/C/8/24Letters from Lord Sandwich at Hinchingbrooke concerning the appointment of a navy surgeon. (2 items).
K588/C/12/15Letter from Yorke at the Admiralty with news of husband's appointment to the Channel Fleet.
KCON/3/1Conington deeds
K107/F/b/137Letter Cotton to J Dallinger
K283/B/7/1Abstract of title: Steward and Cotton to William Papworth: assignment of lease of the 'Sun', Peas Hill, Cambridge. 1838 - 1841
KR/R4/2/12Copy of Assignment
K588/A/108Milliner's bill.
K588/A/60Receipt for carriage tax.
K588/Z/4Second great seal of James I.
KCON/3/2/ADeeds re Manor and lands at Steeple Gidding
K588/C/19Correspondence of Lady King (nee Maria Cotton, died 1871)
KCON/2/1Wills: Cotton family
K132/T/763Manor of Rampton: Acknowledgement of satisfaction, Francis Cotton to Francis Mann. 19 September 1842.
K23/1/1/79/1372Lantern slide, Madingley: Drawing of church from N.E., and Mistress Jane Cotton's Monument from Cole's History, 1744.
K588/A/85Coffee and tea bill.
K132/T/762Manor of Rampton: Conditional surrender by Francis Mann of same, for securing £600, to Francis Cozins Cotton of Lolworth, gentleman. 6 May 1826.
KCON/2Family wills and settlements
K23/1/1/79/1400Lantern slide, Madingley: Engraved portrait of Sir John Hynde Cotton, by Gardiner, 1802.
KCON/3/2/A/78Royal Pardon
K132/B/73Letter from William Cotton of Liverpool concerning the debts of Robert Housman, Audley's nephew. 8 March, 1816
K588/C/13/1Letter from Lady Cotton concerning health and family matters.
KAR48/1/2Will (copy) of Reverend Ambrose Alexander Cotton of Girton
KAcc148/2/G/677Bond to keep covenants of even date
K588/A/111Bills concerning the London estate including removal of night soil and insurance. (37 items).
KHAC0/20/13Manor of Broughton, Release and confimation
KFIELDEN/F5/9/25Settlement. Mrs Jane Hart on her son John Hart Cotton.
K588/A/115Goldsmith's bill.
K588/A/71Fishmonger's bill.
K588/A/35Account book of servants' wages at Reigate never actually made up but used for Reigate vouchers, etc.
K588/A/124Notes of loss on sales of furniture.
K588/A/28Estimates of income and expenditure of Parsons' estate. (4 items).
K588/A/62Bill for dressmaking.
K588/Z/26Broadsheet entitled 'The Case of the Royal African Company of England'. nd [?18th century].
K588/A/74Soap maker's bill.
KCON/3/15/8Abstract of Title of the Earl and Countess of Denbigh, Mr. and Mrs. Bowdler, John Hart Cotton, Esq. and Miss Cotton
K23/1/1/72/1112Lantern slide, Landwade: Landwade Hall moat, south of Hall, (1937). (see C.A.S. Proc. volume xxxviii 'Landwade and the Cotton Family by by W.M. Palmer, pp. 1-49).
K588/A/21London brewhouse: various accounts, etc, of brewhouse. (17 items).
K588/C/20/12Letter with suiting samples.
KFIELDEN/F5/26/18Probate Act. Nathaniel Cotton.
KL76/273Assignment of mortgage of Red Cow Inn, parish of St Mary the Great, Cambridge.
KHAC2/2940/1/10Deeds of seven cottages and outbuildings in Stocker's (formerly Wool) Yard in St Benedict's parish, Huntingdon.
KFE/1/5Mortgage for term of 500 years, £2,200
KFIELDEN/F5/9/8Lease for a Year. Sir John Cotton Bart of Connington, son and heir of John Cotton, dead and others to John Underwood and Richard Cox.
K588/C/8/37Letter from Mr Conyers concerning a parliamentary Bill, unspecified.
K588/A/33Account book [John Hynde Cotton].
K588/A/11Account book of rents received by Giles Bleesdale for Admiral Sir Charles Cotton, baronet. [London - continuation of A8].
K588/Z/25Blank letter of recommendation to the British Lying In Hospital, Long-Acre.
KCON/3/2Steeple Gidding
K588/A/49Rough accounts, etc, of [?] Philadelphia Cotton.
KCON/5/3/6Cotton v. Cotton. Briefs.
KCON/4/2/2/3Rental of lands (in Steeple Gidding) belonging to Sir Robt. Cotton and John Cotton, and division of said lands between them. Field-names; names of tenants; and rents.
KCON/4/2/18/2Querries re. Conington Estate (sale to Heathcote from heiresses of Sir John Cotton). Rough copy. Later expanded into a memorandum
KFIELDEN/F5/9/16Mr Banks Queries and answers thereto concerning the title to the Cotton Estates.
KFE/1/6Assignment of Mortgage and further charge
KCON/3/2/A/61Mortgage (and Counterpart)
KCON/3/1/B/10List of Deeds of the Mannor, lands etc of Connington, to be executed by Sir John Cotton's heirs, and handed over to Sir John Heathcote, as belonging to him.
KHAC0/847/5Manor of Offord Darcy: Tripartite Indenture Mortgage to secure £2500
KCON/3/1/A/44Memorandum of lease
KCON/3/1/A/30Exemplification of Common Recovery
KQ/SO/6/a424The accounts continued: money was paid in by the Hertfordshire treasurer to the account for the families of the men who had served in the Hertfordshire militia. The Completed accounts list were signed by Thomas Hatton, J Hynde, Cotton, B Plumpt W, William Greaves, BB, W H Ewin.
KCON/2/4/A/38Inquisition Post Mortem
KCON/2/4/A/61Final Concord
KFIELDEN/F5/9/5Marriage Articles. John Cotton son and heir of Robert Cotton of Gidding and Jane Burdett of Sir Robert Burdett of Warwick.
KCON/2/4/A/62Marriage Agreement
KCON/3/1/A/10Judgement (Inspeximus)
KCON/3/1/A/5Letters Patent Licence to Alienate
KHAC0/306Land in Caldecote
K588/T/199Counterpart of 588/T/198. Seal.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/9Deed. By Sir John Cotton to make a tenant to the praecipe declaring uses of his Hunts estates.
KFE/1/9Assignment of Mortgage-£4000
KCON/5/12/2Report of Jury on Sir Robt. Cotton re. his inclosing of 7 farms in Conington (c.205a.) and converting their use from arable to pasture.
KCON/2/4/B/15Acknowledgement of Receipt and Quitclaim
KCON/3/1/A/18Exemplification of Common Recovery
KCON/3/7/1/6Surrender Copy Court Roll: Alc. W.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/18Settlement. On marriage of Hart of Warfield, Berks to Jane Cotton, eldest daughter of John Cotton of Conington.
KCON/3/15/5Power of Attorney
KCON/2/4/A/46Demise for a Term
KCON/3/7/1/3Power of Attorney
KTR/711/5Muster certificate: names of 60 footmen, with places of origin, delivered by William Hynde, High Sheriff, Sir John Cutts, Sir John Cotton, Sir John Peyton, and Giles Alington Esq., Commissioners for the Musters in Cambridgeshire to Edmund Funston, gentleman, to be delivered at Rochester.
KCON/5/4/4Montague v. Heathcote Draft Conveyance
KCON/3/7/1/7Surrender; Copy Court Roll: Alc.W.
KQ/SO/7/p33Before William Greaves Beaupre Bell Esq, Rt Hon Philip Earl of Hardwick, Sir Thomas Hatton Bt, Sir John Hynde Cotton Bt, Robert Plumptre DD, Dingley Askham, Soame Jenkyns, Hale Wortham Esq, et al. Sacrament certificate delivered into court and oath of allegiance taken by Henry Meen BA Fellow of Emmanuel College.
KCON/4/2/23/11Fragment saying that the farm mentioned in jointure to Mrs. Francis Cotton in occupation of William Gill - repairs of fences are to be maintained by the sellers she having no power to cut timber nor plow boot nor hedge boot.
KCON/5/12/4Counsel's Opinion On steps necessary to bar entails and settle the Cotton estates.
KCON/3/1/A/35Deed to Declare Uses of Common Recovery
KCON/3/2/A/73Power of Attorney
KDMC/121Steeple Gidding: map of part of the Manor
KCON/5/1/3Rights of Way; Agent's report on (Little Gidding) estate.
KCON/7/4/2-6Letters between John Hart Cotton, Royal Terrace, Adelphi, and Samuel Seddon, Piccadilly, lawyer and Thomas Holled, London, lawyer.
KP114/6/10Photocopy of volume of historical notes on Madingley Church begun by Colonel Harding, churchwarden 1918-19
KCON/3/2/C/1Steeple Gidding Rectory; Presentation of Edward Fludd, Clerk, M.A., by Sir Thomas Cotton, Conington, Bart.
KCON/3/2/A/62Assignment of Term
KCON/3/1/A/21Lease (with counterpart)
KCON/3/2/A/93Memorandum; Of agreements made in leases with various tenants on the Steeple Gidding estate.
KCON/4/2/6/11Particular of the estate of the Bruce Cotton family at Upton.
KFIELDEN/F5/8/12Release. John Cotton of Conington and John Cotton the younger, the Hundred of Norman Cross and the manors therein in Trust.
KCON/4/2/1/6Rental Lands and tenements in Conington, (in possession of heiresses of Sir John Cotton.)
KCON/3/2/A/84Tenancy Agreement
KCON/3/2/A/70Feoffment; Henry Bedell, Hamerton, Esq., and John Bedell, Woolley, Esq., his bro., in performance of certain indentures of even date. To John Cotton, Esq., London.
KCON/4/2/6/10Particular of Christ's College, Cambridge, farm at Upton now let to Freeman.
KQ/SO/6/a479Committee appointed to examine bills relating to the erection of a pollory and make a report at the next Sessions. Committee to consist of William Graves, Sir Thomas Hatton, Sir John Hynde Cotton, Baronet Dingley Askham, Samuel Holworthy, Edward Leeds, William Howell Ewin, William Elliston, Vice Chancellor of the University of Cambridge and Robert Plumptree, Doctor of Divinity, or any two or more of them.
KCON/3/11/2Exemplification of Common Recovery (copy)
KCON/3/1/E/1Bargain and Sale
KED/4169/1/4/266Sale for Trustees of the late Mr J.J.Cotton
KCON/4/2/6/12Survey of the freehold estate of John Hart Cotton, Esq. at Upton.
KCON/7/10/22Envelope; Addressed to the Rev. Mr. Nicholas Brett, with Lady Cotton, at Stretton, nr. Biggleswade
K588/A/8Annual accounts of Sir John Hynde Cotton's London estate and list of the properties, with tenants. (11 items).
KFIELDEN/F5/9/1Settlement. On marriage of Sir John Cotton Bart and Miss Elizabeth Honywood of Markeshall, Essex.
KG/A/5/4Former Box 5 Bundle 4
K588/A/47Accounts of Sir Vincent Cotton with Lady Philadelphia Cotton for loan.
KCON/7/10/6Letter to John Cotton, Esq., at Stretton, Beds., from John Pierce.
KCON/3/1/A/50Memorandum of Agreement
KQ/SO/7/p121Before John Drage Esq, Rt Hon Philip Earle of Hardwicke, Sir Thomas Hatton and Sir John Hynde Cotton, Baronets, William Howell Ewin LLD, Dingley Askham, Soame Jonyns and Edward Leeds Esqs. Sacrament certificate delivered and oaths of allegiance, supremacy and abjuration-James Garwood of Brinkley, Officer of Excise.
K101/T/1349Cotton Family Estate. Surrender of mortgage term on payment of mortgage debt (1833)
KFIELDEN/F5/9/11Will. Miss Mary Cotton of North Haw, Hertfordshire, leaving all her estates to her mother, Francis Cotton.
KCON/4/2/16/1-27Assessments, Holman Goss Hundred
KCON/4/2/1/4Rental of lands in Conington. Addressed to Thomas Cotton, Esq. of the parish of St. Margaret's, Westminster.
KCON/7/2/4Instructions for Payment; Frances Cotton to Sir John Heathcote.
KQ/SO/7/p51Held before John Drage Esq, Sir John Hynde Cotton Bt, Robert Plumptre DD, William Howell Ewin LLD, et al. Sacrament certificated delivered into court and oaths of allegiance taken by Jeremiah Garner and Robert Lawn, Officers of Excise. Certificate of the State of the Militia from Rt Hon Philip Earl of Hardwicke, Lieutenant for the County, filed in the court's records.
KCON/7/10/4Letter from Will. Hallsey, Sawtry (steward - dorse) to Sir John Cotton, Bart. at Cotton House, Westminster.
K305/M/g/p51/9Extract from the Inclosure Award of Joseph Truslove, Thomas Thorpe & William Custance,
KFE/6/453-4Conveyance (Lease and Release) £127-10-0 (of which £125 has gone to Cooper in repayment for mortgage)
KL92/D/32Abstract of will of Alexander Cotton.
K588/F/79Bookplate of Sir Charles Cotton, baronet.
KHAC4/4179Robert Cotton's notes on Hunts (copies)
K588/A/24Papers, mainly accounts, receipts, etc, taken from 588/A23.
KCON/3/7/1/4Appointment (Manor of Alc. W.) by Thomas Johnson, St. Ives, gent, Chief Steward of the Manor.
KHAC0/267/11/1M.J.Allen Collection: Manor of Hartford
KCON/3/2/B/6Final Concord (and Counterpart)
KFIELDEN/F5/13/1Admission. William Henson of Glatton a wheelwright and Sarah, his wife on surrender by John Curtis and Margaret, his wife and Jane Cotton of lands in Glatton.
K588/C/9/7Letters from Joshua Rowley concerning family and social matters. (2 items).
KL15/10Admission:-Ann Reynolds to reversion on death of Sarah Cundell. Admission:-Sarah Cundell on surrender of Ann Reynolds and Samuel her husband. Surrender:- Sarah Cundell to William Cotton of London. Admission:-William Cotton on surrender of Sarah Cundell. Admission:-William Cotton senior and William Cotton junior or their lives, and then to Use of Will of William Cotton senior on surrender of William Cotton Senior
K588/Z/23Cambridge Chronicle and Journal with list of certificates for game duty issued in the county.
KP77/25/5Charities. File containing receipt for rents and 2 copies of rent rolls
KCON/7/10/7Letter to Mr. Brett, at Lady Cotton's, Straton Hall, Beds., from Thomas Bone, Saltry.
KCON/5/12/6Cotton v. Hanbury Papers in Case
KHAC0/7/13/6Manor of Glatton and Holme, Deed,
KCON/7/3/1Letter from Taylor White, Lincolns Inn, to: (Sir John Heathcote)
KCON/5/3/9Cotton v. Cotton; Answer of Sir John Cotton, Bart, deft., to the Bill of Complaint of Robert Cotton, Esq., Mary Honeywood Cotton, Spinster, Sir Miles Heneage, Kt., and John Proby, Esq., and Robert and Philip Cotton, Conington, Cambs., Esqs., complts.
KP114/28/1Volume of historical notes and cuttings begun by Rev. R.Y. Whitehead, vicar, and continued by others
KED/4169/1/3/235Sale for Mr Topham Gadsby and others
KCON/2/4/A/37Demise for a Term
K588/E/109Shortgrove in Newport (Essex): China and linen lists
KCON/7/4/7Letter from Henry Sweeting, Huntingdon. to Mr. Hynde, Sawtry
K588/A/30Account book of John Hynde Cotton's payment of legacies to his aunts, etc.
KDDFEN/N/30Feoffment of Richard Sparrow and Richard Baseley from George Cotton of London in a messuage and 42 acres of land in Hemingford Grey.
K588/Z/453 copies of Eucharistica, one with brass furnishings and illuminated pages given to E.A. King, October 1866. (3 items).
KCON/2/4/A/55Marriage Settlement
KCON/3/1/A/38Memorandum of lease
KCON/2/4/A/53Marriage Settlement, by Lease and Release
KCON/2/4/A/60Exemplification of Common Recovery
KCON/3/1/A/37Memorandum of lease
KCON/3/9/4Mortgage (with Counterpart)
KCON/3/2/A/88Agreement for a Lease
KCON/3/1/E/12Articles of Agreement
KCON/2/5/A/9Declaration of Trust (+ copy) John Heathcote, North Luffenham, Rutland, Esq.
K588/W/28Probate of will dated 11 May 1829 of Sarah Cotton of Brunswick Place, Bath, spinster.
K588/A/90Toy maker's bills - fine heading. (2 items).
K588/E/38Rental of Robert Phipps' Farm [?in Girton or Madingley] upon division to four separate farmers
K588/T/338Confirmation of 588/T/337 by Richard King, vice-admiral, and Maria King (daughter of Dame Philadelphia Cotton).
KFIELDEN/F3/7/2Agreement. Between Sir John Cotton and Thomas Truman for sale of Manor of Glatton and Holme and lands.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/13Settlement. Francis Cotton, widow and others.
KFIELDEN/F5/8/4Will. Sir John Cotton of Bedfordshire.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/2Settlement. On marriage of Robert Cotton and his wife, Elizabeth.
KFIELDEN/F5/17/5Will. Sir John Cotton, Bart.
K588/EEstate Records
K588/OOfficial Records
K588/A/122Bill for fabrics.
K588/A/53Receipt for South Sea stock.
K588/A/84Ironmonger's bill.
K588/A/89Livery bill.
K588/MManorial Records
K588/Z/51Sale catalogue of books.
KCON/3/1/A/9Royal Grant
K588/T/349Seal fragments
K588/Z/41Pressed flower from the Crimea.
K588/Z/92Plawhatch envelope.
K588/T/350Detached seal with star device.
K588/F/81Address book.
K588/FFamily Records
K588/C/30Miscellaneous correspondence
K588/E/131Valuation of plate, books, etc. (3 items).
K588/Z/82Rubbing from a ?coin.
K588/A/68Jeweller's appraisement.
K107/F/b/124Note about the descent of lands in Cunnington to Sir Robert Cotton
K588/E/114Notes of sale of library of W.C. Smith of Shortgrove.
KCON/3/1/A/13Letters Patent Royal Pardon.
K588/E/30Memorandum of position of larder yard drain at Madingley
KP25/18/21Letters from the Overseers of Easton, Lincolnshire, concerning payments to Ann Cotton
K588/A/128Estate account for H. Parsons.
K588/AAccount Records
K588/A/87Chandler's bill.
K588/C/18Correspondence on Rectorial Tithes
K588/C/25Correspondence of Charlotte King
K588/ZMiscellaneous papers
K588/C/29Correspondence of Faye King
KHAC4/4554/1/28Lease for 21 years: Francis Bernard, Master, to John Cotton of Connington, Huntingdonshire; a close in St Germain Street, Huntingdon.
K588/A/65Mercer's bill - fine heading.
K588/T/105Draft or copy of 588/T/104.
K588/E/31List of plate sent to London [for sale]
K588/C/9/2Letter from Lady Mountstuart with draft reply concerning her health. (2 items).
K588Cotton, Hynde Cotton and King families of Landwade and Madingley
K588/A/116Bill for copy of a 'Gainsborough'.
K588/C/9/4Letter from William, bishop of Cloyne, at Dublin concerning religious and political matters.
K588/A/59Mrs Cotton's mercer's bill.
K588/E/82Inventory and appraisement of less valuable items, part of the personal estate of Humphrey Parsons.
KAH/26/234/14Mandate for induction: Robert Williamson M.A., Rector of Denton: patron, Sir John Cotton Bart
K588/E/105Binderton (Sussex), etc: Petition of Walter Smythe and other parties to Lords for leave to bring Bill to effect exchange
K588/Z/93Lists of prints and drawings in portfolios in library [?at Madingley Hall].
KAH/26/236/27Mandate for induction: John Hooper Rector of Sawtry St. Andrew: patron, John Cotton Esq.
K588/C/12/6Letter from J.R. on vaccination against smallpox, etc.
K588/E/78Inventory of plate (London) including 'Madam Parson's Toilet' with note of pieces of Reigate.
K588/O/55Appointment of John Hynde King as lieutenant in the 49th Foot with Queen Victoria's signature.
K588/O/45Appointment of Sir Charles Cotton as commander-in-chief of HM ships in the Mediterranean.
K588/F/61Catalogue of Elizabeth Ann King's museum collection at Telegraph House, Yarmouth, Norfolk.
K588/C/19/24Envelopes addressed to Lady King. (5 items).
K588/A/10Account book of rents received by Giles Bleesdale from the Cotton Trust [London estate or Reigate], 1797-1804.
K588/LLitigation Records
K588/O/2Quietus roll of John Cotton, sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire.
KCON/2/4/ACotton family settlements
K588/C/28/24Letters from Maria Coventry. (2 items).
KAR57/9/9083John Atkin v. Mary Cotton. Judgement for debt of £300.
K588/A/78Coffee and tea bill.
K588/A/63Receipt for rent of 11 Great Burlington Street.
K588/A/120Milliner's bill.
K588/A/51Receipts, etc for manorial quit rents, etc, mainly from Manor of Morebarns. (15 items).
K588/E/34Inventory of plate at Madingley Hall
K588/A/107Covering letter for notes for £695 and torn receipt and covering letter for annuity.
K588/C/12/5Letters from M.A. Heathcote at Connington concerning the signing of the preliminaries of peace with France.
KL92/D/19Marriage settlement, relating to personal property only.
K588/F/70Guest book of Plawhatch.
K588/C/12/1Letter from Sir Charles Cotton to Philadelphia Rowley before their marriage. nd [pre 1795].
KFIELDEN/F5/8/3Marriage settlement. John Cotton with Francis, daughter of Sir George Downing.
KCON/2/4/A/48Final Concord
KCON/3/1/A/31Demise for a Term (with Counterpart)
KCON/5/4/1Statement of Case. by J. Hinde. sent to J. Heathcote at Berkley Sq.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/14Settlement. Francis Cotton, widow and others.
KFIELDEN/F5/35/2Lease for a year and bargain and sale. Sir John Cotton Bart, to Thomas Truman, manor of Glatton with Holme, for £14,880/12/6.
KCON/5/3/3Cotton v. Cotton Bill of Complaint (and draft and amended bill)
K588/A/39Accounts of Elizabeth Cotton.
K588/T/280Bond for 588/T/279.
K588/C/20Correspondence of William Affleck King (1830-1886)
K588/E/123Inventory of plate deposited at Barclays Bank, Saffron Walden (small volume).
KCON/3/2/CSteeple Gidding Rectory
K588/O/49Appointment of Lieutenant Charles Cotton as lieutenant of the Phaeton.
K588/A/27Accounts and contract with Stephen Hunt, coach maker. (3 items).
K588/F/78Set of bookplates of Sir John Hynde Cotton, baronet.
K588/F/36File of historical notes, document transcripts, etc, relating to Madingley and the Cotton family.
K588/T/160Counterpart of 588/T/159. Armorial seal of Thomas Maples.
K588/A/119Household bill.
K588/A/9Rent account of the late Mrs Wogan's (late Somercraft's estate).
K588/A/72Wig maker's bill.
K588/C/28/19Letters from her brother William in London.
KCON/4/2/13/1List of John Cotton's debts. Total £2,063.5s.
K588/C/28/5Letter from her brother William as a schoolboy.
K588/Z/28Recipe for small beer.
KL15/8Admission:-Robert Cotton junior of Shenfield on surrender of Henry Kelsey
K588/E/130Notes on china and medals. (2 items).
K588/L/18Account in bankruptcy of Samuel Dickinson.
K588/C/23Correspondence of Sir Richard King, baronet (1804-1887)
K588/A/95Medical bill.
K588/Z/42Catalogue of a library of books late John Collet's (5 copies)
KR/R2/6/17Lease and Release.
KFIELDEN/F5/8/10Will. Sir John Cotton, Bart, of Conington.
K588/F/38Life of Humphrey Parsons, esquire, Lord Mayor of London.
K588/E/33List of plate sent to London [for sale]
KL11/A/38Grant for £50 of messuage, as in L11/39-Edward Lawe of Cambridge to John Cotton of same. Enclosing:-16 September 1675. Bond to perform covenants-Edward Lawe to John Cotton
KCB/Co/1/P2/22Thomas Cotton of Occupation Road, committed suicide by Laudenum
K588/C/28/12Letter from her brother William aboard the SS Mauritius.
KL92/D/28Abstract of appointments under settlement of 14 August 1833, relating to personal property..
K588/E/116Cutting from local newspaper relating to sale of estate of Shortgrove.
K588/O/64Appointment of William A. King as major of the 17th Foot.
K588/C/17/5Letter from Viscountess Eastmor.
KP22/25/41MOTT'S CHARITY. Conveyance of a tenement at Great Eversden, Cambridgeshire, a close of about five acres of pasture, a grove called Whitings containing three acres, a close of pasture also called Whitings containing one acre, a close called Long Close of two acres and 80 acres of arable land all in Great Eversden and Little Eversden also three acres of pasture in Great Eversden late Yorks, 2 acres of arable in Great Eversden late Campkins, a rood and a half of arable land, one and a half acres of pasture in Great Eversden late Taylers
KAcc148/2/G/679Draft Articles of Agreement
KCON/3/1/E/3Covenant; (Modus for tithes)
KCON/3/1/D/1Grant (in Trust); (With counterpart and abstract)
KCON/3/1/A/45Assignment of a Term in Trust
KHQ/T/b/29Lease for Years 1. William Cotton Howson Esq, Mayor of Huntingdon, William Ward Esq, the Reverend Richard Haworth, Clerk, the Reverend John Fell, Clerk, the Reverend Henry Margetts, Clerk, Trustees among others of Walden's Charity 2. Charles Margetts of Huntingdon, gent. One piece of ground being part of the possessions of Walden's Charity behind the offices now rented by (2) from (1) and lying in the parish of St Benedict, Huntingdon. The said piece of land containing in depth from the back of the said offices 22 feet and in width from the malting of William Herbert esq on the South to the New Market on the north 38 feet. Term 78 years, rent: 10s per annum
K588/P/8Plan of ceiling of Madingley Hall dining room. nd [19th century]
K588/E/86Cover of letter and account about debt of Robert Hewer
KAR53/8/4John Cotton of Caxton to Francis Barnard of same. Bond to perform covenants in Indenture of Release of even date
K588/C/12/3Letters from Lady Hardwicke at Wimpole on her health and family matters. (2 items). nd [?1798].
KAR60/4/2/17Manor of Girton Pigotts: Admission of Miss Anne Maria Cotton on surrender of William Nicholls Clay to property as in R60/4/2/15.
KL92/D/12Abstract of title.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/3Fine. Sir Robert Cotton and Phil Cotton, plaintiffs and Sir John Cotton, Bart and Robert Cotton defendants.
KL92/D/49Assignment of insurance policy as in L92/47.
KFIELDEN/F3/7/1Conveyance. Sir Nicholas Pedley of Huntingdon, Serjeant at Law, to Sir John Cotton of Stratton, Bedfordshire, two boat gates in Whittlesey mere for £55.
KCON/3/2/A/81Demise For a Term
KCON/7/2/1Letter Edward Ferrar, Esq., to: Thomas Brand, Esq., at the Hoo, nr. Welwin, Herts.
KP77/25/4Lease and release of land in Girton, Oakington, and Madingley Meadow
K588/C/9/1Letter from Henrietta Conyers concerning dances, etc.
K588/F/68Address book of Elizabeth Ann King.
K588/A/88Lawyer's bill.
K588/Z/17Proposals for insurance from the Sun Fire Office, Cornhill, London.
KFIELDEN/F5/8/7Settlement. Robert Cotton of Gidding and John Cotton, his son on marriage of John Cotton with Jane Burdett of lands at Flitwick.
K588/C/12/10Letter from Arabella G. on family and other matters.
K588/F/57Income tax returns for Sir Charles Cotton.
K588/T/234Receipt of consideration money of 588/T/233.
KSISMEY/319/18/18Final Concord
KL76/271-272Lease and release, with covenant to produce deeds. Schedule of deeds.
K588/A/34Administration account for Mrs Parsons' estate with mourning account.
KL11/A/106Thomas Panton of Newmarket, Cambs., to Benjamin Cotton of Cambridge-Lease for 9 years at £16 per year of 'Chequers' public-house in Horningsea, with close of 3r2p, Ozier holt of 39p, allotment of 1a2r6p and close of pasture of 2r1p.
KQ/SO/7/p25Held before John Drage Esq, Sir Thomas Hatton, Sir John Hynde Cotton Ct, James Marriott LLD, Vice Chancellor of the University, Joseph Bentham Esq, Mayor, Robert Plumptre DD, William Howell Ewin LLD, Dingley Askham Esq and Jale Wortham Esq. Oaths of allegiance taken by Rev Anthony Shepheard DD, Master of Mechanics to His Majesty and Rev Thomas Ferries, Vicar of Royston. Appealfby Parish of Woodford, (Essex) against removal order for Edward Dean and hsi wife Elizabeth from Parish of Balsham. Appeal allowed.
KL15/31Conveyance of cottage &c:-Sir St. Vincent Cotton to James Michael Foster
K588/A/104Account of Butler.
K588/C/19/17Letter from Mr Raymond concerning family matters, etc.
KCB/2/CL/17/2/Page 440aAppointment of Rt Hon Thomas Chichely and John Cotton, Esq. to attend at Westminster
KCON/3/15/6Final Concord (copy)
KP18/25/93Charities: Pamplyn's and Cotton's bequests. Extracts from wills of William Pamplyn, 20 August 1598 and Lee Cotton, 10 December 1613, concerning Burwell charities, with covering letter
K588/Z/88Leather holder embossed 'Answered'.
K588/F/37Funeral poem to the memory of Sir Ambrose Crowley.
K588/A/38Person account book [of Sir John Hynde Cotton].
KP22/25/46CHURCH ESTATE: feoffment of a shop with solar over in Holy Trinity parish on Cordewanerrowe between the tenements of John Goldsmyth and Edward Lystere
KCON/3/4/1/8Abstract of Title; Of John Hart Cotton to an estate in Upton (Hull's Farm).
KL92/D/15Abstract of title.
K588/A/61Bill for labour, victuals, etc.
K588/F/60Sepia photograph of a little girl from album (588/F/59).
K588/E/11Rough account for same 588/E/10.
K588/T/164Counterpart of 588/T/163. Armorial seal.
K588/C/17/7Letter from St John [?] Crawley on family matters.
K305/M/g/p41/4Conditional surrender by James Osborne to Rebecca Balls of land in Histon
KL92/D/48Transfer of mortgage L92/45.
K588/C/28/17Letter from her brother William in Londonderry.
K107/F/b/236Indenture of 8 parts for the performance of an agreement concerning the sum of £252-3s-9d. Parties Hale Wortham and wife Mary, Philip Gardner, Frances Hatton, Elizabeth Ann Hatton, Susanaa Hatton, Anne Hatton, Christopher Pemberton, and Rev. Alexander Cotton
K588/C/17/12Letters from Mrs Mercer on social matters.
K588/C/12/26Letter from her granddaughter, Elizabeth Ann King.
K588/A/19London brewhouse: account book of moneys borrowed to support the brewhouse.
K588/C/17/1Letter from Catherine Yorke on family matters, etc.
K588/C/11Correspondence of Edward Cotton
K588/F/73List of Major King's securities.
K588/C/22Correspondence re. Prince of Wales' tenancy of Madingley Hall
K588/A/69Coal bill.
KL92/D/18Two policies on life of Alexander Cotton.
K588/C/24/2Letter of condolence from Lord Hinchingbrooke.
K588/A/86Receipt for beer.
K588/Z/46Dried heather from Farnborough churchyard.
K588/C/16Correspondence of Admiral Sir Richard King, 1st baronet (1730-1806)
K588/Z/91ACharter/deed boxes. (item 2 of 3).
K588/E/108Copy of Boulston section of estates as in 588/E107
K588/A/50Lady King's personal account, mainly clothing.
K588/C/28/10Letters from her brother William in London. (8 items).
K588/Z/18Volume of Acts of Parliament relating to the Great North road, 1710-1761.
K588/C/19/4Letter from son, William, who has just started school
K588/C/21/5Letter from William King to his mother from the Simla.
K588/C/19/16Letter from her son, William, in Brighton concerning estate matters.
K588/A/37Mrs Cotton's account book.
KAR57/9/9081John Atkin to Mary Cotton. Bond to perform covenants as in R57/9/9083.
K588/C/27/2Letter from William King at Lucknow describing the conditions.
K588/A/56Wedding expenses receipts. (7 items).
KP114/6/3Letter from Philadelphia Lettice Cotton to Rev. Hildyard concerning acceptance of estimate for work
K588/E/85Rental of jointure estate and other estates of Sarah Parsons in Reigate
KCON/3/7/1/8Abstract of Title; John Hart Cotton to copyhold land held of the Manor of Alconbury Weston.
K588/C/27Correspondence of Fanny Rowley Smith nee King (died 1898)
K588/E/28Sun Fire Office insurance policy for Madingley Hall and outbuildings
K588/C/28/61Letter from Jasper Prime on health matters, etc.
K588/C/28/30Various notes and letters from friends including P. Campbell. (12 items).
K588/E/129Excise receipt for 4000 ozs of silver plate.
K588/M/24Manor of Exning Hall: Court Minutes
KCON/1/A/4Court Rolls (and drafts)
K23/1/1/79/1399Lantern slide, Madingley: Political cartoon with Sir John H. Cotton - 'Bob-Cherry', 1746.
K588/Z/83Card advertising the Hotel 'Angleterre at Rome.
K588/C/21/21Letter from William King to his sister Elizabeth Ann King.
K588/C/19/8Letter from Edward Trimmer giving a good report of her son, William.
K588/C/28/28Covering letter from Colonel Wyngard for a photograph of Charlotte Webster.
K588/F/35Funeral poem to the memory of Sir John Cotton, baronet.
K588/F/62Address book belonging to Elizabeth Ann King.
K588/C/28/7Letter from her brother William and her sister Maria from Villeneuve.
K588/A/45Account book of Lady Cotton.
K588/Z/38The Courier with articles on the coronation of George IV. (4 items).
K588/C/12/7Letter from Mary Nevile on family matters, etc.
KL15/17Admission:-William Royston of Hardwick on surrender of William Cotton
K588/F/59Album belonging to Maria King containing sketches and poems.
K588/T/103Copy of 588/T/102. In this acreage of the arable is given as 15, and rent as £24.
K588/E/47Inventory of Madingley Hall, including detailed lists of books and paintings, by (?) Messrs Foster with annotations relating to sale or other mode of disposal.
K588/A/130Sale catalogue of plate, linen, etc of Mrs Parsons, deceased, at Long Acre, London, with record of prices fetched.
K588/E/39Particulars of Moor Barns Farm in Madingley and Cambridge open fields.
KCON/3/4/3Sale from Cotton to Heathcote family
KCON/3/4/2Descent of the Upton Estate to the Cotton family
KCON/3/1/EDeeds of Conington Rectory
K588/F/84Card of acceptance of invitation in the name of Sir Richard and Lady King.
KL92/D/50Notice of assignment of policy as in L92/49.
KL92/D/27Appointment as trustee of marriage settlement and declaration of trusts.
K588/C/5/3Letter from Thomas Bacon at Catley concerning some affair, ? political.
K588/C/10/2Letter from G. Wade concerning sale of unnamed estate.
K588/T/52Feoffment of lands as in 588/T51: Nicholas Hwych to Thomas Chevele. Witnesses: John Benett, John Rolfe, William Canford, Thomas Barkere. John Spensere.
KAR60/4/1/71Mrs Mary Ann Lee and another to Anne Maria Cotton of Girton. Grant of 2 cottages and 20p land in Histon.
K588/A/55Jeweller's valuation.
K588/C/17/3Letters from Lady Hardwicke on social and family matters. (7 items).
K588/T/238Bond in £170 for performance of covenants of 588/T/237.
K588/A/12Account book of Lady Cotton's rents (London properties).
K588/F/88Maroon leather wallet.
K132/T/1069Wilburton: Abstract of title of Mr Cotton of Lolworth, to messuage 13 1/2a, fen in Low Fen, 6 1/2a, arable in fields, 2 1/2a, close of pasture called Brook Close, 7 1/2a, arable and meadow. 1743 - 1796.
KAR57/9/9079John Atkin to Mary Cotton. Bond to repay £102-10s on 4 November following.
K588/A/48Account books of Miss Elizabeth King's travels to Rome, etc, and in England. (3 items).
KCON/3/2/A/74Final Concord
KCB/2/CL/14/4/31Draft affidavit of Messrs Cotton, Abbott, and Capt Purchas relating to the disposition of GB White from the office of town clerk and the disputed status of CH Cooper as deputy town clerk
K588/C/21/30Part of a letter from John Hynde King to his mother.
KCON/4/2/1/1Rental Conington.
KL15/20Admission:-Sir St. Vincent Cotton Bart of Madingley on death of Sir Charles Cotton his father
KL92/DCotton family: Landwade.
KAR60/4/1/86Manor of Histon St Etheldred: Admission of Miss Anne Maria Cotton on surrender of Richard Christmas to land as in R60/4/1/81.
K588/A/66Coal and firing bill.
K588/C/28/20Letter from her brother John Hynde King at college.
K588/P/6Plan of monument to Lady Cotton. (2 items).
KHAC0/12/44Conveyance by Letters Patent, Hemingford Grey
K588/O/50Appointment of Lieutenant Charles Cotton as lieutenant of the Phaeton.
KCON/1/A/9Court Rolls
KAR60/4/1/92Miss Anne Maria Cotton to William Richard Sumpton of Cambridge. Mortgage upon estate as in R60/4/1/90.
KAR56/5/48Sir Robert Bernard and Nicholas Pedley both of Lincoln's Inn, Sir John Cotton concurring, to Sir Robert Cotton. Release of rent charge of £230 p.a. out of Manor of Hatley St George to extinguish same. Cf. R56/5/44
K588/E/44Inventory of pictures at Madingley, with postal cover
KAR56/5/50Sir Robert Cotton of Hatley St George. Revocation of uses stated in R56/5/49.
K588/A/105Tea bill.
K588/C/21Correspondence from the Crimea (see also R96/73).
K588/C/17/6Letter from her brother Charles in Brussels with a sketch plan of the battle of Waterloo.
K588/P/3Plan of the brewery with later plan of the Cock and Lion public house. nd, [?1748] and 1 June 1852.
K588/C/21/28Letter from Mr Maitlow to Lady King with news of her son William who had been wounded.
K588/C/28/58Letter from William Smith concerning Girton Field.
K588/A/110Receipt for tax on property in the liberty of the Old Artillery Ground.
KAR52/12/28/6Copy of Will of Sir Robert Cotton.
K588/O/32Naval papers of Sir Charles Cotton (1753-1812), admiral of the White: A list of the flag officers of His Majesty's fleet (printed).
KQ/SO/6/a346William Greaves, Beaupre Bell Esquire, Sir John Hynde Cotton appointed to Committee for viewing and repairing Shelford Bridge
KAR59/4/25Mrs A.P. Baxter of Little Bardfield, Essex, to F.R. Ward and others. Mortgage of reversionary interest under Will of Ann Cotton of Dry Drayton, deceased.
K588/E/53Valuation of plate at Messrs Child.
K588/F/42Pedigree of Yorke Earls of Hardwicke.
K588/T/196Counterpart of 588/T/195. Fragment of seal.
KG/A/6/5Former Box 6 Bundle 5
K588/Z/62Purple wallet containing riddles, etc. nd [19th century].
K588/A/79Stay-maker's bill.
K588/F/4Grant of baronetcy to John Carleton, esquire, of Holton, Oxfordshire, by Charles I.
K588/A/75Milliner's bill - fine billhead.
K588/C/8/34Letter from Mr Parsons with news of London.
K588/O/57Letter appointing William Affleck King as cornet in the 4th Light Dragoons.
K588/E/122Accounts for sale of contents of Walden Place.
K588/O/63Appointment of John Hynde King as colonel.
K588/C/17Correspondence of Philadelphia Cotton (died 1860)
K588/E/25List of paintings 'left by Mr Ford'. All of which included 588/E24
K588/P/4Plan of proposed Wapping dock and basin showing affected property.
K588/Z/36Fragment of a lottery ticket.
K588/Z/91BCharter/deed boxes. (Item 3 of 3).
K588/T/272Further advance of £10 on mortgage 588/T/271.
K588/Z/49Pamphlet: 'French Originals of English Nursery Rhymes', 1st and 2nd edition.
K588/Z/27Note of Lord Mayor's Day 1740 when Humphrey Parsons held office.
K588/A/73Bill for street watering.
K588/A/101Certificates for hair powder duty. (3 items).
K588/O/52Appointment of Lieutenant Charles Cotton as lieutenant of the Victory.
KAR57/9/9088Mary Cotton to Hale Wortham. Bond to perform covenants as in R57/9/9087.
K588/C/28/13Covering note from her brother William for a brooch.
K588/C/12Correspondence of Lady Philadelphia Cotton (1763-1855)
K588/P/7Plan of Palestine (pen and ink with coloured boundaries). nd [19th century]
K588/Z/59Photograph of a lady. nd [19th century].
K588/A/125Note of expenses and income.
KHP2/1/6/2Banns certificate for William Cotton and Lydia Clark
K588/T/158Counterpart of 588/T/157. Armorial seal of Thomas Maples.
K588/T/214Fine levied in pursuance of 588/T/213 (two copies).
K588/Z/48Sale catalogue of porcelain, ivory, tapestry, antique furniture and books.
K588/E/32List of plate sent to London [for sale]
K588/O/12John Cotton's appointment as deputy lieutenant of Cambridgeshire.
KCON/4/2/13/2List of money paid for my cosen John Cotton. His debts.
K588/A/117Bills of Sotheby, Wilkinson and Hodges.
K588/E/118Insurance schedule of pictures from Madingley Hall [? at Walden Place].
K588/C/27/1Letter from her brother William King.
K588/P/5Map of the Portuguese campaign (hand-painted).
K588/C/5/6Letter from D. Askham concerning an election.
K588/C/24Correspondence of George St Vincent King (1809-1891)
K588/Z/66Night prayers and litany of St Mary's Church, Graham Street. nd [19th century].
K588/A/83Bill for asses' milk - fine heading.
K588/E/27List of fruit trees planted in kitchen garden at Madingley
K588/A/114Auctioneer's bills, etc. (5 items)
K588/E/110Inventory of heirloom plate of William Charles Smith of Shortgrove and letter about same
K588/C/28/62Envelopes addressed to Miss King. (24 items).
K588/F/9Sacrament certificate issued to Philip Pearson and William Fuller at Great St Mary's.
K588/Z/65Manual of devotions for the Blessed Sacrament. nd [?19th century].
K588/QCharity and ecclesiastical papers
K588/C/28Correspondence of Elizabeth Ann King (see also Crimean War letters 588/C/21/1-32)
K588/C/19/22Letter from Mr Drake with news of her son [John Hynde] being made a major in the 49th.
K588/T/179Fine levied in court of Common Pleas in accordance with 588/T177-178.
K588/C/3Lady Jane[?] Cotton (1631-1692). Letter (damaged by rodents) concerning debts[?].
K588/F/72List of securities of Mrs Rowley Smith.
K588/Z/16Poem entitled 'Lichfield Races'.
K588/A/118Bill for memorial window in Hockerill Church, Hertfordshire.
K588/F/80Newspaper cuttings relating to deaths and wills. (7 items).
K588/T/178Counterpart of 588/T/177.
K588/O/48Appointment of Mr Charles Cotton lieutenant of the Royal Sovereign.
K588/Z/35Italian notes, chronology of ancient history. (2 items).
K588/T/211Fine levied in pursuance of 588/T/210.
K588/E/96Papers about extension of lease of Brewhouse Estate and Cock and Lion.
K588/E/48Copy of same (588/E/47) evidently belonging to Philadelphia Cotton, with other annotations.
KCON/5/3/1Will of Sir John Cotton. (Copy) of Sir John Cotton, Stratton, Beds, Bart.
K588/T/161Assignment of 588/T/156 as agreed in 588/T/157. Fractured seal of Thomas Maples.
K588/A/32The Daily Pocket Journal used as account book of amenities.
K588/F/63Nomination of John Hynde King as chevalier of the legion d'honneur.
K588/C/28/25Letters in Italian from Filippo Cavaletti. (2 items).
KL92/D/51Notice of transfer of mortgage as in L92/48.
K588/A/109Dividend receipts and shares in Real de Monte Mining Co. (4 items).
K588/O/11Sir John Hynde Cotton's appointment as deputy lieutenant of Cambridgeshire.
K588/C/9Correspondence of Miss Sarah Cotton (?1748-1830)
K588/C/12/14Letter from her husband, off Toulon.
K588/C/17/17Letter from her niece Maria describing Fanny King's wedding.
K588/C/10/7Letter from Calder on bad press report, etc.
K588/C/28/18Letters from her brother William in Freiburg.
KL15/24Admission:-James Michael Foster on surrender of Sir St. Vincent Cotton
K588/C/17/15Letter of condolence from Thomas Gurney after the death of Lady Cotton.
K588/L/11Chancery decree in same (588/L/9), confirming Master's report.
K588/E/112Sotheby's sale catalogue for portion of library of W.C. Smith of Shortgrove on 10-11 May 1889.
K588/Z/47Copy of Aldershot Camp Times, Army Advertiser and Record containing an account of the funeral of Colonel John Hynde King.
K588/BBusiness Records
K588/T/245Manor of Hardwick: Surrender of all copyhold lands.
K588/C/10/3Letter from Edward Cotton in Edinburgh on political matters.
K588/A/20London brewhouse: account book.
K588/T/159Lease for 60 years as agreed in 588/T/157. Armorial seal.
K588/C/28/8Letter from her brother William at Dorchester before going to the Crimea.
K588/L/13Case and opinion of Thomas Pengally on same. 588/L/12
KAH/26/234/70Mandate for induction: Nathaniel Gibson, Rector of Denton: patron, Sir John Cotton Kt & Bart
K588/C/8Correspondence of Sir John Hynde Cotton the younger, 4th baronet (1717-1795)
K588/F/54Admission of John Hynd Cotton to freedom of Hamilton.
K588/T/347Wrapper from deeds once in possession of Charles Chambers, esquire, addressed to Sir John Cotton, baronet.
K588/C/28/9Letters from her brother William in the Crimea. (28 items).
KAH/26/234/36Mandate for induction: Anthony Hill M.A., Rector of Steeple Gidding: patron, Sir John Cotton Bart
K588/Z/13The Old England or Constitutional Journal with account of Bonnie Prince Charlie landing in the Highlands.
KHP17/3/1Receipts of Tithes by Rector of Cotton & Heathcote families
K588/M/16Estreat (in English) of court of manor of Coggeshall in Exning for 1586, 1599 ( 2 copies)
K588/C/20/5Letter from Colonel Ridley at the Horse Guards to Lieutenant Colonel J.H. King enclosing the Sardinian medal (now wanting).
K588/E/52Inventory (similar to 588/E/47-8) of property of Lady King of Madingley Hall left for use of HRH Prince of Wales [whilst undergraduate at Trinity College]
K588/T/202Lease for 3 years of property in 588/T/200.
K588/F/11Quitclaim on personal state by Jonathan Perry of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, gentleman.
K588/C/19/20Letter from her grandson, Richard King, staying at Exeter.
K588/C/19/1Note from son William, aged 7, concerning his health.
KCON/3/1/B/9Abstract of Title of the co-heiresses of Sir John Cotton, Bart, lately decd. to the Manor of Conington and the Advowson of the Church of Conington.
K588/T/351Detached seal with name 'Will Taylor' on tag.
K588/C/19/3Letter from her daughter, Elizabeth Ann, aged 6, ill in bed.
K588/W/4Schedules of Lady Cotton's deeds with solicitor's bill and covering letter. (5 items).
K588/Q/4Extracts from will of Lionell Walden concerning setting up a charity for building a school at Doddington and Huntingdon (Mr Walden was "murdered in France").
K588/Z/50Calendar issued by Darnley and Co Fine Art Gallery.
K588/E/35List of plate sent to London for sale in May 1778, with letter and account of Messrs Clayton and Co of King Street for sale
K588/Q/13Decree concerning Landwade tithes: to go to curate except for payment to parson of Exning.
K588/F/69Address book of Elizabeth Ann King.
K588/C/8/19Letter from the Earl of Hardwicke on family and political matters and promising to send half a doe to Madingley at Christmas.
K588/T/278Reconveyance of property as in 588/T/277.
K588/A/40Bank book of Sir John Hynde Cotton and others.
K588/C/28/39Letter of condolence from the Bishop of Colchester for death of Fanny Smith nee King.
K588/W/15Will of Dorothy Cotton, leaving her possessions to her sisters Jane, Anne, Elizabeth, Francis and Agnes.
KAR57/9/9078John Samms of Clapton and John Atkin of Caxton to Robert and Mary Cotton of Childerley and Robert Challis of Hardwick. Assignment of Mortgage R57/9/9076.
K588/Z/20Act of Parliament for widening St Neots to Cambridge road and later Act continuing the terms of the earlier Act, with copies. (4 items).
K588/M/33Rental of Manor of Exning.
K588/Z/11Terms for insurance, etc of the Union Fire Office, Gutter Lane, Cheapside.
K588/T/219Abstract of title of Thomas Watson to property (excluding 2 acres) covering 588/T/212-218.
K588/C/28/11Letter from her brother William in Cork. (3 items).
KAR60/4/1/85Manor of Histon St Etheldred: Surrender of Richard Christmas to use of Miss Anne Maria Cotton to land as in R60/4/1/81.
K588/C/20/4Letter from (?) Cayley Bros, Sandhurst, concerning money owing on an account.
K588/O/58Leave of absence granted to Cornet William Affleck King of the 4th Light Dragoons.
K588/E/106Act to enable Walter Smythe to exchange Manor of Binderton for other lands
K588/E/124Sworder & Sons sale catalogue of contents of Plaw Hatch mansion, Bishop's Stortford, for sale of 28-29 November 1899.
K588/E/46List of plate and other effects and related memoranda
K588/B/9Inventory of brewhouse.
K588/O/8BSir John Hynde Cotton's rolls of account as treasurer of the chamber and other papers relating to the same office. (41 items). Dated Michaelmas 1745, Michaelmas 1746.
K588/O/8ASir John Hynde Cotton's rolls of account as treasurer of the chamber and other papers relating to the same office. (41 items). Dated Michaelmas 1745, Michaelmas 1746.
K588/E/117A.H. Turner & Co sale catalogue of furniture, paintings and other effects at Shortgrove for sale on 10-11 May 1892.
K588/T/140Counterpart of 588/T/139. Seal.
KAR60/4/1/80Draft schedule of deeds (1853-1876) concerning Houblon estates in Histon.
K588/T/135Feoffment of Girton lands only (10a1½r) of 588/T132: John Russell of Cottenham, gent to John Tailor of Madingley, yeoman.
K588/E/72Reigate Priory quit rental, with details of property and occupiers
K588/E/119Inventory and valuation of furniture and other effects of late Major William Affleck King of Walden Place.
K588/E/83Papers relating to bankruptcy of John Parsons including accounts with creditors and proposals for sale of reversion of Reigate estate
K588/C/9/6Letter from Lady Windsor concerning a vacancy ?at court.
K588/E/121Marked copy of Thurgood & Son sale catalogue of contents of Walden Place for sale on 15 May 1888.
K588/F/10Indenture apprenticing John Coppi of Madingley, yeoman, to Thomas Payne of Madingley, carpenter.
K588/T/260Assignment of mortgage of lands in 588/T/259.
K588/M/17Orders for regulation of agriculture made in Exning manorial court and confirmed at court of manor of Coggeshall. Cf 588/M8.
K588/T/88Feoffment of 1r arable in Arnolde fylde, Exning.
K588/T/217Mortgage by demise for 1000 years of property in 588/T/210.
K588/F/64Certificate of award of Sardinian medal for military valour to John Hynde King.
KCON/2/4/BDeeds re. debts of John Cotton of Steeple Gidding, and settlement thereof.
K588/A/98Bill for victuals.
K588/Z/12Front page of the Champion or Evening Advertiser.
K588/Z/58Photograph of Arthur Talbot. nd [19th century].
K588/F/28Licence by the King, with Royal Sign Manual, Edward Cotton of the Temple, London, esquire, to send £400 to Mrs Odune in France.
K588/F/71Major King's contributor's ticket to the winter exhibition at the Royal Academy.
K588/E/88Particulars and valuation papers of Hendon (Middlesex) estate
KL92/D/30Draft release.
K588/T/348Scraps of deeds used to tie others, including one made from lease of tithes.
K588/F/83Notebook of articles which Elizabeth Ann King wished to be given to people after her death (one entry only).
K588/F/56Death duty papers and returns, etc. (23 items).
K588/T/342Note of deeds kept in 'Physic Closet'
K588/C/20/6Letter to his mother from Nova Scotia.
K588/F/20Appointment of £11000 by Sarah Parsons, widow to Sarah Dunne and Anne Parsons, her daughters.
K588/T/93Assignment of same, in accordance with decree in chancery.
K588/T/39Quitclaim of all rights to messuages, lands, meadows, pastures and liberty of one faldage in village and fields of Exning.
K588/L/16Release of all actions. Walter Serocold of Cherryhinton, clerk, to Sir J.H. Cotton of Madingley, baronet
K588/T/37Feoffment of 6 acres arable lying in one piece in Brakedenefeld, Exning.
KAH/26/235/43Mandate for induction: William Searle B.A., Rector of Denton: patron, Robert Cotton of Steeple Gidding.
K588/T/77Quitclaim of messuage with adjacent croft in Exning.
K588/T/41Lease in form of indenture for 60 years of a messuage with adjacent croft and pightle with 1acre land in Brakedenefeld in Exning.
K588/T/67Feoffment of ½ acre in Byggynfeld [Fordham].
K588/T/165Pardon in form of royal letters patent for alienation of lands acquired by fine levied in accordance with 588/T/163.
K588/T/44Quitlaim of same, 588/T/43
K588/T/42Assignment of same (588/T/41): Robert Dowsole of Exning to John Dowsole, chaplain, his brother.
K588/T/133Feoffment of lands in 588/T/132, John Lovell of Cottenham, yeoman, to John Russell of Cottenham, yeoman.
K588/A/82Breeches maker's bill - fine heading.
K588/T/290Lease and release of 3r arable in common fields of Madingley.
K588/T/209Lease and release of property in 588/T/207.
K588/F/8Deacon's licence granted by Edward Bishop to Norwich to Antony Shafto MA of Christ's College, Cambridge.
K588/T/205Manor of Madingley: Admission to 5 acres in Madingley Fields.
K588/T/221Lease and release of land (as 588/T/218) with covenant to surrender 2 acre copyhold in fields of Girton at next manor court.
K588/T/141Receipt of repayment of £16 10s 8d due on 588/T138: Richard Pike of Cambridge, baker, to William Taylor and Robert Taylor of Landbeach, yeoman.
K588/T/352Certificate of Jane Hynd's title to the Manor of Girton with an account of her ancestors, former owners of the manor.
K588/C/28/21Letter from her brother John Hynde King in the Crimea. (3 items).
K588/T/206Manor of Madingley: Draft admission to 5 acres in Madingley Fields.
K588/O/4Memorandum of subscription and list of subscribers supporting office of sheriff of Cambridgeshire, with copy of 1726.
K588/T/142Receipt for £15 9s 3d due on 588/T/138: Richard Pike of Cambridge, baker, to William Taylor and Robert Taylor of Landbeach, yeoman. Squashed seal.
K588/T/231Bond for performance of covenants of 588/T/230.
K588/Z/30Petition of Cambridge shoemakers to Parliament to allow curriers to sell cut leather. Signed by 77 shoemakers (only 5 of whom could not sign their names).
KAH/26/234/92Mandate for induction: Thomas Ferrar M.A., Rector of Steeple Gidding: patron, Sir John Cotton Bart
K588/F/52Admission of John Hynd Cotton, esquire, as burgess and gild brother of Edinburgh.
KAH/26/236/111Mandate for induction: James Liptrott M.A., Rector of Steeple Gidding: patrons, Co-heirs of late Sir Robert Cotton Bart.
K588/T/301Manor of Girton Pigotts with Ramseys: copy surrender of property in 588/T/298.
K588/T/170Feoffment of all tenements, lands, meadows, etc in Madingley and Whitwell inherited from Joan Norman, the feoffor's sister-in-law.
K588/Z/29Medicinal recipes (see also 588/A/22). (5 items). nd [?18th century].
K588/T/175Feoffment of messuage with appurtenances in Madingley late of Agnes Norman, 3 acres arable in Madingley Fields and 1½ acres meadow in Madingley Meadow.
K588/E/81Inventory and appraisement of plate, part of personal estate of Humphrey Parsons.
K588/T/303Manor of Girton Pigotts with Ramseys: acknowledgement of satisfaction on property in 588/T/298. William Stanley to James Fidgen.
K588/T/187Feoffment of 1a1r arable in Church Field and Stanford Field, Girton.
K588/T/91Feoffment of ½ acre meadow in Exning.
K588/O/18Copper plate of election circular of Sir John Hynde Cotton (with transcript). Madingley.
K588/Z/70File of poems, playbills, etc. (11 items). nd [19th century].
K588/T/138Feoffment of lands in 588/T135: Robert Taylor of Landbeach, yeoman, to Susan Barnes of Landbeach, singlewoman, his intended wife.
KAH/26/235/25Mandate for induction: Thomas Ferrar M.A., Rector of Sawtry St. Andrew: patron, Robert Cotton of Steeple Gidding.
K588/T/85Assignment of 588/T/85: John Cotton, esquire, to John Chennerye of Exning, yeoman. (Highly decorated intials).
K588/T/137Quitclaim of lands in 588/T135. William Taylor, son and heir of Robert Taylor recently of Girton, to Robert Taylor his brother.
K757/T/d/159Abstract of title of Sir St Vincent Cotton, Bart., to freehold manor and estate at Exning, 1678-1829
K588/T/189Feoffment of ½ acre meadow at Gissons, Girton.
K588/E/74Deed of Election by Sarah Parsons to have Reigate Mansion as her house upon majority of her son John in accordance with her late husband's will
K588/E/126Lists of plate belonging to Miss E.A. King including that left to her by Mrs Rowley Smith.
K588/W/22Particulars of estates of Sir John Hynde Cotton deceased, to be settled on his sons, and particulars of estates of marriage settlement.
K588/Z/74Manuscript abstracts of [?Cotton] documents made by Palm with 2 letters from him to Mr Antrobus. (cf T342).
K588/T/148Probate of will dated 19 January 1678/1679 of William Lee of Girton, yeoman, leaving house with close to son John, £10 to son Robert, £50 to daughter and residue to wife Elizabeth, executrix.
KAH/26/234/39Mandate for induction: John Caton M.A., Rector of Sawtry Beaumes St. Andrew: patron, Sir John Cotton Bart
K588/T/128Receipt for 20 shillings in completion of payment of £6 6s 8d for purchase of property in 588/T126, termed a tenement called Jeks, with quitclaim.
KCON/1/A/8Court Orders
K588/T/198Defeasance of 588/T/197 on condition that terms of mortgage (588/T/178) maintained.
K588/T/144Receipt of £15 9s 3d due on 588/T/138: Marie Pike of Cambridge, widow, and Richard Pike of Wyton (Hunts), clerk, executors of Robert Pike of Cambridge, baker. (Paper).
K588/T/261Lease for a year and mortgage in fee of lands in 588/T/259.
K588/T/193Recognizance in the Nature of a Statute Staple for £10000 to be paid by following Whitsun.
KPH/17/11Conington Church, memorial to Sir Robert Cotton and Bishop's chair.
K588/W/20Will of Jane Cotton, leaving all her property to her sisters, Anne, Elizabeth, Frances, Dorothy and Agnes, and giving details of her funeral.
K588/F/51Admission of Humphrey Parsons, mayor of London, to the freedom of Harwich.
K588/T/139Mortgage in fee of Girton lands only (10a1½r) of 588/T/132:
K588/T/282Manor of Girton Pigotts: bond for payment of £120 on conditional.
K588/M/35Manor of Girton: rental of copyhold and freehold properties and rents of hens and capons.
K588/T/145Receipt for £14 7s 11d due on 588/T/142: Marie Pike of Cambridge, widow, and Richard Pike of Wyton (Hunts), clerk, executors of Robert Pike of Cambridge, baker. 2 seals.
K588/T/256Assignment of mortgage of 1680 referred to in 588/T/249.
K588/T/191Bond of £40 for payment of £10 annuity during life of Agnes, conusor's wife (widow of Edward Hynde).
K588/A/1Account of quit rents of Madingley Manor.
K588/T/186Bond of £60 for performance of feoffment of even date of 2½ acres arable in Girton Fields.
K588/T/150Assignment of lands in Girton in 588/T/149.
K588/T/163Covenant to levy fine in accordance with 588/T/157.
KCON/2/4/A/1Inquisitio Post Mortem
K588/T/147Lease and release of 10½a½r arable, pasture and meadow in Girton (as 588/T/132-145).
K588/T/125Lease for 7 years in form of chirograph.
K588/T/174Acknowledgement of satisfaction for second instalment of consideration in respect of 588/T173 and quitclaim of property conveyed.
K588/T/153Assignment of lands in Girton in 588/T/151.
K588/E/93Rental of properties in Wellclose Square, Spitalfields and Whitechapel, London
K588/T/210Covenant to levy fine for property 588/T/207 and for messuage in Histon formerly of John Matthews.
K588/T/180Covenant that recognizance in the nature of a Statute Staple will be of no effect so long as covenants of lease of even date to conusee observed.
K588/T/346Groton (Suffolk): Draft lease for eleven years of the Place Lands, Brick Kiln Field and messuage, called Middle Farm, Groton, except timber with extensive conditions.
K588/C/27/6Letter from Mr Lacey concerning restoration of the church and sale of the Hall.
K588/T/249Manor of Hardwick: Admission to property as 588/T/246.
K588/O/27Letter of James Tylney Long regretting he had been unable to attend progress of Small Debt Bill for Cambridgeshire through the House, Wanstead House.
K588/Z/14Warrant to keeper of Windsor Great Park to kill a doe and deliver it to Edmund Waller, esquire, cofferer.
K588/Z/43OHMS envelope addressed to Lieutenant-Colonel King in the Grenadier Guards from the Adjutant General's Office.
K588/T/220Extract from will of Sarah Game late of Histon (1786; cf 588/T/215) devising all lands to Ann Brand.
K588/T/166Portion of lease of lands (?) in Madingley: Sir Edward Hinde to John Goud.
KCON/2/4/B/14Acknowledgement and Quitclaim
K588/T/195Mortgage by demise for 1000 years of Manors of Madingley and Girton etc. (as 588/T/175)
K588/W/9Fragment of will of Anne Sheepe of Burwell.
KAH/26/234/105Mandate for induction: Thomas Dod B.A., Rector of Conington: patron, Sir John Cotton Bart of Stratton, par of Biggleswade
K588/T/204Order to be intendant to royal lessee of 588/T/203.
K588/T/152Assignment of lands in Girton in 588/T/151.
K588/T/286Conditional Sale of 3 geldings, a mare and eight cows on same farm. Edward Barnes to Sir John Hind Cotton, baronet. Consideration: £20.
K588/T/340List of Lady Philadelphia Cotton's deeds relating to former Parsons estates and trusts created from them, 1709-1806.
K2554/1/502Tomb, Design for tomb of Lady Cotton and Vault repairs, all in Madingley church
K588/T/242Manor of Girton Pigotts cum Ramse(y)s: Admission to lands in 588/T/241.
K588/C/8/3Letter from Hugh Hamersley in Chancery Lane concerning Reigate estate (cf 588/C/2/3).
K588/T/240Lease for 3 years of barns, etc, next to house formerly occupied by Robert Tall and now by lessee and 50 acres arable in Girton.
K588/T/229Assignment of mortgage by demise (referred to in 588/T/226-227) of property in 588/T/229.
K588/T/292Assignment of lease in 588/T/291.
K588/F/29Bond in £1000 to pay £500 by Edward Cotton of the Inner Temple, London, esquire, to Elizabeth Hurrell of Harston, spinster.
K588/T/201Lease for 19 years of property in 588/T/200.
K588/W/3Letters of administration granted to Margaret Trefusis, widow, of Trefusis, Cornwall, for the estates of her late husband, Samuel Trefusis.
K588/T/246Manor of Hardwick: Admission to messuage and 15 acres arable in Hardwick (as 588/T/244).
K588/W/1Probate of will dated 20 July 1673 of Robert Tall of Girton, blacksmith.
K588/Z/54Wrapper printed with the words 'By Sir Charles Cotton Bart, Admiral… employed in the Channel Soundings or wherever else His Majesty's Service shall require'. nd [early 19th century].
K588/T/233Release of property in 588/T/232, devised by grantor by John Woodford and now in occupation of William Chambers.
K588/E/43Notice to Sir Charles Cotton of terms offered to his tenants farmers in Girton
K588/A/102Certificate for tax on armorial bearings.
K588/C/8/12Covering letter for bills from Mr Robson at Lincolns Inn.
K588/Z/73Account of a chaise match at Newmarket for £1000 on 29 August 1750.
K588/Z/37Second supplement to the 'Madras Gazette'.
K588/T/299Abstract of title of Francis Mayes of property in 588/T/298, covering deeds from 1738.
K588/E/69Reigate Priory quit rental.
K588/Z/79Invitation for an 'At Home' at Madingley to celebrate the centenary of the residence of the Prince of Wales in 1861.
K588/E/128Insurance premium receipt for Madingley Hall.
K588/C/27/10Envelope addressed to Mrs Rowley Smith from Saffron Walden.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/10Will. Sir John Cotton of Conington.
K588/Z/63Visiting cards and address including Italian nobility. (8 items). nd [19th century].
K588/W/13Letter of administration for estates of James Craggs with agreement by administrators to pay legacies, etc and copy of earlier administration. (4 items).
K588/E/5Note of new tenants amending those in 588/E4
K588/F/14Bond in £300 to pay £150 by John Hynde of Madingley, baronet, to Elizabeth Cotton, of St James.
K588/Z/53Broadsheet entitled 'Alderley Festivities' including an account of a masquerade and a fancy dress ball. nd [19th century]
K588/E/21Terrier of freehold lands of William Fuller belonging to house called Richardsons in Hardwick (cf. 588/T257-8)
K588/C/28/54Letter from the Bishop of Colchester concerning his golden wedding.
K588/T/268Lease for 6 years of Pease, alias Buttons, Close (2 acres), Hardwick.
K588/T/324Manor of Epsom: admission to copyhold lands.
K588/O/5Transcripts of ordinances, memoranda and letters, 1422/23-1714, concerning royal household, apparently compiled for guidance treasurer of the chamber.
K588/T/323Manor of Epsom (Ebbisham): licence to lease copyhold property for 99 years.
K588/T/227Counterpart of same 588/T/227 (several pieces cut from it).
KHAC0/267/11/2M.J.Allen Collection: Manor of Hartford
K588/T/297Agreement for lease for 6 years of farm in occupation of William Phyphers in Madingley and replacement of batten fence.
K588/T/254Manor of Girton Pigotts cum Ramses: Surrender of a cottage with close.
KAH/26/234/11Mandate for induction: James Wildbore, Rector of Steeple Gidding: patron, Sir John Cotton Bart.
K588/C/13Correspondence of Lettice Cotton (1756-1798) &c.
K588/L/7Abstract of 588/L/6.
K588/F/58Certificate of St Vincent Cotton's initiation into freemasonry.
K588/O/47Appointment of Sir Charles Cotton as commander-in-chief of the Channel fleet.
K588/C/28/16Letter from her brother William concerning sale of Madingley.
K588/O/51Appointment of Lieutenant Charles Cotton as lieutenant of the Seringapatam.
K588/O/46Appointment of Sir Charles Cotton as admiral of the White.
K588/T/283Manor of Girton Pigotts: conditional surrender of messuage and 45 acres in fields, Girton, with bond for payment.
KAR52/12/26/3Sir Robert Cotton and others. Attested copy of Answers to R52/12/26/2
K588/Z/21Catalogue of plate, etc of a nobleman for sale by auction at Clayton and Parys' saleroom in St James Square, London.
K588/C/28/6Letters from her brother William at Brighton. (2 items).
K588/O/65Papers concerning Sir John Cotton's rights as master of game at Newmarket. (14 items).
K588/T/184Abstract of title covering 588/T/158-172 with opinion of Nathaniel Pigott appended.
K588/C/28/59Letter from Arthur Elliot (married to Gaye King) on birth of their son.
K588/L/6Chancery decree in case in 588/L4, concerning estate of Samuel Trefusis and James Craggs, etc
K588/F/76Photographs, etc of Antrobus family, the Small House, Condover, Shropshire, including letters and postcards to Elizabeth Ann King. (14 items).
K588/T/273Further advance of £60 on mortgage 588/T/271.
KAR60/4/1/93Miss Anne Maria Cotton to Richard Archer Houblon. Grant in anticipation of their intended marriage of estate in Girton and Histon as in R60/4/1/90.
K588/Z/60Photographs of the vicar of Trumpington and his wife, William and Mary Smith (head and shoulders only). nd [19th century].
K588/F/50Admission of Humphrey Parsons of London, wax chandler, and son of John Parsons, knight, to the freedom of the City of London.
K588/F/16Bond in £2000 to pay £1000 by Humphrey Parsons of Reigate, Surrey, esquire, to John Crowley of East Greenwich, esquire, Robert Nightingale of London, baronet.
K588/C/30/2Notes found among letters, mainly by Elizabeth Ann King, and empty envelopes. (11 items).
K588/Z/80Page from an Act of Parliament concerning London docks (cf P4). nd [?19th century]
K588/E/97Papers about extension of lease of Brewhouse Estate and Cock and Lion.
KCON/1/A/10Rental of Trinity Hall Manor in Conington
KAH/26/236/52Mandate for induction: James Orem M.A., Rector of Denton: patron, John Cotton of Shelton Hall, Co. Bedford Esq.
KL92/D/14Abstract of title.
K588/A/18Account book of servants' wages. 11 Queensberry Place, Kensington
K588/Z/44Tricolor cockade of the captain of the Hercule sent to Lady Cotton with explanatory note.
KAR60/4/1/91Sir St Vincent Cotton, baronet, of Madingley and others to Miss Anne Maria Cotton of Girton. Covenant for production of title deeds.
KAR60/4/2/16Manor of Girton Pigotts: William Nicholls Clay to use of Miss Anne Maria Cotton. Grant of messuage and 2 cottages with 1r 33p land.
K588/Z/39The Morning Post containing an account of the Lady Flora Hastings affair.
K588/C/17/20Poems sent to Miss Cotton 'Upon three young ladies mistaking Venus for a Comet' from an unknown.
K588/O/61Letter requesting Captain William Affleck King to join the headquarters of the 4th Light Dragoons immediately.
K588/E/20Rental of farms (in ?Girton and Madingley) and of booths in Stourbridge Fair (cf. 588/T255)
K588/F/12Bond in £4000 to perform covenants of even date by John Cotton of Landwade, baronet, to Nathaniel Curzon of Kedleston, baronet.
K588/F/66Papers including statutes concerning award of order of the bath to John Hynde King. (3 items).
K588/Z/32Transcript (called a 'facsimile') of Lord Nelson's letter written from the Victory to Emma Hamilton and a copy of his prayer. (2 items).
K588/Z/77Transcripts of Cotton letters, etc, in envelope addressed to Reverend J. Antrobus. (3 items).
K588/C/12/24Letter from St Vincent Cotton with family matters, etc.
K588/T/53Letters of attorney to give seisen of lands as 588/T51: Nicholas Hwych to John Scheldon.
K588/E/70Reigate Priory quit rental (including arrears for 1718).
K588/C/21/12Letter from John Hynde King to his mother after the battle of Inkermann. (2 copies).
K588/F/18Bonds in £200 to pay annuities of £10 pa by Paul Jodrell of Lincoln's Inn, esquire, to Frances, Ann, Elizabeth, Jane, Dorothy and Agnes. (6 items).
KCON/4/2/1/2Rental Conington. Written mostly in the hands of Sir Robt. Cotton and his son Thomas.
K588/E/113Sotheby's sale catalogue for portion of library of W.C. Smith of Shortgrove on 10-11 May 1889, with annotations of purchasers and prices.
K588/Z/81Page from an exhibition catalogue of portrait miniatures.
KAH/26/236/36Mandate for induction: John Davies M.A., Rector of Sawtry St. Andrew: patron, John Cotton of Conington Co. Hunt.
K588/E/22Terrier of copyhold lands of William Fuller belonging to house called Maldins in Hardwick.
K588/E/80Extract from report of committee to inquire into charitable gifts in Reigate concerning house conveyed by Sir John Parsons, father of Humphrey Parsons for charitable uses.
K588/Z/33Copy of Morning Post in which Captain King is mentioned in a dispatch from Buenos Aires.
K588/Z/64Pages from an Italian volume including views of Florence and sketches of statuary. (47 pages). nd [19th century].
K588/M/22Manor of Girton Pigotts and Ramseys: verdict of the homage with orders for agriculture.
K588/L/9Report of Robert Holford (?Chancery Master), on the personal estate of Samuel Trefusis, deceased, with account of debts with schedules of these
K588/E/132Papers relating to the Parsons family of Reigate: 2) warrant to be gentleman usher, 1762; 3) copy of S. Parsons' will, etc, 1769; 5) letter re Parsons' estate, 1788.
K588/E/41Valuation of windmill and other buildings at Madingley with receipts for interest in same annexed and ground rent receipt by Sir Charles Cotton.
K588/M/14Roll of estreats of court manors of Coggeshall in Exning, 1499, 1507 (paper), and Exning (Hall), 1509, 1510.
K588/Z/7E Settle, 'Irene Triumphans: Carmen Gratulatorium A Musa Britannica in Pacem Sancitam Pacificis (a heroic poem to the makers of the Treaty of Utrecht, with parallel translation).
K588/F/67Address given to William Charles Smith, esquire, and his wife on their return from their bridal tour with newspaper cuttings, sketches of decorated entrances to Shortgrove Hall and Newport. (5 items).
K588/W/2Probate of will dated 16 April 1685 of Joseph Pyke of Over, yeoman.
K588/O/59Letters concerning payment of compensation for John Hynde King's hand lost at Sebastapol. (3 items).
K588/C/19/14Letter from J. Warren giving a character reading taken from a sample of handwriting.
K588/E/36Letter of Messrs Clayton and Co to Sir J.H. Cotton about intended sale of remaining plate
K588/C/8/23Letter from John Conyers referring to a recent bereavement and will.
K588/E/50Inventories of pictures (based on 588/E44) and of effects at Madingley, the property of Miss [Philadelphia] Cotton.
K588/C/20/7Letters of condolence on the death of his aunt Philadelphia Cotton. (66 items).
K588/T/207Feoffment of tenement and close called Brinkley in Well Lane, Girton.
K588/T/197Recognizance in the Nature of Statute Staple for £10000 to be repaid by 25 July following.
K588/C/21/20Copy of letter from William King to his uncle, [St] Vincent Cotton, concerning fighting at Balaclava, etc.
K588/T/333Lease for 7 years of a stable for four horses and coach houses with chamber over in Barlow's Meuse, St George Hanover Square.
K588/T/216Exemplification of common recovery of property in 588/T/210.
K588/T/143Reconveyance of property mortgaged in 588/T/138: Richard Pike of Cambridge, baker, to William Taylor and Robert Taylor of Landbeach, yeoman. Seal.
K588/C/8/15Letter from Bruce at Tottenham Park concerning an election.
K588/Z/85Fragment of a letter concerning Bedford River and draining of land between Littleport and Mildenhall. nd [17th century].
K588/Z/89Papers and tickets listing documents in boxes, bundles, etc. (10 items). nd [19th-20th century]
K588/C/19/10Letter from her daughter, Elizabeth Ann, aged 12, at Sutton thanking her for various presents, etc.
K588/E/63John Swan and Son of Cambridge sale catalogue for household furniture, domestic effects, etc., the contents of Madingley Hall, for sale of 25-27 July 1871, marked with prices fetched.
K588/O/37Appointment of Sir Charles Cotton as vice admiral of the red squadron.
K588/Q/2Memoranda of endowment of Thomas Hobson's poor house charity during reign of Charles I (cf Charity Commission Report, pp. 24-26).
K588/O/14Sir St Vincent Cotton's appointment as deputy lieutenant of Cambridgeshire and captain of militia. (2 items).
KCON/4/2/13/4Account (torn) of money due to John Day, coachman to the late Sir John Cotton, Bart, and paid by Lady Cotton, his executrix. Wages £10 p.a.
K588/F/13Writ of capias to Sheriff of Surrey to produce William Wogan in court to answer a number of persons concerning £125 debt with endorsed note of receipt from Sir John Cotton on the defendant's behalf.
K588/T/253Manor of Girton Pigotts cum Ramses: conditional surrender of 3 closes containing 6 acres.
K588/T/134Quitclaim of lands in 588/T/132. John Essex of Cottenham, husbandman to John Russel.
K588/C/8/26Letter from Mr Dickinson concerning London estates, etc.
K588/T/289Lease for 7 years of house with close in Girton in lessee's occupation with covenants for maintenance.
K588/Q/7Papers concerning repair of Madingley church chancel. (6 items).
K588/C/14Correspondence of Charles Cotton to his son
K588/C/27/5Letter from W. Rowlandson, vicar of Great Braxted, concerning amounts contributed for restoring Madingley church.
K588/C/21/14Letter from William King in camp at Balaclava to his mother asking for news.
K588/T/248Manor of Hardwick: Surrender of property as 588/T/246 with bond in £420 for performance.
K588/C/23/1Copy of a letter from Lord Hinchingbrooke concerning the health of Richard King's brother Colonel John King.
K588/T/264Manor of Girton Pigotts cum Ramseys: Surrender of 3½ r arable in Girton Fields.
K588/T/296Manor of Girton Pigotts with Ramseys: Surrender of 2r6p in Beck Furlong, Redland Field as part of same sale as 588/T/295.
K588/C/27/4Letters from Mr Lacey, vicar of Madingley, concerning church fabric. (3 items).
KCON/4/2/6/9Particular of certain leys and meadows in Upton, part of the estates of Sir Robert Cotton and Robert Pulleyn, Esq.
K588/T/275Bond for £330 for payment of £165 [? interest money on mortgage] and release of writs of error by virtue of judgement for debt of same.
K588/C/8/7Note from the Lord Chancellor postponing an interview due to ill-health.
K588/C/23/2Letter of condolence from Duke of Cambridge on death of his brother Colonel John King.
K588/T/65Quitclaim of lands in 588/T/64.
K588/W/27Inquisitions post mortem and ad quod damnum relating to estates at Landwade, Cheveley, Girton, Madingley, etc.
K757/T/d/163-164Lease and release of 2a22p arable and pasture close in Exning, with schedule of deeds. 1. Sir St. Vincent Cotton. 2. Sarah and Charlotte Bryant, of Exning. Consideration £150.
K588/T/236Release of liability on messuage and several tenements [?in Cambridge] liable on unpaid recognizance of William Munns to John Elsum of London, haberdasher, assigned by latter's executors to donors.
K588/Q/8Sunday school book for St Paul's [in NRA as London. ? Wilton Place, Knightsbridge, cf F98] containing lists of programmes, texts and notes.
K588/T/307Exemplification of Recovery in Common Pleas in Trinity Term, 19 Henry VII (1504) of Manor of Hockley, 4 messuages, 100 acres arable, 40 acres meadow, 100 acres pasture, 12 acres wood and 20 shillings annual rent.
K588/T/172Feoffment of 12 acres arable in fields of Madingley and Whitwell in the parish of Barton and Coton as in annexed schedule [missing].
K588/W/26Probate of will dated 14 June 1798 of Lettice Cotton, spinster.
K588/T/237Lease and release of tenement and grove in Madingley in occupation of Nicholas Sterne (cf 588/T/232-235) bequeathed to donor by Joseph Nightingale of Cambridge, malster, her late husband.
K588/T/213Lease and release of property in 588/T/210 with covenant to levy fine.
K588/T/298Manor of Girton Pigotts with Ramseys: admission to cottage and close of pasture in Girton.
KAR57/9/9085Mary Atkin, widow of John Atkin of Caxton, to Mary Cotton of Lolworth. Release of all right of dower of messuage, 1 acre pasture, Swansome Close of 2 acres and 8½ acres land in Caxton in return for £4 p.a.
K588/W/18Probate of will dated 21 April 1726 of Margaret, wife of Sir John Hynde Cotton, baronet.
K588/F/25Letters of administration granted to Sir John Hynde Cotton as principal creditor of William Swan, midshipman with East India Merchant Ship 'Horsenden', at Madras, bachelor, deceased.
KAR60/4/1/90Sir St Vincent Cotton, baronet, of Madingley and others to Miss Anne Maria Cotton of Girton. Grant of farms and many rather small parcels of land in Girton and Histon.
K588/T/316Lease for 21 years of grange with croft between grange and churchyard with tithes of mediety of Gamlingay Parsonage
KAR56/5/49Sir Robert and Sir John Cotton, Sir William Morice and Gertrude his daughter concurring, to trustees of Marriage Settlement. Grant of Manor of Hatley St George, on proposed marriage of Sir Robert with Gertrude, for uses stated. Cf. R56/5/47
K588/T/45Quitclaim pursuant to a feoffment of same to quitclaimee and John Bernard, clerk.
K588/E/66Advertisement from newspaper of sale of 1309a0r4p consisting of Moor Barns, How House and Catch Hall farms in St Giles Cambridge, Girton and Madingley for sale on 18 June 1887.
K588/Z/8Herman Moll, 'Geographia Antiqua Latinorum Et Graecorum Tabulis XXXII', with parallel translation by William Stukeley (2nd edition).
K588/M/13Manor of Madingley: Court Baron
K588/C/10/17Letter from Ann Oldershaw, his sister-in-law, on family matters.
K588/A/7Accounts of Reigate estate including rent and legal accounts.
K588/C/5/4Letter from D. Thurston at ? Exning concerning Exning rents. cf E9-10.
K588/C/28/23Last letters from John Hynde King, ill at Aldershot, shortly before he died. (3 items).
K588/C/8/39Letter from Mr Holmes concerning various family estates.
K588/Z/72File of newspaper cuttings, mainly concerning the Prince of Wales' visit to Madingley, also memorial to Mrs Rowley Smith in Hockerill Church, 'The Man Loaded with Mischief', the death of Lieutenant-Colonel Parker, etc. (8 items).
K588/Z/2Volume of philosophical writings ('De Logica', 'De Indiuiduo', 'De Voce Cummuni', etc) with marginal notes [by Henry Howard, Earl of Northampton - cf K. Sharpe 'Sir Robert Cotton' (1979)].
K588/E/7Copy of writ diem clausit extremum of Henry VII to escheator in Suffolk (4 August 1499) and inquisition post mortem held at Ipswich (30 June 1500) into lands of Thomas Cotton, principally Manor of Exning, detailing descent of manor and naming Robert Cotton of full age his heir.
KAR56/5/45Richard St George and others, Dorothy and Anthony St George concurring, to Sir Thomas Cotton of Conington, Hunts., his trustees and others. Grant of Manor of Hatley St George with messuages and lands in Hatley St George and Gamlingay; with Covenant to levy a Fine and suffer a Recovery.
K588/F/46Journal of Elizabeth Ann King's travels in France, Switzerland and Italy (incomplete).
K588/Z/78Envelope addressed to Reverend J. Antrobus containing transcripts of documents from the Bodleian including the probate of Ann Roper (Z3) and an account of Montrose's victory at Kilsyth with original. (6 items).
K588/O/60Appointment of John Hynde King as lieutenant-colonel, unattached, signed by Queen Victoria.
K588/C/28/29Letter from James Atlay, Bishop of Hereford, with family news, etc. (3 items).
K588/C/19/21Letter from her son, William, at school.
K588/F/75List of Elizabeth Ann King's investments.
K588/C/21/29Letter from William King in camp at Balaclava with news of recent fighting.
K588/C/21/22Letter from William King to his sister Elizabeth Ann King, from his camp at Balaclava.
K588/T/14Feoffment of 1r in Suthfeld, Exning
K588/C/28/56Letters from a (?) niece and nephew and Laurie Frere at Twyford, Bishops Stortford. (2 items).
K588/C/10Correspondence of Sir Charles Cotton (1753/4-1812)
KCON/3/4/4Sale from Cotton to Heathcote family
K588/A/121Bill for meals on a journey.
K588/C/20/9Letter from ? Whynne at Newtown Butler, Ireland, on death of ?John Hynde King.
K588/C/1Letter in French
K588/E/51Fair copy of inventory of pictures
K588/C/17/14Letter from Mr [?]Crosse, Threadneedle Street, on business matters.
K588/C/8/36Letter from William Isaacson thanking Sir John for some unspecified favour.
KAR55/28/16/6Henrietta Cotton of Anglesey, Southampton, to Reverend John Bell of Fordham. Copy of Order of Exchange of land in Fordham, Cambs. Plan attached.
K588/B/5Papers concerning the ill-management of the Cotton's brewhouse. (6 items).
K588/A/67Shoemaker's bills - fine heading. (3 items).
KCB/2/CL/17/2/Page 541Lease, for 21 years between the Corporation and John Wardell, gunsmith, of booths known as Munseys Booths in the Cheese Row at Stourbridge Fair late in occupation of John Hignell, between booths of alderman Watson and John Cotton Kt.
KAR56/5/47Robert Cotton of Middle Temple, Sir John Cotton of Connington, Hunts., concurring, to Sir William Morice. Settlement on proposed marriage of Robert Cotton with Gertrude Morice, of Manor of Hatley St George and lands and tenements in Hatley St George, Tadlow and Gamlingay
K588/O/3Accounts of Edmund Duke, Raphe Hansby and George Carleton for repairing royal stables at Sheen and Greenwich, signed by Robert Cecil and Julius Caesar.
K588/T/12Feoffment of ½ [?r] in Fordham
K588/Z/15Names of justices (? of the peace) including Sir John Hynde Cotton and his son John.
K588/C/21/7Letter from John Hynde King on board ship in the Black Sea giving news of his voyage.
K588/E/98Papers about extension of lease of Brewhouse Estate and Cock and Lion.
K588/C/8/27Copy letter to an unknown gentleman concerning London brewhouse.
K588/O/62Appointment of William Affleck King as captain of the 17th Foot, signed by Queen Victoria.
KAR60/4/2/15Manor of Girton Pigotts: William Nicholls Clay to use of Miss Anne Maria Cotton. Surrender of messuage and 2 cottages with 1r 33p land.
K588/O/43Appointment of Sir Charles Cotton as admiral of the Blue squadron.
K588/E/45Diagrams to show positions of pictures in different rooms in Madingley Hall
K588/C/20/10Letter from James Daniels agreeing to allow his choir to take place in a service.
K588/P/2Plans of the Cock and Lion brewery estate, East Smithfield, London. (2 items, 1 coloured).
K588/C/19/2Letter from Lady Eastmor concerning a bereavement in the latter's family.
K588/C/8/11Letter from Mr Chowne at Calder House, Scotland, expressing regrets at death of Mrs Cotton.
KAR60/4/2/19Manor of Girton Pigotts: Anne Maria Cotton to Reverend William Smith of Dry Drayton, Reverend Samuel Blackall of St John's College and Richard T. Fisher of Lincoln's Inn. Deed of conveyance and endowment of the school.
K588/C/2/2File of correspondence between Lady Parson and friends, mainly from her sister, Lady Anne Pile and niece Mary St John, etc.
K588/Z/55Bookplate of Sir Charles Cotton (supposedly transferred to Family Papers F/)
K588/O/42Letters from Lord Collingwood and others concerning Sir Arthur Wellesley's expedition to Portugal, etc. (13 items).
K588/T/64Feoffment of 9 acre arable in Westfeeld, Bakedenefeld, Harberwefeld, Southfeld and Wyndmellefeld, Exning, as parcels of 30acre and a pightle which John Gardener the younger had.
KL92/D/29Counsel's opinion.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/4Will. Sir John Cotton Bart of Bedfordshire.
K588/O/54Appointment of John Hynde King as ensign in the 49th Foot with Queen Victoria's signature.
K588/A/23Account book of investments and annuities.
K588/C/12/9Letter from Earl St Vincent concerning his godson.
K588/M/20Manor of Exning Hall: file of court papers, including jury lists, presentments, estreats and orders
KFIELDEN/F5/33/10Release. John Hart Cotton, Mrs Cotton, Mr and Mrs Bowdler and Lord and Lady Denbigh to William Wells, Esq.
KL92/D/31Draft release.
KL15/11Admission:-William Cotton senior and William Cotton junior for their lives, and then to Use of Will of William Cotton senior, on surrender of William Cotton senior
KL92/D/52Miscellaneous papers.
K107/F/a/16/1Lease for one year of a messuage in Oakington, with appurtenances, from Samuel Knight with George Leonard Jenyns to Sir St Vincent Cotton
KCON/3/1/BSale of Conington Estate by Cotton to Heathcote
KR/R36/1/11Copy of Acknowledgment of 12th October 1865 Satisfaction on 2 Conditional Surrenders dated 28th October 1854 and 12 February 1859.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/6Lease for a year. Robert Cotton to Sir Robert Burdett.
KL4/26Abstract of Title of John Carrington to freehold premises (late Lady Cotton's) in Gamlingay
KL92/D/26Abstract of transfer of mortgage on personal property.
KR/R4/2/11Copy of a mortgage
KL92/D/13Abstract of title.
KHAC4/4824/9/186Manor of Holywell cum Needingworth, admission of Francis Cozins Cotton on the surrender of George Margetts
KFIELDEN/F5/32/3Feoffment. John Cotton Esq of Stratton, Bedfordshire, to Latham Buzzard, messuage at Glatton.
KAR52/12/25/B3Honourable Thomas Watson, Sir Robert Cotton, of Hatley, Philip Cotton of Conington, Francis Lane of Inner Temple and Matthew Johnson of Middle Temple to Thomas Mansell Duckett. Deed of Defeasance relating to property as in R52/12/25B/2
KQ/SO/6/a222Oaths of allegiance taken by Sir John Hynde Cotton, baronet, Samuel Holworthy, John Drage, Esq, Charles Mason, and Marwood Place, Fellows of Trinity College
KCON/2/4/A/58Marriage Settlement
KCON/2/4/A/41Marriage Agreement; Marriages
KCON/5/1/2Rights of Way; Report of Owner (Cotton's) lawyer, J.O. Loftus, on dispute re rights of way.
KCON/4/2/11/3Steeple Gidding Parsonage Accounts
K588/F/44Journal of Philadelphia, Lady Cotton's travels in France, England and Wales with a few sketches of churches, etc.
KCON/5/3/5Cotton v. Cotton Statement of Case
KCON/5/12/1Lawyer's Opinion (draft) re the entail made by Thomas Cotton who died in 1592. (information of dorse) Opinion of Mat(thew) Wolmer.
KCON/7/2/3Letter T(aylor) White, Esq., representing John Heathcote. to representatives of vendors (heiresses of Sir John Cotton) of estate in Hunts.
KCON/7/2/6Letter Mr. Wilmot, Bloomsbury Sq., to: Taylor White, Esq., Lincolns Inn.
KCON/5/3/4Assignment and Power of Attorney
K588/C/27/11ACorrespondence, etc, mainly to Lady P. Cotton, including epitome of wills of Lady P. Cotton, 1849, and Sir Charles Cotton, 1812, concerning East Smithfield estate. (214 items).
KFIELDEN/F5/9/15Assignment. Of several terms in trust for heirs of Sir John Cotton, Bart.
KFIELDEN/F5/35/3Covenant for production of deeds. Sir John Cotton, Bart to Thomas Truman.
K588/A/129Haberdasher's bill.
K588/C/26Correspondence of Amy King
KL92/D/25Abstract of mortgage security on Landwade Estate.
KL92/D/43Release of power of appointment.
KQ/SO/7/p181Held before William Greaves Beaupre Bell Esq, Jhn Purches Esq, Mayor, Sir John Hynde Cotton Bart, Robert Plumptre DD< William Howell Ewin LLD, Dingley Askham Esq, et al. Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire's Certificate of the Estate of the Milita filed by the Clerk of the Peace
KP22/25/47CHURCH ESTATE: quitclaim of shop with solar over in Holy Trinity parish on Cordewanerrowe
KCON/2/4/A/65Deed to Lead Uses of Common Recovery (Lease and Release)
KCON/3/2/B/1Letter of Attorney; (and copy); Frances Cotton, Harley St., Cavendish Sq., Middx., spinster.
KCON/2/4/A/24Settlement (and Counterpart)
KHAC5/5737Photograph of Old Hall Place, St Neots
KFIELDEN/F5/9/24Release and Settlement. On marriage of Mary Cotton to Basil earl of Denbigh.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/19Marriage Article. Thomas Bowdler of Grays Inn and Elizabeth Stuart Cotton.
KL15/3Admission:-Henry Kelsey of Shenfield, Essex on surrender of Robert Cotton. Surrender:-Henry Kelsey to Use of his Will.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/23Release and Settlement. On marriage of Mary Cotton to Basil Earl of Denbigh.
KFIELDEN/F5/6/1Feoffment. Sir Thomas Cotton Bart to William Woodstock of Holme, messuage at Holme, £45.
KCON/2/4/A/66Exemplification of Common Recovery
KP77/25/3Lease and release of land in Girton, Oakington, and Madingley Meadow
KCON/5/3/10Cotton v. Cotton Bill of Complaint of Sir John Cotton, Bart., Administrator of the goods of John Cotton, Esq., his late father decd.
K588/E/135Papers concerning the Wogan estates in Pembrokeshire: 2) copy will of John Wogan, 1774/1775; 3) account.
K588/A/5Papers from 588/A: mainly bills, receipts, etc.
KQ/SO/7/p3Held before Edward Leeds Esq, Sir John Hinde Cotton Ct, Joseph Bentham (Mayor), Rev Robert Plumptre D.D, William Howell Ewin LLD, Dingley Askem Esq et al. Appeal by Parish of Pleshey (Essex) against removal order for Henry Witney, his wife Ann and children Martha (12), Ann (7), Mary (4), John (2) from Whittlesford to Pleshey. Order confirmed with respect to Henry Witney and wife, quashed with respect to children.
KHAC0/847/6Manor of Offord Darcy alias Daynes and patronage of the Rectory: Transfer of Mortgage
K588/A/26Personal (?of Sir J.H. Cotton, 4th baronet) account book including note of servants, tradesmen's bills paid, etc. Also lying-in accounts of Mrs Cotton, 1753, 1756, 1759, wedding expenses, 1745, and memos of visits to Reigate, Hallingbury, etc.
K588/F/43BDiaries of Lady Philadelphia Cotton, widow of Sir Charles, died 1855. Entries very brief until later volumes, mainly family affairs and social visits. (44 items, 2 for 1833).
KQ/SO/6/a444Oath taken by Edward Martin junior esquire, sheriff of Cambridge County, on the election of Sir John Hynde Cotton, baronet to Parliament, in the room of Right Honourable Philip Yorke esq, (Lord Viscount Royston, Earl of Hardwicke)
KQ/SO/7/p115Before William Greaves Beaupre Bell Esq, Sir Thomas Hatton and Sir John Hynde Cotton, Baronets, William Richardson DD<, Vice Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, William Norfolk Esq (Mayor) Robert Plumptre DD.
KL15/9Admission:-William Cotton of London on surrender of Robert Cotton of Southwark. Admission:-William Cotton of London on surrender of Hugh Thomas. Admission:-William Cotton senior for life and William Cotton junior, for life and then to Use of Will of William Cotton senior, on surrender of William Cotton senior
KL92/D/24Lease from year to year of Landwade Estate at £880 pa.
KAR60/4/2/13Guardians of Chesterton Union to Miss Anne Maria Cotton. Grant of 5 tenements in Girton being the parish houses for certain uses.
KQ/SO/7/p62Per Contra. Balance passed to Michaelmas 1767 £72 17s 1 3/4d. Received Quarteridge xmas 1767 £96 7s 4d. Lady 1768 £94 6s 6d. Michaelmas 1768 £87 16s 2d. Arrears charged to Michaelmas £16 2s 2d. Received last year £461 15s 9 3/4d. Paid £381 6s 6 1/2d. Balance due to County. Jon Hynde Cotton, William Greaves, William Ewin, Justices of the Peace and examiners of the treasurer's accounts certify they have examined the above, recommended payment of arrears by the Chief Constables.
KCB/2/CL/17/2/Page 826Lease, for 21 years between the Corporation and John Wardell, gunsmith, of booths known as Munseys Booths in Cheese Row at Stourbridge Fair between booths of alderman Watson and John Cotton Kt.
KCON/3/2/B/2Letter of Attorney; Frances Cotton appointing Thomas Holled.
KL92/D/35Mortgage of securities for £2000.
K588/A/14Account book of Lady Cotton's rents (London properties).
K588/A/70Rat catcher's bill - Madingley.
KCON/4/2/2/4Rents of Steeple Gidding.
K588/A/43Executor's account of Mrs Wogan's debts, etc.
K588/A/64Receipt for fabrics - fine bill-head.
K588/A/103Bill for stone.
KCON/4/2/13/3Account (torn) of the personal estate of Sir John Cotton.
K588/A/46Account of Lady Cotton's estate.
K588/C/2Correspondence of Lady Sarah Parsons (widow of Alderman Humphrey Parsons)
K588/T/235Bond for performance of covenants of 588/T/233.
K588/A/99Legal bills, etc.
K588/T/317Licence to alienate (ie assign term) of mortgage 588/T316. (Merton College seal).
K588/Z/31Plans of wine cellar with account of wines, etc. (4 items).
K588/Z/242 Bunbury cartoons entitled 'A Minuet at Bath' and 'The Propagation of a Lie'.
K588/A/96Jeweller's bills. (2 items).
K588/F/40Life of Sir Charles Cotton, baronet.
K588/C/21/16Letter from Elizabeth Ann King to William King with list of goods they are sending him. (2 items).
K588/F/32Copy of Jane [Cotton/Hynde? (cf 588/F/9)]'s will, leaving small items to relations and furniture in her lodgings to her Uncle Stewkeley.
K588/T/258Lease for 6 years of property in 588/T/257.
K588/E/67Quit rental at Lady Day for manors of Reigate Priory and Bletchingley (Surrey) and Michaelmas for manor of Reigate Priory.
K588/E/65Sale particulars (with plan) of 163a2r12p arable and pasture in Madingley, for sale of 26 July 1879, with plan of same in April 1871.
K588/E/90Appointment by Sir John Hynde Cotton of Abraham Harman of Christchurch Spitalfields, gentleman, as rent collector and two letters of Harman to Cotton about financial matters
K588/E/40Diagram showing position of pictures in gallery at Madingley.
K588/E/134Inventory of Miss Lettice Cotton's household goods at the Close, Salisbury (small volume) with catalogue of prints, 1804.
KQ/SO/4/a297Mary Day-in custody at Gaol charge with stealing the 'Park Pailes' of Sir John Cotton at Landwade-to be discharged.
K588/E/125Marked copy of Sworder & Sons sale catalogue of contents of Plaw Hatch mansion, Bishop's Stortford, for sale of 28-29 November 1899.
K588/T/33Feoffment of 1r in Suthfeld, Exning between lands of earl of Pembroke and Adam Garleck.
K588/Z/40Notebook of verses and songs including 'John Barleycorn', 'A Hunting we will go', 'Begone dull care', 'The Poacher's song', 'God Save the Queen', 'Rose of Allandale' and others, belonging to W. King.
K588/T/56Licence in form of royal letters patent.
K588/T/154Feoffment of messuage called Collyns in Girton with appurtenances in Girton, Histon and Impington (cf 588/T129), which granter recently had [?by mortgage in fee] from feoffee by deed of 2 September 1598.
K588/T/36Feoffment of 2 acres arable in Suthfeld and Brakedenefeld, Exning.
K588/T/54Feoffment of 2 acres arable in Suthfeld and Brakedenefeld, Exning, which were recently Katherine Scot's.
K588/T/265Lease for 3 years of tenement with close in lessee's occupation, 3 cow commons, 3 sheep commons and 3 acres arable in Hardwick.
K588/T/288Lease for 15 years of Hows Hill sheep walk with house lessee dwells in and closes in Girton with covenants for agriculture of same.
K588/T/267Manor of Girton Piggotts cum Ramseys: Surrender of messuage with little close (cf 588/T/248) in Girton.
K588/T/284Manor of Girton Pigotts: conditional surrender of property in 588/T283 with bond for payment.
K588/T/104Lease for 9 years of The Nest House with outbuildings, Dove House Close (3 acres) and 12 acres adjoining of low pasture land and 7 acres sedge ground in Burwell
K588/T/281Manor of Girton Pigotts: conditional surrender of messuages with 18 acres arable and pasture and 9 acres arable in open fields, Girton, with bond for payment.
K588/T/322Manor of Epsom (Ebbisham): licence to lease copyhold property for 31 years.
K588/F/6Grant of wardship of Jane Hinde by Edmund Windham of Cuthanger, Somerset, esquire, to John Stewkeley of Preshawe, Hampshire, esquire.
K588/T/250Manor of Hardwick: Admission to property as 588/T/246.
K588/M/19File of court papers of manors of Exning and Coggeshall in Exning, comprising chiefly of lists of homages, verdicts, copy or admissions and surrenders and including orders for agriculture, 1653. Includes orders for commons (1694).
K588/T/171Feoffment of all arable lands etc in Madingley and Whitwell inherited from Jane Norman, the feoffor's aunt, and 5a3r arable in Whitwell Field and in Wood Field, Mill Field and Barnwell Ditch Field, Madingley.
K588/T/315Lease for 21 years of grange with croft between grange and churchyard with tithes of mediety of Gamlingay Parsonage.
K588/T/232Covenant to levy fine on a messuage with orchard and arable, meadow pasture, woodground and common of pasture belonging to them in Madingley in possession of John Woodford and William Chambers.
K588/Z/52Extract from the Daily Telegraph concerning a sale of Nelson's property including jewels, medals, etc and an appeal for someone to buy the whole collection and save it from public auction.
KAR59/4/1/17Miles Sandys, Lord of Manor, v. Freeholders. Award of Martin, Bishop of Ely, Sir John Cotton, Anthony Cage, Mark Steward and Francis Tyndall, arbitrators, in dispute over rights in Willingham fens.
KAR60/4/2/18Manor of Girton Pigotts: Sir St Vincent Cotton, baronet, and others to Miss Anne Maria Cotton. Grant of 1a22p pasture, 2r1p pasture and 1r39p garden in Girton.
K588/T/257Lease for 40 years of messuage and close called Richardsons and 12 acres arable in fields of Hardwick.
K588/O/39Appointment of Sir Charles Cotton as commander-in-chief of ships on coasts of Spain and Portugal from Cape Finistere to Cape St Vincent to Madeira, etc.
K588/T/329Bond to pay £600, remaining part of bond or £1000 contracted by obligator's father in 1685.
K588/Q/3Agreement between Lady Jane Cotton and William Hooke, rector of Girton, that the latter will not demand anything for the glebe lands nor leave the living to a curate.
K588/E/26Agreement between Sir J.H. Cotton, 4th baronet, and Lancelot ['Capability'] Brown for landscaping Madingley Hall grounds, and 3 letters from Brown at Hammersmith to Cotton about meeting him at Madingley.
K588/F/24Indenture apprenticing Ann Taylor to Mrs Charlotte Rennie of St James' Westminster, coat maker, Sir John Hynde Cotton paying charges.
K588/T/243Articles of Agreement for discharge of debts and disposal of property of Robert Fuller of Hardwick deceased between Elizabeth Fuller, his widow, and Robert Fuller his son, both executors.
K588/F/45Diaries of Elizabeth Ann King (1832-1925). Very full entries on family and social matters, engagements, holidays, etc. Some contain notes, etc, in pockets. (79 items).
K588/T/19Feoffment of 1r in Westfeld, Exning
K588/T/294Copy of probate (1800) of will of William Lee inter alia devising property as 588/T293 to his son Robert.
K588/T/25Feoffment of messuage called Coleshouse in village of Exning and 46a2r Estfeld, Brakedenefeld [Suthfeld Magna], Suthfeld Parva, Westfeld, Myndemelnefeld and Arnowefeld, with right of one faldage.
K588/T/76Lease for seven years in form of an indenture of watermill with adjacent tenement, windmill and two pightles on either side of the mill way in Exning, recently acquired from William Worlich.
KCB/2/CL/17/3/Page 323Lease, for 21 years between the Corporation and John Edwards, chandler, of the booth grounds called Munseys Booths in Cheese Row, Stourbridge Fair, between the booths of alderman Watson and Sir John Hind Cotton, on surrender of his lease dated 16 Aug 1725.
K588/T/335Assignment of all title to portion from securities created by marriage settlement of 1745 (cf 588/T335) and of subsequent settlements with appointment of attorney.
K588/F/86Red leather wallet.
K588/T/97Assignment of mortgage by demise for 200 years.
K588/T/228Assignment of mortgage by demise (referred to in 588/T/226-227).
K588/T/312Assignment of lease for remainder of term of 45½ years.
K588/T/47Feoffment in form of indenture of messuage conveyed by saint, with covenant that donors should have re-entry if feoffee fails to aquit donors for the two acres also conveyed by 588/T/46
K588/T/247Manor of Hardwick: Copy conditional surrender of property as 588/T/246 with close, with bond and promissary note for payment of £3.
KAR50/11/4Articles of agreement between Sir Levinus Benet, bart., of Babraham, and sir Robert Cotton of Hatley St George, bart; and Sir Thomas Willis, bart, and many others 'owners of commonable houses and half commonable houses in 'ffenns Wastes and Comons belonging to the Towne of Waterbeach' Many seals and endorsements
K588/W/21Will of Sarah Parsons of London, widow.
K588/O/17Letter of Sir John Hynde Cotton, 3rd baronet, to Lord Oxford for support against candidature of Gilbert Affleck in by-election for Cambridge Borough. 28 November 1736 and Dover Street [London], 30 November 1736.
K588/L/10Copy of Chancery decree
KP129/28/23Survey of lands in the manor of Over called Penny Lands carried out on behalf of George Sheffield by Sir John Cotton, John Shotbolte, Esq and Thomas Butler, Deputy of Robert Taylor, Esq, surveyor of the County of Cambridge
K588/O/26Letters to Sir John Hynde Cotton, 4th baronet, relating to 1780 parliamentary election.
KAR57/9/8918Philip, Earl of Leicester, Sir John Monson, Henry Spelman and John Wartan to Elizabeth Simmons, Bennett Lord Sherard of Stapleford County Leicester, Colonel John Russell, Sir Robert Cotton of Hatley, Philip Cotton of Connington, Hunts., and John Hager of Bourn. Agreement to assign judgement of Ejection on payment of £9158 8s to John Gape now mortgagee. Cf. R57/9/8913.
K588/Q/1Confirmation of tithes of Landwade to the curate of Landwade church.
KCB/1/C/10/84Conveyance. Cotton to Hawes
K588/L/12Case and opinion of Francis Annesley on title of Sir J.H. Cotton and heirs at law of Sir Joseph Sheldon to his estates
K588/Z/9[Envelope marked 588DR/Z9-10 empty, with broken seal in separate box to
K588/C/17/4Letters from Mrs Cocks with family news, etc.
K588/F/93Red and black striped wallet
K588/M/21Manor of Exning Hall: Verdict of the homage
K588/A/36Account of personal estate of Mrs Parsons, deceased, and executorship account.
KAR60/4/2/20Manor of Girton Pigotts: Elliot Smith of Cambridge to Miss Anne Maria Cotton. Grant of messuage and 30p land in Girton.
KCB/2/CL/17/2/Page 43rLease, for 21 years between the Corporation and John Johnson, burgess and locksmith, of Annseys booths lying diversely in Stourbridge Fair in cheese fair (or row), one between booths of Henry Harrison and John Cotton, knight, another adjacent Christopher Nicolson's
KCON/4/2/11/6Receipts from James Wyldbore, Rector of Steeple G. for tythes received from Sir Thomas Cotton, Bart., £12.10s. for half a year for Steeple G. 17 Apr. 1660, 18 Oct. 1660, 8 Apr. 1661.
K588/T/339Confirmation of lease of 10 April 1822 of no.10 Manor Row (Dame Philadelphia Cotton to James Downes, turner) by Richard King, vice-admiral and Maria King.
K588/T/46Feoffment of same, 588/T/45
KCON/3/2/A/87Agreement for a Lease
KCON/3/1/A/6Bargain and Sale
KAR57/9/8920William Monson and another (for Philip, now Earl of Leicester, and others) - Bernett Lord Sherard, Colonel John Russell, Sir Robert Cotton, Philip Cotton, John Hager and Elizabeth Simmons concurring - to John Gape of St Albans and William Marston of same. Assignment of Mortgage on Manor of Caxton and lands in Caxton, Bourn and Gransden.
KCON/3/2/A/67Final Concord
KCB/2/CL/16/601/5Mortgage of all that piece or parcel of land being in New Town or New Zealand in the parish of St Andrew the Less and three cottages and premises in Cambridge from John Driver to Reverend Alexander Cotton, Richard Clay and John Wayman
KL92/D/21Abstract of indenture.
K588/C/8/35Letter from the Earl of Sandwich at Herford Street with an account of Henry Cromwell's residence at Spinney Abbey.
K588/C/28/27Italian letter books with draft letters to Maurizio.
K588/C/10/10Letters from Milgrove concerning naval matters, etc. (2 items).
K588/C/19/5Letter from son, William, at school asking for a cake, with geographical notes. (2 items).
K107/F/b/302Sale of the manor of Bassingbourn by Sir Thomas Hatton of Longstanton to Sir John Hinde Cotton of Madingley and son Charles Cotton
K101/T/1350Cotton Family Estate. Agreement to purchase 30a. 2r. 16p. in Exning adjoining workhouse.
K588/T/126Feoffment of a messuage in Madingley ('Maddyngle') formerly of Edmund Ryppyngale.
K588/T/183Assignment of rents, profits etc, from 588/T/181 and of six messuages with gardens, etc in Stone Street Maidstone (Kent) and a messuage in Little Queen Street, St Giles-in-the-Fields (Middx).
K588/T/130Feoffment of messuage between those recently of Thomas Crastis, recently prior, and the chantry of B Mary.
K588/T/173Feoffment of messuage with houses, etc in Madingley late in occupation of Thomas Nash with 40 acres arable and 7 acres meadow in Madingley Fields formerly the property of Chatteris Priory.
K588/T/167Lease for 21 years from Michaelmas 1610 of Madingley Hall with houses, dovehouses etc, park, Hawkesmew Yarde, New Pastures (between park and common field) and Madingley Wood.
K588/A/127Bill for goods sold before the sale to E.A. King.
K588/A/123Statement of sums transferred from a bank account.
K588/Z/68Wallet containing a poem on taxing salt and vinegar, etc. nd [19th century].
K588/C/19/6Letters from son, William, at school. (13 items).
K588/C/10/4Letter from Mornington concerning payment of volunteers.
K588/A/81Hatter's bill - fine heading.
K588/E/29Memorandum of dimensions of great parlour, china room and garden parlour at Madingley.
KCON/3/2/BDeeds re. sale of Steeple Gidding Estate from Cotton to Heathcote.
K588/C/17/19Letter from ?Lady Susanna King? on the death of Sir Charles Cotton.
K588/C/28/31Letters of condolence, etc, on death of John Hynde King. (9 items).
K588/C/13/3Draft letter to 'yr. Grace' concerning manuscripts and elections.
K588/C/27/9Letter from Charles Wade concerning purchase of some 'manor books'.
K588/C/12/17Letters from Sarah Martin on family matters, etc ( 2 items).
K588/E/99Papers about Wellclose Square property and terms of Lady Cotton's will.
K588/E/12Particulars of Landwade and Exning estates, detailing tenant, annual rents and land tax
KCON/3/4/3/4Abstract of Title of the 4 daus. and heiresses of Sir John Cotton to the Manor of Upton.
K588/C/8/16Letter from Sir Clement Trafford in Norfolk concerning an unspecified favour.
K588/C/12/21Letter concerning will of Anne Oldershaw (nee Cotton) from Alexander Cotton.
K588/C/9/5Letter from Isaac Reed at Staple Inn concerning the death of Mr Steevens.
K588/C/12/19Letter from Elizabeth Stuart in Paris on family and social matters.
K588/C/10/13Letters from Admiral Rowley on business matters, etc. (3 items).
KAH/26/235/32Mandate for induction: Robert Hanbury LL.B., Rector of Denton: patron, Robert Cotton.
K588/A/41Legal and other accounts of Sir John Hynde Cotton, baronet.
K588/C/1/1Letter in French from Monsieur Cotton of Rennes to Madame Mostidreuse relating to the Cotton family.
K588/C/10/14Letter from Admiral Berkeley at Lisbon on military and family matters.
K588/C/21/25Letter from John Hynde King to his mother giving news of his health and of William, and transcript. (2 items).
K588/C/27/8Letter from Mr Lacey concerning the rectory and restoration of the church.
KAR57/9/9082Lease and Release of property as in R57/9/9074. John Atkin to Mary and Robert Cotton and Robert Challis.
K588/O/38Appointment of Sir Charles Cotton as commander-in-chief of a squadron off the coast of Portugal.
K588/C/19/11Letter from Winchester College expressing the hope that William will not be removed from the school.
K588/C/21/3Letter from William King to his mother with details of his posting, settling his last minute affairs.
K588/C/12/12Letters from S. Downe on family matters and death of Admiral Rowley. (2 items).
K588/C/12/20Letter from Countess of Clarendon concerning a favour Lady Cotton had asked of her son.
K588/C/28/40Letters from various friends including Louisa Knox. (7 items).
K588/C/11/1Letter to Edward Cotton from Abraham Harman concerning London rents.
K588/C/21/4Letter from William King at Plymouth to his mother and sisters, immediately before embarking on the Simla.
K588/C/21/10Letter from William King to Elizabeth Ann King, his sister, from his camp at Sebastapol, describing the siege, etc.
K588/L/2Commission to examine annexed dedimus bill of Sir Robert Drury of Riddlesworth, baronet, concerning debt of Robert Syer of Badwell Ash (Suffolk) to him for discharge of mortgage of property in Badwell Ash to Robert Greene of Cottenham
K588/C/19/12Letter from Winchester College reporting William's satisfactory progress with bill for tuition, etc.
K588/E/54Valuation of Madingley Hall pictures of 1855 with column for amount raised at 1871 sale and notes of pictures given away or at Shortgrove
K588/F/82The Communion Service (? extract from Prayer Book), nd, a list of clothes [? late 18th century], verse epitaph on infant of Colonel and Lady Lindsay, 1846, and copies of 1661 and 1663 poems by Robert Cotton, 19th century. (4 items).
K588/C/28/14Letter from her brother William in Quebec announcing his engagement to Charlotte Webster and enclosing a similar note for his mother.
K588/C/21/19Letter from Richard King to his aunt Elizabeth Ann King from HMS Rodney on naval matters, etc.
K588/A/113Grocer's receipt.
K588/C/8/28Letter from Mr Rushworth at East Smithfield concerning London estates with accounts. (5 items).
K588/M/15Estreat (in English) of court of manor of Coggeshall in Exning for 1586, 1599 ( 2 copies)
K588/L/19Letters and papers concerning a case brought against the brewhouse by one Holding (i.e. re bankruptcy of John Parsons) (4 items).
K588/C/28/36Last letter from her brother-in-law, George Hills, Bishop of Columbia, announcing his retirement to Kew.
K588/C/19/9Letters from Winchester College School giving a good report of William with bill for tuition fees, etc. (2 items).
K588/A/76Hatter's bill - fine heading.
K588/C/10/6Letters from his daughter Maria with family news. (3 items).
K588/E/17Terrier of 138 acres copyhold lands of John Cleve of Hardwick, husbandman.
K588/O/33Naval papers of Sir Charles Cotton (1753-1812), admiral of the White: List of the ships of the Royal Navy with those lost or captured in the war (printed).
K588/C/28/47Cards from Birdie (Justine King, later Antrobus) of Richmond Castle, Dublin Custom House, Blair Athol, Winchester Cathedral, Loch Katrine, Hunstanton and Broadstairs. (8 items).
K588/C/28/42Letters and cards from Birdie (Justine King, later Antrobus) on holiday in France and Geneva including views of Montreux, Caux, Geneva, Dijon, Chamonix, Zermatt and Boulogne. (54 items).
K588/C/30/1Miscellaneous letters, most writers and recipients unknown, some being copies. (11 items).
K588/E/103Copy of will of Mary Hamilton of Binderton relating to estate with cover apologising for failure to send previously
KCB/2/CL/17/3/Page 370Lease, for 21 years between the Corporation and Thomas Greaves, joyner, of eight bays in the Cheese Row at Stourbridge Fair, with land in Garlic Row, Sir John Hind Cotton's booths on the north and Mr Ellis' booths south, on surrender of a lease to Howland Nutting dated 1 Apr 1725.
K588/M/7Manor of Coggleshells in Exning (Suffolk): Court Baron
K588/T/101Lease for 15 years.
K588/O/20Papers relating to Sir John Hynde Cotton's (4th baronet) 1752 election in Marlborough.
K588/O/1Memorandum ('Resolution') of court of half-hundred of Exning (damaged) with copy of same in letter of D. Thurston to Sir John Hynde Cotton, 21 November 1730.
K588/T/319Agreement for lease for 6 years of lands in occupation of John Malden, senior, of Gamlingay, with mediety of great tithes.
K588/T/17Feoffment of 2 crofts with buildings in Exning, one of which was formerly of Adam Skeppe and one which was of Alexander son of Philip Arnold.
K588/T/32Grant of 1½d annual rent from 3r arable in Harnowefeld in Exning and Landwade.
K588/T/2Feoffment of half messuage in Newmarket towards west which donor held of Martin de Bodekesham.
K588/M/9Manor of Exning (alias Exning Hall): Court Baron
K588/T/71Quitclaim of land in 588/T71, defined as lying in Brakedenefeld, Wyndmellefeld, Arnowefeld, Southfeld Magna, Horberwefeld.
K588/C/28/38Letters from H. Arden at Parham near Wickham Market, Suffolk, a nephew of her brother-in-law, George Hills, Bishop of Columbia (6 items).
K588/T/151Mortgage of same 10½a½r in Girton (as 588/T/132-150) and 4a1r arable meadows and pasture previous in occupation of Edward Wilson (cf 588/T/146).
K588/Q/5Bond in £1000 by Joshua Barnes, vicar of Latton, diocese of Salisbury and of Thruxton, Hampshire, to Sir John Hynde Cotton, Robert Nugent, Ann his wife and Elizabeth Elliot the he well not resign one of his livings without resigning the other.
K588/T/38Quitclaim of all rights to messuages, lands, meadows, pastures and liberty of one faldage in village and fields of Exning.
K588/T/35Lease in form of indented chirograph for 5 years of 1acre in Litlesouthfeld and Brakendenfeld, Exning
K588/M/4Manor of Coggleshells in Exning (Suffolk). Court Roll
K588/L/14Act for sale of Manors of Middle (alias Freemans) Ditchford and Guys (otherwise Over) Ditchford and other lands in same (now in Shipston-on-Stour, Worcs), Blockley and Aston Mague (Worcs., but both now in Glos.) for payment of debts of Gilbert Sheldon Esquire, and making provision for family
K588/M/10Manor of Girton Pigotts with Ramseys: Court Leet and Court Baron.
K588/T/59Feoffment of a messuage with adjoining garden in Landwade abutting lands of Walter Cotton on both sides and with Exning and Landwade marsh at head (cf 588/T75).
K588/T/192Mortgage by demise for 1000 years.
K588/M/1Manor of Landwade Court Roll
K588/T/226Lease for 60 years of farms in tenancy of Paul Roberts, John Rose and Robert Tall, yeoman, in Girton, Histon, Impington and Madingley.
K588/T/108Lease for 14 years.
K588/M/29Extent of Manor of [Coggeshall in] Exning of William de Welle.
K588/T/239Lease for 2 months of farmhouse and appurtenances, 56½ acres arable in Woodfield and 27 acres in Girton Field sown with various crops (detailed) in Madingley in lessee's occupation, wit covenants to maintain land and livestock.
K588/M/6Manor of Coggleshells in Exning (Suffolk): Court Baron
K588/W/30Copy of will of Dame Maria Susanna King of Madingley, widow.
K588/T/353Lease for a year of the Manor and dissolved Priory of Reigate with lands in Surrey and Sussex.
K588/T/327Five draft leases for 21 years.
K588/W/17Will of Francis Cotton.
K588/T/295Lease and release of 2a (as 588/T/293, described as in Collier Furlong, Low Field, Madingley).
K588/T/5Feoffment of 15a and 1a in Exning which the donor purchased from Lord Walter de Lake and which the donee bought from Walter de Lake's ancestor, with reversion to donee heirs or assigns except to religious houses.
K588/C/2/3File mainly of correspondence and other papers relating to valuation of reversion of Reigate estate to satisfy John Parson's debts, 10 May 1748-4 February 1748/9.(cf 588/C/8/3).
K588/E/68Reigate Priory quit rental, including details of property and special conditions of tenure.
K588/W/6Will of Anne Cotton, sister and sole heir of Thomas Cotton, son and heir of Robert Cotton, on entering the Abbey of Denney.
KFIELDEN/F5/33/2Release. Sir John Cotton, Bart, to Truman of London, merchant, in consideration of £14,880/12/6, estate and boat gates as last above.
K588/A/29Account book of disbursements according to Sir John Hynde Cotton's will, by his son with servants' and legatees' receipts.
K588/E/84Small volume containing inventory of plate belonging to Sarah Parsons, annotated with items [given to] Lady Cotton and with separate list of those items at Reigate
K588/C/5/1Letter from the Earl of Oxford thanking him for the friendship shown to the Earl's son.
K588/T/266Lease for 3 years of a tenement and close with 15 acres arable in occupation of Thomas Setchell and Offeild Close (2 acres), except 1½ acres arable now in occupation of Robert Clement of Toft and all timber, in Hardwick.
K588/F/49Robert Cotton's pocket book.
K588/E/4Particulars of income of Sir John Cotton's estates, listing tenants and annual rents of estates in Landwade, Exning, Madingley and Girton, quit rents, income from property in Newmarket, Wicken, Cheveley, Stourbridge Fair, profits of manorial courts, etc
K588/Z/872 keys in an envelope marked keys of steel linen boxes at [?] nd [19th century]
K588/E/79Attornment by Elizabeth Shelley of Reigate, widow, to be tenant of Sarah Parsons, widow and executrix of Humphrey Parsons, for messuage with garden in Reigate. Annual rent: £2 10s
K588/A/54Sir John Hynde Cotton's drapers bill. (3 items).
K588/F/30Agreement between Sir Charles Cotton of Madingley, baronet, his brother Edward Cotton and sisters Sarah, Ann wife of Reverend John Oldershaw, and Lettice regarding payment of their inheritances.
K588/T/185Abstract of title covering 588/T/158-172.
K588/E/101Report and valuation on Manor of East Smithfield, with solicitor's covering letter to Mrs Rowley Smith.
K588/W/10Copy of the will of Sir John Cotton, baronet, of Landwade.
K588/E/71Reigate Priory quit rental, with details of property and occupiers
K588/F/7Bond in £200 to pay £100 by William Muns of Madingley, gentleman, to John Elsum, haberdasher, of London (cf T230-1).
K588/E/127Volume containing inventory of contents of Madingley Hall.
K588/F/1Free pardon for William Cotton, esquire, with typed biographical note. (Great seal of Henry VI, damaged).
K588/C/12/25Letter from William A. King her grandson, at school at Westminster.
K588/C/5/5Letter from nephew J. Wogan at Gaudy Hall, Norfolk, about a christening.
KAR52/12/23/251st Part: Thomas Duckett of Lincoln's Inn and Mansell his son. 2nd Part: Thomas Saunders of Beechwood, Hertfordshire. 3rd Part: Honourable Thomas Watson, Sir Robert Cotton, of Hatley, Philip Cotton of Conington, Francis Lane of Inner Temple and Matthew Johnson of Middle Temple. Assignment of Mortgage R52/12/23/7
K588/C/10/16Letter from Sir Charles Cotton to his wife enquiring after family, ?before battle.
KCON/4/2/11/5Receipts for tithes due from Sir Thomas Cotton, Bart, and his tenants to Steple Gidding Parsonage. £12.10s. per half year. From John Watson, incumbent (1654-59). (1655 and 56 described as Minister), and James Wyldbore rector (1659).
KCON/3/1/A/34Exemplification of Common Recovery
KCON/2/4/A/3Lease (and copy)
K588/F/85Blue leather wallet (evidently belonged to Elizabeth Ann King) containing block for John Hynde Cotton's bookplate, riddle and address of London Hospital.
K588/C/12/4Letters from her husband while at Torbay. (2 items).
KL92/D/38Mortgage of life interest in trust funds and in Landwade Estate for £11000 and interest.
KDDFEN/N/86Indenture of lease from Countess of Northampton to Philip Cotton of Conington in Cambridgeshire. Lease of fishery for 21 years at 40s pa.
K588/C/10/8Letter from Sir Charles to Lady Cotton concerning naval affairs, the death of Nelson, prospects of promotion, threat of Methodism. From on board the San Josef, Ushant.
K588/C/9/3Letters from Mr Steevens at Hampstead Heath mainly on literary matters, events in London, etc. The final letter is written in a very shaky hand due to ill health. (23 items).
K101/T/1345Cotton Family Estate. Probate of will of Wotton Isaacson of Landwade, farmer, deceased.
KCON/2/4/A/50Assignment in Trust
KCB/2/CL/17/3/Page 68Lease, for 21 years between the Corporation and John Wardell, gunsmith, of the booth grounds called Munsey Booths in Cheese Row, Stourbridge Fair, between the booths of alderman Watson and Sir John Hind Cotton, on surrender of his lease of 11 Jan 1708/09
KQ/SO/6/a295Appointment of William Greaves, Beaupre Bell, Sir Thomas Hatton, Sir John Hynde Cotton, as committee for treasurer's accounts
K676/Q/15Engraving of Admiral Sir Charles Cotton, Bart., elected 1783
K107/F/b/320Copy lease for a year of the of the manor of Bassingbourn from Rev. Alexander Cotton to Christopher Hatton
K588/C/20/11Invitation by Lieutenant Smythe to join him for a cruise on the cutter Victoria and Lady King's reply on behalf of her son who is unwell.
KCON/3/1/A/14Letters Patent Licence to Alienate
K588/E/77Translated copy of Reigate Priory section of ministers' accounts for lands of dissolved religious houses in Surrey for 28-29 Henry VIII [1536-1537]
KCON/1/C/2Steward's Papers
K588/A/106Receipt for rate for Girton.
KCON/3/1/A/36Memorandum of Lease
K588/T/325Manor of Epsom: admission to messuage, etc on south-east side of Clay Hill and 2 messuages (formerly one) on south-east side of New Inn Lane in Epsom, with licence to lease for 21 years.
KCON/1/AManor of Conington
K588/C/20/3Letter from Louisa Barnet while he was at Sutton as a child, enquiring after his lessons, etc.
KL92/D/46Transfer of mortgage L92/45.
KCON/2/4/A/5Inquisitio Post Mortem
KL58/4Sir John Cotton of Landwade, Bart., and others, 1st party. Martin Flokes of Rushbrook, Suffolk, and others, 2nd party. The Honourable Thomas Jermyn of Rushbrook and another, 3rd party. Agreement to safeguard the purchase of Cheveley Park, etc.
K588/C/21/18Letter from William King to his sister Elizabeth Ann King from Balaclava on family matters and camp conditions.
KCON/2/1/3Will and Probate (copy) of Sir Robert Cotton, Steeple Gidding, Hunts, Bart (made: 15 February, 1748)
KCON/3/1/AManor and lands at Conington
K588/M/25Manor of Exning: account roll of Robert Amery, bailiff.
K588/C/28/55Letter from the Master of Magdelene College thanking Miss King for her gift of a kneeler for the chapel steps.
K588/C/17/9Letter on family matters, etc, from an unknown writer, possibly the Countess of Caledon.
K588/C/24/1Letter of condolence from Daubeney on death of his brother Colonel John King and newspaper cuttings. (6 items).
K588/C/27/3Note from Mr Bolwood agreeing to lend her the court book of the Manor of East Smithfield.
KCON/1/G/2Manorial Dues of Thomas Cotton in Conington, Glatton, Folkesworth, Caldecot and Stilton.
K588/C/12/2Letter from Mr Joshua ?Rowley in Corsica giving an account of Sir Charles Cotton's part in Admiral Cornwallis' attack on French ships.
K588/C/28/35Letters from her brother-in-law, George Hills, Bishop of Columbia, after the death of his wife Maria. (3 items).
K588/C/30/4Facsimile of a letter from Marie Antoinette to Madame Elisabeth written before her execution.
K588/C/19/13Letters from her grandson, Richard King, son of her step-son Henry King (5 items).
KBLC/2/6/2/6London Minute Book, 1723 - 1728
K509/6/5/2/3Copy/draft of a letter from Thomas Mortlock to Messrs Frere, Forster and Frere, Lincoln's Inn
K588/C/12/22Letter from her son St Vincent at Admiralty House concerning funeral of Sir Richard King, with draft.
K588/F/48Journal of Sir St Vincent Cotton's tour of Scotland in the form of letters to his mother.
K588/C/8/8Letter of thanks from ?prisoners at Cambridge Castle for a gift of money.
K588/C/21/23Letter from William King to his sister Elizabeth Ann King, from his camp at Balaclava, describing flooding, etc.
KCON/1/A/6Lists of Fines (Gersumae)
K588/C/8/31Letters from Mr Venables in Threadneedle Street, concerning Mrs Parson's estate, etc. (13 items).
KCON/3/2/B/9List; of Deeds and writings relating to the estate of Gidding A./Steeple G. Delivered this day by Mr. Seddon to John Heathcote, Esq. And receipt for them from John Heathcote.
K588/O/24Letters and note of Lord Sandwich.
K588/C/20/1Letters from his mother, sister Maria King and aunt Philadelphia Cotton, mainly while he was at Stanmor, at school? (23 items).
K588/A/16Madingley estate account (rough of Admiral Cotton, small book).
K588/B/8Papers concerning brewery matters, coopers, ingredients of beer, etc. 1761 and (3 items) nd [18th century].
KTR/711/3Muster certificate: names of 50 footmen, with places of origin, delivered by Sir Henry North, Sir John Peyton, Sir John Cotton, Deputy Lieutenants, to Alerey Yorke, gentleman, to be delivered to the City of Chester.
KCB/2/CL/17/2/Page 188rLease, for 21 years between the Corporation and John Hignell, burgess and woolcomber, of booths known as Munceys Booths in the Cheese Row at Stourbridge Fair, adjacent to booths of Henry Harrison, John Cotton, Knt. Richard Nuttinge and one late of Christopher Nicholson, on surrender of a lease to John Johnson
KCB/2/CL/17/3/Page 366Indenture that William Thomson jun., sheriff of Cambridgeshire, Samuel Gatward, recorder, the aldermen and burgesses [several are named] of the town have elected Sir John Hind Cotton and Thomas Bacon to represent the town at Parliament.
KCON/3/2/A/86Memorandum of Lease; William Cannell states that he's hired of Robert Pulleyn, Esq.
KCON/3/7/1/2Power of Attorney
K588/C/28/57Letters from Jocelyn Antrobus on the birth of his son Charles and the death of a relative, Sir George Rowley. (3 items).
KCON/1/A/3Court Rolls (and drafts)
KTR/711/2Muster certificate: names of 200 men with places of origin, delivered by Sir Henry North, Sir John Cutts, Sir John Peyton, and Sir John Cotton, Deputy Lieutenants (in the absence of Lord North) to Lord Audley and Sir George Tuchett, to be taken to Chester.
KTR/324/1/3Photostat of will of John Warde, parson of Snailwell (modern copy)
K588/E/1Licence in form of royal letters patent to crenellate manor houses at Cheveley and Penshurst (Kent) and house in London.
K588/F/53Admission of John Hynd Cotton, esquire, to freedom of Glasgow.
K588/M/11Manor of Girton Pigotts with Ramseys: Court Baron.
KCON/3/1/A/47Lease (with Counterpart)
K588/C/10/15Letter from Lord Hardwicke at Wimpole on political and other matters.
K588/C/19/19Letters from her daughter, Elizabeth Ann King, on holiday in Italy and elsewhere. (10 items).
K588/Q/11Roper's Charity, East Greenwich: lease and release of property in East Greenwich in trust to be reconveyed to certain uses.
KWA/1/3/1/4Glatton and Holme Deeds: Cotton, Wells and Bowdler
KCON/1/A/2Court Rolls (and drafts)
K588/C/19/15Part of a letter from her son, William (?), written to her in Italy, enquiring when she is returning home.
K588/C/30/3Letter from G. Affleck acknowledging receipt of money invested in the ship 'Fordwich' from Jane Cotton.
KFIELDEN/F5/3/1Survey of Lands and Manor of Glatton and Holme totalling 2125ac taken by John Hausted of Glapthorne, Northants, showing freehold and copyhold tenants and their holdings. (Note, Sir Robert Cotton, Bart, purchased the manor from James I in ???)
K588/C/4Unknown. Letter from Robert Shippen concerning a print of Archbishop Sheldon's picture given to Oxford University by unknown ladies whose names the writer wishes to know. The picture is to go to the Sheldonian Theatre.
K588/F/43ADiaries of Lady Philadelphia Cotton, widow of Sir Charles, died 1855. Entries very brief until later volumes, mainly family affairs and social visits. (44 items, 2 for 1833).
K588/E/102Binderton (Sussex), etc: Letter to Walter Smythe of Stopham (Sussex) to Sir J.H. Cotton, 4th baronet.
K588/C/28/22Letter from her brother John Hynde King London announcing his departure for Southampton, probably en route to foreign service.
K588/C/5/2Letters, etc from Langley Hills at the Grocer's Hall, London, concerning Hammonds estate. (27 items).
K588/T/279Feoffment of two cottages and 1 acre orchard in Madingley.
K588/C/19/7Letter from her son, John Hynde, from Brighton, describing his lodgings, journey, etc.
K588/A/97Bill for asses' milk - fine heading.
K588/C/28/53Christmas card from the Bishop of Colchester and his wife containing a photograph of the couple.
K588/C/10/12Letter from Lord St Vincent on health and family matters, etc.
K588/C/17/11Letters from the Countess of Caledon on family and social matters. (7 items).
K588/C/8/1Letter from his son (? John) from Florence referring to the Old Pretender.
K588/C/10/9Letter from his mother-in-law consoling him on the death of his son.
K588/C/28/15Letters from her brother William in India and on his way there. (20 items).
K588/A/94Mercer's bills - fine heading. (3 items).
K588/C/12/23Letter from Lady Antrobus concerning funeral of Sir Richard King.
K588/C/14/1Letter to John Hynde Cotton from his father, Charles Cotton, asking after family.
K588/C/8/5Anonymous letter with a memorial for the late Sir John Hynde Cotton, 3rd baronet, and rough obituary.
K588/C/5/7Letter from Mr Sparkes offering resignation of management of Mrs Parsons' brewhouse, with copy of reply and further letter. (2 items).
K588/C/8/22Letter from Earl of Hardwicke at Wrest concerning quarter sessions and other matters.
K588/C/8/25Letter from de Ferrers at St James Palace concerning election of Cambridge University MPs.
K588/C/8/32Letters from Mr Harman in London, concerning London estates. (16 items).
K588/C/20/2Letters from his sister, Elizabeth Ann King, mainly while she was staying in Italy with news of her activities. (49 items).
K588/C/19/23Letter from T. Dunnent concerning provision of evergreens for Lady King's grounds.
K588/A/91Receipt for pew rent, Oxford Chapel, St Mary-le-bone.
K588/C/21/9Letter from William King to his mother at Madingley from Balaclava giving a detailed account of his part in the charge of the light brigade with tissue copy of partial transcript. (3 items).
KCON/4/2/18/1Queries re. Conington Estate (sale to Heathcote from heiresses of Sir John Cotton)
KCON/3/4/2/11Assignment of Term
K588/C/8/30Letters from Lord Hardwicke concerning ?quarter sessions, etc. (2 items).
K588/C/17/16Letter from Rowley King, her nephew, containing extract of Jersey register with birth of Anita Philadelphia, his daughter.
K588/E/95Papers, chiefly solicitor's correspondence, with Philadelphia Cotton about financial rights and sale of Manor Row property to St Katherine's Dock Co.
K101/T/1346Cotton Family Estate. Supplemental abstract of title of Sir Vincent Cotton, Bart. to an estate at Landwade, Burwell and Exning.
KCON/3/1/E/10Agreement (Draft); For securing the stipend of the living of C.
K124/P/47Plan of an Estate in the Parishes of Girton and Histon belonging to the Cottons
KCON/3/15/2Judgement of the King's Court at Westminster. Confirmation of the rights of Sir Robert Cotton and Thomas Cotton in the hundred of Norman Cross.
K588/C/21/13Letter from William King to his mother describing conditions in his camp near Sebastapol, with copy of this letter and one to his sister Elizabeth Ann King.
KCON/3/11/1Deed to Lead Uses of Common Recovery (Lease and Release) (copy)
K588/C/9/9Letters from William Cole to Sir John Hynde Cotton concerning destruction of hedges in the Isle of Ely with petition concerning this same. (10 items).
K289/F/5Assignments of mortgage of shares of William Samuel Frost of Holton Halesworth, Suffolk, gentleman, and Sarah Elizabeth Ann Frost of Tudor Lodge, Egham, Surrey, widow, under will of William Toovey Frost. John Frederick Eaden of Cambridge, solicitor, to John Fraser of 16 Furnival's Inn, London, gentleman, and Francis Michael Cotton of Gorse Hill, Holyhead, Anglesey, gentleman; and F.M. Cotton to himself and Thomas John Fraser of 19 Southampton Street, London, gentleman. (1 document) 1892 and 1904
K588/C/21/24Letter from John Hynde King to his mother informing her of the loss of his hand following a wound at the attack of Redon and transcript. (2 items).
K588/C/16/2Letter from W.H. Hamilton, a police magistrate in New Norfolk in Van Dieman's Land.
KCON/3/2/B/5Deed To Lead Uses of Fine
K588/C/28/37Letters of condolence on the death of Charlotte, wife of William King, addressed mainly to Elizabeth Ann King, which have been returned from (?)George Hills in Canada. (40 items).
K588/C/28/41Postcards from Birdie (Justine King, later Antrobus) on holiday at Spa including view of Spa hotels and fountains and a picture of the Queen of the Belgians. Also an invitation to a Cottillion Ball at the casino. (8 items).
K588/C/17/18Letter containing copies of marriage certificate of Rowley Fludger [Fludyer] King, 1855, and baptism certificate of his daughter Anita Philadelphia in Jersey, 1859. (2 items).
K588/C/18/1File of letters and copy letters concerning the Cotton family's lease of the Great Tithes of Madingley, with a report on the same by J.A. Buck, 11 August 1973.
K588/C/28/43Letters and cards from Birdie (Justine King, later Antrobus) on holiday in Switzerland at Ragaz and Pontresina including views of the Bergen/Preda viaduct, Bernina Pass, Pontresina, St Moritz and Ragaz. (52 items).
KAR119/008Records of Cotton family of Madingley Hall
K588/C/28/45Letters from Birdie (Justine King, later Antrobus) on holiday in Rome and Florence. Including: views of the river Arno and Baptistery doors at Florence; Cathedral and St Francis' Church at Assisi; Etruscan Gate, Perugia; Palatine Hill, Statue of Apollo, Claudian Aqueduct, Forum, Castel Sant Angelo, Arch of Constantine and Temple of Pallas at Rome. (46 items).
K588/C/28/48Letters and cards from Birdie (Justine King, later Antrobus) on holiday in Milan, Ravenna, Florence, Assisi, etc.
K588/E/2Confirmation (inspeximus) by Elizabeth I in form of royal letters patent
K588/E/61Sale particulars of the Madingley Hall Estate (1231a3r9p)
K588/E/62Sale particulars of the Madingley Hall Estate (1231a3r9p)
K588/C/21/1Letter from camp at Balaclava to Lady King from one of her sons - ?John Hynde King, thanking her for boxes of provisions. Dated 1 January 1854 in error.
K588/C/28/44Letters and cards from Birdie (Justine King, later Antrobus) on holiday in Lucerne, Milan and Venice including views of St Marks, the Bridge of Sighs, Riva degli Schiavoni, Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge in Venice and Milan Cathedral. (29 items).
K588/E/89Papers relating to sale of Reigate Priory Estate, and other properties in Horley, Nutfield, Buckland, Dorking, Capel, Leatherhead, Epsom and Clayhill (Surrey) and Hendon (Middlesex), including Act (6 George III, c26),
K588/C/10/11Letters from Admiral Collingwood on naval matters, etc. (4 items).
K588/C/17/8Letter from her brother St Vincent Cotton in Bath with details of the will of their aunt Sarah Cotton, deceased.
K588/C/17/10Letter from St Vincent Cotton with addition by Ann Antrobus on death of Sir Richard King, baronet.
K588/C/12/8Letter from T.G. at Woodford concerning an accident to Bella, ?his wife, when her clothes caught fire.
K588/C/8/17Letter from the Earl of Hardwicke at Wrest, Bedfordshire, concerning the assizes.
K588/C/21/6Letter from William King to his mother from the Simla describing his voyage and arrival at Constantinople.
K588/C/26/1Letter to Amy King (daughter of William King) from her sister Frances at St Mary's Convent, Kensington Square, giving news of the children (? orphans) that she helps to look after.
K588/A/100Receipt for work, unspecified.
K588/C/19/18Letter from Madingley containing account of visit of Queen and Prince Consort to Madingley and the latter's death.
K588/C/21/8Letter to Admiral Dundas by John Hynde King in camp in which he says that it is very difficult to obtain writing materials.
K588/B/2Papers relating to profits, etc of brewhouse. (5 items).
K588/B/1Book of orders for conduct of London brewhouse.
K588/C/20/8Locks of hair addressed to Major King.
K588/C/28/32Business letters mainly concerning the estate of the late John Hynde King. (9 items).
K588/C/25/1Letter to Charlotte King (wife of William King) from her niece, Anna Louisa King, thanking her for a present of a vase.
K588/C/8/13Letter from Lady Windsor concerning obtaining a post for Miss Cotton (?at court).
K23/1/1/79/1397Lantern slide, Madingley: Political cartoon with Sir John Hyde Cotton as Treasurer of the chamber - 'Faction Displayed', 1743.
K588/C/21/11Copy of letter from William King at camp at Sebastapol to his mother describing a recent engagement at Inkermann, with envelope of the original.
K23/1/1/79/1398Lantern slide, Madingley: Political cartoon with Sir John H. Cotton being trust down the throat of George II - 'A Very Extraordinary Motion', 1744.
K588/A/93Vouchers, etc concerning a case between Sir John Hynde Cotton and John Rushworth, etc.
K588/C/8/9Letter from Mr Dickinsell [? Dickinson] at Clerkenwell concerning ?London brewhouse.
K588/C/28/33Letters from Charlotte Webster, wife of William King, before her marriage and when expecting a child. (4 items).
K588/C/28/34Letter and notes from her brother-in-law, George Hills, Bishop of Columbia, concerning debts of his wife Maria nee King. (4 items).
K588/A/58Funeral bills for various members of the Cotton family. (9 items).
K588/F/2Free pardon for John Leventhorp, esquire, Richard Sturgeon and Thomas Radclyff, feoffee of the Manor of Ditton Camoys. (Seal missing).
K588/E/104Valuation of Binderton Estate and estates of Sir James Peachey in Lodsworth, Burton, Pulborough, Hardham and Wiggonholt (Sussex) proposed to be exchanged, with rough note on same.
K588/E/57Messrs Foster's sale catalogue, 'The Madingley Pictures and other effects', including furniture, tapestry and books for sale of 14 June 1871. Marked with amounts realised from sale, for Miss King.
K588/E/58Messrs Foster's sale catalogue, 'The Madingley Pictures and other effects', including furniture, tapestry and books for sale of 14 June 1871. Marked with Philadelphia Cotton's lots with list of her pictures enclosed.
K588/E/37Copy of notice to tenant farmers [?in Girton] instructing them to pay rent to sir J.H. Cotton's son, John Cotton Esquire (probably intended to be divided and sent to addressees in parts). Madingley, 24 March 1780
K588/E/15Sale particulars of Landwade Hall Estate and property in Burwell and Exning.
K588/E/92Release of £20 in rents for storehouses in Whites Yard, St Mary Whitechapel (Middlesex).
K588/E/55Messrs Foster's sale catalogue, 'The Madingley Pictures and other effects', including furniture, tapestry and books for sale of 14 June 1871.
K588/E/49BPrinted sale plan to accompany same (E/49A) for land in Madingley and Cambridge St Giles
K588/E/56Messrs Foster's sale catalogue, 'The Madingley Pictures and other effects', including furniture, tapestry and books for sale of 14 June 1871. Marked with amounts realised from sale, for Miss Cotton.
K588/F/17Bond in £200 to pay annuities of £10 pa by Mary Sheldon of St George's Hanover Square, Middlesex, spinster, to Dorothy, Jane, Frances, Agnes, Ann and Elizabeth Cotton, with note. (7 items).
K588/C/12/11Letter containing samples of lace from 23 Davies Street, Berkeley square.
K588/A/77Receipts for Easter offerings, water, poor and watering rates, widow takes, rents, lamp-lighting. (18 items).
K588/B/4Petition by Richard Edwards to Sir John Hinde Cotton, baronet, concerning management of the brewhouse.
K588/C/8/6Draft of a letter from Sir John Hynde Cotton to ?William Cole, thanking him for the book of his family history. (cf C62).
K588/E/75Certified copy of lease for five years of 3 November 26 Henry VIII [1534] by prior of Reigate to William Barkepoole of Reigate, yeoman, of Priory Lane Meadows (7acres) and heath lands adjacent called Wallensis (14acres)
K588/E/73Certified copy of Writ and Inquisition ad quod dampnum for enclosure by Humphrey Parsons Esquire and alderman of footways in Reigate from Smith's Shop in Crossway to High Road between Bell Street and Woodhatch, and from Back Lane to Park Hill Close near his engine and ice houses
K588/L/17Copy of proceedings in action for trespass Samuel Dickinson v Sir J.H. Cotton, and others in King's Bench with solicitor's notice to Mr Elliot of forthcoming sitting.
K588/F/23Indenture apprenticing Ann Taylor of Hitchin, Hertfordshire, spinster, to Elinor Mathews of St. George’s Bloomsbury, Middlesex, sempstress, Sir John Hynde Cotton paying charges.
K588/F/19Quittance by the Draper's Guild of London to Sarah Parsons of London, widow, Mary Hallet of London, widow, John Lord St John of Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, and Elizabeth his wife, Sir Seymour Pile of Ramsbury, Wiltshire, baronet, and Dame Ann his wife of various annuities payable to the guild. Consideration: £210.
K588/F/22"Bond in £400 to pay £200 by Sir John Hynde Cotton of Madingley to Frances Cotton of Woodstock Street, St. George’s Hanover Square, Middlesex. (Earlier bond in £1,000 to pay £50 pa between same parties, 9 September 1734, enclosed). (2 items). "
K588/B/6Letter of resignation by brewhouse [manager?] to Sir John Hinde Cotton referring to ill-management and dishonesty.
K588/F/26Assignment of debt by way of mortgage by Sir John Hynde Cotton, baronet, to Edward Bates on Rowland Stephenson and William Hoggart of Lombard Street, London bankers. Consideration: £18500.
K588/A/31Account book of John Hynde Cotton's accounts with notes from Bundy's Roman History at the back of the volume.
K588/A/42Accounts and papers concerning trust for Sir John Hynde Cotton's children.
K588/M/2Manor of Landwade Court Roll
K588/B/7Papers concerning accounts of brewhouse, debts, etc: 2) brewhouse accounts, 1772-73; 3) re Dickinson's bankruptcy. (6 items).
K101/Q/4Cash book of Raye's Endowed Grammar School, Cheveley. (Enclosed deed appointing John Hind Cotton and Thomas Seafracke to the Board of Governors of the school,10 November, 1709).
K588/A/44Accounts of Charles Cotton, esquire, receiver of estate of Jacob Houblon, deceased.
K588/L/15Consent to invest £23000 in purchase of manors etc (as in 588/L14). George Henry Earl of Litchfield to George Henry Lee, Viscount Quarendon, Sir J.H. Cotton and William Eyre, serjeant at law.
K588/C/6Letter from Margaret Cotton (second wife of Sir John Hynde Cotton the elder) to Mr Eliot concerning her money (cf 588/F20,29).
K588/C/8/4Letter from his sister-in-law Sarah O'Dunne congratulating him on the birth of his son, Humphrey, to whom she is to stand godmother.
K588/C/8/10Letters from Mr Maynard at Biggleswade giving notice of his quitting Brook End House. (2 items).
K588/C/8/18Letter from Lord and Lady Hardwicke at Wimpole, thanking the Cotton family for visits which they regret being unable to return due to the inclement weather.
K588/F/47Journal of Elizabeth Ann King's travels in France and Italy.
K588/T/287Lease for 3 years of all messuages and tenements [in Madingley] in occupation of Isaac Anderson of Madingley.
K588/M/3Manor of Coggleshells in Exning (Suffolk). Court Roll
K588/M/5Manor of Coggleshells in Exning (Suffolk). Court Baron
K588/C/8/33Letters to his son Charles to be opened after his death containing bequests, etc, written after death of eldest son John and a similar letter to the rest of his children. (3 items).
K588/M/26Manor of Exning: account roll of Thomas Dytton, bailiff.
K588/O/193 letters to Sir John Hynde Cotton, 3rd baronet, concerning Cambridgeshire 1741 parliamentary election campaign.
K588/O/10Letter from John Cutts, John Peyton and John Cotton to Lord North, treasurer of the king's household and lord lieutenant of Cambridgeshire and Lord St John, lieutenant of Huntingdonshire, furnished by the county for the Earl of Essex and now lying idle in Plymouth. With transcript. (2 items).
K588/C/21/26Letter from Mr Drake, Horse Guards, to Lady King apologising for a mistake in the lists of wounded whereby her son appeared twice. Believes Major King is progressing satisfactorily and is now certain of promotion to Lieutenant Colonel.
K588/O/23Letters, etc relating to Sir John Hynde Cotton's, 4th baronet, 1767 parliamentary election campaign in Cambridgeshire.
K588/T/72Feoffment in form of indenture of 1 acre arable in Budgatefeld, one of two acres previously granted by feoffee to donors, with covenant that donors to have re-entry if other acre recovered in King's court by someone with anterior title.
K588/T/40Covenant in form of indenture.
K588/T/60Feoffment of all lands, messuages, rents and service with meadows, pastures and other rights in village of Landwade and elsewhere in Suffolk, which the donor and William Mercer of [New] Salisbury had by gift of feoffee on 12 April 1405.
K588/T/9Feoffment in form of indented chirograph of manor of Landwade with homages, services villeinages, etc in free marriage with donor's daughter, Agnes, for service of one knight's fee to chief lords. L
K588/T/34Feoffment of 1½ r in Suthfeld Minor, Exning, next to land of John Figgord of Twyford, knight.
K588/T/48Feoffment of parcel of manor of Landwade (bounds described in detail).
K588/T/82Feoffment to uses with power of attorney of manor of Exning.
K588/T/291Lease for 21 years of a piece of ground in Wood Field, Madingley with windmill and cottage with stable and hog sty near Cold Bath Corner.
K588/T/92Mortgage by demise for 1000 years.
K588/T/55Licence in form of royal letters patent.
K588/T/84Assignment of term of lease for 21 years.
K588/T/269Probate of will (2 October 1721) of William Fuller of Cambridge, tinplate worker.
K588/T/274Assignment of mortgage in 588/T/271.
K588/T/100Abstract of title of Sir John Hynde Cotton, baronet.
K588/T/115Feoffment of land in 588/T/113, which grantors had from William Brond the elder.
K588/T/306Copy of partition of Madingley Estate with rectorial glebe and rent charge in lieu of tithes but excluding school-house and chancel of parish church, late property of co-parceners' brother Sir St Vincent Cotton, baronet.
K588/T/110Feoffment of land 8 perches x 20ft in Haddenham village. William le Clubbere of Willingham ('Wyflyngham') to Eustace Warner of Haddenham, chaplain.
K588/T/293Lease and release of 2 acres in Madingley, with attested copy of lease and release of same and also messuage with yard in St Giles, Cambridge, 1a1r arable in Housefield, Chesterton and 1r in Galley Hill, Coton (7 and 8 June 1773), with bond for performance and indemnity.
K588/T/118Feoffment in form of indenture of a messuage called Peperis with courtyard and appurtenances in Rickinghall Superior (Suffolk) with covenant to make payment of 4 marks within a year.
K588/W/33Copy and epitome of will of Fanny Rowley Smith.
K588/T/241Manor of Girton Pigotts cum Ramse(y)s: Admission.
K588/E/49ASale particulars of the Madingley Estate (2566 acres).
K588/W/19Probate of will dated 13 November 1736 of Catherine Pern, widow of John Pern, esquire, of St Andrew's Holborn, London.
K588/T/308Lease and release of Manor of Hatley St George.
K588/T/334Lease for 21 years of a messuage with shed on south side of Wellclose Square, St George-in-the-East, adjoining lessor's property to west occupied by Government and known as the Court House and Town Gaol and formerly occupied by Capt Alexander Smith.
K588/C/7Letter to Lady Ann Cotton (wife of Sir John Hynde Cotton the younger) from her sister Sarah O'Dunne at Paris concerning the death of their mother Lady Parsons and other family matters.
K588/T/271Mortgage by demise for 500 years of property in 588/T/270 (without exclusions) in occupation of John Hind and undertenants.
K588/T/302Manor of Girton Pigotts with Ramseys: conditional surrender of property in 588/T/298, with promissary note attached.
K588/C/8/38Letter from Mr Steevens concerning publication of Mr Burke's work, family matters, a disturbance at a religious meeting, preferments in the church and the phantom pregnancy of a certain baroness.
K588/C/8/14Letters from William Secold at Cherry Hinton concerning financial state of Hinton Farm. (4 items).
K588/T/320Manor of Rumburgh: Admission to a pightle with grove (3 acres) once part of Wades tenement with 7 acres abutting Burwick Lane in Ilketshall St Lawrence.
K588/C/13/2Letter from Lord Sandwich enclosing another from the Duchess of Bedford, concerning tickets for masquerade. (2 items).
K588/C/17/2Letters of condolence on the death of her father, Charles Cotton, from Alexander Cotton and Reverend Oldershaw, her uncles.
K588/T/311Covenant to produce title deeds (lease and release of Spout House, Westerham, etc by Abel Alleyn to Hon, Michael Richards, 19-20 April 1721, the inheritance of Dame Margaret Cotton, Anne Knight and Elizabeth Eliot), part of title of Manor of Westfield and farm called Westfield Place (Sussex) and other lands in the same county released by covenantees to covenator.
K588/A/6Account book of servants' wages, 1760-69.
K588/A/4Madingley and Girton estate account book (includes earlier accounts 1727-29).
K588/W/7Probate of will dated 10 May 1542 of Dame Alyce Cotton, widow of Sir Robert Cotton.
K588/Z/5Probate inventory of Anne Roper of Farningham, Kent, widow.
KAR56/5/22Sir John Cotton, knight, of Landwade. Revocation of Indenture Tripartite, dated 10 January 1596, relating to: Manor of Cheveley with rights, &c in Cheveley, Ashley, Silverley, Kirtling, 'Uppinge' (i.e. Upend), Newmarket, Ditton Valence, Ditton Camois, Saxton and Wood Ditton; Advowson and patronage of Cheveley Church; All Sir John's properties in Cheveley; Manor of Bansteddes alias Bensteddes in Cheveley; All Sir John's properties in places named in above, purchased of Thomas Stutville.
KCB/2/CL/17/3/Page 506Lease, for 21 years between the Corporation and King Whtttred, butcher, of the booth grounds called Munseys Booths in Cheese fair or Cheese Row, Stourbridge Fair, between the booths of alderman Watson and Sir John Hind Cotton, on surrender of a lease to John Edwards, chandler, dated 25 Apr 1732
K588/C/10/5Carefully written letter to Sir Charles Cotton at Torbay from his daughter Philadelphia at Madingley with her news of the family's visit to the Botanic Garden and typed transcript. (2 items).
KCON/2/4/A/4Settlement; (Deed to Lead Uses of Fine)
KCON/2/4/B/13Assignment of Bond and Quitclaim
KCON/2/4/A/28Settlement (Demise for a Term)
K588/A/22Pocket book, 1726-27, containing accounts (most pages torn out), bills, recipes, particulars of Exning and Landwade estate and bond for appearance at court with notes on cases, 1712.
KCON/3/1/A/52Demise for a Term
KCON/3/1/A/1Grant and Power of Attorney
KCON/3/1/A/3Bargain and Sale
KCON/3/1/B/1Agreement for Sale and Purchase
KCON/4/2/23/1Steeple Gidding Rectorship
K588/C/27/11BCorrespondence, etc, mainly to Lady P. Cotton, including epitome of wills of Lady P. Cotton, 1849, and Sir Charles Cotton, 1812, concerning East Smithfield estate. (214 items).
K101/T/323Wood Ditton. Other Estates. Assignment.
K588/F/3"Grant of custody of John Cotton to Ann, Lady Cotton, widow, by the King and agreement by Anne Cotton giving Sir Richard Molleneux, Sir Gilbert Gerard, Sir Giles Allington, Sir Anthony Roper, John Byron, John Carleton, Thomas Cotton and Symon Folkes oversight of John Cotton’s marriage and education. (Seal missing). (2 items). "
K305/M/g/p51/7List on exchanges of property at Histon Inclosure
KCON/3/1/B/4Deed to Lead Uses of Fine (Bargain and Sale)
K588/E/3Agreement in form of indenture.
KCON/3/1/E/2Letters of Attestation; From Richard, Archbishop of Canterbury, (the See of Lincoln being vacant).
K588/C/2/1Correspondence between Lady Parsons and her son John at the Hague and others concerning his debts.
K101/T/1347Cotton Family Estate. Lease and release of 34a. 1r. 16p. in Exning with assignment of three leasehold terms.
KCON/3/4/3/1Assignment of Term
K588/T/80Confirmation in form of indenture.
KCON/3/14/3Release (for Collateral Security)
KCON/5/3/14Cotton v. Cotton Mary Honeywood Cotton, one of the defendants' answer to the Bill of Complaint of Sir John Cotton, Bart, complainant.
KCON/5/12/10Re. Robert Pulleyn's Will Papers in Case
KP77/25/2Lease and release of land in Girton, Oakington, and Madingley Meadow
K588/O/15Documents relating to the dispute between Sir John Hynde Cotton and Samuel Shepheard.
K588/L/8Volume containing copies of proceedings of case in 588/L4 and subsequent related cases in Chancery and related papers.
K588/T/73Feoffment in form of indenture of manor of Exning with all lands, liberties, etc in Exning, Reach and Burwell which donors had with John Martyn justice of Common Bench, John Billyng of Thurlby ('Thurleby') and Henry Spelman of Abthorp ('Appethorp'), deceased.
K588/T/223Letter of attorney to take seisen of lands late of Sir William Hind of Madingley in grantor's name and name of Dame Jane the grantor's wife, heir of Edward Hind of Madingley, knight, and widow of Edward Hind, esquire, lying in Coton, Hardwick, Dry Drayton and Eastwood in March.
KR/R34/4/5Lease and Release.
K588/T/336Agreement by younger children not to demand payment of portions under family settlement for ten years.
K588/O/28Various papers concerning elections and parliamentary business.
K588/C/8/20Letter from Sir Clement Trafford requesting help for a Thomas Lowry with the latter's letter of petition. (2 items).
K588/E/14Papers relating to Bryant's Farm, Exning
K588/F/39Cole's history of the Cottons of Madingley and Landwade and related families with pen and ink illustrations.
K588/F/34Pedigree book and cartulary of Cotton family of Conington with ink sketches of achievements and monuments of a knight.
K588/C/8/29Letter from Mr Venables in Threadneedle Street, concerning the lease to the government of the gaol and court house in London.
K588/C/8/21Letter from Sir Clement Trafford thanking him for a favour granted, presumably in connection with Thomas Lowry's petition.
K588/C/10/1Letter of authorisation by the Admiralty to Sir Charles Cotton to use the 'Hobby Horse', his private rowing boat, provided he does not engage in smuggling activities.
K588/E/6Articles of agreement under which Thomas Buck, in return for lease of 7 years of lands to annual value of £360, undertakes to pay issues therefrom to Dame Jane Cotton for housekeeping at Madingley and Landwade, with articles apportioning financial responsibility for provision of food, wine, ale, payment of servants, etc. between Sir John Cotton and Jane his wife. Sir John Cotton of Madingley, knight and baronet, Dame Jane his wife, with Thomas Buck of Westwick, Esquire.
K588/C/8/2Letter signed 'A Briton' but said to be in John Hynde Cotton's hand, to Caleb Danvers deploring the Hanoverian succession.
K588/C/12/13Letter from Rickerton at request of Lord Mulgrave on naval matters.
K588/C/15/1Letter to Sir Charles Cotton, baronet, from Lord Nelson aboard the Victory concerning a command for a certain Gillespie. (See also 588/Z32).
K588/C/12/18Letter from G. Bleasdale with bill and other papers concerning East Smithfield Improvement Act. (5 items).
K588/C/17/13Letters concerning Miss Cotton's purchase of Sir St Vincent Cotton's share of the reversion of the London estates. (13 items).
K588/L/4Deposition in chancery of John Huggins of Westminster, Esquire, in John Hynde Cotton and Margaret his wife v Robert Trefusis of Trefusis, Esquire
K588/E/8Copy of writ diem clausit extremum of James I to escheator in Suffolk (11 May 1621) and inquisition post mortem held at Bury St Edmunds (24 May 1621) into lands of John Cotton of Cheveley, knight (as E3, with appurtenances in adjacent parishes), detailing tenure and value and naming John Cotton, aged 5, his heir.
K588/T/304Manor of Girton Pigotts with Ramseys: surrender of property in 588/T/298, described as cottage with barn and close of 1 acre and 1a2r12p arable.
K588/E/49CPrinted sale plan to accompany same (E/49A) for land in Girton with similar annotations (almost wholly on west side of Huntingdon Road except for Girton College site and land to south of Girton Turn).
K588/E/91Agreement between Sir John Hynde Cotton of Madingley, baronet, and Henry Goodwyn, James Bracy, Perry Erasmus Madox and Thomas Thornton of Lower East Smithfield, brewers, for lease for three years and further lease of The Clothworkers Arms on corner of Gracechurch Street and Eastcheap, London
K588/F/31Assignment by Edward Cotton, esquire, of Inner Temple, London, to Elizabeth Hurrell of Harston, spinster, of his share of £5000 under the marriage settlement of the late Sir John Hynde Cotton, deceased, by way of mortgage.
K588/F/41Pedigree roll of Cottons of Conington, Huntingdonshire, with parallel pedigree of Sir Robert Cotton and Scottish royal family from Bruce to Mary Queen of Scots.
K588/O/9Copy letter from John Cutts, John Peyton and John Cotton, deputy lieutenants to the justices of the peace and constable of Cambridgeshire and Isle of Ely, for money to pay for militia, with a letter from Lord North, the lord lieutenant of Cambridgeshire, to his deputies concerning sending the militia to France (and transcript). (cf 'John Layer of Shepreth'). (2 items).
K588/M/23Extracts from the court rolls of the manor of Exning (1620-1705) of orders relating to grazing, especially on Snailwell Moor, and opinion of Robert Buxter upon possible action against tenants, with account for same.
K588/M/27Manor of Coggeshall in Exning: account roll of Thomas Dowe, bailiff and receiver
K588/O/6Transcripts (rolled) and translations of royal grants of 22 February 1444 and 5 April 1448 vill and half-hundred of Exning to William Cotton from patent rolls of Henry VI (cf Calendar of Patent Rolls 1446-1452, 1441-1446, p. 253, 1446-1453, pp. 155-6). (5 items).
K588/Q/12Roper's Charity, East Greenwich: reconveyance by lease and release of property in East Greenwich in trust for payments of £6 to the poor of Framlingham, 40s to the poor of Eynsford, Kent, and 40s to the poor of Horton Kirby, Kent.
K588/O/25Letters, etc relating to Sir John Hynde Cotton's, 4th baronet, 1774 parliamentary election campaign in Cambridgeshire.
K588/T/57Feoffment of messuage called Brown's, 150 acres arable, 3 acres meadow and 20s rent with liberty of one faldage in Fordham, Landwade, Isleham, Chippenham ('Chepyngham') and Exning.
K588/T/314Further security on mortgage of 1729 for £6600.
K588/T/309Mortgage by demise for 2000 years of messuage called Spoutehouse with fields and closes (named) and messuage called Oxen Leaze in Westerham (Kent) with copy of will with letters of administration of John Toller (1732) and receipt on Jane Toller's behalf for one quarter's annuity enclosed.
K588/T/66Feoffment in form of indenture of 2 acres arable in South Feld and Wyndmellefeld, Exning, part of 9acre with which donors enfeoffed by 588/T/58.
K588/W/23Copy of will dated 17 May 1754 of Ann Nugent, wife of Robert Nugent, esquire, of St George's Hanover Square, Middlesex.
K588/W/12Copy of will of William Stewkeley of Wiltsford, Wiltshire.
K588/T/99Covenant to stand seised of remainder of term of 1000 years.
K588/T/305Draft release of Madingley Hall and all lands in Madingley, Girton, Histon, Cambridge, Landwade, Exning and Hardwick, pictures, furniture and stock in Madingley Hall, manor of East Smithfield (Middx), freehold property and leasehold brewhouse, etc in East Smithfield in consideration of trustee's engagement to pay debts of £1500.
K588/T/313Release (lease missing) of plot of land west of Dover (late Clarendon) Street, part of land on which Albermale House, granted to Edward Earl of Clarendon by Charles II, formerly stood with buildings in St Martin-in-the-Fields and garden formerly parcel of garden of Berkeley (now Devonshire) House adjoining in Berkeley Street, with assignment of term in trust.
K588/W/31Epitome of will of Philadelphia Cotton, spinster.
K588/Z/1Volume of manuscript historical notes upon Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire parishes by Sir Robert Cotton, baronet, of Conington (Huntingdonshire) [the antiquary].
K588/Z/3Volume of antiquarian collections, mainly derived from the Ramsey Abbey Cartulary and Chronicle and from the Thorney Abbey Cartulary [Cotton MS Vit. D.V.; this ms was destroyed in 1731].
K588/W/25Will of John Parsons, esquire, of Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire.
KCON/2/4/A/22Demise for a Term (and counterpart)
KCON/2/4/A/27Assignment of Trust
KCON/2/4/A/25Declaration of Trust; Thomas Cotton, Esq., son and heir apparent of Robert Cotton, Kt. and Bart.
KCON/2/4/B/12Release of Debt.
KCON/2/4/A/40Deed to lead Uses of Fine
KCON/2/4/A/43Settlement (Deed to Lead Uses to Fine, with Counterpart)
KCON/3/1/A/51Lease (counterpart)
KCON/2/4/A/54Quitclaim; Dame Alice Monoux, widow and relict of Sir Humphery Monoux, late of Wooton, Beds., Bart, decd., and youngest dau. of Sir Thomas Cotton, late of Conington, Bart, decd. and Lewis Monoux, Grays Inn, Middx. Esq., and Philip Cotton, Little Conington, Cambs. - the exors. of the will of Sir Humphery Monoux.
KCON/3/1/B/3Lease and Release
KCON/3/1/A/46Assignment of a Term in Trust
KCON/3/1/B/5Deed to Lead Uses of Fine (Release)
KCON/5/3/11Cotton v. Cotton Lewis Monoux, Esq., one of the defts., answer to the Bill of Complaint of Sir John C., Bart. complt.
KCON/5/3/12Cotton v. Cotton William Hanbury, one of the defendants' answer to the Bill of Complaint of Sir John Cotton, Bart, complt.
KCON/5/3/13Cotton v. Cotton Robert Pulleyn, Esq., one of the defendants, answer to the Bill of Complaint of Sir John Cotton, Bart, complt.
KP50/3/38Rectory Manor: File of conditional surrenders
KCON/3/15/7Deed to Declare Uses of Fine
KFE/2/106Conveyance (Lease and Release) £651-10-0
K588/Z/19Diary of Abraham Taylor, steward to Sir John Cotton, including note of text of sermons in Madingley church.
KFIELDEN/F3/1/4Lease and Release of properties in Stilton
KFIELDEN/F3/7/11Schedule of deed relating to the Manor of Glatton purchased by Thomas Truman from Sir John Cotton, Bart, commencing with grant from James I, 16 July 9 James I.
KFIELDEN/F3/13/4Power of Attorney by Sir Thomas Cotton of Conington, Bart, to Kenelme Collins to enter upon messuage at Holme sold by said Cotton to William Woodstocke.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/20Deed. Thomas Bart (1), Sir John Cotton Bart and Elizabeth Stuart Bowdler (2) declaring used of marriage settlement of 1742.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/7Deed. Appointing Mrs Jane Cotton's jointure in Gidding between Robert Cotton of Gidding, John Cotton and Jane, his wife, and Sir Robert Burdett.
KFIELDEN/F5/32/1Feoffment. William Francis of Great Catworth, eldest son of Thomas Francis, late of Glatton, messuage in Glatton, between land late of Castell Sherrard to Elizabeth and of John Cotton to William.
KQ/SO/4/a341Concession of land to John Hind Cotton, Baronet in the parish of Maddingley
KQ/SO/7/p128Before William Greaves Beaupre Bell Esq, James Burleigh Esq (Mayor), Sir Thomas Hatton and Sir John Hynde Cotton, Baronets, Robert Plumptree DD, William Howell Ewin LLD, Dingley Askham, John Drage and Hale Wortham Esqs. Sacarment certificate and oaths of allegiance, supremacy and abjuration-Henry Topping, Fellow of Kings College.
K107/F/b/284/13Attested copy: Conveyance of the estate of Sir John Hatton of Longstanton to Rev Alexander Cotton
KWA/1/3/1/3Glatton and Holme Deeds: Cotton, Truman, Wells and Annesley
KR/R39/10/13Assignment of residue of a term of 500 years to attend the inheritance.
K588/A/2Account book of Madingley estate including household account.
KCON/3/2/A/77Final Concord; (with Counterpart)
KCON/5/3/8Cotton. v. Cotton Counsel's Opinion from Nicolas Hooper.
KCON/3/4/4/3Schedules of Deeds and Writings relating to the estate of John Heathocte, Esq. at Upwood. The Manor and lands bought of the Cotton family and Hull's farm.
KCON/2/4/B/10Power of Attorney
KCON/2/4/A/79Marriage Settlement
KCON/2/4/A/52Marriage Settlement
KCON/2/4/A/33Assignment of Term
KCON/3/1/A/39Memorandum of Agreement as to lease
KCON/2/4/A/34Demise For a Term
KCON/2/4/A/29Settlement (Demise for a Term)
KCON/3/1/A/4Letters Patent Licence to Alienate
KCON/3/1/A/33Bargain and Sale (and Draft)
KCON/3/1/E/7Grant (Deed of Augmentation)
KCON/3/2/A/80Final Concord
KCON/3/1/B/6Final Concord (with counterpart)
KCON/7/3/2Letter from Alex. Murray, Symonds Inn, to John Heathcote, Esq. re. the annuity of £20 for the Rector of Conington.
KCON/3/1/C/1Bargain and Sale
KQ/SO/7/p386At the court session 1st May 1772 John Drago, JP bought a presentment against the inhabitants of Fordham for not repairing part of the King's highway leading from Market Street to Newmarket, whereupon the presentment was filed and the inhabitants to appear at the next session. Since then all inhabitants of Fordham to make the repairs, until this day, when a letter signed by John Drago and Baronet John Hynde Cotton, both JPs, dated 12th January 1775 confirmed the road was suitably repaired. Charles Nalson Cole, Counsel for the inhabitants of Fordham moves that the presentment be discharged. The court agrees.
KCON/4/2/16/40List of Levies
KCON/4/2/16/48Extract from Rent Audit Book of 1603-1612. of Money received in lieu of tithes on 28 Nov. 1603 by Mr. Henry Williamson, parson of Conington, fr. Sir Robert Cotton, Conington.
KCON/4/2/2/6Rental and Valuation of the Estate of the heirs of the late Sir John Cotton of Steeple Gidding.
KHP17/6/2List of Cotton family monumental inscriptions.
KCON/4/2/11/2Account of First Fruits; Paid to Parliament - £10.
KQ/SO/7/p159Held before William Greaves Beaupre Bell Esq, Sir Thomas Hatton and Sir John Hynde Cotton Barts, James Burleigh Esq, Mayor Robert Plumptre DD, Soane Jenyns, Dingley Askham, William Howell Ewin LLD, Hale Wortham, John Drage, Christopher Jeaffreson et al. Sacrament certificate delivered and oath allegiance taken by Barnard Baroles, Excise officer. Oat of qualification as Justice of the Peace taken by Christopher Jeaffreson Esq.
KCON/3/2/A/71Deed to Lead Uses of Fine (Feoffment) (and Draft)
KFE/1/12Discharge of Estate from Legacies (Lease and Release)
KCON/5/3/7Cotton v. Cotton Brief of Bill
KCON/7/10/1Letter to Sir Thomas Cotton, Bart, Keyworth, Beds. from John Corstell, Glatton.
KCON/3/1/A/32Demise for a Term (and Counterpart)
KCON/2/4/A/67Demise for a Term
KCON/8/1Pedigree of the Brus-Cotton family, showing the descent of the lordship of Conington, Hunts, from Waltheof Earl of Huntingdon to whom St. Edward the Confessor gave it after he had banished Turkill the Dane.
KCON/4/2/1/7Rental: Manor of Conington 2,607a. (in possession of heiresses of Sir John Cotton.)
KCON/3/4/3/2Deed to Lead Uses of Fine
KP31/25/12A-BCharities: Westfield's Charity. Lease and release of garden (as in P31/25/11)
KL92/D/23Declaration of trust of Landwade Estate.
K588/A/92Mrs Cotton's household bills.
KL11/A/45Grant for £100 of messuage, as in L11/39-John Cotton of Cambridge to Ambrose Butler of Barnwell
KFIELDEN/F5/8/6Release. Sir John Cotton to trustees.
K588/A/13Account book of Lady Cotton's rents (London properties).
KFIELDEN/F5/9/12Will and Codicil. Sir John Cotton
K588/C/5Correspondence of Sir John Hynde Cotton the elder (?1686-1752)
K588/E/42Notice to Sir Charles Cotton of assessment for Girton Inclosure rate
K588/E/107Particulars and valuation of estates of John Wogan, Esquire in Boulston and Philbetch in Marlowes (Pembs)
KHP83/18/1Bond by Ann Moore, widow of Whittlesey, Isle of Ely, and Thomas Charles Cadwallader Moore, clerk of Peterborough, to pay the sum of £40 received by the late father of Ann Moore, Cooper Thornhill, from some of the Cotton family for the benefit of the poor of Stilton, to the Churchwardens and Overseers of Stilton
K588/E/111J. Swan and Son marked sale catalogue for sale of household furniture and wine cellar at Shortgrove on 14-15 and 17 August 1883.
K588/Z/75Notes on church of St Etheldreda, Bishops Hatfield, Hertfordshire, by Reverend J.J. Antrobus, rector. nd [after 1923].
K588/Z/57Silhouette of J.H. King (supposedly transferred to Family Papers F/)
K588/O/56Letter and certificate concerning decease and will of Charles Cotton King, midshipman on Princess Charlotte. (2 items).
KAR57/9/9086Mary Cotton of Caxton, Robert Cotton of Childerley and Robert Challis of Hardwick to Hale Wortham of Royston, Herts. Mortgage by way of Lease and Release of property as in R57/9/9076.
K588/E/9Particulars of Cotton estates in Landwade, Exning etc. and Madingley, Girton, Histon, detailing tenants and acreages, with later calculations and house numbers
K588/E/94Papers relating to London brewhouse estate, including letters about lease with [?Samuel] Whitbread and valuation of 1805, notice about parting and list of tenants. (1822)
K588/O/30Sir John Hynde Cotton's commission as militia captain and covering letter. (2 items).
K588/Q/6Papers concerning raising of a fund to support the family of the Reverend Thomas Gurney who had 17 children who he could not support. (3 items).
K588/E/115Cutting from local newspaper relating to sale of library of W.C. Smith of Shortgrove.
K588/M/34Rental of Manor of Coggeshall in Exning
K588/E/120Thurgood & Son sale catalogue of contents of Walden Place for sale on 15 May 1888.
K588/C/9/8Letters from William Cole at Blecheley to Sir John Hynde Cotton concerning his book on the Cotton family, now completed.
K588/A/25Account of personal estate of Henry Parsons deceased, including account of errors in brewhouse accounts.
K588/L/5Abstract of Chancery decree in case in 588/L4 confirming title of Dame Margaret Cotton to annuity, etc
KCON/2/4/A/47Deed to Lead Uses to Fine
KCON/3/2/A/58Assignment of Term
KCON/3/4/2/10Deed to Lead Uses of Fine (Lease and Release)
KCON/3/2/A/76Deed to Lead Uses of Fine (Bargain and Sale)
K107/F/b/321Lease for a year of the of the manor of Bassingbourn from Rev. Alexander Cotton to Christopher Hatton
KL92/D/22Security for £2000.
K588/A/112Bills and lists of London and Cambridge debts at death of Lady Philadelphia Cotton.
KP77/25/1Release of land in Girton, Oakington, and Madingley Meadow
KCON/2/4/A/39Marriage Settlement; (Marriage of Thomas, son and heir of Sir Robt. Cotton, and Margaret Howard, dau. of Lord Wm. Howard, son of the Duke of Norfolk).
KCON/3/1/A/7Grant (and Power of Attorney)
KCON/2/4/A/59Deed to Lead Uses of Common Recovery (Lease and Release)
KCON/3/2/A/92Lease (and Draft)
KCON/3/2/A/64Bargain and Sale
KCON/3/2/B/3Deed of Appointment
K101/T/1348Cotton Family Estate. Mortgage for 1,000 years of 20a. 2r. 16p. and 13a. 2r. in Exning.
KL92/D/53Bundle of 10 letters.
KL92/D/33Marriage settlement relating to personal property.
K588/M/12Manor of Girton Pigotts with Ramseys: Court Baron.
K588/O/22Letters, etc relating to Sir John Hynde Cotton's (4th baronet), 1764 parliamentary election campaign in Cambridgeshire.
KL92/D/17Abstract of title.
K588/F/15Copies of various bonds, etc. (13 items).
K588/C/21/15Letter from William King to his sister Elizabeth from camp at Balaclava.
K588/F/77Set of bookplates of Philadelphia Letitia Cotton. (43 items).
K588/C/28/26Letters in Italian from Maurizio Cavaletti. (2 items).
K588/Z/34Recipe for medicine for the bowels for master Joseph and master John [---].
K588/C/21/31Part of a letter from John Hynde King to his mother referring to the death of the emperor.
K488/C3/V10Tanfield Vachell, to Miss and Mrs Cotton, Sawston, craving pardon in rhyme.
K588/A/52Bills and papers concerning estates of the Parsons family. (20 items).
K588/E/87Westminster Contributionship insurance prospectus with renewal notice, premium account and premium account for 1750 for house in Burlington Street, London.
K588/E/64John Swan and Son of Cambridge sale catalogue for landau and other carriages, agricultural implements, dairy utensils, contents of greenhouse and other outdoor effects at Madingley Hall for sale of 28 July 1871, marked with prices fetched.
KL92/D/20Conveyance, previous to marriage of Alexander Cotton and Henrietta Smith.
KL92/D/16Abstract of title.
KL92/D/37Assignment of life interest in trust funds by way of mortgage to secure £9500 and interest.
KL92/D/47Notice of assignment of policy on life of Henrietta Cotton.
KL92/D/42Transfer of mortgage securities for £11000.
KL92/D/36Transfer of mortgage.
KL92/D/34Appointment of trust funds under marriage settlement relating inter alia to recently-purchased Landwade Estate.
KL92/D/39Appointment of trustee of second marriage settlement, and declaration of trusts.
KP114/6/1Plan of south side and east end of chancel
KCONConington Collection
KL15/16Admission:-William Cotton junior on surrender of Francis Bridgett Ogrum. Admission:-William Cotton junior on surrender of Sarah Ogrum
K588/E/10Memorandum of exchequer pension of £5 6s 8d granted to William Cotton (cf 588/E2) with accounts for this of 1712 and 1736.
K588/T/58Quitclaim of messuage as 588/T/57.
K588/T/8Feoffment of a messuage in the donor's croft, 1 acre in Scorcecroft, both next to lands of prior of Thetford, 4a½r arable in Estfield, Arinhowefeld and Brakedenerfeld, Exning.
KCON/3/4/3/3Abstract of Title of Sir John Cotton, Bart., Decd., to the Manor of Upton.
KCON/1/A/5Court Rolls (and drafts)
KAR56/5/51-52Sir Robert Cotton to Ellen Proby late of Raynes, Bucks. Mortgage, by way of Lease and Release, of Manor of Hatley St George and messuages and lands in Hatley St George, East Hatley, Tadlow and Gamlingay.
K588/M/18File of court papers of manors of Exning and Coggeshall in Exning, comprising chiefly of lists of homages, verdicts, copy or admissions and surrenders and including orders for agriculture, 1653.
KAR57/9/9080John Atkin of Caxton to Mary Cotton of Childerley. Release of writs of error relating to judgement in plea of debt for £300.
K588/C/12/16Letter from officers of the San Josef expressing sympathy at death of her husband and a copy of her reply. (2 items).
KQ/SO/7/p19Oath filed in the court taken by Edward Leeds, Sheriff, previous to election of Rt Hon Manners, Marquis of Granby and John Hynds Cotton Bt, to Parliament. Conviction on 11th January of Mary Wilmott of Barrington for selling ale without a license.
K588/T/69Quitclaim of land in 588/T/68.
K588/M/28Rental of manor [Coggeshall in] Exning of John de Coggishall, with farms of land on dorse.
K588/F/90Pink embroidered wallet.
K588/Z/76Views of Hatfield House and Brocket Chapel, high altar, south transept and 13th century arches in Hatfield Church, with covering letter from J. Antrobus to E.A. King. (6 items).
K588/T/270Lease for 6 years of 2 acre close with messuage and 12 acres arable called Richardsons, Pease Close, 2 acre close at end of Home Close (excluding parlour in dwelling house and timber) in Hardwick.
K588/T/21Letters and attorney to make livery of seisin of ½ acre in Wendmelnefeld, Exning, to John Belamy and John his brother, in accordance of feoffment.
K588/E/60Messrs Foster's sale catalogue, 'The Madingley Pictures and other effects', including furniture, tapestry and books for sale of 14 June 1871, roughly marked with notes of sale.
K588/E/76Transcript and translation of valuation of Reigate Priory from the Valor Ecclesiasticus of 1535-1536.
K588/T/20Feoffment of 1a1r in Brakedene Field and Suthfeld Magna, Exning.
K588/T/28Feoffment of ½ acre in Holberwefeld, Exning (cf 588/T/13)
K588/T/27Feoffment of ½ acre in Holberwefeld, Exning (cf 588/T/13)
K588/T/22Quitclaim of 3r at Haddiswell in Brakedenefeld, Exning.
K588/T/26Grant of 6s 9¼ d quit rents from various tenements in Exning fields and village.
K588/T/18Feoffment of 5r arable in Windmelnefeld, Exning abutting lands of Robert de Hastings, the abbot of Battle and Aymer de Valence.
K588/T/29Feoffment of ½ acre in Holberwefeld, Exning (cf 588/T/13)
K588/T/106Manor of Exning Hall and Coggishall in Exning: admission to 1½ acres pasture called Burnt Yard.
K588/T/30Feoffment of ½ acre in Holberwefeld, Exning (cf 588/T/13)
K588/T/50Quitclaim of manor of Landwade or any part of it.
K588/T/63Receipt on payment of third instalment of mortgage debt contracted by 588/T/62.
K588/T/87Feoffment of 1½r arable in Arnould feilde, Exning.
K588/T/215Lease and release of property in 588/T/210 to create a tenant to the precipe for suffering a common recovery.
K588/T/127Feoffment of property in 588/T/126.
K588/T/132Feoffment of 12½a1r arable, meadow and pasture in Girton and Bradmere Felde, Water Coddes, Meadowe felde, Stamforthe felde and Gyrton Meadowe, Girton, and in Madingley Fields (5r arable and 2a pasture only).
K588/T/98Manor of Exning Hall: Admission to 2 acre croft or pightle in Rotten Row, Exning.
K588/T/224Indenture of fine for 5 messuages, 5 gardens, 5 orchards, 220 acres land, 30 acres pasture, common of pasture and a fold course for 500 sheep in Girton.
K588/T/89Bargain and sale of 3 acres in Fordham Field.
K588/T/107Lease for 14 years of Exning Hall Farm at present occupied by lessee excepting timber and right to sport and kill game, with covenant to keep in good repair and abide by certain conditions of agriculture and to yearly assign one fatted turkey and one fatted goose to lessor.
K588/T/83Feoffment of messuage in Landwade and twenty pieces of land in Exning and Landwade fields.
K588/T/225Indentures of a fine for 4 messuages, 4 cottages, 2 tofts, 350 acres land, 30 acres meadow, 50 acres pasture, 5 acres woodland in Girton, Impington and Madingley, with account for court fees.
K588/T/149Mortgage by demise for 500 years of 10a½r in Girton (as 588/T132-147).
K588/T/136Feoffment of lands in 588/T135 and 2a1r meadow and pasture in Bardole, Westwick abutting Westwick Brook.
K588/T/146Bond for £60 to perform covenants [probably relating to mortgage of same property or to property mortgaged in 588/T/151].
K588/T/120Mortgage in fee of all messuages etc in East Greenwich and Deptford purchased from mortgagee by deed of 17 April 1583 and messuages and tenements, three gardens and an alley in St Clement Danes, London.
K588/T/169Feoffment of all arable lands, meadow, common and sheeprun in Madingley and Whitwell [in Coton] inherited from Joan Norman, spinster, the feoffor's aunt (cf 588/T/125, 127, 128).
K588/T/121Mortgage in fee.
K588/T/190Feoffment to uses of 4a1r particularly described in 3 deeds [i.e. 588/T170, 172 and last feoffment of 29 April 1632] to create a jointure.
K588/T/162Counterpart surrender of Manor of Burelwas alias Sheire Mannour Moore-barnes, Moreham and Harleston and other lands in Madingley in accordance with 588/T/157.
K588/T/203Lease during minority of heir of Manor of Ramsey and Enderby alias Pigotts in Girton and advowson of church late in tenure of Anne Hinde in King's hand by wardship of Jane Hinde, daughter of Edward Hinde, deceased.
K588/T/156Lease for lessor's life of 80 years of lands in Girton conveyed by 588/T156 with covenant to educate lessor's child etc.
K588/T/181Mortgage of demise for 2000 years of property covenanted in 588/T166.
K588/T/318Counterpart lease for 6 years of farm at Brookend, Gamlingay and moiety of parish of tithe corn.
K588/T/259Mortgage by demise for 1000 years of Pease, alias Buttons, Close (2 acres), 2 acres close in Hashmer Deane Field, and Offill Close (2 acres) in Stockwell Deane Field, Hardwick.
K588/T/176Quitclaim of all lands in Madingley formerly of Anthony Ivatt late of Madingley, deceased, in accordance with his will.
K588/T/194Defeasance of same on condition that terms of mortgage (588/T/175) maintained.
K588/T/244Bond for payment of £53 consideration money for conditional surrender of messuage and 15 acres arable in Hardwick held of Manor of Hardwick.
K588/W/29Copy of will of Maria Philadelphia Louisa Hills.
K588/T/252Manor of Girton Pigotts cum Ramses: conditional surrender of 5 acre close in House Lane, Girton (as 588/T/251)
K588/T/251Manor of Girton Pigotts cum Ramses: conditional surrender of 5 acre close in House Lane, Girton.
K588/T/277Lease and release of mortgaged property (as 588/T266) with covenant to levy fine.
K588/T/331Lease for 15 years of house in Great Burlington Street as in 588/T330 (Colonel Hamilton's house now occupied by Sir George Saunders) with detailed inventory of fittings annexed.
K588/F/87Black leather wallet.
K588/W/14Nuncupative will of Anne Cotton, leaving her watch to John Hynde Cotton, esquire, and other property to sisters Jane, Elizabeth, Francis, Dorothy and Agnes.
KAR50/11/6Commission of William Wales, gentleman, as Ensign in Captain Sir John Hynde Cotton's Company of the Cambridgeshire Militia
K588/F/5Bond in £100 for payment of £50 of Dame Ann Carleton of Cheveley, widow, Dudley Carleton of Ember Court in Surrey, knight, and John Cotton of Cheveley.
K588/T/262Manor of Girton Pigotts cum Ramseys: Surrender of a tenement and admission of new tenant.
K588/T/300Agreement for surrender of property in Girton in 588/T298, with receipt for part of purchase money attached.
K588/T/332Lease for 23 years of house in Great Burlington Street as in 588/T/331 (i.e. remainder of term leased to present lessor's predecessor by 588/T330). Agnes Cotton to James Burgess.
K588/O/13Letter authorising Sir Charles Cotton and others as deputy lieutenants to act in certain cases during the absences of the lord lieutenant.
KAR52/12/26/2Honourable Thomas Watson v. Thomas Duckett, Mansell Duckett, Sir Robert Cotton and others. Bill of Chancery relating to mortgages raised on Manor of Steeple Morden and messuages and lands in same
K588/W/16Will of Elizabeth Cotton, leaving her possessions to her sisters Anne, Francis, Dorothy, Agnes, and a guinea each to her brother and sister Sancroft.
K588/F/65Envelope of tickets from a weighing machine, newspaper cutting concerning an incident in a coffee room involving St Vincent Cotton.
K588/F/55Inventory of the wardrobe of 'Monsieur de Cotton' at Naples, including shirts, neck linen, linen, coats, hats, swords, etc, with additions (in French).
KAR57/9/9084Mary Cotton to John Atkin. Articles of Agreement relating to 41 year Lease of messuage, 1 acre pasture, 2-acre close of pasture and 11 acres land and a cottage, lately conveyed by John Atkin to Mary Cotton.
K757/T/d/177Solicitor's bill to John Dobede relating to his mortgage of estate in Exning purchased from Miss Cotton, and estate in Soham and Exning, for £14,000.
K588/E/24Draft and list of pictures at Madingley Hall, chiefly by Italian Renaissance artists and English eighteenth century portrait painters.
K588/Z/6Bond in £2000 by Charles Lord Clifford of St James in the Fields and Richard Graham of Clifford's Inn and Richard Heber of Middle Temple, London, to Sir Edmund Wiseman, to pay £1000.
KAH/26/236/108Mandate for induction: Henry Lovell Noble, Rector of Steeple Gidding: patrons, Jane Hart Widow, Thomas Bowdler Esq & Elizabeth Stuart his wife Frances Cotton spinster & Basil Earl of Denbigh & Mary Countess of Denbigh.
K588/E/59Messrs Foster's sale catalogue, 'The Madingley Pictures and other effects', including furniture, tapestry and books for sale of 14 June 1871. Marked with purchasers' names.
K588/E/13Particulars of Cotton estates in Madingley, Girton, Hardwick, Gamlingay, Landwade, Exning and Newmarket
K588/E/162 pages from sale particulars of Exning Hall Estate for Landwade Hall (190a3r11p) with private chapel and Chalk Farm, Exning (124a1r0p).
K588/T/345Westwell (Norfolk): Covenant to stand seised of messuage in Westwell in occupation of Robert Turner.
K588/T/344Mold: Gift of annuity of £60 p.a. rent charge on Mold estates, with bond in £1000 for payment and note of draft.
K588/E/18Copy of inquisition post mortem held at Cambridge into lands of Edward Hynd Esquire, chiefly concerning descent of Manors of Ramseys and Enderbyes alias Pigotts in Girton and Burlewas alias Shire Manor, Morebarnes, Marehams and Harleston with members in Madingley, Coton, Hardwick, Dry Drayton and Cambridge.
K588/T/330Lease for 61 years of a new house in Great Burlington Street, St James Westminster (shown in annexed plan as between those of Col Hamilton and Col Ligonier) in accordance with Private Act of 4 Geo III.
K588/O/7Appointment, by letters patent, of Sir John Hynde Cotton as treasurer of the chamber, and certificate of appointment. (Great seal of George II, in good condition, attached). (2 items).
K588/T/212Lease and release of property in 588/T/210 as a settlement on the marriage of the granter of Susanna Tubbs, spinster.
K588/W/8Probate of will of William Munnes the elder.
K588/O/16Petition by town of Cambridge to their members of parliament, Sir John Hynde Cotton, 3rd baronet, and Thomas Bacon, for repeal of the Septennial Act, alluding favourable to the opposition to Excise Act.
K588/M/30Manor of Exning: roll of farms of Drew Barentyn [alderman of London, mayor in 1398-1399] and associates [?trustees to whom the manor had been committed] payable at Easter and Michaelmas as in court roll.
K588/T/230Receipt for consideration money for release of 27 acres land in Madingley of same date.
K588/E/19Small volume containing terrier of [Girton] Fields.
K588/T/276Extract of will of Robert Fuller of Hardwick, yeoman (26 December 1690; proved 24 September 1692).
K588/T/11Feoffment of 2r in Estfield and Arinhowefeld, Exning.
K588/T/10Feoffment of 1½r in Suthfeld, Exning.
K588/T/68Feoffment of land in 588/T/67.
K588/T/102Lease for 12 years.
K588/T/51Feoffment of all lands formerly of John Fenstede in village and fields of Burwell.
K588/T/208Copy (14 November 1655) of John Smeeth of Girton, yeoman, interalia devising property in 588/T207 to Wife Amy for life and then to daughter Jean and also 9 acres called Wixorns in Girton and copyhold lands in Girton, Over and Impington to wife with various provisions.
K588/T/79Feoffment in form of indenture of 7½ acres and 1½ r in Byggyngfeld, and 3s 6d rent of assise from garde called Derbyes and meadow called Lacyees pertaining to donors manors of Coggeshall and Bassingbourn in Fordham.
K588/T/81Feoffment of tenement formerly of Thomas Grene and previous of Henry Samford, chaplain, in Samfordislane, Landwade which donor recently had with Robert and John Garson, deceased.
K588/T/116Quitclaim of land in 588/T/113: Margery, widow of William Brond to Simon le Note and William Banke of London.
K588/T/122Lease for 21 years.
K588/T/157Articles of agreement on marriage of Edward Hynde, grandson of Sir Edward Hynde, and Agnes, daughter of Thomas Maples.
K588/T/310Asssignment of lease for remainder of term of 21 years of messuage called Squerryes and 150 acre lands belonging to it in Westerham (Kent), leased in 1718 by William, Earl of Jersey to Abel Alleyne, esquire, by whom assigned by present assignor (588/T309).
KCB/2/CL/17/3/Page 219Lease, for 21 years between the Corporation and John Edwards, chandler, of the booth grounds called Munseys Booths in Cheese Row, Stourbridge Fair, between the booths of alderman Watson and Sir John Hind Cotton, on surrender of a lease to John Wardall, deceased, dated 11 Jan 1716.
K588/O/34Naval papers of Sir Charles Cotton (1753-1812), admiral of the White: Log book of the Prince.
K588/W/24Probate of will dated 4 June 1767 of Agnes Cotton.
K588/T/1Feoffment of a croft in Newmarket between those of Alfred and Peter de Nep, which the donor held of Simon de Sexton
K588/W/32Epitome of will of William Charles Smith late of Shortgrove, esquire, deceased.
K757/T/d/161-162Copy lease and reconveyance of farmhouse, orchard and 6 closes in Landwade; cottage, 3 closes and 14a, in Burwell called Ness Farm; 21a called Ash Tree Piece in Burwell; lands in Exning. 1. Christopher Pemberton Esq of Cambridge. 2. Sir St Vincent Cotton of Madingley, Bart. Recitals: 1824, 1825, 1829, 1830, 1831
KAR52/12/25/B1-21st Part: Thomas Duckett of Lincoln's Inn and Mansell his son. 2nd Part: Thomas Saunders of Beechwood, Hertfordshire. 3rd Part: Honourable Thomas Watson, Sir Robert Cotton, of Hatley, Philip Cotton of Conington, Francis Lane of Inner Temple and Matthew Johnson of Middle Temple. Lease and Release of properties in Steeple Morden, i.e. (a) Manor of Steeple Morden and capital messuage. (b) Another capital messuage and lands. (c) Quit rents of Manor of Steeple Morden. (d) 7 messuages and lands
K588/O/21Printed open letter by recently defeated candidate for chamberlain of City of London to successor as MP to Sir Robert Godschall, reproaching the latter for his lack of support in election and refusing his own in forthcoming parliamentary election unless he can disprove the allegations. Exchange Alley.
K588/M/32Terrier of 588/245A in Burwell, Exning and Newmarket (Suffolk)
K588/T/31Feoffment of ½ acre in Holberwefeld, Exning (cf 588/T/13)
K588/T/16Feoffment of messuage with walls in village of Fordham.
K588/F/95Purple and gold cloth file.
KAR52/12/28/5Archbishop of Canterbury to John Comfort of Westminster. After reciting various mortgages of messuage and 500 acres land parcel of Manor of Steeple Morden, Grant of Special Letters of Administration to dispose of goods of Sir Robert Cotton deceased and to exhibit an inventory in accordance with his will
K588/T/117Feoffment of land in 588/T/113: William Longe of Linton to William Mylcent, Thomas Gardiner, fuller, Thomas Sely and John Mylcent of Linton
K588/A/3Papers from 588/A2: bills, etc.
K588/W/11Copy of will of Sir Robert Cotton of Hatley St George.
KHAC6/6046/4Deeds of Cockbrook Farm, Old Weston and Brington (Bundle 4)
KCON/3/1/C/4Deed to Lead Uses of Fine (Bargain and Sale)
KHAC1/1982/2/6Deed to lead uses of fine (and fine)
KCON/4/2/7/5Valuation of Denton, Caldecot, Stilton and Folksworth. (lands in possession of heiresses of Sir John Cotton.)
KCON/3/1/E/9Nomination; From Thomas Hart, Warfield, Berks, Esq. and Jane Hart, his wife, Thomas Bowdler, Ashley, Wilts., Esq. and Eliz. Stuart, his wife, Frances and Mary Cotton. To Sir John Heathcote, Normanton, Rutland, Bart.
KCON/3/4/4/1Mortgage and Assignment of Term.
KCON/3/2/A/90Lease of 5 Dec 1770
KCON/2/4/A/45Demise for a Term (Collateral Security)
KCON/2/4/A/63Marriage Settlement (Lease and Release)
KCON/5/3/2Cotton v. Cotton Bill of Complaint
K588/C/21/17Letter from John Hynde King to his mother from his camp at Sebastapol giving details of conditions, bad weather, etc.
K588/C/27/7Letter from Mr Lacey concerning subscription to the upkeep of the school and repair of the church.
K588/C/28/60Letters from her nephew William Cornwallis King and his grandchildren Lucy and Richard King in Winnipeg, Canada. (7 items).
K588/C/28/46Letters from Birdie (Justine King, later Antrobus) on holiday in Rome Sienna and Florence including views of Genoa, Rome, Sienna, San Gimignano and Florence. (33 items).
K588/O/29Covering letter from Sir Stanier Porten to Sir John Hynde Cotton for stay of execution for William Johnson in Ely gaol.
K588/C/28/52Letters from Miss Houblon concerning the Cotton letters and papers. (The Houblons are related to the Cottons having a common ancestor in Sir John Hynde Cotton the elder). (3 items).
K588/F/21Bond in £3000 to pay £1500 by Sir John Hynde Cotton of Madingley, baronet, to Jane, Ann, Elizabeth, Frances, Dorothy and Agnes Cotton of Hanover Square, spinsters.
K588/M/31Rental of lands in Exning [?held of manor of Exning or Coggeshall in Exning].
K588/T/74Letters of attorney to make livery of seisen of manor of Exning etc.
K588/E/23Writ and inquisition ad quod dampnum for enclosure of highway leading from Madingley church to Drayton Field, with agent's account for procuring same and receipt for returning and enrolling with Clerk of the Peace (cf 588/Q504, page 182-3) with partial transcript.
K588/T/263Manor of Girton Pigotts cum Ramseys: Conditional surrender of a messuage, orchard and close of pasture with 1r arable in Girton.
K588/T/188Bond for £20 for performance of 588/T/187.
K588/T/4Feoffment of ½a¼r in donor's croft [in Fordham, endorsed] on Chippenham Road next to house of Arnulf the dyer (cf 588/T23).
K588/T/24Feoffment of 1 acre arable in Anhowefeld, Exning.
K588/T/15Feoffment of messuage with trees and buildings in village of Fordham.
K588/T/23Feoffment of ½ acre arable in Fordham Field towards Chippenham near le Blakelond (cf. 588/T4).
K588/T/86Bargain and Sale of 3r meadow in Landwade Moore, Exning, 2 half-acre pieces of arable in Arnowlde filde. Thomas Pleasance of Exning, yeoman, to Sir John Cotton of Landwade, knight, and John Cotton, esquire, his son and heir.
K588/T/70Feoffment of 7 acres arable in Exning fields granted to donor by John Gardener the younger, John Gladewene and John Sampsun of Exning.
K588/T/75Feoffment of messuage and adjacent garden in Landwade (cf 588/T59).
K588/T/78Feoffment of lands and tenements in Landwade fields and village of Exning which the donor has by gift of Thomas Crowe, William Warnere, both of Soham, and William Cantford the elder of Burwell.
K588/T/124Feoffment of 2a½r in East Field, Heydon Field and Bradefeld, Eversden.
K588/T/285Manor of Girton Pigotts: surrender of messuage, 40 acres in open fields and 2 closes of pasture in occupation of Edward Barnes (? identical with property in 588/T/284).
K588/T/114Feoffment of land in 588/T/113. William Brond, the elder of Great Linton, to Margery, his wife
K588/T/168Declaration of trust to mortgage in fee of a messuage and 1 close of 12 acres known as the site of Manor of Liles in Cottenham with 20½ acres arable lying dispersed in common fields.
K588/T/200Lease for 21 years of Madingley Parsonage, excepting advowson of vicarage.
K588/T/7Feoffment of eastern part of donor's messuage in Newmarket
K588/T/61Feoffment of same, which the donor and Thomas his brother had by gift of Thomas Nekton, citizen and stock-fishmonger of London.
K588/T/94Mortgage, by demise for 1000 years of Manor of Landwade with all lands in Landwade, Exning and Fordham.
K588/T/112Feoffment of 2 pieces of arable in fields of Linton ('Lynton Magna'), one lying in place called Over Smalthornys and the other in furlong called Larkhel
K588/T/321Lease for 40 years in form of an indenture of 60 acres known as Reigate Hill in Reigate with free warren.
K588/T/343Mold: Copy of release (subsequent to lease for six months) to lead the uses of a Common Recovery to be suffered at next sessions or assizes for County of Flint.
K588/T/3Feoffment of messuage in Fordham which donor holds from Hospital of SS Peter and Mary Magdalene, Fordham.
K588/F/92Red brocade and velvet purse.
K588/Q/9Moyse's Highway Charity: copy conveyance of Manor of Walpole, Norfolk, in trust for the repair of the highways around Cambridge.
KHP17/30/5Historical notes
K588/T/113Feoffment of first of piece of land lying in place called Over Smalthornys in Linton Fields.
K588/T/182Assignment of 588/T/181 pursuant to decree in Chancery.
KGK/184/15Copy of assignment (Ekins Brewery miscellaneous item)
K515/B/64Valuation book, no.37
K588/F/89Gold stamped leather wallet.
K588/F/94Green wallet, evidently Elizabeth Ann King's.
K588/C/21/27Copy of letter from William King to his mother, from the Royal Hospital, Scutari, informing her that he is about to return home.
K588/T/222Manor of Girton Pigotts: Surrender of 2 acres in fields of Girton.
K588/C/21/2Letter from William King at Dorchester to his mother to tell her that he has been posted to the Crimea.
K588/C/28/49Letters and telegrams from Birdie (Justine King, later Antrobus) and husband at Saffron Walden to Miss Elizabeth King in the Palmerston, Shanklin, Isle of Wight, when their son Charles was born. (15 items).
K588/C/28/50Letters and cards from Birdie (Justine King, later Antrobus) on holiday at Rotheneuf and St Malo. Including views of the beach, marshes, Moulin du Lupin, harbour, Bois du Lupin, L'Etang du Lupin, Calvary and Chapelle Notre Dame des Flots at Rotheneuf, and the harbour town at St Malo. (15 items).
K588/E/133Papers concerning Reigate estate, etc: 1) rents at Reigate, 1752; 3) Bow Lane rents, 1714; 4) Reigate estate, 1767; 8) Hamble estate, 1827; 11) accounts for use of reward; 11a) drafts - O'Dunne, 1779; 12) excise draft, 1777; 13) receipts, 1778; 14) release, ?1779; 15) receipt, 1780; 16) land tax.
K588/C/28/51Letters and cards from Birdie (Justine King, later Antrobus) on holiday at Bormes and Hyeres including views of Grand Hotel, Bormes Road and village of Bormes and the Orient Boulevard, Castle and Mount Fenouillet, Place des Palmiers and general view of Hyeres. (25 items).
KCON/1/A/1Court Rolls (and drafts)
K588/O/41Naval papers of Sir Charles Cotton (1753-1812), admiral of the White
K588/O/36Naval papers of Sir Charles Cotton (1753-1812), admiral of the White: notebook.
K588/Q/10Roper's Charity, East Greenwich: release of property in East Greenwich in trust for the poor of parishes of Farningham, Eynsford and Horton Kirby, Kent.
K588/T/6Feoffment of 1a½r in Exning comprising four pieces in Suthfeld.
K588/T/13Feoffment of ½a arable in Holberwefeld, Exning (cf 588/T27-31).
K588/T/43Feoffment in form of indenture of a tenement in Marcatstete, Fordham, and 2acre arable lying dispersedly in Borewellehalys abutting le Fryt and Downefeld, in Fordham and Soham, with covenant by feoffee to make payment of 8 marks by following candlemas.
K588/T/49Feoffment in form of indenture of manor of Landwade with all lands and tenements in Landwade, Burwell, Fordham, Snailwell and Exning except lands conveyed by 588/T47.
K588/T/62Mortgage of manor of Landwade with lands, etc (as 588/T/47-49) and messuage called Brounis etc (as 588/T/51-52) to secure 700 marks to be repaid in seven annual instalments of 100 marks in St Gregory's Church, Sudbury.
K588/T/90Lease for eight years.
K588/T/96Lease for a year of Manors of Landwade, Cogishall in Exning, Exning called Cotton's Hall, Madingley, Burley Wash alias Moore Barnes Farme in Madingley and Girton
K588/T/177Covenant to levy fine.
K588/T/218Lease and release of property in 588/T/210 with assignment in trust for 1000 years and covenant to suffer recovery and surrender of 2 acres copyhold lands in fields of Girton at next court of manor of Girton Pigotts.
K588/T/129Feoffment to uses of a messuage in Histon at end of Girton village.
K588/T/155Settlement on marriage of Anthony Hynde, son and heir of Edward Hynde, to Anne Gostwick, daughter of William Gostwick.
K588/T/328Lease for 21 years.
KCON/2/1/1Will Sir John Cotton of Stratton, Biggleswade, Beds, Bart. Made: 11 August, 1701 Codicil 18 April 1702 Proved 15 Sept 1702
KHAC4/4878Glass plate slides of Cromwelliana and Hunts scenes
KBLC/2/16/116Samuel Wells' Personal Papers concerning the manor of Yaxley
K588/B/3Articles of agreement.
K509/2/5/10Cleared cheques
KQ/SO/7/p87Before William Greaves Beaupre Bell Esq, Rt Hon Philip Earl of Hardwicke, Rt Hon Thomas Lord Montfort, Sir Thomas Hatton and Sir John Hynde Cotton, Baronets, William Norfolk Esq (Mayor), Robert Plumpton DD, William Howell Ewin LLD, Dingey Askham, Soame Jonyns and Hale Wortham Esqs. Appeal by Parish of Catledge and Kirthing against a removal order for John Mitchell from Carlton cum Willingham. Appeal dismissed subject to the opinion of James Wallace Esq.
KQ/SO/7/p364John Cotton, a Justice of the Peace and a Deputy Lieutenant of Cambridge, son of Baronet Sir John Hynde Cotton, apeared in court and delivered a certificate confirming his having received the sacrament of the Lord's Supper according to the Church of England's usage. 2 credible witnesses confirmed this. Cotton then took the oaths of allegiance, supremacy and abjuration and also took the declaration of transubstantiation.
KTR/324/1/2Photostat of testament of Thomas Huntyngdon of Hempstead, Essex, Esq. (modern copy)
KTR/350Photocopies of Landwade parish records
KCON/3/1/A/29Deed to Lead Uses of Common Recovery
K515/B/62Valuation book, no.32
K588/E/100Papers submitted for opinion on manorial rights of East Smithfield.
K588/F/27Copy of agreement between Thomas Newling of Melbourn, yeoman, John Trigg of Melbourn, gentleman, in right of Mary his wife late Mary Newling, spinster, and William Fordham of Sandon, Hertfordshire, yeoman, in right of Sarah his wife, late Sarah Newling, spinster, of the one part and Mary Newling of Melbourn concerning disputed will of John Newling, deceased.
K588/F/33Pedigree book with some loose sheets from the Herald's Visitation of Cambridgeshire.
K588/T/337Counterpart lease for 10 years of no. 2 Manor Row near Tower Hill, shown on plan in margin as shop adjacent to late Hambro' Arms. Dame Philadelphia Cotton of Madingley, widow, to George Foulkes, cheesemonger.
K588/T/341Schedule of Lady Philadelphia Cotton's deeds.
K588/L/1Commission to make inquiry ex parte Sir John Cotton, baronet, plaintiff v. James Margetston, Edward Daws, William Hinsby, Charles Pleasance, Edward Howlett, Thomas Pleasance and William Sergeant with interrogatories and replies annexed concerning sheepwalks rights of manors of Exning Hall, Coggeshall in Exning and Landwade Hall in lands known as Fenside and Haycrofts in Exning.
K588/F/91Blue and silver ribbon wallet, evidently of Elizabeth Ann King of Plawhatch.
K588/M/8Manor of Exning (alias Exning Hall): Court Baron
K588/O/31Naval papers of Sir Charles Cotton (1753-1812), admiral of the White.
K588/O/35Naval papers of Sir Charles Cotton (1753-1812), admiral of the White.
K588/O/44Letters, papers, case for opinion relating to freight, etc.
K588/P/1Navigational charts of the Coromandel coast (east coast of India), Tanasary Pegu and Sumatra, Macco Islands (Macao), Zeloan (Ceylon), Amoye and Sinus Persicus (Persian Gulf). Drawn by John Thornton at the sign of the Platt in the Minories, London. (6 items). N.b.'John Thornton's Navigational Charts' by Andrew Cook in the pamphlet collection.
K588/TTitle Deeds
K588/T/119Covenant to procure marriage of John Cotton esquire and Elizabeth, covenantee's daughter.
K588/T/111Quitclaim of 100 shilling annual rent from lands of Alice, former wife of Fulk Banyard, in Haddenham.
K588/T/123Gift in frankalmoign of messuage with croft in Toft, formerly donor's father's except garden from donor's wall to road, and 4 seliens in Toft Field.
K588/T/131Grant in form of royal letters patent.
K588/T/326Lease for a year (preliminary to release).
K588/W/5Probate of will dated 1 October 1516 of John Seyntwary, parson of Landbeach.
KCB/1/A/46'Case Book', with Freemen list
K588/Z/22Volume of manuscript prose and verse with preface by Reverend Bennet, containing mainly letters in verse.
KCON/2/4/A/35Demise for a Term
KCON/2/4/A/64Marriage Settlement (By Lease and Release)
KCON/2/4/A/49Declaration of Trust (and copy)
KCON/3/1/A/16Lease and Quitclaim
KCON/3/2/A/79Deed to Lead Uses of Fine
KFE/1/2Will of Sir J. Hewett of Waresley, bart
KP42/1/1Composite register
KP76/1/1Copies of: Baptisms, Marriages, Burials. Paper sheets (7), formerly loose
K588/O/40Naval papers of Sir Charles Cotton (1753-1812), admiral of the White: papers, orders, etc relating to naval affairs mainly in Portugal. (102 numbered documents). 1794-1796, 1807-1808.
K588/Z/10Papers relating to the Cottonian Library (now part of the British Library).
K979/1Madingley Village History (1902-1957) compiled by members of the Women's Institute.
KCON/2/1/4Will Sir John Cotton of Conington, Hunts, Bart.
KCON/2/4/A/31Deed to Declare Uses of Trust
KCON/2/4/A/32Deed to Lead Uses of Fine
KCON/2/4/A/57Assignment of a Term in Trust (and Counterpart)
KCON/2/5/A/10Assignment of Term (Lease and Release) (and Counterpart)
KCON/3/1/B/8Assignment of Term
KCON/3/2/B/4Deed to Lead Uses of Fine; (Lease/Release) and Copy.
KCON/3/2/B/8Assignment of Terms
KCON/5/3/15Cotton v. Cotton; Answer of Sir Robert Cotton, Kt and Thomas C., Esq. son and heir of William C., Esq., decd. defendants, to the Bill of Complaint of Sir John Cotton, Bart, complainant.
K509/3/1/5Letters and papers
KFIELDEN/F5/8/1Settlement. Sir Thomas Cotton of Connington, John Cotton, his son, Sir Thomas Soame of Kimberley, Norfolk, Walter Chetwyn, of Staffordshire, Robert Bernard.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/22Lease for a year. Mary Cotton daughter of Sir John Cotton (1) Sir Cardell Firebrace Bart, Sir Robert Burdett Bart and Charles Jennens (2) her fourth share in the Hunts properties.
KFIELDEN/F5/32/2Feoffment. Latham Brickwood and Mary, his wife, to Enderbee Yeardye of a messuage in Glatton, between cottage of ??? Sibley on East Common Street or Kings Highway to North and land of Sir John Cotton, Bart, to south and west, occupied by Samuel Taylor
KFIELDEN/F5/35/1Assignment. Charles Jennans (1), Sir John Cotton (2), Thomas Hart and Jane, his wife and Thomas Bowdler and Elizabeth Stuart, his wife, Francis Cotton and Mary Cotton, being only children of Sir John Cotton (3), Thomas Truman (4) James George Douglas, of various lands etc. including Manor of Glatton.
KCB/4/1/2Minute book 1 Dec 1801-23 Dec 1817
KDMC/120Steeple Gidding Lordship map 1648
KP110/5/1Churchwardens. Accounts of total rates received and of disbursements
K588/C/22/1Letters, including some from Windsor Castle, concerning HRH the Prince of Wales tenancy of Madingley Hall. (12 items).
K588/C/15Correspondence of Sir Charles Cotton to Lord Horatio Nelson
K588/C/16/1Copy letter from his son Richard (then Captain King, later Vice Admiral Sir Richard King, 2nd baronet) after Trafalgar with description of battle.
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