Person NameFellowes; family; of Ramsey Abbey; Barons de Ramsey
ActivityThe Fellowes family continue to be a prominent family of landowners centred in Huntingdonshire, with a hereditary seat in the House of Lords since 1887. The ancestors of the first sizeable landowner in the family - William Fellowes (1660-1723/4) - were London merchants, and he himself was a prominent barrister and judge, before acquiring sizeable lands in the 1710s in Devon. His descendants added to these lands with estates in Huntingdonshire and Norfolk and each of them served in Parliament, in some cases for several decades. Certain members of the family served in the armed forces, including several members who were killed in the First World War. By the end of the 19th century, the family held massive lands across three counties, and Edward Fellowes was created a Baron several weeks before his death in recognition of his long and prominent political career. The family still holds the title and significant estates, while the current holder is a major figure in agricultural and environmental policy.
RelationshipsAilwyn Edward Fellowes, 1st Baron Ailwyn (1855-1924) was the younger son of Edward Fellowes, 1st Baron de Ramsey (1809-1887)
A younger brother of William Fellowes (1660-1723/4) was created Sir John Fellowes, 1st Baronet Fellowes of Carshalton, Surrey (1669/70-1724) in 1719. He died childless and the title became extinct.
Because of the 2nd Baron's marriage to Lady Rosamond Jane Frances Spencer-Churchill, he was the uncle through marriage of Winston Churchill (1874-1965).
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