Person NameFellowes; family; of Ramsey Abbey; Barons de Ramsey
ActivityThe Fellowes family continue to be a prominent family of landowners centred in Huntingdonshire, with a hereditary seat in the House of Lords since 1887. The ancestors of the first sizeable landowner in the family - William Fellowes (1660-1723/4) - were London merchants, and he himself was a prominent barrister and judge, before acquiring sizeable lands in the 1710s in Devon. His descendants added to these lands with estates in Huntingdonshire and Norfolk and each of them served in Parliament, in some cases for several decades. Certain members of the family served in the armed forces, including several members who were killed in the First World War. By the end of the 19th century, the family held massive lands across three counties, and Edward Fellowes was created a Baron several weeks before his death in recognition of his long and prominent political career. The family still holds the title and significant estates, while the current holder is a major figure in agricultural and environmental policy.
RelationshipsAilwyn Edward Fellowes, 1st Baron Ailwyn (1855-1924) was the younger son of Edward Fellowes, 1st Baron de Ramsey (1809-1887)
A younger brother of William Fellowes (1660-1723/4) was created Sir John Fellowes, 1st Baronet Fellowes of Carshalton, Surrey (1669/70-1724) in 1719. He died childless and the title became extinct.
Because of the 2nd Baron's marriage to Lady Rosamond Jane Frances Spencer-Churchill, he was the uncle through marriage of Winston Churchill (1874-1965).
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KR/R60/9Admission, Manor of Wistow
KR/R7/1/HAs to the whole of the freehold
KR/R3/12Deeds relating to a Stocking Fen Lot
KR/R13/1/PAs to premises formerly Stimson's
KR/R63/40A Herne Farm, 155 acres
KR/R13/4Land in Lockspits
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KR/RB2/20Copy and Quit Rent Account Book
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KR/R45/8Misc. Bundle
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KR/R36Deeds and papers
KR/R39/11Slips of Paper
KR/R7Deeds and papers
KR/R9/9/AAs to one Lot
KR/R10/3/QAll the premises.
KR/R18/11One Broadall's Lot
KR/R17/5Allotment in the Hern Common
KR/R13/1/SAs to the Lockspit Lands
KR/R10/3/EThe whole of the premises
KR/R17/3Three Allotments in the Hern
KR/R7/2/EAs to 12& ½ acres of arable and a quarter lot.
KR/R17/4Allotment in The Hern Common
KR/Acc3666/1/10Letters concerning tithe redemption on land being sold to Hunts. C.C.
KHINCH/8/B/B/193-2Canvasses for W.H. Fellowes and John Calvert
KR/R5/7Deed Relating to a Turf Lot, Ramsey
KR/R3/24Two Great Skeggings Lots
KR/R42/15Court files (mainly copies of surrenders.)
KR/R7/2/GAs to a messuage in Wistow
KR/R18/7Meerside Land
KR/R42Manorial Records: Manor of Ramsey
KR/R9Deeds and papers
KR/R37/3Deeds relating to half a Hollow Lot, Ramsey.
KR/R13/1/RAs to all the above lands
KR/R35/4Will and related papers
KR/R3/6Deeds relating to 2 Meerside Lots
KR/RB3/DAbbots Ripton Estate
KR/R9/9/CAs to both Lots
KR/Acc3640Fellowes Collection additional
KR/RB2/10Court Rolls
KR/R8/5Deeds relating to land in Skeggings
KR/R42/14Court files (mainly copies of surrenders.)
KR/R10/3/JThe whole of the premises.
KR/RB2/12Court Rolls
KR/R17/6An Allotment in Hern Common
KR/R44Deeds and papers
KR/RB2/8Index to Court Rolls
KR/RB3/L/126Draft Accounts
KR/R35/20William Henry Fellowes, the younger
KR/R6/1Deeds relating to Muchwood Parts, Ramsey
KR/R13/1/JAs to 4ac. of the 6ac. of arable land.
KR/R42/9Court files (mainly copies of surrenders.)
KR/R2/2Deeds relating to 2,500 acre Lots in Warboys
KR/R18/10Messuage on the Green, Ramsey
KR/R42/4Proceedings of Court Leet
KR/R60/48Land-Charge Receipts
KR/Acc3666/4Abbots Ripton tithe rent charge
KR/R46Property Deeds.
KR/R36/3Bundle of letters and receipts.
KR/R42/10Court files (mainly copies of surrenders.)
KR/R17/10Allotment in Hern Common
KR/R5/5Deeds Relating to Osier Holt in Ramsey
KR/R7/2/FAs to a 6 acre lot of fen ground.
KR/R42/13Court files (mainly copies of surrenders.)
KR/R7/3/DAs to 4 acres Or. 13p. in Muchwood
KR/R9/8Deeds relating to a Hollow Head Lot, Ramsey
KR/R7/4/BAs to the Copyhold Lands.
KR/R14Deeds and papers
KR/R4/2/23Order to Confirm R4/2/22.
KR/R63/2255 Great Whyte
KR/R34/4/15Mortgage Bond.
KR/R18/12/6Covenant to produce title deeds. William Henry Fellowes and George Harrod.
KR/R36/13Conveyance of Land in Mereside, Ramsey.
KR/Acc2680/2/16Box of estate letters
KR/R7/2/MAs to the freehold and the copyhold
KR/R46/1Deeds re. North Bourn Close. Lt. Stukeley
KR/R9/1Deeds Relating to 2 acres of land at Thrapston, Northants
KR/R63/2Church Farm, 195a
KR/R47/1/2Ramsey Estate Bank Account Books
KR/R13/1/KR/97Estiamted Fee Simple Value of Pooley's Estate in Upwood.
KR/R32/3Bundle of Deeds and other papers marked: Papers relative to Mrs Murvell's Legacy.
KR/R44/17Map of Honingham, Norfolk.
KHINCH/8/A/A/67List compiled by Mr. Maule of the number of votes supposedly pledged to Mr. Fellowes.
KR/RB3/A/47Rent Audit Book
KHINCH/8/B/B/192-2Canvasses for W.H Fellowes and John Calvert none resident
KR/R31/2/1/1Case and Opinion thereon (with copy) of John Richardson, Middle Temple.
KR/RB2/18Mr. Fann's Account of one year's Copy and Quit Rents.
KR/R33/3Deeds relating to a Messuage & a Broadalls Lot.
KR/R10/5/3Abstract of Title.
KR/R36/15Redemption of 2 Fee Farm Rents at Benwick.
KR/R63/36/1& 2Holmedene, Great Whyte, Ramsey
KR/R36/1Deeds relating to the Manor, Advowson, Tithes and 104 acres of land in Little Raveley.
KR/RB6/1Minute Book of Orders & Adjournments
KR/R7/2/NNew Deeds
KR/R63/63Park Farm, Ramsey. Live & Dead Stock
KR/R62/22De Ramsey Will Trust: draft capitol account book
KR/RB3/B/75Terriers; at back of book misc a/c with plan
KR/R17/7Land in the Hern Common
KR/R35/16/3Papers relating to a dispute over the will
KR/R60/29Lease to HCC, Middle Moor Farm Ramsey.
KR/R36/17Deeds relating to 6 acres of freehold land in Muchwood and Skeggins, Ramsey.
KR/R7/2/KAs to 6 acres of fen and several pieces of meadow
KR/R14/4/5Abstract of Title of William Serjeant to the fishery in R14/4/4
KR/R33/5Deeds relating to lands situate in Drapers Delph in Ramsey.
KR/R13/1/N/81Manor of Upwood Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R63/25Great Raveley 51 acres
KR/R35/5/3Inventory and Valuation of W.H.Fellowes' furniture and effects at Ramsey Abbey.
KR/R63/34/1& 2Seekings Lane & Forty Foot Bank plus plan
KHINCH/8/A/E/1602 rough copies of the Address to the public of Lord Hinchingbrooke and Mr. W.H. Fellowes.
KHINCH/8/A/A/47List of the letters written by Lord Hinchingbrooke and William Henry Fellowes Esq.
KR/R42/5Papers, accounts, minutes etc of Court
KR/R46/2Deeds etc. re Denhills Farm, Lt. Stukeley
KR/R34/5Beals Cote
KR/R36/23Deeds relating to 41 acres of land in Broughton
KR/R15/12Assignment of Mortgage.
KR/R60/23Release of Rent-Charge to Vicar of Ramsey.
KR/R63/26Cawston House & 24 acres (Nr. Norwich) known as Brandiston Rectory House
KR/R7/1/G/19Manor of Ramsey
KED/3468/1391Lime Farm, Kings Ripton, Hunts (valuation): L.S. Johnson to Lord de Ramsey
KR/R5/12/11Particulars and Conditions of Sales
KR/R45/1/11Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale The Hall Farm, Bury.
KR/R60/10Compensation, Land at Raveley Heath. Reg. A.F.
KR/Acc2680/4/1Wennington weekly labour account
KR/R51/19Old Binding for RB3/65.
KR/R60/32/1-4Mortgage on Daintree Farm Ramsey.
KR/RB6/50Cash Book of Ramsey Infant Endowed School.
KR/R2/6/24Assignment of Mortgage.
KR/R13/1/F/47Manor of Upwood. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R33/2Bundle of Papers relating to the Redemption of Tithe Rentcharge under the Tithe Acts. 1836 - 1918.
KR/R13/1/A/9Manor of Upwood. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R8/1/CAs to all the beforementioned premises
KR/R41/1/6Tenders for Charity Lands.
KR/R8/1/D/15Manor of Upwood.
KR/RB6/25Accounts of The Poor Lands (1st. series.)
KR/R15/42Will (copy)
KR/R8/1/H/51Authority to discharge.
KR/R7/2/BAs to 1½ acres of pasture.
KR/R45/1/24Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale Ballantine's Farm, Warboys.
KR/R16/3/7Lease and Release
KR/R60/11/4Sale of land at Ramsey and Warboys to H.C.C.
KR/R36/1/17Copy of Requisitions on Title and Answers re Lord Sandwich's title to the Manor of Lt.Raveley.
KR/RB6/14Accounts of The Free School (1st series.)
KR/R34/6A bundle of documents relating to the Fellowes's copyhold lands held of the Manor of Bury with Hepmangrove
KR/R3/2Deeds relating to Halsteads Farm, Ramsey
KR/R13/1/O/88Manor of Upwood Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R8/1/D/20Manor of Upwood.
KR/Acc2680/5/1Rentcharge account, property of Rev A P Townley in Upwell and Elm
KR/R16/2/8Assignment of Mortgage (copy)
KR/R43/2Bundle of papers relating to claims made under fire insurance policies.
KR/Acc2680/2/5Ramsey and Abbots Ripton, various accounts including rental account
KR/R13/1/L/71Manor of Upwood Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R39/10/2Lease & Release
KR/R16/2/17Assignment of Mortgage. (copy)
KR/R7/2/N/130Manor of Wistow
KR/R36/18/8Particulars and Conditions of Sale. With Agreement to purchase. re lot 3.
KR/R5/3/23Lease and Release
KR/R51/8/1-22 Schedules of Documents of land in Little Raveley
KHINCH/8/A/D/141Letter; Thomas Townsend, Romford, co. Essex to Colonel Tyrell, Hinchingbrooke House.
KR/R16/3/18Account of John Serjeant to Edward Fellowes, settled (9th June 1855.)
KR/R18/10/7Copy of Court Roll (Ramsey)
KR/R5/3/10Attested Copy
KR/R31/1/A/44Deed of Covenant
KR/R14/3/8Warrant to discharge Conditional Surrender in R14/3/5. Pooley to the Steward of the Courts of the Manor.
KR/R7/2/N/131Manor of Bury
KR/R13/1/F/45Manor of Upwood. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R36/17/6Conveyance: Jones to Lord De Ramsey. £245. Land as in R36/17/1.
KLS/FO/19Ramsey - Library -opening of Methodist Chapel Branch by Lord de Ramsey
KR/R1/1/29Assignment of Mortgage.
KR/R13/1/L/70Manor of Upwood Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R18/12/8Will (Copy) of George Harrod, shoemaker of Ramsey
KR/R15/25Lease and Release.
KR/Acc3674/32Packet of six deeds to 7 acres 31 perches pasture in Stocking Fen Road, Ramsey
KR/R13/1/KR/95Particulars of the Estate of the late Mr John Pooley of Upwood
KR/R31/1/A/32Admission of Martin to the above lands
KR/RB6/15Accounts of The Free School (1st series.)
KR/R35/1/5Appointment by Lord De Ramsey in favour of his son, Hon. R.A. Fellowes, of one fifth share in reversion of the £30,000.
KR/R37/5/13Abstract of Title 1855 - 1890 of Newton to about 26 acres of land in Ramsey Hollow.
KR/R4/7/2Final Concord.
KR/R13/1/A/7Manor of Upwood. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R13/1/D/34Copy of the Will of Allred
KR/R17/1/3Will of Peter Descow gent of Ramsey
KR/R13/1/KR/116Manor of Upwood Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R36/1/16Certified Extracts from the Act Books of the Bishop of Ely re the nomination by Lord Sandwich of a Perpetual Curate for Lt.Raveley in 1867 and his presentation of a Vicar in 1884.
KR/R31/1/A/42Admission of West to the lands in R31/1/41
KR/R18/10/6Will (Copy) Of William Parker, farmer of Ramsey.
KR/R13/1/J/59Manor of Upwood
KR/R10/3/C/10Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R15/56Schedule of deeds relating to the sale of the estate of Overall Ibberson to Edward Fellowes. The catalogue follows the order of this schedule.
KR/R10/3/C/13Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R45/1/9Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale The Woodwalton Estate, i.e. Goodliff's Lodge Farm and Speechley's Farm.
KR/R16/3/13Will (copy)
KR/R15/48Bond of Indemnity
KR/R13/1/T/123Receipted Bill
KR/R15/15Lease and Release.
KR/R13/1/M/75Manor of Upwood
KR/R31/1/A/28Copy of Absolute Surrender by Bailey and Bond of above lands to use of Jonathan Martin of Broughton, in consideration of £400
KR/R33/8/13Copy of Schedule of writings relating to the above estate.
KR/R10/6/9Office copy of the Will of Thomas Capel Riddlington of Ramsey, farmer.
KR/R10/3/M/33Attested Copies Of Lease and Release
KR/R36/1/9Copy of Acknowledgment of 10th October 1865 Satisfaction on Conditional Surrender dated 14th November 1863.
KR/R15/5Bargain and Sale
KR/R17/12/5Legal Opinion Of Mr Simpson as to the title of Isaac Newton and advice to the would-be purchaser, Edward Fellowes, Esq.
KR/R13/1/L/69Copy of Authority to enter the Conditional Surrender in R13/1/68.
KR/R15/32Assignment of Mortgage.
KR/R10/3/D/20Lease and Release Hotchkin to William Flowers of Ramsey, gent.
KR/R17/9/1Will (copy) of James Baldwin, innkeeper of Ramsey
KR/R16/3/5Lease and Release
KR/R7/4/B/28Reference and allotted
KR/R10/2Deeds relating to 2 Stocking Fen Lots, Ramsey
KR/R14/3/7Fire Insurance Policy
KR/RB3/A/6Account Book (1st series)
KR/R16/4/13Deed of further charge Newton to Wyman, £400.
KR/R7/1/JAs to the whole of the freehold and copyhold.
KR/R60/40Covenant to produce, G. Mead to EF.
KR/RB2/52A& BCopy and Quit Rent Account Book
KR/R50/4Abbots Ripton Hall
KR/R42/12Court files (mainly copies of surrenders.)
KR/R36/12Deeds relating to 6ac 2r 25p of land in Mereside
KR/R40/11Broadalls Lot of 3a. purchased from Miss Knights.
KR/RB3/KEstate at Honingham, Norfolk
KR/R47/1/1Ramsey Estate Bank Account Books
KR/RB3/C/82Rent-Charge Book
KR/RB3/A/9Account Book (1st series)
KR/R62/6/1Release by Inna Whateley of settled estates
KR/R8/1/HAs to part of the premises.
KR/RB6/16Accounts of The Free School (1st series.)
KR/R36/12/20Schedule of the Writings relating to the 2 Midfetter Lots. 1820 - 1869
KR/RB2/9Court Rolls
KR/R44/2Hoppus's Measurer (London)
KR/R13/3Deeds relating to a piece of land in the Turf Fen in Ramsey.
KR/R6/4Deeds relating to 3 acres 3r. lying in Great Skeggins, Ramsey.
KR/R45/2/6Map showing various pieces of land between Doddington & Chatteris.
KR/R36/17/5Abstract of Title of Jones 1854 - 1887 to the land as in R36/17/1.
KR/R32/5Bundle of papers relating to the Marriage Settlement of Miss Inna Fellowes, 1872.
KR/R44/4William Hawney's The Complete Measurer (London).
KR/R44/24Survey of Honingham parish & East Tuddenham, Norfolk.
KR/R32/9Deeds relating to the Abbots Ripton Hall Estate.
KR/RB6/27Accounts of The Poor Lands (1st. series.)
KR/R63/58Rookes Grove Farm, ?Wistow 128 acres plus plan
KR/R48Deeds and papers
KR/RB2/3Minute Book (marked No.5)
KR/R50Deeds and papers
KR/R41/9-3Agreement to levy a Fine
KR/Acc3639Tithe Apportionment
KR/RB2/6Minute Book (marked No.8)
KR/R35Deeds and papers
KR/R51/5/1Deed of Covenant to Produce Titles to, Wells to Lenton
KR/R63/421 High Street, Ramsey & building site in Station Road
KR/Acc3674/11Bundle of documents re 6.5 acres of property in Broadalls, Ramsey
KR/R13/1/KR/102Case and Opinion
KR/R15/44Sketch Plan
KR/R46/4A freehold in Gt. Stukeley
KR/R15/9Assignment of Mortgage.
KR/R39/10/23Abstract of Title 1811-1875 of the Trustees of the Will of the late W.P. Stanley to Lot 3., land as in R39/10/1.
KHINCH/8/H/279Letter; Edward Maule, Huntingdon, to 7th Earl of Sandwich.
KR/R16/3/3Bargain and Sale.
KR/R8/6/6Manor of Ramsey.
KR/R14/6/2Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll
KR/R13/1/K/63Manor of Upwood Copy of Court Roll.
KEP/17Russell and Fellowes-statements from debates
KR/R18/4/4Assignment of Mortgage with a further charge
KR/R16/4/17Two Letters (Copies)
KR/R47/37/3Assignment of a Mortgage Term of 1,000 years to attend the Inheritance.
KHINCH/8/A/D/152Copy of letter; 7th Earl of Sandwich to Lord Mandeville.
KR/R14/5/3Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll
KHINCH/8/B/A/2064 letters; John Calvert and W.H. Fellowes, Huntingdon, to W. Cater, W.B. Cater, J. Goodes and T.S. Johnson, London.
KR/R17/7/2Will (copy) of Joseph Saunders, farmer of Ramsey.
KR/R18/7/3Will (Copy) Of Richard Favell, surgeon of York
KR/R13/1/KAs to the remaining 2 acres of the arable
KR/R37/5Deeds relating to 26 acres of land in Ramsey Hollow.
KR/RB6/39Accounts of Lands under Care (2nd. series)
KR/R7/1/BPeacocks Northey
KR/R47/39Gamlingay, Cambs
KR/RB3/A/16Account Book (1st series)
KR/R47/1/3Ramsey Estate Bank Account Books
KR/R36/8Grants of Minerals under certain lands in Ramsey to Lord De Ramsey.
KR/R14/1/3Copy of Will of Ashton, miller and merchant.
KR/R9/7/CAs to both estates
KR/R37Deeds and papers
KR/R10/3/DA Skeggins Lot
KR/RB2/4Minute Book (marked No.6)
KR/R47/40Misc. Bundle
KR/R2/5Letters and memoranda.
KR/RB2/5Minute Book (marked No.7)
KR/R31Deeds and papers
KR/R3/16Two Skeggins Lots
KR/R7/1/EPeacocks Northey
KR/R3/27Three Loadsend Lots.
KR/RB2/19Copy and Quit Rent Account Book
KR/R36/4Assignment of a Lease
KR/R18/8Land in Meerside
KR/R7/1/CBatemans Northey
KR/R2/1Abstract of Title
KR/RB3/CEstates in the parish of Ramsey
KR/Acc3674Fellowes Collection additional
KR/R6/6Messuage near the Green, Ramsey
KR/RB2/63Rental of the Copy and Quit Rents
KR/R13/1/OAs to premises formerly Thomas Smith's
KR/R42/16Court files (mainly copies of surrenders.)
KR/R18/14/5Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll. Absolute surrender of John Cattling
KR/RB2/11Court Rolls
KR/R17/9Allotment in Hern Common
KR/RB6/34Accounts of Lands under Care (1st. series)
KR/R10/3/LThe Woodlane Close.
KR/R10/3/AFreehold messuage
KR/R13/1/KR/94Copy of the Will of John Pooley of Upwood, gent.
KR/R8/1/GAs to all the aforesaid premises.
KR/R17/8Allotment in Hern Common
KR/R41/2Apprenticeship Indentures
KR/R15/1Deeds relating to land in Muchwood
KR/R4/4Deeds relating to Muchwood Part, Ramsey.
KR/R4/5Documents relating to a Muchwood Part, Ramsey.
KR/R36/21Deeds relating to half a Muchwood Part, Ramsey.
KR/R39/9Deeds relating to 2a. of land in the Mereside, Ramsey.
KR/R9/3Deeds relating to a number of Mereside Lots in Ramsey
KR/RB3/BEstates in the parish of Ramsey, Wistow & Warboys.
KR/R17/1Ashbeach Farm and land in Hern and Gore Common
KR/R35/13Small bundle of papers relating to 3 ½ acres, a Bill Lot, Ramsey, the property of Felix Buckley Esq.
KR/R63/17101 High Street Ramsey
KR/R51/7Specimen sheets of Returns for the Settled Estates' Succession Duty
KR/R18/12/12Schedule of Deeds and abstract of title of John and Harriet West of 3 Broadalls Lots
KR/R9/8/14Additional Abstract
KR/R10/3/KThe Cheneys Orchard and Close in the Woodlane.
KR/R45/2/1Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale Loome's Farm, Doddington.
KR/RB3/E/97Account Book
KR/R7/3/JAs to all the Estates above mentioned
KR/R13/1/BAs to an Estate formerly Ann Wiltshires.
KR/R63/4Land at Cawston, Norfolk
KR/RB3/A/29Account Book (2nd. series, Agent's Accounts?)
KR/R35/11/2Probate Copy of R35/11
KR/RB3/A/20Account Book (2nd. series, Agent's Accounts?)
KR/R31/2Bundle of Cases, Queries and Legal Opinions thereon, concerning the Bedford Level Corporation.
KR/R7/3/KAs to the 4 acre 0 roods 13 poles of land in Muchwood
KR/R8/8/BAs to the messuage and 40 acres, late Nickolls'
KR/RB2/16Court Rolls
KR/R10/3/HThe Cheneys Orchard.
KR/R13/1/AAs to formerly Hangers.
KR/RB6Charities - Ramsey Trustees
KR/R10/3/PThe Woodlane Close.
KR/R63/15Nursery, The Hollow
KR/R13/1/TAs to all the lands
KR/R33/1Deeds relating to land in Muchwood, Ramsey.
KR/R9/9/BAs to other the other lot.
KR/R18/10/19Copy of Court Roll (Ramsey) Admission of William Papworth to property as at R18/10/18.
KR/R63/57Wistow Fen Farm, 213 acres. Hazeldene, Ramsey plus plan
KR/RB3/A/61Collecting Rentals
KR/RB3/A/4Account Book (1st series)
KR/RB3/L/127Rentals (book includes some Accounts.)
KR/R16/4Ibbot's Farm (108 acres near Bodsea)
KR/R13/1/DAs to the remaining 12 ac of Simpsons estate.
KR/R28/part BRamsey parish uncatalogued material
KR/R9/6/CAs to the Skeggins Lot
KR/R33/5/28Mortgage. Flowers to Thomas Darlow of Ramsey, grocer and draper, £1000. Land as in R33/5/27.
KR/R18/2Deeds relating to land in Broadwells, Ramsey
KR/R13/1/K/64Manor of Upwood Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R13/1/A/14Legacy Receipt.
KR/R31/6/1Abstract of all Accounts, Estimates and additional Costs.
KR/R36/7/2Copy of Will of Stacey
KR/R13/1/H/53Promissory Note
KR/R13/1/D/35Manor of Upwood. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R14/3/2Abstract of Title of J.Y.Beard to a piece of land and premises in Ramsey.
KR/R46/2/10Abstract of Title 1852-1889 of Arthur Middleton to Denhills Farm, Lt. Stukeley.
KR/R10/3/K/30Manor of Ramsey. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R32/9/27Receipted Account
KR/R14/6/7Manor of Ramsey. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R18/4/2Lease and Release
KR/R18/1/7Lease and Release
KR/R18/9/3Will (Copy) of William Bridgfoot, the elder, coal merchant of Ramsey
KR/R14/3/12Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll
KR/R18/2/3Grant of Administration (Copy)
KR/R15/11Lease and Release.
KR/R14/3/11Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll
KR/R16/4/2Will (Copy)
KR/R16/4/14Covenant to produce title deeds
KR/R13/2/5Attested Copy of the Will of Parker, farmer.
KR/R18/5Lease and Release
KR/R18/10/15Will (Copy) Of John Cattling.
KR/R10/6/5Lease and Release.
KR/R17/11/3Lease and Release (mortgage)
KR/R10/3/J/29Copy of Case And the opinion of T. Jarman, Chancery Lane.
KR/R16/4/11Extract from the Will of Joseph Vise
KR/R18/10/3Quitclaim (copy)
KR/R51/1/1aCopy of case of Richard Brown
KR/R13/1/A/2Office Copy of the Will of Joseph Hanger of Upwood, farmer.
KR/R13/3/3Memorandum of Agreement as to the sale of the land in R13/3/1 by Clarke to Edward Fellowes of Ramsey Abbey Esq.
KR/R17/1/6Extracts from Ramsey Inclosure Award
KR/R16/2/16Covenant to produce Title Deeds
KR/R17/6/1Lease and Release
KR/R33/2/7Copy of Certificate of Redemption of Tithe Rentcharge - parish of Wistow.
KR/R37/1/18Bundle of Legacy and Succession; Duty Receipts (On the deaths of Wm. Denton the elder and Mrs Elizabeth Smith)
KR/R13/1/A/4Office Copy of the Will of John Hanger of Upwood, gent.
KR/R15/22Lease and Release.
KHCP/1/2/19Joseph Ward and Edward Hills carrying away from Rooks Grove Wood, a quantity of wood belonging to William Fellows Esq.
KR/R17/4/1Will (copy) of William Brown, grazier of Ramsey.
KR/R41/8-1Farming Account for the Land late Charles Newton
KR/R45/5/2Catalogue the equipment at The Aerodrome, Upwood, late Bury.
KR/R18/12/4Abstract of Title Of Francis Ibberson to the above property
KR/R35/17/2Mrs Lavinia Fellowes's Bank Pass Books
KR/RB2/13Court Rolls
KR/R18/2/13Assignment of Mortgage
KR/R39/8/9Reconveyance (intended to be annexed to R39/8/8)
KR/R45/6Map of Haveringland estate, Norfolk.
KR/RB3/J/119Account Book
KR/R49Deeds and papers
KR/R49/4Ramsey Tithe Apportionment (Copy)
KR/RB3/A/41Cash Book
KR/R41/1/7Leases of Charity Lands.
KR/RB2/7Minute Book
KR/R32Deeds and papers
KR/R3/144 Acres in Ramsey Field
KR/RB3/A/59Collecting Rentals
KR/R47/34The Parish Room, Ramsey:
KR/R36/11Deeds relating to 7ac or 34p of land in Ramsey Hollow.
KR/R8/6Deeds relating to Lavenders Close, held of the Manor of Ramsey.
KR/R39/8Deeds relating to Wild Goose Lays Farm, Abbots Ripton
KR/R3/1Deeds Relating to Harcourt land in Great Skeggings
KR/RB3/F/101Copy of the Apportionment of the Rent-Charge in lieu of Tithes. Haddenham
KR/R36/22Deeds relating top a Stocking Fen Lot, Ramsey
KR/R44/6Mensuration for Handicraftsmen edited by Paul Hasluck (Work Booklet No.6)
KR/R14/6/5Certified Copy of the burial entry for Elizabeth Milfield (11th November 1851) in the Doddington (Cambs) Parish Registers.
KR/R36/13/1Abstract of title of Stephen Papworth to an estate in Mereside, Ramsey. 1872 - 1898
KR/R1/2Deeds relating to the division of Ramsey Fen Lands.
KR/R33/5/17Assignment of Mortgages.
KR/R46/4/1Attested copy of Will William Halles (same as R.46/1/1)
KR/RB3/C/92Rent-charge book
KR/R31/6/3Summary of Expenditure
KR/R33/8/3Copy of the Will of Flowers.
KR/R63/50Raveley Drain & Lotting Fen 64 acres
KR/R18/10/16Copy of Court Roll (Ramsey)
KR/R10/3/GThe Cheneys Orchard and a close in the Woodlane.
KR/R13/1/KR/113Opinion of Mr Walford re claims in respect of Pooley's properties to be made under the Inclosure Act.
KR/R47/40/1Specifications, estimate & letter
KR/R15/54Purchase agreement
KR/R13/1/K/65Manor of Upwood Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R16/2/10Mortgage (copy)
KR/R13/1/KR/108Additional Abstract of Title of the Trustees to estates in Upwood.
KR/R44/36Statements of Rent & Abatements for the Fellowes estates at Ramsey.
KR/R13/1/L/67Manor of Upwood
KR/R14/1/1Lease and Release
KR/R31/1/A/34Certificate of the Burial of Hannah Martin. (Extract from the Upwood with Great Raveley Burial Register)
KR/R36/12/15Copy of Succession
KR/R40/8/16Memorandum for an Agreement between Wm. Fellowes of Ramsey, Esq. and Tenants at Will.
KR/R13/1/KR/105Case and the Opinion of Mr Walford as to securing a good title to the estates formerly Hange's.
KR/R49/8Letter & Plan
KR/R15/16Lease and Release.
KR/R33/4/10Bundle of 4 letters
KR/R14/5/5Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll
KR/R15/46Instructions to Council.
KR/R7/3/FAs to the 4 acres 0r. 13p. in Muchwood
KR/R10/3Deeds relating to a freehold and copyhold estate in Ramsey, purchased from W.H.Flowers.
KR/R45/8/4Bacon's County Map of Lincoln.
KR/RB3/L/128Rentals (book includes some Accounts)
KR/R41/3Apprenticeship Indentures
KR/R18/10/5Copy of Court Roll
KR/R62/27Letter of Mrs. D. Fellowes to Mr. Curtis concerning provision in her will of bequest of £10,000 for daughter Diana
KR/R4/10/4List of expenses involved in R4/10/3
KR/RB3/K/124Account Book (of Lord Bayning's estate)
KR/R13/2Deeds relating to a Broadalls Lot in Ramsey
KR/R18/4/5Lease and Release
KR/R63/323 cottages, Blenheim Road, 75 High Street, 4 Cottages Mereside, 2 plots and building plot Blenheim Road
KR/R35/11Large Bundle of papers relating to the Wills of Admiral Edward Fellowes and his wife.
KR/R62/33/3/1-2Letter about withdrawal of offer to purchase Ramsey Abbey
KR/R60/11Sale of land at Ramsey and Warboys to H.C.C.
KR/R60/5Thomas Pooley & Mary Martin Marriage Cert. Bury
KR/R36/24/9Abstract of Title 1866 - 1891 of Speechley to 4 acres of freehold fen land in the Mereside, Ramsey.
KR/RB2/15Court Rolls
KR/R48/5Large Bundle of papers (as R.48/4)
KR/R17/253 acres of Adventurer's land, formerly John Keat's
KR/R31/1/A/27Acknoledgment of Satisfaction. Messrs Maule and Sweeting acknowledge receipt of the principal and interest due upon R31/1/26
KR/R14/3/17Memorandum of Settlement of Business
KR/R13/1/KR/109Copy of Further Replies made by the vendors' solicitor, with the comments thereon of Mr Walford.
KR/RB3/A/23Account Book (2nd. series, Agent's Accounts?)
KR/R18/123 Broadalls Lots, Ramsey
KR/RB6/38Accounts of Lands under Care (2nd. series)
KR/RB3/A/69Alphabetical Reference to the Map of Ramsey.
KR/R17/10/5Extract from Marriage Settlement of Thomas Pooley Smyth and his wife, reciting the uses set down in the settlement.
KR/R17/13Scheduled of Deeds relating to estates at Asbeach, the Hern and Middlemoor, at Ramsey, bought by Edward Fellowes from Isaac Newton
KR/RB3/A/30Account Book (2nd. series, Agent's Accounts?)
KR/R5/3Deeds relating to 2 Bill Lots, Ramsey.
KR/RB3/C/87Rent-charge book
KR/R34/4/14Deed of Further Charge.
KR/R17/1/4Assignment of Mortgage
KR/R33/5/352 Abstracts of Title
KR/R14/3/1Copy of the Will of John Beard of Ramsey, gent.
KR/RB6/49Accounts of the Spinning School (2nd. series)
KR/R45/1/10Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale Weybridge Farm, Alconbury.
KR/R16/2/3Bargain and Sale (copy)
KR/R31/1/A/41Deed of Covenant Martin to West. As to a good title to, and peaceful possession of the premises in R31/1/40
KR/R60/7Memo re buildings at Upwood farm
KR/R63/62Plan of Waldens Farm, Kings Ripton
KR/R60/37Sale to Mrs Simpson, 164.222 acres Tick Fen, Warboys
KR/RB3/A/19Account Book (2nd. series, Agent's Accounts?)
KR/R47/1/6Ramsey Estate Bank Account Books
KR/R60Ramsey & Abbots Ripton
KR/R62/33/2Conveyance of same in R62/33/1
KR/RB6/18Accounts of The Free School (2nd. series)
KR/RB3/A/25Account Book (2nd. series, Agent's Accounts?)
KR/R17/10/10Covenant for production of title deeds
KR/R18/10/14Copy of Court Roll
KR/R4/10Deeds Relating to 1 acre of Land in Ramsey Field.
KR/R18/2/18Schedule of Deeds and abstract of title of Thomas Gascoyne's freehold estate in Broadalls, Ramsey.
KR/R31/6Bundles of Bills and Accounts relating to the building of the Church, Parsonage and Schools at Ramsey St.Mary
KR/R33/2/6Copy of Certificate of Redemption of Tithe Rentcharge - parish of Warboys.
KR/R5/2/14Lease and Release
KR/R33/3/5Receipt for payment of £50 legacy. Mary Elizabeth Mawdeslay to the executors of R33/3/4.
KR/RB6/51Cash Book of Ramsey Infant Endowed School.
KR/R60/11/3Sale of land at Ramsey and Warboys to H.C.C.
KR/R6/7Deeds Relating to Northey or Northill Close, Ramsey.
KR/R42/6Court files (mainly copies of surrenders)
KR/R3/10Hollow Head Fen, Muchwood, Meerside and Turf Fen.
KR/R18/14/6Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll. Admission of Ibberson Saunders
KR/Acc2768/2/1Court roll
KR/R36/18/4Particulars and Conditions of Sale. With Agreement for purchase, re Lot 2.
KR/R17/2/3Lease and Release
KR/R5/11/25Particulars of the Deeds
KR/R14/1/6Receipted Bill
KR/Acc2768/2/7Minute book
KR/R32/9/26Manor of Kings Ripton
KR/R35/9Bundle of Papers, -mainly letters to Capt W.H. Fellowes M.P., later 2nd. Lord De Ramsey -re the financial affairs of his wife, Lady Rosamond.
KR/R63/33Fen Farm, Middlemoor 65 acres
KR/RB3/A/8Account Book (1st series)
KR/R32/5/7Extracts from the Private and Capital Accounts of H.E. Eaton deceased.
KR/R63/417 cottages, Mereside; (York and Elm Cottages)
KR/R35/6/6Rough sheets of accounts marked 'Executor's Account, Cheques drawn'.
KR/R31/1/A/37Admission of Martin to the lands in R31/1/36
KR/R8Deeds and papers
KR/R33/2/2Copy of the Altered Apportionment of Tithe. Rentcharge - parish of Abbots Ripton.
KR/R45/5/1Catalogue of the Early English, French and other furniture at St. George's, Huntingdon.
KR/RB3/A/28Account Book (2nd. series, Agent's Accounts?)
KR/R17/10/2Abstract of Title of Thomas Pooley Smyth to a freehold estate in Hern Common.
KR/RB3/A/26Account Book (2nd. series, Agent's Accounts?)
KR/R33/2/5Copy of Certificate of Redemption of Tithe Rentcharge - parish of Farcet.
KR/R43/4Bundle of Letters and other papers relating to valuations of tenant right, etc.
KR/RB3/A/71Collected Reference to the Parish of Ramsey Huntingdon
KR/R33/7/11Lease and Release.
KR/R16/1Deeds relating to the Benwick estate
KR/R10/1/30Affidavit of Isaac Ibberson of Ramsey, farmer, as to the identity of the 2 pieces of land sold in R10/1/28.
KR/R37/4/10Abstract of R37/4/9
KR/R5/3/19Lease and Release.
KR/RB3/C/77Copy of Apportionment of the Rent-charge in lieu of Tithes.
KR/RB3/C/90Rent-charge book
KR/R31/2/1/2Case and copies of opinions thereon of Mr Serjeant R.H.Blossett.
KR/RB3/A/17Account Book (2nd. series, Agent's Accounts?)
KR/R35/19Bundle of papers relating to the Will of the late Urania Margaretta Fellowes of Montague Square in p. of St.Marylebone, Middlesex, spinster.
KR/R34/4/3Attested Copy of Mortgage (by Demise for 500 years)
KR/R36/16Redemption of 2 Rent Charges issuing out of freehold land in Ramsey
KR/R39/9/5Abstract of Title 1714-1808 to 2 Mereside Lots.
KR/R18/14/7Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll
KR/R35/16Small bundle of papers relating to the administration of the effects of the late Mrs Urania Fellowes of Hampstead, Middlesex, widow.
KR/R3/3/3Bargain and Sale.
KR/R2/4/3Assignment of Mortgage.
KR/R33/5/33Reconveyance. Darlow, gent, to Mrs, Flowers £1,000. Land as in R33/5/28.
KR/R16/3/19Marriage Settlement
KR/R45/4Particulars & Plans Menzies Estate, i.e. 90,000a. in Perthshire.
KR/R36/17/7Schedule of Deeds 1830 - 1887 and Writings relating to 6ac 0r 10p of land in Muchwood and Skeggins belonging to Lord De Ramsey.
KR/RB3/JEstates of the Townley family in Upwell & Outwell, Norfolk, and Upwell and Elm, Isle of Ely:
KR/R31/1/A/36Copy of Absolute Surrender
KR/R34/4/4Attested Copy of Bargain and Sale.
KR/R40/7/2Bundle of accounts, bills, & receipts.
KR/R3/18/2Assignment of Mortgage
KR/R40/5Bundle of accounts, bills & receipts. Work done for W.H. Fellowes at Ramsey Abbey.
KR/R33/5/7Probate copy of the will of Groves of Ramsey.
KR/R40/8/21List of rents, taxes, salaries etc. Marked on back: Bedford Level.
KR/R63/51Dwelling & Field Hollow Road
KR/R63/2884 & 86 Great Whyte, Ramsey
KR/R47/1/5Ramsey Estate Bank Account Books
KR/R63/48/1& 2House Blenheim Road, Bungalow Newtown, The Rockery St. Mary's
KR/RB3/A/43Rent Audit Book
KR/R36/9Deeds relating to 3 acres in Ramsey Hollow, abutting on Meggs Drove.
KR/R60/24Conveyance Ibberson to De R. 201 acres Ramsey.
KR/R33/5/2Bond Miss Kendall is bound to Graves in £70 to perform the covenants in R33/5/1.
KR/R36/12/17Particulars and Conditions for sale, with an Agreement for purchase. re estate in Ramsey belonging to Newton, deceased, Marked Lot 2.
KR/Acc3666/1/4Schedule of lands to be purchased by Hunts. C.C. for Smallholdings
KR/R37/5/14Release of Dower
KR/R16/4/12Assignment of Mortgage with a further charge
KR/R18/10/10Copy of Court Roll Admission of Sir James Duberly, re the Mortgage not having been repaid.
KR/R18/10/4Copy of Court Roll (Ramsey)
KR/R7/1Deeds relating to 3 closes of pasture land, part freehold and part copyhold, in Northey in the parish of Ramsey.
KR/R45/1/21Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale Lord Chesham's Sawtry Estate, i.e. 3,783a. in Sawtry, Coppingford and Upton.
KR/R17/11/13Agreement (Copy)
KR/R18/11/2Lease and Release
KR/R33/2/3Copy of Certificate of Redemption of Tithe Rentcharge - parish of Abbots Ripton.
KR/R18/2/7Declaration of Trust
KR/R35/19/4Bundle of household and personal bills and receipts, mainly paid before the death of Urania Margaretta Fellowes.
KR/R18/10/20Abstract of Title
KR/R33/1/22 Copies of Particulars.
KR/R35/1/9A Paper detailing the securities of Hon. Mrs F.Stanley, their cost and the income from them.
KR/R63/6Ramsey St. Mary's
KR/RB6/37Accounts of Lands under Care (2nd. series)
KR/RB3/A/31Account Book (2nd. series, Agent's Accounts?)
KR/R45/1/19Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale Woolley Manor, including Manor & Lodge Farms, Woolley.
KR/R8/8/CAs to the whole of the estate
KR/R49/3BPlan of Stocking Fen, Bill, Lodes End and Skeggins. north-west of town
KR/R42/8Court files
KR/R34/4/13Mortgage Bond.
KR/R31/6/5Bundles of bills and accounts
KR/R40/11/9Abstract of Title of Miss Susannah Knights, to 3a. commonly called Thornbush Lot. 1791-1851
KR/Acc2768/2/9Quit rent rolls
KR/RB3/FLittleport and Haddenham, Cambs.
KR/R33/8/11Abstract of Title Saunders Jones, son of the late John Jones, trustee for sale of 11 ac of freehold land in Middlemoor.
KR/R63/37Dwelling, Blenheim Road, Ramsey
KR/R43/25Copy of evidence given re fires at Mr. Major's farm (Dawsons Farm near Ramsey.)
KR/R8/5/2Copy of the Will
KR/R44/35Rentals & Disbursements for the Fellowes estates at Ramsey, Abbots Ripton & Woodwalton.
KR/R45/1/8Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale of freehold farm in New Fen, Ramsey.
KR/R63/54Little Raveley, Dorrington's Farm
KR/R5/8/12Particulars and Conditions of Sale
KR/R3/3/6Lease and Release.
KR/R33/5/9Mortgage by demise for 500 years and appointment
KR/R13/1/A/17Legacy Receipt.
KR/R4/8Deeds Relating to a Bill Lot.
KR/R45Mainly particulars, plans and conditions of sale of various properties and other notices.
KR/RB6/2Order Book
KR/R45/1/27Particulars & plan Whitehall & Mill Barn Farms, Broughton.
KR/R40/10/8Account & Receipt of John Serjeant, relative to the above purchase by Edward Fellowes in R40/10/6
KR/R3/11Deeds relating to 2 Hollow Lots and Story's Cabin
KR/R36/1/12Copy of Acknowledgment of 12th October 1865 Satisfaction on 2 Conditional Surrenders dated 1st April 1854 and 2nd February 1857.
KR/R37/4/15Copy of Court Roll
KR/R31/1/A/45Admission and copy of Admission of West to the lands in R31/1/43
KR/R7/2/D/40Extract of the Will
KR/R41/1/9Agreement between James Day, Ramsey, farmer, & Alfred Fuller, Ramsey, merchant, as to the transfer of the tenancy of the School Farm.
KR/R2/6/5Lease and Release.
KR/R36/11/4Abstract of Title of James Poulter to 24 acres of fen land in Ramsey called Hollow Lots. 1756 - 1782
KR/R36/22/10Lease and Release
KR/R40/4/2Terrier of an Estate belonging to William Henry Fellowes in parish of Ramsey, Wistow and Warboys. (with plans.)
KR/R45/1/28Particulars and conditions of sale of a fen farm at Ramsey St. Mary's.
KR/RB3/C/81Rent-Charge Book
KR/R7/2/M/1242 Sets of Councils'
KR/R13/1/B/26Manor of Upwood. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R35/18Small bundle of papers relating to the Will of the late Mrs Francis Lavinia Mayo of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, widow.
KR/R62/34Power of attorney by R.A. Fellowes to Mrs. James Gladstone, with copy
KR/R47/19Bundle of correspondence
KR/R5/12/3Lease and Release
KR/R51/9ANote re deeds, Schedule etc of De Ramsey, to Simpson Curtis 23/5/52
KR/Acc3666/1/1List of fields selected by the Board of Agriculture (E.O. Fordham)
KR/Acc2768/2/2Court book
KR/R13/1/E/41Manor of Upwood. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R7/3/AAs to Estates formerly Boys's
KR/R36/2/10Copy of Extract from the will of 10th Earl of Westmorland, dated 10th July, 1840.
KR/R45/2/4Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale Chapel Farm, Benwick.
KR/R3/2/3Bargain and Sale.
KR/R36/2/9Certificate of Acknowledgment
KR/R6/5Deeds relating to Daintree Farm, Ramsey St. Mary's
KR/R3/6/5Extract from Will.
KR/RB3/A/27Account Book (2nd. series, Agent's Accounts?)
KR/R14/3/6Promissory Note
KR/R37/4/2Copy of Court Roll
KR/R62/8Probate of will (made 25 June 1883) of Edward Fellowes
KR/R3/2/2Bargain and Sale.
KR/R7/1/GAs to the whole of the copyhold
KR/Acc3666/1/5Vergette's valuation of the lands in R/7666/1/4
KR/R34/6/4Receipted Account
KR/R46/3/7Abstract of Title 1753-1838 of Samuel Waterhouse to an estate in Gt. Stukeley
KR/R63/30/1-3Church Farm, Middlemoor
KR/R45/8/1The Fens, by Wm. Marshall, Ely.
KR/R46/5/2Plan of Great Stukeley
KR/R9/6/E/19Deed of Covenant
KR/R18/2/19Account Of John Serjeant, solicitor to Edward Fellowes. Settled 1st December 1857.
KR/R32/8/5A Particular of the Estate of Francis Scott Esq., situate in the parishes of Smeeth and Braborne, Kent.
KR/R60/45Map of St Johns College Exchange Lands. Broughton and Stoke Ramsey.
KR/R36/10/5Abstract of Title of 1866 - 1880 Thomas (as mortgagee) to the land as in R36/10/3.
KR/R39/9/8Mortgage (by a Demise for 500 years)
KR/R37/1/9Further Charge to R37/1/8
KR/R3/9The Puddock Ware in the Bill, Ramsey
KR/R33/5/38Receipted Account. Serjeant & Son to Fellowes as to their charges relating to R33/5/36.
KR/R60/44Statements showing application of monies from sales etc of settled estates & payments made
KR/R60/35Sale to Ramsey UDC by JDCF, Stocking Fen. Ramsey Benwick
KR/R32/5/4Schedule of the Deeds relating to the settlements made on the Marriage.
KR/RB6/42Accounts of the Spinning School (1st. series)
KR/R7/1/D/10Deed of Appointment
KR/R36/24/8Transfer of Mortgage
KR/R36/11/3Another copy of R36/11/2, but marked Copy Probate of the Will of ... dated 19th July 1782
KR/R7/2/F/62Manor of Wistow
KR/R4/9/9Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R10/3/Q/37Abstract of the Title of Flowers to Freehold and copyhold estates in Ramsey.
KR/R62/12/2Appointment of new trustees to Lord De Ramsey's settlement of 1875
KR/RB5Miscellaneous family papers
KR/R51/3Deed of Declaration of Trust & covering letter concerning the Advoswon of the Benefice of St. Mary, Ramsey
KR/RB3/J/118Account Book
KR/R35/10Copy of the Will and Codicils of Hannah Benyon of Grosvenor Square, Middlesex, widow of Richard Benyon, Esq. deceased.
KR/RB3/F/105Rectorial Rent-Charge Book (Littleport)
KR/RB3/A/21Account Book (2nd. series, Agent's Accounts?)
KR/R36/17/3Succession Account of Emma Jones, wife of Alfred Jones of Ramsey, upon the death of Whittome.
KR/R62/3/4Copy valuation for probate, with later correspondence, 1920-32
KR/R35/6Bundle of Papers - mainly financial, relating to the will and codicils of the late Edward, 1st Lord De Ramsey.
KR/Acc2680/3/2Allotments rental
KR/R35/3/2Bank Books of Mrs Emma Fellowes
KR/R60/46Agreement to sell Mill Field, Ramsey to Phillips.
KR/R39/10/22Abstract of Title 1747-1875 of the Trustees of the Will of the late W.P. Stanley to Lot 1., land as in R39/10/10.
KR/R35/5/4Inventory and Valuation of his furniture, farming stock etc., at Haverland Hall, Norfolk.
KR/R63/61Warboys Wood & Hicks Closes Oldhurst
KR/R45/8/3The Present Conditions of Arterial Drainage in Some English Rivers, by R.F. Grantham.
KR/R16/3/9Deed of Further Charge
KR/R36/18/2Covenant for production of Indenture of Settlement of 3rd August 1842. Smyth to Phillips.
KR/RB3/GEstates in Haverland, Cawston, Brandiston, Swannington, Felthorpe & Watton, Norfolk:
KR/Acc2680/3/4Cropping book
KR/R3/10/3Lease and Release
KR/RB3/B/74Terriers; at back of book misc a/c with plan
KR/R37/4/17Transfer of Mortgage
KR/R36/22/13Undertaking by Setchell to Assign to Kilby the bond from Thomas and William Rose.(R36/22/9).
KR/RB6/45Accounts of the Spinning School (1st. series)
KR/R51/13Deeds relating to No.9 Church Green, Ramsey, formerly Infants' Endowed or Spinning School:
KR/Acc2680/1/5Estate payments
KR/R60/13/1-2Lease, Ramsey St Mary's Locker Lampson
KR/R9/9/C/13Abstract of Title
KR/R33/7/15Abstract of Title of Southwell to 7 ac of land in Ramsey Hollow.
KR/R18/134 Acres of Land in Ramsey Meerside
KR/RB3/F/103Rectorial Rent-Charge Book (Littleport)
KR/R7/4/B/37The Accounts
KR/R47/4Manorial Enfranchisements: small ledger
KR/R48/17Bundle of letters etc. Similar to R.48/16 & /15.
KR/RB6/41Accounts of Lands under Care (2nd. series)
KR/R13/1/KR/110Replies of vendors' solicitor to Mr Walford's comments.
KR/R5/3/20Lease and Release
KR/R44/19Map of Brandiston, Haveringland, Hevingham, and Swanington, Norfolk. (6 O.S. sheets Norfolk 38 S.E. and 39 S.W.)
KR/R60/302 Counterpart Leases of Abbots Ripton Hall and Stocking and other rents and valuation
KR/R39/9/9Surrender & Merger of Mortgage Term
KR/R7/3Deeds relating to several freehold estates in Ramsey
KR/R41/10-4Copy of a Case concerning the removal from office of the Schoolmaster.
KR/R17/11Asbeach Farm and land in Hern and Gore Common
KR/R60/34Sale to Matt & Bert Fisher, Puddock Bridge Field.
KR/R9/5Deeds relating to a Mereside Lot and house in Ramsey.
KR/R60/38Conveyance, J. Infield to De R, 3 fields Marriotts Drove, 1 at Rayhills Ramsey.
KR/R51/1/7Letters and assignment of land in Ramsey churchyard for the burial of the Fellowes' family.
KR/R62/18/1Appointment of W.G. Trower as trustee of will of 2nd Baron De Ramsey
KR/R46/2/13Acknowledgement by Middleton of the right of Lord De Ramsey to the production of title deeds.
KR/R51/7/1-2Two search requisitions, one with receipt
KR/R40/8/4Account of the Assessed Taxes of Wm. Henry Fellowes for one year.
KR/RB3/A/57Collecting Rentals
KR/R60/43Sale to E. Llewellyn, a 400 field. Ramsey
KR/R41/4Apprenticeship Indentures
KR/R51/1/4Description of a stained glass window put up in the Chancel by Edward Fellowes.
KR/R13/1/MAs to land formerly William Martin's
KR/R51/1/1bSchedules of Deeds
KR/R7/4/AAs to the Freehold lands
KR/R47/39/1Rough Survey of the Open Fields
KR/R36/18Deeds relating to a freehold estate in Stocking Fen.
KR/Acc3666/1/2List of Ramsey Abbey Estates in Betty's nose District
KR/R62/21Second Baron De Ramsey
KR/R63/27104 & 105 High Street, Ramsey
KR/R33/3/7Receipt for payment of £50 legacy. Thomas Smith Mawdeslay to the executors of R33/3/4.
KR/R10/3/FThe freehold messuage.
KR/R36/18/6Covenant for the production of Title Deeds.
KAH/26/240/48Mandate for induction: Horatio George Broke M.A., Vicar of Holme: patron, William Henry Fellows Baron de Ramsey
KR/R45/1/18Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale Manor Farm Estate, Broughton.
KR/R42/17/2Translation of Charter of Confirmation to the Abbey of Ramsey, 19th April, 1 Henry VIII.
KR/R50/4/4Memos and notes re arrangements for the ending of the lease.
KR/R62/17Family settlement by Lord De Ramsey and C.C. Fellowes (certified copy and copy)
KR/Acc2768/1/15Minute book
KR/RB6/48Accounts of the Spinning School (2nd. series)
KR/R33/7/18Receipted Account. Serjeant & Son to Fellowes as to their charges to R33/7/16.
KR/R42/11Court files (mainly copies of surrenders.)
KR/R63/4516 cottages, Ramsey. House Church Green Cottages in New Rd, Princes Street, Bungalow in Star Lane
KR/R34Deeds and papers
KR/RB2/1BPapers found in Reference Book undated c1705-1733
KR/R9/6/BAs to the other 3 Lots
KR/R45/1/23Particulars, plan & conditions of sale farm etc. at Kings Ripton and Upwood.
KR/R34/2/5List of papers in R33/2/1-4
KR/R7/3/B/12Lease and Release
KR/R34/4/33Mortgage and Assignment.
KR/R37/2/1Particulars, Plan and Conditions of Sale of a farm in Little Raveley (128ac 1r 38p)., the property of Mr Lenton. Auctioneers: Dilley and Sons, Huntingdon.
KR/R63/9/1-526 Lots, inc. Daintree & Benwick Farm & land in Ramsey and plans
KR/R36/11/6Lease and Release
KR/R40/10/9Declaration by Thomas Gascoyne, Doddington, farmer, uncle to T.H. Gascoyne, that T.H.G. was the legal owner of the land.
KR/R7/2/F/56Manor of Wistow
KR/R36/1/10Copy of Acknowledgment of 11th October 1865 Satisfaction on Conditional Surrender dated 3rd December 1862.
KR/R36/20/13Certified Copy of the registration of the birth of George Goodburn (born 15th June 1849)
KR/RB3/C/84Rent-charge book
KR/R40/9/30Account & Receipt of Karslake & Crealock, relative to the purchase by Edward Fellowes in R40/9/28-29
KR/R10/3/O/35Warrant to Discharge Conditional Surrender R10/3/26.
KR/R31/2/1/3Case and Opinion thereon of Robert Bevill, Inner Temple.
KR/R35/5/6Valuations, schedule of debts, list of pecuniory legacies and letters, bill and receipts re probate, trusts in the will, legacies, resettlement deeds etc.
KR/R36/12/11Abstract of Releases of Legacies chargeable upon estates devised by the Will of Barnabas Brighty of Ramsey, gent, deceased. 1821 - 1837
KR/R4/5/2Copy of extract from Will
KR/R36/22/18Schedule of Writings 1748 - 1869 to the Stocking Fen Lot sold to Cordell.
KR/R33/5/11Assignment of Mortgage
KR/RB3/A/14Account Book (1st series)
KR/R33/8/2Bargain and Sale.
KR/R37/4/9Copy of Court Roll
KR/R36/3/3Letters and receipts re the Fee Farm Rent due from the Site of Ramsey Abbey and the purchase of the Rent by Lord De Ramsey from the Trustees of the Sutton Estates.
KR/R33/4Bundles of deed and papers relating to the granting of annual rentcharges for the benifit of the Churches of Ramsey, Ramsey St. Marys and St. Thomas Ponds Bridge and the discharge of these rentcharges
KR/R35/17/6Particulars and Valuation of Dilapidations at 26 Somerset Street, under the lease granted by Mrs Hodges to the Miss Fellowes on 31st May, 1808.
KR/R7/2/B/9Manor of Wistow
KR/R4/5/3Copy of Sale Particulars
KR/R36/1/13Abstract of Title of 1789 - 1865 Michael Wells of Little Raveley, farmer, to the lands in R36/1/1.
KR/R35/6/5Receipts from H.C. Bonson Esq., surviving trustee of the will, for two sums of £5,000 paid to him for investment for the benefit of Hon. Mrs. Whateley.
KR/R35/5/5Particulars and Valuation of his lease hold property, 15 Lower Berkeley Street, and its furniture etc.
KR/R34/4/34Disclaimer of the Trusts and Executorship of a Will.
KR/R48/1Sealed copy of the confirmed Altered Apportionment of Tithe Rentcharge for the parish of Ramsey, with a plan.
KR/R6/7/8Manor of Ramsey
KR/R44/23Book of plans & description of lands & farms in the parish of Denton, Caldecote, Holme, Glatton, Yaxley, Stilton & Farcet.
KR/R36/20/2Lease and Release
KR/R34/4/28Mortgage (by Appointment).
KR/R39/9/3Lease & Release
KR/R62/29Miscellaneous letters and receipts
KR/RB3/A/32Account Book (2nd. series, Agent's Accounts?)
KR/R60/47Agreements to rent land/buildings, Ramsey Hallow
KR/R7/2/B/12Deed of Covenant
KR/R34/6/1Copy of Court Roll
KR/R35/17Bundle of papers relating to the administration of the effects of the late Mrs Lavinia Fellowes of Somerset Street, Portman Square, in the p. of St.Marylebone, Middlesex, widow.
KR/R36/10/8Attested Copy of Mortgage
KR/R33/5/16Lease and Release
KR/R6/1/12Assignment of Mortgage
KR/R36/7/4Copy of Court Roll
KR/R44/34Rentals of the Fellowes estates at Ramsey & Abbots Ripton.
KR/R34/4/37Mortgage (by Appointment)
KR/R10/3/NThe Freehold messuage.
KR/R35/17/5Inventory and Valuation of the household furniture on the premises No.26 Somerset Street, the property of the late Mrs Lavinia Fellowes, for the purposes of administration.
KR/R47/3/2Bank Account Books: Haverland Unsettled Estates No. 3 A/C. & Lord De Ramsey's Will Fund.
KR/R35/3Bundle of papers relating to the Will of the late Mrs Emma Fellowes of 15 Lower Berkeley Street, Middlesex, formerly of Felthorpe Hall. Norfolk, widow of William Henry Fellowes of Ramsey Abbey, and to the administration of her affairs.
KR/R36/1/1Copy of Court Roll
KR/R36/12/8Assignment of a mortgage term of 1,000 years in trust to attend the inheritance
KR/R1Deeds and papers
KR/R13/1/KR/111Opinion of Mr Walford re the Turf Lots and the rights of Common Turbary.
KR/Acc2768/1/4Minute book
KR/R17/12/10Bond of Indemnity Isaac Newton to Edward Fellowes.
KR/R60/22Manor of Kings Ripton re Manorial compensation agreement Magdelene.
KR/R35/3/3Letters, cheques, bills and receipts
KR/Acc2680/4/8Farm receipt and payment accounts (CGA)
KR/R40/8/10Copy of letter
KR/R36/11/2Copy of the Will of Henry Poulter of Ramsey, grocer and draper
KR/RB3/A/64Allotment Rental
KR/R33/5/21Copy of the Will of Flowers
KR/RB6/26Accounts of The Poor Lands (1st. series.)
KR/R39/7/5Receipt for payment by Lord De Ramsey to Serjeant & Son of their professional charges re purchase of the land.
KR/R49/1Schedules of the Ramsey Estate Hunts.
KR/RB3/A/13Account Book (1st series)
KR/R60/18/1-6Hunts and Norfolk Tithe redemption papers.
KR/R62/36Lord De Ramsey's account book for Army and Navy Stores account
KR/R36/21/2Lease and Release
KR/R63/49Fenland at St. Mary's inc Ray's Farm and other small holdings plus 5 plans and conditions of sale
KR/R32/8Bundle of miscellaneous documents marked 'Old Family Papers'.
KR/R37/4Deeds relating to a freehold and copyhold estate in Little Raveley
KR/R37/1/11Further Charge
KR/R37/4/6Supplemental Abstract of Title to R37/4/5 to 1848 - 1869 to 33ac 1r 11p; Abstract marked Lot 10
KR/RB3/A/51Rent Rolls
KR/R40/8/19Printed Letters to the electors of Hunts. (Election propaganda) (one purporting to come from John Wilkes in Paris).
KR/R36/1/5Copy of Will of Mary Dobbs of Ramsey, spinister.
KR/R36/18/3Abstract of Title 1853 - 1889 of the Trustees acting under the will of the late Phillips to 3 ac 2r 0p of pasture land in Stocking Fen. Marked Lot 2.
KR/RB6/9Accounts of the Trustees.
KR/R63/539 Blenheim Road, 29 Field Terrace, House Ramsey Road Bury
KR/R35/19/5Inventory and Valuation of the furniture etc. at 8, Montague Square, the property of the late Miss Urania Margaretta Fellowes, for the purposes of Administration.
KR/R39/8/11Abstract of Title 1870-1898 of Newton to Wild Goose Leys Farm.
KR/R31/4Bundle of papers relating to the Endowment of the Benefice of St.Thomas'a Becket, Ramsey.
KR/R36/1/2Copy of Court Roll
KR/R7/2/M/122Additional Abstract
KR/R7/3/N/31Surrender and Merger
KR/R5/8/8Manor of Ramsey
KR/R63/56New Fen, Ramsey. 53 acres and plan
KR/RB3/A/1Account Book (1st series)
KR/R36/19/4Lease, Release and Appointment.
KR/R37/4/19Copy of Court Roll
KR/R46/4/10Final Concord
KR/R31/7Bundles of papers relating and referring to a Decree made in the Court of Chancery on 2nd July 1657
KR/R36/23/2Abstract of Title of 1799 - 1893 the Misses Sarah Hopkinson, Fanny Hopkinson and Rose Burnaby to an estate in Broughton part freehold and part copyhold of the Manor of Broughton.
KR/R39/10/6Mortgage (by Lease, Release & Appointment)
KR/R36/22/12Notice to Robert Cattling, tenant of the Stocking Fen Lot, from Setchell, informing him of the sale of the land to Kilby.
KR/R36/21/8Copy of the Will of Anne Stacey of Forty Foot Bridge, widow.
KR/R7/4/A/10Lease and Release
KR/R62/38Guarantee by Lord De Ramsey to honour liabilities, etc. of Brigadier F.C. Stanley
KR/R35/5Bundle of Papers, relating to the Will of William Henry Fellowes of Ramsey Abbey, Hunts. and of Lower Berkeley Street, Portman Square in the p. of St. Martlebone, Middlesex, Esq., and to the administration of his effects.
KR/Acc2768/2/4Court book
KR/R39/10/15Deed of Covenant to produce Title Deeds
KR/RB3/F/107Rectorial Rent-Charge Book (Littleport)
KR/R5/8Deeds relating to 4 acres of copyhold land and 3 acres of freehold land in Ramsey Field, Ramsey.
KR/R43/3Bundle of Letters and other papers relating to valuations of tenant right, etc.
KR/R40/10/3Lease & Release
KR/R40/6/1Account Book of money spent on improvements to Ramsey Abbey.
KR/R35/19/8Small bundle containing legacy receipts account of the testator's personal estate, transfers of stock and bills and receipts re the proving of the will, the funeral etc.
KR/R36/19/1Lease and Release
KR/R44/5A Treatise on Practical Mensuration A. Nesbit. (London)
KR/R37/1/23Account, letter and rough calculations re the purchase of R37/1/21 & R37/1/22.
KR/R10/3/C/14Manor of Ramsey Admission of Flowers to the land in R10/3/13.
KR/R40/11/5Certification that Frances Hitchcock consented to the Lease & Release of her land. (R.40/11/4)
KR/R36/11/1Extract from the Will of John Poulter of Ramsey, grocer and draper
KR/R36/12/10Agreement for Sale and Purchase
KR/R37/4/12Copy of Court Roll
KR/RB6/46Accounts of the Spinning School (2nd. series)
KR/R36/1/3Authority to discharge a Conditional Surrender.
KR/R36/7/3Copy of Court Roll (Steward's Copy)
KR/R7/2/F/67Manor of Wistow
KR/R40/10/1Lease & Release
KR/R36/24/7Transfer of Mortgage
KR/R37/1/19Declaration of Charles Denton Smith, together with copies of baptism and marriage entries, re the children of the late Mrs Elizabeth Smith.
KR/R47Deeds and papers
KR/R37/4/8Copy of Declarations of Dimond and Philip Augustus Hanrott.
KR/R36/20/8Copies of Succession
KR/R8/1/AAs to Premisies formerly John Edmonds
KR/R7/2/K/115Surrender and Merger
KR/R62/2/1-3Letters to trustees from Mrs Fellowes about payments to employees in accordance with Lord De Ramsey's will, with list of beneficiaries.
KR/R42/18/1Particular of the Courts with the times of their being held and before whom, 9 Eliz, (15 ) - 1730
KR/R32/5/83 Letters of copies relate H.E. Eatons financial affairs.
KR/RB3/C/79Rent-Charge Book
KR/RB3/J/121Rent-Charge Book
KR/R39/10/11Deed of Appointment by way of Mortgage.
KR/R36/19/6Abstract of Title 1832 - 1864 of G.D.Setchell to a corn Wind Mill and a piece of freehold land consisting of about 17 yards square in Ramsey.
KR/R36/12/18Abstract of Title of Few, Phillips and Flowers to 2 Midfetter Lots (Land as in R36/12/1) Marked - Lot 2. 1820 - 1869
KR/R13/1/A/16Legacy Receipt.
KR/R63/18Dwelling house plus 5a 1r 20p abutting on Hollow Road
KR/R42/18/2An Account of the Conditional Surrenders & Surrenders to the uses of Wills, 1685-1731, which have not been enrolled.
KR/R41/10-2Letters sent between Coulson Fellowes and the Trustees re. the above Orders and the selection of a Treasurer & Schoolmaster.
KR/RB6/53Rental of Poor Farm & School Farm Allotments.
KR/R36/21/7Copy of the Will of William Boon Stacey of Forty Feet Bridge, yeoman.
KR/Acc2680/4/4Farms cropping book with accounts
KR/R37/3/2Mortgage 10th June 1837
KR/R37/4/14Copy of Court Roll
KR/R33/8/4Mortgage. (by demise for 500 years)
KR/R40/9/29Deed of Covenant to produce Title Deeds.
KR/RB3/A/5Account Book (1st series)
KR/R10/3/G/25Manor of Ramsey. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R9/6/DAs to 4 Meerside Lots
KR/R44/32Schedule, particulars, & plan of smallholdings at Benwick: The Isle of Ely C.C. & Lord De Ramsey.
KR/R62/28/1-4Letters about fortunes for children of Capt. Carlson Fellowes
KR/R33/5/27Reconveyance. Lumby to Flowers. £750 Land as in R33/5/24.
KR/R45/3/2Particulars, Plans & Conditions of Sale East Tuddenham Estate.
KR/R7/4Deeds relating to freehold and copyhold premises in Wistow
KR/R37/4/16Copy of Court Roll
KR/R60/39Conveyance Ponds Bridge, Chlders to E.F. Wittlesey
KR/R45/1/25Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale Glebe Estates in Spaldwick, Easton, Catworth and Alconbury Weston.
KR/Acc2680/2/13Box of estate letters
KR/R10/3/OThe Cheneys Orchard
KR/R36/22/6Copy of part of Fine Trinity Term 1806
KR/R9/8/8Abstract of Title
KR/R62/6/2Release by Sybil, Countess Ossory, from claims on sums of £6,000 and £2,000 under settlements
KR/Acc2768/1/19Copy and quit rent ledger
KR/Acc2680/2/14Box of estate letters
KR/R4/12Deeds Relating to 2 Muchwood Parts, Ramsey.
KR/R10/3/Q/41Receipted Bill. Bill of John Serjeant, to Fellowes re R10/3/40
KR/R14/4Deeds relating to a copyhold fishery in Ramsey
KR/R31/6/2Abstract of all Accounts As to the total costs of New Fen Church.
KR/R13/1/Q/93Manor of Bury Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R37/2Deeds relating to the Round Close or Three Leys in the Manor of Little Raveley.
KR/R10/3/N/34Reconveyance By Lease and Release.
KR/RB6/11Accounts - Cash Book
KR/R36/20Papers and Deeds relating to a freehold estate in Wiggen Moor, Ramsey
KR/R41/9-1Probate copy of Will Joan Palmer, Ramsey, widow.
KR/R37/2/2Abstract of Title 1863 - 1891 of Mr C.J. Longland to Round Close, Little Raveley, held of the Manor.
KR/R62/18/2Affidavit by W.G. Trower concerning trust
KR/R60/3Agreement with Electric. Company
KR/RB5/5Linen List of Abbots Ripton Hall
KR/R7/1/J/25Abstract of Title
KR/R10/3/MThe Skeggins Lot.
KR/RB6/32Accounts of Lands under Care (1st. series)
KR/RB5/4Inventory of the contents of Holme Wood House.
KR/R43/26Bundle of Agreements
KR/R47/3/1Bank Account Books: Haverland Settled Estates No. 2 A/C.
KR/Acc2680/2/12Box of estate letters
KR/R18/11/3Abstract of Title of Francis Ibberson to property as at R18/11/1.
KR/R7/3/CAs to the other Bill Lot, formerly Boy's
KR/R8/5/4Demise for 1,000 years
KR/R44/31Draft Schedule of the land in the Abbots Ripton estate proposed to be sold to Hon Reginald Fellowes.
KR/R18/13/3Abstract of Title of Phillips and Saunders to the property at 18/13/1
KR/R42/18/3Forms of Oaths etc. observed at the Court.
KR/R37/5/10Further Charge
KR/R40/8/14Printed Lists
KR/RB2/59-62Copy and Quit Rent Account Book
KR/R10/1/22Conditions of Sale and Agreement
KR/R13/1/CAs to an estate formerly Thomas Simpsons containing 41 ac 3r 0p. As to 29 ac 3r 0p. of the estate.
KR/R5/10/7Abstract of Title
KR/R39/9/6Lease & Release
KR/R47/27Bundle of copies of rentals of estates at Ramsey, Abbots Ripton, Wistow, Warboys, Upwood, and Gt. Stukeley.
KR/RB3/A/48Rent Audit Book
KR/R15/30Assignment of Mortgage and further charge.
KR/R41/1/10Agreement by A.J. Saunders, to pay the rent due from Charles Newton to the Trustees.
KR/RB3/A/46Rent Audit Book (includes some rents for land at Whittlesey)
KR/R18/3/7Reconveyance of mortgaged property as above, £500 having been paid.
KR/R33/5/4Mortgage (Demise for 500 years)
KR/R8/8/AAs to 40 ac. late Gascoyne's
KR/R8/1/H/47Authority to Discharge.
KR/R13/1Papers relating to the estates in Upwood purchased of the Trustees for Sale under the Will of the Late John Pooley, gent, and to lands in Lockspit Ramsey.
KR/R37/4/3Copy of Court Roll
KR/R40/10/7Certified extract from the Register of the Wesleyan Chapel, Chatteris, of the baptism of T.H. Gascoyne, 21 March, 1836.
KR/R10/3/C/4Manor of Ramsey
KR/R40/11/6Lease & Release
KR/R5/11/19Copy of Release
KR/R8/4/9Copy of Surrender
KR/R7/1/C/8Attested copy
KR/R13/1/NAs to a messuage, blacksmith's shop and premises heretofore Thomas Pooley's
KR/RB3/C/89Rent-charge book
KR/R40/9/23Attested copy of Mortgage
KR/R33/5/31Abstract of Title
KR/R33/2/8Copy of Certificate of Redemption of Tithe Rentcharge - parish of Woodwalton.
KR/R60/1/1& 2Agreement with John Whittome regarding the sale of Mereside Farm, Ramsey
KR/R18Deeds and papers
KR/R45/1/13Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale The Glatton Hall Estate, nr. Holme.
KR/R35/15Deeds relating to some of the directions in the will (27th August 1797) of Sir William Molesworth of Pencarrow, Cornwall, Baronet.
KR/R7/2/G/77Manor of Wistow
KR/R33/5/37Schedule Of the writings relating to the above estate.
KR/RB3/A/62Collecting Rentals
KR/R14/4/8Accounts sheet
KR/R33/8/9Undertaking by Miss Brown to produce R33/8/6 for Jones if required to do so.
KR/R63/39Hollow Fen Farm 65 acres. The Elms, Violet Cottage, 6 cottages in Herne Road & plan
KR/RB3/F/106Rectorial Rent-Charge Book (Littleport)
KR/R16/4/5Will (Copy) of Branabas Brighty. In favour of his sons Peter and William, principally
KR/Acc2768/1/1Court book
KR/R41/1Ramsey Charity Papers
KR/R7/1/B/5Final Concord
KR/RB3/A/12Account Book (1st series)
KR/R13/1/A/3Manor of Upwood.
KR/RB6/54Copies of letters from the Clerk to the Trustees.
KR/R51/1Papers relating to Ramsey Parish Church:
KR/R16/4/19Schedule of Deeds
KR/R4/2/9Copy of Conveyance
KR/R40/8/20Copy of the Charge to the Jury of Sewers for the Bedford Level.
KR/R4/15/4Copy of Agreement.
KR/R9/9/A/5Deed of Covenant
KR/R33/2/4Copy of Certificate of Redemption of Tithe Rentcharge - parish of Bury.
KR/R10/6/12Supplemental Abstract of Title of the above trustees to certain premises in Ramsey.
KR/RB3/F/100Copy of the Apportionment of the Rent-Charge in lieu of Tithes. Littleport
KR/R7/2/G/73Extract from the Will Of John Scatley of Ramsey, gent.
KR/R62/20Lord De Ramsey estate duty accounts, including valuation of estates 1925
KR/R62/1Appointment of rent charge for Rosamond Spencer Churchill on marriage to William Henry Fellowes
KR/R4/9/1Copy of Rent Roll.
KR/R3/14/3Lease and Release
KEP/6Poster. Statements from Parliamentary debates of Russell and Fellowes.
KR/R6/4/7Lease and Release
KR/R4/3/1Manor of Ramsey.
KR/R4/3/18Copy of Final Concord
KR/R16/4/4Deed of further charge
KR/R62/37Declaration by Signora Assanti as to J D C Fellowes' faith
KR/RB3/H/116Account Book
KR/RB3/C/78Rent-Charge Book
KR/Acc2768/1/2Court book
KR/R4/2/12Copy of Assignment
KEP/2Campaign poster for Mr. Fellowes against Lord Russell
KR/R9/9/C/15Lease and Release
KR/RB6/33Accounts of Lands under Care (1st. series)
KR/R33/8/1Bargain and Sale.
KR/R62/9Account of Lord De Ramsey as executor of Mary Julia dowager lady De Ramsey with A.E. Fellowes for annuity
KR/R3/6/2Lease and Release.
KR/RB3/K/125Cash Book
KR/R7/2/H/80Copy of an Assignment
KR/R47/34/3Letters to Arthur Newton, Ramsey from Morris & Sons, Ltd., London, re repair necessary for church windows.
KR/R5/11/22Deed of Covenants
KR/R7/2/J/89Final Concord
KR/RB3/A/42Farm Cash Book (Upwood, Raveley, Grange, Park, Glatton & Stukeley farms.)
KR/Acc2680/4/6Farm receipt and payment accounts (CGA)
KR/R17/11/17Certificate of burial Of Thomas Dorien, junior, at St.Peter's church, Berkhamstead. 1st March 1841.
KR/R47/40/2Various papers including letters & contract re the Savings Bank Annuity of Miss A.E. Jones, Portsmouth.
KR/R4/3/6Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll
KR/R31/1/A/49Copy of Absolute Surrender
KR/R3/10/4Assignment of Mortgage
KR/R18/1/10Abstract of Title
KHAC0/75/7/2Election pamphlet - Hinchingbrook and Fellowes
KR/R40/2/2Exemplification of Common Recovery
KR/R17/11/4Lease and Release (reconveyance)
KR/R51/1/8Faculty for alterations and improvements in the parish church of St. Thomas a Becket, Ramsey
KR/R3/24/1Bargain and Sale
KR/R4/6/9Copies from the Burial Register of St.Dunstan, Stepney
KR/Acc2680/3/3Worlick and Hollow Farms, weekly labour and other accounts
KAR79/104/2/1/8Statement of service to the Board of Mr E. Fellowes.
KR/R14/4/3Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll
KR/R36/24Deeds relating to 4 acres of freehold land in Mereside in Ramsey.
KR/R4/8/2Attested deed of Appointment.
KR/R51/18The Cambridge Chronicle & Journal (Vol. XIII No. 666)
KR/R4/3/8Manor of Ramsey. Copy of Court Roll
KR/R44/27/5Counterpart of Lease for 21 years
KR/R40/9/9Attested copy of Lease & Release
KR/R6/4/2Copy of Will and Codicil
KR/RB6/6Draft Minutes of the Governors of Ramsey Grammar School.
KR/R51/1/5Letters and licence allowing the future use of the Fellowes' vault in the church.
KR/R5/2/9Copy of Will of Smith
KR/R45/1/20Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale Rowey Farm, in Pidley and Warboys.
KR/R31/1/A/22Admission of Roe To the lands in R31/1/21 on the surrender of Beeby
KR/R13/1/H/58Manor of Upwood Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R40/10/4Particulars & conditions of sale of an estate at Doddington, Cambs, & Ramsey, belonging to Thomas Henry Gascoyne.
KR/R31/1/A/9Memorandum of the Surrender by Bosquain of the lands as in R31/1/6 to the use of Jonathan Martin.
KR/R62/26Agreement to produce compensation agreement for o.s.p. 34 in King's Ripton
KR/Acc2768/1/8Court book
KR/R8/7/17Copy of Transcript
KR/R10/3/Q/40Deed of Covenant for the production of Title Deeds. Flowers to Fellowes.
KR/RB1/11Ledger of various accounts covering various estates, drainage, various people etc.
KR/R5/12/6Copy of the Will of Fann
KR/R7/3/O/38List of Deeds etc
KR/R62/4/1-3List of Lady De Ramsey's furniture at Haverland, with two letters about Reggie Fellowes' portion
KR/R46/4/5Assignment of a Mortgage Term of 1,000 years to attend the Inheritance.
KR/R47/31Bundle of letters, decisions of valuers, sales particulars etc.
KR/R33/5/25Mortgage Bond. Miss Belshaw is bound to Lumby in £1,200.
KR/R7/2/K/106Assignment of Mortgage
KR/R35/6/4Succession Accounts of the 2nd Lord De Ramsey on the death of his father, and a few re his mother's death.
KR/R9/2/13Abstract of Title
KR/R5/12Deeds relating to a Bill Lot, Ramsey
KR/R8/3/1Manor of Ramsey.
KR/R45/1/4Particulars, Plans & Conditions of Sale of an agricultural estate of J.N. Heathcote at Gt. & Lt. Stukeley, Sawtry, Holme and Steeple Gidding.
KR/R63/1/1-2Mere Farm, Hollow Lane, Marriotts Drove, Roadside Farm, Benwick Farm, Worlick Farm, with plan and draft particulars
KR/R39/8/13Schedule of Deeds and Writings. 1848-1898 relating to Wild Goose Leys Farm.
KR/RB6/29Accounts of The Poor Lands (2nd. series)
KR/RB3/F/112Haddenham & Littleport Tithes Book
KR/R2/8/2Rental and Particular.
KR/R31/4/7Receipted Account
KR/R15/10Assignment of Mortgage.
KR/R41Charities (Ramsey Trustees)
KR/RB3/F/102Rectorial Rent-Charge Book (Littleport)
KR/R44/26Inventory & Valuation of fixtures and fittings at Abbots Ripton Hall the property of the Exors. of Howard Gilliat, Esq. decd. agreed to be purchased by Lord De. Ramsey.
KR/R44/27/4Counterpart of Lease for 21 years
KR/R45/1/7Particulars, Plans & Conditions of Sale of Dove House Farm, Ramsey, and field in Warboys.
KR/R35/12Will and Codicil of George John Lord Sondes
KR/R51/6Capital Accounts of the Trustees of the Settled Estates of Lord De Ramsey
KR/R44/22Bundle of letters, accounts & rough notes and accounts
KR/R63/24St. Mary's 7 acres
KHAC0/26/7Land at Ramsey (5 items)
KR/R9/9Deeds Relating to 2 Skeggings Lots, Ramsey.
KR/R60/26Conveyance Flowers to De R. Stocking Fen, Ramsey
KR/R13/1/L/73Manor of Upwood Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R40/10/5Abstract of Title of T.H. Gascoyne, to 4a. 2r. 21p. of land in Broadalls, Ramsey. 1791-1854
KR/R37/1Bundle of Deeds and other papers relating to 2 parcels of land in Middlemoor, Ramsey, purchased by Lord De Ramsey from William Denton in 1888.
KR/R7/2/D/27Manor of Wistow
KR/R3/1/2Bargain and Sale.
KR/R15/53Office Copy of Certificate of Acknowledgement.
KR/R36/19/3Assignment of Mortgage
KR/R63/14A Herne Field
KR/R47/37/4Additional Mortgage
KR/R62/3/2Statement as to Lord De Ramsey's titles, property, children, their interests, etc.
KR/R46/4/8Assignment of a Mortgage Term of 1,000 years to attend the Inheritance.
KR/R7/2/B/5Manor of Wistow
KR/R14/6/4Abstract of Title of Thomas Pooley Smyth to a copyhold estate situate in Woodlane in Ramsey
KR/R13/2/6Abstract of Title of George Headdy and Elizabeth, his wife, to a Broadalls Lot.
KR/Acc2768/1/9Court book
KR/R18/10/11Declaration By Sir James Duberly, that the Mortgage has been repaid.
KR/Acc3666/1/3List of lands required for Smallholdings
KR/R7/3/OAs to all the Estates
KR/RB3/A/54Collecting Rentals
KR/R18/4/7Certificate of Burial Of Rose Smith, Ramsey, aged 71 years.
KR/R7/2/DAs to 64½ acres of land and 3 acres of meadow
KR/Acc2680/2/9Ramsey Estate payments
KR/RB6/44Accounts of the Spinning School (1st. series)
KR/R13/1/S/118Instructions for Conveyance of Lockspits and the Opinion of W.S.Waford, Plowden Buildings, temple, on the same.
KR/R40/8/17Details and rents of the Manor of Somersham with the Soke.
KR/R62/33/1Contract for sale of Ramsey Abbey: Lord De Ramsey to P.W. Rogers (including plan)
KR/RB3/C/94Rent-charge book
KR/R32/5/92 Notices of Transfer of Stock re the Marriage Settlement trusts.
KR/R46/2/12Schedule of Deeds & Writings relating to Denhills Farm.
KR/RB3/A/22Account Book (2nd. series, Agent's Accounts?)
KR/R37/5/8Statuory Declaration
KR/R13/1/A/13Manor of Upwood. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R16/2Deeds relating to a freehold estate at Wistow.
KR/R34/4Deeds relating to a freehold Fen Farm in Benwick, purchased from the Devisees under the Will of Henry Ibberson and his widow Ann.
KR/RB2/22-25Copy and Quit Rent Account Book
KR/R48/12Copy of The London & All England Homefinder. No. 47 Eleventh Year.
KR/R45/3/1Particulars & Conditions of Sale farm in East Tuddenham & Hockering.
KR/RB6/7Accounts of the Trustees.
KR/RB3/HEstates at Southery, Norfolk, Metfield, Withersdale & Linstead, Suffolk, and Over & Willingham, Cambs, belonging to C.A. Taylor, Esq.
KR/Acc2680/4/7Farm receipt and payment accounts (CGA)
KR/R63/46Bury Lug Fen, 58 Great Whyte, Raveley Fen Cottage Station Rd and plan
KR/R31/1/A/47Admission of Mrs. Frances Bird to the lands in R31/1/46
KR/R13/1/M/77Manor of Upwood Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R36/24/3Particulars and Conditions of Sale of the freehold estates of the late William German. Marked: Lot 1.
KR/R7/3/EAs to both the last mentioned Estates
KR/R14/4/9Abstract of Title of Thomas Pooley Smyth to a copyhold estate in Ramsey
KR/R10/1/32Inventory, and copy of, The Title Deeds and Writings related to the 104 acre and 10 acre estates in Benwick and Ramsey.
KR/R10/3/C/12Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R47/1/4Ramsey Estate Bank Account Books
KR/R6/1/16Lease and Release
KR/RB4/2The River Nene Act, from Standground Sluice to Salter's Load Sluice, with Extracts from the Wisbech Canal Act. (Cambridge.)
KR/R7/3/O/33Additional Abstract of Title
KR/R46/3/4Lease & Release (copy) (same as R46/2/2)
KR/R8/1/E/22Authority to Discharge.
KR/R7/3/K/28Attested copy
KR/R7/2/85Manor of Old Hurst
KR/R35/16/3cSheets of paper -one marked 'not sent' -noting some of William Fellowes's objections to Mrs Pemble's case.
KR/R7/2/M/123Supplementary Abstract
KR/RB5/1Charter of Inspeximus of 8 Edward III, reciting a Charter of King Edgar respecting the Foundation and Property of the Abbey of Ramsey.
KR/R17/12/9Covenant to Produce title deeds. Isaac Newton to Edward Fellowes.
KR/R13/1/P/91Manor of Upwood Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R14/4/7Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll
KR/R5/1/42 Parts Final Concord.
KR/R14/1/4Abstract of Title
KR/R8/1/G/28Sale of Particulars
KR/R35/19/3Book of Household and Personal Accounts
KR/R51/5/2Copy of Admission of William Lenton, on surrender of Wells
KR/R63/47/1& 2Holmedene, 108, 99, 100, 102, High Street, 17, 52 Little Whyte, 1, 2, & 3 Pott's Yard & 3 fields
KR/Acc2680/1Haveringland Estates
KR/R14/1/2Lease and Release
KR/R7/2/E/48Copy of Authority
KR/R6/7/2Manor of Ramsey
KR/R10/4/1Certified Copy of entry in Ramsey Burial Register.
KR/R5/3/11Assignment of a Mortgage
KR/R7/1/G/16Manor of Ramsey
KR/R7/2/C/16Manor of Wistow
KR/R40/9/6Attested copy of Feoffment
KR/R47/1/7Ramsey Estate Bank Account Books
KR/R13/1/A/19Legacy Receipt.
KR/R6/5/6Lease and Release
KR/R5/6/1Lease and Release.
KR/R15/45Observations and replies on the tithe.
KR/R10/6/11Abstract of Title
KR/R5/8/6Manor of Ramsey
KR/R5/3/14Lease and Release
KR/R13/1/KR/101Copy of the Opinion of William Hayes, Cloisters temple, as to the estate purchased of Hanger.
KR/R7/2/J/92Lease and Release
KR/R62/24List of members of Fellowes family with notes of wills and family settlements
KR/R3/27/7Will (Copy).
KR/RB3/C/85Rent-charge book
KR/R9/7/A/9Final Concord
KR/R37/6Slip of Paper
KR/R33/2/1Schedule of Lord De Ramsey's Tithe.
KR/R10/3/P/36Warrant to Discharge. Conditional Surrenders R10/3/15 and R10/3/31.
KR/R36/21/5Promissory Note
KR/R8/7/14Certificates of the Accountant General
KR/R40/9/22Attested copy of a Deed of Further Charge.
KR/R8/4/2Final Concord.
KR/R7/4/B/17Manor of Wistow.
KR/R7/2/L/117Manor of Wistow
KR/R6/5/19Lease and Release
KR/R14/3/4Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R62/13Dissentailing assurance by Edward Fellowes and W.H. Fellowes on freehold portion of family estates
KR/R36/17/4Succession Account of Charles Joseph Jones of Benwick, Cambs, farmer, upon the death of Emma Jones, his mother.
KR/R7/2/B/10Manor of Wistow
KR/R14/5/2Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll
KR/R9/8/13Abstract of Title
KR/R7/4/B/29Abstract of Title
KR/R8/6/8Memorandum of an Agreement
KR/R6/7/1Manor of Ramsey
KR/R62/35/2Contract for sale of Will Trust Fund lands at Ramsey and Abbot's Ripton: J.D.C. Fellowes to Lord De Ramsey
KR/R10/6/14Covenant for the Production of Title Deeds.
KR/R5/8/7Manor of Ramsey
KR/R10/3/C/8Special Undertaking and Declaration by Leach
KR/R35/6/2List of Charitable Legacies bequeathed by the will, together with letters of thanks and receipts for the same.
KR/R7/2/N/127Manor of Wistow
KR/R7/2/G/71Extract of the Will
KR/R40/9/19Attested copy of Declaration of Identity.
KR/R7/2/E/43Manor of Wistow
KR/R7/2/A/2Manor of Wistow
KR/R43/19Bundle of letters
KR/R7/2/F/61Manor of Wistow
KR/R9/5/12Abstract of Title
KR/R7/2/K/107Assignment of Mortgage
KR/R9/9/C/17Certified Extract from the Ramsey Marriage Register.
KR/R8/3/11Deed of Covenants.
KR/R13/1/H/55Manor of Upwood Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R13/1/D/33Manor of Upwood. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R8/8/B/16Insurance Policy
KR/R18/10/21Purchase Agreement
KR/R13Deeds and papers
KR/R7/2/86Manor of Old Hurst
KR/R10/1/25Case and Opinion of Richard Preston as to Ibberson's title to the Papworth lands in ramsey.
KR/R15/43Abstract of Title
KR/R40/7/1Account Book of money spent on repairs and drainage at Ramsey Abbey.
KR/R6/5/12Manor of Chatteris
KR/R6/1/22Lease and Release
KR/R63/16Thorney & French Drove: 351 acres plus plan
KR/R31/1/A/24Certificate of Burial of Bond 10th January, Extract from the Godmanchester Burial Register
KR/R18/3/12Abstract of Title (with supplement)
KR/R41/1/11Note about the sale of crops for ready money.
KR/R7/2/D/37Manor of Wistow
KR/R7/2/D/39Copy of Authority
KR/R16/2/5Release (copy)
KR/R7/3/A/2Lease and Release
KR/R17/11/5Lease and Release (reconveyance)
KR/R7/2/F/55Manor of Wistow
KR/R6/1/14Final Concord
KR/R31/1/A/11Admission of J. Martin to the lands as in R31/1/6
KR/R8/1/H/53Bundle of Accounts
KR/R6/7/7Deed of Covenants
KR/R28/part ARamsey parish uncatalogued material
KR/R7/2/F/60Manor of Wistow
KR/R10/2/14Receipted Bill
KR/RB3/A/67Field Book (with coloured plans)
KR/R13/1/H/54Manor of Upwood
KR/Acc3666/2/1Day & Son's letter to the County Council enclosing the claim for compensation to Mr. G.S. Newton
KR/R7/1/G/17Manor of Ramsey
KR/R8/5/9Abstract of Title
KR/R13/1/G/49Manor of Upwood. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R9/3/3Abstract of Title
KR/R7/1/B/3Bargain and Sale
KR/R9/7/C/28Deed of Further Charge
KR/R10/5Deeds relating to 3½ ac. in the Hern, purchased from Mrs. Abbott by Robert Fellowes Esq., Rev. Charles Fellowes and Rev. Edward Benyon.
KR/R9/2/6Lease and Release
KR/R17/5/2Lease and Release
KR/R7/4/B/15Manor of Wistow.
KR/R40/9/27Attested copy of Reconveyance
KR/Acc2680/2/4Ramsey Estate receipts book, settled and unsettled estate
KR/R8/1/H/49Authority to Discharge.
KR/R7/4/B/18Manor of Wistow.
KR/R44/8Plan of an estate belonging to Mr. Henry Ibberson, situated in Broadall's & Mere Side, Ramsey. (T.Ward, Ramsey)
KR/R9/4Deeds and paper relating to land in Little Skeggins, Ramsey.
KR/R7/2/F/58Manor of Wistow
KR/R7/2/K/114Deed of Further Charge
KR/R7/3/M/30Attested Copy
KR/R18/2/10Surrender of Mortgage
KR/R7/4/A/12Extracts from the Wistow Land Tax
KR/R8/6/11Deed of Covenant.
KR/R10/3/BCopyhold piece of ground called Cheney's Orchard.
KR/R8/3/8Manor of Ramsey.
KR/R9/3/2Particulars and Conditions
KR/R37/4/7Continuation of Supplemental Abstract 1863 - 1871 -Abstract of the Will of C.A. Manning and of Indenture of Appointment of new trustees of the will of J.S. Manning.
KR/R9/7/A/4Assignment of a Mortgage
KR/R9/2/8Office Extract from the Will
KR/R9/4/2Account of Messers
KR/R9/7/B/25Deed of Covenant
KR/R9/5/9Lease and Release
KR/R10/2/12Lease and Release
KR/Acc2768/1/12Court book
KR/R7/4/B/19Manor of Wistow.
KR/R3/2/12Assignment of Mortgage.
KR/R60/36Sale to W. Newton, plot in Biggen lane, Ramsey
KR/R8/4/12Deed of Covenant
KR/R6Deeds and papers
KR/R13/1/C/30Authority (and Duplicate) To Discharge R13/1/28, Cox to the Steward of the Manor.
KR/R8/1/H/46Authority to Discharge.
KR/R7/2/H/81Abstract of Title
KR/R44/21Tables showing the Value of Tithe Rent-charges. (London)
KR/R7/3/L/29Attested Copy
KR/R32/9/15Manor of Kings Ripton. Copy of Court Roll
KR/R8/7/23Bundle of Affidavits
KR/R17/10/9Conveyance by appointment.
KR/R8/8/B/10Final Concord
KR/R16/2/24Schedule of Deeds.
KR/R10/3/J/28Stamp Office Legacy Receipts.
KR/R13/1/A/15Legacy Receipt.
KR/R39/10Deeds relating to 90a.+ and to 20p. of land in Benwick, originally the property of Francis Ibberson.
KR/R44/10Map of Somersham Fen etc. 25 O.S. sheets Hunts XV: 6& 7.
KR/R8/1/A/7Manor of Upwood.
KR/R10/6/7Accounts of W. Flowers.
KR/R7/2/H/83Manor of Bury
KR/R7/2/J/93Extract of Final Concord
KR/R13/1/A/18Legacy Receipt.
KR/R14/3/16List of Writings
KR/R10/3/C/5Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R8/7/20Office Copy of the Probate Act
KR/R46/4/2Terrier & Admeasurement of the lands of Edward & Mary Hales, in Gt. Stukeley.
KR/R9/9/C/8Final Concord
KR/R16/4/10Assignment of Mortgage
KR/R31/1Bundle of Deeds relating to a copyhold estate at Upwood purchased by Edward Fellowes of Mr John Bird and his wife in 1848.
KR/R10/2/9Extract from the Will of Eden
KR/R9/8/12Conditions of Sale
KR/R8/8/C/18Abstract of Title
KR/R13/1/KR/112Instructions for Mr Walford to advise and Mr Walford's Opinion re wording of the conveyance.
KR/R9/7/C/30Mortgage Bond
KR/R35/17/4Small book of Accounts, both household and relating to the death of Mrs Lavinia Fellowes.
KR/R18/8/3Lease and Release
KR/Acc3666/2/6Pencilled notes on crop valuation
KR/R13/3/2Mortgage (by Appointment)
KR/R13/1/N/80Title Bond
KR/R36/19Deeds relating to the site of the Old Mill, Ramsey, and the Roadway to it.
KR/R62/25Taxing master's certificate for costs re. settlement under will of 2nd Baron De Ramsey
KR/R45/1/22Particulars of smallholdings in Ramsey St. Mary's.
KR/R13/1/E/39Manor of Upwood. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R39/8/7Further Mortgage 21 Mar 1870
KR/R9/8/11Deed of Appointment
KR/R13/1/KR/106Declaration by Edward Lant of Upwood, labourer, as to the lands owned by Pooley.
KR/RB3/A/7Account Book (1st series)
KR/R14/5/8Warrant to discharge Conditional Surrender R14/5/3 (copy)
KR/R13/1/H/57Manor of Upwood Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R13/1/O/85Manor of Upwood Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R8/1/F/23Probate copy of the will (1789) of Seaton
KR/R7/4/B/14Manor of Wistow.
KR/R13/1/KR/114Extract from the Letters of Administration granted to Sir John Arundel, formerly Sir John Brazier,
KR/R10/3/B/3Manor of Ramsey
KR/R8/6/5Manor of Ramsey.
KR/R13/1/J/62Manor of Upwood Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R33/1/5Receipted Account. Serjeant & Son to Fellowes, as to their costs re his purchase of Lots 3 and 4.
KR/R13/1/H/51Manor of Upwood Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R8/7/9Office Copy
KR/R13/2/8Final Concord (2 parts)
KR/R3/11/10Will (copy)
KR/R47/1/8Ramsey Estate Bank Account Books
KR/R15Deeds relating to an estate at Ramsey, sold by Mr. Overall Ibberson to Edward Fellowes, Esq., Catalogued in the order of the schedule of deeds.
KR/R8/3/4Copy of Extract
KR/R9/7/B/21Copy of Final Concord
KR/R10/1/12Surrender and Merger of a Mortgage term.
KR/R7/3/BAs to one of the Bill Lots, formerly Boys's
KR/R4/6/6Parts of Final Concord.
KR/Acc3674/20Bundle of five deeds and documents re a lot in Ramsey Mereside and farm in Benwick of 265 acres lately part of Mere Farm and Marris Farm
KR/R36/3/2Letter from James Jones to Lord De Ramsey re Jones's Bridge, 400 Farm.
KR/R16/2/6Jointure (copy)
KR/RB4/4Acts relating to the Middle Level Drainage and Navigation (London.)
KR/Acc2680/4/3Tennants cropping book with accounts
KR/R16/3Estate of the late William Henson, purchased by Edward Fellowes, 11th April, 1855.
KR/R33/7Deeds relating to freehold land in Ramsey Hollow, Ramsey.
KR/R10/2/8Mortgage (by Demise for 1,000 years)
KR/R31/4/8Receipted Account
KR/R9/7/A/10A Schedule and Abstract of Title
KR/R15/1/1Lease and Release
KR/R8/5/1Copy of the Will
KR/R10/4/5Receipted Bill.
KR/R8/8/B/12Bargain and Sale
KR/R10/2/4Lease and Release
KR/RB3/A/60Collecting Rentals
KR/R13/1/S/117Copies of Documents relating to that part of Upwood Common lying in the parish of Ramsey and commonly called Lockspits. 1844 - 1847.
KR/R16/2/9Mortgage (copy)
KR/R8/6/9Authority to Discharge.
KR/R10/6/3Mortgage (by Demise for 500 years)
KR/R10/1/6Assignment of a Mortgage Term in trust to attend the Inheritance.
KR/RB6/43Accounts of the Spinning School (1st. series)
KR/R10/3/F/24Assignment of Mortgage And further charge (by lease and Release).
KR/R9/7/A/18Final Concord
KR/RB6/40Accounts of Lands under Care (2nd. series)
KR/R9/2/5Lease, Release and Appointment
KR/R8/6/1Copy of the Will
KR/RB3/LEstate of the Rev. Nathaniel Colvile around Wisbech, Isle of Ely. (in Leverington and Parson Drove, Isle of Ely; Emneth, Norfolk; Tydd, Lincs. etc.)
KR/R14/3/9Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R9/6/E/20Schedule of the Muniments of title
KR/R41/10-3Minutes of the Meeting of the Trustees of the School & School house Lands
KR/R14/3/14Copy of Authority to discharge Conditional Surrender in R14/3/9. Palmer to the Steward of the Courts of the Manor
KR/R8/8/C/20Lease and Release
KR/R16/3/12Lease and Release
KR/R4/12/3Lease and Release.
KR/R18/2/8Certificate of Burial Of John Laxon, Esq. (one of the assistants) at Godmanchester. (19th September 1825)
KR/R62/19Papers about J.D.C. Fellowes tax affairs, including extracts from Lord De Ramsey's will, of 1921, executors' accounts 1933-4, brief to counsel, copy correspondence, etc.
KR/R9/9/C/11Copy of the Will of Butler.
KR/R8/8/C/19Bundle of Affidavits
KR/R3/14/1Bargain and Sale
KR/R34/1A bundle of documents relating to the Fellowes copyhold lands held of the Manor of Upwood.
KR/R9/9/C/12Mortgage (by Demise for 500 years).
KR/R13/2/7Lease and Release
KR/R39/9/18Receipt of payment to Serjeant & Son by Lord De Ramsey for the charges re R39/9/17.
KR/R8/7/24Schedule of Title Deeds
KR/R4/3/2Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll
KR/R5/12/1Lease and Release
KR/R13/1/J/60Manor of Upwood Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R31/1/A/52Receipted Account
KR/R9/6/B/5Attested Copy of Assignment of a Mortgage.
KR/R9/8/2Copy of the Will
KR/R9/7/C/32Assignment of Mortgage Terms.
KR/R9/8/5Copy of Final Concord
KR/R43/32Bundle of letters, applications & receipts for tax etc.
KR/R60/8Receipt for loans by Hon. A.E. Fellowes and for part re-payment.
KR/R7/2/H/82Manor of Bury
KR/R10/3/D/19Copy of Exemplification of Common Recovery
KR/R35/7Will of William Fellowes and related papers
KR/R63/65Hill Farm, Upwood. Live & Dead Stock (With Receipt)
KR/R1/1/26Assignment of Mortgage
KR/R16/5Ibberson's farm at Benwick
KR/R3/3/2Bargain and Sale.
KR/R10/3/D/17Copy of the Will of Hotchkin, rector of Abbots Ripton.
KR/R33/5/24Mortgage. (by lease and release)
KR/R1/1/28Assignment of Mortgage
KR/R13/1/KR/104Copy of Observations on the title by the purchaser's solicitor and the replies of the vendor's solicitor, with Mr Walford's remarks on the same and his Opinion.
KR/R3/2/4Bargain and Sale.
KR/R15/40Legacy receipt from Stamp Office.
KR/R10/5/1Abstract of Title
KR/R10/2/10Surrender and Merger of Mortgage Term.
KR/R10/3/H/26Manor of Ramsey. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R13/1/C/28Manor of Upwood. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R43/5Bundle of Letters and other papers relating to valuations of tenant right, etc. - mainly for compulsory purchase by County Council for small-holdings of lands in Ramsey St. Mary and Ponders Bridge.
KR/R31/1/A/35Copy of Absolute Surrender
KR/R18/12/14Account of John Serjeant, solicitor to Edward Fellowes. Settled 1st December 1857
KR/R10/6/8Lease and Release.
KR/Acc3674/6Abstract of title to 3 rods 6 perches in The Hollow, Ramsey, contracted for sale to Lord de Ramsey
KR/R10/3/L/31Manor of Ramsey. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R15/17Lease and Release.
KR/R14/6/8Receipted Bill.
KR/R7/4/A/7Certified Extracts
KR/R10/3/J/27Copy of the Will Of Miss Belshaw.
KR/R33/5/10Final Concord.
KR/R17Deeds and papers
KR/R8/7Deeds and papers relating to a freehold estate at Woodwalton.
KR/R1/1/22Deed of Reasignment.
KR/RB3/A/24Account Book (2nd. series, Agent's Accounts?)
KR/R3/24/6Will (copy)
KR/RB3/E/99Farm Croppings Book (Park, Lady Seat, Denton Lodge, Half Way farms.)
KR/R37/1/20Abstract of Title 1857 - 1888 of Denton to 12ac 3r 13p of arable land in Middle Moor in p. of Ramsey St. Mary's.
KR/R8/6/2Manor of Ramsey
KR/R13/1/A/12Copy of the Will of Mary Pooley of Upwood, widow.
KR/R3/16/2Assignment of Mortgage
KR/R18/1/6Land Tax
KR/R39/9/10Lease & Release
KR/R2/6/16Assignment of Mortgage.
KR/R15/24Lease and Release.
KR/R5/8/10Lease and Release
KR/R14/6/1Manor of Ramsey
KR/R16/3/6Lease and Release
KR/R3/6/1Bargain and Sale (copy).
KR/R3/1/3Lease and Release.
KR/R3/18/3Lease and Release
KR/R16/2/7Mortgage. (copy)
KR/R18/2/17Bargain and Sale
KR/Acc3666/2/3Letters from W.G. Trower to Mr. Rogers concerning the claim and the arbitration hearing
KR/R4/10/2Will of Owen Fann.
KR/R3/11/9Lease and Release
KR/R33/8/8Lease and Release.
KR/R33/4/2Deed of Covenant for production of Title Deeds.
KR/R31/1/A/31Copy of Absolute Surrender
KR/R18/2/16Covenant to produce title deeds.
KR/R18/2/11Lease and Release
KR/R17/8/1Will (copy) of Alice Brown, widow, Ramsey
KR/R31/1/A/30Admission of Martin to the lands in R31/1/28
KR/R34/5/1Manor of Farcet Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R40/11/4Lease & Release
KR/R32/5/1Copy of Articles of Copartnership
KR/R18/1/2Bargain and Sale
KR/R31/1/A/8Articles of Agreement
KR/R10/1/13Deed of Declaration and Covenants
KR/R18/2/5Lease and Release
KR/R32/9/11Manor of Kings Ripton. Copy of Court Roll
KR/R7/4/B/20Attested copy.
KR/R34/1/2Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R7/2/G/69Manor of Wistow
KR/R3/24/3Bargain and Sale
KR/R3/13/6Lease and Release
KR/R2/3/1Copy of Royal Grant
KR/R3/14/4Assignment of Mortgage
KR/R50/4/2Bundle of letters
KR/R13/1/P/90Manor of Upwood Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R6/7/3Manor of Ramsey
KR/R17/11/16Declarations (2)
KR/R7/4/B/31Manor of Wistow.
KR/R2/6/10Lease and Release.
KR/R37/4/4Declaration of Richard Wilmer of Little Raveley, farmer.
KR/R3/2/11Lease and Release
KR/R36/10/2Copy of the Will of Mrs Eliza Jones, formerly Goodburn, of Forty Feet Bridge, widow.
KR/R32/9/14Manor of Kings Ripton. Copy of Court Roll (copy)
KR/R2/6/6Bargain and Sale.
KR/R41/2/4Isaac Judd (aged 16) of Bury. Apprenticed to James Armitage, engine fitter and machine maker, of Bury. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R43/13Bundle of Letters to Rogers and Longbourne - mainly covering notes and a few queries - + receipts re payment of Lord Alington's Doddington rents and taxes.
KR/R15/31Deed of further charge.
KR/R63/10/1-3Poplar Farm Northey, Poplar Tree Farm Whittlesey, 1/2 Way Halle Farm Yaxley, Stanley Hall Farm Benwick plus Certificate of Tithe Redemption on Stanley Halle Farm
KR/R8/5/8Sale Particulars and Conditions
KR/R5/6/30Manor of Ramsey
KR/RB3/A/49Rent Rolls
KR/R7/3/B/9Grant of an Annuity
KR/R10/6/15Receipted Bill.
KR/R41/2/1Charles Abbott (aged 17) of Ramsey Hern. Apprenticed to William Toon of Ramsey Hern, butcher and jobber. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R3/3/5Lease and Release.
KR/R36/12/1Lease and Release
KR/R7/2/B/11Manor of Wistow
KR/R33/5/29Copy of Lease for 4 yrs.
KR/R7/1/J/26Lease and Release
KR/R39/10/3Attested copy of Deed of Declaration and Covenants.
KR/R33/8/6Attested Copy of Mortgage (by lease and release.)
KR/R7/2/E/42Manor of Wistow
KR/R37/1/10Security for a further loan.
KR/R39/10/25Bundle of letters, insurance policies & receipts and notices of second mortgages re Taylor's estate at Benwick, his likely bankruptcy and the future sale of the land.
KR/R35/1Bundle of Deeds and other papers relating to the release of charges on the Settled Estates of William Henry, Lord De Ramsey.
KR/R40/9/8Attested copy of Mortgage (by a Demise for 500 years)
KR/R40/11/3Probate copy of Will (dated 17.6.1825) Francis Noble, Bury, farmer.
KR/R39/9/11Mortgage by Appointment & Demise for 500 years (with Promissory Note)
KR/R18/11/4Lease and Release
KR/R47/17Bundle of letters, calculations, tables, of fees, instruction for altered apportionments, extract from the apportionment of rentcharge of 1843, relating to the Upwood Tithe Rentcharge.
KR/R8/2/5Assignment of Mortgage.
KR/R4/15/5Lease and Release.
KR/R43/15Bundle of accounts, notices, & conditions of letting & letters to P.L. Rogers re Upwood Grass Letting (Hill Farm).
KR/R39/10/10Appointment and Release
KR/R4/3/15Lease and Release
KR/R47/38Bundle of rough accounts, valuations etc.
KR/R40/9/25Certified copies
KR/R7/1/J/24Extract of Final Concord
KR/R7/3/A/42 parts Final Concord
KR/R51/1/2Case and Opinion
KR/R33/7/8Copy of Release.
K1383/A/8/1/1/114Florence Fellowes, Wimpole Lodge enquiring if there is any room at Bourn for a Mrs [Neuham?] from Arrington whom she feels is an ideal candidate for admission.
KR/R13/1/A/20Warrant to Enter Satisfaction
KR/R5/6/38Manor of Ramsey
KR/R13/1/H/50Manor of Upwood. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R3/24/8Assignment of mortgage
KR/R3/25/1Lease and release
KR/R13/1/Q/92Manor of Upwood Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R3/7Bargain and Sale.
KR/R5/9/1Lease and Release
KR/R7/4/B/26Attested copy
KR/R13/1/KR/103Observations on the Title by the purchaser's solicitor, the replies of the vendors solicitor and copy of Mr Walford's Opinion.
KR/R6/4/4Copy of Will
KR/R36/12/12Affidavits of Samuel Edmund Hopkinson of Morton, Lincs, clerk, and of William Hopkinson of Stamford, Lincs, gent, one of the executors in trust under the will of Barnabas Brighty, re the Brighty family and sale of the 2 Midfetter Lots to Messers Whittome in 1820.
KR/R3/6/8Lease and Release.
KR/R5/3/15Deed of Covenant
KR/R13/1/F/43Manor of Upwood. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R6/7/4Manor of Ramsey
KR/R48/7Large Bundle of letters & notices to quit
KR/R7/1/J/27Bundle of depositions
KR/R46/4/4Final Concord
KR/R51/4/1-17Admissions Little Raveley, Marked Bundle No.3
KR/R7/2/B/6Extract from the Will
KR/R7/2/C/19Manor of Wistow
KR/R7/2/G/78Manor of Wistow
KR/R6/4/5Lease and Release
KR/R8/1/H/38Manor of Upwood.
KR/R34/4/2Attested Copy of Bargain and Sale.
KR/R7/2/D/33Manor of Wistow
KR/R7/2/D/35Manor of Wistow
KR/R5/6/24Manor of Ramsey
KR/R7/1/H/21Lease and Release
KR/R7/1/A/1Bargain and Sale
KR/R7/2/C/17Office Copy of the Will
KR/R7/2/A/1Manor of Wistow
KR/R8/4/13Lease and Release.
KR/R8/1/D/17Release of Annuity.
KR/R7/4/A/5Office Copy of the Will
KR/R6/4/1Lease and Release
KR/R7/2/B/3Manor of Wistow
KR/R41/2/2William Freeman (aged 16) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to John Setchfield, blacksmith, of Coates, Isle of Ely. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R7/3/B/11Lease and Release
KR/R8/2/7Lease and Release.
KR/R7/3/D/20Lease and Release
KR/R8/1/C/13Will and a copy will
KR/R2/6/4Lease and Release.
KR/R40/3/4Final Concord
KR/R8/1/G/27Manor of Upwood.
KR/R31/6/4Receipted Account
KR/R7/3/O/34Lease and Release
KR/R9/2/1aDeed of Grant
KR/R10/3/F/23Mortgage (by Lease and Release).
KR/R10/1/5Copy of Mortgage (by a Demise for 500 years).
KR/R9/8/7Copy of the Will
KR/R10/1/19Lease and Release
KR/RB3/A/50Rent Rolls
KR/R3/25Five Acres in the Hollow
KR/R9/7/AAs to 4 Muchwood parts and 3 Skeggins Lots, late Quincses
KR/R60/16/1-8Land at Ramsey William Wowen Rooke
KR/R7/3/LAs to 3 acre 3 rood 0 poles in the Bill, formerly Boys's
KR/R60/42Sale to A.Whitwell, field at 40, Ramsey
KR/Acc2680/1/4Rent account receipts book
KR/R18/14/1Will (Copy) of John Cattling, innkeeper of Ramsey
KR/R4/7Deeds Relating to land and a Corn Windmill in Ramsey Field, Ramsey.
KR/R2/7Executors account
KR/R63/7Mereside land to Moxon Bros
KR/R10/3/D/21Deed of Covenant to produce Title Deeds.
KR/R35/5/2Probate copy of the will in R35/5/1
KR/R62/7Tenancy agreement for Abbots Ripton Hall: Earl Howe to Lady Guernsey
KR/R44/9Plan of land at Forty Foot Bridge (2a.), for Ramsey housing. Scale: 1:2500
KR/R10/2/11Abstract of Title of Campion to the two Stocking Fen Lots.
KR/R5/6/36Manor of Ramsey
KR/R5/8/14Abstract of Title
KR/RB3/A/56Collecting Rentals
KR/R9/9/C/14Additional Abstract of Title of Butler to the 2 Skeggins Lots.
KR/Acc2680/3/5Farm receipt and payment accounts (CCA)
KR/RB3/A/39Cash Book
KR/RB5/3London Cash Book (weekly payments & receipts.)
KED/4169/1/19/169Sale for the Right Honourable Lord de Ramsey
KR/R3/18Three Acres in Longbeach
KAH/38/16/275/30Draft petition to William Mitchell and Coulson Fellowes, MPs for the county of Huntingdon and Edward Montague and Albert Nesbit MPs for the Borough of Huntingdon to expediate a bill relating to the road from Huntingdon to Cambridgeshire
KHINCH/8/A/B/70General Statement of the election expenses of Lord Hinchingbrooke and Mr. Fellowes.
KR/Acc2680/4/5Farm receipt and payment accounts (CGA)
KED/4169/1/19/348Sale for Trustees of the Fellowes Trust
KR/R36/10/1Copy of Extract of Will of Stephen Goodburn of Ramsey, farmer.
KR/R10/3/E/22Copy of the Will of Flowers to his house keeper, Mary Belshaw of Ramsey, spinster, all his real and personal estate.
KR/R1/1/32Extract from Will.
KHINCH/8/A/D/157Letter; D. Veasey, Huntingdon, to the Countess of Sandwich.
KR/R7/2/HAs to copyhold held in the Manor of Old Hurst; As to 3 pieces of meadow in Wistow
KHAC3/3231/2/8Lease and release 1) William Barnes of Doddington, Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire, farmer, and Eleanor his wife 2) Francis Ibberson of Ramsey, farmer 3) Coulson Fellowes of Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex, Esq, Lord of the Manor of Ramsey (A final concord between 3) and 1) is enclosed, Holy Trinity Term 16 Geo II)
KAcc148/5/C/176Letter (draft)
KHINCH/8/A/D/156Letter; W.H. Fellowes, Haverland Hall, to 7th Earl of Sandwich
KR/R40/8/15Description of two pieces of land in Ramsey called Muchwood Parts.
KR/R3/2/5John Wight, mason of Ramsey
KR/R51/16/1Transfer of consols, rough note
KR/RB3/EThe Holme Wood Estate
KR/R60/25Conveyance Percy Mead to De R., Broadalls.
KR/Acc3666/1/9Valuation of fixtures of farm at Tick Fen Warboys, Rose to Simpson
KR/R16Deeds and papers
KR/R3/27/11Deed of Further Charge.
KR/R41/10-1Orders made by the Trustees
KR/R32/3/42 copies of the Public Advertiser
KHAC4/4945/5/1GNR railway line and Holme Station with land recently purchased by GNR shaded pink [this land previously belonged to Lord de Ramsey. 2 copies]
KR/R8/3/3Manor of Ramsey.
KAcc2039/14BAbbots Ripton. Proposed alterations to cottages belonging to Lord de Ramsey
KR/RB3/B/71Accounts includes rents for lands in Manea.
KR/Acc2768/1/3Court book
KR/R47/37Deeds: Manors & Estates in Heverland. Nfk.
KR/R4/11Deeds Relating to the Purchase of freehold land in Ramsey Field.
KR/RB3/J/123Rent-Charge Book
KR/R8/1/H/43Abstract of Surrender
KR/RB3Estate Administration
KR/RB3/A/40Cash Book
KR/R7/3/GAs to the last mentioned 3 acres 3 roods 0 poles in the Bill, formerly Boys's
KR/R14/6Deeds relating to two copyhold closes in the Wood Lane in Ramsey
KR/R13/1/HAs to a messuage and 6 acres of land, formerly Dexters. As to the messuage.
KR/RB3/J/122Rent-Charge Book
KR/Acc2768/2Manor of Little Raveley
KR/R60/20/1-4Letter from Mr Pemberton, Cambs
KR/R17/12/3Supplement Abstract Title As R17/12/2
KR/R63/35Wennington. Live and Dead Stock
KR/Acc3666/3Plantation Farm and Middlemoor Farm, Ramsey
KR/RB3/C/91Rent-charge book
KR/R10/1/27Abstract of Title of Ibberson as to Lot 4.
KR/RB3/C/80Rent-Charge Book
KR/RB3/E/96Account Book
KR/R10/6Deeds relating to a freehold estate in Muchwood, Ramsey.
KR/R63/23/1& 2Broadalls 7 acres
KR/RB3/A/53Collecting Rentals
KR/R33/1/4Schedule. of the Writings relating to Lots 3 and 4.
KR/R13/1/QAs to an acre of land in Upwood, formerly John Aplin's
KR/R63/21Seekings Lane 17 acres
KR/R33/8Deeds relating to freehold lands situate in Middlemoor in Ramsey.
KR/Acc2680/4Abbots Ripton Farms
KR/R44/7Enlarged Plan of Glatton Village Scale: 25 to 1 mile.
KR/RB3/A/2Account Book (1st series)
KR/R36/7Deeds relating to lands at Forty Foot Bridge held of the Manor of Ramsey.
KR/R60/4Schedule of Writings, Lavender to Fellowes
KR/R16/3/10Discharge of Mortgage
KR/RB6/3Order Book
KR/R5/9Deeds relating to 2 Little Skeggings Lots, Ramsey.
KR/RB3/E/98Collecting Rental
KBLC/2/9/7/65Letter from Soames Jenyns, of Audley Square
KAcc148/5/C/171Letter - draft
KR/R5/5/4Abstract of Title of Ozier Holt.
KR/R44/18Map of East Tuddenham estate, Norfolk.
KR/R17/12/4Abstract Of documents R17/10/9 & 11.
KR/R8/1/H/37Sale Particulars
KR/R13/1/LAs to the whole of the 6 acres, formerly Dexter's.
KR/R41/8-2Rough Accounts Trustee Allotments.
KR/R13/1/FAs to the estate formerly John Martins.
KR/RB3/A/63Collecting Rentals
KR/R63/38St. Mary's Field 7 acres
KR/R63/44St. Mary's Vicarage
KR/R7/3/MAs to 3 acre 3 rood 0 poles in the Bill, formerly Harcourt's
KR/Acc2768/1/14Minute book
KR/R40/8/3Account of taxes paid by Wm. Fellowes.
KR/RB2/14Court Rolls
KR/R10/1/26Abstract of Title of Ibberson as to Lot 1.
KR/R63/60The Fern's, Bury Road, Ramsey
KR/R7/4/B/23Final Judgment.
KR/R40/9An Estate in Broadalls, Ramsey, purchased from the Trustees of Mr. Cyrus Ibberson, decd.
KR/R51/15Schedule of lands (Ramsey Abbey Estates) submitted for mortgage
KR/R47/25Bundle of misc. deeds
KR/R63/5214 Building Plots, Hollow Lane plus plan
KR/RB3/A/58Collecting Rentals
KR/R18/14Two Copyhold Messuages on The Green, Ramsey.
KR/R36/1/21Rough notes on Little Raveley copyholds etc.
KR/R51/3/1-19Admission etc, Little Raveley, Marked Bundle No.2
KR/R63/5Land at Felthorpe plan
KR/RB3/A/55Collecting Rentals
KR/RB3/A/38Cash Book
KR/R31/1/A/18Admission of W. Martin to the lands as in R31/1/6
KR/R31/7/1Exemplification of Decree
KR/R17/10/4Abstract of Title (additional) of Thomas Pooley Smyth.
KR/R47/40/4Memo to A. Radway re the payment of taxes.
KR/R63/10/4& 5Stanley Halle Farm Benwick
KR/RB6/12Accounts - Cash Book
KR/R46/2/5Abstract of Title 1803-1852 of William Smith to Daniels Freehold.
KR/R63/31Blenheim Nurseries
KR/Acc2768/1/7Court book
KR/R18/12/13Declaration of John West, that his daughter, Harriet is of age
KR/RB3/F/110Rectorial Rent-Charge Book (Littleport)
KR/RB3/F/108Rectorial Rent-Charge Book (Littleport)
KR/R63/12Mereside Land 50 acres
KR/R45/1/2Plan of estate in Great Raveley, Upwood and Woodwalton.
KR/RB3/A/15Account Book (1st series)
KR/R31/1/A/7Admission of John Bosquain to the lands in R31/1/6
KR/R31/2/2/1Questions and opinions of George Wilson, Lincolns Inn
KR/R7/1/AAs to the freehold parts of the closes. Avorys Northey
KR/R3/13/3Reed of further charge
KR/Acc2768/1/13Court book
KR/R4/9Documents relating to copyhold messuage in the High Street Ramsey, held of the Manor of Ramsey.
KR/R63/11/1-3Bodsey Farm & 400 Farm plus plans
KR/RB3/F/104Rectorial Rent-Charge Book (Littleport)
KR/R32/4Marriage Settlement of Coulson Fellowes
KR/R8/1/EAs to the last mentioned premises and the premises formerly John Edmonds.
KR/RB3/F/109Rectorial Rent-Charge Book (Littleport)
KR/R7/3/HAs to 3 acres 3 roods 0 poles, in the Bill, formerly Harcourt's
KR/R14/5Deeds relating to a copyhold cottage and land in the Hollow Lane, Ramsey, late Robinson's
KR/R1/1/8Deed of Covenant
KR/R62/3/5Schedule of deeds
KR/R7/1/FBateman's Northey
KR/R45/2Estates in Cambs
KR/RB6/22Accounts of The Poor Lands (1st. series.)
KAH/26/240/40Mandate for induction: Matthew Charles Whitelaw, Rector of Denton with Caldecot: patron, William Henry Baron de Ramsey of Ramsey Abbey Co. Hunts.
KR/R62/3/3Copy will of Lord De Ramsey
KR/RB2/53-58Copy and Quit Rent Account Book
KR/R9/7/C/34Abstract of Title
KR/R60/21/1-10Deeds Regarding Sale of a field in Hollow Lane.
KR/R5/4Deeds relating to lands (19 ac+) held in the Manor of Ramsey.
KR/RB2/2Minute Book (marked No.4)
KR/RB2/26Copy and Quit Rent Account Book
KR/R42/7Court files (mainly copies of surrenders.)
KR/R36/1/14Copy of Court Roll
KR/RB3/A/44Rent Audit Book
KR/RB6/28Accounts of The Poor Lands (2nd. series)
KHAC5/5337/9/4Postcards [3] of the funeral of Lord de Ramsey
KR/R10/1/8Mortgage Bond
KR/RB3/B/70Journal Book (Steward's Accounts)
KR/RB3/G/113Rental (includes some Cottage & Allotment Rentals, 1902-1907.)
KR/Acc3746Abbots Ripton and Ramsey Estate
KR/R6/2Deeds relating to a Fee Farm Rent
KR/R10/4Papers and deed relating to a freehold estate in the Hollow Lane, Ramsey.
KR/Acc2768/1/10Court book
KR/R18/1Deeds relating to Keates' Farm, Old Middlemoor, and Anchors' Farm.
KR/R17/12/2Abstract of Title Of Isaac and Caroline Newton to their estate in Ramsey.
KR/R14/3Deeds etc belonging to a copyhold estate in the Hollow Lane, Ramsey, late Marlows
KR/R40/10Broadalls Lot of 4a.2r.21p. purchased from Mr. Gascoyne.
KR/RB3/C/88Rent-charge book
KHINCH/10/18-19Statement of the Case of the Drainage Authorities have jurisdiction over the lower parts of the rivers Nene & Ouse, or cover the banks thereof, and of the owners of the lands charged with the cost of the maintenance of the works of the said Authorities, with reference to the Rivers Conservancy Bill of 1879.
KFIELDEN/F3/2/18Conveyance. William Wells and others to Edward Fellowes of Ramsey Abbey, 15ac 2r 18p of land at Holme.
KHINCH/8/A/B/72Large bundle of bills and receipts, with a few covering letters, for the expenses incurred by Lord Viscount Hinchingbrooke and Willian Henry Fellowes at the 1807 election.
KHINCH/8/B/B/192-1Canvasses for W.H. Fellowes and John Calvert resident burgesses
KR/R2/6/25Lease and Release.
KR/RB6/4Draft Minute Book
KR/R1/1Deeds Relating to the Purchase of the Manor of Ramsey
KR/R60/27Conveyance William Cray to De R. Stocking Fen, Ramsey
KR/R7/3/NAs to the other 3 acres 3 rood 0 poles in the Bill, formerly Boy's
KR/R4/13Deeds Relating to two Muchwood Parts and one Skeggins Lot, Ramsey.
KR/R46/3Deeds etc. re a Homestall and 2 pieces of land at Gt. Stukeley.
KR/R13/1/EAs to the whole of the premises, formerly Simpsons.
KR/RB3/J/117Account Book
KR/R60/41Sale to Fountain, a 400 field, Ramsey
KR/R62/5Disentalling assurance: Lord De Ramsey and C.C. Fellowes
KR/RB6/36Accounts of Lands under Care (1st. series)
KR/R14/7Documents relating to 5 pieces of land at Holme Fen in p. of Holme.
KR/R47/34/4Rough list of contributions to Curates Fund.
KR/R5/8/5Manor of Ramsey
KR/R4/6/5Lease and Release.
KR/R13/2/10Abstract of Title
KR/R63/13Copalder Farm, Doddington, Townsend Farm, Upwood and draft particulars
KR/RB6/35Accounts of Lands under Care (1st. series)
KR/R16/3/16Schedule of Deeds relating to Henson's late property in Broadalls, Ramsey
KR/RB6/30Accounts of The Poor Lands (2nd. series)
KR/RB6/19Accounts of The Free School (2nd. series)
KR/R18/14/3Conditions of Sale Lot 4, to Ibberson Saunders, draper of Ramsey, for £100
K63/1/1/204Indenture between Robert Fellowes and John Custance, John Dobson and John Blake, and Sir George William Leeds, transfer of land in the parish of Toseland
KR/R2/4Deeds relating to Ramsey Abbey Estate
KR/R8/1/FAs to the premises purchased by Edward Seaton of Stephen Martin.
KR/RB3/A/52Collecting Rentals
KR/R7/2/CAs to 1 ½ acres of arable, meadow and pasture
KR/R13/1/GAs to 3 roods, part of Bycroft Close, formerly Jonathan Martins.
KR/R45/8/2The History of Wisbech and the Fens.
KR/R36/1/18Further proceedings and Opinions re R36/1/17.
KR/R5/1Deeds relating to 91 acres in Upwood Fen, Ramsey.
KR/R8/1Deeds relating to land in the Parish of Upwood
KR/R9/7/BAs to a Muchwood Part (1ac. 1r.), late Brown's
KR/RB3/C/83Rent-charge book
KR/R60/6Receipted letter (1,000) from HCC re Dairy Farm Road.
KR/R1/1/21Deed of Reasignment.
KR/R14/1Deeds relating to 10 acres of freehold land in Lockspit, Ramsey
KR/Acc2768/2/3Court book
KR/R5/10Deeds relating to a Stocking Fen Lot, Ramsey.
KR/R4/15Deeds relating to Two Meerside Lots, Ramsey.
KR/R4/11/8Lease and Release.
KR/R60/28Lease Isle of Ely, field at Benwick.
KR/R7/1/DAs to the copyhold. Avory's Northey.
KR/R62/3/1Statement of money from Lord De Ramsey to his four daughters and others.
KR/R18/4Deeds relating to land in Glassmoor, Whittlesea
KR/R63/29Granary, 99, 108, 102, 100 High Street 52 & 17 Little Whyte
KR/R17/12/6Sketch Plan
KR/R18/12/2Abstract of Title of Mr Favell and Mrs Cooke to above property.
KR/R19R19-R30: unallocated reference numbers
KR/R6/3Deeds relating to a Lot of 6 acres and a cottage in Ramsey.
KR/R60/12Lease: School at Abbots Ripton
KR/R17/12Ashbeach Farm, lands in Hern and Gore Commons
KR/R46/3/2Lease & Release (copy) (same as R46/2/1)
KR/R60/33Valuations. Farms at Ramsey.
KR/R18/3Deeds relating to 5 Meerside Lots, (48ac. 3r. 28p.), Ramsey
KR/R8/1/BAs to a messuage formerly of Jonathan Martin.
KR/R60/1499 year lease Bury to Bateman, Fentere? Leys
KR/R1/1/5aDeed of Assignment
KR/R9/7Deeds relating to 5 Muchwood Parts and 3 Skeggins Lots in Ramsey
KR/R44/3The History of Somersham, compiled by Nathan Dews, St. Ives.
KR/RB3/C/93Rent-charge book
KR/Acc3666/1Bundle 1, sale for Smallholdings
KR/RB6/10Accounts - Cash Book
KR/R7/4/A/9Abstract of Title
KR/RB6/52Cash Book of Ramsey Infant Endowed School.
KR/R36/2/6Abstract of Title of Lady Georgiana Fane 1795 - 1845 to land as in 1.
KR/RB6/8Accounts of the Trustees.
KR/R4/14Deeds Relating to a messuage in Great Whyte, Ramsey, and a Turf Fen Lot.
KR/RB3/A/68Field Book (with plans)
KR/RB6/21Accounts of The Free School (2nd. series)
KR/R5/9/14Abstract of Title
KR/R13/1/J/61Title Deed
KR/R45/2/5Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale Park Farm, in Glassmoor, Whittlesey.
KR/R36/14Small bundle of papers marked 'Phillips Sale 1889'
KR/R8/3/9Abstract of Title
KR/R60/19Land Sale at Abbots Ripton to Hunts D.C.
KR/R6/1/21Abstract of Title
KR/R63/64Home Farm, Abbots Ripton, Live & Dead Stock
KR/Acc2768/2/6Minute book
KR/R5/11Deeds relating to 5 Muchwood Parts, Ramsey, formerly Weedon's estate
KR/R5/6Deeds Relating to variouse freehold and copyhold lands in Ramsey, formerly the Estate of Peter Descow.
KR/R8/4/10Abstract of Title
KR/R10/1/23Notes on the Papworth family and a Depositions as to Papworth entries in the Burial Registers of Witcham Church.
KR/R4/3/7Manor of Ramsey
KR/RB3/C/86Rent-charge book
KR/RB3/A/18Account Book (2nd. series, Agent's Accounts?)
KR/RB6/23Accounts of The Poor Lands (1st. series.)
KR/RB3/B/76Book of Field Plans
KR/R7/2/C/20Manor of Wistow
KR/R2/8/1Rental and Particular.
KR/R33/8/14Receipted Account. Serjeant & Son to to their charges relating to R33/8/12.
KR/RB6/24Accounts of The Poor Lands (1st. series.)
KR/R1/1/11Deed of Covenant.
KR/R13/1/S/119Case and Opinion of Mr Waford thereon.
KR/R9/6/E/17Abstract of Title
KR/Acc3674/23Bundle of 20 abstracts and copy deeds to 12 acres 2 rods 13 perches in Middlemoor, Ramsey
KR/Acc3674/14Bundle of four deeds to a house etc in Broadalls, Ramsey
KR/RB6/20Accounts of The Free School (2nd. series)
KR/Acc3674/12Bundle of eight deeds and documents re a messuage and 12 acres in Broadalls, Ramsey
KR/R5/6/13Abstract of Title
KR/R33/5/5Bond grove is bound to Henson in £200 to perform covenants in R33/5/4.
KR/R18/2/15Assignment of term
KR/R3/11/5Bargain and Sale
KR/R2/6Parcels in Muchwood, The Hollow, Stocking Fen and Thistle Green.
KR/R7/2/G/72Extract of the Will
KR/R7/2/HAs to copyhold held of the Manor of Bury. As to 3 acres in Wistow Kingsland
KR/R18/3/13Abstract of Title
KR/R43/14Bundle of receipts, accounts, & letters. to Rogers, Longbourne and Radway re Lord Alington's Doddington rents & taxes. Some letters deal with the sale of land.
KR/R14/3/5Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll
KR/R18/12/3Particulars and conditions of sale
KR/R3/6/4Lease and Release.
KR/R2/6/17Lease and Release.
KR/R15/36Lease and Release.
KR/R14/7/2Receipted Bill.
KR/R14/4/4Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll
KR/R13/1/D/38Manor of Upwood. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R3/10/5Bargain & Sale
KR/R17/9/2Lease and Release
KR/R13/1/D/31Manor of Upwood. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R3/6/7Lease and Release.
KR/R15/1/2Lease and Release
KR/R31/1/A/13Deed of Further Charge
KR/R34/4/41aReceipted Account
KR/R10/2/6Receipt and Agreement
KR/R62/12/3Dissentailing assurance by Lord De Ramsey and C.C. Fellowes on copyhold properties of Manors of Farcet, Wistow, Upwood, King's Ripton, Drayton with Taverham, Costessay, Swannington and Cawston
KR/R18/12/9Will of Mary Kilby, widow of Ramsey
KR/R32/9/5Office Copy of the Will of John Rooper
KR/R3/5Schedule of deeds.
KR/R16/2/22Bargain & Sale.
KR/R42/19Bundle of papers relating to a Case in Chancery, Wm. Fellowes v Wm. Flowers, Junr. over the non-return of books and papers concerning the Manor of Ramsey and also personal and estate matters of Fellowes
KR/R16/3/2Lease for Eleven years.
KR/R33/5/18Copy of Will and Codicils of Brighty.
KR/R2/4/1Assignment of Mortgage.
KR/R50/4/6Bundle of letters, notes, estimates and reports
KR/R18/2/4Marriage Settlement (Copy)
KR/R17/3/2Lease and Release
KR/R4/2/27Receipted Account.
KR/R31/4/4Receipted Account
KR/R3/11/15Lease and Release.
KR/R39/10/1Lease & Release
KR/R7/4/B/30Manor of Wistow.
KR/R40/4/3Terrier belonging to Plan of one moiety of the Manor & Parish of Abbots Ripton, and also of a farm situate in parish of Gt. & Lt. Stewkley, the estate of Coulson Fellowes, Esq.
KR/R3/12/3Lease and Release.
KR/R3/11/2Lease and Release
KR/R50/4/1Lease for 21 years
KR/R3/6/3Lease and Release.
KR/R44/1Pieces of parchment used to cover books
KR/R32/9/12Manor of Kings Ripton. Copy of Court Roll
KR/R37/1/14Mortgage 16th November 1864
KR/R7/2/B/7Manor of Wistow
KR/R36/24/1Attested copies of Lease and Release.
KR/R14/5/4Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll
KR/R48/3Large Bundle of papers - letters, rough calculations & accounts, receipts, memoranda, notices of assessment, schedules & applications for payment
KR/R4/3/9Declaration of Trust
KR/R34/4/27Release to Uses
KR/R4/14/2Lease and Release.
KR/R51/8Cheque Books (partly used only)
KR/R4/12/6Lease and Release.
KR/R13/1/P/89Manor of Upwood Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R34/4/18Assignment of Mortgage in Trust.
KR/R4/2/26Bundle Letters.
KR/R4/3/16Discharge of Legacy
KR/R47/32Bundle of accounts of the yearly collections of Quit Rents and of the fines due on Admissions to the Manors of Ramsey & Lt. Raveley.
KR/R10/1/2Copy of final Concord Hilary Term, 14 Geo11
KR/R40/8/6Copy of a Landlord's proceedings against his Tenant according to an Act of 11 Geo.II
KR/R47/25/2Assignment of Leasehold Premises
KR/R35/14/1Probate Copy of the Will of Mary Goodricke spinster, of New Bond Street, in p. of St.George Hanover Square, Middlesex.
KR/R37/3/4Attested Copy of Conveyance in pursuance of the Trusts of Southwell's will.
KR/R36/22/16Abstract of Title 1828 - 1869 of Messers William Few, Thomas Phillips and Thomas Flowers, trustees for the sale acting under the will of the late Mr R.K.Newton, to 3ac 3r 0p of freehold land in Stocking Fen, Marked: Lot 6.
KR/R18/10/8Copy of Court Roll (Ramsey)
KR/R33/7/5Copy of the Will of Maltman.
KR/R43/24Papers relating to claims on insurance policies
KR/R51/2Declaration of Edward Fellowes, Ramsey Abbey, Esq. for merging and extinguishing the tithes issuing from his estates in Ramsey according to the relevant provisions in the Tithe Act, 1836
KHQ/Z/17Notebook containing list of names and votes recorded for Mandeville and Fitzwilliam and for Mandeville, Fellowes and Gordon (the second list does not record the votes cast)
KR/RB3/A/66Allotment Rental
KR/R5/11/21Copy of Final Concord
KR/R33/8/10Copy of Will and Codicils of Jones.
KR/R51/9BBank Paying-in Books (partly used only)
KR/R13/1/M/74Copy of the Will and Codicil of William Martin of Bury, gent.
KR/R6/2/1Printed copy of an act
KR/R47/15Bundle of letters, calculations, particulars & valuations of premises, appointments of valuers & umpires
KR/R44/37Misc. bundle
KR/R49/2Copy of Deed Poll
KR/R5/9/7Copy of Extract of Final Concord
KR/R47/24Extracts from the Minutes of Ramsey Vestry meetings 1838; 1841; 1849; & 1851-1853
KR/R7/2/D/38Manor of Wistow
KR/R6/5/28Bargain and Sale
KR/R7/4/A/2Official Extract
KR/R39/10/4Disentailing Deed (Lease & Release)
KR/R8/7/6The Master's General Report
KR/R8/1/H/33Manor of Upwood
KR/R8/1/H/552 Wills
KR/R13/1/B/22Manor of Upwood. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R9/7/A/12Lease and Release
KR/RB6/47Accounts of the Spinning School (2nd. series)
KR/Acc3674/8Bundle of six deeds re 7 acres 1 perch of property in The Hollow, Ramsey
KR/R33/5/23Reconveyance (by lease and release)
KR/R62/23Receipts for Victory Bonds, with purchase notes, orders for bonds to be delivered to solicitors, etc.
KR/Acc3666/1/7Particulars of housing sites sales sent to Sir W. Trower
KR/Acc3674/16Bundle of deeds etc re 3 acres 2 rods of property in Broadalls, Ramsey
KR/Acc2768/1/17Copy and quit rent ledger
KR/R43/12Bundle of letters
KR/R48/16Bundle of letters, bills, accounts, reports
KR/R36/22/2Attested Copy of Probate of the Will and Codicil of Hannah Bugg.
KR/R40/2/3Exemplification of a Common Recovery
KR/R40/2/5Disentailing Deed
KR/R40/9/15Attested copy of acknowledgement of receipt of a legacy.
KR/R40/3/6Will James Smyth of St. Audrey, Somerset, Esq. 1 Oct 1748
KR/R31/4/3Copy of The London Gazette
KR/R40/9/13Attested copy of acknowledgement of receipt of a legacy.
KR/R48/2Bundle of Insurance Policies taken out by the Townley family, Fulbourn, Cambs.
KR/R44/16The River Nene Act, from Standground Sluice to Salter's Load Sluice with Extracts from the Wisbech Canal Act. (Cambridge,)
KR/R3/25/3Assignment of mortgage
KR/R5/6/37Abstract of Title
KR/RB3/A/65Allotment Rental
KR/R7/2/K/110Lease and Release
KR/R46/4/3Lease & Release
KCB/2/CL/17/8/Page 114Licence from the Corporation to Thomas Broadbelt to alienate to Richard Brett and George Fellows a piece of ground at the end of Walls Lane
KR/R36/18/1Conveyance by Appointment
KR/R33/1/1Abstract of Title
KR/R47/30Bundle of letters, forms, particulars, instructions, appointments of valuers, rough calculations etc.
KR/R43/18Bundle of letters from Millar, Son & Co. London, to the Estate Office, Ramsey
KR/R40/9/5Attested copy of Mortgage (by Demise for 500 years)
KR/R36/12/13Bond of Indemnity
KR/R13/1/G/48Manor of Upwood. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R33/7/7Copy of Receipt and discharge for a legacy.
KR/R37/3/1Lease and Release
KR/R36/16/4Bundle of letters from Henry Tibbs of Bedford, solicitor, to Lord De Ramsey.
KR/R47/21Large bundle of letters, forms & plans relating to insurance policies & claims.
KR/R18/6/1Lease and Release
KR/R40/2/1Exemplification of Common Recovery
KR/R49/7Large bundle
KR/R39/10/5Disentailing Deed (Lease & Release)
KR/R36/14/1Letters from James Jones, Ramsey, to Lord De Ramsey
KR/R3/2/6Lease and release.
KR/R36/11/8Copy of the Will of James Southwell of Ramsey, gent
KR/R40/9/18Deed of Partition (by Lease & Release)
KR/R36/11/9Conveyance in pursuance of the Trusts in R36/11/8
KR/R47/35Bundle of letters & copies, accounts & rough plans
KR/R37/1/13Mortgage 20th April 1860
KR/R48/4Large Bundle of papers
KR/R39/9/2Copy of Lease & Release; (for the more effectual partition of the land into two equal parts.)
KR/R36/22/5Attested copy of Deed of Covenant to levy a Fine and declare its uses.
KR/R36/23/1Particulars with Plans, and Conditions of Sale of freehold and copyhold estates consisting of Bird's farm and cottages in Broughton and closes of land in Conduit Field in Broughton and Walton Field, Warboys, and in Gaunt in Warboys Fen. Auctioneers: Messers. Fox and Vergette.
KR/R32/3/3Bundle of papers
KR/R31/4/52 Letters
KR/R4/5/5Lease and Release.
KR/R13/1/C/27Manor of Upwood. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R36/10/7Attested Copy of Lease, Release and Appointment, with Surrender of a Mortgage Term.
KR/R39/8/5Further Mortgage 19 Mar 1870
KR/R33/4/12Receipted Account
KR/R36/12/4Lease and Release
KR/R18/7/5Fine (Copy)
KR/R43/9Bundle of letters & other papers
KR/R43/16Letters and copies of annual accounts; returns, and rough workings of P.L. Rogers and F.R. Davis, collectors of the Middle Level Drainage Taxes. (Ramsey Division.)
KR/R7/1/G/18Deed of Appointment
KR/R18/8/2Lease and Release
KR/R8/1/B/11Manor of Upwood.
KR/R18/7/1Lease and Release
KR/R18/12/1Lease and Release
KR/R18/2/1Will (Copy) of Thomas Burges, senior, of Benwick, Isle of Ely, gent.
KR/R31/1/A/43Copy of Absolute Surrender
KR/R14/6/3Copy of the Will and Codicil of Thomas Burges of Benwick in the Isle of Ely, Cambs, Esq.
KR/R31/2/1Group of cases and drafts Together with opinions and copies thereon
KR/R17/4/2Lease and Release
KR/R18/13/1Conditions of Sale
KR/R9/6/A/3Assignment in Trust and Release.
KR/R7/1/J/23Extract from Conveyance
KR/R13/1/N/82Copy of the Will of Pooley.
KR/R9/5/7Lease, Release and Assignment of Mortgage
KR/R8/8/A/2Bargain and Sale
KR/R4/15/6Assignment of Mortgage in Trust.
KR/R17/10/1Release of Rent Charge (attested copy)
KR/R13/1/KR/98Memorandum of Agreement
KR/R17/5/1Lease and Release
KR/R15/6Lease and Release.
KR/R13/2/1Lease and Release
KR/R7/2/E/45Manor of Wistow
KR/R13/1/O/84Manor of Upwood Copy of Court Roll, Copy of Absolute Surrender
KR/R10/5/2Lease and Release.
KR/R10/6/1Extract from the Will of Elizabeth Phillips of Ramsey, widow.
KR/R15/4Lease and Release.
KR/R10/6/6Copy of the Will of Bass
KR/R10/2/1Mortgage (by a Demise for 500 years).
KR/R37/1/7Mortgage (Lease, Appointment, Release and Assignment)
KR/R10/1/3Copy of Bargain and Sale
KR/R32/8/6Papers relating to the Inclosure of the p. of Stiffkey and Morston, Norfolk. Drafts of the claims to be delivered to the Inclosure
KR/R8/1/H/41Articles of Agreement
KR/R5/2/11Copy of Agreement
KR/R8/1/A/4Manor of Upwood.
KR/R6/1/15Deed to Declare
KR/R9/7/B/22Copy of Lease and Release
KR/R7/3/O/35Assignment of a Mortgage
KR/R33/3/8Copy of the Will and Codicils of Palmer, chemist and druggist, stationer, bookseller and wine merchant.
KR/R5/9/12Copy of Lease and Release
KR/R9/6/E/10Attested Copy of Lease and Release.
KR/R1/1/10Deed of Surrender
KR/R4/3/22Leases and Release
KR/R8/7/4Office Copy of the Will
KR/R7/4/B/22Deed of Trust.
KR/R6/5/16Bargain and Sale
KR/Acc3674/25Packet of 18 deeds etc re property in Middlemoor, Ramsey
KR/R36/21/1Lease, Release and Assignment of the residue of a term of 1,000 years to attend the Inheritance.
KR/R7/3/A/1Copy of Will and Codicil
KR/R4/2/2Lease and Release.
KR/R40/9/4Attested copy of Deed of Covenant to produce title deeds.
KR/R5/2/2Lease and Release.
KR/R4/2/8Copies of Lease and Release.
KR/R4/2/4Copies of Lease and Release.
KR/Acc3674/22Bundle of 15 deeds and documents re properties in Ramsey
KR/R5/6/28Manor of Ramsey
KR/R4/11/5Lease and Release.
KR/R1/1/20Bargain and Sale
KHINCH/8/B/B/193-1Canvasses for W.H. Fellowes and John Calvert
KR/R4/2/25Accountant General's Certificate
KR/R3/26/7Assignment of Mortgage.
KR/R1/1/27Assignment of Mortgage
KR/R5/12/5Copy of Will
KR/R3/20/2Assignment of Mortgage
KR/R3/22Deed of exchange.
KR/Acc3674/31Packet of 15 deeds to freehold property in the parish of St Georges Hanover Square, London
KR/R3/8Assignment of Mortgage.
KR/R3/11/4Bargain and Sale
KR/R3/2/9Lease and Release.
KR/R5/11/24Deed of Covenant
KR/Acc3674/17Packet of 23 deeds and documents to 6 acres 1 rod 37 perches of land in The Hollow, Ramsey
KR/R3/24/7Lease and release
KR/R5/6/15Lease and Release
KR/R4/11/6Assignment of Mortgage.
KR/R35/19/1Probate copy of the Will of Urania Margaretta Fellowes
KR/R5/11/15Copy of Deed
KR/R7/4/A/3Lease and Release
KR/R6/3/2Bargain and Sale
KR/R4/2/1Copy of Deed to Lead Uses.
KR/R8/7/2Office Copy of the Will
KBLC/5/2/48Papers concerning the 1862 Middle [and South] Level Drainage and Navigation Dissolution Bill and the Middle Level [Separation] Act 1862
KR/R6/6/1Copy of Court Roll
KR/R4/2/10Copy of Deed of Grant and Demise.
KR/R6/1/17Lease and Release
KR/R9/5/2Copy of Assignment
KR/R35/8/1Copy of will and Codicils of Peter Beauvoir
KR/R9/7/A/7Assignment of Mortgage and Deed
KR/R4/2/14Copy of Assignment
KR/R9/8/4Copy of Assignment of Mortgage
KR/R5/12/12Lease, Release
KR/R18/1/5Lease and Release
KR/R15/19Bargain and Sale.
KR/R9/6/E/11Attested Copy of Assignment
KR/R9/5/1Copy of Lease and Release for Settling an Estate
KR/R4/11/1Lease and Release.
KR/Acc3674/2Bundle of deeds to properties in Ramsey Mereside and various lots in Broadalls
KR/R4/9/2Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R3/1/4Packet of 5 letters
KR/Acc3640/1Letters addressed to Lord De Ramsey from Sotheby Wilkinson & Hodge and the British Museum concerning the value of the Ramsey Charters, court rolls, deeds and papers which were purchased by the museum on two occasions.
KR/R7/2/D/21Manor of Wistow
KR/R7/4/B/16Abstract of Admission
KR/R5/6/23Manor of Ramsey
KR/R7/2/F/52Manor of Wistow
KR/R5/8/15Manor of Ramsey
KR/R8/1/A/3Manor of Upwood.
KR/R44/29Bundle of letters and sections
KR/R8/1/H/54Deed of Covenant
KR/R7/2/F/50Manor of Wistow
KR/R8/2/10Assignment of Mortgages
KR/R9/2/2Copy of Bargain and Sale
KR/R14/4/1Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll
KR/R8/1/D/14Manor of Upwood.
KR/R13/2/4Lease, Release and Appointment.
KR/R47/37/1Assignment of a Mortgage Term of 1,000 years to attend the Inheritance.
KR/R9/7/A/6[Lease and] Release
KR/R14/4/10Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll
KR/R15/33Assingment of terms in trust
KR/R34/4/19Letters of Administration. with the will of the late Henry Ibberson annexed.
KR/R33/7/6Copy of Release and discharge for a legacy.
KR/R32/2Marriage Settlement of Edward Fellowes
KR/R34/4/6Copy of the will of Ibberson
KR/R32/3/2Marriage Settlement
KR/R40/8/13Letters Sep-Oct1869
KWH/1G/180AH. Gilliat Esq.
KR/R62/39Folder marked 'G.E.R. Railway Timetables'
KR/R41/1/4Notices of Charity Lands to Let
KR/Acc2680Lord de Ramsey's estate records (addnl.)
KR/R33/7/17Schedule of Title deeds and writings relating to the above estate.
KHINCH/8/H/277Newspaper cuttings
KR/R36/22/8Lease and Release
K1360/EL/2/1/1Certificate presented to special constable, Harry Childs
KR/R2/5/1Packet of letters and memoranda
KR/R1/1/6Deed of Covenant
KAR52/12/45/2Sir Philip Yorke to Coulson Fellowes of Eggsford, Devon. Copy of Covenant to produce title deeds of capital mansion in Carshalton, Surrey. Schedule of deeds (20 January 1715/6-24 July 1724)
KR/Acc2680/2Ramsey Estates and Ramsey and Abbots Ripton Settled Estates
KR/Acc2768/3Little Raveley Tithes
KR/R7/2/AAs to copyhold property of the Manor of Wistow. As 1 acre in Millfield.
KR/RB3/A/3Account Book (1st series)
KR/R7/2/LAs to copyhold bought from Behagg jnr., being Oak's Close, Wistow.
KR/Acc2680/2/2Ramsey Free estates rent account receipts book
KR/R35/8Copy of the Will and Codicils of Peter Beauvoir, clerk, of Downham Hall, Essex.
KR/R5/8/13Abstract of Title
KR/RB3/A/70Numerical Reference to the Parish of Ramsey.
KR/R44/25Survey of an estate at East Tuddenham Norfolk, belonging to Lord Bayning, and of Tuddenham Glebe.
KR/R36/1/15Covenants for Title Wells to Lord Sandwich.
KR/R41/1/5Notice of Free School & Poor's Lands Farms to Let.
KHAC3/3231/3/28Deed of covenant 1) William Henry Fellowes of Ramsey Abbey, Ramsey, Esq 2) Henry Ibberson of Forty Foot Bridge, Ramsey, farmer
KHINCH/8/A/D/154Letter; W.H. Fellowes, Haverland Hall, to 7th Earl of Sandwich.
KR/Acc4328Marriage settlement between Ailwyn Edward Fellowes esq and the Hon. Agatha Eleanor Augusta Jolliffe
KR/R31/2/1/5Draft Case - for the opinion of Mr Richardson and Mr Bevill.
KR/Acc2768/2/5Court book
KHAC2/2591Copy of Fellowes family tree
KR/R41/1/3Conditions for Letting Free School and Poors Lands Farms.
KR/Acc2680/2/7De Ramsey Estate accounts
KR/R45/2/2Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale The Ferry, Chatteris.
KR/R15/47Case with councils opinion.
KR/Acc2680/3/8Farm receipt and payment accounts (CCA)
KR/R16/3/15Abstract of Title
KR/RB6/31Accounts of The Poor Lands (2nd. series)
KR/R8/8Deeds relating to freehold estate in Ramsey called Abbots Pingle.
KR/Acc2680/2/17Box of estate letters
KR/Acc2680/2/15Box of estate letters
KR/Acc2768/1/18Copy and quit rent ledger
KR/Acc2680/5/3Middle Level Acts volume
KR/R10/3/C/11Title Bond Leach is bound to Holmes in £340.
KR/Acc3666/4/1Summary of annual rent charge payment to Rev. Rooper on estate purchased of J.B. Rooper from 1851 to 1887
KR/R32/1Marriage Settlement of William Henry Fellowes
KR/R3/19A Pingle and 10 Sellions in Ramsey Field
KR/R5/2Deeds relating to 3 Meerside Lots in Ramsey.
KR/R7/2/JAs to the Freehold Property; As to 6 acres of pasture in Wistow
KR/R4/4/2Extract from the probate
KR/RB3/J/120Rent Roll
KP179/6/2The Revd. E.L. Fellowes Memorial Windows and Brass. Correspondence and receipts concerning memorial east windows at Wimpole and Arrington and memorial brass at Wimpole
KR/Acc3674/26Packet of 34 deeds and documents to properties in Ramsey
KR/R44/27/3Counterpart of Lease for 21 years
KHINCH/8/A/B/71Account of George Maule with Lord Hinchingbrooke and Mr. Fellowes, as to election expenses.
KR/R33/7/10Copy of the Will of Southwell.
KWH/2G/189Ramsey Abbey
KR/R9/4/1Lease and Release
KR/Acc3674/1Packet of three deeds to properties in Hollow Head, Ramsey Hollow and Midfetter, Ramsey
KR/R40/1/3Marriage Settlement
KR/Acc3666/2Bundle 2: re G.S. Newton of Tick Fen, Warboys
KR/R10/1/21Conditions of Sale and Agreements
KCB/2/SE/3/9/5687Building byelaw plan and approval for garage, Station Road
KR/Acc2768/2/8Minute book
KR/Acc3666/1/6Sir W. Trower's correspondence with P L Rogers concerning the lands to be sold
KR/R3/13Deeds relating to a Stocking Fen Lot
KR/R4/2/15Copy of a Deed of further charge.
KAH/26/241/27Mandate for induction: John Robert Pawley Smith M.A., Vicar of Ramsey: patron, William Henry Baron de Ramsey of Ramsey Abbey Co. Hunts.
KR/Acc2772Unsorted Fellowes
KR/R7/2/J/91Certifacte of the Burial
KR/R63/20Bury Fen 31 acres with sketch map on back
KR/R31/5Deeds relating to a freehold and leasehold premises in the Hollow Lane, Ramsey
KR/Acc2768/1Manor of Ramsey with the Members
KHAC0/75/6Election poster for Hinchingbrook and Fellowes
KR/R13/1/KR/96Copy of Terms for selling the whole estate of the late Pooley in Upwood.
KR/R40/4/4Terrier as R.40/4/3, now the estate of Wm. Fellowes, Esq.
KR/R63/8/1& 28 fields at 40' and Plans
KR/R41/1/8Agreements to hire houses & land from the Ramsey Trustees.
KR/R45/1/12Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale The Manor Farm, Bury.
KR/RB6/13Accounts of The Free School (1st series.)
KR/R31/2/1/4Case and opinion thereon of J.Chitty, Guildford Assizes.
KR/R8/7/10Order for
KR/R18/10/23Account of John Serjeant, solicitor to Edward Fellowes. Settled 4th June 1859.
KR/R4/2/16Abstract of Title
KR/R45/2/3Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale Copyhold estate at Benwick.
KHAC0/120/1Election Scrapbook
KR/Acc2680/3/6Farm receipt and payment accounts (CCA)
KAH/26/240/68Mandate for induction: William Mackreth Noble B.A., Vicar of Little Raveley: patron, William Henry Fellowes Baron de Ramsey.
KCB/2/CL/16/510/13Letter from JAS H Fellowes and Son solicitors to D Hayward Esq.
KR/R45/3Estates in Norfolk
KR/RB3/F/111Rectorial Rent-Charge Book (Littleport)
KR/R5/6/2Bargain and Sale.
KR/R7/2/F/57Extract from the Will
KR/R42/17/3Translation of Grant of Manor of Ramsey etc. to Richard Williams, otherwise Cromwell, 31 Hen,VIII.
KR/R46/2/7Particulars, Plans & Conditions of Sale of 4 farms etc. in Alconbury, Alconbury Weston and Lt. Stukeley.
KR/R9/6Deeds relating to 7 Mereside Lots and One Great Skeggins Lot, in Ramsey.
KR/R4/6Deeds Relating to a messuage on Ramsey Green and several pieces of land in Ramsey.
KR/Acc2680/2/6Commercial Union policy book
KR/R51/2/1-28Admission, Little Raveley, Marked Bundle No.1
KR/R13/1/O/87Manor of Upwood Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R41/8-4Particulars & Conditions of Sale of an estate in Ramsey, belonging to the Governors of the Grammar School.
KR/R47/11Bundle of letters and Particulars of Expenses from the Board of Agriculture & Fisheries re Ramsey Exchange of Lands.
KR/R41/4/38Alfred Perry Newton (aged 17) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to John William Mosely, butcher.
KR/R41/4/41Arthur Harvey (aged 16) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to Walter Thompson, builder. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/4/34George Kilby (aged 16) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to Thomas S. Rowell, tailor. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R16/2/23Abstract of Title.
KR/R7/2/J/94Lease and Release
KR/R5/3/21Lease and Release
KR/Acc2680/2/11Ramsey and Abbots Ripton Settled Estate ledger
KR/Acc2680/2/3Ramsey Settled Estates rent account receipts book
KHAC0/75/7/1Election pamphlet - Hinchingbrook and Fellowes
KR/R63/59/1& 2Hollow Fen Farm, 65 acres. York House, Great Whyte. King's Yard. Fields at Oldhurst
KR/R46/2/3Lease & Release
KR/R41/4/50Ernest Tilley (aged 16) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to Emma Mayhew, ironmonger. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R16/3/20Abstract of Title of Owsley and Ann Rowley to 12 Broadalls lots in Ramsey
KR/R47/34/5Faculty, letters & receipts re the erection of a stained glass window in the church in memory of the late Lord De Ramsey.
KR/R35/17/3Book of Household Accounts, containing also lists of ammounts of bread, butter, meat, eggs and milk for each week of the year.
KR/RB3/D/95Account Book (rough)
KR/Acc2680/2/1Ramsey Estates minute book
KHAC3/3526Schedules of Lord de Ramsey deeds (copies)
KR/R3/13/5Assignment of Mortgage
KHAC2/2193/86Fellowes Arms, Abbots Ripton Station: photographic print
KR/Acc3639/1Tithe apportionment for Warboys Parish
KR/R8/1/DAs to other premises formerly owned by Jonathan Martin
KR/R18/10/13Copy of Court Roll
KR/R31/1/A/40Copy of Absolute Surrender
KR/Acc2680/3Ramsey Farms
KR/R63/43Meadow Road, Upwood
KR/R39/9/12Appointment & Release, with Surrender of a Mortgage Term.
KR/R5/2/12Lease and Release
KR/R7/3/O/39List of Deeds etc
KR/R3/9/2Lease and Release.
KR/R5/6/4Lease and Release.
KR/R5/6/19Manor of Ramsey
KR/R34/5/2Copy of Court Roll
KR/R17/11/10Assignment of mortgage with a further charge.
KR/R5/6/12Final Concord.
KHINCH/8/A/D/143Letter; Henry Hoyle Oddie, Deene Park, co. Northampton, to his son Harry.
KR/R4/13/1Lease and Release.
KR/R31/1/A/23Copy of the Will. and codicil of Roe
KR/R17/11/11Extract from the Will of James Smyth, surgeon of Ramsey.
KR/R18/6/2Will (copy) of John Bateman
KR/R7/2/B/8Manor of Wistow
KR/R33/3/3Extract from the Will of the late Rev. Henry Mawdesley of Ramsey, M.A., clerk.
KR/R40/9/14Attested copy of Legacy Receipt
KR/R32/8/2Letters and Copies.
KR/R6/1/19Copy of the Will and Codicils
KR/R6/1/1Demise for 100 years
KR/R16/2/19Will (copy)
KR/R31/5/1Demise for a term of 1,000 years.
KR/R33/7/9Lease and Release.
KR/R33/4/3Annexation Deed.
KR/R32/5/5Copy of the Will of H.E. Eaton of 38, Rutland Gate Kensignton, Middlesex, Esq.,
KHINCH/8/A/D/153Copy of a letter; 7th Earl of Sandwich, The Views, Huntingdon, to [Mr. Farmer].
KR/R9/7/B/19Extract from the Will
KR/R18/10/22Copy of Court Roll
KR/R17/1/8Assignment of Mortgage
KR/R17/8/2Lease and Release
KR/R15/37Assignment of Mortgage.
KHINCH/8/A/D/132Bundle of 45 letters; Letters written to W.H. Fellowes Esq., c/o Hinchingbrooke House, in reply to his request for votes and support for his election.
KR/R36/9/1Copy of an Order made in the High Court of Justice Chancery Division in the matter of the Trusts of the Will of the late William Southwell of Ramsey, farmer.
KR/R36/1/11Copy of Acknowledgment of 12th October 1865 Satisfaction on 2 Conditional Surrenders dated 28th October 1854 and 12 February 1859.
KR/R17/11/19Mortgage (copy)
KR/R31/1/A/21Copy of Absolute Surrender by Robert Beeby
KR/R34/4/29Reconveyance and Mortgage (by Appointment and Release).
KR/R32/8/3A State of the Title to the. Copyhold Messuage formerly Two Messuages in Stratford, Essex.
KR/R8/5/6Copy of Mortgage
KR/R15/14Lease and Release.
KR/R35/16/1Letters of Administration with Will of Mrs Urania Fellowes annexed.
KR/R40/8/7Case respecting a Fee Farm Rent of £5.13.11d. a year issuing out of the Manor of Wenington, Kings Ripton & Easthorp, Hunts.
KR/R48/15Bundle of letters, bills, receipts etc.
KR/R40/9/21Attested copy of Assignment of outstanding terms to attend the inheritance.
KR/R8/7/5Office Extract
KR/R36/7/1Copy of Court Roll
KR/R17/10/3Purchase Contract (Copy).
KR/R10/2/2Copy of Part of Final Concord.
KR/R18/12/5Lease and Release
KR/R35/19/6Counterpart of Assignment of Lease
KR/R37/4/5Abstract of Title 1811 - 1871 of William Wowen Rooke Esq., and Charles John Dimond Esq., as trustees for sale of W.W. Rooke's children. to 33ac 1r 11p of freehold land in Little Raveley. Marked lot 10
KR/R31/1/A/25Copy of the Admission
KR/R3/11/14Assignment of Mortgage.
KR/R31/5/4Extract from the Will of Kilby
KR/R4/5/1Copy of Will of John Wright
KR/R31/4/6Copy of The London Gazette
KR/R6/5/1Bargain and Sale
KR/R5/2/1Lease and Release.
KR/R31/1/A/46Copy of the Will of John West of Bury, gent,
KR/R36/12/5Mortgage (by Demise for 1,000 years)
KR/R34/1/6Receipted Account.
KR/R7/1/E/12Manor of Ramsey
KR/R36/22/19Copy of the Will of Cordell.
KR/R36/20/4Surrender and Merger
KR/R36/15/2Bundle of letters to Lord De Ramsey from Reeves
KR/R37/3/3Copy of Will of Southwell.
KR/R7/2/D/28Manor of Wistow
KR/R36/1/4Copy of Court Roll Recovery.
KR/R36/20/15Assignment of Mortgage 6th March 1881
KR/R8/3/6Manor of Ramsey.
KR/R8/1/H/31Manor of Upwood
KR/R35/1/8Bills from Serjeant and Son to Lord De Ramsey
KR/R7/2/E/47Manor of Wistow
KR/R36/20/1Surrender and Merger of a Mortgage Term.
KR/R36/20/9Letter and Certificate of Burial.
KR/RB5/2Particulars and Conditions of Sale of the Holme Wood Estate (with plans & drawings.)
KR/R5/7/1Demise for 1,000 years.
KR/R37/1/16Mortgage and Assignment of Personalty; 22nd April 1868
KR/R5/6/39Manor of Ramsey
KR/R7/3/E/21Copy of the Will Of John Serjeant, gent.
KR/R46/2/6Absolute Order of the Inclosure Commissioners.
KR/R31/2/3Extract from Cases and Opinions
KR/R37/2/3Assurance that Charles John Longland of Warboys, farmer, surrendered to the use of Lord De Ramsey.
KR/R36/22/4Copy of the Probate of the Will of Quinsee.
KR/R36/24/4Abstract of Title of 1820 - 1865 William Campion and William German, trustees for the sale acting under the will of the late William German, to 4 acres of freehold land in the Mereside, Ramsey. Marked: Lot 1.
KR/R43/27Bundle of plans, particulars of the estate, statements of accounts & rents, audits, bills & receipts
KR/R39/10/24Supplemental Abstract of Title 1875-1880 of William Taylor of London & North Western Rly. Station, Curzon St., Birmingham, potato merchant. to Lots 1 and 3 (see R39/10/22 and /23).
KR/R39/9/4Copy of Will of Green
KR/R40/9/26Attested copy of Reconveyance
KR/R8/8/B/11Copy of Exemplification of Common Recovery
KR/R4/2/11Copy of a mortgage
KR/R33/7/3Lease and release.
KR/R5/4/1Copy of the Will
KR/R5/3/16Lease and Release
KR/R4/9/4Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R4/14/1Probate copy of Will
KR/R47/25/1Conveyance (1st part) of freehold lands in Ramsey & covenant to surrender copyhold lands in Bury.
KR/R8/3/2Copy of the Will.
KR/R35/11/7Release and Covenant of Indemnity.
KR/R51/1/3Proposals made concerning alterations and the signed approval of the proposals by the occupiers of pews.
KR/R48/13Bundle of vouchers
KR/RB3/AEstates lying in the parish of Ramsey, Upwood, Warboys and Wistow, Hunts, and Benwick in the Isle of Ely; in the parish of Abbots Ripton, Kings Ripton, Broughton, Wennington, Lt. Raveley, Gt. & Lt. Stukeley; in the parish of Woodwalton.
KR/R18/1/3Bargain and Sale
KR/R7/2/B/4Manor of Wistow
KR/R7/2/D/34Manor of Wistow
KR/R5/6/22Manor of Ramsey
KR/R7/2/F/49Manor of Wistow
KR/R5/6/35Manor of Ramsey
KR/R6/5/10Manor of Chatteris, Ramsey
KR/R8/1/A/1Manor of Upwood.
KR/R8/7/21Memorandum of an Agreement.
KR/R10/6/10Particulars, Conditions of Sale.
KR/R8/5/7Copy of Lease and Release
KR/R13/1/KR/100Observations on the Title of the purchaser's solicitor
KR/R10/1/24Letter and Copy of the Will (1736) of Thomas Carter of Mepal, Isle of Ely, Cambs, gent.
KR/R9/3/1Copy of the Will
KR/R8/1/D/16Manor of Upwood.
KR/RB4/1An Act for improving the Drainage of part of the South Level of the Fens, within the Great Level commonly called Bedford Level, & the Navigation of the Rivers passing through the same, in the counties of Cambridge, Suffolk & Norfolk, and in the Isle of Ely.
KR/R10/1/1Copy of Lease and Release 15th-16th October
KR/R9/9/C/16Assignment of the residue of a Mortgage Term
KR/R10/3/C/9Manor of Ramsey Acknowledgement of Satisfaction.
KR/R33/5/8Deed to Lead the Uses of a Fine.
KR/R13/1/F/42Manor of Upwood. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R32/9/6Disentailing Deed
KR/R35/20/1Small bundle of papers relating to the administration of the effects of the late William Henry Fellowes the younger of Lower Berkeley Street, Portman Square, Middlesex, Esq.
KR/R47/29Bundle of letters, valuations & rough calculations
KR/R33/5/22Mortgage (by lease and release)
KR/R37/1/12Transfer of Mortgage 20th April 1858
KR/R35/18/1Papers relating to the Will of Mrs Francis Lavinia Mayo
KR/R9/6/A/2Attested Copy of Release
KR/R41/2/5John Ray (aged 16) of Ramsey (witness - William Orries). Apprenticed to Thomas Speechley, carpenter and wheelwright, Whittlesey (Isle of Ely). Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/Acc2680/2/10Ramsey and Abbots Ripton Settled Estate ledger
KR/R1/1/25Assignment of Mortgage.
KR/Acc3674/5Packet of 19 deeds and documents re property in Ramsey Mereside
KR/Acc3666/1/8Correspondence concerning sale to Mrs. Simpson
KR/R60/11/1Sale of land at Ramsey and Warboys to H.C.C.
KR/R2/4/5Lease and Release
KR/Acc3674/4Packet of seven deeds re two lots in the Hollow, Ramsey
KLS/VT/3Taming of the Shrew - large photographs
KR/R2/2/3Assignment of Mortgage
KR/R1/1/31Assignment of Mortgage.
KR/R10/3/M/32Copy of Mortgage Lease and Release.
KR/R10/3/D/18Copies of Lease and Release to make a tenant of the precipe.
KR/R10/2/5Assignment of a Mortgage
KR/R16/3/1Bargain and Sale.
KR/R18/10/18Copy of Court Roll
KR/R32/5/3Marriage Settlement.
KR/R35/10/1Will and Codicils of Hannah Benyon
KR/R13/1/F/46Manor of Upwood. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R1/1/4Deed Poll
KR/R1/1/34Assignment of Mortgage.
KR/R2/2/1Bargain and sale (copy)
KR/R36/24/2Deed of Covenant for the production of Title Deeds.
KR/R15/21Lease and Release.
KR/R34/4/10Assignment of a term in trust to attend the Inheritance.
KR/R18/3/5Assignment of Mortgage and further charge.
KR/R8/8/A/1Copy of Defeayance
KR/R9/9/A/2Attested Copies of Lease and Release
KR/R33/5/1Lease and Release
KR/R35/11/3Declaration of Trust
KR/R2/4/4Bargain and Sale
KR/R35/11/6Release and Covenant of Indemnity
KR/R18/4/6Will (copy) of Robert Jones, farmer of Glassmoor, Whittlesea.
KR/R9/7/A/11Lease [and release]
KR/R8/4/1Deed of Covenant
KR/R36/19/2Mortgage (by Appointment and Demise for 500 years)
KR/R9/6/E/12Copy of Lease & Release
KR/R40/1/5-6Release to make a Tenant to the precipe in order to resettle the Estate
KR/R31/1/A/2Warrant to hold a Special Court Baron
KR/R32/5/6Articles of Agreement
Lease and Release
KHINCH/2/A/62Deed Poll to indemnify estates with £400 per year from the mortgages affecting them and other estates and to declare the uses of a Fine
KR/R9/2/1Abstract of a Marriage Settlement
KR/R35/15/1General Release
KR/R41/3/22Robert John Moore (aged 18) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to Joseph Mason, builder, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R32/9/1Bargain and Sale.
KR/RB3/A/73Numerical Reference to estates at Abbots Ripton, Wennington, Broughton, Lt. Reveley, Kings Ripton, Gt. Stukeley, Lt. Stukeley & Woodwalton.)
KR/R16/2/2Bargain and Sale (copy)
KR/R8/8/B/9Bargain and Sale
KR/R35/3/1Probate of the Will and Codicil of Mrs Fellowes.
KR/R41/3/21William Woolley (aged 16) of Ramsey (mother - Anne Woolley). Apprenticed to Alfred Carter Bateman, builder, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/4/39William Garton (aged 17) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to William Negus, builder.
KHINCH/8/B/A/204Letter; W.H. Fellowes, Haverland Hall near Norwich, to 5th Earl of Sandwich.
KR/R31/2/2/3Opinions of Gibbs, Plurner, Wilson and Abbott.
KR/R41/3/26Charles Webb (aged 17) of Ramsey (father - John Webb). Apprenticed to John Boyer, cabinet maker, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/2/7George Limage (aged 16) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to Joseph Sarjeant, blacksmith, of Somersham. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/4/44William Greenwood (aged 15) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to John Pitt, plumber. Apprenticeship indenture. [cf R41/4/42].
KR/R41/4/36Herbert Snelling Pepper (aged 15) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to William Rose, butcher, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R43/35Bundle of misc. letters & receipts
KR/R62/32Promissory notes of Edward Fellowes for loans from Emma Baroness Bayning endorsed with acknowledgements of satisfaction by A.E. Fellowes as executor of latter
KHCP/1/33/2Statements dated 1840, 1845, 1846, signed by various Q.S. Justices concerning the proposed redistribution of parishes within the Hundreds - sent to C.P. with a letter from E. Fellowes Esc., Ramsey Abbey, Sept. 29th, on the contemplated division of the Hurstingstone Hundred. A letter (Alconbury, Sept. 29, 1851) from James Rust Esq., to the C.P. on the proposed making of a new division with Ramsey as chief town. Reference to Ramsey as that very criminal quarter.
KR/R41/3/30John Chapman (aged 17) of Ramsey (mother - Keziah Chapman). Apprenticed to William Fordham, shoemaker, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/3/31Tom Marriott of Ramsey (aged 17) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to Alfred James Bateman, builder, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/3/5Lawrence Parker (aged 15) of Ramsey (father - Henry Parker). Apprenticed to William Butler, coach builder, of Somersham.
KR/R46/4/11Account & Receipt
KR/R41/2/44William Meace (aged 16) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to George Turner Gratrix, carpenter, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/3/6Frederick Chambers (aged 17) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to Francis Rands, cabinet maker, of Peterborough. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R44/15An Act (11 & 12 Vict. Cap. civ) to Amend the Acts for Improving the Drainage and Navigation of the Middle Level of the Fens, and for other purposes connected therewith.
KR/R41/4/18William Marriott (aged 18) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to Thomas Marriott. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/2/6Frederick King (aged 16) of Ramsey (father John King). Apprenticed to Frederick Beeton, carpenter and wheelwright, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/2/30George Mauldin (aged 16) of Ramsey (mother - Elizabeth Mauldin). Apprenticed to John Cooper, tailor and clothier, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R49/3ABasement plan of Heating Apparatus, Ramsey Abbey. (Scale: 1 to 1') (William Wilson & Co., 50 King St., Manchester.)
KR/R41/2/51Tom Butler (aged 16) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to John Lant, cabinet maker, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/4/49William C. Gipson (aged 15) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to Alfred W. Hall, hairdresser and umbrella manufacturer. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/4/40William Henry Townsend (aged 16) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to Joseph Sykes, machinist. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/4/23Edmund Harrold Thacker (aged 16) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to Thomas Lawrence Barrett, grocer. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/4/12Walter Ray (aged 15) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to Sycamore and Longland, engineers, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/2/3Henry Palmer (aged 16) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to Isaac Bateman, carpenter and joiner, of Ramsey.
KR/RB3/A/37Cash Book
KR/R41/3/15James Boon (aged 17) of Ramsey (mother - Sarah Boon). Apprenticed to Joseph Carter, bricklayer, of Holme (Manchester). Apprenticeship indenture.
KHWI/5009/19/7Correspondence re sale of Womens' Institute Hall
KR/R33/5/12Assignment of Mortgage and Further Mortgage (by demise for 999 years).
KR/R34/4/17Mortgage Bond.
KR/RB6/17Accounts of The Free School (1st series.)
KR/R7/1/D/11Manor of Ramsey
KR/Acc3666/3/1Copy of a record of condition of these farms
KR/Acc3674/27Bundle of MS copies of 25 inch OS maps
KR/Acc2768/1/11Duplicate Court book
KR/Acc2768/1/20Copy and quit rent ledger
KR/R4/5/4Abstract of Title of William Clay.
KR/Acc3666/2/4Further copy correspondence re Day & Sons approach to the Arbitrator
KR/R9/7/A/13Schedule of Title Deeds
KHP90/12/1The account of the Overseers of Upwood with J. Smyth.
KPC41/2664/T/3Lease by Lord de Ramsey of the property of T/2 for seven years to Upwood Parish Council at an annual rent of £25. With an agreement by tenants of the allotments at Hill Farm to an increase in rent (24 October 1922)
KR/R35/14Probate Copy of will of Mary Goodricke
KR/R8/3Deeds relating to copyhold land in Longnewfield. Ramsey
KR/R8/2Deeds relating to 2 Little Skeggins Lots, Ramsey.
KR/R8/4Deeds relating to a Mereside Lot, Ramsey
KR/R17/11/1Will (copy) of Thomas Ridlington, surgeon of Ramsey
KR/Acc2680/4/9Balance sheet and profit & loss account
KHAC1/1982/1/8Assignment of term
KR/R5/2/17Lease and Release.
KR/Acc2768/1/6Court book
KR/R4/11/7Particulars and conditions of Sale
KR/R45/1/26Particulars of Three Horse Shoes Farm, Gt. & Lt. Stukeley.
KR/R44/20Map of Upwell District etc. Nfk. (25 O.S. 2nd. Ed. sheets Norfolk 68: 6 & 7)
KR/R1/1/17Deed of further charge.
KHAC0/120Political pamphlets and posters
KR/Acc2768/3/1Copy of confirmed tithe apportionment 1852, and copy of tithe map
K63/1/1/197Mortgage for £10,000 of the manors of Toseland and Yelling paid to George William Leeds by Robert Fellowes and John Custance
KR/R4/2/22Report by Mr Fellowes.
KR/Acc2680/3/1Rental of estates of Henry Fellowes
KR/Acc2768/1/5Minute book
KR/R4/3Deeds Relating to Freehold and Copyhold premises in the High Street, Ramsey.
KR/Acc2680/3/7Farm receipt and payment accounts (CCA)
KR/R4/2/24Order for Leave
KAH/26/239/49Mandate for induction: John Wise, Vicar of Ramsey: patron, Edward Fellowes of Ramsey Abbey Co Hunt Esq.
KR/Acc3640/2Great Northern Railway, plan of lands required, belonging to Edward Fellowes in Abbots Ripton and Woodwalton. This is the Plan referred to in the annexed notice (not present).
KR/R5/3/18Lease and Release.
KR/R4/9/8Copy of Court Roll.
KR/RB3/A/11Account Book (1st series)
KR/R36/10Deeds relating to 2 acres of land in the Mereside and premises at the 40 Ft. Bridge, Ramsey.
KR/Acc2680/1/6Falthorpe Church Farm accounts
KR/R51/1/6Plan of alterations proposed.
KR/R5/3/7Final Concord
KR/Acc3674/19Packet of 36 deeds and documents to land in Ramsey
KR/R34/2/1Manor of Wistow. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R6/1/6Assignment of Mortgage
KR/R34/1/1Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R2/4/8Manor of Ramsey: Investigation of Title.
KR/R4/2/5Copy of Exemplification of a Common Recovery.
KR/R1/2/1Articles of agreement.
KR/R5/9/8Copy of Lease and Release
KR/R8/7/16Attested Copy
KR/R4/10/1Copy of Final Concord.
KR/R7/3/C/15Lease, Release
KR/R34/1/4Copy of the Award
K1383/A/8/1/4/161Copy letter to Mrs Fellowes, Wimpole Lodge, [Arrington], about the male-only status of Papworth, and the lack of institutions in the county for female patients.
KR/R47/26Bundle of Agreements to hire cottages and gardens in Abbots Ripton & Wennington from Edward Fellowes of Ramsey Abbey, Esq.
KR/R4/2Deeds copies and other papers
KAH/26/242/34Mandate for induction: Charles Brown M.A., Vicar of Ramsey St. Mary: patron, William Henry Baron de Ramsey of Ramsey Abbey Co. Hunt.
KHAC4/4945/2/2Holmewood and Stilton Drainage Board: file of papers including particulars of conveyance, Stilton Fen Farm (1902); Specifications for proposed pumping station at Black Ham (1912 - 1913); schedule of lands drained (1919); valuations of Mere Engine, Whittlesey Mere. and Black Ham pumping stations (1920); specifications for proposed Mere Engine at Holme Fen (1925); schedule of lands in Holme formerly belonging to Lord de Ramsey; and plans of lands in Holme Fen belonging to J.A. Fielden (nd) [see also 2945/24]
KR/R4/3/19Copy of Assignment
KDMC/462bFellowes estate map, Abbots Ripton 1776
KRFellowes Collection: records of the Fellowes family, Lords de Ramsey, and its estates
KR/R3/19/1Lease and release
KR/Acc3666/5/1Bundle of letters from the solicitors Young Jackson & Beard and King concerning the sale of a cottage and other property in Upwell the property of the Rev. C.F. Townley.
KR/R34/4/11Deed of Declaration and Covenants
KR/RB2/28Copy and Quit Rent Account Book
KR/R9/7/B/20Copy of the Will
KR/R5/1/3Lease and Release
KR/R9/2/3Copy of Bargain and Sale
KR/R6/3/3Lease and Release
KR/R45/1/16Particulars, Plans & Conditions of Sale
KR/R3/3Dowbies Acre in Ramsey Field, and other property in Ramsey.
KR/R39/10/8Deed of Further Charge
KR/R47/25/3Mortgage of an Equity of Redemption for securing £800
KR/R2/3Copy of Royal Grant
KR/RB3/A/10Account Book (1st series)
KR/R35/16/2Mrs Urania Fellowes's Bank Pass Book.
KR/R2Deeds and papers
KR/Acc2680/4/2Abbots Ripton weekly labour account
KR/R36/10/12Abstract of Title 1880 - 1894 of Serjeant to land as in R36/10/10.
KR/R36/1/8Copy of Acknowledgment of 31st May 1865 Satisfaction on Conditional Surrender dated 20th April 1850.
KR/R6/3/1Bargain and Sale
KR/Acc3674/18Packet of 31 deeds and documents to property in Hollow Lane and Wood Lane, Ramsey
KED/4169/1/3/365Sale for Lord de Ramsey
KR/Acc3666Fellowes Collection additional
KR/R31/1/ASub-bundle marked; No.1 Old Writings not abstracted
KR/Acc3666/2/5Copy award of arbitrator
KR/R3/26Deeds of a Loads End Lot of 8 acres
KR/Acc3666/2/2Copy claim
KR/R34/6/6Receipted Account
KR/R5/6/18Manor of Ramsey.
KR/R40/9/12Attested copy of Deed of Covenant to levy a Fine and Declare Uses.
KHCP/1/22/136Agenda for the Christmas Sessions business
KDT10/SE/1/1975Building byelaw plan and approval for agricultural store at Westmoor Farm, Chatteris [for Lord de Ramsey, Estate Office, Ramsey]
KR/R40/9/7Attested copy of Surrender of life estate.
KR/R3/18/5Lease and Release
KR/Acc3674/33Packet of eight deeds etc re property in Stocking Fen, Ramsey
KPC41/2664/T/4Lease by Reginald Ailwyn Fellowes of Paris and William Gosselin Trower, solicitors of Lincoln's Inn, London, of the property as at T/2 for seven years to Upwood Parish Council at an annual rent of £25.
KR/R2/1/1Abstract of Title of Susan & Catherine, the daughters of Silus Titus, to the Manor of Ramsey, traced back to Henry VIII
KDMC/234Upwood Lockspits plan
KHINCH/8/A/D/151Letter; W.H. Fellowes, Haverland Hall, to 7th Earl of Sandwich
K757/T/j/424Appointment, by lease and release of property as in T414, parties as in T424. Including surrender of copyhold part and admission of W.H.Fellowes to same, 5 December 1833.
KR/R2/6/18Lease and Release.
KR/R8/8/A/6Copy of the Will and Codicils
KR/R31/7/5Bundle marked; Wm. Fellowes, Esq., M.P., Ramsey Decree with Case respecting liability of certain gardens, pightles etc in Ramsey to pay tithes.
KR/R3/13/4Lease and Release
K132/E/B/18Abstract of title of Revd, Eward Lyon Fellowes and John Reginald Yorks, Esquire, trustees, to portions of the Hardwicke Settled Estates in Steeple Morden. (Lots 12, 16 and 22 of the above), 18 March 1858 - 30 August 1875. (1892).
K132/E/B/17Sale particulars of the first detached portion of Wimpole estate: Manor Farm in Shingay, 268a; Shingay Gate Farm in Shingay and Steeple Morden, 398a; South Farm in Shingay and Abington Pigotts, 232a; site of Shingay Mill, 19a; North Brook End Farm in Steeple Morden 268a; Manor Farm with manor house in Guilden Morden and Steeple Morden, 313a; Town Farm in Guilden Morden, 290a; Franklin's Farm in Steeple Morden 57a,; Church and Moco Farms in same, 252a; Bell Inn in same, farm in same and Litlington, 63a; Lower Gately End Farm in Steeple Morden 261a, Upper Gately End Farm in same, 257a; Morden Heath and Thrift Farms in same, 875a; land, cottages, etc, in Steeple Morden, Litlington and Ashwell, Herts. With plan. Attached is statutory declaration, 6 December 1892, of Edward Lyon Fellowes of Wimpole Rectory concerning his trusteeship. 15 December 1892.
KBLC/2/16/209Certificates of Inheritance
KR/R34/4/5Lease and Release.
KR/R41/2/10William Chapman (aged 16) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to John Boyer, cabinet maker and upholsterer, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R4/4/3Lease and Release
KR/Acc3674/15Bundle of seven deeds to properties in Ramsey
KR/R41/3/8Frederick Southwell (aged 18) of Ramsey (father - James Southwell). Apprenticed to Edward Woodward, carpenter and wheelwright, of Peterborough. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/2/20Cyrus Bridgfoot (aged 17) of Ramsey (father - E. Bridgfoot). Apprenticed to Jeremiah Fisher, grocer and draper, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/2/25William Beeton (aged 16) of Ramsey (mother - Hannah Beeton). Apprenticed to Robert Austin, carpenter and joiner, of Great Gidding. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/Acc3674/13Bundle of nine deeds and documents re Daintree Farm in Ramsey
KR/R2/6/20Bargain and Sale.
KR/R3/12/1Bargain and Sale.
KR/Acc3674/7Packet of 12 deeds to land in Ramsey Hollow
KR/Acc3674/37Packet of 20 deeds and documents re properties in Stocking Fen, Ramsey
KR/R1/1/19Assignment of Mortgage
KR/Acc3674/36Bundle of deeds etc re properties in Ramsey
KR/Acc3674/28Plan of Mrs Cromwell's possessions in Ramsey
KR/R1/1/9Deed of Assignment
KR/R41/2/18Frederick Boon (aged 16) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to Thomas Stimson, carpenter and joiner, of Werrington, Northamptonshire. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R3/11/3Assignment of Mortgages
KR/R4/2/3Deed To Lead Uses of a Fine
KR/R4/8/1Attesed copy of Lease and Release
KR/R1/1/1Marriage Settlement
KR/R3/21Articles of Agreement
KR/R3/26/6Lease and Release.
KR/R4/12/4Copy of Settlement and Release.
KR/R5/6/14Attested Copy of Release
KR/R3/24/2Marriage Settlement
KR/R5/4/2Manor of Ramsey: Copy of Court Roll
KR/R4/1Release and Discharge.
KBLC/2/16/344General Business Papers, 1860 - 1867
KR/R41/2/53William Smith (aged 17) of Ramsey (mother - Sarah Smith). Apprenticed to Frederick Haythorp, carpenter and joiner, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R3/11/6Lease and Release
KR/R4/15/1Copy and Release.
KR/Acc3674/34Bundle of 21 deeds etc re property in Stocking Fen, Ramsey
KR/R3/16/1Lease and Release
KR/R3/1/1Lease and Release.
KR/R3/3/4Deed to lead uses of a fine.
KR/R41/2/31Mark Evans Papworth (aged 16) of Ramsey (mother Elizabeth Papworth). Apprenticed to Thomas Duncombe, butcher, of Easton (Northamptonshire). Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R1/1/30Copy of Will
KR/R2/6/23Assignment of Mortgage.
KR/R6/7/6Manor of Ramsey
KR/R2/6/1Bargain and Sale.
KR/R3/11/8Bargain and Sale
KR/R3/11/11Lease and Release
KR/R8/3/10Manor of Ramsey.
KR/R41/2/11Cornelius Boon (aged 17) of Ramsey (father - David Boon). Apprenticed to William Goude, blacksmith, of Wisbech, Isle of Ely. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R13/2/11Purchase Contract
KR/R41/2/9Frederick Butler (aged 16) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to Isaac Bateman, carpenter and joiner, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/3/25Harry Brighty Stevens (aged 17) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to Charles Osborne, wheelwright, of Chatteris (county of Cambridge). Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R3/9/1Lease and Release.
KR/R3/11/1Lease and Release
KR/R5/8/16Lease and release
KR/R3/10/1Lease and Release.
KR/R41/3/16Frederick Kilby (aged 16) of Ramsey (mother - Ellen Kilby). Apprenticed to William Carter, tinman and brazier, of Gringley (Nottinghamshire). Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R9/7/C/35Lease and Release
KR/R41/2/23Stephen Southwell (aged 16) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to James Armitage, blacksmith, engine fitter and machine maker, of Bury. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R3/27/15Lease and Release.
KR/R41/2/15Alfred Bedford (aged 17) of Ramsey (grandmother - Mary Mitchel). Apprenticed to Henry George Franklin, cordwainer, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture (2 copies).
KR/R3/20/3Assignment of Mortgage
KR/R3/20/1Lease and Release
KR/R5/9/15Lease and Release
KR/R41/2/24Fred Darby (aged 17) of Ramsey (father - George Darby). Apprenticed to Youngs Dyson, carpenter and joiner, of Earith. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R4/4/1Lease and Release
KR/R3/26/1Bargain and Sale.
KR/R4/2/6Copies of Lease and Release.
KR/R6/5/26Assignment of Mortgage
KR/R4/2/7Copy of Assignment.
KR/R4/6/4Lease and Release.
KR/R4/6/10Lease and Release.
KR/R4/6/7Lease and Release.
KR/R4/6/1Marriage Settlement
KR/R9/2/12Memorandum of Agreement
KR/R9/5/13Lease and Release
KR/R4/12/1Lease and Release.
KR/R5/2/6Lease and Release
KR/R5/4/4Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll
KR/R8/1/D/18Manor of Upwood.
KR/R4/12/2Assignment of Mortgage.
KR/R7/2/L/118Manor of Wistow
KR/R13/1/L/68Manor of Upwood Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R5/2/7Copy of Mortgage
KR/R5/6/11Attested Copy of Deed
KR/R6/5/18Copy of the Will
KR/R6/1/4Assignment of a Mortgage
KR/R9/8/15Lease and Release
KR/R5/9/4Copy of Mortgage
KR/R5/9/6Copy of
KR/R6/1/18Lease and Release
KR/R7/2/N/126Lease and Release
KR/R5/11/18Attested Copy of Release
KR/R7/1/D/9Manor of Ramsey
KR/R41/2/50George Samuel Fountain (aged 15) of Ramsey (father - Samuel Fountain). Apprenticed to Henry Newton, grocer and draper, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R6/4/3Copy of Lease and Release
KR/R6/5/3Bargain and Sale
KR/R7/1/H/20Attested Copy
KR/R8/1/G/24Manor of Upwood.
KR/R7/1/J/22Copy of the Will
KR/R13/1/T/122Schedule of Title Deeds and Writings to Estates in Upwood etc.
KR/R15/41Bargain and Sale.
KR/R16/3/14Bargain and Sale
KR/R15/7Lease and Release.
KR/R7/2/C/14Manor of Wistow
KR/R41/4/31William George Pepper (aged 17) of Ramsey (father Francis Pepper). Apprenticed to Thomas Cooper Warby, wheelwright, of Marston (Lincolnshire). Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R32/4/3Small bundle of papers
KR/R41/4/28Edward Bateman (aged 14) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to Alfred Skeif, tailor and draper, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture. Dated November 1893 (on outside) and 4 May 1893 (inside).
KR/R7/2/M/125Copy of the Will
KR/R7/3/D/19Assignment of Mortgage and Further Charge.
KR/R7/3/B/7Lease, Release
KR/R37/5/4Office Copy of the Will of James Newton.
KR/R39/10/17Mortgage & Assignment of a Mortgage.
KR/R8/5/10Lease Appointment
KR/R8/1/H/30Manor of Upwood
KR/R8/1/A/6Probate Copy
KR/R8/1/H/36Manor of Upwood.
KR/R8/1/H/34Articles of Agreement.
KR/R13/1/S/121Conveyance in Trust
KR/R8/1/B/10Copy of an Extract.
KR/R8/6/10Manor of Ramsey.
KR/R9/6/C/8Attested Copy of Lease and Release.
KR/R13/3/1Lease and Release
KR/R32/9/2Lease and Release.
KR/R10/7Demise for 500 years
KR/R8/6/4Manor of Ramsey
KR/R32/1/2Opinion of Richard Hughes of Lincolns Inn
KR/R32/9/7Attested Copy of the Will of J.B. Rooper
KR/R34/4/41bBundle of Papers relating to the Benwick Estate.
KR/R8/7/15Attested Copy
KR/R9/2/4Bargain and Sale
KR/R41/4/19Herbert Henry Butler (aged 12) of Ramsey (mother - Emma Butler). Apprenticed to Mary Jane Sawyer, grocer and draper, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R9/9/A/1Copies of Lease and Release
KR/R10/1/15Mortgage (by Lease and Release)
KR/R9/8/10Copy of Final Deed
KR/R40/9/24Articles of Agreement
KR/R41/2/45Tom Negus Meace (aged 15) of Ramsey (father-in-law - John Caton). Apprenticed to Abraham Samuel Gratrix, carpenter and wheelwright, of Chatteris (Isle of Ely). Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R15/23Lease and Release.
KR/R9/9/C/7Copy of Deed of Covenant
KR/R31/7/22 Copies of the Exemplification.
KR/R13/1/A/1Office Copy of the Will of Joseph Hanger of Upwood, gent.
KR/R10/3/D/16Copies of Lease and Release
KR/R37/1/4Assignment and 11th December 1805; Ratification of Mortgage for securing the sum of £400.
KR/R13/1/N/78Manor of Upwood Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R41/3/2Charles Beeton (aged 18) of Ramsey (father - James Beeton). Apprenticed to John Carter, carpenter and joiner, of Chatteris (Isle of Ely). Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R13/2/3Attested Copy of a Marriage Settlement.
KR/R13/2/9Marriage Settlement (by Lease and Release).
KR/R31/5/2Lease and Release
KR/R32/8/4Bargain and Sale.
KR/R14/5/1Manor of Ramsey
KR/R41/3/19Robert Ellington (aged 16) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to John Foreman, carpenter and wheelwright, of Forty Feet Bridge near Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R31/1/A/32 Copies of the Court Roll
KR/R33/5/6Deed of Partition (by [lease] and Release)
KR/R17/11/2Lease and Release
KR/R31/5/3Mortgage (by Lease and Release).
KR/R16/2/11Assignment of Mortgage (copy)
KR/R41/2/14George Kilby (aged 16) of Ramsey (mother - Ellen Kilby). Apprenticed to William Smith, carpenter and wheelwright, of Benwick (Isle of Ely). Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R17/11/6Lease and Release (deed partition)
KR/R16/2/21Lease and Release.
KR/R31/1/A/33Copy of Admission
KR/R41/2/34John Meace (aged 19) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to Charles Stephen Allen, wheelwright and coach builder, of Brampton [original name crossed out]. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R32/9/19Assignment of Mortgages and Mortgage
KR/R32/4/2Draft Case for the Opinion of Mr Skinner
KR/R32/9/8Disentailing Deed
KR/R39/1Order of the Board of Agriculture & Fisheries for the Exchange of Land.
KR/R32/9/3Bargain and Sale
KR/R41/2/19Robert Pepper (aged 16) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to William Shepperson, carpenter and wheelwright, of Woodhurst, Huntingdon. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R37/1/1Attested Copy of Bargain and Sale.
KR/R36/6/1Assignment of a lease for the residue of a term of 77 years (Counterpart)
KR/R34/2/2Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R34/4/21Deed of Covenant to produce Deeds.
KR/R34/4/7Mortgage with Discharge
KR/R35/16/3aAnother will of Mrs Fellowes
KR/R36/20/11Mortgage 8th March 1876
KR/R43/1Bundle of Insurance Policies (Fire)
KR/R36/21/6Mortgage and Assignment of a Debt. 18th April 1866
KR/R37/1/6Partition (by Lease and Release)
KR/R40/9/20Attested copy of Mortgage (by Lease & Release)
KR/R41/2/36John Butcher (aged 17) of Ramsey (father - William Butcher). Apprenticed to Abraham Samuel Gratrix, machinist and drill maker, of Chatteris (Isle of Ely). Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R46/4/8aAbstract of Title of Mr Root Bond to 63a 5r 27p of freehold land in Gt Stukeley
KR/R41/4/29Frederick William Richardson (aged 17) of Ramsey (father - William Richardson). Apprenticed to Joe Canham, carpenter and wheelwright, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/2/33Frederick Blundell (aged 16) of Ramsey (father - George Blundell). Apprenticed to Richard Carr, wheelwright, of Sutton Bridge, Long Sutton (Lincolnshire). Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R37/4/1Copy of Court Roll
KR/R40/1/4Marriage Settlement
KR/R41/3/46John William Colbert (aged 16) of Ramsey (father - William Colbert. Apprenticed to Jesse Colbert, coach builder and general smith, of Huntingdon. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R39/3Lease for 21 years.
KR/R41/3/40Frederick Abrams (aged 17) of Ramsey (father - James Abram). Apprenticed to Messrs Longland and Sycamore of Ramsey, engineers and iron founders. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/3/17Charles Albert Scott (aged 16) of Ramsey (father - James Scott). Apprenticed to George Turner Gratrix, carpenter and joiner, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R37/1/3Lease and Release
KR/R41/3/33Joe Canham (aged 16) of Ramsey (mother - Mary Munns, formerly Mary Canham). Apprenticed to Benjamin Allen, carpenter and joiner, of Coates near Whittlesey (Cambridgeshire). Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R43/17Accounts, letters, schedule, reports small plans, and other papers
KR/R41/4/22Richard Brighty Stevens (aged 16 and a half) of Ramsey (mother - Mary Anne Brighty Stevens). Apprenticed to Alfred James Bateman, builder, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R40/1/1Exemplification of a Bill of Complaint Answer, Replication, Interrogations & Depositions of Witnesses.
KR/R46/4/9Lease & Release
KR/R46/2/1Lease & Release
KR/R41/3/13Frederick William Stratton (aged 16) of Ramsey (mother - Mary Stratton). Apprenticed to Alfred James Bateman, builder, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture. Dated 9 June. [Frederick William Stratton born 1874].
KR/R41/3/24Arthur Lavender (aged 16) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to Mary Smith, widow and ironmonger, of Whittlesey (Cambridgeshire). Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/3/7William Mitchell (aged 18) of Ramsey (father - William Mitchell). Apprenticed to Joseph Martin of Peterborough, builder. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/3/34Thomas Marriott (aged 16) of Ramsey (father - Isaac Marriott). Apprenticed to Thomas Edwards, plumber, painter, glazier, ironmonger and gas fitter, of Hornsey Rise, Islington, City of London. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/9-5Feoffment in Trust
KR/R41/2/22Isaac Proud (aged 15) of Ramsey (mother - Mary Anne Proud). Apprenticed to William Hordham, boot and shoemaker, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/2/27George Lowther (aged 16) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to Thomas Speechley, carpenter and wheelwright, of Glassmoor in Whittlesey. Apprenticeship indenture. (2 copies. Sent up to the trustees to be cancelled).
KR/R39/11/1Slips of paper
KR/R41/4/9William Brighty Stevens (aged 17) of Ramsey (mother - Mary Ann Stevens). Apprenticed to John Kennington, wheelwright, of Barrowby, Grantham (Lincolnshire). Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R40/9/2Attested copy of Lease and Release to make a Tenant to the Precipe.
KR/R47/8Bundle of letters, rough calculations & accounts, maps (one of 1849) & rough extracts from tithe maps
KR/R41/2/8Alfred Wing (aged 15) of Ramsey (mother - Mary Ann Wing). Apprenticed to Henry Newton, grocer and draper, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R40/9/11Attested copy of Assignment of the residue of a Term of 1,000 years in trust to attend the inheritance of John Ibberson.
KR/R43/28Bundle of letters, accounts,stocks & shares transfers, legal papers etc.
KR/R41/9-4Lease for 13 years
KR/R41/2/41John Robinson junior (aged 17) of Ramsey (father - John Robinson senior). Apprenticed to John Sykes, wheelwright, of Boston (Lincolnshire). Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/2/52John Dawson (aged 16) of Ramsey (father - Thomas Dawson). Apprenticed to Joseph Sarjeant, blacksmith, of Huntingdon. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/4/5James Stephen Elsley (aged 15) of Ramsey (father Stephen Elsley). Apprenticed to William Ellwood, baker, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/3/29James Lavender (aged 15) of Ramsey (father - Charles Lavender). Apprenticed to Alfred James Bateman, builder, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/3/20Arthur William Goakes (aged 17) of Ramsey (mother - Eliza Goakes). Apprenticed to William Fordham, boot and shoemaker, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/4/16Alfred Tom Bateman (aged 14) of Ramsey (mother - Sarah Southwell). Apprenticed to Lewis Shepperson, butcher, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/3/37John Charles Brighty Stevens (aged 17) of Ramsey (mother - Mary Anne Brighty Stevens). Apprenticed to George Turner Gratrix, carpenter and joiner, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R41/4/4Daniel Goakes (aged 17) of Ramsey (mother - Ann Goakes). Apprenticed to Henry Norris, carpenter and builder, of Ramsey. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R44/28Counterpart of Conveyance
KR/R45/1/5Particulars, Plans & Conditions of Sale of Manor Farms at Houghton & Wyton and Holywell cum Needingworth; The Weybridge Lodge Farm, Alconbury, and land at Brampton & Bury.
KR/R43/7Large bundle marked 'Old Agreements'
KR/R45/1/3Particulars, Plans & Conditions of Sale of agricultural estate at Catworth, Keyston, Molesworth, & Tilbrook and at Colmworth, Lt. Staughton & Keysoe, Beds; and at Hargrave & Raunds, Northants.
KR/R46/1/2Lease & Release
KR/R45/1/6Particulars, Plans & Conditions of Sale of Easton Farm, Easton & Ellington; Cotton Farm, Spaldwick & Ellington; Upthorpe Lodge Farm, Spaldwick; and Barham Farm, Barham.
KR/R46/3/1Final Concord (office copy)
KR/R47/10Bundle of letters, forms and other papers
KR/R47/6Bundle of accounts books, bills, receipts, letters (personal & business), & copies of wills
KR/R47/13Bundle of letters, accounts, rough calculations, forms & maps
KR/R47/18Bundle of priced catalogues & accounts for sales of underwood
KR/R48/6Bundle of letters to P.L. Rogers
KR/R50/3Large bundle of letters and copies, rough accounts and statements of tax, notices of assessment, particulars of assessment, copies of claim forms for relief, bills etc.
KR/R62/12/1Dissentailing assurances by Edward Fellowes and W.H. Fellowes on copyhold properties of Manors of Farcet, Wistow, Upwood, Bury with Hepmangrove, Drayton with Taverham, Costessay, Swanington and Cawston
KR/R49/6Bundle of letters and copies and Counsel's opinion
KR/R62/14Surrender of term for raising portions for younger children, out of settled family estates of late Lord De Ramsey: executors of Earl Sondes to W.H. Fellowes, Baron De Ramsey
KR/R50/5Large bundle of letters, accounts, plans, inventories and valuations, agreements to hire, sale particulars and catalogues., newspaper cuttings, etc.
KR/R63/55/1& 2& 3Small Holdings New Fen, St. Mary's, The Bill, Prices Street, House Bury Road, 20 Star Lane, Building Plots, Cordell's Yard, Field Church Lane & other plots and fields and Jesmond Dene Field Read Ramsey
KR/R43/21Letters and other papers
KAR52/12/40/181st Part. Lord and Lady Harley. 2nd Part. Viscount Cheyne and John Morley. 3rd Part. Reverend Richard Bentley. 4th Part. Joseph Martyn, William Felowes and Thomas Andrews. Assignment of Mortgage R52/12/40/16.
KAR60/23/8Miscellaneous Maynard papers.
KR/R47/12Misc. bundle
KR/R31/1/A/48Deed of Covenant
KR/R1/1/35Assignment of Mortgage
KR/R4/7/4Lease and Release
KR/R8/8/C/21Assignment of two Mortgage
KR/R31/4/13 Letters
KR/R14/3/3Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R39/4Letters, receipt & Order of the Board of Charity Commissioners
KR/R14/6/6Appointment and Covenant for Surrender
KR/R15/18Lease and Release.
KR/R34/6/2Copy of Court Roll
KR/R34/1/7Award of Enfranchisement.
KR/R18/4/1Lease and Release
KR/R32/1/1Marriage Settlement
KR/R32/3/1Marriage Settlement
KR/R31/7/3Bundle marked; Conveyance
KR/R45/1/15Particulars, Plans & Conditions of Sale
KR/R43/22Letters and other papers
KR/R47/36Bundle of letters, copies & other papers sent by Messrs. Lake, Beaumont & Lake, solicitors, London, to Edward Fellowes, Ramsey Abbey, one of the trustees of the Benyon Trust.
KR/R35/4/1Will of William Fellowes of Upper Grosvenor Street in p. of St. George Hanover Square, Middlesex.
KR/R34/6/5Award of Enfrancisement
KR/R40/1/2Marriage Settlement
KR/R43/20Letters and other papers
KR/R47/14Bundle of letters, plans & rough Calculations
KR/R36/23/3Conveyance of freehold land and Covenant to Surrender copyhold land.
KR/R51/10Insurance Policies taken out by Lord De Ramsey. (marked Nos. 1-77)
KR/R39/6Large bundle of the Certificates of the Contracts for the Redemption of Land Tax charged upon various of the Fellowes' lands in Hunts
KR/R51/11Old Agreements (marked Nos. 1-99; with 52 missing, and index of names of tenants etc.)
KR/R51/12Old Agreements (Abbots Ripton)
KR/R47/20Large Bundle marked 'Farm Letters'
KR/R48/11Large Bundle of letters, accounts, bills, receipts, tax assessments & other papers
KR/R43/34Bundle of misc. material
KR/R47/16Bundle of letters, accounts, calculations, descriptions of premises & awards of valuers
KR/R47/22Bundle of letters, printed forms & printed instructions, directions & memorandum
KR/R46/3/6Lease & Release
KR/RB4/5Account Book of Middle Level Drainage Taxes.
KR/R48/9Large Bundle of letters, accounts, receipts copies of admissions etc.
KHAC5/5263Deeds of 6 & 8 Blenheim Road, Ramsey. Formerly part of the estate of Lord de Ramsey
KHAC2/2193/69Red Cow Beerhouse, Marriott's Drove, Ramsey: photographic print
KHAC0/120/2Election Posters
KAH/26/240/24Mandate for induction: Robert Black M.A., Vicar of Ramsey: patron, William Henry Baron de Ramsey of Ramsey Abbey Co. Hunt.
KHAC2/2193/120Royal Oak Inn, Wennington: photographic print
KAcc2039/13Abbots Ripton
KHCP/15/1697/11/19Sale of land by Lord de Ramsey to Hunts. County Council. Opinions of J.P. Maule (2) 14 June 1902, 3 February 1921, concerning title of Lord de Ramsey to Tick Fen Farm Estate in Ramsey and Warboys
KAcc2039/14AAbbots Ripton. Proposed alterations to cottages belonging to Lord de Ramsey
KPH/DC/310An International Combine Harvester
KWH/3G/2358AThe Huntingdonshire Marathon Race.
KDT10/SE/1/2384Building byelaw plan and approval for erection of general purpose agricultural building at Badney Drove, Carters Bridge, Chatteris, for [J.A. Fellowes, Estate Office, Ramsey]
KHINCH/8/A/D/1452 letters; Mr. J. Stokes and Mr. Frederick Thomson, Kensington, to the Rev. Dr. Thomson, Golden. Square, London.
KR/R51/4Letters to Lord De Ramsey
KHINCH/8/A/D/150Copy of letter; 7th Earl of Sandwich, The Views, Huntingdon, to W.H. Fellowes, Haverland Hall near Norwich.
KHINCH/8/A/D/149Bundle of 12 letters
KR/R40/2/4Assignment of the family estates of William Fellowes, Esq., decd. for the residue of 2 terms of 500 years created for raising portions for his younger children.
KHINCH/8/A/D/135Bundle of 8 letters and copies Letters between Christopher Pemberton jnr., Cambridge and the Crown Inn, Huntingdon, and Lord Hinchingbrooke, Mr. Fellowes, George Maule, and Henry Sweeting.
KMAN1/A/10/9Mixed file of papers, mostly relating to the affairs of the 6th and 7th Dukes of Manchester
KR/R9/2Deeds relating to a farmhouse and 144 acres in Middlemoor district, Ramsey
KR/R2/8Particular of Ramsey Estate
K63/1/1/254Surrender of a term of 1000 years: Robert Fellowes to George William Leeds
KR/R3/20Two Hollow Lots
KR/R40Miscellaneous material
KR/RB3/A/45Rent Audit Book
KR/R7/3/B/10Rough agreement of purchase
KR/R40/8/18Description of Mr. Jones's map of the Hampstead Manor.
KR/R60/15Insurance Note, Abbots Ripton Recreation room.
KR/RB3/G/114Cottage & Allotment Rental
KR/R18/10/9Deed of Covenants Concerning conditional surrender, as at R18/10/8.
KR/R18/2/9Certificate of Burial of William Throssell, aged 67, at Ramsey.
KR/Acc3674/3Packet of 18 deeds re properties in The Hollow, Ramsey
KR/R13/1/B/23Abstract of Title of Miss Wiltshire to a copyhold estate at Upwood.
KR/R18/14/4Ramsey Manor Copy of Court Roll. Admission of John Cattling, property as at R18/14/2
KR/R4/12/5Copy of the Will of Ridley.
KR/R5/6/17Deed of Covenant.
KR/R5/2/15Lease and Release.
KR/R63/19Carlton House, Upwood
KHINCH/11/N/5Poster titled 'Huntingdonshire Election'
KAH/26/239/44Mandate for induction: William Harpur, Vicar of Ramsey St. Mary: patron, Edward Fellowes of Ramsey Abbey, Ramsey Co. Hunt Esq M.P.
KHINCH/11/N/4Poster titled 'Huntingdonshire Election'
KHINCH/8/A/D/146Copy of letter; George Maule, Huntingdon, to Mr. Torkington and Mr. Stracey.
KHINCH/8/A/E/162Petition; The gentry, clergy and electors of the county of Huntingdon to William Henry Fellowes jnr.
KHINCH/8/B/A/2074 Letters; Letters written to John Calvert and W.H. Fellowes in reply to their requests for votes and support.
KR/R3/20/5Assignment of Mortgage
KHINCH/8/A/E/166Instructions to Lord Hinchingbrooke's and Mr Fellowes' Inspectors and Cheque Clerks.
KHINCH/8/A/D/138Letter; Robert Sabine, St. Neots, to Messrs. Prumanney? and Druce, Cecil Street, Strand, London.
KHINCH/8/B/A/208Letter; J. Godby, Greenwich, to John Calvert
KHINCH/11/A/40Letter; Edward Fellowes, Haverland Hall, Norwich, to 7th Earl of Sandwich.
KR/R17/1/1Extract from the Will of
KR/R18/1/4Bargain and Sale
KR/R18/10/2Copy of Court Roll (Ramsey)
KR/R31/1/A/50Admission of Fellowes to the lands
KR/R36/20/3Copy of Mortgage (by Demise for 500 years)
KR/R18/10/17Copy of Court Roll (Ramsey)
KR/R31/1/A/5A Copy of an Agreement or the Settling of the Copy Rent
KR/R31/2/2/2Questions and the opinions of V.Gibbs, Thomas Plurner, George Wilson, and C.Abbott. Lincolns Inn.
KR/R18/2/2Will (Copy) of David Burges, gent. of Benwick, Isle of Ely.
KR/R18/7/2Covenants to produce title deeds
KR/R18/11/1Lease and Release
KR/R31/1/A/19Office Copy of the Will and codicil of W. Martin
KR/R36/1/7Copy of Acknowledgment of Satisfaction on Conditional Surrender dated 28th February 1861.
KR/R18/14/2Abstract of Title
KR/R31/1/A/26Copy of Conditional surrender by Bailey
KR/R3/2/8Bargain and Sale.
KR/R3/11/7Lease and Release
KR/R18/7/4Release (Copy)
KR/R2/6/3Assignment of Mortgage
KR/R31/4/2Receipted Account
KR/R2/6/15Assignment of Mortgage.
KR/R5/4/5Deed of Covenants
KR/R5/4/3Deed of Covenants
KR/R2/6/19Lease and Release
KR/R4/3/5Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll
KR/R5/3/22Lease and Release
KR/R3/23Lease and Release
KR/R4/2/21Abstract of all material writings.
KR/R4/2/13Copy of Mortgage
KR/R13/1/KR/99Abstract of Title of the Trustees to the above estates.
KR/R5/3/12Final Concord
KR/R5/8/9Manor of Ramsey
KR/R3/27/8Will (Copy)
KR/R3/24/4Will (copy)
KR/R3/26/2Bargain and Sale.
KR/R7/2/K/111Final Concord
KR/R3/12/2Will (copy)
KR/R5/12/10Copy of the Will of Hall
KR/R3/27/14Will (Copy)
KR/R36/1/20Abstract of Title of 1839 - 1889 Lord Sandwich to the Little Raveley Estate.
KR/R34/2/4Receipted Account
KR/R47/2Bank Account Book of the Trustees of the late Lord De Ramsey's Settled Estates.
KR/R3/20/4Lease and Release
KR/R33/7/13Copy of the Will of Rowell.
KR/R31/1/A/38Copy of the Will of Jonathan Martin of Broughton
KR/R7/2/E/46Manor of Wistow
KR/R5/2/4Lease and Release.
KR/R3/17/2Lease and release
KR/R32/6Temporary Loan Receipt
KR/R36/12/21Copy of the Will of Whittome
K63/1/1/203Indenture of mortgage for £10000 in 4 parts: (1) Joseph Muskett of Easton Hall, (2) John Dobson of London and John Blake of Norwich (3) George William Leeds of Croxton Park (4) Robert Fellows of Shottesham, Norfolk
KR/R5/3/1Abstract of Title
KR/R2/6/11Lease and Release.
KR/R33/8/5Copy of the Will of Mary Belshaw.
KR/R32/9/18Mortgage and Further Charge
KR/R32/9/4Exemplification of Common Recovery
KR/R32/9/10Declaration of Trust
KR/R36/11/5Lease and Release
KR/R36/18/7Abstract of Title 1856 - 1889 of the Trustees acting under the will of the late Phillips to 5 acres of pasture land in Stocking Fen and Muchwood. Marked Lot 3.
KR/R34/1/8Receipted Account.
KR/R33/5/14Assignment of Mortgage.
KR/R34/4/12Mortgage (by demise for 1,000 years)
KR/R36/7/6Copy of Court Roll
KR/R5/3/6Attested copy of
KR/R35/17/7Numerous bills, receipts and letters relating to the Administration, the funeral, outstanding bill at Mrs Fellowes's death, the division of her estate between her 4 surviving children and her daughter Urania's leaving the house in Somerset Street when the lease expires in 1829.
KR/R4/10/3Lease and Release.
KR/R35/2/2Bundle of Affidavits, marked No. 1 - No. 13.
KR/R5/3/8Attested Copy of the will
KR/R5/2/5Assignment of a Mortgage
KR/R36/20/7Copy of Probate Will of Goodburn.
KR/R36/2/11Draft of Will of Jones
KR/R40/4/1Terrier belonging to 3 plans of an estate in parish of Ramsey, belonging to Wm. Fellowes, Esq.
KR/R35/16/3bMrs Pemble's case, with the Opinion thereon of Robert Graham of Lincoln's Inn.
KR/R36/12/16Copy of Will and Codicil of Richard Kilby Newton, farmer
KR/R36/1/19Schedule of Deeds and Writings relating to the Little Raveley Estate.
KR/R36/12/3Fine Trinity Term 1744
KR/R48/8Bundle of plans of allotments at Ramsey, Ramsey St. Mary, Ramsey Hollow, Mereside, Middlemoor, Stocking Fen, Tick Fen, Ugg Mere, Forty Foot Bridge, Upwood, & Upwood Common, Abbots Ripton & Benwick.
KR/R36/22/7Copy of the Will of Rose
KR/R6/1/20Copy of the Will and Codicil
KR/R36/2/5Attested Copy of Conveyance, Release and Covenant.
KR/R35/11/8Various papers relating to probate etc,
KR/R36/2/3Attested Copy of Mortgage (by Lease and Release).
KR/R36/2/4Attested Copy of Disclaimer by Hon Henry Sutton Fane, a Lieut. Coln. in H.M.'s Service, and son of the 10th Earl of Westmorland, and Rt Hon Sir John Beckett of Stratford Place, St.Marylebone, Middlesex. of the trusts of the Will of the 10th Earl.
KR/R37/1/8Mortgage (by Appointment and Demise) and Further Charge.
KR/R36/22/3Attested Copy of Lease and Release.
KR/R7/2/D/25Manor of Wistow
KR/R36/17/1Lease and Release
KR/R36/20/12Copy of the Probate Will of Elizabeth Jones.
KR/R36/1/6Copy of Will of John Dobbs
KR/R36/12/14Copy of Declaration of Samuel Staffourth of Ramsey, gent. re Intestacy of the late Thomas Newton of Ramsey Hollow, farmer, and heirship of his brother, James Newton of Ramsey Hollow, farmer
KR/R37/5/3Lease and Release
KR/R40/9/3Attested copy of Lease & Release
KR/R7/2/C/18Manor of Wistow
KR/R18/14/8Accounts (2)
KR/R8/8/A/5Official Extract of Fine
KR/R51/14Particulars and conditions of Sale, with plan of Glebe Farm (lately known as Rectory Farm), Kings Ripton, the property of Lord De Ramsey
KR/R10/3/Q/39Lease & Release.
KR/R37/1/5Assignment and Ratification of Mortgage.
KR/R15/27Abstract of Title.
KR/R6/1/10Additional Security
KR/R37/5/6The Succession Account
KR/R37/4/18Copy of Court Roll
KR/R39/7/3Abstract of Title 1865-1899 of Samuel Newton, Ramsey, farmer and John Bull, Ringstead, Northants, to the lands in R39/7/1 and R39/7/2.
KR/R37/1/24Counterpart of Lease for the term of the tenant's life.
KR/R50/4/3Inventory & Valuation of blinds, fittings, carpets, garden plants & tools, keeper's effects, etc. at the Hall, the property of Lord De Ramsey, and taken by Gilliat.
KR/R37/1/2Copy of Bargain and Sale
KR/R40/8/8Sub Poena to Godfrey Morlin to appear before the Barons of the Exchequer on 23rd Jan 1781.
KR/R7/4/A/4Official Extract
KR/R45/1/17Particulars & Conditions of Sale The Manors of Hartford, Woodhurst and Warboys. (trustees as R45/1/16)
KR/R36/12/9Attested Copy of Mortgage (by Lease and Release)
KR/R9/8/9Final Concord
KR/R40/8/12Historical note concerning Lucy Carr and her family. She was the dau. of Sir Edward Carr of Sleyford, Lincs. and was buried in Ramsey Churchyard in 1683.
KR/R62/31/1-2Receipt for repayment of loan of £10,000 by A.E. Fellowes to Lord De Ramsey by trustees of A.E. Fellowes marriage settlement with solicitor's bill of costs
KR/R39/8/6Mortgage 19 Mar 1870
KR/R43/6Bundle of Letters and other papers relating to valuation of tenant-right etc. Includes some papers re. land in Norfolk, the property of the Rev. C.F. Townley of Upwell Hall.
KR/R46/2/2Lease & Release
KR/R17/3/1Will (copy) of William Newbond, draper of Ramsey.
KR/R41/4/55Charles Ray (aged 16) of Ramsey. Apprenticed to John Swearer, carpenter. Apprenticeship indenture.
KR/R4/8/3Particulars and Conditions of Sale
KR/R41/1/2Mode of Management of Charity Lands
KR/R47/40/3Papers concerning A. Radway, Agent to Lord De Ramsey, and the valuation of the farm of the late F.W. Bellamy.
KR/R40/11/11Account & Receipt of Thomas James, solicitor, relative to the purchase by Edward Fellowes in R40/11/10
KR/R8/1/H/50Authority to discharge.
KR/R4/13/72 Parts of Final Concord
KR/R3/27/3Bargain and Sale.
KR/R5/2/16Copy of the Will
KR/R4/6/8Abstract of Title of Francis Butler
KR/R4/6/112 Parts Final Concord.
KR/R7/2/N/133Manor of Wistow
KR/R3/18/4Lease and Release
KR/R33/5/3Lease and Release
KR/R3/26/3Bargain and Sale.
KR/R4/3/14Final Concord
KR/R7/2Deeds relating to a freehold and copyhold estate at Wistow
KR/R4/6/3Probate Copy of Will
KR/R7/3/O/32Abstract of Title
KR/R10/1/11Assignment of a Mortgage
KR/R41/1/1letters (1 a rough draft)
KR/R4/3/3Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll
KR/R40/9/10Attested copy of Assignment of the residue of a Term of 500 years in trust to attend the inheritance of John Ibberson.
KR/R42/17/1English translation of part of the Register of Charters of Ramsey Abbey among the Cottonian Mss. (Vespasian F.II) Charters of Henry I, John, & Quo Warranto of Edward I. and translation from Cottonian Mss. (Otho B XIV) Charters of Edward II & Edward III.
KR/R4/8/4Lease and Release.
KR/R40/8/9List of In Commoners and Proprietors of Estates within the Parish and Manor of Ramsey who have delivered Claims to the Commissioners for Inclosure for the Hern Common and Gore Common.
KR/R40/9/17Attested copy of acknowledgement of receipt of a legacy.
KR/R33/3/92 copies of the Particulars
KR/R33/8/7Assignment of a Mortgage Term in trust to attend the inheritance.
KR/R43/8Bundle of Letters and other papers; re. sale of Upwood Common Farm and lands at Ramsey St. Mary to Huntingdon County Council for smallholdings
KR/R43/11Bundle of Letters accounts receipts, etc.
KR/R34/4/23Deed of Further Charge
KR/R43/10Bundle of letters
KR/R46/3/5Certificate of Samuel Waterhouse of Birch Hall, Derbys. being the eldest nephew and heir at law of Joshua Waterhouse, late of Lt. Stukeley, decd. Given by Levi Line of Stockport, Cheshire, Cotton Merchant.
KR/R47/7Bundle of Letters, accounts & maps relating to Upwood Acrodrome.
KR/R9/9/C/10Lease, Release and Appointment, with an Assignment of a Term.
KR/R45/1/14Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale The Upton Estate and property in Sawtry, (J.N. Heathcote).
KR/R7/2/F/53Manor of Wistow
KR/R44/337 x 6 O.S. maps (2nd. Ed.)
KR/R5/6/21Manor of Ramsey
KR/R16/1/5Abstract of Title
KR/R8/1/H/45Bundle of Affidavits
KR/R36/9/2Abstract of Title 1837 - 1892 of Henry Butler and the two others to 3 acres of land in Ramsey Hollow, formerly Parsons, lying E. of Meggs Drove.
KR/R5/9/11Copy of the will
KR/R5/10/2Lease and Release
KR/R4/9/6Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R47/34/1Estimates & Specifications (with revisions) for work to be done at the Church for Lord De Ramsey by the Army and Navy Auxiliary Co-op. Supply Co. Ltd.
KR/R51/16/2Receipt of payment to Serjeant & Son solicitors, Ramsey, for charges incurred when Lord De Ramsey purchased Stocking Fen Land of the late Mr. T.H. Bridgfoot's Trustees
KR/R7/2/N/129Bargain and Sale
KR/R40/6/2Accounts, bills and receipts.
KR/R34/4/8Mortgage. (by demise for 500 years)
KR/R33/7/14Copy of Letters of Administration.
KR/R5/6/26Manor of Ramsey
KR/R48/10Bundle of agreements and letters etc. to the agents re the hiring of the lands of the Townley family at Upwell and Nordelph, Norfolk.
KR/R51/6/1-2Sale Catalogues, Farm House, 615 acres, Frog Hall, White Hall, and Ash Drain. Signed Agreement to purchase lots 4,5,6,7,-land in the Hollow, Lot 9 -a field in the Hollow by Edward Newton
KR/R7/1/J/28Bundle of Receipts
KR/R7/2/G/74Extracts from the Wills
KR/R7/1/F/15Manor of Ramsey.
KR/R5/1/2Bargain and Sale.
KR/R7/2/N/138Letter and Schedule
KR/R5/9/13Copy of The Will of Brown
KR/R5/3/5Lease for a year
KR/R7/3/J/27Copy of the Will
KR/R5/10/6Copy of Will of Dixon
KR/R5/11/23Deed of Covenant
KR/R39/9/7Deed of Covenant to produce Title Deeds.
KR/R8/4/11Lease and Release.
KR/R7/2/F/54Acknowledgement of Satisfaction
KR/R5/12/7Lease and Release
KR/R5/8/3Manor of Ramsey
KR/R6/5/9Bargain and Sale
KR/R5/9/9Copy of Extract
KR/R5/8/1Manor of Ramsey
KR/R7/1/A/2Extract of a Final Concord
KR/R7/2/G/75Manor of Wistow
KR/R6/5/24Deed of Further Charge
KR/R35/17/1Letters of Administration of Mrs Lavinia Fellowes' effects.
KR/R35/6/3Accounts and a letter of Mr G.A.W. Thorold and Messers Serjeant and Son. for the executors
KR/R7/2/D/26Attested Copy
KR/R51/17/2Memorandum of Agreement for letting the Suspension Bridge at Welney and the Right to receive Tolls
KR/R17/1/5Act Of Parliament
KR/R6/5/8Final Concord
KR/R6/5/11Manor of Chatteris
KR/R7/2/F/63Manor of Wistow
KR/R8/1/C/12Manor of Upwood.
KR/R7/1/C/6Bargain and Sale
KR/R47/9Bundle of letters, plans, draft notices and a tenancy agreement
KR/R7/2/F/65Manor of Wistow
KR/R13/1/H/52Manor of Upwood
KR/R8/4/6Assignment of a Mortgage
KR/R7/2/D/30Manor of Wistow
KR/R8/5/5Lease and Release.
KR/R8/6/7Manor of Ramsey.
KR/R8/1/H/32Manor of Upwood
KR/R8/3/7Manor of Ramsey.
KR/R8/6/3Copy of the Will
KR/R7/2/G/70Manor of Wistow
KR/R40/9/16Attested copy of acknowledgement of receipt of a legacy.
KR/R39/10/9Disentailing Deed (by Lease & Release)
KR/R7/2/J/87Copy of Will
KR/R8/1/G/29Authority to Discharge
KR/R8/4/8Copy of the Will
KR/R8/2/11Lease and Release
KR/R8/1/H/392 Letters.
KR/R8/1/A/8Probate Copy
KR/R7/4/B/24Manor of Wistow.
KR/R8/3/5Manor of Ramsey
KR/R10/1/20Final Concord (2 parts).
KR/R7/4/A/1Office Copy of the Will
KR/R7/4/B/21Manor of Wistow.
KR/R8/1/E/21Manor of Upwood.
KR/R8/1/A/2Manor of Upwood.
KR/R8/1/A/9Manor of Upwood.
KR/R10/3/A/1Copy of the Will and Codicil of John Negus of Ramsey, yeoman.
KR/R8/7/18Office Copy of the Probate Act
KR/R8/1/H/42Abstract of Title
KR/R10/3/C/15Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R8/7/19Office Copy
KR/R9/8/3Copy of Lease and Release
KR/R9/7/B/23Copy of the Will
KR/R8/1/G/26Authority to Discharge.
KR/R8/4/7Copy of Mortgage
KR/R8/5/3Lease and Release.
KR/R9/9/A/3Attested Copy of Exemplification
KR/R9/5/3Lease and Release
KR/R9/7/A/8Lease [and release]
KR/R9/6/E/13Deed of Covenant
KR/R8/8/A/8Bargain and Sale
KR/R10/1/29Assignment of Mortgage Term in Trust to attend the Inheritance.
KR/R9/9/A/4Lease and Release
KR/R9/3/5Deed of Covenant
KR/R9/7/C/26Extract from the Will
KR/R10/1/18Attested Copy of the Will of Descow.
KR/R16/4/7Assignment of Mortgage
KR/R10/2/3Assignment and Confirmation of Mortgage.
KR/R9/7/A/16Copy of the Will
KR/R9/8/6Lease and Release
KR/R13/1/N/79Manor of Upwood Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R3/2/14Lease and Release.
KR/R10/3/Q/38Manor of Ramsey. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R13/1/N/83Manor of Upwood Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R15/28Will (copy).
KR/R10/3/C/7Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R13/1/O/86Authority to enter Satisfaction.
KR/R13/1/A/10Manor of Upwood. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R10/5/4Lease and Release.
KR/R14/5/7Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll
KR/R18/10/1Copy of Court Roll (Ramsey)
KR/R16/2/12Deed to bad uses of a fine (copy).
KR/R16/4/1Bargain and Sale
KR/R16/2/4Bargain and Sale
KR/R15/3Lease and Release.
KR/R17/2/2Bargain and Sale
KR/R17/2/1Bargain and Sale (copy)
KR/R17/8/4Lease and Release
KR/R18/9/2Lease and Release
KR/R18/8/1Lease and Release
KR/R4/2/192 Parts of Final Concord.
KR/R33/5/26Deed of covenant.
KR/R33/3/4Copy of the Will of Ellen Serjeant of Ramsey, widow.
KR/R35/19/7Small bundle of letters, bills and receipts
KR/R5/9/5Copy of Extract
KR/R33/5/13Declaration of Trusts.
KR/R3/27/12Bargain and Sale.
KR/R4/3/4Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll
KR/R33/5/15Deed of Exchange (by Lease and Release)
KR/R36/23/4Bundle of letters between Lord De Ramsey, James Jones of Ramsey, and Percival and Son, solicitors, Peterbrough, retransaction in R36/23/3: also one bill.
KR/R37/5/7Statuory Declaration of James Jones of Ramsey, Land Agent.
KR/R36/3/1Receipt for £10 paid by Lord De Ramsey to J.W.Shepperson. For his share in the materials of the bridge opposite the 400 Farm, Ramsey, and for compensation for his rights of way over the bridge.
KR/R36/7/5Copy of Court Roll
KR/R34/1/3Draft of a Document
KR/R39/10/19Declarations & Certificates
KR/R5/6/5Final Concord.
KR/R36/4/1Assignment of a Lease for the residue of a term of 26 years. (Duplicate)
KR/R4/14/4Lease and Release.
KR/R32/8/1Various Papers
KR/R37/1/15Mortgage 27th February 1867
KR/R35/2/3Bundles of Letters
KR/R35/1/1Release and Copy
KR/R35/15/2General Release
KR/R39/10/13Assignment of residue of a term of 500 years to attend the inheritance.
KR/R48/14Bundle of forms, under the 1936 Tithe Act.
KR/R4/13/5Lease and Release.
KR/R10/1Papers relating to a farm (104 acres) in Ramsey and Benwick and 10 acres in Muchwood in Ramsey.
KR/R4/9/11Lease, Release and Limitation
KR/R47/34/2Letter to P.L. Rogers from the Local Government Board
KR/R4/3/17Lease and Release
KR/R5/8/2Manor of Ramsey
KR/R40/9/28Release to Uses in bar of Dower
KR/R47/25/4Release & Indemnity
KR/R43/29Bundle of papers of valuations
KR/R5/6/16Manor of Ramsey Court Roll
KR/R7/2/N/135Release and Deed of Covenant
KR/R5/5/2Manor of Ramsey: Copy of Court Roll
KR/R5/6/32Manor of Ramsey
KR/R7/2/L/116Deed of Covenant
KR/R40/3/7Bargain & Sale
KR/R7/2/F/51Manor of Wistow
KR/R10/6/2Lease and Release.
KR/R9/7/A/15Lease and Release
KR/R10/4/4Articles of Agreement.
KR/R7/3/F/22Attested Copy of Mortgage
KR/R7/3/O/36Deed of Covenant
KR/R8/1/H/35Conditional Deed of Sale.
KR/R8/4/5Lease and Release.
KR/R8/7/11Report of John Ord.
KR/R9/9/B/6Copy of the Will
KR/R8/8/C/17Copy of the Will and Codicil
KR/R9/7/B/24Lease and Release
KR/R62/30Miscellaneous papers, document covers etc.
KR/R13/1/B/24Manor of Upwood. Copy of Court Roll.
KAcc148/5/C/168Letter - draft
KHINCH/8/A/D/131Bundle of 112 letters; Letters written to Lords Sandwich and Hinchingbrooke (and one to Lady Hinchingbrooke) in reply to their requests for votes and support for the election of Lord Hinchingbrooke and W.H. Fellowes.
KHAC3/3667/2Heathcote sketchbook
KR/R9/5/14Assignment of a Mortgage Term in Trust
KWH/1G/180BH. Gilliat Esq.
KAcc2196/1/36BAbbots Ripton
KPC41/2664/T/2Lease (with draft) by Lord de Ramsey of 20 acres of land at Hill Farm, Upwood, for 14 years to Upwood Parish Council for an annual rent of £20
KED/4169/1/19/247Sale for the Right Honourable Lord de Ramsey
KHINCH/8/A/D/106Bundle of 3 letters; John March, Waresley, to 4th Earl of Sandwich.
KAR55/33/1Major-General Sir Charles Wale K.C.B., of Little Shelford, and Henrietta (nee Brent) his wife, to Robert Brent of Portman Square, Middlesex, and Reverend George Sherard of Huntingdon, trustees of Marriage Settlement. Conveyance of £11000 3% Bank Annuities for uses stated.
KBLC/5/2/38/5Sub-bundles of Papers concerning the Nene Valley Drainage and Navigation Bills
K427Gamlingay tithe apportionment and inclosure papers
KR/R6/1/2Bargain and Sale
KR/R7/1/E/14Manor of Ramsey
KR/R7/2/N/134Manor of Wistow
KR/R13/1/M/76Deed of Covenant
KR/R5/10/8Lease and Release
KR/Acc3674/24Packet of six deeds to 2 acres 2 rods 34 perches of property in Muchwood, Ramsey
KR/R36/22/15Particulars and Conditions of Sale of an estate in Ramsey, formerly the property of the late Mr R.K.Newton. Marked: Lot 6.
KR/Acc3674/29Packet of 51 deeds and documents re property in the parishes of Brandiston and Cawston, Norfolk
KR/Acc3674/10Bundle of 16 deeds and documents to a piece of pasture ground called Marriotss Close of 4 acres 2 rods 12 perches
KR/Acc3674/35Packet of 18 deeds and documents to 1 acre 1 rod 28 perches called Pound Close in Kings Ripton part freehold and part copyhold, abutting on the road leading from Ramsey to Huntingdon
KR/Acc3674/21Bundle of deeds to lots in Midfetter, Ramsey
KR/Acc3674/30Bundle of 19 deeds, abstract of title etc re 3 acres 3 rods in Stocking Fen, Ramsey, called Mill Field and abutting on Stocking Fen Drove Way to the east
KR/Acc3674/9Packet of 14 deeds and documents to a freehold messuage with 2 pieces of land adjoining of c. 5 acres each in The Hollow, Ramsey
KR/R3/4Lease and Release.
KR/R3/2/1Bargain and Sale.
KR/R14/4/6Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll
KR/R17/12/1Purchase Contract
KR/R3/9/3Lease and Release.
KR/R2/6/14Assignment of Mortgage.
KR/R9/9/C/9Demise and Appointment
KR/R1/2/2Articles of agreement.
KR/R50/4/5Lists, Inventories, Valuations, notes and letters
KR/R13/1/H/56Manor of Upwood Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R10/1/16Assignment of two Mortgage Terms.
KR/R13/2/2Attested Copy of the Will of Burges.
KR/R15/20Lease and Release.
KR/R16/2/15Lease and Release
KR/R16/2/1Bargain and Sale (copy)
KR/R16/2/14Mortgage (copy)
KR/R4/2/20Attested Copy of Deed of Covenant.
KR/R33/4/9Attested copy of Release.
KR/R39/10/7Assignment of residue of term of 500 years to attend upon the inheritance.
KR/R5/6/27Manor of Ramsey
KR/R7/3/B/13Copy of the Will Of Mrs Serjeant.
KR/R32/9/24Manor of Kings Ripton. Copy of Court Roll
KR/R33/5/19Lease and Release.
KR/R31/7/4Bundle marked: Fonblanque's and Richards' opinion respecting Higney Tithes.
KR/R5/9/10Copy of Assignments
KR/R32/9/23Transfer of Mortgage
KR/R34/4/1Attested Copy of Release.
KR/R40/9/1Copy of Exemplification of a Decree of Chancery, made on 2 July, 1657.
KR/R35/11/4Probate Copy of the Will of Hannah Elizabeth Fellowes of 29, Gloucester Place and Mortimer Lodge, Berks, widow of Admiral Fellowes.