Person NameFielden; family; of Todmorden and Holme; Industrialists
ActivityThe Fielden family of Todmorden and Holme had been moderately wealthy Quaker farmers on the border between Lancashire and Yorkshire for over a hundred years before Joshua Fielden (1748-1811) began a cotton spinning business, however the latter industry is what made the family fabulously wealthy and ensured its place in history. Several generations of Fieldens were involved in the hands-on management of the cotton business, which by some estimates in the middle of the 19th century was processing the third highest amount of cotton per week of any firm in the world. Outside of managing the family business, the Fieldens had a number of occuptions including politics. At least three members of the Fielden family spent time as Members of Parliament, but by far the most notable was "Honest" John Fielden (1784-1849) who was one of the leading radical voices of his day. His tireless fight for better treatment of industrial workers reached its climax in the passage of the Ten Hours Act in 1847, though later efforts were made to undermine this accomplishment. Away from central government, members of the family were JPs in Lancashire, Yorkshire, Surrey, Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire at various points as well as serving time as Sheriffs and Deputy Lieutenants of Yorkshire and Cambridgeshire. These positions in local government owe something to the Fieldens' sense of community duty but also to their success in transitioning to be members of the landed gentry. Several impressive homes survive throughout England which were commissioned or remodelled by the Fieldens, and particularly John Ashton Fielden (1859-1942) had a reputation as a good landlord on his Huntingdonshire estates. The most lasting legacy of the Fielden family however may be their philanthropic support of good causes locally in Lancashire and throughout the country. These included grand building projects such as Todmorden Town Hall which is a Grade I listed building, as well as donations to charities and hospitals and smaller good deeds such as John Ashton Fielden's decision to turn a wing of his house over to women who had been blinded by the bombing of Coventry during the Second World War. The best summation of the work of the Fielden family is that they were a sadly rare group of wealthy industrialists who truly adhered to the idea that their wealth and position in society gave them opportunities to improve the lives of their workers and the people in their community.
RelationshipsThe Fielden lands in Huntingdonshire were purchased from the Fellowes Family, Barons de Ramsey of Ramsey Abbey.
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KFIELDEN/F1/11/3Absolute Surrender. Eliz Edwards to Mary Tomkinson
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KFIELDEN/F4/8/7Attested Copy of Bargain and Sale. Re Robson a bankrupt.
KFIELDEN/F1/13/16Statutory Declaration as to title of William Smith
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KFIELDEN/F3/1/45Conditions of Sale.
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KFIELDEN/F5/39/1Abstract of Title. Jefferey Addison to messuage and lands copyhold of Manor of Glatton with Holme.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/17Admission. James Yardy as infant and heir to 3ac 3r at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F3/8/26Schedule of deeds. 7 of these
KFIELDEN/F4/12Bundle 12
KFIELDEN/F4/6/8Drainage. Middle Level.
KFIELDEN/F5/27/22Reconveyance. Thomas Smith to Nicholas Bellamy.
KFIELDEN/F4/6/9Drainage. Middle Level.
KFIELDEN/F1/6/21Abstract of title. Joseph Peake
KFIELDEN/F4/1/20Agreement for production of deed, Robert Roe to James Yeardye.
KFIELDEN/F5/8/5Assignment. Term of 21 years in trust to attend the freehold.
KFIELDEN/F5/7/4Surrender. Mrs Elizabeth Mackenzie to William Wells.
KFIELDEN/F4/6/6Enclosure Act. Glatton with Holme
KFIELDEN/F5/46Bundle 46
KFIELDEN/F1/9/2Declaration by George Mackness as to title
KFIELDEN/F4/7/10Abstract of Title. Pitts above estate in Stilton Fen.
KFIELDEN/F1/6/29Abstract of title. Joseph Peake
KFIELDEN/F4/5/2Admission. Richard Berridge to land at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F1/9/6Copy of conditional surrender. Thomas Knowles to Arthur Ashton, £50
KFIELDEN/F2Original box dd F2
KFIELDEN/F3/4/36Reconveyance. Charles Banks to David Corney.
KFIELDEN/F1/6/5Bond. Robert Peake to Simon Mould to secure £30 and interest
KFIELDEN/F2/17/10Abstract from conveyance to William Squire on exchange
KFIELDEN/F2/18/5Abstract of Title. William Smith
KFIELDEN/F3/7Bundle 7
KFIELDEN/F1/8/14Copy of will and Codicil. Michael Goodwin proved 6 September 1863
KFIELDEN/F2/22/4Bond of Indemnity. George Sanderson to William Wells
KFIELDEN/F5/15/5Will. Isaac Palmer,
KFIELDEN/F5/9/25Settlement. Mrs Jane Hart on her son John Hart Cotton.
KFIELDEN/F3/4Bundle 4
KFIELDEN/F2/19/2Abstract of Title. Edward Welldon
KFIELDEN/F3/9/4Schedule of Deeds. 1704-1766
KFIELDEN/F2/3Bundle 3
KFIELDEN/F3/4/38Reconveyance. Charles Banks to David Corney
KFIELDEN/F2/17/21Admission. Robert Hunt on surrender of Samuel Buckle. (copy)
KFIELDEN/F4/2/2Admission. John Martin and Lydia, his wife, to above property.
KFIELDEN/F1/11/4Admission. Mary Tomkinson on surrender of Eliz Edwards
KFIELDEN/F1/12/4Abstract of title of James Elgar
KFIELDEN/F1/8/12Mortgage Bond by Michael Goodwin in sum of £2,600
KFIELDEN/F5/14/3Admission. Susannah Sanderson on death of Edward Sanderson.
KFIELDEN/F2/12Bundle 12
KFIELDEN/F1/6/20Conditional Surrender. Joseph Peake to Miss Ruth Mattley for £100.
KFIELDEN/F2/11/3Abstract of Title. Sarah Blackburn, late Sarah Atterton
KFIELDEN/F2/17/32Abstract of Title. William Wells
KFIELDEN/F4/1/9Admission. James Taylor and Ann Gilbert, as above.
KFIELDEN/F1/5/11Conveyance. William Wells to R.N. Grenville and Lord Vernon as Trustees
KFIELDEN/F5/10/1Deeds and Schedule relating to land at Holme.
KFIELDEN/F3/1/41Certificate relating to execution of last two documents
KFIELDEN/F4/5/25Admission. Robert Sams to said messuage and 1r at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F4/5/11Bond. For surrender, Ann Hodson to Robert and Mary????
KFIELDEN/F5/13/7Mortgage. John Henson to George Newell for £30 and interest.
KFIELDEN/F2/14/3Abstract of Title. Richard Clarke
KFIELDEN/F5/1/4Will. William Ashton of London containing devise of land at Denton.
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KFIELDEN/F1/6/19Conditional Surrender. Joseph Peake to T.W. Rowland and J.N. Buckley, £100
KFIELDEN/F5/15/1Admission. William Townsend, junior on surrender of William Townsend senior, 2ac in Short Drove, rent 1/6, fine 6/0.
KFIELDEN/F2/17/24Admission. George Hunt on surrender of Robert Hunt and others (copy)
KFIELDEN/F2/20/6Certificate of burial of Maria Peak
KFIELDEN/F5/22/8Fine. Robert and Elizabeth Rowley to Robert Kirkby.
KFIELDEN/F1/16/2Conditional Surrender. James Sams to National Provincial Bank
KFIELDEN/F5/26/18Probate Act. Nathaniel Cotton.
KFIELDEN/F5/19/11Surrender. Ann Mathews to Jonathon Clark of Little Gidding.
KFIELDEN/F1/5/4Acknowledgement of Satisfaction on condition surrender
KFIELDEN/F5/19/22Surrender. Sam Edwards to Thomas Wells, Lord of the Manor, messuage and pasture as above.
KFIELDEN/F4/8/21Appointment in fee. J.D. Simpson to Alfred Newton.
KFIELDEN/F2/20/1Abstract of Title. Richard Peak to copyholds at Holme
KFIELDEN/F5/11/11Assignment. Ann Arnold by her executors to Thomas Winpenny of Bourne, her conditional surrender from Thomas Townsen dated 18 December 1734.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/8Lease for a Year. Sir John Cotton Bart of Connington, son and heir of John Cotton, dead and others to John Underwood and Richard Cox.
KFIELDEN/F4/5/12Probate of Will. Joseph Hodson of Cotterstock.
KFIELDEN/F5/14/13Admission. William Howell Ewin on surrender of Robert and Elisabeth Ellis.
KFIELDEN/F5/24/2Lease for a year. Robert Peake to William Wells (release missing)
KFIELDEN/F5/13/6Letter of Attorney. John Henson to William Saunders to take admission and surrender of lands in Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F2/12/2Conveyance. Sam Wells and others to George Game Day
KFIELDEN/F2/21Bundle 21
KFIELDEN/F4/6Bundle 6
KFIELDEN/F2/12/8Acknowledgement. By Francis Worthington
KFIELDEN/F2/6/6Surrender and Release. John Goodyere to William Wells
KFIELDEN/F5/8/2Recovery. Manors of Connington and Glatton with Holme.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/31Inventory. Effect of John Sanderson (2 copies)
KFIELDEN/F3/1/27Will. Breatfield Pitts
KFIELDEN/F1/13/9Assignment of Mortgage. Thomas Bird to Henry Sweeting
KFIELDEN/F3/2Bundle 2
KFIELDEN/F1/6/18Admission. Joseph Peake under will of Robert Peake
KFIELDEN/F1/13/18Extract from title apportionments
KFIELDEN/F2/25Bundle 25
KFIELDEN/F5/11/1Admission. Thomas Townsen to land at Holme.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/16Mr Banks Queries and answers thereto concerning the title to the Cotton Estates.
KFIELDEN/F5/36/1Release. Price Devereaux and Ann, his wife, to John Martin of Sawtry Beams and Lydia, his wife, messuage and land at Holme in street leading to the Load, £30.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/5Marriage Articles. John Cotton son and heir of Robert Cotton of Gidding and Jane Burdett of Sir Robert Burdett of Warwick.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/9Deed. By Sir John Cotton to make a tenant to the praecipe declaring uses of his Hunts estates.
KFIELDEN/F2/1/3Declaration of Trust. Jacob Navoll to James Fisher, 8ac at Holme
KFIELDEN/F2/18/4Conveyance. William Smith to the Ramsey Railway Co.
KFIELDEN/F3/1/22Two Legacy receipts, £1200 and £1400 under will of Breatfield Pitts.
KFIELDEN/F3/7/10Schedule. Of deed relating to estate at Glatton, purchased by Thomas Truman from Fuller, commencing with an award of 20 September 1636 and including some of above documents.
KFIELDEN/F5/31/6Bond for payment of £85 with interest, Thomas Buzzard to John Perkins.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/18Settlement. On marriage of Hart of Warfield, Berks to Jane Cotton, eldest daughter of John Cotton of Conington.
KFIELDEN/F4/5/31Lease and Release. Robert Fowler to Mrs Mary Sanderson of Lutton, 35ac 1.5r pasture at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F3/8/1Article of Agreement between Reverend Nathaniel Gibson, rector of Sawtry and Francis Ibbott of Denton for lease of 33ac of land at Denton for 15 years at yearly rent of £9 and a load of turf.
KFIELDEN/F5/8/12Release. John Cotton of Conington and John Cotton the younger, the Hundred of Norman Cross and the manors therein in Trust.
KFIELDEN/F3/4/24Transfer of Mortgage. Theodore Moore to William Bowyer, £200.
KFIELDEN/F3/12/8Probate of Will. James Fisher of Sawtry Moynes issued out of Hunt Archdeaconry
KFIELDEN/F4/1/38Letter. Same parties, pains and nightmares.
KFIELDEN/F5/34/1Release. Richard Potts senior of Ramsey, cordwainer, to Peter Deboe, junior of Holme, waterman. 10ac fenground in the bounds of Holme cum Glatton, part of 20ac bought' of William Sibley and lying near Whittlesey Mere, for £15/15/-.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/1Settlement. On marriage of Sir John Cotton Bart and Miss Elizabeth Honywood of Markeshall, Essex.
KFIELDEN/F5/33/18Abstract of Title. Trustees of Arthur Annesley to lands in Caldecote.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/11Will. Miss Mary Cotton of North Haw, Hertfordshire, leaving all her estates to her mother, Francis Cotton.
KFIELDEN/F1/10/7Conveyance of land at Denton Henry Knighton to William Wells
KFIELDEN/F3/4/32Transfer of Mortgage. William Langford to Charles Banks and John Watts.
KFIELDEN/F1/12Bundle 12
KFIELDEN/F4/1/13Letters of Administration of goods of Edward Choate, late of Longthorpe granted to Bishop of Peterborough.
KFIELDEN/F5/14/16Surrender. Robert Ellis to George Robinson.
KFIELDEN/F5/26/8Act of Parliament. Annulling marriage of Sam and Dorothy Rashard.
KFIELDEN/F4/9/13Mortgage. William Wells to William S. Fowler and George Frere to secure £10,000.
KFIELDEN/F3/8/18Release. Robert Peak of Holme to William Wells of messuage and land at Holme.
KFIELDEN/F3/3/9Deed. Executed by Lady Elizabeth Wells for postponing part of jointure limited under her marriage settlement by 27 December 1815 to a mortgage debt of £10,000 next mentioned.
KFIELDEN/F5/33/7Release. Mrs Sibley and son to Thomas Truman Esq.
KFIELDEN/F2/2/8Extract. Title Appointment
KFIELDEN/F5/33/6Abstract of Title. Sainsbury Sibley and his sister to an estate at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F2/16/3Abstract of Title. Thomas Binder
KFIELDEN/F4/1/18Bond. James Yyeardye of Glatton to Feast Goodman of Peterborough, £200.
KFIELDEN/F1/13/14Conveyance. William Wells to William Smith
KFIELDEN/F1/2/12Abstracts of title of G. Hodgkinson
KFIELDEN/F5/13/1Admission. William Henson of Glatton a wheelwright and Sarah, his wife on surrender by John Curtis and Margaret, his wife and Jane Cotton of lands in Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F5/11/16Admission. William Wells of Bloomsbury on surrender of Isaac Palmer of two fen feedings in Holme Fen.
KFIELDEN/F5/11/19Admission. William Wells on surrender by Thomas Rhimes to an alder lot in Holme.
KFIELDEN/F1/2/7Second Mortgage. William Buck to Thomas and Grosvenor Hodgkins no for £2,600
KFIELDEN/F2/1/1Deed of gift. Mary Andrews of Holme to Thomas Andrews, 8ac land at Holme
KFIELDEN/F5/19/25Will. Jacob Navell of Sawtry, wheelwright.
KFIELDEN/F2/7/3Will. William Gosling
KFIELDEN/F3/3/1Particulars. Estate of William Wells in Hunts giving tenants and fields names
KFIELDEN/F3/1Bundle 1
KFIELDEN/F5/59Bundle 59
KFIELDEN/F5/25/4Admission. Isaac Palmer junior to a fen feeding part of 3ac as heir to Susannah palmer.
KFIELDEN/F2/1/2Lease and Release. Mary and Thomas Andrews to Jacob Navoll of part of Alder Lot, Holme
KFIELDEN/F3/8/7Bond. John Woodstock of Holme to Charlotte Peter of St Martins in the Field, for payment of £300.
KFIELDEN/F5/22/9Letters of administration of estate of Robert Kirkby.
KFIELDEN/F3/12/3Admission. Henry Mallard as brother and heir of George Mallard, dead, to a turf lot.
KFIELDEN/F5/33/12Release. Mrs Mackenzie to William Wells, covenant regarding copyholds.
KFIELDEN/F5/28/3Admission. Reverend William Kirky B.A. to Rectory of Caldecote.
KFIELDEN/F1/13/2Another part of Deed of enfranchisement. Land at Holme
KED/3468/1339Tower Farm, Holme, Hunts (arbitration): Executors of J.A. Fielden to Starling
KFIELDEN/F5/17/6Parcels. Of Mr Truman's estate in occupation of William Higby and rents due.
KHAC4/4945/6/2Draft plan of Toon's Top Lodge Farm, Glatton, showing a proposed hovel to be erected for J.A. Fielden
KFIELDEN/F2/17/28Absolute Surrender. William Smith to Robert Hunt (copy)
KFIELDEN/F5/14/4Admission. Robert and Elizabeth Ellis on surrender by Susannah Sanderson.
KFIELDEN/F2/22/3Surrender. George Sanderson and others to William Wells
KFIELDEN/F5/2/7Letters and papers
KFIELDEN/F5/39/2Admissions and Bonds. 35ac involving Jefferey Addison and messuage and land in Glatton with Holme, also copy of admission of Jefferey Addison.
KFIELDEN/F3/8/25Letter form ??? of Bishops Stortford to Messrs Gregory, Auctioneers, Stilton.
KFIELDEN/F5/14/14Account on money due to Ewin.
KFIELDEN/F2/4/1Release. Francis Sams and William Wells
KFIELDEN/F3/4/10Further Charge. Same parties for £180.
KFIELDEN/F5/18/8Will. John Brandon.
KFIELDEN/F5/56/3Probate of Will. copy. Benjamin Dawes.
KFIELDEN/F3/9/3Admission. William Roades and Catherine, his wife, upon surrender of William Roades.
KFIELDEN/F2/5/7Conveyance. William Knighton Trustees to Robert Skelton
KFIELDEN/F2/4/1Lease and Release. William Wells to Robert Peak junior and his trustees
KFIELDEN/F5/58/4Certificate. Redemption of Land Tax.
KFIELDEN/F2/17/26Admission. John Wilson as heir of James Wilson and wife (copy)
KFIELDEN/F5/26/17Probate Act. Arthur Annesley
KFIELDEN/F2/17/2Will. Peter Addsion (copy)
KFIELDEN/F5/14/12Will. John Monk of Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F4/1Bundle 1
KFIELDEN/F2/20/4Probate. Will of Richard Peak
KFIELDEN/F5/11/12Assignment. Thomas Wynpenny to William Brinklow of Cambridge.
KFIELDEN/F2/14/1Declaration. By Benjamin Bains as to title
KFIELDEN/F2/11/4Conveyance. Sarah Blackburn to William Wells
KFIELDEN/F5/1/12Assignment. Nathan Gibson to John Howell.
KFIELDEN/F2/6/5Admission. Henry Goodyere on forfeited conditional surrender of Robert and Mary Edis
KFIELDEN/F4/8/1Bargain of sale. Bedford Level Corporation to Sam Wells, 30ac in Stilton.
KFIELDEN/F5/27/16Lease and Release with mortgage Nicholas Bellamy of Holme to Thomas Smith of Chatteris to secure £200.
KFIELDEN/F5/40/1Accounts for work done and schedules of lands etc belonging to Mrs Sibley's estate in Glatton and Holme.
KFIELDEN/F4/7/3Release. William Gosling to Sam Wells as last above.
KFIELDEN/F5/14/7Will. William Monk of Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F1/8/18Conveyance. Trustees of M. Goodwin to Thomas Forsyth Forrest of 62ac 0r 3p of land adjoining the Bell Drove at Stilton
KFIELDEN/F3/1/34Bill of costs. Thomas Southwell of Stilton to John Boughton of Peterborough, solicitor, on purchase of land at Stilton
KFIELDEN/F5/23/3Bond. William Griffin on absolute surrender of William Wells
KFIELDEN/F2/5/5Certificate of Marriage. (copy)
KFIELDEN/F4/1/2Licence as last above to Thomas Welles, Michael Welles and Francis, his wife.
KFIELDEN/F3/12/1Admission. John Garner to a parcel of copyhold land of 1r on surrender of Robert Johnson.
KFIELDEN/F1/18/5Conveyance. Charles Margetts and Reverend Henry Margetts to William Wells, 13ac 2r 16p of land in Holme Fen
KFIELDEN/F5/11/5Conditional Surrender. Thomas Townsen to William Nicholls messuage in Holme and one alder lot and 4ac 1r 0p of arable in Glatton Fields, £120.
KFIELDEN/F2/7/2Assignment of term of 500 years in trust to attend inheritance for William Gosling. Thomas Bird to Henry Sweeting
KFIELDEN/F2/1/13Declaration. William Smith
KFIELDEN/F5/15/2Surrender. William Townsen to William Sibley.
KFIELDEN/F4/4/8Absolute surrender. Charles and Sarah Blackburn to George Sanderson.
KFIELDEN/F3/7/2Agreement. Between Sir John Cotton and Thomas Truman for sale of Manor of Glatton and Holme and lands.
KFIELDEN/F2/13/4Abstract of Title. H. Collison
KFIELDEN/F5/1/14Will. John Howell of Cambridge
KFIELDEN/F5/2/3Admission. 32
KFIELDEN/F3/13/3Feoffment. Of a messuage at Holme by William Hanford of Holme to Francis, Earl of Westmoreland.
KFIELDEN/F3/2/13Transfer. Same parties of secure for £8,700, £1,000 and £500.
KFIELDEN/F5/2/5Extract. Will of William Addison.
KFIELDEN/F5/5/8Bond. Elias Fuller to Giles Bridgman
KFIELDEN/F5/11Bundle 11
KFIELDEN/F5/19/20Admission. John Hind on surrender of Isaac Deboe.
KFIELDEN/F2/20Bundle 20
KFIELDEN/F5/5Bundle 5
KFIELDEN/F2/5/6Conveyance. William Knighton Trustees to Robert Skelton
KFIELDEN/F2/19Bundle 19
KFIELDEN/F3/12/7Admission. James Fisher and Hannah, his wife, to last mentioned cottage and turf lots on surrender of Francis Palmer.
KFIELDEN/F5/19/10Admission. John Martin on a mortgage surrenders by William Mason as above.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/13Settlement. Francis Cotton, widow and others.
KFIELDEN/F1/1/1Admission of William Mason and John Mason on surrender of Thomas Addison; to a fen feeding in Short Drove in Holme Fen; as tenants in common
KFIELDEN/F5/8/4Will. Sir John Cotton of Bedfordshire.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/14Admission. Enderby Yeardye to 3ac 3r at Glatton on surrender of John Pack.
KFIELDEN/F4/5/13Admission. Mary Fowler on death of Joseph Hodson, to messuage and land at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/2Settlement. On marriage of Robert Cotton and his wife, Elizabeth.
KFIELDEN/F1/9/1Copy of Declaration by Simeon Whytell as to title
KFIELDEN/F2/10/5Order of Exchange. P.C. Sherrard and J.M. Wingfield of lands at Glatton (copy)
KFIELDEN/F4/4/10Extracts. Inclosure Award for Glatton
KFIELDEN/F3/2/17Abstract of Drainage Agreement between William Wells and Yaxley Fen Commissioners dated 29 December 1883.
KFIELDEN/F5/55/6Lease for a year. Robert Peak of Holme to Reverend Henry Cooke.
KFIELDEN/F1/4/1Order of Exchange between the Most Noble Walter Francis Duke of Buccleigh and Queensbury and William Wells, of lands at Caldecote; made by the Inclosure Commissioners.
KFIELDEN/F3/3/18Supplemental Abstract of Title. Showing assignments of Richard Wells and Fred Octavius Wells under settlement of December 1784.
KFIELDEN/F1/13/6Lease and Release. John Green and his wife to Thomas Bird
KFIELDEN/F5/17/5Will. Sir John Cotton, Bart.
KFIELDEN/F5/27/6Admission. Robert Mitchell on surrender of Isaac Palmer to 20ac land in Holme Fen.
KFIELDEN/F1/10/6Declaration. Mr Eliz Knighton as to family of Henry Knighton
KFIELDEN/F2/21/3Will. Miss M.A. Johnson. (copy)
KFIELDEN/F5/13/4Admission. John Henson under will of William Henson, lands in Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F5/46/1Sale Bill of copyhold land at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F1/14/1Abstract of title. Grosvenor Hodgkinson to freehold at Holme Fen
KFIELDEN/F5/14/18Admission. George R. surrender by William Howell Ewin.
KFIELDEN/F5/6/2Feoffment. William Mannisty of Whittlesey to William Wells of Oundle of a messuage at Holme, £65.
KFIELDEN/F4/9/10Reassignment. R.N. Grenville and Lord Vernon to G.G Wells Esq, sum of £6,860.
KFIELDEN/F1/8/6Copy of Deed of Covenant between the same parties
KFIELDEN/F2/16/2Admission. Thomas Binder as heir of Thomas Binder (copy)
KFIELDEN/F5/27/4Bond for performance of covenants, Archer to Gray.
KFIELDEN/F2/4/1Order on Petition by Vice Chancellor Kindersley (copy)
KFIELDEN/F5/25/6Bond. For security of the £40, Isaac Palmer and John Whitehead.
KFIELDEN/F2/8/3Certificate of acknowledgement
KFIELDEN/F5/19/16Admission. William Gosling on death of Thomas Gosling.
KFIELDEN/F5/14/9Admission. William Monk on death of father.
KFIELDEN/F4/5/18A Terrier. Robert Fowler's lands in Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F2/5/4Declaration. Joseph Peak of Holme
KFIELDEN/F3/4/39Reconveyance of Mortgage. Charles Banks to David Corney.
KFIELDEN/F1/4/6Abstract of Jointure change to Countess of Holme
KFIELDEN/F5/41/8Writ for Recovery.
KFIELDEN/F4/5/24Surrender. John Freeman to use of Robert Sams of Holme, messuage and 1r at Glatton.
KHP43/1/9/7Conveyance; J A Fielden to Rector, plot for further extension to churchyard
KFIELDEN/F2/5/2Feoffment. Robert Smith to William and Ann Knighton
KFIELDEN/F3/8/4Bond. Nathaniel Gibson to John Howell of Conington, to produce covenants.
KFIELDEN/F4/2/5Copy of Will. William Martin of Sawtry.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/45Copy of Will. George Sanderson of Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F2/8/4Mortgage. John Vise Kelly to William Lawrence
KFIELDEN/F1/8/17Declaration by John Bird as to the area
KFIELDEN/F2/2/14Certificate. Redemption of Land Tax
KFIELDEN/F4/6/5Enclosure Act. Denton
KFIELDEN/F2/6Bundle 6
KFIELDEN/F2/22Bundle 22
KFIELDEN/F1/7Bundle 7
KFIELDEN/F5/54Bundle 54
KFIELDEN/F2/8Bundle 8
KFIELDEN/F1/17Bundle 17
KFIELDEN/F5/7Bundle 7
KFIELDEN/F3/8Bundle 8
KFIELDEN/F2/6/4Abstract of Title. Henry Goodyere
KFIELDEN/F2/24Bundle 24
KFIELDEN/F2/14/4Abstract of Title. William Wells
KFIELDEN/F5/16/3Fine. Lands in Glatton and Ramsey.
KFIELDEN/F2/17/5Extract from Admission. Peter Adison
KFIELDEN/F2/4/1Admission. Robert Peak Junior
KFIELDEN/F5/44Bundle 44
KFIELDEN/F1/5/6Copy of admission. Thomas Knowles
KFIELDEN/F1/11/5Admission. John Dawes
KFIELDEN/F2/8/6Abstract of Title
KFIELDEN/F5/56/2Probate of Will. Benjamin Dawes.
KFIELDEN/F5/42Bundle 42
KHP43/1/9/13Order in Council to discontinue burials except Wells & Fielden families
KFIELDEN/F5/13/5Will. William Henson.
KFIELDEN/F5Original box dd F5
KFIELDEN/F2/17/30Abstract of Title. George Hunt
KFIELDEN/F4/9Bundle 9
KFIELDEN/F5/26Bundle 26
KFIELDEN/F2/2/2Copy of Will and Codicil, Henry Clarke
KFIELDEN/F4/1/7Admission. Edward Choate and Ann, his wife.
KFIELDEN/F2/1/14Declaration. John Vise Kelly
KFIELDEN/F5/2/6Opinion of counsel
KFIELDEN/F5/26/16Probate Act. Margaret Artin
KFIELDEN/F4/5Bundle 5
KFIELDEN/F2/17/19Abstract of Title. Samuel Buckle
KFIELDEN/F2/6/1Admission. Robert Edis. Messuage. (copy)
KFIELDEN/F5/32Bundle 32
KFIELDEN/F5/60Bundle 60
KFIELDEN/F5/22/11Will. Reverend William Kirkby, Rector of Caldecote.
KFIELDEN/F5/11/2Admission. Thomas Townsen to land at Holme.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/35Print of Glatton Inclosure Act
KFIELDEN/F2/17/3Extract from Will of Peter Addison
KFIELDEN/F4/3Bundle 3
KFIELDEN/F5/55/4Will. Peter Addison (Extract)
KFIELDEN/F3/6Bundle 6
KFIELDEN/F2/20/8Abstract of Title. William Peak
KFIELDEN/F4/1/30Bond. same parties for £100.
KFIELDEN/F4/4/11Notes. Title to Sanderson properties.
KFIELDEN/F5/14/15Surrender. William H. Ewin to George
KFIELDEN/F5/25/8Bond. Isaac Palmer and Daniel Miller.
KFIELDEN/F5/55Bundle 55
KFIELDEN/F5/22/6Extracts. From register of births.
KFIELDEN/F5/33Bundle 33
KFIELDEN/F1/10/2Probate of will. James Bellamy
KFIELDEN/F3/5/5Copy of above mentioned mortgage
KFIELDEN/F5/13Bundle 13
KFIELDEN/F5/56Bundle 56
KFIELDEN/F5/45Bundle 45
KFIELDEN/F6Additional Records
KFIELDEN/F1/13/12Certificate of redemption of land tax
KFIELDEN/F5/10Bundle 10
KFIELDEN/F2/8/7Conveyance. John Vise Kelly to William Wells
KFIELDEN/F5/49Bundle 49
KFIELDEN/F4/7/1Certificate for redemption of the land tax.
KFIELDEN/F5/6Bundle 6
KFIELDEN/F2/5/8Abstract of Title. Robert Skelton
KFIELDEN/F1/10/3Lease for a year
KFIELDEN/F5/5/7Declaration of trust by Giles Bridgeman
KFIELDEN/F5/40Bundle 40
KFIELDEN/F4/6/7Drainage. Middle Level.
KFIELDEN/F5/29Bundle 29
KFIELDEN/F5/28/2Abstract of Title. To Rectory of Caldecote.
KFIELDEN/F3/5/3Mortgage Bond. same parties, £9000.
KFIELDEN/F5/48/4Observation on the Title.
KFIELDEN/F5/58/2Probate of will. William Dickens.
KFIELDEN/F4/5/18Admission, ten of these to land at Glatton
KFIELDEN/F2/4/1Admission. Robert Peak junior on surrender of Sir Richard Hetley.
KFIELDEN/F5/29/3Abstract of Title. To Ducklington property in Oxon.
KFIELDEN/F2/20/7Succession Duty Accounts. Two of them
KFIELDEN/F1/9Bundle 9
KFIELDEN/F5/43Bundle 43
KFIELDEN/F5/19/27Bond. On surrender as last above.
KFIELDEN/F5/1Bundle 1
KFIELDEN/F2/22/2Amend Abstract of Title
KFIELDEN/F3/6/1Fine. Relating to messuage at St Neots.
KFIELDEN/F5/33/3Abstract of Title. Estate of Glatton bought of Fuller.
KFIELDEN/F1/6/10Probate. Will of James Whimes of Holme
KFIELDEN/F2/10/3Title. John Wingfield to Advowson of Holme
KFIELDEN/F5/58Bundle 58
KFIELDEN/F5/24Bundle 24
KFIELDEN/F3/1/38Extract from probate of will of John Afford
KFIELDEN/F2/5/3Will. William Knighton of Holme (copy)
KFIELDEN/F2/4/1Will and Codicil. Robert Peak. (Attested copy)
KFIELDEN/F2/10/6Conveyance. William Wells to John Muxloe Wingfield.
KFIELDEN/F3/3/22Supplemental Abstract of Title. William Wells to estates at Holme
KFIELDEN/F3/1/17Deed of Covenant. A.A. His son and George Maxwell to Breatfield Pitts of Stilton, Miller to produce title deeds
KFIELDEN/F3/4/6Bond. Same parties for £200, note no rate of interest specified, was this fixed by law?
KFIELDEN/F3/1/44Abstract of Title. Trustees of will of Harriet Hurst to freehold land at Stilton (lot 3 in auction)
KFIELDEN/F3/8/9Abstract of Title. James Addison to land at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/24Copy of Surrender. Robert Roe to the trusts of his will.
KFIELDEN/F5/16/6Probate of Will. Jeffery Addison of Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F4/8/20Reconveyance. Potto Brown to J.D. Simpson
KFIELDEN/F5/26/10Release from new to old trustees of Arthur Annesley, deceased.
KFIELDEN/F5/57/2Absolute Surrender. Robert Fowler to Mrs Mary Sanderson.
KFIELDEN/F3/2/19Certificate of burial of Sarah (Bridget) Wells aged 71, at Egham.
KFIELDEN/F3/8/12Abstract of Lease and Release. John Ibbott to Joseph Palmer.
KFIELDEN/F1/6/9Certificate of Redemption of Land Tax.
KFIELDEN/F3/1/21Will. Breatfield Pitts of Stilton
KFIELDEN/F5/11/3Admission. Thomas Townsen to land in Holme
KFIELDEN/F5/27/7Probate of Will. James Gray of Holme, yeoman.
KFIELDEN/F2/8/5Reconveyance. William Lawrence to John Vise Kelly
KFIELDEN/F2/2/9Abstract of Title. William Wells to 328ac at Holme Fen
KFIELDEN/F5/5/11Lease and Release. Elias Fuller to William Fuller.
KFIELDEN/F5/55/7Lease and Release. Reverend Henry Cooke to William Wells.
KFIELDEN/F5/14/11Admission. Lydia Harrison on death of her sister Susannah Fisher, late Susannah Harrison.
KFIELDEN/F1/17/2Supplemental Abstract of Title of Mrs Emma Simpson and others
KFIELDEN/F1/6/22Attested copy of Authority to vacate a conditional surrender
KFIELDEN/F4/4/5Admission. George Sanderson on surrender of J.D. Faulkner.
KFIELDEN/F2/16/4Surrender and Release. Thomas Binder to William Wells
KFIELDEN/F5/48/3Abstract of Title. Messer Alexander Nash and George Augustus Nash.
KFIELDEN/F1/6/17Conditional Surrender. Joseph Peake to Messes Dean and Hetlry, £300
KFIELDEN/F5/30/4Lease and Release. John Woodstock to Thomas Truman.
KFIELDEN/F2/13/6Appointment and Conveyance. William Sams to William Wells
KFIELDEN/F3/1/29Further Charge. £150, Charles William Pitts to John Afford
KFIELDEN/F5/25/10Bond. On absolute surrender, Isaac Palmer to William Wells.
KFIELDEN/F2/21/6Abstract of Title
KFIELDEN/F2/4/1Abstract of title
KFIELDEN/F1/5Bundle 5
KFIELDEN/F1/10Bundle 10
KFIELDEN/F1/11Bundle 11
KFIELDEN/F2/2/11Abstract of Title. As last
KFIELDEN/F1/3/4Abstract of title. John Hughes
KFIELDEN/F2/4/1Admission. Robert Peak
KFIELDEN/F1/5/9Abstract of title. Thomas Knowles
KFIELDEN/F2/7/5Conveyance. John Coles to William Wells
KFIELDEN/F1/11/9Conveyance. William Wells to R.N. Grenville and Lord Vernon on trust of will of William Wells
KFIELDEN/F1/1Bundle 1
KFIELDEN/F1/2/9Reconveyance. Henry Brodhurst and others to Grosvenor Hodgkinson
KFIELDEN/F2/1/8Admission. Elizabeth Dawes on surrender of John and Ann Rook
KFIELDEN/F1/3/6Deed of Covenant. John Hughes and his mortgagers to William Well's Trustees
KFIELDEN/F5/14/2Will. Edward Sanderson, of Folksworth, farmer.
KFIELDEN/F2/1/11Will. Mrs Elizabeth Edwards, widow, formerly wife of John Dawes (copy)
KFIELDEN/F1/5/2Acknowledgement of Satisfaction on condition surrender
KFIELDEN/F2/13/2Mortgage. Howlett Collison to Miss Mary Ann Johnson
KFIELDEN/F3/13/5Admission. William Roades and Lydia, his wife to messuage and a turf lot at Holme on surrender by John Taylor.
KFIELDEN/F1/13/13Copy of Admission. William Smith under will of William Gosling
KFIELDEN/F1/3/5Conveyance. John Hughes of Stilton, Surveyor of Highways, and his mortgagers to the trustees of William Wells will of 19av 1r 32p at Stilton including the above.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/23Account. Between Thomas Burgess and Mr Dickens.
KFIELDEN/F1/11/8Release and Surrender. Michael Tomkinson to William Wells
KFIELDEN/F3/4/30Reconveyance. Charles Banks to David Corney.
KFIELDEN/F2/17/7Conditional Surrender. John Alderman to William Squire 9copy)
KFIELDEN/F2/19/1Admission. Edward Welldon on surrender of William Smith, 26p of Holme Doles in Holme
KFIELDEN/F1/4/2Another part of Order of Exchange between the Most Noble Walter Francis Duke of Buccleigh and Queensbury and William Wells, of lands at Caldecote; made by the Inclosure Commissioners.
KFIELDEN/F2/5/9Appointment and Conveyance. Robert Skelton and others to William Wells
KFIELDEN/F2/2Bundle 2
KFIELDEN/F1/10/5Statutory Declaration as to pedigree of Henry Knighton heir at law of Ann Belland
KFIELDEN/F2/13/3Abstract of Title. H. Collison
KFIELDEN/F2/12/3Assignment of Term. John Fox by direction of M.L. Wells and Samuel Wells to Charles Warner in trust for G.G. Day
KFIELDEN/F2/15/5Release. Landowners West England Co. to Messrs Caird, Hurrel and Lewis
KFIELDEN/F1/16/3Appointment and Release. National Provincial Bank to William Wells
KFIELDEN/F2/17/15Admission. Samuel Buckle from W.W. Squire (copy)
KFIELDEN/F3/3/6Further Charges to secure £2,000 William Wells to J.J. Wells and Henry Hughes.
KFIELDEN/F1/11/6Admission. Michael Tomkinson under will of Mary Churchman, dead
KFIELDEN/F1/14/2Abstract of title. Grosvenor Hodgkinson to land at Holme, formerly belonging to William Wells
KFIELDEN/F3/1/35Agreement as to liability for property tax payable by reverend Owen William Davys
KFIELDEN/F3/3/3Further charges to secure £5,000, same parties
KFIELDEN/F5/41/1Lease and Release. Ann Sibley of Watling Street, London, relict of Joseph Sibley, late of Conington and Truman of London, messuage and land at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F3/2/18Conveyance. William Wells and others to Edward Fellowes of Ramsey Abbey, 15ac 2r 18p of land at Holme.
KFIELDEN/F3/13/2Contract. For redemption of Land Tax on 16.5ac arable and ley recently bought' from William Addison at Glatton. Same parties, price £21 10s 10d, or 3% console.
KFIELDEN/F2/12/1Conveyance. By appointment under power. Mordaunt Lawson Wells to George Game Day, 4ac in Turf Fen, Stilton
KFIELDEN/F3/4/35Mortgage. Arthur Ballentine of Islington (1) David Corney of Ramsey (2) Robert Stokes (3) and Charles Banks of Elsworth (4), £625
KFIELDEN/F5/47/2Counterpart of lease for Reverend Thomas Moor, rector of Denton (1), Bishop of Lincoln (2), Thomas Wells, Lord of Manor and patron (3) Thomas Newburn of Peterborough, farmer. (4)
KFIELDEN/F3/1/9Lease and Release. Mr and Mrs James Trimmer and Miss Elizabeth Collins to William Fisher in trust for John Haggerston of Cambridge
KFIELDEN/F2/3/6Abstract of Settlement. On marriage of Mrs Amelia Peacock with Henry Freeman
KFIELDEN/F3/12/9Particulars of an Estate. Of Mrs Hannah Fisher in Glatton and Holme offered for sale to William Wells, total area 21ac 3r 10p
KFIELDEN/F5/36/9Lease and Release. Robert Peak of Holme to William Wells, messuage in Town Street at Holme with a turf lot belonging there to and one other turf lot.
KFIELDEN/F4/12/4Agreement. Robert Roe agrees to permit James Yeardye and his heirs to inspect his abstracts of admissions to the estate, and to produce same at any court or hearing so required.
KFIELDEN/F5/17/9Surrender. Ann Sibley, of Watling Street, late of Conington, to Thomas Truman, Lord of the Manor, of a messuage in Glatton, 4ac pasture on the moor, 43ac in Glatton Fields and 2.5ac of meadow.
KFIELDEN/F3/4/16Transfer of Mortgage. Thomas Ekin of Warboys, farmer, by direction of Thomas and John Stokes of Holme, farmers, to Fred Kisby of Godmanchester, baker.
KFIELDEN/F1/16/1Manor of Glatton with Holme. Admission. James Sams to cottage and garden at Holme. (Attested copy)
KFIELDEN/F5/31/2Surrender. William Abbott to Benjamin Woodward of Huntingdon, remaining third part of a messuage and Orchard and 0.5ac of pasture at Glatton, same uses.
KFIELDEN/F4/9/8Transfer of Charge. William Caird Esq and others to Robert N. Grenville and Lord Vernon on Mands in Hunts, to secure £7,755.
KFIELDEN/F4/12/7Indenture of apprenticeship. George Sanderson of Lutton, under bond to Edward Boddington of Thington (?) butcher.
KFIELDEN/F5/19/4Feoffment. John Thompson and Joan, his wife to Thomas Palmer of Sawtry, messuage and 4ac in Holme for £79.
KFIELDEN/F2/25/1Conveyance. Trustees of Holme Charity lands to William Wells, 3ac 2r 5p of land in Long Drove at Holme
KFIELDEN/F5/19/21Conditional Surrender. Catherine Johnson to Sam Edwards of Sawtry, a messuage and pasture close.
KFIELDEN/F1/15/10Conditional Surrender. Richard Peak of Folksworth, Baker, to Thomas Sealbright: £500 at 5% I.O.U. for £500 annexed
KFIELDEN/F5/57Bundle 57
KFIELDEN/F4/5/5Licence. John Loftus and John Marshall to Anthony and Elizabeth Good to inclosure land at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F2/16Bundle 16
KFIELDEN/F2/17/25Admission. John Wilson and wife on surrender from John Wilson. (copy)
KFIELDEN/F5/22/7Lease and Release. Robert Rowley of Southwark, surgeon, and Elizabeth, his wife to Robert Kirkby one undivided moiety of the advowson of Caldecote.
KFIELDEN/F4/5/4Letter of Administration of goods of Anthony Good of Conington, yeoman, granted to Elizabeth Good his relect.
KFIELDEN/F4/10/4Mortgage. William Wells to R.N. Grenville and Lord Vernon, freehold messuage and land in Holme, £400.
KFIELDEN/F2/24/3Deed of Enfranchisement. William Wells to the Ramsey Railway Company (copy of draft)
KFIELDEN/F3/4/31Transfer of Mortgage. John Puttrell Woods of St Ives to William Langford, £225.
KFIELDEN/F2/3/4Abstract of Title. Of trustee of Will of Sir Thomas George Apreece Bart of 43ac 3r 11p at Caldecote and Stilton
KFIELDEN/F3/2/2Abstract. Deed of settlement of this date on marriage of William Wells with Lady Elizabeth Proby
KFIELDEN/F4/5/1Conveyance. Richard Berridge of Glatton to Richard Berridge the son of Francis B. land at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F4/8/17Conveyance. Sam Wells to J.D. Simpson and A. Newton, house and 30ac in stilton Fen.
KFIELDEN/F2/9/5Conveyancing. George Newton Day to William Wells, moiety of 12ac of rough fen called turf lots at Stilton
KFIELDEN/F3/1/7Release. on appointment of new Trustees of Will of A.A. dead.
KFIELDEN/F2/5/1Bargain and Sale. Samuel and Ann Higby to Robert Smith, house and garden and turf lot at Holme Fe
KFIELDEN/F3/4/8Declaration. By Henry Sweeting that the last security taken in trust for Richard Bate of Huntingdon.
KFIELDEN/F5/13/13Admission. Joseph Sibley and Ann, his wife on surrender of said Joseph Sherrard.
KFIELDEN/F3/2/16Extract. From middle Level Act 1862 relating to Caldecote Dyke, Holme Lode and Bill Lode.
KFIELDEN/F5/18/9Abstract of Title. John Walker and Christian, his wife and Miss Brandon, to land at Holme sold to Captain Wells.
KFIELDEN/F4/4/3Absolute surrender. Barret Bletsoe of Glatton and Virtue, his wife, and others to George and Sarah Sanderson, reversion expectant in 44ac 1r 31p.
KFIELDEN/F1/6/13Admission. Robert Peake, cottage at Holme on surrender of William Peake and Henry Rhimes
KFIELDEN/F5/14/10Conditional Surrender. Robert Ellis and wife to Thomas Ewin of Cambridge, £150.
KFIELDEN/F5/8/3Marriage settlement. John Cotton with Francis, daughter of Sir George Downing.
KFIELDEN/F5/1/1Bargain and Sale. John Lawrence of St Ives to Robert Aprise of Tanfox, Northants, House and land at Denton, £70.
KFIELDEN/F3/8/8Acknowledgement. William Pearson of Beechamwell, Norfolk, that lands there exchanged with Thomas Collison were for the time of their lease.
KFIELDEN/F3/3/2Mortgage. William Wells to John Joseph Wells of Southborough, Bromley, Kent and Henry Hughes, Estates in Hunts to secure £36,700.
KFIELDEN/F5/36/5Lease and Release. John Hind of Sawtry to William Wells, messuage at Holme and 4ac of fen ground, £100.
KFIELDEN/F5/17/12Extract from Will. William Horne, late of Swindon Wiltshire, relating to property at Glatton, Gidding, Winwick and Holme.
KFIELDEN/F5/14/6Admission. Charles Harrison on surrender by Richard Higbee, messuage, fen feeding and turf lot.
KFIELDEN/F2/17/11Admission. Mary Morley from Thomas Adison (copy)
KFIELDEN/F5/18/3Lease and Release. Peter Mason and Ann, his wife of Glatton, to John Mason, farmer, eldest son of John Mason, 2.5ac of land as above.
KFIELDEN/F3/2/1Abstract of Title. William Wells to estates in Hunt (Starts with Pedigree of Wells family from John Wells, 1720) 104 pages
KFIELDEN/F5/16/5Lease and Release. Land mentioned in the lease of 23 April 1721, from Ann Ugden to Jeffery Addison of Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F2/3/3Lease for a year. Michael Goodwin to T.G. Apreece
KFIELDEN/F4/6/10Agreement. Between G.N.R. and William Wells of Holme Wood for letting 9.75ac of land at Holme to William Wells on yearly tenure at £4 per year.
KFIELDEN/F2/23/1Abstract of Title. William Binder and Thomas Binder to house and turf lot at Holme.
KFIELDEN/F3/13/7Bond. To perform surrender of a messuage and 2ac at Holme, John Mason to Thomas Truman.
KFIELDEN/F1/6/11Admission of Robert Peake to allotment late part of waste of Holme; 31p on surrender of William Peake
KFIELDEN/F3/12/11Order. By Hannah Fisher to Samuel Cotterell and Ephraim Deboe to attorn tenants to William Wells of lands hired of her in Glatton with Holme.
KFIELDEN/F5/32/4Lease and Release. Enderbee Yeardye and Mary Brickwood (widow of Latham Buzzard) to Thomas Truman of London, Esq.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/8Admission. Ann Gilbert and James Taylor for their lives on the surrender of said Ann Gilbert with remainder to their heirs, 3ac 3r of pasture lands.
KFIELDEN/F4/5/15Surrender. Thomas and Ann Marriott to Robert Fowler a moiety of 2 messuages and 23ac in Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F5/17/15Admission. William Addison, eldest son and heir of Mary Andrews to 16.5ac in fields and bounds of Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F5/27/14Surrender. R.M.R. to Nicholas Bellamy of Holme, 18ac called four parts, 2ac, 1ac, 2 feeding part of 3ac.
KFIELDEN/F1/16/4Copy of Statutory Declaration. Mrs Sams as to family of Robert Letts and Elizabeth, his wife
KFIELDEN/F2/2/4Settlement. William Margetts to Charles Margetts and Reverend Henry Margetts (copy)
KFIELDEN/F5/30/3Assignment of Mortgage. Elizabeth Little (1), John Woodstock (2), Thomas Truman (3) for £600.
KFIELDEN/F2/23/2Conveyance. William Binder and Thomas Binder to William Wells
KFIELDEN/F5/26/7Recovery. At Common Please, Philip Burton, demandant, Noxon and Nelson, tenants, Rashard and wife, vouchers.
KFIELDEN/F2/17/127Admission. William Smith under will of John Wilson, cottage and land at Holme (copy)
KFIELDEN/F5/18/7Deed of Covenant for levying fine, William Mason and others to William Child.
KFIELDEN/F3/3/11Appointment. R.N. Grenville of Butleigh Court, Glastonbury to be trustee of will of William Wells, dead in place of J.J. Wells, dead.
KFIELDEN/F2/10/1Will and Codicil. Reverend John Hopkinson of Market Overton, Rutland, proved in Prerogative Courts of Canterbury and York
KFIELDEN/F2/10/4Conveyance. John M. Wingfield to William Wells by exchange, Perpetual Curacy of Holme
KFIELDEN/F4/1/4Admission. James Taylor on surrender of James Taylor Senior to messuage and land at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F5/27/11Admission. R.M.R on surrender of Robert Mitchell to 20ac in Holme Fen.
KFIELDEN/F2/3/1Lease and Conveyance (Release) Mrs Catherine Garforth to Michael Goodwin, 1ac 1r 18p at Stilton Fen
KFIELDEN/F5/26/14Assignment of 2 terms of 1000 years in estate at Caldecote in trust for Rear Admiral Thomas Wells.
KFIELDEN/F5/27/18Lease for a year and Mortgage to secure above £200, Nicholas Bellamy (1), Thomas Smith (2) and John Cox (3).
KFIELDEN/F5/9/14Settlement. Francis Cotton, widow and others.
KFIELDEN/F5/35/2Lease for a year and bargain and sale. Sir John Cotton Bart, to Thomas Truman, manor of Glatton with Holme, for £14,880/12/6.
KFIELDEN/F5/43/2Conveyance. Joseph Simpson to Joseph Vise of his half share in 30ac pasture in Caldecote, late William Wade and 14ac pasture in Caldecote.
KFIELDEN/F5/56/6Release. Messuage and premises in Glatton with lease for year dated 3 June 1818. Mr Martin, Mr Morley and others to Oliver and Sanderson.
KFIELDEN/F5/22/10Certificate. Amount of land tax, hundred of Norman Cross, John Bringhurst and Richard Hetley, commissioners of land tax.
KFIELDEN/F5/31/5Conditional Surrender. Thomas Buzzard of Glatton to use of John Perkins of Huntingdon, to secure £85 and interest.
KFIELDEN/F5/11/9Conditional Surrender. Thomas Towsen to John Freeman of Upton, 3ac fen in Short Drove and an alder lot of 5ac, £25.
KFIELDEN/F5/15/6Surrender. John Woodstock and admission of Deborah Mitchell wife of Robert Mitchell of Sawtry to messuage and 1ac at Holme.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/17Lease for a year. Thomas Bart (1) Sir Thomas L'estrange and Thomas Truman (2) farms in Ireland and in America.
KFIELDEN/F5/3Bundle 3
KFIELDEN/F2/21/2Admission. Miss M.A. Johnson from Mrs Sarah Blackburn
KFIELDEN/F1/6/15Copy of will of Robert Peake approved Huntingdon 23 October 1823
KFIELDEN/F5/18/2Release. William Roads to John Mason of Stilton, 2.5ac of land in Short Drove, Holme.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/37Letter. Richard Brown of Gretton, Northants to Mrs Mary Sanderson complaining of sleeplessness.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/12Admission. John Pack as heir at law of James Taylor and Ann, his wife, 3ac 3r at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/46Lease and Release. Mary Sanderson of Blatton, widow, to her son George, 4.5ac in east Field at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F4/5/27Admission. Robert Howes of Glatton the above messuage and 1r land on surrender of Robert Sams.
KFIELDEN/F4/5/3Admission. Richard Berridge to messuage and land at Glatton on surrender of William Warrynne.
KFIELDEN/F5/34/4Bond for good title of last mentioned feoffment, Peter Deboe to Richard Potts for £52/10/-.
KFIELDEN/F5/56/5Surrender. Mr and Mrs Bletsoe to Mrs Sarah Dawes, toft and 44ac 1r 32p for life of Mrs Dawes.
KFIELDEN/F5/14/17Admission. George R on surrender by Robert Ellis.
KFIELDEN/F5/16Bundle 16
KFIELDEN/F2/17/14Absolute Surrender. W.W. Squire to Samuel Buckle
KAH/26/241/47Mandate for induction: James Sowter, Vicar of Holme: patron, John Ashton Fielden of Holme Wood, Co. Hunt Esq.
KFIELDEN/F5/27/15Lease and Release. With covenant to surrender copyholds, R.M.R. and William Hurd R. to Nicholas Bellamy and his trustee.
KFIELDEN/F4/2/6Copy of Admission. James Hatfield of Hartford, Huntingdon, on death of William Martin, Lord: William Wells.
KFIELDEN/F1/6/8Admission. Robert Peake; 3 fen feeding plots or surrender by John Cabe and Ann, his wife
KFIELDEN/F5/13/2Admission. Thomas Henson on surrender by said John Curtis and Margaret Curtis and Jane Curtis of a cottage and yard in Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F5/45/1Lease for a year. Right Honourable Henry Beauchamp, Lord St John and his marriage settlement trustees to William Wells.
KFIELDEN/F5/8/10Will. Sir John Cotton, Bart, of Conington.
KFIELDEN/F1/8/2Lease and Release. John Henery (Son of Edward Henery, dead) to George Gee of Stilton, blacksmith, the same land
KFIELDEN/F5/50/1Surrender. Mathew Edi of Glatton and Mary, his wife, daughter and heir of Robert Howed, to George Sanderson of Glatton. 7ac 1r 13p of land at Glatton, £250.
KFIELDEN/F3/2/4Abstract of Title. William Wells to hereditaments in Hunts bought' by him from various parties including the G.N.R. Railway 1849
KFIELDEN/F1/15/9Bargain and Sale. William Barker and Richard Blowfield to Richard Peake of copyhold lands last mentioned, £680
KFIELDEN/F3/4/5Mortgage. John Stokes to John Walton of Wennington the 49ac for £260 and interest for 500years with lawful interest.
KFIELDEN/F1/15/3Conditional Surrender. John Barker of Coppingford to Henry Gray of Godmanchester, messuage and 7 feeding parts, £200. Discharged 29 May 1790
KFIELDEN/F5/51/1Lease and Release. William Smith of Stilton, grandson and heir of William Gosling and Richard Berry to William Wells, 5ac of land at Holme, £50.
KFIELDEN/F5/48/1Lease. By Owsley Rowley of St Neots to Thomas Parr of Middlesex, grazier, of 78ac 3r 2p of fen at Holme Fen for 35 years, from April 1809 at yearly rent of £15.
KFIELDEN/F5/5/5Lease for a year. Elias Fuller of Kings Lynn, mariner, to Giles Bridgeman and Sam Bridgeman both of Kings Lynn, messuage and lands at Glatton.
KHAC4/4945/3/3Plan of bacteria beds and apparatus for J.A. Fielden of Holmewood House, Holme, by J. Whittaker, Surveyor of Stanground
KFIELDEN/F4/9/3Mortgage. William wells Esq to Marquis of Winchester and others, estates at Holme, Glatton and Denton for term of 1000 years to secure £4,519/8/7.
KFIELDEN/F5/19/3Conveyance. Thomas and Mary Palmer of Sawtry (1), Thomas Asher of Sawtry and Mary his wife (2) and Thomas Hollis of Winwick (3), messuage and 4ac as above.
KFIELDEN/F5/16/13Assignment of Mortgage. James Addison and Reade Peacocke to Benjamin Dod of London, £60.
KFIELDEN/F4/9/11Transfer. William Wells esq and G.G. Wells Esq to R.N. Grenville and Lord Vernon, sum of £8, 560 charged on estate of William Wells.
KFIELDEN/F5/27/9Lease and Release last mentioned property, George Robinson and Dinah of Empingham, Rutland, to Robert Mitchell Robinson of Empingham their son.
KFIELDEN/F3/4/23Mortgage. Robert Stokes to David Corney of Ramsey, farmer, for £450 and further advances up to £500 secured on farm and 25ac 0r 20p at Holme above mentioned and all house hold furniture.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/6Conveyance. Hannah Choate of Longthorpe, Northants, to Ishmael Burroughs and Thomas Copper, cottage at Glatton on trust for her son Edward Choate and Ann, his wife of their marriage.
KFIELDEN/F3/1/13Lease for year. Francis Rolf otherwise Ruff of Stilton to Bradfield Pitts of Stilton, Baker, messuage and pasture at Stilton.
KFIELDEN/F4/8/9Lease for a year. Sam Wells to William James Smith Esq, messuage in Stilton, public house in Middlesmoor, Ramsey and 30ac 13r 35p of land in Middlemoor Fen in Stilton.
KFIELDEN/F5/17/7Deputation by Thomas Truman, Lord of the Manor to John Swale to take surrender from Jane Fuller, widow to William Fuller.
KFIELDEN/F1/17/4Conveyance. Mrs Emma Simpson and others to R.N. Grenville and Lord Vernon as trustees for William Wells of a moiety of 7ac in Stilton Fen
KFIELDEN/F5/22/16Conveyance. Reverend John Warren of Graveley, Cambridgeshire, and Caroline, his wife to William Wells of Holme, advowson of Caldecote £600.
KFIELDEN/F5/51/2Bargain and sale. John Shelton of Ramsey (1), Joseph Saunders junior of Ramsey (2), William Gosling of Holme (3), 5ac fen in Holme Fen, being part of the Adventurer's Lands.
KFIELDEN/F3/1/5Will. Thomas Fox of Halstead, Essex
KFIELDEN/F1/9/4Copy of absolute surrender. George Mackness to Thomas Knowles, turf lot of 2ac 1r 25p at Holme in Long Drive near railway station
KFIELDEN/F5/34/7Lease and Release. William Gosling and Elizabeth, his wife, of 22.5ac as above to John Stokes of Holme, yeoman. (Note endorsed, surrendered by John Dawes to William Wells for 90gns received 25 July 1814)
KFIELDEN/F4/11/2Release. William Burleigh of Baythorn Hall, Essex and William Walcot surviving trustee of will of Susannah Loit, late of Saville Row, Middlesex, bank annuities to which he was entitled under the said will.
KFIELDEN/F3/10Bundle 10
KHP43/6/6Faculty for a vault granted to J.A. Fielden in Holme church yard
KFIELDEN/F5/19/13Surrender. Jonathon Clarke to John Hunde of Sawtry, feeding part of 3ac 3r 0p.
KFIELDEN/F2/17/13Admission. William Walcot Squire from will of William Squire (copy)
KFIELDEN/F5/56/1Deed of Covenant. Mrs Edwards to her son Benjamin Dawes, a messuage and premises in Glatton, with cow commons.
KFIELDEN/F1/12/1Copies of Lease and Release. Sir Richard Hetley to Robert Peake, Junior.
KFIELDEN/F5/28/1Admission. Reverend George Wilson M.A. to Rectory of Caldecote under seal of Bishop of Lincoln.
KFIELDEN/F5/26/11Release by Reverend Francis Annesley to Arthur Annesley of a yearly sum of £800 charged on the Hunts estates of said Arthur Annesley.
KFIELDEN/F5/41/2Lease for a year. Ann Sibley and Joseph Sibley, her son, to William Bludwick of the inner Temple, London.
KFIELDEN/F5/27/20Conditional Surrender. Nicholas Bellamy to Jonathon Cox of Peterborough, to secure above £200
KFIELDEN/F5/11/10Conditional Surrender. 3ac Fen in Short Drove ad an aldar lot of 5ac, Thomas Townsen to James Fisher, the elder, £26.
KFIELDEN/F5/11/6Conditional Surrender. Thomas Townsen to Robert Nicholls of Yaxley, same property, £120.
KFIELDEN/F5/22/2Release. Sarah Wilson of Caldecote to Reverend William Wilson of Caldecote in consideration of £24.
KFIELDEN/F1/18/3Conveyance. Great Northern Railway Company to William Wells, 2ac 3r 33p at Holme next to the railway
KFIELDEN/F5/1/3Bargain and Sale. Henry Peacock of Denton and Elizabeth, his wife to Nathan Gibson, house and land at Denton.
KFIELDEN/F3/8/13Letter. Thomas Moore of Whittlesey to Thomas Truman enclosing a power of attorney.
KFIELDEN/F3/8/14Admission. Sarah Hadman of Sawtry All SS, to a messuage at Holme on surrender of Ann Gregory.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/5Admission. Jeremiah Gilbert and Ann, his wife, on surrender of John Pack, 3ac 3r 0p in Glatton fields.
KFIELDEN/F4/2/7Copy of surrender. George Sanderson of Glatton on surrender of trustees for sale of James Hatfield, dead.
KFIELDEN/F4/8/16Assignment of Term for 1000 years, in trust for J.D. Simpson and A. Newton, John Fox by direction of L. Wells and Sam Wells to Charles Warner.
KHAC5/5330Account book of John Ashton Fielden
KFIELDEN/F2/2/3Lease and Release. Henry Gee and another to William Margetts, land as last above
KFIELDEN/F1/8/4Copy of Lease and Release. S.A. Apreece of Washingley Hall and Joseph Vipse to Samuel Wells of 20ac 3r 35p of land at Stilton and three turf lots
KFIELDEN/F3/1/26Assignment of mortgage. £200. Miss Elizabeth Worthington to Mary Moody of St Ives, widow.
KFIELDEN/F1/13/4Lease and Release. Turf lets at Holme, Richard and Thomas Neave to William Gosling of Holme, farmer
KFIELDEN/F1/8/5Copy of Lease and Release. A. Annesley and others to Samuel Wells of 66ac 2r 12p of land at Stilton
KFIELDEN/F3/4/2Bargain and Sale. Joseph Sibley and George Avery to Leonard Battle of Ramsey, brickmaker or an undivided third part of said 49ac for £36/13/4.
KFIELDEN/F3/1/14Lease for year. Stuckburgh Ashby Apreece of Washingley to Joseph Vise and Reverend Daniel Turning of Stilton, messuage and farmhouse of Stilton
KFIELDEN/F2/2/6Conveyance. Charles Margetts and Reverend Henry Margetts to Charles Margetts, 3ac 0r 1p and part of a new dyke at Holme
KFIELDEN/F3/1/18Lease and Release. Sam Wells (1) Bradfield Pitts of Stilton (2) and John Gibbs of Stilton, trustees for said Bradfield Pitts (3), 30ac 1r 19p of pasture at Stilton.
KFIELDEN/F1/7/3Conveyance. 167ac 1r 37p of land at Holme and Yaxley. The Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England to R.N. Grenville and Lord Vernon on trust under will of William Wells
KFIELDEN/F2/17/4Admission. Thomas Addison to a cottage called Bings, a close called Brown Bath Close at Glatton and a feeding part in Holme Fen
KFIELDEN/F4/2/1Copy of surrender. Price Devereux of Stilton and Ann, his wife, to John Martin of Saltree Beams and Lydia, his wife, messuage and shop buildings in Holme and 20ac land at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F1/15/11Absolute Surrender. Richard Peak to William Wells (Lord of the Manor) of the 7 parts above mentioned containing 10ac 13r 13p and the house built thereon by the said R. Peak.
KFIELDEN/F5/16/14Assignment of Mortgage. Richard Neave Executor of Thomas Truman of London who was executor of James Neave,dead, to William Wells of Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F1/3/2Lease and release. Sam Wells to Francis Seaton of Stilton, Carpenter; of last mentioned land, then in one close and containing 6ac 3r 21p
KFIELDEN/F5/9/3Fine. Sir Robert Cotton and Phil Cotton, plaintiffs and Sir John Cotton, Bart and Robert Cotton defendants.
KFIELDEN/F2/17/23Absolute Surrender. Robert Hunt and others to George Hunt (copy)
KFIELDEN/F1/6/24Attested copy of Authority to vacate a conditional surrender
KFIELDEN/F1/12/3Conveyance. James Elgar of Peterborough, grower, to William Wells of 2 cottages and a paddock at Holme
KFIELDEN/F3/12/2Admission. George Mallard to 1 messuage with a turf lot on surrender of Ann Garner and Elizabeth Garner.
KFIELDEN/F2/9/1Mortgage. Sam Wells to Mrs Elizabeth Blunsum. Capital Messuage in parish of St John Huntingdon and land at Stilton and Farcet, £1000
KFIELDEN/F1/4/8Conveyance. Manor of Caldecote and certain lands; Duke of Buccleigh and Queensbury to R.N. Grenville and Lord Vernon as trustees of William Wells
KFIELDEN/F2/16/1Admission. Thomas Binder on surrender of Thomas Clearby, cottage and pasture ground in Holme and a Turf lot. (copy)
KFIELDEN/F2/17/31Surrender and Release. George Hunt and his mortgages to William Wells
KFIELDEN/F3/4/15Assignment of Mortgages. John Maile (1), Thomas Stokes and John Stokes (2), Mary Ann Cawley (3) and Thomas Ekin and Thomas Child (trustee of William Harvey)
KFIELDEN/F5/37/4Agreement. Thomas Hussey Apreece and Thomas Truman for a sale to Truman for £1450 of certain lands in Glatton, part of these comprised in Master Burroughs report referred to conveyance of 18 June 1756.
KFIELDEN/F5/17/8Surrender. Jane Fuller to Thomas Truman of a farm at Glatton and 90ac in the common fields of Glatton, 5 closes of pasture of 20ac in Glatton, 4 fen parts of 10ac, and 4 turf lots all in the tenure of Peter Addison.
KFIELDEN/F3/1/20Certificate of Baptism. Charles William Bradfield at Plymouth on 11 March 1816
KFIELDEN/F1/8/16Reconveyance. John Broughton to John Bird Senior and John Bird Junior. Trustees of M. Goodwin, dead
KFIELDEN/F2/14/2Feoffment. Richard Clarke to Stephen Bellard of The Sixty Acres containing in fact 72ac 2r 8p in Holme Fen
KFIELDEN/F3/3/26Abstract of Charge on Estates of William Wells under Landowners of West of England and South Wales Land Drainage and Inclosure Company's Act of 1848.
KFIELDEN/F4/7/5Release. Mary Mason elder and Mary Mason Junior to Reverend Daniel Twinning and Mr Thomas Church in trust to the uses of each of them, premises at Stilton.
KFIELDEN/F1/10/1Lease and Release. William Hall to James Bellamy of a cottage and 2 pieces of land adjoining at Denton
KFIELDEN/F3/1/32Conveyance. Messuage and bakehouse and land and premises at Stilton by Mary Ann Rickett of Lolham, Northants, widow, to Reverend Daniel Twining of Thurfield, Herts and Rector of Stilton
KFIELDEN/F3/7/1Conveyance. Sir Nicholas Pedley of Huntingdon, Serjeant at Law, to Sir John Cotton of Stratton, Bedfordshire, two boat gates in Whittlesey mere for £55.
KFIELDEN/F4/10/2Mortgage. William Wells to Henry Hughes Esq, £8,700 on messuage and lands in Holme.
KFIELDEN/F2/2/5Conveyance. G.N. Railway Co. to Charles Margetts and Reverend Henry Margetts, 3r land at Holme for a carriage way
KFIELDEN/F1/15/7Extract from Inclosure Award for Glatton with Holme of allotment to William Barker of 20p of copyhold land in lieu of common rights
KFIELDEN/F1/6/6Lease for year. William Wells to Robert Peake; cottage, feeding, turf let at Holme
KFIELDEN/F1/2/3Conveyance. Charles Margetts and Reverend H. Margetts to William Buck: 270ac 2r 20p at Holme Fen.
KFIELDEN/F5/38/1Lease. Right Honourable John Lord St John of Baron Bletsoe to Thomas Truman of Glatton, pieces of fen ground of 78ac 3r 14p and also 77ac 0r 26p of turfground al in Denton Fen with the water mill or engine therein ( late occupied by Peter Addison) for 21years from feast of Annunciation next ensuing at rent £27.
KFIELDEN/F4/10/7Release. Executors of R.N. Grenville Esq, deceased, to William Stewart Foster Esq and another, release of a sum of £483/0/10 omitted by inadvertence from an indenture dated 31 August 1885.
KFIELDEN/F1/1/4Abstract of title of George Mason, shoemaker of Holme
KFIELDEN/F1/8/15Abstract of title. Trustee of Michael Goodwin to 57ac 0r 23p of land at Stilton then found to contain 63ac 0r 39p.
KFIELDEN/F2/1/7Lease and Release. John Rook and Ann, his wife (Formerly Staffwith) to George Robinson. 1 1/2 ac in Craddock's Garden, Holme.
KFIELDEN/F3/4/20Mortgage. Robert Stokes of Holme and his surety William Stokes of Huntingdon to William Bowyer and Henry Bowyer both of Buckden, merchants, secured on land and vested in William Stokes by last mentioned deed and subject to prior mortgage.
KFIELDEN/F1/5/10Release. Thomas Knowles to William Wells (Lord of Manor) of turf lot above mentioned then containing 2ac 1r 0p
KFIELDEN/F1/8/11Mortgage. Michael Goodwin to Edward Faux, land at Stilton, £1,000
KFIELDEN/F2/1/4Lease and Release. Abraham Staffwith to John Banes, for purpose of marriage settlement
KFIELDEN/F1/10/4Settlement. Mrs Ann Bellamy to John Atkinson and John Palmer of a cottage at Denton on Marriage of A. Bellamy to Sam Belland
KFIELDEN/F1/5/5Absolute Surrender (copy) George Mackness to Thomas Knowles of a turf lot containing 2ac 1r 25p in Long Drove Holme
KFIELDEN/F2/1/5Manor of Glatton. Admission. Elizabeth Dawes on surrender of Abraham Staffwith, 3 pieces of pasture at Holme, 7ac 1r 0p.
KFIELDEN/F3/5/2Mortgage. William Wells of Holmewood to William Wells the Uncle of Lands of Glatton and Denton for 500 years to secure £9,600 at 3.5%.
KFIELDEN/F3/4/12Lease and Conveyance. William Wells and William Morley to Thomas Stokes and John Stokes the younger, both of Holme, cottage and 14ac for £90 as tenants in common.
KFIELDEN/F4/6/2Deed of Arrangement between Right Honourable W.T. Eardley, Lord Say and Sele (1) William Wells of Holme (2) the Very Reverend George Butler, Dean of Peterborough (3) Right Honourable Thomas Grenville and others (4) for the division between them of the soil of Whittlesey Mere then about to be drained under the Middle Level Act of 1845.
KFIELDEN/F1/13/1Deeds of enfranchisement. Land at Holme, William Well (Lord of Manor) to William Gosling of Holme, fisherman, and Ann, his wife
KFIELDEN/F5/52/1Admission. James Torkington from Sir Richard Hetley deceased, a turf lot of 6ac late Charles Harrison, 3 alder lots in Holme Fen of 12ac abutting on Whittlesey Mere to north. 2 turf lots in Holme Fen to 12ac abutting north on Holme Lode in the reach called Hawley Dyke and 1 turf lot of 6ac in Holme Fen and a further turf lot of 6ac in Holme Fen.
KFIELDEN/F1/18/2Conveyance by Exchange. Philip C. Sherard to William Wells, 24ac 2r 37p of land at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F3/10/4Admission. James Sams, formerly Trolley to undivided moiety surrendered by her sister Elizabeth, then Bassingham.
KFIELDEN/F3/2/5Short Abstract. Various mortgages and further charges on the Holme Estate for securing to trustees of will of late William Wells, dead. £84,000 and interest
KFIELDEN/F2/8/2Lease and Release. Major William Kelly and Charlotte, his wife, to John Vise, land as above (entered as above)
KFIELDEN/F3/4/21Transfer of Mortgage. Dated 23 November 1850 from Thomas Cope then of Buckden, farmer, to Theodore Moore of Offord Mills, millers.
KFIELDEN/F5/47/1Lease. Reverend Thomas Moor, rector of Denton (1), Bishop of Lincoln (2), Thomas Wells, Lord of Manor and patron (3) Thomas Newburn of Peterborough, farmer. (4)
KFIELDEN/F5/6/4Deed of Covenant. Edward Woodstock of Holme, grocer, to Thomas Cox, Edmund Hunt and Francis Freeman, a capital messuage at St Neots known as the Antelope June, same trust.
KFIELDEN/F5/22/5Lease and Release. Ann Wilson and Sarah Wilson and James Bedell to Robert Kirkby of Lambard Street, London, Merchant, two undivided third parts in the advowson of the Rectory of Caldecote.
KFIELDEN/F1/1/6Conveyance: George Casteras Trustee in bankruptcy of George Mason to William Wells, fen feeding in Short Drove in Holme Fen
KFIELDEN/F1/15/1Manor of Glatton with Holme. Admission. John Barker on surrender of John Dawes to 2 feeding parts of 4ac abutting on Pingle Lane; late Potter's and Willson's.
KFIELDEN/F1/6/16Conditional surrender. Joseph Peake to Richard Peake of his reversion expectant on death of Judith Peake, £300
KFIELDEN/F3/4/40Mortgage. David Corney to Henry Randall, Harriet Randall, his wife, and Thomas Edward Waddington all of Huntingdon, for £1200.
KFIELDEN/F3/1/19Lease for years and Conveyance. Robert Page of Stilton, baker, Sam Edwards of Stamford, William Rickett of Lolham, Northants, miller and John Compton of Water Newton, Miller.
KFIELDEN/F3/1/12Lease and Release. Arthur Annesley to Reverend Francis Annesley and others on trust for sale, Hunts estates of A.A.
KFIELDEN/F1/8/13Mortgage. Michael Goodwin to John Broughton, £1,000, with John Faux joining to release said mortgage of 31 March 1821
KFIELDEN/F2/1/9Lease and Release. Jacob Nevell and Mary, his wife, to John and Elizabeth Dawes. 6 1/2ac land at Holme
KFIELDEN/F2/24/2Abstract of Title. The Ramsey Railway Company to 0ac 1r 34p of freehold land at Holme (Late William Smith)
KFIELDEN/F3/1/2Settlement. To declare uses of a recovery made between Carrier Tompson of Peterborough and Hannah, his wife (1), Robert Tompson, their eldest son and their heir at law (2) and Samuel Roycroft of St Clement Danes (3) and James Forster of Grays Inn (4).
KFIELDEN/F2/15/7Counterpart Agreement. To drain the district, William Wells to the Commissioners of the 2nd Yaxley Fen Drainage District.
KFIELDEN/F2/20/5Admission. Miss Maria Peak under will of father Richard Peak
KFIELDEN/F2/20/2Conditional Surrender to secure £100, Richard Peak to Thomas Baker
KFIELDEN/F1/15/6Copy of Will. William Barker, late of Newton, Kimbolton, but then of St. Neots
KFIELDEN/F1/18/4Conveyance. Sir Richard Digby Neavey, Bart and others to William Wells, cottages and land at Holme
KFIELDEN/F2/18/2Conveyance. William Smith to G.N.R. pieces of copyhold land at Holme. (copy)
KFIELDEN/F1/6/12Admission. William Peake to cottage at Holme under will of father in law. James Rhimes.
KFIELDEN/F5/19/14Admission. John Hind on surrender of Jonathon Clarke, Lydia Martin and John Martin.
KFIELDEN/F1/4/7Reconveyance. Manor of Caldecote; Hon James A.D. Home and others to Duke of Buccleigh and Queensbury
KFIELDEN/F3/4/14Will. William Harvey of Old Hurst appointing Thomas Child and Thomas Ekins executors.
KFIELDEN/F1/3/3Contract for sale between John Hughes and William Wells. (Good plan annexed)
KFIELDEN/F5/28/4Bargain and Sale. Advowson of Caldecote Robert Rowley and Elizabeth, his wife to Robert Kirkby.
KFIELDEN/F4/5/14Lease and Release. Thomas and Ann Marriott of Fotheringhay to Robert Fowler of Fotheringhay, 4ac land at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F5/19/15Admission. Thomas Goslin of Holme and Sarah, his wife, on surrender of Francis Palmer to a messuage and 2r of pasture in Holme.
KFIELDEN/F5/8/7Settlement. Robert Cotton of Gidding and John Cotton, his son on marriage of John Cotton with Jane Burdett of lands at Flitwick.
KFIELDEN/F2/12/5Conveyance. William Worthington of Stilton to George Game Day, land in Stilton Fen
KFIELDEN/F4/5/6Feoffment. Richard Berridge of Ellington to William Goode of Copingford, 48ac of land at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F5/16/7Mortgage. William Addison to Glatton to James Taylor of Glatton, for £60, for Coppers Close of 3ac.
KFIELDEN/F4/5/28Admission. Robert Fowler of Warmington to messuage and 1r land as above surrendered by Robert Howes.
KFIELDEN/F5/21/1Deed of Exchange. Land at Caldecote between Edward Fuller of Caldecote and Robert Pulleyn of St Neots.
KFIELDEN/F5/27/1Admission. Dinah Marshall of Sawtry spinster on surrender of Richard Hills of Holme. Messuage with barns in Holme in occupation of Hills.
KFIELDEN/F5/31/3Surrender. William Abbott to Benjamin Woodward of Huntingdon, remaining third part of a messuage and Orchard and 0.5ac of pasture at Glatton, same uses.
KFIELDEN/F1/11/2Absolute Surrender. Mrs Mary Churchman to John Churchman and Mary Churchman
KFIELDEN/F1/2/13Abstracts of title of G. Hodgkinson
KFIELDEN/F1/4/5Abstract of release dated 27 August 1851
KFIELDEN/F5/11/8Conditional Surrender. Thomas Towsen to Peter Addison, £30.
KFIELDEN/F5/13/9Recovery. For admission of Joseph Sibley of Connington.
KFIELDEN/F5/15/7Bond. John Woodstock of Holme to Robert Mitchell of Sawtry.
KFIELDEN/F1/8/7Lease and Release. William Gosling to Samuel Wells, 10ac at Stilton
KFIELDEN/F1/2/5Conveyance. Charles Margetts to William Buck: 12ac 1r 32p and 2ac or 8p of land in Holme Fen
KFIELDEN/F3/7/4Receipt. By John Swales for £1500 paid to Thomas Truman on purchase from William Fuller of land at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F2/17/6Absolute Surrender. P. Addison to John Haggard Alderman (copy)
KFIELDEN/F1/9/3Surrender and release. George Mackness to William Wells of 4ac 2r 15p of copyhold land of the Manor of Glatton with Holme, at Short Drove in Holme
KHAC4/4945/3/4Sections of a reinforced concrete trough at sewage beds of J.A. Fielden Esq. [2 items]
KFIELDEN/F4/7/6Condition of Sale. Of lot 1 of Mr Pitts estate at Stilton.
KFIELDEN/F3/2/9Further Charges. Same parties to secure £2,000 and interest.
KFIELDEN/F5/13/10Article of Agreement. Mathew Woodstock and Joseph Sibley.
KFIELDEN/F4/2/4Extract from letters of Administration, estate of John Martin
KFIELDEN/F5/17/11Note. On title on purchase by William Wells from Mrs Elizabeth Mackenzie.
KFIELDEN/F5/15/9Release of Mortgage. Charlotte Peters to Robert Mitchell.
KFIELDEN/F2/21/4Succession Duty Account. John Garneys Johnson on death of M.A.J.
KFIELDEN/F5/15/8Admission. Rebecca Mitchell on surrender by John Woodstock.
KFIELDEN/F1/8/8Lease and Release. Samuel Wells to Michael Goodwin, 69ac 2r 31p at Stilton
KFIELDEN/F5/33/13Release. Jeffery Addison to William Wells, lands in Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F5/25/2Admission. Joanna Palmer on surrender by Francis Palmer.
KFIELDEN/F5/58/1Surrender. Dickens to his will.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/21Appointment. Uses of Hunts estates by Mr and Mrs Thomas Bowdler.
KFIELDEN/F3/10/2Admission. Elizabeth Trolley, widow, death of Richard T.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/10Will. Sir John Cotton of Conington.
KFIELDEN/F5/33/17Release. Rear Admiral Wells to John Wells, Estate at Beckley, Kent.
KFIELDEN/F5/25/7Conditional Surrender. Isaac Palmer to Daniel Miller of Eye, £100.
KFIELDEN/F4/12/3Abstract. Title of William Hopkinson to Bletsoe Estate.
KFIELDEN/F5/57/3Admission. Mary Sanderson on surrender of Robert Fowler.
KFIELDEN/F5/56/7Admission. Dawes, Sarah on surrender by Bletsoe and others.
KFIELDEN/F1/6/30Release and surrender. Joseph Peake to William Wells
KFIELDEN/F5/16/11Mortgage. James Addison to Reade Peacocke of Huntingdon for £60.
KFIELDEN/F1/17/1Abstract of Title. Mrs Simpson and others to a piece of land at Stilton Fen
KFIELDEN/F3/7/9Abstract of copyhold title to the estate of late Jane Fuller in Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/34Survey. By William Newton of the estate of Mr Fowler at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F1/5/8Equitable charge by deposit of deeds. Thomas Knowles to Edward Billups.
KFIELDEN/F2/21/5Admission. J.G. Johnson under will of Mary Ann Johnson. (copy)
KFIELDEN/F5/17/4Surrender. William Horne of Little Gidding to the use of his well.
KFIELDEN/F1/8/9Lease and Release. Samuel Wells to Michael Goodwin. 9ac 1r 32p at Stilton
KFIELDEN/F4/8/15Appointment an Release. J.D. Simpson to Potto Brown, for securing £800.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/39Account. Morley and Lawrence to Mrs Mary Sanderson for winding up the estate.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/4Will. Sir John Cotton Bart of Bedfordshire.
KFIELDEN/F4/4/7Abstract of Title. Charles Blackburn and Sarah, his wife, of close of land sold to George Sanderson.
KFIELDEN/F5/14/5Conditional Surrender. Robert Ellis and Susannah, his wife to Armstead Parker.
KFIELDEN/F3/10/3Admission. Jane and Elizabeth T. on death of their mother Elizabeth T.
KFIELDEN/F2/10/2Order in Council for separating Chapelry of Holme from the Rectory of Glatton (copy)
KFIELDEN/F2/18/1Admission. William Smith from William and Elizabeth Gosling, land etc at Holme. (copy)
KFIELDEN/F5/26/9Release. Maydewell and Bayley and others to Arthur Annesley of lands in Stilton and Caldecote.
KFIELDEN/F4/5/21Admission. John Freeman on a surrender of Henry Woodley as last above.
KFIELDEN/F5/27/17Conditional Surrender. Nicholas Bellamy to Thomas Smith, same £200.
KFIELDEN/F5/12/1Deeds and Schedule of an estate at Glatton purchased by Thomas Truman Esq of Mr Sainsbury Sibley and others.
KFIELDEN/F4/8/22Mortgage. J.D. Simpson to F.J. Paul and others, for £1,000 land in Allsworth (Northants) and 31ac in Stilton Fen.
KFIELDEN/F3/9/2Admission. Lydia Roades, wife of William R. as the sister and heir at law of John Taylor, dead.
KFIELDEN/F5/44/3Lease and Release. James Simmonds to John Knighton of Holme and his trustee.
KFIELDEN/F5/33/15Abstract of Title. John Perry, John Wells and William Wells junior, estate at Rotherhithe, Surrey.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/16Abstract of Title. James Yardy son and heir of Enderby Yardy to a messuage and lands at Glatton
KFIELDEN/F5/44/4Lease and Release. John Knighton and another to William Lambert of Holme for £34/10/-.
KFIELDEN/F5/15/4Admission. Robert Mitchell to 2ac 2r 0p of Brick Ground on surrender by William Townsen.
KFIELDEN/F5/5/2Award. To Robert Carter and Bridget, his wife, lands in Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F3/13/6Admission. John Mason to messuage and 2ac land at Holme on surrender by William Roades.
KFIELDEN/F1/2/11Covenant: For production of deeds between same parties
KFIELDEN/F4/7/2Lease for a year. Copy, William Gosling to Sam Wells, Esq. 6ac in Stilton.
KFIELDEN/F5/31/7Acknowledgement of Satisfaction. William Loveday, executor, John Perkins to William Buzzard.
KFIELDEN/F5/22/15Will. Reverend John Warren bequeathing advowson of Caldecote to his eldest son.
KFIELDEN/F5/21/2Bond for due performance of said deed between Edward Fuller and Robert Pulleyn.
KFIELDEN/F4/9/1Mortgage. William Wells to Lady Elizabeth Wells, estates at Holme, Glatton and Denton. £5,235/17/7.
KFIELDEN/F3/2/8Mortgage. William Wells to Joe Weels and Henry Hughes of estates in Hunts. to secure £36,700 and interest.
KFIELDEN/F5/39/3Conditional Surrender. Peter Addison to Austin Lawrence of Ketton, to secure £200, cottage and lands.
KFIELDEN/F1/2/4Covenant. For production of Deeds; Margett to Buck
KFIELDEN/F1/8/1Lease and Release. John and Mary Henery to Edward Henery of half share in 8ac of feeding fen or pasture abutting Caldecote Dyke at Stilton
KFIELDEN/F1/11/7Abstract of title. Michael Tomkinson to land called Goodes Close at Glatton
KFIELDEN/F5/33/10Release. John Hart Cotton, Mrs Cotton, Mr and Mrs Bowdler and Lord and Lady Denbigh to William Wells, Esq.
KFIELDEN/F1/8/3Lease and Release. George Gee to Michael Goodwin of Stilton, butcher, the same land
KFIELDEN/F4/8/12Lease for a year. John Shearman to J.D. Simpson Esq. 31ac in Stilton Fen.
KFIELDEN/F1/7/1Peterborough Chapter Estate. Abstract of orders of Her Majesty in Council; ratifying a scheme of Eccles. Commissioners for a sale of property of the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral of Peterborough.
KFIELDEN/F1/14/5Conveyance. Philip Tillard and others (as trustees of Dennis Herbert) to Admiral Richard Wells of 100ac 3r 4p at Holme Fen
KFIELDEN/F5/7/3Lease for a year. Mrs Elizabeth Mackenzie to William Wells.
KFIELDEN/F3/1/6Settlement. Made on marriage of Arthur Annesley of Bletchington, Oxford, son and heir at law of A.A. mentioned above to Catherine Hardy of Rawlins, Oxford.
KFIELDEN/F4/8/11Conveyance. John Shearman to J.D. Simpson Esq. 31ac in Stilton Fen.
KFIELDEN/F5/5/10Deed of Covenant. Edward Choate to Thomas Wells, to secure a loan
KFIELDEN/F3/4/7Assignment. Above mortgage by J. Walton to Henry Sweeting of Huntingdon.
KFIELDEN/F5/15/3Admission. William Monk on surrender of Cockinge.
KFIELDEN/F5/33/5Release. John Wodstock to James Neave in trust for Thomas Truman Esq.
KFIELDEN/F5/29/2Letters. Relating to Miss Quincey and mortgages on her property.
KFIELDEN/F3/8/17Extract. Will of Reverend Anthony Sanderson, late, of Barnwell, Northants.
KFIELDEN/F4/9/4Mortgage. William Wells Esq . To Messrs Caird Hurrell and Lewis, for securing £7,755. Map
KFIELDEN/F5/1/10Bond. Richard and Daniel Bennison to John Howell.
KFIELDEN/F4/8/5Release. Assignees of George Robson to Sam Wells, 3 pieces of land in Stilton Fen.
KFIELDEN/F5/60/1Tracings on cloth of the several estates mentioned in deed in the Fielding Collection.
KFIELDEN/F4/2/3Bond for title, Price and Ann Devereux to John and Lydia Martin.
KFIELDEN/F3/8/23Letter from William Tyndale of London to Messrs Forster, Cooke and Frere.
KFIELDEN/F3/4/22Mortgage. Robert Stokes to Fred William Thorpe of St Ives, solicitor, £200.
KFIELDEN/F4/10/3Mortgage. William Wells to Henry Hughes and R.N. Grenville Esq, Admiral Inn and premises in Holme, £1,000.
KFIELDEN/F3/4/3Bargain and Sale. Joseph Sibley to Leonard Battle his 3rd part of the 49ac for £100.
KFIELDEN/F4/7/9Release of Legacies. C.W.B. Pitts and Miss Maria Pitts to Henry Fuller and others.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/6Lease for a year. Robert Cotton to Sir Robert Burdett.
KFIELDEN/F5/6/12Mortgage. John Woodstock to Charlotte Peters, 1000years for £300.
KFIELDEN/F4/9/12Transfer. G.G. Wells Esq to N.W. Corbett Esq and others sum of £6,860 charged on estate of William Wells Esq.
KFIELDEN/F4/8/13Conveyance. William Lawrence to Sam Wells Esq, farmhouse and 30ac in Stilton Fen.
KFIELDEN/F3/1/39Power of attorney. Miss Maria Theresa Pitts of Waverley, Sydney, N.S.W to Reverend Henry Freeman.
KFIELDEN/F3/4/27Transfer of Mortgage. William Lanford to Charles Banks of Ellsworth, Cambridgeshire.
KFIELDEN/F5/5/6Marriage Settlement. Elias Fuller to Giles and Sam Bridgeman on his own marriage.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/28Warrant for Attorney. \to confer judgement in court of Kings Bench in an action of debt on a bond by Daniel Cox to Mary Sanderson.
KFIELDEN/F4/12/5Memorandum concerning title deeds of William Sanderson to estates at Aldwinkle.
KFIELDEN/F5/48/2Assignment of said lease by Thomas Parr to Alexander Nash in trust for Andrew John Nash and George Augustus Nash in consideration of £350.
KFIELDEN/F2/17/9Private Act for effecting on exchange between William Squire and William Thomas Squire (Printed copy)
KFIELDEN/F5/54/1Draft case council to advise on Mr William Wells title to part of Whittlesey Mere on its being drained by virtue of his ownership of certain, boats gate.
KFIELDEN/F4/8/10Transfer of mortgage. Trustees of William James Smith, deceased, to William Lawrence, estate of Sam Wells in Littlemoor.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/40Legacy Duty Account on death of Sarah Dawes of Glatton, widow, exhibited by Mary Sanderson.
KFIELDEN/F1/13/17Conveyance. William Smith to R.N. Grenville and Lord Vernon as trustees of William Wells
KFIELDEN/F5/25/9Admission. Isaac Palmer on surrender by Joseph Cole and Joanna, his wife, formerly Joanna Palmer.
KFIELDEN/F3/2/11Transfer. H.S. Fairfoot to Henry Hughes and R.N. Grenville of last mentioned mortgage debts.
KFIELDEN/F5/44/1Conveyance. By lease and release, John Gilbert of Peterborough to Robert Miller of Peterborough, cottages at Holme, £10.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/3Admission. Richard Warren on death of George Warren to a messuage and fen part at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F4/12/2Release. William Hopkinson to William Roe and others, land at Bletsoe, Bedfordshire.
KFIELDEN/F5/14/8Conditional Surrender. Robert Ellis and wife to Thomas Ferrar of Little Gidding, £100.
KFIELDEN/F5/37/3Lease for a year. Sir Mathew Lamb and Jane Fuller (1) Thomas Truman (2) lands at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F5/55/1Recovery. Thomas Streefield, demandant, Martin Jeffery, tenant, Richard Swale (?) and Mary, his wife, vouchees.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/10Receipt. By Elizabeth Tapper of £5 for 1/2 ears annuity paid by William Sanderson.
KFIELDEN/F3/1/11Release. Reverend Francis Annesley to Arthur Annesley, yearly sum of £800 charged on the Hunts Estates of A.A.
KFIELDEN/F5/19/8Admission. Thomas Asher and wife Mary to feeding part on surrender of Thomas Palmer.
KFIELDEN/F5/17/2Admission. John Mason of Stilton on surrender by William Roads to a messuage at Holme.
KFIELDEN/F5/32/3Feoffment. John Cotton Esq of Stratton, Bedfordshire, to Latham Buzzard, messuage at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F3/5/7Release and Assignment. J.J. Wells and Henry Hughes (Executors of William Wells the uncle, now dead) (1) to William Wells of Holme (2) from the sum of £1,000 secured by the last deed.
KFIELDEN/F4/9/9Assignment. Grenville G Wells Esq to R.N. Grenville and Lord Vernon of £6,860 secured under trusts on estate of Lady Elizabeth Wells.
KFIELDEN/F5/41/4Lease and Release. Joseph Sibley to Anthony Sanderson and Reverend William Sanderson, messuage and lands at Holme, release by way of settlement on marriage of Joseph Sibley to Ann Sanderson.
KFIELDEN/F5/2/1Schedule. Title Deeds of estate at Glatton bought' by Thomas Truman of John Woodstock and also some deeds relating to other premises.
KFIELDEN/F3/5/9Mortgage. Captain William Wells of Holme to William Wells, the uncle, from Redleaf, for £5,000.
KFIELDEN/F3/7/8Admission. Mathew Lamb and James Bolton as devisees in trust under will of William Fuller, dead, to land in Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F3/1/33Agreement. For tenancy of land at Stilton, Charles William Breatfield Pitts of Huntingdon to James Coveney of Stilton.
KFIELDEN/F3/8/6Bond. William Bassingham, George Egden John Dubois with Thomas Whitehead and John Ironson of Eye, Northants, to observe covenants.
KFIELDEN/F5/11/18Admission. William Wells on surrender by William Griffin of a messuage and pasture close at Holme.
KFIELDEN/F3/3/13Transfer. Henry Hughes to Henry Hughes and R.N. Neville Grenville of a mortgage for £8,700 by William Wells.
KFIELDEN/F3/8/11Bond for performance, John Ibbott of Glatton, butcher, to Joseph Palmer of Stilton, apothecary.
KFIELDEN/F5/16/4Fine. Jeffery Addison and others plaintiffs and Ann Ugden and others defendants, lands in Elton.
KFIELDEN/F5/4/1Bargain and Sale. Stephen Harsby, Charles Lawson and Gab. More to Martin Warren, B.D, advowson and patronage of the church of Caldecote.
KFIELDEN/F4/10/5Mortgage. William Wells Esq to R.N. Grenville and Lord Vernon, £6,698/7/8, lands in parishes of Holme and Denton. Schedules.
KFIELDEN/F5/47/3Declaration of trust comprised in said lease whereby Thomas Newburn declared that he held the said lands in trust for said Thomas Moor.
KFIELDEN/F4/6/4Release and Indemnity. Mary Ann Wells of Middlesex, relict of Neave Wells, to Richard Trott Fisher and others in respect of property settled on her marriage.
KFIELDEN/F5/17/10Bond of performance. Joseph Palmer of Stilton to Mathew Bishop of Denton.
KFIELDEN/F5/36/3Lease and Release. William Austin of Holme and Ann, his wife to John Martin of Sawtry Beams and Ann, his wife, 1r garden ground for £6/11/- in a street at Holme leading to the Load.
KFIELDEN/F4/9/6Mortgage. William wells Esq, to Peregrine Roberts and John Farnaby Lamard Esq. Lands in Hunts as last above to secure £9,079/2/5.
KFIELDEN/F2/17/18Abstract of Title. Samuel Buckle to a public house called Addiosons Arms at Glatton
KFIELDEN/F5/33/11Abstract of Title. Earl of Denbigh and others to estate at Caldecote and Denton with Mr Banks opinion on the title.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/15Assignment. Of several terms in trust for heirs of Sir John Cotton, Bart.
KFIELDEN/F5/19/7Lease and Release. Jonathon Clark to John Hund of Sawtry, messuage and 4ac at Holme.
KFIELDEN/F5/16/9Assignment of Mortgage. Francis Draper (1), William Addison (2) and John Gray of Steeply Gidding the trustees of the will of Joseph Sibley (3).
KFIELDEN/F5/35/3Covenant for production of deeds. Sir John Cotton, Bart to Thomas Truman.
KFIELDEN/F3/5/11Reconveyance. John Joseph Wells and Henry Hughes, executors of William Wells, the uncle, to William Wells on discharge of mortgage and further charge.
KFIELDEN/F4/4/6Admission. George Sanderson of Glatton on surrender of George Baxter of Sawtry, 3r 15p in Infield in Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F5/22/14Lease and Conveyance. Advowson of Caldecote, Reverend Ottwell T. to Reverend John Warren, Dean of Bangor for £600
KFIELDEN/F5/36/6Absolute Surrender. John Hind to William Wells a feeding part in Holme Fen of 3ac 3r 0p, late Jonathon Clarke and also a turf lot in Holme of 6ac, late Isaac Deboe.
KFIELDEN/F5/5/3Feoffment. Castell Sherrard to Thomas Welles, cottage and land at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F5/1/2Bargain and Sale. T.A. to Antony Pratt, messuages and land at Denton, £230.
KFIELDEN/F4/12/6Receipt for £20 paid by George Sanderson for an estate at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F3/1/42Declaration of Title. Fred Beeton Drage of Stilton, schoolmaster.
KFIELDEN/F4/8/3Attested Copy of Bargain and Sale. Re Robson a bankrupt.
KFIELDEN/F2/20/3Conditional Surrender. Richard Peak to Charles Goodwin
KFIELDEN/F3/8/19Letter of Acknowledgement. T. King of Stilton to William Wells, £78.
KFIELDEN/F5/17/14Bond. For quiet enjoyment Mrs Elizabeth Horne to William Wells.
KFIELDEN/F3/1/37Abstract of Title. C.W.B. Pitts and Maria Pitts to 28ac 3r 2p land at Stilton sold to Thomas Southwell.
KFIELDEN/F4/7/7Lease for a year. E.W.B. Pitts to J.M. Lyon, 5ac 3r 27p in Stilton Fen
KFIELDEN/F6/1/1Box 1 of records of JA Fielden and executors
KFIELDEN/F4/8/4Release under trust. Bedford Level Corporation to Sam Wells, 30ac land in Stilton.
KFIELDEN/F5/18/5Particulars and Conditions of sale of land etc to be sold at George Inn, Stilton.
KFIELDEN/F5/18/1Lease and Release. John Archer to William Roads (Both of Holme) land in Holme Fen.
KFIELDEN/F5/56/4Admission. Virtue Dawes and others from Joseph Vise and wife, 3ac new inclosed land in Middle Field in Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/27Bill. Messrs Sanderson and Tapp, executors of Robert Roe, dead, to William Morley for legal costs.
KFIELDEN/F3/7/5Admission. Ann Fuller, widow of Elias Fuller, to copyhold land in Glatton, Messuage and lands
KFIELDEN/F3/3/14Assignment. H.S. Fairfoot to Henry Hughes and R.N. Grenville of last mentioned mortgage debt.
KFIELDEN/F5/6/11Assignment of term. Charlotte Peters (1), John Woodstock (2) and Abraham Staffurth (3)
KFIELDEN/F5/31/1Surrender. Richard Abbott of Thrapston to Thomas Buzzard of Titchmarsh and Sarah, his wife for life and then to right heirs of Thomas Buzzard, two third parts of a messuage and orchard and 0.5ac pasture in Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F3/1/28Mortgage. By demise for 1000 years to secure £50.
KFIELDEN/F5/17/16Surrender. James Sams of Holme and Prudence, his wife, to William Wells of Redleaf, Kent, messuage formerly 4 cottages in Glatton and an allotment in the Middle Field.
KFIELDEN/F1/14/4Conveyance. Grosvenor Hodgkinson to Dennis Herbert of 100ac 3r 4p freehold land at Holme
KFIELDEN/F3/5/6Assignment. Lady Elizabeth Wells to William Wells, the uncle, of residue of term of years created by marriage settlement of 1815 in consideration of £1,000 paid to her.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/24Release and Settlement. On marriage of Mary Cotton to Basil earl of Denbigh.
KFIELDEN/F5/11/21Admission. William Wells on surrender by Elizabeth Horne messuage called Charlotte and 3 shops and a piece of land called Swans Piece and one other in Holme.
KFIELDEN/F5/14/1Admission. Edward Sanderson and wife on surrender of Edward Sanderson cottages and parcels of land in Glatton and Holme, rent 3d, fine 12.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/19Marriage Article. Thomas Bowdler of Grays Inn and Elizabeth Stuart Cotton.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/23Release and Settlement. On marriage of Mary Cotton to Basil Earl of Denbigh.
KFIELDEN/F5/51/3Lease and Release. Joseph Vise of Stilton to William Morley of Peterborough, 30ac pasture at Caldecote, late William Fuller, and 14ac of pasture at Caldecote late William Ward, also called Corp, or Adventurer's Land with other land at Caldecote.
KFIELDEN/F5/7/1Survey. Denton, by Robert Smith, surveyor, John Wallis, Henry Gorbarill, Richard Clarke and Michael Clarke, tenants, covers only 31ac 3r 21p.
KFIELDEN/F5/6/1Feoffment. Sir Thomas Cotton Bart to William Woodstock of Holme, messuage at Holme, £45.
KFIELDEN/F5/5/9Lease and Release. Thomas Wells of Glatton and Anne, his wife and Thomas his son and heir to Hannah Choate.
KFIELDEN/F5/34/2Release. John Darlow of Ramsey, waterman to Peter Deboe junior, 10ac fenground other part of above, for £18/10/-.
KFIELDEN/F5/36/10Lease and Release. Robert Smith of Holme and William Knighton of Holme and Ann, his wife to William Wells, 6ac of land at Holme Turf Fen, £6/6/-.
KFIELDEN/F3/8/15Lease for a year. William Hall of Denton and Catherine his wife to William Pain of Denton of land at Denton.
KFIELDEN/F5/18/6Lease and Release. William Mason and another to John Brandon of Conington, Innholder and William Morley of Sawtry, 2.5ac land at Holme.
KFIELDEN/F5/26/4Release. Sam Rash and Dorothy, his wife (1) Robert Moxon (2) to Stephen Gardner and William Mingay lands at aforesaid, on trust of marriage settlement dated 26 December 1747.
KFIELDEN/F1/6/3Admission. Peter Adison to same feeding part on surrender by John Aurth and Elizabeth, his wife.
KFIELDEN/F3/1/31Disclaimer. Joseph Philips, Edward Henery, Joseph Compton of Water Newton, miller and Thomas Hippisley Jackson of trust of will of William Rickett, dead.
KFIELDEN/F3/4/18Second Mortgage. Thomas and John Stokes to Thomas Cope of Little Paxton, farmer, of cottage and 49ac for £200 with 5% interest (subject to mortgage the vested in Kisby)
KFIELDEN/F3/1/3Mortgage by way of lease. 1000 years, to secure £60 by Henry Rolf otherwise Ruff of Stilton, yeoman, and Susannah, his wife to Susanna Gill of Sawtry All SS. Secured on house at Stilton.
KFIELDEN/F5/55/2Admission. William Gibson on death of his brother Selby Gibson, to a copyhold messuage in Holme in occupation of John Chapman and one fen part of 2ac.
KFIELDEN/F1/2/10Conveyance. Charles Margetts and Reverend Henry Margetts to Grosvenor Hodgkinson of 18ac 2r 11p of land in Holme Fen
KFIELDEN/F5/13/8Deed Poll from George Newell declaring that the said sum of £35 and further £10 lent to John Henson was money of Jones Sedgley of London.
KFIELDEN/F1/7/2Abstract of certain Acts of Parliament relating to the Eccles Commissioners
KFIELDEN/F1/1/3Declaration by George Mason proving his heirship
KFIELDEN/F1/6/23Attested copy of Authority to vacate a conditional surrender
KFIELDEN/F6/1/2Box 2 of records of JA Fielden and executors
KFIELDEN/F1/6/7Mortgage. Robert Peake to Robert Wells; cottage, feeding and turf let: £60.
KFIELDEN/F1/2/2Conveyance. William Wells of Holme to Charles Margetts of Huntingdon 12ac 1r 32p part of Hod Fen and 2ac or 8p of land called Hooks Fen; both at Holme
KFIELDEN/F1/14/3Abstract of title of Trustees of Dennis Herbert, late, of Huntingdon to 99ac 3p 10p at Holme
KFIELDEN/F1/12/2Mortgage. Robert Letts and wife to James Elgar of 2 cottages and a piece of land at Holme for securing 90/19/10 and 9/8/0 and future advance
KFIELDEN/F1/15/4Surrender. John Barker of all his land and messuages held of the Manor of G. with H. to such uses as should be limited by his last will
KFIELDEN/F1/18/1Surrender of a Recovery messuage, 1 turf let, and 1 feeding part in Holme Fen, John King and Elizabeth, his wife to William Wells
KFIELDEN/F1/15/8Admission. Richard Peak of Stilton on surrender on William Barker and Richard Blowfield (Executors of William Barker) to messuage and 1ac pastures at Holme and 7 feeding parts of 10ac 0r 33p and an allotment of 20p at Holme Green.
KHAC4/4945/2/3Agreements between John Ashton Fielden and his tenants including lease of Woodwalton Fen to GCW FitzWilliam (1904) [5 items]
KFIELDEN/F1/2/8Conveyance. William Buck to Grosvenor Hodgkinson of 270ac 2r 20p and 12ac 0r 8p all at Holme Fen subject to mortgages dated 12 September 1858 and 15 November 1858.
KFIELDEN/F1/8/20Conveyance. Trustees of T.F. Forrest to R.N. Grenville and Lord Vernon of 63ac 0r 39p of land at Stilton
KFIELDEN/F1/6/28Conveyance on trust of settlement, William Wells to R.N. Grenville and Lord Vernon
KFIELDEN/F1/1/5Admission of George Mason as heir at law of his father John Mason
KFIELDEN/F1/13/8Mortgage. John Green and Thomas Bird, £300
KFIELDEN/F3/2/21Abstract of Title. William Wells to a house and land at Denton purchased of Henry Knighton.
KFIELDEN/F2/3/7Conveyance. P.G. Loare and B.J.L. Frere (Trustees of Will of Sir Thomas Aprece) to William Wells
KFIELDEN/F1/3Bundle 3
KFIELDEN/F1/5/1Manor of Glatton with Holme: Declaration in support of title of George Mackness
KFIELDEN/F6/1John Ashton Fielden (1859-1942) of Holme: financial and legal papers 1894-1948, records of his executors and re. winding-up of estate 1942-50; Holmewood Estate Office accounts and correspondence 1927-54, Holmewood and Stilton Drainage Board financial and legal papers 1920-51, plan of estate at London Bridge sold for 'subway' [Underground] 1901, copy plan of Whittlesea Mere n.d. [20th century] &c.
KFIELDEN/F1/11/1Manor of Glatton with Holme. Admission Mrs Mary Churchman under will of Mrs Mary Tomkinson, cottage and lands in Glatton (Goodes Close)
KFIELDEN/F5/33/2Release. Sir John Cotton, Bart, to Truman of London, merchant, in consideration of £14,880/12/6, estate and boat gates as last above.
KFIELDEN/F5/39/4Duplicate Surrender. Jefferey Addison to William Wells, messuage, 2ac close, 17ac 3r land, Coopers Close, 14ac land, 25.5ac land and 3ac land.
KHAC4/4945/2/2Holmewood and Stilton Drainage Board: file of papers including particulars of conveyance, Stilton Fen Farm (1902); Specifications for proposed pumping station at Black Ham (1912 - 1913); schedule of lands drained (1919); valuations of Mere Engine, Whittlesey Mere. and Black Ham pumping stations (1920); specifications for proposed Mere Engine at Holme Fen (1925); schedule of lands in Holme formerly belonging to Lord de Ramsey; and plans of lands in Holme Fen belonging to J.A. Fielden (nd) [see also 2945/24]
KFIELDEN/F5/4/2Licence. Richard Reynolds, Bishop of Lincoln to Reverend George Wilson B.A. to perform divine offices in parish of Copingford Cun Upton.
KFIELDEN/F1/2Bundle 2
KFIELDEN/F1Original box dd F1
KFIELDEN/F1/18Bundle 18
KFIELDEN/F5/34/3Feoffment. Peter Deboe to Robert Peake of Holme, yeoman, 10ac of fen or marsh ground at Holme. £26/5/-.
KHAC4/4945/2/10Conveyance of land to be used as a burial ground at Station Road, Holme, by J.A. Fielden to Holme Parish Council, with subsequent mortgage for £300 made between Holme Parish Council and the Secretary of the Public Works Loan Commissioners
KFIELDEN/F1/4Bundle 4
KFIELDEN/F5/3/1Survey of Lands and Manor of Glatton and Holme totalling 2125ac taken by John Hausted of Glapthorne, Northants, showing freehold and copyhold tenants and their holdings. (Note, Sir Robert Cotton, Bart, purchased the manor from James I in ???)
KFIELDEN/F5/33/20Conveyance. William Wells to Philip Castell Sherrard, lands at Glatton in consideration of others lands and £275.
KFIELDEN/F3/8/20Opinion. J. Burrough of Counsel on a claim by John Wells to ??? ??? of death of a life tenant.
KFIELDEN/F1/2/6Mortgage. William Buck to Henry Walker, Henry Brodhurst and John Birks for £2,000; lands in Holme Fen
KFIELDEN/F1/15/5Admission. William Barker to messuage and 7 feeding parts under above surrender under will
KFIELDEN/F5/19/23Surrender. Robert Mitchell Robinson of Kelvedon, Essex, to Thomas Wells, messuage at Holme.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/21Account between Robert Roe and James Yeardye for £113/19/- for purchase of 7ac 3r in Glatton field.
KFIELDEN/F5/19/24Surrender. Charles Garham to Jacob Navell of Sawtry, messuage and turf lot at Glatton and Holme.
KFIELDEN/F4/5/20Admission. John Freeman of Cotterstock to messuage and 1r at Glatton on surrender of Henry Woodley.
KFIELDEN/F1/13/15Abstract of title. William Smith to messuage and 70ac of freehold and copyhold land at Holme
KFIELDEN/F1/3/1Lease and Release. William Gosling to Samuel Wells; 6 acres of land in Stilton Fens; abutting on Caldecote Dyke
KFIELDENFielden Collection
KFIELDEN/F1/1/2Memo of payment by John Mason to William Mason of £17 being part purchase price of William Mason to fen part
KFIELDEN/F1/2/14Conveyance. Grosvenor Hodgkinson M.P. to William Wells, as trustee of about 190ac at Holme Fen; part of above
KFIELDEN/F2/2/7Counterpart Grant. Charles Margetts to G.N. Railway Co. rights of navigation over last mentioned new dyke
KFIELDEN/F2/2/13Envelope. Containing 3 old maps (one made 1777) of farm in Holme Fen
KFIELDEN/F2/15/2Absolute Order. Of Inclosure Commissioners charging £103/2/8 per annum on lands of William Wells called Middle Fen Farm, New Decoy Farm, Holme and Denton Home Farm, Denton
KFIELDEN/F2/12/4Conveyance. George Howerdine and Ann Howerdine (by direction of Samuel Wells) to George Game Day, 2 turf lots in Stilton
KFIELDEN/F2/6/3Conditional Surrender. Robert Edis and Mary, his wife, to Messrs Clifton, Johnson and Goodyere above messuage on north side of Church. £50
KFIELDEN/F2/2/12Conveyance. Charles Margetts and Reverend Henry Margetts to William Wells, messuage and lands at Holme
KFIELDEN/F2/6/2Conditional Surrender. Robert Edis and Mary, his wife, to Messrs Clifton, Johnson and Goodyere above messuage on north side of Church. £100 (copy)
KFIELDEN/F2/4/1Conveyance. Freehold messuage and lands at Glatton with Holme and surrender of copyholds, Robert Peak to William Wells
KHAC5/5307/16/24Print of potato harvesting in Holme Fen. The group consists of (l to r): Mrs Florrie Stacey, Mrs Childley, Mrs Helen Wade, Mr John Moyser, Mrs Lenton, Miss Harriet Burdett, Minne Binden, Fred Burdett and [?]. They were working on Park Farm for the Squire, Mr John Fielden. The harrow was used to bring to the surface the potatoes missed in the first picking.
KFIELDEN/F2/2/1Lease and Release. Robert Mitchell Robinson and others to Francis Thirkill, farmhouse and land of 170ac in Holme Fen and parish of Glatton with Holme, part of Great Level Fen allotted by Act of Parliament
KFIELDEN/F2/7/1Lease and Release. John Green to George Maule (In trust for William Gosling) 12ac land at Glatton and Holme, called Green's land
KFIELDEN/F2/8/1Lease and Release. Joseph Vise of Stilton to Captain William Kelly and Charlotte, his wife, 4ac of Adventurer's Land at Caldecote (Entered in Register of the Bedford Level Conservation)
KFIELDEN/F2/9/4Transfer to Mortgage. Miss Blunsum to John Fox by direction of M.I. Wells (Note Sam Wells was the Registrar of the conservators of the Bedford Level)
KFIELDEN/F2/15/4Director's Certificate of work executed. Landowners west of England and South Wales Land Drainage and Inclosure Company, to William Wells
KFIELDEN/F3/1/1Marriage Settlement. Carrier Tompson (1) of Stanground, Hannah Smith (2) of Stamford, Sir Richard Cust Bart and Sir Isaac Newton of St Martin's in the Fields Middlesex, Kent (3), John Rowell of Peterborough and William Wright of Spilsby (4) on marriage of said Carrier Tompson and Hannah Smith.
KFIELDEN/F3/1/4Lease and Release of properties in Stilton
KFIELDEN/F3/1/16Lease and Release of properties in Stilton
KFIELDEN/F2/15/1Deed. Executed by Lady Elizabeth Wells for postponing part of jointure under her marriage settlement to a mortgage by William Wells for £10,000 to Joseph Wells
KFIELDEN/F2/4/1Conveyance. By Feoffment and Covenant to surrender copyhold lands at Holme. Nicholas Bellamy to Robert Peak Junior.
KFIELDEN/F3/8/22Deed of Covenant for production of deeds, Arthur Annesley and Arthur Annesley Junior to William Wells.
KFIELDEN/F2/9/2Lease and Release. Sam Wells to Mordaunt Lawson Wells, land in Adventurers Fen Stilton (30ac) and 31ac 3r 24p, 12ac turf lots and 97ac 3r 24p turf lots
KFIELDEN/F4/1/29Bill of Sale. Daniel Cox of Sawtry to Mary Sanderson of Lutton for £100 secured of live and dead farm stock.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/15Counterpart Lease. William Dickins of Warmington to John Dawes of Glatton of messuage and lands at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F3/3/21Abstract of Title. William Wells to certain closes of land at Glatton received in exchange of land from Philip Castel Sherard.
KFIELDEN/F5/4/3Licence. Richard Reynolds, Bishop of Lincoln to Reverend George Wilson B.A. to perform divine offices in parish of Budgen.
KFIELDEN/F2/19/3Surrender and Release. Edward Welldon to William Wells, Beerhouse known as the pig and whistle and other messuages and hereditaments copyhold of Manor of G. with H.
KFIELDEN/F3/3/19Abstract of Title. William Wells to estates at Holme bought' of Clarke and Nicholas and mortgaged to William Wells of Redleaf for £9.000.
KFIELDEN/F3/1/8Final Concord. William Fisher, plaintiff and James Trimmer and Montague, his wife, William Jarers and Mary, his wife and Elizabeth Collins deforciants, relating to messuage and land at Stilton
KFIELDEN/F3/1/10Lease and Release. John Haggerston and William Fisher to Joseph Vise of Stilton. surgeon, and his trustee William Morley of Sawtry, messuage or tenement with shop, bakehouse and 1ac of pasture at Stilton.
KFIELDEN/F3/2/15Abstract of the charges on the estate of William Wells of Holme, Glatton, Denton and Caldecote in favour of the Land Owners West of England Drainage and Inclosure Company.
KFIELDEN/F3/2/12Transfer of Mortgage. Ralph N. Grenville of mortgage for £1000 secured on the Admiral Inn, Holme, to vest same himself and the Honourable Augustus Henry Venables Vernon.
KFIELDEN/F3/1/30Release of Legacies. Charles William Bradfield Pitts and Miss Maria Pitts of Cressing Essex to Henry Fuller of Huntingdon, James Browton Worthington of Stilton, farmer, John Mason Ryon, of Caldecote, farmer, William Worthington of Stilton, gent, and john Edward Gamwau of Stilton, all of whom bought land on which legacies to said C.W.B. Pitts and Maria Pitts were charged by the will of said Breatfield Pitts
KFIELDEN/F3/2/3Abstract of Title. William Wells to estates at Holme etc. purchased by his father the late Captain Wells previously to date of Will, 10 August 1821, and those purchased by William Wells of Redleaf.
KFIELDEN/F3/2/10Transfer. Henry Hughes to Henry Hughes and Ralph Neville Grenville of sum of £73,700 being to mortgage of 1849 and various further charges
KFIELDEN/F3/12/4Admission. Sarah Fisher, formerly Wildbore, to a messuage, cottage or tenement and homestall as heir of Edward and Sarah Wildbore.
KFIELDEN/F3/8/24Lease and Release. John Stokes and Robert Peak, both of Holme, to William Wells of 22.5ac land at Holme.
KFIELDEN/F3/3/15Appointment of Right Honourable Augustus Henry Venables Vernon to be a Trustee of the Will of William Wells in place of Henry Hughes, dead.
KFIELDEN/F3/8/21Release. Robert Peak of Holme to Reverend Henry Cooke of Warfield, Yorkshire, of land at Holme.
KFIELDEN/F3/4/4Lease and Release. Joseph Sibley, George Avery and Leonard Battle to John Stokes of Holme for £384/10/- the said 49ac of land at Holme.
KFIELDEN/F3/4/9Further Charge. For £100 by John Stokes to Henry Sweeting, Charles Slow of Huntingdon and Thomas Lovell of Huntingdon as Exec's of said Richard Date, dead.
KFIELDEN/F4/5/32Letter. William Morley with copy of terrier of Glatton field made about 1780 of one of the furlongs in Lutton Slade.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/32Administration. Of effects of John Sanderson of Lutton granted to Mary Sanderson in the Peterborough court.
KFIELDEN/F3/12/12Bond of Performance. Hannah Fisher to William Wells of Southampton Street, Bloomsbury, for surrender of lands at Glatton with Holme.
KFIELDEN/F3/4/34Conveyance. Robert Stokes formerly of Holme, farmer, but then of 8 Hurstway Road, Notting Hill, builder, and Robert Corney of Green Hill Farm Ramsey, to David Corney of Ramsey, farmer, 25ac 0r 20p and farmhouse etc at Holme.
KFIELDEN/F3/5/1Lease for a year and Settlement. Between Captain William Wells (1), Right honourable Lady Elizabeth Proby (2), Honourable Grenville Leveson Proby, Captain R.N. and William Wells, the uncle (3), Right Honourable Thomas Grenville and Henry Wells of Holme (4).
KFIELDEN/F3/7/3Undertaking. By Sir John C. as to rent of certain lands sold to Thomas Truman that if could not be re-let at same rent he would repay proportionate part of purchase money.
KFIELDEN/F3/5/4Surrender of Mortgages. John Joseph Wells of Bromley, Kent and Henry Hughes of Clements Inn, executors of William Wells, the uncle who died August 1847 (1) and William Wells of Holme son of William Wells who married Elizabeth Proby as above and dies August 1826 (2) on repayment of the said £9,000.
KFIELDEN/F3/8/3Acknowledgement. Nathaniel Gibson of Sawtry (Son and heir of Nathaniel Gibson, late of Orton Waterville) of receipt from John Howell of £150 purchase money of land conveyed by release of even date.
KFIELDEN/F3/7/11Schedule of deed relating to the Manor of Glatton purchased by Thomas Truman from Sir John Cotton, Bart, commencing with grant from James I, 16 July 9 James I.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/33Probate of Will. William Roe of Offord Cluny, yeoman, dead, granted to his niece Mary Sanderson in Huntingdon, Archdeaconry/c Court.
KFIELDEN/F3/12/5Recovery to effect Admission of James Fisher the elder for his life and then to James, the younger and Hannah, his wife, messuage and 20ac land and leys with a turf lot of 6ac.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/41Letter. Benjamin Sayers to B. Bletsoe and G. Sanderson collectors of taxes for the parish of Glatton as to their duty to take proceedings if necessary.
KFIELDEN/F3/12/10Agreement. Hannah Fisher of Sawtry and Thomas Moore of Whittlesey on behalf of William Wells for sale of all her estates at Glatton with Holme, for £400. Order.
KFIELDEN/F3/12/6Admission. Francis Palmer of Holme to cottage at Holme next to a common street east and abutting on lands of Thomas Truman west, with a turf lot in Holme Fen of 4ac, on surrender of John Stimpson.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/1Licence. John Marshall of Woodwalton and John Loftus of Lutton to Peter Palliner to inclose land at Glatton
KFIELDEN/F4/1/25Probate of Will. Robert Roe of Glatton, farmer, proved between Mary Sanderson and Elizabeth Tapp in the Canterbury Prerogative Court.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/36Notice. By Glatton and Holme Inclosure Commissioners as to the disposal of claims for certain commonable cottages and tofts enumerated.
KFIELDEN/F4/5/29Deed to lead to use of fine, Robert Fowler and wife Elizabeth to Charles Berkeley for purpose of extinguishing estate tail.
KFIELDEN/F3/13/4Power of Attorney by Sir Thomas Cotton of Conington, Bart, to Kenelme Collins to enter upon messuage at Holme sold by said Cotton to William Woodstocke.
KFIELDEN/F5/27/2Recovery. Suffered by Isaac Palmer to himself under will of father Isaac Palmer to 18ac of copyhold land in Holme Fen and a turf lot.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/11Release. Clement Lucas of Ellington and Jane, his wife, and Samuel Pearl of Ellington and Jane, his wife, to William Gill, 2 messuages and 2 cow commons in Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F5/1/7Mortgage. By lease for 999 years Nathan Gibson and Sarah, his wife to Thomas Sayer, house etc. at Denton £100.
KFIELDEN/F5/1/5Bargain and Sale. William An Joseph Richardson (Executors of William Ashton) to Daniel Whitstead, land at Denton)
KFIELDEN/F4/3/1Admission. Christopher Smith as eldest son and heir of Christopher Smith, dead, to turf lot at Holme Fen of 6ac.
KFIELDEN/F4/3/2Original Will. Christopher Smith of Yaxley, labourer, by which he devised his turf lot as above to his nephew Christopher, son of John Crocock.
KFIELDEN/F4/5/22Admission. Robert Fowler to a moiety of 2 messuages, 80ac land, 10r meadow, 10ac pasture and 12ac marsh for life.
KFIELDEN/F5/1/6Bargain and Sale. William An Joseph Richardson (Executors of William Ashton) to Daniel Whitstead, land at Denton)
KFIELDEN/F4/8/23Transfer to mortgage. P. Feary and Foster and J.C. Simpson to Messrs Newton and Day, to secure further charge of £2,039, lands at Stilton fen.
KFIELDEN/F5/1/9Lease and Release. Richard Bennison, Ann, his wife and Daniel his son and heir to John Howell of Conington, house and lands at Denton and Stilton.
KFIELDEN/F4/8/8Release and Confirmation by way of mortgage. Sam Wells to William James Smith Esq, messuage in Stilton, public house in Middlesmoor, Ramsey and 30ac 13r 35p of land in Middlemoor Fen in Stilton.
KFIELDEN/F4/6/3Deed of Arrangement between Right Honourable W.T. Eardley, Lord Say and Sele (1) William Wells of Holme (2) the Very Reverend George Butler, Dean of Peterborough (3) Right Honourable Thomas Grenville and others (4) for the division between them of the soil of Whittlesey Mere then about to be drained under the Middle Level Act of 1845.
KFIELDEN/F4/9/2Grant of Charge of lands. William Wells to Honourable Lord Kerr and Thomas D. Acland Junior and Charles Tucker Esq, above lands for term of 1000 years to secure above sum.
KFIELDEN/F5/2/2Admission. 8 included in the schedule for Title Deeds of estate at Glatton bought' by Thomas Truman of John Woodstock and also some deeds relating to other premises.
KFIELDEN/F5/22/3Lease and Release. Reverend Nicholls, Addenbrookes of Glatton to Reverend William Wilson of Southwark of advowson of Caldecote.
KFIELDEN/F5/27/3Lease and Release. John Archer of Holme to James Gray of Holme, cottage at Holme and fen feeding of 3ac and an alder lot of 4ac.
KFIELDEN/F5/5/1Award. John Marshall and John Loftus to William Clarke of lands in Glatton. (Following Chancery suit between Lord and Parson and Freeholders and copyholders)
KFIELDEN/F4/11/1Assignment. William King of Huntercombe (1) John Popple of East Burnham, Bucks (2) John Thomas Atkyns of Haimes Hill, Berks (3) being in assignment by King to Atkyns of leases for 21 years of Huntercombe House and Lands.
KFIELDEN/F5/6/7Assignment and further charge. Uriah Harris (1), John Woodstock (2) and James Torkington of Glatton Stukeley to secure above £61/10/- and further £139 advanced by James Torkington.
KFIELDEN/F5/6/8Mortgage. John Woodstock (1), Thomas Thong (2) and Charlotte Peters (3) with covenant by John Woodstock to levy fine or fines to said Thomas Thong in Court of Common Please in next Easter term. 1000years for £500 on property at Holme.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/20Deed. Thomas Bart (1), Sir John Cotton Bart and Elizabeth Stuart Bowdler (2) declaring used of marriage settlement of 1742.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/7Deed. Appointing Mrs Jane Cotton's jointure in Gidding between Robert Cotton of Gidding, John Cotton and Jane, his wife, and Sir Robert Burdett.
KFIELDEN/F5/31/4Admission. John Buzzard as heir of said Thomas and Sarah Buzzard and surrender by him to self for life and then to his son Thomas Buzzard.
KFIELDEN/F5/16/16Assignment of Term. To attend inheritance, Jeffery Addison and others to John Chrithloe Turner of Huntingdon, lands as in deed 27 April 1721.
KFIELDEN/F5/16/15Lease for a year. Jeffery Addison, eldest son and heir of James Addison to William Wells of Bloomsbury Square, lands in deed 27 April 1721
KFIELDEN/F5/16/17Assignment of Term of 200 years to prevent a merger and to attend inheritance, Jeffery Addison (1), William Wells (2) and Chrithloe Turner(3).
KFIELDEN/F5/19/5Mortgage. Mary Asher of Saltree, widow of Thomas Ashton and William Mathews of Glatton, her son to John Martin of Saltree, yeoman, 1000years to secure £45.
KFIELDEN/F5/19/9Conditional Surrender. William Mathews of Glatton of reversion expectant on death of Mary Asher in a feeding part of 3ac 3r 0p at Holme to John Martin to secure £45.
KFIELDEN/F5/19/6Lease and Release. Ann Mathews of Glatton, spinster and Lydia Martin of Sawtry (1) Jonathon Clerk of Little Gidding (2) and Jacob Nevell of Sawtry, Wheeler (3).
KFIELDEN/F5/26/1Marriage Settlement. William Fuller and Elizabeth P. his wife, to Edmund Parker settling lands at Caldecote.
KFIELDEN/F5/18/4Deed to declare the uses and fine, Peter Mason, then of Islip, baker, and Ann his wife (1), Thomas Mason of Denton (2), John Mason of Stilton (3) and John Shawley of Great Gidding (4) to use of John Mason, fine annexed.
KFIELDEN/F5/19/1Feoffment. Thomas Palmer of Sawtry (1), Mary Butler of Sawtry (2), Thomas Barley of Conington (3) of a messuage in Holme occupied by Thomas Constable and 4ac of fen in Holme.
KFIELDEN/F5/19/26Surrender. John Atterton of Glatton, miller and Mary, his wife and granddaughter of Jacob Navell to Thomas Wells (Lord of the Manor).
KFIELDEN/F5/22/1Caldecote Inclosure. Certificate of Commissioners as to value of land proposed to be exchanged and consent to exchange under seal of Richard, Bishop of London.
KFIELDEN/F5/22/12Lease and Conveyance. James Kelsall (trustee of will of Reverend William Kirkby) to Edward Tennant of Bolton Castle, Yorkshire, advowson of Caldecote for £1350.
KFIELDEN/F5/29/1Release of Equity of Redemption. John Quincey to Thomas Leake relating to Grist Mills and land in Ducklington, Oxon.
KFIELDEN/F5/26/12Lease for a year. Charles Warde and others to Reverend Francis Annesley and others of Manor of Sawtry, Little Gidding and others in Hunts.
KFIELDEN/F5/34/5Release. Ann Sibley of Stamford, widow, to John Dawes of Glatton, a close of fenground in Glatton with Holme, commonly called Beaches of 22ac for £49.
KFIELDEN/F5/32/1Feoffment. William Francis of Great Catworth, eldest son of Thomas Francis, late of Glatton, messuage in Glatton, between land late of Castell Sherrard to Elizabeth and of John Cotton to William.
KFIELDEN/F5/41/7Deed for suffering common recovery on purchase by Ann Sibley from Joseph Sibley of reversion on life interest in property at Glatton settled by lease and release of 10-11 September 1736.
KFIELDEN/F5/36/7Lease and Release. William Martin of Sawtry (brother and heir of John Martin) to Thomas Wells, messuage and garden piece in estate leading to Load at Holme, £219.
KFIELDEN/F5/42/1Release. Jeffery Addison of George, eldest son of James Addison, dead (1), Hannah Addison relict of James Addison (2) and William Wells (3), 1ac pasture, 1r land, 1r in Sweet Hill field, 1ac 2r 0p meadow, 3ac Cooper's Close, £950.
KFIELDEN/F5/34/6Lease and Release. Elizabeth Edwards of Stilton, widow of William Edwards, late of Glatton and before that the felict of John Dawes late of Glatton, 22.5ac of fen or marsh at Glatton with Holme, to George Maule on trust for William Gosling and Elizabeth, his wife.
KFIELDEN/F5/36/2Fine. John Gray, plaintiff, Sam Addenbrookes and Ann, his wife and William Austin and Ann, his wife, defendants, 2 messuages, two cottages, 3ac land, 3ac pasture, lackwood and common pasture in Great Catworth and Holme, £60.
KFIELDEN/F5/36/8Absolute Surrender. William Martin to Thomas Wells parcel of fen ground called a sedge lot in Sedge Fen with a fishing dyke adjoining, late Price Devereaux, and also a feeding part of 3ac 3r 0p and a piece of fen of 6ac in Holme fen (late Francis Johnson) a late occupied by John Martin.
KFIELDEN/F5/59/1Covenant. William Wells, senior, James Hall of Bloomsbury, Thomas Wells, R.N. William Wells junior of Rotherhythe concerning riverside property in Trinity Street, London.
KFIELDEN/F5/43/1Lease for a year and conveyance. Reverend William Sanderson of Little Addington, Northants, and Fulwood Sanderson, trustees under will of Reverend Anthony Sanderson, late of Barnwell to Joseph Simpson of Stilton and Joseph Vise of Stilton, 30ac pasture in Caldecote, late William Wade and 14ac pasture in Caldecote.
KHAC5/5307/15/55Photograph of the Engine Drain looking SW near Allen's Engine. The building on the left is Mr Fielden's boathouse. Engine Farm is in the distance near the trees. A steam engine is near the house on the right, working the temporary pump
KFIELDEN/F5/58/7Release. Messrs White and others to George Sanderson of a legacy charged on estates at Glatton and Holme by the will of William Dickens, deceased.
KHAC5/5551/1Scrapbook belonging to John Ireson, land agent, Holmewood Estate, Holme, with newspaper cuttings and photographs relating to Holme and Mr JA Fielden
KHAC5/5551Album/scrapbook of photographs and newscuttings relating to the Holmewood Estate and Mr JA Fielden compiled by John Ireson, land agent; loose pages from an album of Lilian Ireson of Holme, mostly relating to the activities of the wartime WVS and the Holme Working Party, which Mrs Ireson chaired
KFIELDEN/F1/13/5Lease and Release. Mrs Laxton and another to William Gosling
KFIELDEN/F2/17/16Absolute Surrender. Mary Morley to Samuel Buckle (copy)
KFIELDEN/F1/16/5Abstract of Title of mortgages of James Sams with Counsel's opinion in fold
KFIELDEN/F1/6/25Extract from Court Roll. Robert Peake's Estate
KFIELDEN/F1/13/7Final Agreement made in the High Court of Justice between Thomas Bird and others
KFIELDEN/F2/11/2Abstract of Title. Sarah Blackburn, late Sarah Atterton
KFIELDEN/F2/17/20Bond of Indemnity. Samuel Buckle to Robert Hunt
KFIELDEN/F4/1/44Account. Newton and Wallingford of St Ives, to George Sanderson.
KFIELDEN/F5/4/5Licence. Robert Clavering, Bishop of Peterborough to Reverend George Wilson.
KFIELDEN/F4/8/24Reconveyance. Hewitt and Butt to Simpson and Newton.
KFIELDEN/F3/4/25Transfer of Mortgage. William Bowyer to john Watts.
KFIELDEN/F5/31/8Absolute Surrender. Thomas Buzzard to George Sanderson of Glatton
KFIELDEN/F4/5/9Admission. Thomas Woadby on death of John Woadby.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/22Admission. Robert Roe of Glatton on surrender of James Yeardye.
KFIELDEN/F3/8/16Feoffment. William Paine to Samuel Green and Elizabeth, his wife, of Denton.
KFIELDEN/F5/13/11Recovery. For surrender by Mathew Woodstock to Joseph Sibley.
KFIELDEN/F5/23/1Admission. Robert Sharman to a messuage in Holme on surrender by Mathew Woodstock.
KFIELDEN/F3/4/29Transfer of Mortgage. William Langford to Charles Banks
KFIELDEN/F5/44/2Lease and Release. Robert Miller to James Simmonds, £30.
KFIELDEN/F5/13/15Conditional Surrender. Ann Sibley to John Gray, £250 and interest.
KFIELDEN/F3/7/6Admission. William Fuller on surrender of Ann Fuller to above estate.
KFIELDEN/F2/14/5Conveyance. Stephen Ballard to William Wells of the above land in Holme Fen
KFIELDEN/F5/28/5Admission. Reverend Thomas Edwards M.A. to rectory of Caldecote.
KFIELDEN/F2/13/5Conveyance. Mss M.A. Johnson and Howlett Johnson to William Sams
KFIELDEN/F3/4/28Transfer of Mortgage. John Watts to William Langford.
KFIELDEN/F5/33/16Lease and Release. William Wells to Thomas Wells.
KFIELDEN/F2/1/10Deed of Covenant. Nevell to Dawes, to produce documents
KFIELDEN/F2/18/3Conveyance. G.N.R to William Smith. (copy)
KFIELDEN/F3/3/7Further Charges to secure £13,900, same parties
KFIELDEN/F4/1/19Bond. James Yeardye to John Martin of Glatton, £33.
KFIELDEN/F5/58/5Admission. George Sanderson on surrender by Thomas Addison, 2ac Close.
KFIELDEN/F2/3/8Covenant. Same parties as above to produce deeds.
KFIELDEN/F4/5/17Admission on recovery, Robert Fowler.
KFIELDEN/F5/58/6Agreement. Thomas and Mary Buzzard (1), and William Kirkby and Rebecca, his wife (2).
KFIELDEN/F5/25/5Conditional Surrender. Isaac palmer to John Whitehead of Whittlesey, £40.
KFIELDEN/F1/8/19Abstract of Title of surviving trustee of T.F. Forrest, dead, to land at Stilton
KFIELDEN/F2/13/1Conveyance. William Knighton to Howlett Collison, land at Holme
KFIELDEN/F5/2/4Bond. 16 of performance, annuity and mortgage.
KFIELDEN/F1/13/11Copy of will. William Gosling of Holme
KFIELDEN/F2/7/4Conveyance. William Smith to John Coles
KFIELDEN/F2/20/9Surrender. William Peak to William Wells
KFIELDEN/F3/4/33Release. Charles banks and John Watts to David Corney.
KFIELDEN/F3/4/37Mortgage. Robert Stokes to Robert Corney.
KFIELDEN/F4/4/9Draft Will. George Sanderson of Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F5/16/10Lease and Release. William Addison of Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F4/5/30Fine. Charles Berkeley plaintiff and Robert and Elizabeth Fowler deforciants.
KFIELDEN/F5/31/9Admission. George Sanderson on surrender of Thomas Buzzard.
KFIELDEN/F3/2/14Transfer. Same parties, mortgage securities for £73,700.
KFIELDEN/F2/12/6Abstract of Title. Trustee of George Newton Day
KFIELDEN/F2/21/1Conveyance. Mrs Sarah Blacburn to Miss Mary Ann Johnson, land at Holme
KFIELDEN/F5/33/14Release. Robert Peake to William Wells.
KFIELDEN/F5/5/4Release. William Fuller to Elias Fuller.
KFIELDEN/F3/1/25Will. William Ricketts of Lolham, Northants, miller
KFIELDEN/F5/6/9Fine related to mortgage involving Thomas Woodstock.
KFIELDEN/F2/21/7Surrender and Release. J.G. Johnson to William Wells
KFIELDEN/F2/3/9Covenant. To produce deeds, Charles Robertson to William Wells
KFIELDEN/F1/6/26Admission. Joseph Peake under will of Robert Peake
KFIELDEN/F5/1/8Further Charge. Nathan Gibson to Thomas Sayer, £20.
KFIELDEN/F2/17/17Admission. Samuel Buckle on surrender of Mary Morley (copy)
KFIELDEN/F5/55/3Admission. Peter Addison to same on surrender by William Gibson.
KFIELDEN/F2/15/3Assignment. Land Improvement Co. to Lady Elizabeth Wells of charge for £103/2/8
KFIELDEN/F1/6/2Admission. Peter Adison to feeding part of 4ac 0r 20p adjoining Long and Short Droves, Glatton
KFIELDEN/F3/3/4Abstract of Title. Sir Richard Digby Neave, Bart, to two cottages and land at Holme
KFIELDEN/F3/1/24Letters of administration. Effects of John Pitts, dead
KFIELDEN/F3/3/23Abstract of Title. William Wells to two parcels of land at Caldecote.
KFIELDEN/F5/33/21Abstract of Title. Philip Castell Sherrard, lands at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F3/1/23Mortgages. By demise for 500 years to secure £200 on messuage in Church Street, Stilton. John Pitts of Stilton to Elizabeth Worthington of Stilton, spinster
KFIELDEN/F3/3/12Transfer. H.S Fairfoot to Henry Hughes and R.N. Neville of 6 mortgage debts of £36,700, £5,000, £13,000, £7,000 and £10,000 above mentioned.
KFIELDEN/F5/26/6Attested copy of lease for a year. Messrs Grond, Maydewell and Bayley to Arthur Annesley of the Inner Temple, 94ac of pasture land at Caldecote.
KFIELDEN/F3/3/8Further Charge to secure £7,000, same parties
KFIELDEN/F4/5/19Admission. Ann Marriott to moiety of land at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F5/13/14Recovery for admission of Ann Sibley.
KFIELDEN/F2/17/1Extract from admission of Peter Addison and wife
KFIELDEN/F4/8/14Mortgage. Sam Wells to George Game Day, for securing £300.
KFIELDEN/F1/6/4Admission. Ann Addision on death of father Peter Addision
KFIELDEN/F4/5/16Admission. Robert Fowler on a surrender of Thomas and Ann Marriott.
KFIELDEN/F5/4/4Licence. Robert Clavering, Bishop of Peterborough to Reverend George Wilson.
KFIELDEN/F5/19/2Fine. Thomas Asher, plaintiff and Thomas Palmer and Mary his wife deforciants.
KFIELDEN/F2/2/10Abstract of Title. Charles Margetts and Reverend Henry Margetts to land conveyed as last above
KFIELDEN/F5/25/1Admission. Francis Palmer and Mary, his wife, to two fen feeding parts at Holme, on death of Isaac Palmer.
KFIELDEN/F5/58/3Assignment. Mr and Mrs Tapp to Mrs Sanderson, interest in Glatton estate.
KFIELDEN/F5/19/12Admission. Jonathon Clark on surrender of Ann Mathews.
KFIELDEN/F4/7/4Release. Sam Wells to Bratfield Pitts and his Trustees tithe free close of fenland in Stilton.
KFIELDEN/F2/9/3Conveyance. John Smith to Mordaunt Lawson Wells, 5ac turf lots at Stilton Fen
KFIELDEN/F5/19/19Surrender. Isaac Deboe to John Hinde of Sawtry, same land.
KFIELDEN/F5/11/14Admission. Susannah Palmer, wife of Francis P and sister and heir of Thomas Townsen to last mentioned lands.
KFIELDEN/F1/9/7Duplicate Acknowledgement of satisfaction for above loan. A. Ashton to Steward
KFIELDEN/F5/1/11Release. John Whitehead to John Howell, 2 hoses and 80ac at Denton.
KFIELDEN/F2/6/7Bond of Indemnity. William Lawrence to William Wells
KFIELDEN/F3/7/7Admission. Jane Fuller on surrender of Edward Choate and Elizabeth Choate, his daughter.
KFIELDEN/F5/11/4Conditional Surrender. Thomas Townsen to William Nicholls of Yaxley, £20.
KFIELDEN/F4/8/18Mortgage. J.D. Simpson and A. Newton to Mrs L. Palmer, £1,000 estate as above.
KFIELDEN/F5/41/5Recovery. Thomas Morre, demandant, William Blundwick, tenant, Joseph Sibley, vouchee.
KFIELDEN/F4/7/8Release. Same parties and same piece of fen, and as last above.
KFIELDEN/F4/12/1Lease for a year, William Hopkinson to William Roe and others, land at Bletsoe, Bedfordshire.
KFIELDEN/F2/18/6Surrender and Release. William Smith to William Wells
KFIELDEN/F2/17/8Admission. William Squire on surrender of John Haggard Alderman
KFIELDEN/F5/1/13Lease and Release. Nathan Gibson to John Howell, lands at Denton.
KFIELDEN/F5/16/12Assignment of Mortgage. James Addison and John Gray to James Neave.
KFIELDEN/F3/2/6Abstract of Title. William Wells to estate in Glatton, Holme, Caldecote and Denton
KFIELDEN/F2/12/7Conveyance. George Newton Day and others to William Wells
KFIELDEN/F5/41/3Release. Ann Sibley and Joseph Sibley to Thomas Truman.
KFIELDEN/F4/5/26A Terrier. Lands of Robert Fowler in fields of Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F5/33/9Abstract of Title. Jeffery Addison to freehold estate in Manor of Glatton with Holme.
KFIELDEN/F5/55/5Bond on surrender by Thomas Wright of Oundle and Sarah, his wife to William Wells.
KFIELDEN/F3/1/36Conditions of Sale of land at Stilton on sale by Charles William B. Pitts and Maria Pitts.
KFIELDEN/F3/3/17Supplemental Abstract of Title. William Wells showing Glatton and Holme Inclosure Act and Award.
KFIELDEN/F5/25/3Admission. Susannah Palmer on surrender by Francis Palmer.
KFIELDEN/F3/1/40Power of attorney. Charles William B. Pitts of same place to John Bird.
KFIELDEN/F1/15/2Admission. John Barker on surrender of John Woodstock, 5 feeding parts and a messuage
KFIELDEN/F5/13/12Admission. William Sibley on surrender by Catherine Sharrard and john Sharrard.
KFIELDEN/F5/20/2Lease and Release. John Ibbott of Glatton, butcher, to Joseph Palmer of Stilton, 2 houses at Denton for £32.
KFIELDEN/F2/15/6Deed of Covenant. William Wells to Messrs Caird, Hurrell and Lewis
KFIELDEN/F5/24/1Deeds in Schedule. Deeds as set out in the schedule relating to freehold messuage and garden at Holme.
KFIELDEN/F5/36/4Lease and Release. Lydia Martin (relict of John Martin) and John Martin, her son to Thomas Wells of Holme, messuage at Holme, £40.
KFIELDEN/F5/33/19Abstract of Title. Reverend Jonathon Warren to Advowson of Caldecote.
KFIELDEN/F5/31/10Condition of sale and agreement referring to Lot 1 of annexed particulars (missing).
KFIELDEN/F2/24/4Conveyance. Surplus lands at Holme, Ramsey Railway Company to William Wells
KFIELDEN/F5/33/4Bill and Account. From Thomas Truman and of his part of the Chancery Costs.
KFIELDEN/F1/6/14Copy of Admission for Judith Peake under will of Robert Peake of 3 fen feedings and a cottage
KFIELDEN/F5/6/13Assignment of Mortgage. James Torkington (1), John Woodstock (2) and Charlotte Peters (3).
KFIELDEN/F3/11/2Abstract of Title. William Morley to an estate at Caldecote commencing with the above deed.
KFIELDEN/F2/26/1Conveyance. Earl of Zealand to William Wells, 5ac 1r 8p at Stilton Fen
KFIELDEN/F5/6/6Mortgage. John Woodstock to Uriah Harris, junior of Wistow, 500years to secure £61/10/-
KFIELDEN/F3/2/7Abstract of Title. Estate in Holme bought' by William Wells of Messrs Nash in 1820
KFIELDEN/F3/2/20Abstract of Title. William Wells to estates at Glatton, Holme, Caldecote and Denton.
KFIELDEN/F5/13/3Admission. William Henson on death of brother Thomas Henson , 3r land in Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F3/1/15Abstract of Title. Trustees of Arthur Annesley to Manor of Hemington and other estates in Stilton
KFIELDEN/F3/3/24Abstract of Title. William Wells to an estate at Holme purchased of William Sams
KFIELDEN/F3/1/43Abstract of Title. Trustees of Will of Harriet Hurst of freehold land at Stilton (lot 12 in auction)
KFIELDEN/F5/41/6Lease and Release. Catherine Sherrard to William Sibley, messuage and lands at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F5/26/13Conveyance. Arthur Annesley and others to Reverend Francis Annesley and others on trust for sale.
KFIELDEN/F5/11/17Admission. William Wells on surrender by Isaac Palmer of 4 alder lots. (3 in flaghill and 1 in Foxed Fen).
KFIELDEN/F2/3/2Conveyance. (On Exchange) Michael Goodwin to Thomas George Apreese of same estate
KFIELDEN/F2/22/1Abstract of Title. George Sanderson to a feeding lot in Holme Fen of 1ac 3r 16p
KFIELDEN/F5/21/3Abstract of Title. To exchanged lands at Caldecote for opinion of Mr Joseph Banks.
KFIELDEN/F4/5/10Admission. Robert Fowler and Maria Fowler on surrender of Joseph Hodson, land at Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F5/11/7Conditional Surrender. Thomas Townsend to Ann Arnold of Bourne, Lincolnshire, £150
KFIELDEN/F1/13/10Lease and Release. John Green to George Maule in trust for William Gosling
KFIELDEN/F5/11/15Surrender. Susannah Palmer to William Wells with bond of same date, above lands.
KFIELDEN/F5/8/6Release. Sir John Cotton to trustees.
KFIELDEN/F5/17/1Bond. To secure surrender of property at Holme, Henry Lowe and William Hine to Thomas Ferrar.
KFIELDEN/F3/4/26Transfer of Mortgage. William Bowyer to William Langford of Ramsey, harness maker, £400.
KFIELDEN/F3/8/2Receipted Bill. For £9 paid by Roger Comberton by ??? Dowell for costs regarding R. Bennison.
KFIELDEN/F2/17/22Admission. Robert Henry Hunts and Frederick Hunts on surrender of Robert Hunt (copy)
KFIELDEN/F3/4/17Transfer of Mortgage. From Fred Kisby to John Puttrell Woods of St Ives, carriage builder, for £450.
KFIELDEN/F2/17/12Admission. James Wilson and Mary, his wife, from Edward Saxton (copy)
KFIELDEN/F5/48/5Assignment of above lease Alexander John and George Augustus Nash to William Wells.
KFIELDEN/F3/3/16Abstract of Title. William Wells to estates at Glatton, Holme, Caldecote and Denton.
KFIELDEN/F5/27/19Conditional Surrender. Nicholas Bellamy to Jonathon Cox of Peterborough, to secure above £200
KFIELDEN/F5/16/8Assignment of Mortgage. William Addison and James Taylor to Francis Draper of Stilton.
KFIELDEN/F5/14/19Admission. George R. on surrender by William Jallard and his wife.
KFIELDEN/F5/6/5Mortgage. Edmund Woodstock to Reverend Mathew Hunt, messuages and lands at Holme, 500 year, £400.
KFIELDEN/F3/10/1Admission. Richard Trolley to messuage and 1r in common street at Holme on surrender of John Roe.
K1383/A/8/1/1/274Copy letter to Prof. G. Sims Woodhead, Cambridge, about how to obtain a donation from Mr Fielden
KFIELDEN/F5/23/2Admission. William Griffin on surrender by Robert Mailey (Admission under will of Robert Sharman, dated 13 May 1760)
KFIELDEN/F4/9/7Collateral Security. William wells Esq, to Peregrine Roberts and John Farnaby Lamard Esq
KHAC4/4945/2/1Description of properties acquired by J.A. Fielden (incomplete)
KFIELDEN/F5/27/5Admission. Robert Mitchell on surrender by John Monk to farmhouse and land in Glatton and Holme.
KHAC4/4945/5/2GNR railway line proposed widening between Holme and Yaxley and showing the cutting owned by Mr Fielden
KFIELDEN/F5/19/18Admission. Isaac Deboe of Holme, son of Peter Deboe, on surrender of Catherine Johnson, a turf lot of 6ac.
KFIELDEN/F2/24/1Abstract of Title. Ramsey Railway Company to 3ac 2r 9p of freehold land at Holme (Late Grosvenor Hopkinson)
KFIELDEN/F4/8/19Deed of Covenant to produce deeds. George Game Day to J.D. Simpson and A Newton.
KFIELDEN/F5/26/5Mortgage. Gardner and Mingay by direction of Sam Rash and wife Martha Rolls to secure £500.
KFIELDEN/F1/17/3Abstract of Title. Mrs Emma Simpson and Captain H.A. Moriarty to moiety of 7ac in Stilton Fen
KFIELDEN/F3/3/20Abstract of Title. William Wells to an estate at Holme bought' from Messrs Nash in 1820.
KFIELDEN/F4/5/33Cashbook with no indication of its purpose or to what it is related.
KFIELDEN/F4/8/2Conveyance. Sam Wells Esq to George Robson Esq, turf lets in Stilton.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/12Will and Codicil. Sir John Cotton
KFIELDEN/F4/8/6Bargain and Sale. John Shearman to Sam Wells, 30ac of Adventure Fenland in Stilton.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/42Letter. Bletsoe and Sanderson to Benjamin Sayer, at Tax Office, London as to their difficulties in collection.
KFIELDEN/F3/3/10Further Charges to secure the sum of £10,000, William Wells to J.J. Wells and Henry Hughes.
KFIELDEN/F1/6/27Release and Surrender. Joseph Peake to William Wells (Lord of Manor)
KFIELDEN/F2/4/1Lease and Release. Sir Richard Hetley to Robert Peak Junior
KFIELDEN/F2/1/6Admission. Elizabeth Dawes on surrender of Ellis Rhime, a feeding part in Short Drove at Holme
KFIELDEN/F5/53/1Assignment. Richard Wells to trustees of William Wells and the Honourable Captain Grenville Levison Proby, of partition by way of mortgage to secure £3,000.
KFIELDEN/F5/57/1Admission. Robert Fowler on 2 messuages, 80ac land, 10ac meadow, 12ac pasture and 1 messuage with 1r land, rent £2/16/4, fine £11/5/4.
KFIELDEN/F2/11/1Admission. Sarah Atterton on surrender of John Atterton to cottage and land at Holme
KHP61/6/4/13Correspondence and other papers concerning the restoration works to the chancel
KFIELDEN/F3/3/5Conveyance. John Joseph Wells and Henry Hughes (1), Right Honourable Lady Elizabeth Wells, widow of William Wells (2), William Wells of Holme (3) and Edward Fellowes, M.P. of Ramsey Abbey (4) of 5 pieces of land in parish of Holme.
KFIELDEN/F3/3/25Draft Charge. William Wells to Landowners West of England Drainage and Inclosure Company of lands at Holme, Glatton, Denton, to secure £2542/7/0
KFIELDEN/F3/4/1Bargain and Sale. John Osborne of St Ives, Ironmonger and Elizabeth, his wife, to Joseph Sibley of Ramsey, turfman and George Avery of Ramsey, ditto.
KFIELDEN/F3/4/11Lease and Release. John Stokes of Holme to William Wells of H. and Morley of Peterborough, cottage and 14 1/4ac land at H. in trust for 8 younger children of J.S. equally.
KFIELDEN/F3/4/13Assignment of Mortgage.
KFIELDEN/F3/4/19Conveyance of properties at Holme Long Drove.
KFIELDEN/F3/5/8Dissentailing Deed. Captain William Wells R.N (son of William Wells and Lady Elizabeth Wells) (1) to Henry Goodford of Lincoln's Inn (2) reciting by virtue of 1815 settlement and Acts of Parliament of Inclosure that Captain Wells was tenant in tail in possession of divers manors and lands at Glatton, Holme, Denton, Caldecote and Covington, which by this deed were disentailed so as to be vested in said Captain Wells in fee simple.
KFIELDEN/F3/8/10Printed Copy of Act of Parliament. For vesting lands at (interalia) Denton, Glatton late of Elizabeth Morgan, dead, in her niece Elizabeth Mackenzie, discharged from all interest of Master etc. of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge.
KFIELDEN/F3/9/1Surrender. William Selby and Elizabeth, his wife, John Lavinder and Elizabeth, his wife, and Robert Bayley and Maria, his wife of copyhold premises in Holme to use for Elizabeth Sculthorpe, widow, for life and then on her death to her son, John Taylor.
KFIELDEN/F3/11/1Deed. To lead to use of fine concerning 80ac of land in Saltree Turf Fen abutting on Monks Loade and commonly called Corporation or Adventurers Lands.
KFIELDEN/F3/13/1Contract. For redemption of Land Tax charged on estates at Glatton, Holme, Denton and Caldecote between Reverend James Devie and William Bowker (2 of the commissioners) and William Wells of Bickley, Kent.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/26Power of Attorney to distrain for annuity, Thomas Tapp of Bletsoe, Bedfordshire and Elizabeth, his wife (daughter of Robert Roe of Glatton) to Elizabeth Roe of Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F4/1/43Bond of Indemnity by George Sanderson, Barret Bletsoe, William Ward, John Ward, James Worthington of Stilton, Adam Knibb of Stilton and John Moyses of Holme, being principle inhabitants and charge bearers of parish of Glatton to George Sanderson and Barret Bletsoe for £200 on their taking distress for land tax against William Margetts.
KFIELDEN/F4/3/3Release. William Crocock of Stanground, shoemaker, heir of Christopher Crocock, dead, to William Wells of his right to the above turf lot.
KFIELDEN/F4/4/1Admission. George Sanderson on surrender of Original Jackson of 1ac 13p in Sweethill field, Glatton, lately set out by the Inclosure Commissioners to said O.J.
KFIELDEN/F4/4/2Admission. George Sanderson on surrender of William Kisby and his wife, Rebecca of Glatton. 3r 1p adjoining the above land, this also allotted by the Commissioners.
KFIELDEN/F4/4/4Absolute surrender. John Dawes Faulkner of Barnby Moor, east Yorkshire to use of George Sanderson, 3r 33p of new enclosed land in Glatton and 13r 13p adjoining and also 3r 4p also adjoining.
KFIELDEN/F4/5/7Feoffment. Charles Blowfry and Anna, his wife, of Glassmoor, Whittlesey, and Ralph Bulloak and Mary, his wife, of Sawtry Beams to Anna Hidson, wife of John H of Glatton, 4ac land at Glatton, £15.
KFIELDEN/F4/5/23Admission. Robert Fowler the elder and Robert Fowler the younger and Sophie, his wife, to moiety of lands as last above to use of said Robert Fowler elder for life he paying Robert Fowler the younger £20 per year thereout and same to Sophia after death of her husband.
KFIELDEN/F4/6/1Lease for 21 years. John Woodward and others, being Commissioners of appeal appointed by the Eau Brink Drainage Commissioners, to William Wells of Redleaf, Kent, 3 pieces of land at Holme, adjoining Whittlesey Mere, containing 209ac
KFIELDEN/F4/9/5Transfer of Charge. Lord Henry Kerr and others to Thomas George Gorbett Esq and others to Thomas George Gorbett Esq and others on lands in Huntingdonshire to secure £2542/7/0.
KFIELDEN/F4/10/1Mortgage. William Wells to J.J. Wells and Henry Hughes Esq, Manor of Glatton and Holme, £36,700 and interest, schedules
KFIELDEN/F4/10/6Deed. For charging the whole of the certain mortgage debts amounting to £114624/5/8 upon the whole of the estates comprised in the respective securities for the same and for postponing Lady Elizabeth Wells' jointure and mortgages to the same. William Wells jointure and mortgages to the same, William Wells and Lady Elizabeth Wells to R.N. Grenville and Lord Vernon.
KFIELDEN/F5/6/3Lease and Release. Edward Woodstock of Holme, grocer, to Thomas Cox, Edmund Hunt and Francis Freeman on his marriage to Ann Freeman of 2 messuage at Holme and several lots of land on trust for Edward Woodstock for life, remainder to Ann for life and then heirs of body of Edward |Woodstock.
KFIELDEN/F5/8/1Settlement. Sir Thomas Cotton of Connington, John Cotton, his son, Sir Thomas Soame of Kimberley, Norfolk, Walter Chetwyn, of Staffordshire, Robert Bernard.
KFIELDEN/F5/9/22Lease for a year. Mary Cotton daughter of Sir John Cotton (1) Sir Cardell Firebrace Bart, Sir Robert Burdett Bart and Charles Jennens (2) her fourth share in the Hunts properties.
KFIELDEN/F5/11/13Admission. Susannah and Thomas Townsen to a messuage in Holme, 4.5ac of arable in Glatton fields, 1r meadow in Holme Doles, one fen feeding in Holme and one other fen feeding, and two alder lots.
KFIELDEN/F5/11/20Admission. William Wells on surrender by Jeffery Addison of a messuage in Glatton. 17.5ac and 1r land in Glatton fields and close called Coopers Close, 14ac land and 25ac land and 3ac land late Newbournes.
KFIELDEN/F5/11/22Admission. William Wells on surrender by Susannah Palmer, sister and heir at law of Thomas Townsen, messuage on Holme, 4ac 2r 0p land in open field in Glatton and a fen feeding in Broadhursts and 2 alder lots.
KFIELDEN/F5/16/1Lease for a Year. William Bassingham of Eye and others to Thomas Whitehead of Eye, 1 close of pasture in Glatton called Uppon Holme of 1.5ac and also 0.5ac arable in West Field of Glatton and 1r of other arable in Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F5/16/2Lease and Release. William Bassingham and others to Jeffery Addison, 1ac close called Sweet Hill close in Glatton, 3r land in Netherfield, 1r of land in West Field at the top of Lambs Lane and also 1ac 2r of meadow.
KFIELDEN/F5/17/3Admission. William Horne and Judith, his wife, on death of Thomas Ferrar, brother of Judith, to messuage called Charlotte and three shops called Charlotte and three shops called Northorness, a piece of land where a house once stood then burnt down called Swans Piece, and a piece of land with a barn, all at Holme. Rent 4/8, fine 18/8.
KFIELDEN/F5/19/17Surrender. William Gosling and Elizabeth, his wife to Thomas Wells, lord of the manor, messuage then divided into 2 abutting on Town Street and 2r pasture.
KFIELDEN/F5/20/1Bargain and Sale. Thomas Warner son of Thomas Warner, late of Raveley Magna to William Ibbott of Denton, one room with chamber over it in Town Street and a pingle or piece of land at Denton, for £6.
KFIELDEN/F5/22/4Fine. John Smith defendant and Robert Rowley and Elizabeth, his wife, deforciants whereby said Robert and Elizabeth Rowley in consideration of £100 acknowledged the right of said John Smith to one third part of the advowson of Caldecote and lands.
KFIELDEN/F5/22/13Deed of Gift. Advowson of Caldecote, Edward Tennant to his son the Reverend Ottwell T of Brington, Huts. (with lease for a year enclosed of 25 July 1814)
KFIELDEN/F5/26/2Fine. Robert Moxon and George Nelson, Plaintiffs, Sam Rashard and Dorothy, his wife, defendants, 130ac land and 130ac pasture at Glatton and land at Little Eaton, Derby.
KFIELDEN/F5/26/3Bargain and Sale. Robert Moxon and George Nelson to Stephen Gardner and William Mingay of 32ac land at Caldecote, near Stilton Road and 95ac pasture or enclosed land adjoining and a moiety of land at Derby.
KFIELDEN/F5/26/19Particulars and Conditions of sale of Manors of Sawtry, Stilton, Caldecote, Little Gidding by trustees of Arthur Annesley deceased in 16 lots, lot 16 constituting of 95ac of freehold land at Caldecote
KFIELDEN/F5/27/8Feoffment. John Gray junior of Steeple Gidding to George Robinson of Sawtry All SS, messuage and close of pasture of 1ac at Holme and 3ac pasture and 4ac alder land.
KFIELDEN/F5/27/12Agreement. R.M.R and Edward Bellamy for sale of 18ac called Chalderbeach Parts, 6ac in Long Drove, 3ac in Brick Kiln Close, 3.5ac near the town, 12ac in Short Drove and 2 homesteads for £614/10/-.
KFIELDEN/F5/27/13Appointment. Under power of settlement July 1770 by R.M.R. to his son William Hurd R. of St Mary lebone, messuage and close of land of 1ac at Holme, 3ac pasture in Short Drove and 4ac of Alder lots.
KFIELDEN/F5/27/21Lease for a year. Thomas Smith of Chatteris to George Maule of Huntingdon, messuage and lands in Holme, 3ac, 18ac etc, on trust of a release prepared to be executed the following day (missing).
KFIELDEN/F5/30/1Assignment of Mortgage. For £400, Charlotte Peters of St Martins in the Fields, Middlesex(1), John Woodstock of Holme (2) and Elizabeth Little of Peterborough (3) secured on a messuage occupied by John Woodstock at Holme and another messuage at Holme and land.
KFIELDEN/F5/30/2Collateral Mortgage. John Woodstock to Robert Culledge of Little Stukeley, Inn keeper for £100 on 2 neighbouring houses at Glatton and Holme, a brick kiln and lime house and land of 5ac and also 50ac of turf and alder lots in Glatton, for 1000 years.
KFIELDEN/F5/32/2Feoffment. Latham Brickwood and Mary, his wife, to Enderbee Yeardye of a messuage in Glatton, between cottage of ??? Sibley on East Common Street or Kings Highway to North and land of Sir John Cotton, Bart, to south and west, occupied by Samuel Taylor
KFIELDEN/F5/35/1Assignment. Charles Jennans (1), Sir John Cotton (2), Thomas Hart and Jane, his wife and Thomas Bowdler and Elizabeth Stuart, his wife, Francis Cotton and Mary Cotton, being only children of Sir John Cotton (3), Thomas Truman (4) James George Douglas, of various lands etc. including Manor of Glatton.
KFIELDEN/F5/37/1Assignment. Jane Fuller, widow and executor of Reverend William Fuller, dead (1) Thomas Hussey Apreece of Washingley and Dorothy, his wife (2) and other parties.
KFIELDEN/F5/37/2Conveyance. Sir Thomas Lamb of Brocker Hall, Hertfordshire, one of the devisees named in the will of William Fuller late of Milton Hall, Castor, Northants (1) Jane Fuller of Stamford, sole executor and residing legatee named in said will (2) and Thomas Hussey Apreece and Dorothy, his wife (3) Armstead Parker of Peterborough (4) and Thomas Truman, Lord of the Manor of Glatton (5).
KFIELDEN/F5/45/2Appointment and Release. Sir John Trevelyan of Nettlecombe, Somerset, Sir William Dolben Bt of Finedon and Jacob Whitbread of Soberton, Southampton
KHCP/15/1697/8/3Police. a) 1 June 1857. Agreement for consolidation of Huntingdonshire County police with borough police force of Huntingdon b) 4 July 1857. Similar Agreement for Borough of Godmanchester. c) 25 June 1901. Letter of Secretary of State approving Lt. Col. Alan George Chichester's appointment as chief constable. d) 25 June 1935. Agreement [between] Standing Joint Committee and John Ashdon Fielden of Holmehood, [for] providing Special Constable for Holmewood Estate.
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