Person NameCromwell; Richard (1626-1712); Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland (1658-1659)
TitleLord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland (1658-1659)
ActivityThe Cromwell family was descended from the sister of Henry VIII's Chief Minister Thomas Cromwell. They were comfortably in the minor gentry but when Richard was born his father was not especially wealthy, as his uncle had inherited most of the family's estates. Being educated at a public school and acquiring a degree of knowledge of the law were fairly typical of the landed gentry, though there is no record of Richard having attended university. Had his father not become a leading figure in the conflicts of the 1640s Richard would likely have remained in relative obscurity. He spent some time fighting in the New Model Army in the late 1640s, though does not seem to have distinguished himself. Following the death of Charles I he seems to have been content to take on relatively minor roles and live off the proceeds of his estate in Hursley. He served in various roles in the 1650s including JP and MP, but his most notable office is serving as the successor of his father as Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland, a position with essentially dictatorial powers. He only held this role from September 1658 to May 1659 and has often been seen as ineffective in this position, though others defend him as inheriting an untenable position. For twenty years after he was deposed he travelled the courts of Europe, living for a time in Paris then Geneva, and thereafter retired to live in obscurity supported by the proceeds of his estate in Hursley appearing to the world as just another minor gentleman.
RelationshipsFather: Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658)
Mother: Elizabeth Cromwell nee Bourchier (1598-1665)
Spouse: Dorothy Maijor (c.1620-1675)
Children: Elizabeth Cromwell (1650-1731)
Edward Cromwell (1644-1688)
Anne Cromwell (1651-1652)
Mary Cromwell (1654)
Oliver Cromwell (1656-1705)
Dorothy Cromwell (1657-1658)
Anna Cromwell (1659-1727)
Dorothy Cromwell (1660-1681)
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KAcc731/B/19Patent of Richard Cromwell, Lord Protector, appointing his brother Henry Governor General of Ireland; with the Great Seal of the Protectorate.
KAcc731/B/21Exemplification by Richard Cromwell of the enrolment of a Commission to enquire into Protectorate lands in County Tyrone, and of an Inquisition taken at Strabane, 25 Feb 1658
KHAC5/5742Folder of Cromwell Association correspondence and papers
KAR56/5/15William Parker v. Elizabeth and Thomas Parker. Exemplification of a Fine, levied in Trinity Term, 1655, relating to 165 acres land, 6 acres meadow, and 1 acre pasture in Bottisham, with certificate of 4 proclamations. Consideration, £120.
KAcc731Bush Collection of Cromwell documents
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