Person NameCromwell; Sir; Oliver (c.1562-1655); Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire (1598-1599)
TitleSheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire (1598-1599)
ActivitySir Oliver Cromwell was the grandson of Richard Williams alias Cromwell (1510-1544) who was a leading figure in the Dissolution of the Monasteries, and his father and grandfather were prominent figures at court. The family profited greatly from the Dissolution, and Sir Oliver Cromwell's two main seats - Hinchingbrooke and Ramsey - were purchased at this time. The family lived as courtiers and landowners who held a variety of local offices as befitted their stature in society. Sir Oliver was appointed to a number of such roles, including JP, Captain of Musters, Custos Rotulorum (Keeper of the Rolls), recorder of Huntingdon, and served in eight parliaments over a period of almost forty years. He was a favourite of King James VI and I who would often stop at Hinchingbrooke House on his way to hunt, and felt so at home in Cromwell's seat that he appointed a keeper of the wardrobe there in 1614. His hospitality towards the new king on his way to be crowned was praised by observers and he was rewarded with a slew of honours at King James' coronation. He briefly served as attorney to Queen Anne of Denmark (1574-1619), subscribed to the Virginia venture and was a Commissioner for draining the Fens, however his extravagance led to him amassing substantial debts which led to him selling Hinchingbrooke to appease his creditors, which he did in 1627. From this time on he retired from public life to Ramsey, but at the time of the English Civil War he remained staunchly on the side of the Royalists despite their waning fortunes and his nephew Oliver Cromwell's (1599-1658) leading role in the Parliamentary cause. Like other unrepentant Royalists, his estates were confiscated but they were later returned to him by the influence of his nephew. Despite this, his backing of the Royalists sapped the remains of his wealth and he died a poor man. He was well-remembered for his gentlemanly disposition, his generosity in hosting and his loyalty to his principles, but ultimately he drained his family's resources significantly and his sons would never attain the same prominence as he.
RelationshipsFather: Sir Henry Williams alias Cromwell (1535-1604)
Mother: Joan Warren (1545-1584)
Spouses: Elizabeth Bromley (1566-1600)
Anne Hooftman (1565-1626)
Children: Henry Cromwell (1586-1657)
Thomas Cromwell (1588-1635)
John Cromwell (1589-1637 or 1646)
William Cromwell (1593-1665)
Catherine Cromwell (1594-1613)
Elizabeth Cromwell (1595-1666)
Jane Cromwell (b.1595)
Joan Cromwell (b. 1598)
Oliver Cromwell (c.1598-1628)
Giles Cromwell (c.1603-1673)
Anna Cromwell (1603-1663)
Mary Cromwell (dates unknown)
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