Person NameHeathcote; John (1767-1838); of Conington Castle; MP
Titleof Conington Castle
ActivityJohn Heathcote (1767-1838) was the only son of John Heathcote FRS (1727-1795) and as such, unlike his father and later his son, he inherited all of the family lands, including the Manor of Chingford Earls (or Chingford Comitis) in Essex which had passed into the hands of his mother. The prosperity of his family at this time is attested by the existence of a portrait of the young John Heathcote (1767-1838) by Thomas Gainsborough, one of England's foremost painters of the latter half of the 18th century. He served as MP for Gatton in Surrey from 1796-1798, which was one of the most notorious rotten boroughs. He was selected for this seat after his cousin, Sir Gilbert Heathcote, 4th Baronet (1773-1851) purchased it but discovered he had been selected instead to a seat in Lincolnshire. John held this seat for two years before instead being offered the seat for Ripon on the death of the holder, and he continued in this position until the patron required the seat for a relative of his. This corrupt system indicates that Heathcote was a man with many connections and was firmly ensconced in the gentry of the day. During his time as an MP he began the process of improving the estate at Conington Castle, which seemingly had been allowed to fall into disrepair and may have been roofless. He restored the house and made some process on draining the land which was liable to flooding. He inherited his mother's estates in Essex upon her death in 1822, and seems to have made every effort that his three sons would have means after his death, naming his youngest son George as Rector of Conington and Steeple Gidding as soon as he was ordained a priest in 1835. On his death his eldest son John Moyer Heathcote (1800-1892) inherited his Huntingdonshire estates and his second son Robert Boothby Heathcote (1805-1865) was given the lands in Chingford.
RelationshipsFather: John Heathcote FRS (1727-1795)
Mother: Lydia Moyer (m.1764, d.1822)
Spouse: Mary Anne Thornhill (c.1782-1854) daughter of George Thornhill (1738-1827)
Children: John Moyer Heathcote (1800-1892) m. Honourable Emily Frances Ridley-Colborne (1811 –1849), daughter of Nicholas Ridley-Colborne, 1st Baron Colborne.
Mary Anne Lydia Heathcote (c.1803-1876) m. George Hussey Packe (1797-1874)
Rev. Robert Boothby Heathcote (1805-1865) m. Charlotte Sotheby (d.1845), daughter of Admiral Thomas Sotheby and Lady Mary Anne Bourke
Frances Catherine Heathcote (c.1810-1882) m. William Henry Rooper (1808-1893)
Reverend George Heathcote (1811-1895) m. Catherine Sophia Southeby (1812-1840)
Linked entries in the catalogue
KCON/4/2/6/6Allotment of land in Little Stukeley to John Heathcote, Esq., Quantity and yearly value given.
KAH/31/234Meeting house petition submitted by Thos Bateman and William Whitney, John Heathcote's house, Upton
KCON/4/2/14/17Request for Payment to John Heathcote, Esq. to pay to Messrs. Hardisty and Parker £7.10s. From S. Francoons(?).
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/14/176Account book of Mary Anne Thornhill, deceased, John Heathcote Esq., and George Thornhill Esq., in account with Messrs. Child and Co.
KCON/4/2/20/3Act for Inclosing and exonerating from tithes, lands in the parish of Great Stewkley, otherwise Stukeley.
KCON/4/2/6/13Particular, Rental and Valuation of Mr. John Heathcote's Estate at Upton.
KAH/26/238/32Mandate for induction: George Heathcote B.A., Rector of Connington: patron, John Heathcote of Connington Co. Hunts Esq.
KCON/3/3/D/33Copy Court Roll; Admission; Of John Heathcote, Conington Castle, on surrender of Eliz. Eddings, for £60 from Heathcote to Eddings.
KCON/3/3/D/30Copy Court Roll; Admission of John Heathcote on surrender of Edward Lovett for £200 from Heathcote to Lovett.
KCON/4/1/1/5Rental Conington estates: Conington, Steeple Gidding, Sawtree, Great Stukeley, Little Stukeley, Alconbury, Upton
KCON/2/5/A/15Grant of Annuity (Deed Poll)
KCON/4/1/3/3Record of Charities of money, clothing and beef, doled out on the Conington estates - at Conington, Upton, Stukeley, Sawtry and Steeple Gidding. (N.B. labelled Xmas gifts - but does not agree with contents of vol.)
KCON/6/2/6Account Book of Mrs. Ann Skinner. Receipts and payments 1816-1822
KCON/4/2/14/18Account to John Moyer Heathcote, exor. of the late John Heathcote, Esq. from Messrs. Hardisty and Parker, and Messrs. Parker and Sculthorpe.
KCON/4/2/9/1Account Book Expenses for Conington Castle and estates.
KCON/4/1/1/4Rental Conington estates: Conington, Sawtry, Great Stukeley, Alconbury, Upton and Steeple Gidding. (Conington, Upton and Steeple G. include the cottage rents.)
KCON/4/2/6/4Appraisement of fixtures at Little Stukeley on the premises late or now in the occupation of Miss Baily taken for the proprietor John Heathcote, Esq. by Mr. Thomas Maile, Godmanchester. Covers woodwork inside the house and lead and piping outside.
KCON/4/2/21/5Plan (torn) Extract from plan accompanying Sawtry Enclosure Award.
KCON/3/5/12/20Admission (with Counterpart)
KCON/3/3/D/31Admission; Of John Heathcote, Esq., under a deed of bargain and sale of 7 Dec. 1828 from Messrs. John Dann, Lt.S., and Henry Gale, Great S., farmers, exors and trustees of the will of William Bebee, late of Lt.S., farmer, deceased.
KCON/2/2/2Will; John Heathcote, St. George's, Hanover Sq., Esq.
KCON/3/3/B/8Abstract of Title; Of John Heathcote, Esq., to the Manor of Great Stewkley and messuages and lands in Great and Little Stewkley, Rectory of Gt.S. with glebe lands and all tithes. Moiety of the Manor of Broughton with apps.
KCON/7/10/12Letter George Bramwell, Lincolns Inn Fields, to Lieut. Gnl. Robt. Manners, Messrs. Adair, Evans and Marjoribanks.
KCON/6/2/52Receipted Bill to John Heathcote, Esq., from Messrs. Hardisty and Parker (solicitors) for legal expenses re. the Will of Mrs. Ann Skinner.
KCON/6/2/2Account from Edwards, Lancaster and Edwards (solicitors)
KCON/6/2/44Receipted Bill to John Heathcote, from R. and J. Newton, undertakers, Wardour St., for the funeral of Mrs. Ann Skinner at Brompton Church.
KCON/4/1/3/5Executors' Accounts Receipts and Payments made by Lydia Heathcote as sole executrix of her husband, John Heathcote, who died on 19 July, 1795.
KCON/1/E/1Account from Little Stukeley General Court to John Heathcote, Esq., under a deed of Bargain and Sale from Mr. Bebee's Executors. Total £7.10.4d.
KCON/4/1/2/2Account Book of Conington estates. Receipts and payments. Conington, Upton and Stukeley to 1775. With Steeple Gidding from 1775. Saltree from 1806. Little Stukeley from 1815; Alconbury from 1828.
KAH/26/237/123Mandate for induction: Joseph Proctor D.D., Rector of Connington: patron, John Heathcote of Connington Castle Co. Hunt. Esq.
KCON/4/2/16/46Certificate of the Contract for the Redemption of Land Tax, County of Rutland.
KCON/4/2/2/16Rental of cottages on the Heathcote estates in Conington, Upton, Steeple Gidding.
KCON/4/2/6/5Particulars of Stukely Estate.
KCON/4/2/20/1Bill of costs incurred in soliciting and obtaining an Act for inclosure of Upton.
KCON/7/10/15Letter from William Morley, Peterborough. to John Heathcote, Esq., Charles St., Berkeley Sq., London
KCON/7/9/1Letter to John Burcham, Esq., Stilton (one of the Inclosure Commissioners) from W. Wells, Holm Wood, (land of the Manor of Glatton and Holme.)
KCON/4/2/11/9Account John Henson Ladds and John Heathcote, Esq.
KCON/6/2/42Receipt to Mr. Heathcote, from ? for the use of Mrs. Skinner. Board and wine.
KCON/4/2/20/2Inclosure Expenses Upton 1812 - 1821; Stukeley 1814 - 1819; Expenses incurred for hedging, ditching, Weeding etc. in connection with these two inclosures.
KCON/6/2/50Account of the personal estate of Ann Skinner late of 6 New St., Chelsea, Middx., widow, who died on 1 Aug. 1835
KCON/4/1/1/2Rental Conington estates: Conington, Upton, Steeple Gidding, Stukeleys, Sawtry. Includes cottage rents
KCON/2/5/A/14Marriage Settlement
KCON/3/10/8Assignment of Term
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/10/135Account of Mrs Mary Anne Thornhill, John Heathcote and George Thornhill, Esq., Trustees under the will of the late George Thornhill Esq., of £12,000 in The Islington Trust Estate
KAH/26/238/33Mandate for induction: George Heathcote B.A., Rector of Steeple Gidding: patron, John Heathcote of Connington Co. Hunts Esq.
KCON/4/2/14/15Account to John Heathcote. Lawyer's expenses.
KCON/6/2/18-21Receipts from Mrs. Ann Skinner to John Heathcote for payment of her annuity.
KCON/6/2/3Share Certificate; Issued to Mrs. Lydia Heathcote and John H., Esq., for £439.9.3d. Navy 5% Annuities.
KCON/4/2/8/71Bill to John Heathcote, Esq. For expenses connected with the drafting of the mortgage to the Duchess of Bolton.
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/10/128Appointment and Release (Draft Copy) of land in St Mary, Islington, Middlesex
KCON/2/5/A/16Declaration of Trusts and Revoking of Former Trusts.
KHCP/1/20/9Deposition: John Sexton and his sons Robert Sexton and Burrows Sexton. Holme charged with stealing a sheep (40/-) from Original Mackness, Sawtry St. Andrews, farmer and a lamb from Thomas Jenkins, landlord of the Woolpack Inn, Connington and farmer (renting from John Heathcote Esq.) Evidence from Sarah Clarke, Holme; Elizabeth Wilson Holme, William Smith shepherd to Jenkins; William Sams, farmer, Holme; John Edgson Sawtry All Saints, butcher.
KCON/6/2/53Quitclaim; Mary Totton, late of Chertsey, Surrey and now of Alfreston, Sussex, widow, and Charles Bird, late of Neville's Court, Fetter Lane, London, and now of Wilson St., Grays Inn, printer.
KCON/4/1/2/11Wages Book; Account of wages paid by John Heathcote for work done on his estate.
KCON/4/2/14/16Account to John Heathcote from Alex. Murray. Solicitors' expenses.
KCON/4/1/1/3Rental Conington estates: Conington, Steeple Gidding, Sawtry, Little Stukeley, Upton, Great Stukeley. Includes cottage rents
KAH/26/237/83Mandate for induction: Joseph Proctor DD., Rector of Steeple Gidding: patron, John Heathcote of Conington Co. Hunts Esq
KCON/2/5/A/12Marriage Settlement
KCON/3/3/D/34Copy Court Roll; Admission; Of John Moyer Heathcote, on death of and under the will of John Heathcote, decd.
KCON/3/3/B/10Deed of Exchange (Lease and Release)
KCON/3/10/2Mortgage (and Assignment of Term)
KCON/7/10/16Note from E. Sweeting. I have the conveyance to Mr. Heathcote to get presented at the next Court.
KCON/4/2/5/11Inventory, Valuation and Appraisement (copy); Taken at Gidding on a farm in the occupation of Mr. John Henson Ladds by Mr. Pocock and Mr. Maile.
KCON/3/7/3/8Lease and Release
KCON/4/2/8/70Account from John Hinde to John Heathcote, Esq. Payments and receipts re Heathcote's estates.
K676/Q/47Copy of painting by Gainsborough of John Heathcote, Esq., of Conington Castle as a young boy, elected 1796.
KCON/6/2/49Receipt from Jane Peat to John Heathcote, exor of the will of the late Mrs. Skinner for £10.10s. - the legacy left left to J. Peat, in the will.
KCON/5/8/10-14Letters Bigoe Charles Williams, Lincoln's Inn, to John Heathcote, Conington Castle (both exors. of the estate.)
KTORK/17/243Deed of Exchange
KCON/7/10/13Letter Earl of Sandwich, Hinchingbrooke to John Heathcote, Esq.
KCON/4/2/10/14Account to John Heathcote, Esq., from Alex Murray for expenses incurred re. the paying off of the mortgage on Heathcote's estates in Stewkley. Total £28.12.8d.
KCON/2/2/3Will (copy); John Heathcote, St. George's, Hanover Sq., Esq.
KCON/4/2/14/25Legacy Receipt Inland Revenue to John Moyer Heathcote, Robert Boothby Heathcote, George Heathcote, Mary Anne Lydia Packe, and Frances Catherine Rooper.
KCON/3/3/D/32Copy Court Roll; Admission; Of John Heathcote, Conington Castle, Esq., on surrender of William Bedford, Lt.S., butcher, for £60 from Heathcote to Bedford.
KCON/3/10/3Bond (and copy)
KCON/4/2/8/72Bill from Messrs. Harrott and Metcalfe, Linclons Inn, to Alexander Murray, Esq., Symonds Inn.
KCON/6/3/2Disentailing Deed
KCON/4/2/20/4Notice of Authority to the Commissioners for the Inclosure of Glatton with Holme, authorising them to exchange Constable Close in Conington for an equivalent of land in Glatton Field with John Heathcote, Esq.
KCON/5/8/15Appointment of New Trustees and Quitclaim (copy)
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/14/173Articles previous to marriage, between John Heathcote and Mary Anne Thornhill
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/10/125Release [Lease missing] of Hilly Fields, Islington, Middlesex
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/14/174Settlement on the marriage of John Heathcote and Mary Anne his wife
KCON/3/4/4/3Schedules of Deeds and Writings relating to the estate of John Heathocte, Esq. at Upwood. The Manor and lands bought of the Cotton family and Hull's farm.
KCON/7/3/2Letter from Alex. Murray, Symonds Inn, to John Heathcote, Esq. re. the annuity of £20 for the Rector of Conington.
KCON/6/2/5Share Certificate; Issued to Mrs. Lydia Heathcote, and John H., Esq., for £94.6.8d. Navy 5% Annuities.
KCON/3/3/B/7Assignment of Terms in Trust
KCONConington Collection
KCON/4/2/21/3Plan (torn) of estate in Little Stukeley
KCON/3/4/4/1Mortgage and Assignment of Term.
KCON/3/3/B/6Mortgage (Lease and Release)
KCON/4/2/5/10Inventory and Valuation of the farm at Steeple Gidding in the occupation of Mr. Henson Ladds.
KBLC/2/16/43"Old Precepts for Delivering Possession of Land Sold for Arrear of Taxes"
KCON/3/3/B/9Lease and Release
KCON/3/2/C/3Conveyance (copy)
KCON/6/1/5Marriage Settlement (Heads of)
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/10/127Declaration of Trust and Covenant
KCON/2/5/A/11Marriage Articles (Agreement and Deed to Lead Uses of Common Recovery)
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