Person NameHeathcote; John Moyer (1800-1892); of Conington Castle
ForenamesJohn Moyer
Titleof Conington Castle
ActivityJohn Moyer Heathcote (1800-1892) was a highly respected country gentleman with extensive landholdings in Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire. Though the fact that his younger brother, Rev. Robert Boothby Heathcote (1805-1865) inherited the family's lands in Essex meant that his property was lesser than that of his father, he was clearly a wealthy man who was educated at Eton and Cambridge University. At university he was a first-class cricketer, whose statistics were recorded by notable Cricket Historian Arthur Haygarth (1825-1903). Once he graduated he made an advantageous marriage to a daughter of Nicholas Ridley-Colborne, 1st Baron Colborne. He held several offices around Huntingdonshire, including being a Justice of the Peace and Deputy Lieutenant of the county at an undetermined date. In addition he led the Huntingdon Board of Guardians for four decades, and served as High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire in 1854. Though Huntingdonshire was a safe Conservative seat, he made a very strong run as the Liberal candidate for MP in 1857, receiving the same number of votes as Conservative Henry Fellowes resulting in an initial declaration of a double return to the seat. Upon closer examination some of Heathcote's votes were found to be inadmissable and he never took up his seat in Parliament. He ran again in 1859, and though this time he lost by a margin of some 250 votes he received a ringing endorsement from Lord John Russell. All of this shows the extent to which he was a fixture of the gentry in the county and the strength of his connections. Outside of politics, he was notable for making significant improvements to the family home of Conington Castle, for his ability as a painter, and his publication in 1876 of a book entitled Reminiscences of Fen and Mere which was illustrated almost entirely by his own sketches. John Moyer Heathcote died in his 92nd year in 1892 and was succeeded by his son of the same name (1834-1912).
RelationshipsFather: John Heathcote (1767-1838)
Mother: Mary Anne Thornhill (c.1782-1854) daughter of George Thornhill
Spouse: Honourable Emily Frances Ridley-Colborne (1811 –1849), daughter of Nicholas Ridley-Colborne, 1st Baron Colborne.
Children: John Moyer Heathcote (1834-1912) m. Louisa Cecilia Macleod (1838-1910)
William George Heathcote (1836-1857)
Mary Emily Heathcote (1839-1932)
Charles Gilbert Heathcote (1849-1913) m. Lucy Edith Wrottesley (1848 – 19 February 1918) daughter of Walter Wrottesley (1810 – 1872)
Henry Francis Heathcote (1849-1854)
Linked entries in the catalogue
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/7/99Correspondence between George Thornhill of Diddington, Huntingdonshire, and J.M. Heathcote of Conington Castle, Huntingdonshire regarding a new Trust Deed
KHAC0/439/10Yaxley, Stone Mill.
KCON/2/2/6Codicil to will in CON 2/12/5 also cancelled by will of 1869.
KCON/7/10/19Letter to J.M. Heathcote from F.W. Farrer re. various legal matters.
KHAC0/439/17Sawtry, windmill.
KHAC0/439/12Yaxley, windmill.
KCON/4/2/9/5Cash Account Statement. Conington estate.
KCON/4/2/17/21Estimate of work to be done at Glatton Round Hill farm. From William Bridge, builder, Sawtry.
KHAC3/3297BModern prints [6] of JM Heathcote’s photographs
KHAC3/3297B/2The Gatehouse, Leighton Bromswold
KHAC0/439/16Woodwalton Fen, the windmill.
KHAC0/439/21Conington Fen, windmill.
KHAC0/439/18Conington, windmill.
KHAC0/439/19Conington Fen, windmill.
KCON/4/2/17/7Estimate for work proposed at Rose Cottage, occupied by Mr. Moss and owned by J.M. Heathcote. From John H. Howard, Holme.
KCON/2/2/5Will; John Moyer Heathcote, Conington Castle, Esq.
KCON/4/2/14/27Account to John M. Heathcote, Esq. from Thomas Parker, London. for expenses re. settlements on the Marriage of John M. Heathcote, Junr., Esq. with Miss L.C. Macloed.
KCON/4/2/12/20Account to J.M. Heathcote, from Thomas Parker, 40 Bedford Row (solicitor). Legal expenses re. London property.
KCON/4/2/12/14Account to John M. Heathcote from W.A. Glasier and Son, Auctioneers and Valuers, Charing Cross, for survey, valuation and advice re. the Three Cranes, Watling Street.
KCON/4/1/3/4Record of Charities of money, clothing and beef and other assistance, doled out, mainly at Christmas, on the Conington estates - at Conington, Upton, Stukeley, Sawtry and Steeple Gidding.
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/4/63Instructions regarding the purchase of an estate in Offord Darcy, Huntingdonshire, by John Moyer Heathcote Esq.and the Reverend Charles Thornhill, trustees of the real estates devised by the will of the late GeorgeThornhill
KCON/4/1/2/3Account Book of Conington Castle estates. Includes Conington, Steeple Gidding, Upton, Sawtry Gt., and Little Stukeley.
KCON/7/10/18Letter J.D. Fairey, Esq. to J.M. Heathcote, Esq., Conington Castle, P'boro.
KAH/26/239/85Mandate for induction: Henry Herbert Wyatt M.A., Rector of Conington: patron, John Moyer Heathcote of Conington Castle Co. Hunt Esq.
KAH/26/238/124Mandate for induction: Henry George Molyneax M.A., Rector of Steeple Gidding: patron, John Moyer Heathcote of Connington Castle Co. Hunt Esq.
KCON/4/1/1/6Rental of estates of J.M. Heathcote. Conington, Steeple Gidding, Sawtry, Upton, Stukeleys, Alconbury, Includes cottage rents
KCON/4/1/1/5Rental Conington estates: Conington, Steeple Gidding, Sawtree, Great Stukeley, Little Stukeley, Alconbury, Upton
KCON/2/5/A/15Grant of Annuity (Deed Poll)
KDMC/379aMap of the Heathcote estates
KCON/4/2/6/14Inventory and Valuation of crops and fixtures on the South Farm, Upton, from J.M. Heathcote, to Wm. Baxter. Drawn up by James How, Broughton.
KCON/4/1/3/3Record of Charities of money, clothing and beef, doled out on the Conington estates - at Conington, Upton, Stukeley, Sawtry and Steeple Gidding. (N.B. labelled Xmas gifts - but does not agree with contents of vol.)
KCON/7/4/9-11Letters from Oddie, Lumley, Nicholl and Smyth, solicitors, to Thomas Parker, Lincolns Inn, solicitor for J.M. Heathcote, who now holds the deeds, asking for their production under Deed of Covenant of 30 Jan. 1821, re. dispute re commutation of tithes of the district of Weybridge, parish of Alconbury.
KCON/4/2/14/18Account to John Moyer Heathcote, exor. of the late John Heathcote, Esq. from Messrs. Hardisty and Parker, and Messrs. Parker and Sculthorpe.
KCON/4/2/9/1Account Book Expenses for Conington Castle and estates.
KCON/4/2/12/16Account to John M. Heathcote and the Met. Board of Works from Glasier and Son. For surveying and valuing the Three Cranes, Watling Street.
KCON/4/2/7/11Particular (Survey) of estates belonging to John Moyer Heathcote, in the parishes of Conington, Steeple Gidding, Upton, Alconbury, Great and Little Stukeley, and Sawtry.
KCON/4/2/3/1-9Rental Conington estates. Gross and net Audit sheets. 1890 - 92 include Cottage rents.
KCON/4/2/21/5Plan (torn) Extract from plan accompanying Sawtry Enclosure Award.
KHAC3/3297B/1The Crown and Woolpack ,Glatton, with the corner of the Addison Arms
KCON/4/2/22/2Game Book 1857
KCON/6/3/22Schedule of documents sent to J.M. Heathcote, Esq. from Thomas Parker, Lincolns Inn Fields, re. marriage settlement of Viscount Downe.
KCON/4/2/17/2-5Estimate of proposed drainage improvements in Conington Fen on the estate of J.M. Heathcote. From Robert Lunn, March.
KCON/4/2/23/10Book of Reference Great Northern Railway. The widening from Abbot's Ripton to Peterborough crossing the property of John Moyer Heathcote in the parish of Conington.
KCON/4/2/12/18Account to J.M. Heathcote from Daniel Cronin, 1 Vernon Place, Bloomsbury Sq., For surveying and report on the Three Cranes in Heathcote v. the Board of Works.
KCON/2/2/8Further Codicil to CON 2/2/5 also cancelled.
KHAC3/3881Letters to JM Heathcote re Conington Castle etc
KCON/4/2/23/9Statement of the boundaries between the lordship of Glatton-cum-Holme and that of Cynnyngton. (compiled by J.M. Heathcote. Possibly copied from an older document.)
KCON/4/1/2/15Account Book Conington estates. Misc.
KCON/4/2/12/17Account to J.M. Heathcote from Toplis and Roberts, Auctioneers and Surveyors.
KCON/4/2/17/22List of Repairs to be done at Owls Nest Cottage, Round Hill Farm, Glatton.
KCON/4/2/7/10Glebe Terrier of Conington.
KCON/2/2/13Further Codicil to will of John Moyer Heathcote, Conington Castle, Esq. Will dated 9 Nov. 1869.
KHAC3/3297B/4Unidentified. Wooden bridge, with wooden-clad house and outbuilding
KCON/4/2/17/17-19Estimate for new cattle shed and removal and repair of cart shed at Mr. William Selby's Conington Fen Farm, the property of J.M. Heathcote. from William Bridge, builder, Sawtry.
KCON/4/1/2/5Account Book Conington Castle estates. Conington, Sawtry Upton, Steeple Gidding, Stukeley, Alconbury W.
KCON/3/15/11Lease For a Year
KCON/4/2/9/7Cash Account; Statement: Conington estate: Farms in hand. Extracted from Mr. Hinton's Farm Cash Books.
KAH/26/240/26Mandate for induction: James Murrey Dixon M.A., Rector of Steeple Gidding: patron, John Moyer Heathcote of Conington Castle Co. Hunt Esq.
KCON/4/2/7/12Survey of Cropping on estates of John Moyer Heathcote, in Conington, Steeple G., Upton, Alconbury, Great and Little Stukeley, Sawtry and Huntingdon. Gives names of occupiers, field-names, and crops grown.
KCON/4/2/2/16Rental of cottages on the Heathcote estates in Conington, Upton, Steeple Gidding.
KCON/4/2/17/8-10Estimate from C. Foote, Compton House, 21 Westgate, Peterborough to W.C. Thomson, Conington.
KCON/7/7/11-14Letters to J.M. Heathcote, Esq. from Farrer and Co. re. the property No. 1 Kings Arms Yard, and the granting of a new lease thereon.
KAH/26/239/77Mandate for induction: Roderick Charles MacLeod B.A., Rector of Conington: patron, John Moyer Heathcote of Conington Castle Co. Hunt.
KGILBERT/4051/5/1Huntingdonshire Poll book (with 2 letters of W. Kelly to J.M. Heathcote, 1852).
KCON/4/2/17/23Estimate for proposed work to be done at the Cottage Owls Nest in he occupation of Messrs. Richardson and Son, Glatton. from Wilson Scotney, builder, Sawtry.
KCON/4/2/17/24Estimate for proposed work to be done at Mr. T. Mackness on the estate of J.M. Heathcote, at Conington. From William Scotney, builder, Sawtry.
KCON/7/7/2Letters (copies) from H.C. Stone, P.S. Corvan, Rich. Huggard, W. Vincent, to Thomas Parker (Heathcote's solicitor) announcing their willingness to take leases of houses in Portugal St.
KCON/7/7/3-8Letters to J.M. Heathcote, Conington Castle. mostly from Thomas Parker, re. the renewal of the lease on the Three Cranes, Watling St., by Mr. Tubb.
KHAC4/4676J M Heathcote scrapbook re drainage
KCON/7/10/17Letter (Rev.) J.H. Barber, Little Stukeley,Rectory, to (J.M. Heathcote.)
KAcc148/5/C/176Letter (draft)
KCON/6/3/21Appointment of New Trustees (copy) for the Downe trusts. By order of the Vice-Chancellor.
KCON/5/9/3Letter to John M. Heathcote, 14 Curzon St., Mayfair, from Norton Rose Norton and Brewer, solicitors, enclosing Mr. Macheson's opinion and suggesting steps to be taken re deeds etc.
KHAC3/3297B/5Unidentified. Brick building with wooden-clad outbuildings, and possibly mill wheel casing. Sluice gate and river in foreground.
KCON/7/7/9-10Letters to J.M. Heathcote from Thomas Parker, containing reports on various London properties belonging to Heathcote.
KCON/4/2/22/1Game Book
KHAC3/3297B/6Conington windmill
KCON/4/2/9/6Cash Account Statement: Conington estate. Farms in hand.
KCON/2/2/10Codicil to will of 1869, further to CON 2/2/5
KHAC0/439/22Conington Fen, windmill.
KHAC3/3297B/3Washingley Hall
KHAC0/439/30Conington?, Cranes Mill.
KHAC0/439/27Glatton, post mill.
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/5/80Certificate of Acknowledgment of Deeds
KHAC0/439/11Conington, windmill.
KCON/2/5/A/17Grant of Annuity (Deed Poll)
KHAC0/439/7Holme Fen, windmill.
KCON/4/1/2/4Account Book Conington Castle estates. Usual farm accounts.
KCON/2/2/9Further Codicil to CON 2/2/5 all above cancelled by new will of 9 Nov. 1869, which is missing from collection.
KHAC0/439/26Yaxley, Stone Mill.
KCON/4/2/12/19Account to J.M. Heathcote from Thomas Parker. Legal charges re. London properties.
KCON/4/2/17/11Report on repairs needed to various tenanted properties on the Heathcote estates, with estimates.
KHAC0/439/14Holme Fen, windmill.
KHAC0/439/20Conington, windmill.
KHAC0/439/15Conington, river scenes.
KCON/4/2/12/15Account to John M. Heathcote from Thos Parker (solicitor) Legal charges for business re. London properties.
KCON/4/2/17/20Estimate of proposed repairs to be done at farm premises in the occupation of Mr. Richard Turnier, Sawtry, and the property of J.M. Heathcote. From William Bridge, builder, Sawtry.
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/3/20Lease of the Rectory and Parsonage of Doddington [Diddington], Huntingdonshire
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/14/182Appointment of New Trustees
KCON/3/3/D/34Copy Court Roll; Admission; Of John Moyer Heathcote, on death of and under the will of John Heathcote, decd.
KHCP/1/33/51Deposition for Michaelmas Calendar: William Henry White, Station Clerk, Holme, Accused of not rendering any returns to the G.N.R. Head Office, at KING's X of money paid for carriage of goods to various persons, including Mr. Heathcote, Connington Castle.
KCON/4/2/14/19-23Receipts to John Moyer Heathcote, from the Bank of England for Stock bought.
KCON/4/2/14/24Account to John M. Heathcote from Parker and Sculthorpe Legal expenses re. marriage settlements and will.
KCON/6/3/4Release (copy)
KCON/6/3/6Release (copy)
KCON/2/2/12Further Codicil to the will of John Moyer Heathcote, Conington, Esq., Will dated 9 Nov. 1869.
KEP/13Huntingdonshire election. Poll early for Heathcote
KCON/4/2/9/8-13Accounts Conington estate: Profit and loss. Farms in hand.
KCON/2/2/7Further codicil to CON 2/2/5 also cancelled.
KHAC0/120Political pamphlets and posters
KCON/2/2/11Further Codicil to CON 2/2/10
KCON/3/3/D/36Schedule of documents belonging to John Moyer Heathcote, Esq., relating to property in the above manor.
KCON/4/2/14/25Legacy Receipt Inland Revenue to John Moyer Heathcote, Robert Boothby Heathcote, George Heathcote, Mary Anne Lydia Packe, and Frances Catherine Rooper.
KCON/4/2/17/12-16Estimates for work to be done at Rose Court Farm
KCON/5/9/2Memorandum re. the Trusts of the Will of Miss Catherine Moyer, decd.
KCON/4/2/14/26Receipt from the Inland Revenue to John Moyer Heathcote for duty on succession to jointure rent-charge of £1,200 p.a. on Conington estate on the death of Mrs. M.A. Heathcote.
KCON/6/3/7Release (copy)
KCON/6/3/8Release (copy)
KCON/6/3/9Release (draft)
KCON/6/3/19Petition for Appointment of New Trustees In Chancery re. the Trusts of Marriage Settlement of 8 May, 1849, and re. the Trustee Act, 1850.
KCON/6/3/14Release (copy)
KCON/6/3/15Release (copy)
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/5/97Manor of Buckden with the Members: Compensation Agreement
KCON/4/2/12/21Account to John Moyer Heathcote, from Glasier and Sons. For survey, valuation and advice re. the house and shop, No.53, Coleman St.
KHINCH/9/C/B/67Letter; S.H. Walpole, Whitehall, to 7th Earl of Sandwich.
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/14/178Miscellaneous papers relating to financial dealings between George Thornhill and John Moyer Heathcote (appointment of trustees, dividends on annuities etc.) [14 items]
KCON/4/2/16/48Extract from Rent Audit Book of 1603-1612. of Money received in lieu of tithes on 28 Nov. 1603 by Mr. Henry Williamson, parson of Conington, fr. Sir Robert Cotton, Conington.
KCON/3/3/D/37Conveyance; Under the Act to facilitate the conveyance of Worhouses (6Wm. IV.) 1. The Guardians of the Poor of the Huntingdon Union and John Halls, the Churchwarden and Henry Riddiford and George Armstrong, the Overseers of the Poor of the parish of Lt.S. in the said Union. 2. John Moyer Heathcote of Conington in the Union.
KCON/6/3/3Marriage Settlement (copy)
KCON/8/3Scrapbook of historical and topographical information on the fens. Compiled by J.M. Heathcote.
KHAC3/3667/2Heathcote sketchbook
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/4/52Mortgage for £784.10.0 for freehold land in Rayfield, Offord Darcy
KCON/6/3/10Release (copy draft)
KHAC0/439/29Holme Fen, windmill.
KCON/4/1/2/12Account Book Conington Castle estate. Payments for wages and labour.
KHAC0/439/23Conington, windmill.
KCON/6/3/11Release (copy)
KCON/6/3/12Release (copy)
KCON/6/3/16Release (copy)
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/4/44Mortgage for £6,000 for raising portions for the daughters of the late George Thornhill Esquire and Charlotte Matilda Thornhill.
KHP32/11/3/1Notice to the overseers of the poor by J.M. Heathcote, Esq. of Conington that as owner he desires to pay a year's poor rate in respect of all the tenements, whether occupied or unoccupied.
KCONConington Collection
KHCP/1/30/92Notice dated July 27th, 1848 to John Moyer Heathcote, Conington and Henry Reddiford, Alconbury Weston, farmer, of the intention of the Surveyors of the Highway in Sawtry Saint Judith (Richard Attenborough, farmer, and James Thornton) to apply at a Special Sessions of the Highways in Normancross Hundred for permission to dig for materials for highway repair in the parish of Upton in a portion of land called the Islands of Highland belonging to Mr. Heathcote. Statements by other surveyors, William Sutton, farmer, Sawtry, Stephen Whiteman, farmer, Coppingford and by various labourers. Appeal by James Thornton against the justices' refusal to grant the licence.
KCON/4/1/1/8Rental of the estate of John M. Heathcote. Conington, Steeple Gidding, Stukeleys, Sawtry, and some lands in Essex, Bucks and London.
KCON/4/1/1/7Rental of estate of John M. Heathcote. Conington, Sawtry, Steeple Gidding, Upton, Stukeleys, Holme, lands in Essex and Bucks. (Last entry not dated)
KCON/4/2/17/6Estimate of proposed works to be done at farm in occupation of Mr. T. Mackness at Conington, the property of J.M. Heathcote. From William Bridge, builder, Sawtry.
KCON/7/4/8Letter from George Frederick Maule, Huntingdon (solicitor) to John M. Heathcote, Conington Castle, Stilton.
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/4/47Grant of Manor of Offord Darcy, Huntingdonshire, and a Fishery in the River Ouse
KCON/6/3/13Release (copy)
KCON/6/3/17Release (copy)
KHAC5/5575Sale catalogue for Michael Knight, Hemingford Abbots, collection of paintings by artists from the Ouse Valley and list of prices realised by Cheffins
KCON/3/2/C/3Conveyance (copy)
KCON/6/3/1Marriage Articles (copy)
KCON/6/3/5Release (copy)
KHAC5/5282Diary of John Moyer Heathcote
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