Person NameFellowes; Coulson (1696-1769); MP; of Ramsey Abbey and Eggesford
Epithetof Ramsey Abbey and Eggesford
ActivityCoulson Fellowes (1696-1769) was a qualified lawyer who spent two decades serving in parliament and also had extensive landholdings across three counties which needed to be managed. It is unclear how much time he devoted to practicing law in the 18 years between being called to the bar and entering parliament. From his early adulthood he was the owner of extensive landholdings in Devon and Somerset and especially after the addition of property in Huntingdonshire it is likely that he would not have needed the proceeds of a career to support himself. The management of these estates must also have occupied a great amount of his time, but they were evidently well-managed as the Rev. John Jones opined after his death that he was immensely rich. His later decades were mostly spent representing the county of Huntingdonshire in Parliament, where he appears to have been a moderately active member under the patronage of Lord Sandwich.
RelationshipsFather: William Fellowes of Eggesford, Devon (1660-1724)
Mother: Mary Martyn, daughter and heiress of Joseph Martyn (1643-1718) of St Mary-at-Hill, London
Spouse: Urania Herbert (m. 1725, d.1779) daughter of Francis Herbert of Oakley Park, Shropshire and sister of Henry Herbert, 1st Earl of Powis (1703โ€“1772)
Children: William Fellowes (c.1727-1804)
Henry Arthur Fellowes (d.1792)
Mary Fellowes
Dorothea Fellowes
Urania Fellowes (1743-1812) m. John Wallop, 2nd Earl of Portsmouth (1742-1797)
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KHAC3/3231/2/8Lease and release 1) William Barnes of Doddington, Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire, farmer, and Eleanor his wife 2) Francis Ibberson of Ramsey, farmer 3) Coulson Fellowes of Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex, Esq, Lord of the Manor of Ramsey (A final concord between 3) and 1) is enclosed, Holy Trinity Term 16 Geo II)
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KR/R32/3/1Marriage Settlement
KR/R40/1/2Marriage Settlement
KR/R3/20/5Assignment of Mortgage
KR/R4/3/5Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll
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KR/R32/4/1Attested Copy of Marriage Settlement.
KR/R35/7/1Copy of the Probate and the Will and Codicils of William Fellowes of Eggesford, Devon, Esq., Senior Master of the High Court of Chancery and one of the Masters of the Bench of the Honourable Society of Lincolns Inn.
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