Person NameFellowes; William (c.1727-1804); High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire (1779), MP; of Ramsey Abbey
TitleHigh Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire (1779), MP
Epithetof Ramsey Abbey
ActivityThe main contribution of William Fellowes (c.1727-1804) to his family's fortunes appears to be an interest in expanding the lands owned by the Fellowes. He clearly had some property in Nacton, though the details of this are unclear, and may or may not have acquired Haverland Hall in Norfolk. His son may have been the official purchaser, but it seems clear that William's resources were used to acquire the Manor of Abbot's Ripton, Huntingdonshire, which is the principal seat of the Fellowes family as of 2020. Given this seeming interest in acquiring land, it seems unusual that he would have alienated the family's holdings in Devon to his younger brother, but this raises the possibility that money changed hands during this transfer, and it was this capital which was used to for the purchase of other lands closer to the family seat in Ramsey. William's official employment seems to have been restricted to his year serving as the High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire - the only member of the family to have held this office - and his two periods as an MP. While in Parliament he appears to have been somewhat disinterested, as his voting record is relatively meagre and there are no recorded speeches attributed to him.
RelationshipsFather: Coulson Fellowes (1696-1769)
Mother: Urania Herbert (m. 1725, d.1779) daughter of Francis Herbert of Oakley Park, Shropshire and sister of Henry Herbert, 1st Earl of Powis (1703–1772)
Spouse: Lavinia Smyth (m.1768) daughter and co-heir of James Smyth, Esq. of St Audries, Somerset
Children: William Henry Fellowes (1769-1837) m. Emma Benyon (d.1858) daughter of Richard Benyon Esq. (1746-1796) of Englefield House, Berkshire and Gidea Hall, Essex
Vice-Admiral Edward Fellowes of Little Gidding (1772-1841) m. Hannah Elizabeth Benyon, daughter of Richard Benyon Esq. (1746-1796) of Englefield House, Berkshire; Gidea Hall, Essex
Lt. James Herbert Fellowes of the 3rd Dragoons (1774-1794) killed in action at the Heights of Cattcan
Urania Margaretta Fellowes
Frances Lavinia Fellowes (d.1837) m. John Mayo Esq. M.D. (m.1812)
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