Person NameFellowes; William Henry (1769-1837); MP; of Ramsey Abbey
ForenamesWilliam Henry
Epithetof Ramsey Abbey
ActivityWilliam Henry Fellowes (1769-1837) was evidently a prominent landholder in Huntingdonshire and Norfolk, and the management of his estates were one of his main occupations. He may or may not have actively participated in the purchase of additional lands centred on Abbots Ripton, Huntingdonshire before 1794. His main occupation for the majority of his adult life was as an MP, though his level of activity in this role appears to have been somewhat low, as he did not make a speech in the house until 1830, by which point he had been a member for 34 years. Given the known birthplaces of his children, he appears to have based himself at his seat of Haverland Hall/Haveringland Hall, Norfolk.
RelationshipsFather: William Fellowes (c.1727-1804)
Mother: Lavinia Smyth (m.1768) daughter and co-heir of James Smyth, Esq. of St Audries, Somerset
Spouse: Emma Benyon (d.1858) daughter of Richard Benyon Esq. (1746-1796) of Englefield House, Berkshire and Gidea Hall, Essex
Children: William Henry Fellowes (1806-1836)
Emma Fellowes (1807-1887) m. Henry William-Powlett, 3rd Baron Bayning (1797-1866)
Edward Fellowes, 1st Baron de Ramsey of Ramsey Abbey (1809-1887) m. Mary Julia Miles, daughter of George Miles, 4th Baron Sondes (1794-1874)
Richard Fellowes Benyon of Englefield House, Berkshire (1811-1897) m. Mary Elizabeth Clutterbuck
James Fellowes of Kingston House, Dorset (1813-1889) m. Gertrude Charlotte Mickelthwaite, daughter of Nathaniel Mickelthwaite of Taversham Hall, Norfolk
Linked entries in the catalogue
KHINCH/8/B/B/193-2Canvasses for W.H. Fellowes and John Calvert
KR/R18/12/6Covenant to produce title deeds. William Henry Fellowes and George Harrod.
KHINCH/8/A/A/67List compiled by Mr. Maule of the number of votes supposedly pledged to Mr. Fellowes.
KHINCH/8/B/B/192-2Canvasses for W.H Fellowes and John Calvert none resident
KR/R31/2/1/1Case and Opinion thereon (with copy) of John Richardson, Middle Temple.
KR/RB3/B/75Terriers; at back of book misc a/c with plan
KR/R35/5/3Inventory and Valuation of W.H.Fellowes' furniture and effects at Ramsey Abbey.
KHINCH/8/A/E/1602 rough copies of the Address to the public of Lord Hinchingbrooke and Mr. W.H. Fellowes.
KHINCH/8/A/A/47List of the letters written by Lord Hinchingbrooke and William Henry Fellowes Esq.
KR/RB6/14Accounts of The Free School (1st series.)
KR/R7/2/N/130Manor of Wistow
KR/R5/3/23Lease and Release
KHINCH/8/A/D/141Letter; Thomas Townsend, Romford, co. Essex to Colonel Tyrell, Hinchingbrooke House.
KR/R7/2/N/131Manor of Bury
KR/RB6/15Accounts of The Free School (1st series.)
KR/RB3/A/6Account Book (1st series)
KEP/17Russell and Fellowes-statements from debates
KHINCH/8/A/D/152Copy of letter; 7th Earl of Sandwich to Lord Mandeville.
KHINCH/8/B/A/2064 letters; John Calvert and W.H. Fellowes, Huntingdon, to W. Cater, W.B. Cater, J. Goodes and T.S. Johnson, London.
KR/RB6/39Accounts of Lands under Care (2nd. series)
KR/RB6/34Accounts of Lands under Care (1st. series)
KR/RB3/A/20Account Book (2nd. series, Agent's Accounts?)
KR/RB3/A/4Account Book (1st series)
KR/R44/36Statements of Rent & Abatements for the Fellowes estates at Ramsey.
KR/RB6/38Accounts of Lands under Care (2nd. series)
KR/RB3/A/19Account Book (2nd. series, Agent's Accounts?)
KR/R31/2/1/2Case and copies of opinions thereon of Mr Serjeant R.H.Blossett.
KR/RB3/A/17Account Book (2nd. series, Agent's Accounts?)
KR/R40/5Bundle of accounts, bills & receipts. Work done for W.H. Fellowes at Ramsey Abbey.
KR/RB6/2Order Book
KR/R40/4/2Terrier of an Estate belonging to William Henry Fellowes in parish of Ramsey, Wistow and Warboys. (with plans.)
KR/R46/5/2Plan of Great Stukeley
KR/R9/6/E/19Deed of Covenant
KR/RB3/A/21Account Book (2nd. series, Agent's Accounts?)
KR/R35/5/4Inventory and Valuation of his furniture, farming stock etc., at Haverland Hall, Norfolk.
KR/RB3/B/74Terriers; at back of book misc a/c with plan
KR/R40/8/4Account of the Assessed Taxes of Wm. Henry Fellowes for one year.
KR/R31/2/1/3Case and Opinion thereon of Robert Bevill, Inner Temple.
KR/R35/5/6Valuations, schedule of debts, list of pecuniory legacies and letters, bill and receipts re probate, trusts in the will, legacies, resettlement deeds etc.
KR/R35/5/5Particulars and Valuation of his lease hold property, 15 Lower Berkeley Street, and its furniture etc.
KR/R34/6/1Copy of Court Roll
KR/RB3/A/1Account Book (1st series)
KR/R7/4/A/10Lease and Release
KR/R35/5Bundle of Papers, relating to the Will of William Henry Fellowes of Ramsey Abbey, Hunts. and of Lower Berkeley Street, Portman Square in the p. of St. Martlebone, Middlesex, Esq., and to the administration of his effects.
KR/RB6/46Accounts of the Spinning School (2nd. series)
KR/RB3/A/5Account Book (1st series)
KEP/6Poster. Statements from Parliamentary debates of Russell and Fellowes.
KR/R6/4/7Lease and Release
KEP/2Campaign poster for Mr. Fellowes against Lord Russell
KR/R9/9/C/15Lease and Release
KR/RB6/33Accounts of Lands under Care (1st. series)
KHAC0/75/7/2Election pamphlet - Hinchingbrook and Fellowes
KR/Acc2768/1/8Court book
KR/R7/3/O/38List of Deeds etc
KR/RB6/29Accounts of The Poor Lands (2nd. series)
KHAC0/26/7Land at Ramsey (5 items)
KR/RB6/44Accounts of the Spinning School (1st. series)
KR/RB3/A/22Account Book (2nd. series, Agent's Accounts?)
KR/RB4/2The River Nene Act, from Standground Sluice to Salter's Load Sluice, with Extracts from the Wisbech Canal Act. (Cambridge.)
KR/R8/6/8Memorandum of an Agreement
KR/R8/3/11Deed of Covenants.
KR/R6/1/22Lease and Release
KR/R8/1/H/53Bundle of Accounts
KR/RB3/A/67Field Book (with coloured plans)
KR/R8/6/11Deed of Covenant.
KR/R9/4/2Account of Messers
KR/R8/7/23Bundle of Affidavits
KR/RB3/A/7Account Book (1st series)
KR/RB6/43Accounts of the Spinning School (1st. series)
KR/RB6/40Accounts of Lands under Care (2nd. series)
KR/R9/6/E/20Schedule of the Muniments of title
KR/R8/7/24Schedule of Title Deeds
KR/R34/5/1Manor of Farcet Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R7/4/B/31Manor of Wistow.
KR/RB3/A/49Rent Rolls
KR/R7/1/J/26Lease and Release
KR/R8/4/13Lease and Release.
KR/R7/3/O/34Lease and Release
KR/R10/1/19Lease and Release
KR/R35/5/2Probate copy of the will in R35/5/1
KHINCH/8/A/B/70General Statement of the election expenses of Lord Hinchingbrooke and Mr. Fellowes.
KHINCH/8/A/D/156Letter; W.H. Fellowes, Haverland Hall, to 7th Earl of Sandwich
KR/RB3/A/2Account Book (1st series)
KR/RB6/3Order Book
KR/Acc2768/1/7Court book
KHINCH/8/A/B/72Large bundle of bills and receipts, with a few covering letters, for the expenses incurred by Lord Viscount Hinchingbrooke and Willian Henry Fellowes at the 1807 election.
KHINCH/8/B/B/192-1Canvasses for W.H. Fellowes and John Calvert resident burgesses
KR/RB6/30Accounts of The Poor Lands (2nd. series)
KR/RB6/19Accounts of The Free School (2nd. series)
KR/RB3/A/18Account Book (2nd. series, Agent's Accounts?)
KR/RB6/23Accounts of The Poor Lands (1st. series.)
KR/RB3/B/76Book of Field Plans
KR/RB6/24Accounts of The Poor Lands (1st. series.)
KR/RB6/20Accounts of The Free School (2nd. series)
KR/R7/4/B/30Manor of Wistow.
KR/R35/14/1Probate Copy of the Will of Mary Goodricke spinster, of New Bond Street, in p. of St.George Hanover Square, Middlesex.
KR/R49/2Copy of Deed Poll
KR/RB6/47Accounts of the Spinning School (2nd. series)
KR/R40/2/5Disentailing Deed
KR/R31/2/1Group of cases and drafts Together with opinions and copies thereon
KR/R8/1/H/41Articles of Agreement
KR/R7/3/O/35Assignment of a Mortgage
KHINCH/8/B/B/193-1Canvasses for W.H. Fellowes and John Calvert
KR/R6/6/1Copy of Court Roll
KR/R5/12/12Lease, Release
KR/R5/8/15Manor of Ramsey
KR/R8/1/H/54Deed of Covenant
KR/RB3/A/3Account Book (1st series)
KHAC3/3231/3/28Deed of covenant 1) William Henry Fellowes of Ramsey Abbey, Ramsey, Esq 2) Henry Ibberson of Forty Foot Bridge, Ramsey, farmer
KHINCH/8/A/D/154Letter; W.H. Fellowes, Haverland Hall, to 7th Earl of Sandwich.
KR/R31/2/1/5Draft Case - for the opinion of Mr Richardson and Mr Bevill.
KR/R32/1Marriage Settlement of William Henry Fellowes
KHINCH/8/A/B/71Account of George Maule with Lord Hinchingbrooke and Mr. Fellowes, as to election expenses.
KR/R33/7/10Copy of the Will of Southwell.
KR/R9/4/1Lease and Release
KHAC0/75/6Election poster for Hinchingbrook and Fellowes
KR/R31/2/1/4Case and opinion thereon of J.Chitty, Guildford Assizes.
KHAC0/120/1Election Scrapbook
KHAC0/75/7/1Election pamphlet - Hinchingbrook and Fellowes
KR/R7/3/O/39List of Deeds etc
KHINCH/8/A/D/143Letter; Henry Hoyle Oddie, Deene Park, co. Northampton, to his son Harry.
KHINCH/8/A/D/153Copy of a letter; 7th Earl of Sandwich, The Views, Huntingdon, to [Mr. Farmer].
KHINCH/8/A/D/132Bundle of 45 letters; Letters written to W.H. Fellowes Esq., c/o Hinchingbrooke House, in reply to his request for votes and support for his election.
KR/R8/5/6Copy of Mortgage
KR/R5/7/1Demise for 1,000 years.
KR/R8/7/21Memorandum of an Agreement.
KR/RB4/1An Act for improving the Drainage of part of the South Level of the Fens, within the Great Level commonly called Bedford Level, & the Navigation of the Rivers passing through the same, in the counties of Cambridge, Suffolk & Norfolk, and in the Isle of Ely.
KR/R9/9/C/16Assignment of the residue of a Mortgage Term
KR/R35/20/1Small bundle of papers relating to the administration of the effects of the late William Henry Fellowes the younger of Lower Berkeley Street, Portman Square, Middlesex, Esq.
KR/R35/10/1Will and Codicils of Hannah Benyon
KR/R34/4/10Assignment of a term in trust to attend the Inheritance.
KR/R40/1/5-6Release to make a Tenant to the precipe in order to resettle the Estate
KR/R35/15/1General Release
KR/R35/3/1Probate of the Will and Codicil of Mrs Fellowes.
KHINCH/8/B/A/204Letter; W.H. Fellowes, Haverland Hall near Norwich, to 5th Earl of Sandwich.
KR/R5/2/17Lease and Release.
KR/Acc2768/1/6Court book
KR/Acc2680/3/1Rental of estates of Henry Fellowes
KR/R34/2/1Manor of Wistow. Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R34/1/1Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R5/1/3Lease and Release
KR/R6/3/3Lease and Release
KHINCH/8/A/D/151Letter; W.H. Fellowes, Haverland Hall, to 7th Earl of Sandwich
K757/T/j/424Appointment, by lease and release of property as in T414, parties as in T424. Including surrender of copyhold part and admission of W.H.Fellowes to same, 5 December 1833.
KBLC/2/16/209Certificates of Inheritance
KR/R5/4/2Manor of Ramsey: Copy of Court Roll
KR/R8/3/10Manor of Ramsey.
KR/R5/8/16Lease and release
KR/R9/7/C/35Lease and Release
KR/R5/9/15Lease and Release
KR/R9/2/12Memorandum of Agreement
KR/R9/5/13Lease and Release
KR/R5/4/4Manor of Ramsey Copy of Court Roll
KR/R9/8/15Lease and Release
KR/R7/2/N/126Lease and Release
KR/R8/5/10Lease Appointment
KR/R8/6/10Manor of Ramsey.
KR/R13/3/1Lease and Release
KR/R32/1/2Opinion of Richard Hughes of Lincolns Inn
KR/R32/8/4Bargain and Sale.
KR/R16/2/21Lease and Release.
KR/R34/4/21Deed of Covenant to produce Deeds.
KR/R49/6Bundle of letters and copies and Counsel's opinion
KAR60/23/8Miscellaneous Maynard papers.
KR/R8/8/C/21Assignment of two Mortgage
KR/R32/1/1Marriage Settlement
KR/R47/36Bundle of letters, copies & other papers sent by Messrs. Lake, Beaumont & Lake, solicitors, London, to Edward Fellowes, Ramsey Abbey, one of the trustees of the Benyon Trust.
KR/R35/4/1Will of William Fellowes of Upper Grosvenor Street in p. of St. George Hanover Square, Middlesex.
KR/R39/6Large bundle of the Certificates of the Contracts for the Redemption of Land Tax charged upon various of the Fellowes' lands in Hunts
KHAC0/120/2Election Posters
KHINCH/8/A/D/1452 letters; Mr. J. Stokes and Mr. Frederick Thomson, Kensington, to the Rev. Dr. Thomson, Golden. Square, London.
KHINCH/8/A/D/150Copy of letter; 7th Earl of Sandwich, The Views, Huntingdon, to W.H. Fellowes, Haverland Hall near Norwich.
KHINCH/8/A/D/149Bundle of 12 letters
KR/R40/2/4Assignment of the family estates of William Fellowes, Esq., decd. for the residue of 2 terms of 500 years created for raising portions for his younger children.
KHINCH/8/A/D/135Bundle of 8 letters and copies Letters between Christopher Pemberton jnr., Cambridge and the Crown Inn, Huntingdon, and Lord Hinchingbrooke, Mr. Fellowes, George Maule, and Henry Sweeting.
KMAN1/A/10/9Mixed file of papers, mostly relating to the affairs of the 6th and 7th Dukes of Manchester
KHINCH/8/A/D/146Copy of letter; George Maule, Huntingdon, to Mr. Torkington and Mr. Stracey.
KHINCH/8/B/A/2074 Letters; Letters written to John Calvert and W.H. Fellowes in reply to their requests for votes and support.
KHINCH/8/A/E/166Instructions to Lord Hinchingbrooke's and Mr Fellowes' Inspectors and Cheque Clerks.
KHINCH/8/A/D/138Letter; Robert Sabine, St. Neots, to Messrs. Prumanney? and Druce, Cecil Street, Strand, London.
KHINCH/8/B/A/208Letter; J. Godby, Greenwich, to John Calvert
KR/R5/4/5Deed of Covenants
KR/R5/4/3Deed of Covenants
KR/R5/3/1Abstract of Title
KR/R7/2/N/133Manor of Wistow
KR/R7/3/O/32Abstract of Title
KR/R7/2/N/129Bargain and Sale
KR/R34/4/8Mortgage. (by demise for 500 years)
KR/R7/2/N/138Letter and Schedule
KR/R39/9/7Deed of Covenant to produce Title Deeds.
KR/R35/17/1Letters of Administration of Mrs Lavinia Fellowes' effects.
KR/R8/2/11Lease and Release
KR/R8/1/H/392 Letters.
KR/R8/1/H/42Abstract of Title
KR/R10/1/29Assignment of Mortgage Term in Trust to attend the Inheritance.
KR/R9/3/5Deed of Covenant
KR/R35/15/2General Release
KR/R7/2/N/135Release and Deed of Covenant
KR/R5/5/2Manor of Ramsey: Copy of Court Roll
KR/R7/3/O/36Deed of Covenant
KHINCH/8/A/D/131Bundle of 112 letters; Letters written to Lords Sandwich and Hinchingbrooke (and one to Lady Hinchingbrooke) in reply to their requests for votes and support for the election of Lord Hinchingbrooke and W.H. Fellowes.
KR/R9/5/14Assignment of a Mortgage Term in Trust
KR/R7/2/N/134Manor of Wistow
KR/R5/10/8Lease and Release
KR/R7/2/N/132Manor of Oldhurst
KR/R9/3/4Lease and Release
KHINCH/8/A/D/133Bundle of 37 letters; Letters to Lord Sandwich and Hinchingbrooke (and a couple to Lady Hinchingbrooke and W.H. Fellowes).
KHINCH/8/A/D/122-1233 Letters; Lord Carysfort, Elton Hall, to the 5th Earl of Sandwich.
KHINCH/8/A/D/155Letter; W.H. Fellowes, Haverland Hall, to 7th Earl of Sandwich.
K757/T/j/425Lease and release of property as in T414. 1. Edward Fellowes, heir of William H Fellowes. 2. William Jecks of Wisbech, merchant. Consideration £460. Includes admission of 2. and surrender by 1. of copyhold part, 27 May 1839
KR/R9/2/17Lease, Release
KR/R9/7/C/33Assignment of Mortgage and Further Charge
KR/R10/1/28Lease and Release
KR/R35/11/5Settlement and Counterpart, 29th March 1813, on the marriage of Edward Fellowes Esq., Capt. in R.N., and Hannah Elizabeth Benyon of Grosvenor Square, Middlesex, spinster.
KR/R32/7Bundle marked; Vouchers, papers, letters and Accounts relative to the affairs of my sister, Dorothea Fellowes
K757/T/j/423Mortgage, by way of lease and release, of property as in T414, for securing £550. 1. Joseph Saunders and wife Ann. 2. William Henry Fellowes of Ramsey, Huntingdonshire, Esq.
KR/R7/2/N/128Bargain and Sale
KR/R8/1/H/52Manor of Upwood.
KR/R40/2/6Settlement by Lease & Release (orig. Lease & copy Release)
KR/R9/6/E/18Lease and Release
KR/R35/5/1The Will of W.H. Fellowes, Esq.,
KTORK/1/56Will (copy) of James Torkington, Great Stukeley Hall, Esq.
KHINCH/8/B/A/203Letter; W.H. Fellowes, Somerset Street, London, to 5th Earl of Sandwich.
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