Person NameFellowes; Lord; William Henry (1848-1925); 2nd Baron de Ramsey; of Ramsey Abbey
ForenamesWilliam Henry
Title2nd Baron de Ramsey
Epithetof Ramsey Abbey
ActivityWilliam Henry Fellowes, 2nd Baron de Ramsey (1848-1925) emulated his forebears in much of his career, in that he served as an officer in the military in his youth before returning to the family seat to take up the position of MP for Huntingdonshire which had been held by his father and grandfather for 66 of the 73 years preceeding William Henry's election in 1880. Much the same as his predecessors he also had extensive lands in Norfolk and Huntingdonshire which required management, and he added to these significantly with the purchase of the Manor of Little Raveley in 1889. With his father's ennoblement as Baron de Ramsey in 1887 and his death very shortly after, William Henry entered the House of Lords, where he continued to serve the Conservative Party particularly in the administration of Lord Salisbury (1886-1892) for which he was one of the government whips in the House of Lords from 1890-1892. Like his brother, grandson and great grandson, he was involved in agricultural advocacy, serving as the President of the Huntingdonshire Agricultural Society. He also served as chairman of the County Conservative Association and of the Middle Level Commissioners.
RelationshipsFather: Edward Fellowes, 1st Baron de Ramsey (1809-1887)
Mother: Mary Julia Miles (m.1842), daughter of George Miles, 4th Baron Sondes (1794-1874)
Spouse: Lady Rosamond Jane Frances Spencer-Churchill (m.1877) daughter of John Churchill, 7th Duke of Marlborough (1822-1883)
Children: Hon. Alexandra Frances Anne Fellowes (1880-1955), m. Brig.-Gen. Hon. Ferdinand Charles Stanley
Hon. Coulson Churchill Fellowes (1883-1915) m. 1st Gwendolen Dorothy Jefferson, daughter of Harry Jefferson (1849-1918); 2nd. Hon. Lilah O'Brian
Hon. Reginald Ailwyn Fellowes (1884-1953), m. Marguerite Séverine Philippine Decazes de Glücksberg a.k.a. Daisy Fellowes (1890-1962)
Hon. Gladys Cecil Georgina Fellowes (1885-1952), m. Captain Heneage Greville Finch, Lord Guernsey
Hon. Hermione Frances Caroline Fellowes (1886-1972), m. 1st Brig.-Gen. Lord Esmé Charles Gordon-Lennox, 2nd Rolf Cederström, Baron Cederström
Hon. Sybil Inna Mildred Fellowes (1888-1948), m. James Butler, 5th Marquess of Ormonde (1890-1949)
Linked entries in the catalogue
KR/Acc3666/1/10Letters concerning tithe redemption on land being sold to Hunts. C.C.
KR/R47/1/2Ramsey Estate Bank Account Books
KR/RB3/A/47Rent Audit Book
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KR/R60/29Lease to HCC, Middle Moor Farm Ramsey.
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KR/R60/32/1-4Mortgage on Daintree Farm Ramsey.
KR/R45/1/24Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale Ballantine's Farm, Warboys.
KR/R60/11/4Sale of land at Ramsey and Warboys to H.C.C.
KR/R43/2Bundle of papers relating to claims made under fire insurance policies.
KR/R36/18/8Particulars and Conditions of Sale. With Agreement to purchase. re lot 3.
KR/R36/17/6Conveyance: Jones to Lord De Ramsey. £245. Land as in R36/17/1.
KR/R35/1/5Appointment by Lord De Ramsey in favour of his son, Hon. R.A. Fellowes, of one fifth share in reversion of the £30,000.
KR/R45/1/9Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale The Woodwalton Estate, i.e. Goodliff's Lodge Farm and Speechley's Farm.
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KR/R35/9Bundle of Papers, -mainly letters to Capt W.H. Fellowes M.P., later 2nd. Lord De Ramsey -re the financial affairs of his wife, Lady Rosamond.
KR/R63/33Fen Farm, Middlemoor 65 acres
KR/R33/2/2Copy of the Altered Apportionment of Tithe. Rentcharge - parish of Abbots Ripton.
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KR/Acc3666/1/5Vergette's valuation of the lands in R/7666/1/4
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KR/R60/44Statements showing application of monies from sales etc of settled estates & payments made
KR/R32/5/4Schedule of the Deeds relating to the settlements made on the Marriage.
KR/R62/12/2Appointment of new trustees to Lord De Ramsey's settlement of 1875
KR/RB3/J/118Account Book
KR/R62/3/4Copy valuation for probate, with later correspondence, 1920-32
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KR/R51/1/7Letters and assignment of land in Ramsey churchyard for the burial of the Fellowes' family.
KR/R62/18/1Appointment of W.G. Trower as trustee of will of 2nd Baron De Ramsey
KR/R46/2/13Acknowledgement by Middleton of the right of Lord De Ramsey to the production of title deeds.
KR/RB3/A/57Collecting Rentals
KR/Acc3666/1/2List of Ramsey Abbey Estates in Betty's nose District
KR/R62/21Second Baron De Ramsey
KAH/26/240/48Mandate for induction: Horatio George Broke M.A., Vicar of Holme: patron, William Henry Fellows Baron de Ramsey
KR/R45/1/18Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale Manor Farm Estate, Broughton.
KR/R50/4/4Memos and notes re arrangements for the ending of the lease.
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KR/R34/2/5List of papers in R33/2/1-4
KR/RB3/A/14Account Book (1st series)
KR/R36/3/3Letters and receipts re the Fee Farm Rent due from the Site of Ramsey Abbey and the purchase of the Rent by Lord De Ramsey from the Trustees of the Sutton Estates.
KR/R48/1Sealed copy of the confirmed Altered Apportionment of Tithe Rentcharge for the parish of Ramsey, with a plan.
KR/RB3/A/32Account Book (2nd. series, Agent's Accounts?)
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KR/RB3/A/64Allotment Rental
KR/RB6/26Accounts of The Poor Lands (1st. series.)
KR/R39/7/5Receipt for payment by Lord De Ramsey to Serjeant & Son of their professional charges re purchase of the land.
KR/R49/1Schedules of the Ramsey Estate Hunts.
KR/R62/36Lord De Ramsey's account book for Army and Navy Stores account
KR/R62/38Guarantee by Lord De Ramsey to honour liabilities, etc. of Brigadier F.C. Stanley
KR/R43/3Bundle of Letters and other papers relating to valuations of tenant right, etc.
KR/R37/1/23Account, letter and rough calculations re the purchase of R37/1/21 & R37/1/22.
KR/R62/2/1-3Letters to trustees from Mrs Fellowes about payments to employees in accordance with Lord De Ramsey's will, with list of beneficiaries.
KR/RB3/J/121Rent-Charge Book
KR/RB6/53Rental of Poor Farm & School Farm Allotments.
KR/R45/1/25Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale Glebe Estates in Spaldwick, Easton, Catworth and Alconbury Weston.
KR/RB6/11Accounts - Cash Book
KR/R62/18/2Affidavit by W.G. Trower concerning trust
KR/R43/26Bundle of Agreements
KR/RB3/A/48Rent Audit Book
KR/RB3/A/46Rent Audit Book (includes some rents for land at Whittlesey)
KR/RB3/C/89Rent-charge book
KR/R33/2/8Copy of Certificate of Redemption of Tithe Rentcharge - parish of Woodwalton.
KR/R60/1/1& 2Agreement with John Whittome regarding the sale of Mereside Farm, Ramsey
KR/R45/1/13Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale The Glatton Hall Estate, nr. Holme.
KR/RB6/54Copies of letters from the Clerk to the Trustees.
KR/R33/2/4Copy of Certificate of Redemption of Tithe Rentcharge - parish of Bury.
KR/R62/20Lord De Ramsey estate duty accounts, including valuation of estates 1925
KR/R62/1Appointment of rent charge for Rosamond Spencer Churchill on marriage to William Henry Fellowes
KR/RB3/H/116Account Book
KR/R62/9Account of Lord De Ramsey as executor of Mary Julia dowager lady De Ramsey with A.E. Fellowes for annuity
KR/R47/34/3Letters to Arthur Newton, Ramsey from Morris & Sons, Ltd., London, re repair necessary for church windows.
KR/RB3/A/42Farm Cash Book (Upwood, Raveley, Grange, Park, Glatton & Stukeley farms.)
KR/R51/1/8Faculty for alterations and improvements in the parish church of St. Thomas a Becket, Ramsey
KR/RB6/6Draft Minutes of the Governors of Ramsey Grammar School.
KR/R45/1/20Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale Rowey Farm, in Pidley and Warboys.
KR/RB1/11Ledger of various accounts covering various estates, drainage, various people etc.
KR/R35/6/4Succession Accounts of the 2nd Lord De Ramsey on the death of his father, and a few re his mother's death.
KR/R45/1/4Particulars, Plans & Conditions of Sale of an agricultural estate of J.N. Heathcote at Gt. & Lt. Stukeley, Sawtry, Holme and Steeple Gidding.
KR/RB3/F/112Haddenham & Littleport Tithes Book
KR/R44/26Inventory & Valuation of fixtures and fittings at Abbots Ripton Hall the property of the Exors. of Howard Gilliat, Esq. decd. agreed to be purchased by Lord De. Ramsey.
KR/R45/1/7Particulars, Plans & Conditions of Sale of Dove House Farm, Ramsey, and field in Warboys.
KR/R51/6Capital Accounts of the Trustees of the Settled Estates of Lord De Ramsey
KR/R44/22Bundle of letters, accounts & rough notes and accounts
KR/R60/26Conveyance Flowers to De R. Stocking Fen, Ramsey
KR/R37/1Bundle of Deeds and other papers relating to 2 parcels of land in Middlemoor, Ramsey, purchased by Lord De Ramsey from William Denton in 1888.
KR/R62/3/2Statement as to Lord De Ramsey's titles, property, children, their interests, etc.
KR/Acc3666/1/3List of lands required for Smallholdings
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KR/R62/13Dissentailing assurance by Edward Fellowes and W.H. Fellowes on freehold portion of family estates
KR/R43/19Bundle of letters
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KR/Acc3666/2/1Day & Son's letter to the County Council enclosing the claim for compensation to Mr. G.S. Newton
KR/Acc2680/2/4Ramsey Estate receipts book, settled and unsettled estate
KR/Acc2768/1/12Court book
KR/Acc3666/2/6Pencilled notes on crop valuation
KR/R62/25Taxing master's certificate for costs re. settlement under will of 2nd Baron De Ramsey
KR/R45/1/22Particulars of smallholdings in Ramsey St. Mary's.
KR/RB3/A/60Collecting Rentals
KR/RB6/40Accounts of Lands under Care (2nd. series)
KR/R62/19Papers about J.D.C. Fellowes tax affairs, including extracts from Lord De Ramsey's will, of 1921, executors' accounts 1933-4, brief to counsel, copy correspondence, etc.
KR/R39/9/18Receipt of payment to Serjeant & Son by Lord De Ramsey for the charges re R39/9/17.
KR/R43/5Bundle of Letters and other papers relating to valuations of tenant right, etc. - mainly for compulsory purchase by County Council for small-holdings of lands in Ramsey St. Mary and Ponders Bridge.
KR/RB3/E/99Farm Croppings Book (Park, Lady Seat, Denton Lodge, Half Way farms.)
KR/Acc3666/2/3Letters from W.G. Trower to Mr. Rogers concerning the claim and the arbitration hearing
KR/R34/1/2Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R50/4/2Bundle of letters
KR/R43/13Bundle of Letters to Rogers and Longbourne - mainly covering notes and a few queries - + receipts re payment of Lord Alington's Doddington rents and taxes.
KR/R39/10/25Bundle of letters, insurance policies & receipts and notices of second mortgages re Taylor's estate at Benwick, his likely bankruptcy and the future sale of the land.
KR/R47/17Bundle of letters, calculations, tables, of fees, instruction for altered apportionments, extract from the apportionment of rentcharge of 1843, relating to the Upwood Tithe Rentcharge.
KR/R43/15Bundle of accounts, notices, & conditions of letting & letters to P.L. Rogers re Upwood Grass Letting (Hill Farm).
KR/R48/7Large Bundle of letters & notices to quit
KR/RB3/A/56Collecting Rentals
KR/RB3/A/39Cash Book
KR/R60/25Conveyance Percy Mead to De R., Broadalls.
KR/Acc3666/1/9Valuation of fixtures of farm at Tick Fen Warboys, Rose to Simpson
KR/RB3/J/123Rent-Charge Book
KR/RB3/A/40Cash Book
KR/RB3/J/122Rent-Charge Book
KR/RB3/C/91Rent-charge book
KR/RB3/E/96Account Book
KR/R63/21Seekings Lane 17 acres
KR/RB3/E/98Collecting Rental
KR/Acc2768/1/14Minute book
KR/R47/25Bundle of misc. deeds
KR/RB3/A/58Collecting Rentals
KR/RB3/A/55Collecting Rentals
KR/RB3/A/38Cash Book
KR/RB6/12Accounts - Cash Book
KR/R45/1/2Plan of estate in Great Raveley, Upwood and Woodwalton.
KR/RB3/A/15Account Book (1st series)
KR/Acc2768/1/13Court book
KAH/26/240/40Mandate for induction: Matthew Charles Whitelaw, Rector of Denton with Caldecot: patron, William Henry Baron de Ramsey of Ramsey Abbey Co. Hunts.
KR/R62/3/3Copy will of Lord De Ramsey
KR/RB3/A/44Rent Audit Book
KR/RB3/G/113Rental (includes some Cottage & Allotment Rentals, 1902-1907.)
KR/RB3/C/88Rent-charge book
KR/RB6/4Draft Minute Book
KR/R60/27Conveyance William Cray to De R. Stocking Fen, Ramsey
KR/RB3/J/117Account Book
KR/R62/5Disentalling assurance: Lord De Ramsey and C.C. Fellowes
KR/RB6/36Accounts of Lands under Care (1st. series)
KR/R47/34/4Rough list of contributions to Curates Fund.
KR/RB6/35Accounts of Lands under Care (1st. series)
KR/R60/6Receipted letter (1,000) from HCC re Dairy Farm Road.
KR/R60/28Lease Isle of Ely, field at Benwick.
KR/R62/3/1Statement of money from Lord De Ramsey to his four daughters and others.
KR/R60/12Lease: School at Abbots Ripton
KR/R60/33Valuations. Farms at Ramsey.
KR/RB3/C/93Rent-charge book
KR/Acc3666/1Bundle 1, sale for Smallholdings
KR/RB6/10Accounts - Cash Book
KR/RB6/52Cash Book of Ramsey Infant Endowed School.
KR/RB6/21Accounts of The Free School (2nd. series)
KR/R45/2/5Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale Park Farm, in Glassmoor, Whittlesey.
KR/R60/19Land Sale at Abbots Ripton to Hunts D.C.
KR/RB3/C/86Rent-charge book
KR/R43/14Bundle of receipts, accounts, & letters. to Rogers, Longbourne and Radway re Lord Alington's Doddington rents & taxes. Some letters deal with the sale of land.
KR/R62/12/3Dissentailing assurance by Lord De Ramsey and C.C. Fellowes on copyhold properties of Manors of Farcet, Wistow, Upwood, King's Ripton, Drayton with Taverham, Costessay, Swannington and Cawston
KR/R50/4/6Bundle of letters, notes, estimates and reports
KR/R50/4/1Lease for 21 years
KR/R48/3Large Bundle of papers - letters, rough calculations & accounts, receipts, memoranda, notices of assessment, schedules & applications for payment
KR/R47/32Bundle of accounts of the yearly collections of Quit Rents and of the fines due on Admissions to the Manors of Ramsey & Lt. Raveley.
KR/R43/24Papers relating to claims on insurance policies
KHQ/Z/17Notebook containing list of names and votes recorded for Mandeville and Fitzwilliam and for Mandeville, Fellowes and Gordon (the second list does not record the votes cast)
KR/RB3/A/66Allotment Rental
KR/R47/15Bundle of letters, calculations, particulars & valuations of premises, appointments of valuers & umpires
KR/Acc3666/1/7Particulars of housing sites sales sent to Sir W. Trower
KR/R43/12Bundle of letters
KR/R48/2Bundle of Insurance Policies taken out by the Townley family, Fulbourn, Cambs.
KR/RB3/A/65Allotment Rental
KR/R47/30Bundle of letters, forms, particulars, instructions, appointments of valuers, rough calculations etc.
KR/R43/18Bundle of letters from Millar, Son & Co. London, to the Estate Office, Ramsey
KR/R36/14/1Letters from James Jones, Ramsey, to Lord De Ramsey
KR/R47/35Bundle of letters & copies, accounts & rough plans
KR/R48/4Large Bundle of papers
KR/R33/4/12Receipted Account
KR/R43/9Bundle of letters & other papers
KR/R43/16Letters and copies of annual accounts; returns, and rough workings of P.L. Rogers and F.R. Davis, collectors of the Middle Level Drainage Taxes. (Ramsey Division.)
KR/Acc3674/2Bundle of deeds to properties in Ramsey Mereside and various lots in Broadalls
KR/Acc3640/1Letters addressed to Lord De Ramsey from Sotheby Wilkinson & Hodge and the British Museum concerning the value of the Ramsey Charters, court rolls, deeds and papers which were purchased by the museum on two occasions.
KR/R44/29Bundle of letters and sections
KWH/1G/180AH. Gilliat Esq.
K1360/EL/2/1/1Certificate presented to special constable, Harry Childs
KR/Acc2768/2/5Court book
KR/Acc2680/2/7De Ramsey Estate accounts
KR/R45/2/2Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale The Ferry, Chatteris.
KR/RB6/31Accounts of The Poor Lands (2nd. series)
KR/RB3/J/120Rent Roll
KR/Acc3674/1Packet of three deeds to properties in Hollow Head, Ramsey Hollow and Midfetter, Ramsey
KR/Acc2768/2/8Minute book
KR/Acc3666/1/6Sir W. Trower's correspondence with P L Rogers concerning the lands to be sold
KAH/26/241/27Mandate for induction: John Robert Pawley Smith M.A., Vicar of Ramsey: patron, William Henry Baron de Ramsey of Ramsey Abbey Co. Hunts.
KR/R45/1/12Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale The Manor Farm, Bury.
KR/R45/2/3Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale Copyhold estate at Benwick.
KAH/26/240/68Mandate for induction: William Mackreth Noble B.A., Vicar of Little Raveley: patron, William Henry Fellowes Baron de Ramsey.
KR/RB3/F/111Rectorial Rent-Charge Book (Littleport)
KR/R46/2/7Particulars, Plans & Conditions of Sale of 4 farms etc. in Alconbury, Alconbury Weston and Lt. Stukeley.
KR/Acc2680/2/6Commercial Union policy book
KR/R47/11Bundle of letters and Particulars of Expenses from the Board of Agriculture & Fisheries re Ramsey Exchange of Lands.
KR/R47/34/5Faculty, letters & receipts re the erection of a stained glass window in the church in memory of the late Lord De Ramsey.
KR/RB3/D/95Account Book (rough)
KHAC3/3526Schedules of Lord de Ramsey deeds (copies)
KR/R34/5/2Copy of Court Roll
KR/R34/1/6Receipted Account.
KR/R36/15/2Bundle of letters to Lord De Ramsey from Reeves
KR/R35/1/8Bills from Serjeant and Son to Lord De Ramsey
KR/RB5/2Particulars and Conditions of Sale of the Holme Wood Estate (with plans & drawings.)
KR/R37/2/3Assurance that Charles John Longland of Warboys, farmer, surrendered to the use of Lord De Ramsey.
KR/R47/29Bundle of letters, valuations & rough calculations
KR/R37/1/12Transfer of Mortgage 20th April 1858
KR/Acc3666/1/8Correspondence concerning sale to Mrs. Simpson
KR/R60/11/1Sale of land at Ramsey and Warboys to H.C.C.
KR/R32/5/3Marriage Settlement.
KR/R49/3ABasement plan of Heating Apparatus, Ramsey Abbey. (Scale: 1 to 1') (William Wilson & Co., 50 King St., Manchester.)
KR/RB3/A/37Cash Book
KR/RB6/17Accounts of The Free School (1st series.)
KR/Acc3666/3/1Copy of a record of condition of these farms
KR/Acc2768/1/11Duplicate Court book
KR/Acc2768/1/20Copy and quit rent ledger
KR/Acc3666/2/4Further copy correspondence re Day & Sons approach to the Arbitrator
KHP90/12/1The account of the Overseers of Upwood with J. Smyth.
KPC41/2664/T/3Lease by Lord de Ramsey of the property of T/2 for seven years to Upwood Parish Council at an annual rent of £25. With an agreement by tenants of the allotments at Hill Farm to an increase in rent (24 October 1922)
KR/R45/1/26Particulars of Three Horse Shoes Farm, Gt. & Lt. Stukeley.
KR/R34/1/4Copy of the Award
KAH/26/242/34Mandate for induction: Charles Brown M.A., Vicar of Ramsey St. Mary: patron, William Henry Baron de Ramsey of Ramsey Abbey Co. Hunt.
KHAC4/4945/2/2Holmewood and Stilton Drainage Board: file of papers including particulars of conveyance, Stilton Fen Farm (1902); Specifications for proposed pumping station at Black Ham (1912 - 1913); schedule of lands drained (1919); valuations of Mere Engine, Whittlesey Mere. and Black Ham pumping stations (1920); specifications for proposed Mere Engine at Holme Fen (1925); schedule of lands in Holme formerly belonging to Lord de Ramsey; and plans of lands in Holme Fen belonging to J.A. Fielden (nd) [see also 2945/24]
KR/R45/1/16Particulars, Plans & Conditions of Sale
KED/4169/1/3/365Sale for Lord de Ramsey
KR/Acc3666/2/5Copy award of arbitrator
KR/Acc3666/2/2Copy claim
KR/R34/6/6Receipted Account
KR/R39/1Order of the Board of Agriculture & Fisheries for the Exchange of Land.
KR/R36/6/1Assignment of a lease for the residue of a term of 77 years (Counterpart)
KR/R34/2/2Copy of Court Roll.
KR/R43/1Bundle of Insurance Policies (Fire)
KR/R39/3Lease for 21 years.
KR/R43/17Accounts, letters, schedule, reports small plans, and other papers
KR/R47/8Bundle of letters, rough calculations & accounts, maps (one of 1849) & rough extracts from tithe maps
KR/R43/28Bundle of letters, accounts,stocks & shares transfers, legal papers etc.
KR/R44/28Counterpart of Conveyance
KR/R45/1/5Particulars, Plans & Conditions of Sale of Manor Farms at Houghton & Wyton and Holywell cum Needingworth; The Weybridge Lodge Farm, Alconbury, and land at Brampton & Bury.
KR/R43/7Large bundle marked 'Old Agreements'
KR/R45/1/3Particulars, Plans & Conditions of Sale of agricultural estate at Catworth, Keyston, Molesworth, & Tilbrook and at Colmworth, Lt. Staughton & Keysoe, Beds; and at Hargrave & Raunds, Northants.
KR/R45/1/6Particulars, Plans & Conditions of Sale of Easton Farm, Easton & Ellington; Cotton Farm, Spaldwick & Ellington; Upthorpe Lodge Farm, Spaldwick; and Barham Farm, Barham.
KR/R47/10Bundle of letters, forms and other papers
KR/R47/13Bundle of letters, accounts, rough calculations, forms & maps
KR/R47/18Bundle of priced catalogues & accounts for sales of underwood
KR/R48/6Bundle of letters to P.L. Rogers
KR/R50/3Large bundle of letters and copies, rough accounts and statements of tax, notices of assessment, particulars of assessment, copies of claim forms for relief, bills etc.
KR/R62/12/1Dissentailing assurances by Edward Fellowes and W.H. Fellowes on copyhold properties of Manors of Farcet, Wistow, Upwood, Bury with Hepmangrove, Drayton with Taverham, Costessay, Swanington and Cawston
KR/R62/14Surrender of term for raising portions for younger children, out of settled family estates of late Lord De Ramsey: executors of Earl Sondes to W.H. Fellowes, Baron De Ramsey
KR/R43/21Letters and other papers
KR/R47/12Misc. bundle
KR/R39/4Letters, receipt & Order of the Board of Charity Commissioners
KR/R34/6/2Copy of Court Roll
KR/R34/1/7Award of Enfranchisement.
KR/R45/1/15Particulars, Plans & Conditions of Sale
KR/R43/22Letters and other papers
KR/R34/6/5Award of Enfrancisement
KR/R43/20Letters and other papers
KR/R47/14Bundle of letters, plans & rough Calculations
KR/R36/23/3Conveyance of freehold land and Covenant to Surrender copyhold land.
KR/R51/10Insurance Policies taken out by Lord De Ramsey. (marked Nos. 1-77)
KR/R39/6Large bundle of the Certificates of the Contracts for the Redemption of Land Tax charged upon various of the Fellowes' lands in Hunts
KR/R51/11Old Agreements (marked Nos. 1-99; with 52 missing, and index of names of tenants etc.)
KR/R51/12Old Agreements (Abbots Ripton)
KR/R48/11Large Bundle of letters, accounts, bills, receipts, tax assessments & other papers
KR/R43/34Bundle of misc. material
KR/R47/16Bundle of letters, accounts, calculations, descriptions of premises & awards of valuers
KR/RB4/5Account Book of Middle Level Drainage Taxes.
KR/R48/9Large Bundle of letters, accounts, receipts copies of admissions etc.
KAH/26/240/24Mandate for induction: Robert Black M.A., Vicar of Ramsey: patron, William Henry Baron de Ramsey of Ramsey Abbey Co. Hunt.
KHCP/15/1697/11/19Sale of land by Lord de Ramsey to Hunts. County Council. Opinions of J.P. Maule (2) 14 June 1902, 3 February 1921, concerning title of Lord de Ramsey to Tick Fen Farm Estate in Ramsey and Warboys
KWH/3G/2358AThe Huntingdonshire Marathon Race.
KR/R51/4Letters to Lord De Ramsey
KR/RB3/A/45Rent Audit Book
KR/RB3/G/114Cottage & Allotment Rental
KR/R34/2/4Receipted Account
KR/R47/2Bank Account Book of the Trustees of the late Lord De Ramsey's Settled Estates.
KR/R34/1/8Receipted Account.
KR/R36/7/6Copy of Court Roll
KR/R48/8Bundle of plans of allotments at Ramsey, Ramsey St. Mary, Ramsey Hollow, Mereside, Middlemoor, Stocking Fen, Tick Fen, Ugg Mere, Forty Foot Bridge, Upwood, & Upwood Common, Abbots Ripton & Benwick.
KR/R37/1/24Counterpart of Lease for the term of the tenant's life.
KR/R50/4/3Inventory & Valuation of blinds, fittings, carpets, garden plants & tools, keeper's effects, etc. at the Hall, the property of Lord De Ramsey, and taken by Gilliat.
KR/R45/1/17Particulars & Conditions of Sale The Manors of Hartford, Woodhurst and Warboys. (trustees as R45/1/16)
KR/R62/31/1-2Receipt for repayment of loan of £10,000 by A.E. Fellowes to Lord De Ramsey by trustees of A.E. Fellowes marriage settlement with solicitor's bill of costs
KR/R43/6Bundle of Letters and other papers relating to valuation of tenant-right etc. Includes some papers re. land in Norfolk, the property of the Rev. C.F. Townley of Upwell Hall.
KR/R47/40/3Papers concerning A. Radway, Agent to Lord De Ramsey, and the valuation of the farm of the late F.W. Bellamy.
KR/R43/8Bundle of Letters and other papers; re. sale of Upwood Common Farm and lands at Ramsey St. Mary to Huntingdon County Council for smallholdings
KR/R43/11Bundle of Letters accounts receipts, etc.
KR/R43/10Bundle of letters
KR/R45/1/14Particulars, Plan & Conditions of Sale The Upton Estate and property in Sawtry, (J.N. Heathcote).
KR/R47/34/1Estimates & Specifications (with revisions) for work to be done at the Church for Lord De Ramsey by the Army and Navy Auxiliary Co-op. Supply Co. Ltd.
KR/R51/16/2Receipt of payment to Serjeant & Son solicitors, Ramsey, for charges incurred when Lord De Ramsey purchased Stocking Fen Land of the late Mr. T.H. Bridgfoot's Trustees
KR/R48/10Bundle of agreements and letters etc. to the agents re the hiring of the lands of the Townley family at Upwell and Nordelph, Norfolk.
KR/R47/9Bundle of letters, plans, draft notices and a tenancy agreement
KR/R36/23/4Bundle of letters between Lord De Ramsey, James Jones of Ramsey, and Percival and Son, solicitors, Peterbrough, retransaction in R36/23/3: also one bill.
KR/R36/3/1Receipt for £10 paid by Lord De Ramsey to J.W.Shepperson. For his share in the materials of the bridge opposite the 400 Farm, Ramsey, and for compensation for his rights of way over the bridge.
KR/R34/1/3Draft of a Document
KR/R36/4/1Assignment of a Lease for the residue of a term of 26 years. (Duplicate)
KR/R35/1/1Release and Copy
KR/R47/34/2Letter to P.L. Rogers from the Local Government Board
KR/R43/29Bundle of papers of valuations
KR/R62/30Miscellaneous papers, document covers etc.
KWH/1G/180BH. Gilliat Esq.
KAcc2196/1/36BAbbots Ripton
KPC41/2664/T/2Lease (with draft) by Lord de Ramsey of 20 acres of land at Hill Farm, Upwood, for 14 years to Upwood Parish Council for an annual rent of £20
KR/R50/4/5Lists, Inventories, Valuations, notes and letters
KR/R33/4/9Attested copy of Release.
KR/R33/4/6Release and Conveyance
KR/R32/9/21Transfer of Mortgage
KR/Acc2680/2/8De Ramsey Estate accounts
KR/R50/4/7Letters and plan
KR/R62/10Valuation of Ramsey and Haverland settled estates, estate and succession duty returns, stock receipts, etc.
KR/R43/31Letters - mainly to P.L. Rogers
KR/R45/1/1Particulars of Half-way House Farm, Yaxley; Poplar Farm, Northey; Poplar Tree Farm, Whittlesey & Stanley House Farm, Benwick.
KR/R47/5Book entitled Ramsey Estate
KR/RB6/5Minutes of the Governors of Ramsey Grammar School
KR/R43/33Letters and tax receipt
KR/R51/5Draft Resettlement
KR/R50/2Statements of Audit (2 per year) for estates at Ramsey, Upwood, Abbots Ripton & Wennington, Raveley, Benwick, (office copies).
KWH/1G/405BThe Huntingdonshire Marathon Race
KR/R47/28Bundle of letters, & copies of letters between solicitors, clients and others and notes re dispute over the notice to quit Worlick Farm, Ramsey, The parties involved were Lord De Ramsey, landlord, & Major G. Fuller, tenant.
KR/R47/23Bundle of letters, maps, accounts etc.
KR/R47/33Bundle of misc. letters, postcards, telegrams, accounts & receipts sent to P.L. Rogers, Lord De Ramsey's Estate Agent, and Mrs. Rogers.
KWH/1G/405AThe Huntingdonshire Marathon Race
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