Person NameFellowes; Lord; Ailwyn Edward (1910-1993); 3rd Baron de Ramsey; of Ramsey Abbey
ForenamesAilwyn Edward
Title3rd Baron de Ramsey
Epithetof Ramsey Abbey
ActivityAilwyn Edward Fellowes, 3rd Baron de Ramsey (1910-1993) had a long and varied life. After being the youngest member of the Fellowes family to inherit property in the two hundred years in which they had held land, he also had to contend with the economic difficulties common to landed families during the inter-war period. Despite this, by the time of his death in 1993, his family still held substantial estates based around one sizeable country home compared to the three which he had inherited. Managing his lands was therefore one of the chief concerns of Ailwyn's life, but he also spent time serving in the armed forces during the Second World War. He had a history of public service, both on the county level as Lord Lieutenant of Huntingdonshire and in the House of Lords where he was a strong advocate for the causes dear to him. He spent much of his life as chairman or president of various organisations relating to agricultural and drainage issues.
RelationshipsFather: Hon. Coulson Churchill Fellowes (1883-1915), eldest son of William Henry Fellowes, 2nd Baron de Ramsey (1848-1925)
Mother: Gwendolen Dorothy Jefferson, daughter of Harry Jefferson (1849-1918)
Spouse: Lilah Helen Suzanne Labouchere (m.1937 d.1987) daughter of Francis Anthony Labouchere
Children: Hon. Sarah Fellowes (1938-2007)
Hon. Jennifer Julia Fellowes (b.1940)
John Ailwyn Fellowes, 4th Baron de Ramsey (b.1942)
Hon. Andrew Edward Fellowes (b.1950)
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KR/R63/2255 Great Whyte
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KR/R63/2Church Farm, 195a
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KR/RB3/A/63Collecting Rentals
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KR/R63/64Home Farm, Abbots Ripton, Live & Dead Stock
KR/R51/8Cheque Books (partly used only)
KR/R47/32Bundle of accounts of the yearly collections of Quit Rents and of the fines due on Admissions to the Manors of Ramsey & Lt. Raveley.
KR/R51/9BBank Paying-in Books (partly used only)
KR/R47/21Large bundle of letters, forms & plans relating to insurance policies & claims.
KR/R48/4Large Bundle of papers
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KR/R62/39Folder marked 'G.E.R. Railway Timetables'
KR/Acc2680/2/2Ramsey Free estates rent account receipts book
KR/Acc2680/3/8Farm receipt and payment accounts (CCA)
KR/Acc2680/2/17Box of estate letters
KR/Acc2680/2/15Box of estate letters
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KR/R63/8/1& 28 fields at 40' and Plans
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KHAC2/2193/86Fellowes Arms, Abbots Ripton Station: photographic print
KR/R63/43Meadow Road, Upwood
KR/Acc2680/2/10Ramsey and Abbots Ripton Settled Estate ledger
KLS/VT/3Taming of the Shrew - large photographs
KHWI/5009/19/7Correspondence re sale of Womens' Institute Hall
KR/Acc2680/4/9Balance sheet and profit & loss account
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KDT10/SE/1/1975Building byelaw plan and approval for agricultural store at Westmoor Farm, Chatteris [for Lord de Ramsey, Estate Office, Ramsey]
KR/R43/1Bundle of Insurance Policies (Fire)
KR/R43/7Large bundle marked 'Old Agreements'
KR/R47/10Bundle of letters, forms and other papers
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KR/R50/3Large bundle of letters and copies, rough accounts and statements of tax, notices of assessment, particulars of assessment, copies of claim forms for relief, bills etc.
KR/R63/55/1& 2& 3Small Holdings New Fen, St. Mary's, The Bill, Prices Street, House Bury Road, 20 Star Lane, Building Plots, Cordell's Yard, Field Church Lane & other plots and fields and Jesmond Dene Field Read Ramsey
KR/R47/12Misc. bundle
KR/R51/10Insurance Policies taken out by Lord De Ramsey. (marked Nos. 1-77)
KR/R51/11Old Agreements (marked Nos. 1-99; with 52 missing, and index of names of tenants etc.)
KR/R51/12Old Agreements (Abbots Ripton)
KR/R47/20Large Bundle marked 'Farm Letters'
KR/R47/22Bundle of letters, printed forms & printed instructions, directions & memorandum
KHAC2/2193/120Royal Oak Inn, Wennington: photographic print
KAcc2039/13Abbots Ripton
KPH/DC/310An International Combine Harvester
KR/R63/19Carlton House, Upwood
KR/R47/2Bank Account Book of the Trustees of the late Lord De Ramsey's Settled Estates.
KR/R43/11Bundle of Letters accounts receipts, etc.
KR/R47/7Bundle of Letters, accounts & maps relating to Upwood Acrodrome.
KED/4169/1/19/247Sale for the Right Honourable Lord de Ramsey
K427Gamlingay tithe apportionment and inclosure papers
KR/R62/10Valuation of Ramsey and Haverland settled estates, estate and succession duty returns, stock receipts, etc.
KR/R62/35/1Sale particulars of 202 acres of Abbot's Ripton estate in parishes of Great and Little Raveley, Broughton and Wood Walton with memorandum of purchase by Lord De Ramsey
KDT23/SE/1/2690Building byelaw plan and approval for alterations and improvements to semi-detached house at Carters Bridge Farm, Badney Drove, Chatteris (Doddington Parish) and double garage to serve 2 houses [for the Fellowes Estate, Ramsey]
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