Person NameFielden; John Ashton (1859-1942); High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire (1908); of Holme
ForenamesJohn Ashton
TitleHigh Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire (1908)
Epithetof Holme
ActivityJohn Ashton Fielden (1859-1942) was for most of his life a landlord, and from the testimony of his tenants in Holme particularly he appears to have been as generous and respected in this occupation as he was in his philanthropic work. He devoted funds to building projects on his lands to improve the lives of those who lived under him. Fielden was also involved in local government, as a JP, Deputy Lieutenant and Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire. His most important occupation however was as a philanthopist, and he supported a variety of good causes, chiefly medical in nature. He also donated to projects including Shackleton's South Pole expedition, and wholeheartedly supported the British war effort in both World Wars. At the time of his death in 1942, it was estimated that he had contributed £300,000 to causes relating to the Second World War. His recreational activities included cricket - he played for Huntingdonshire before purchasing the Holmewood estate - and particularly Pheasant shooting. He employedd five gamekeepers to facilitate this hobby, and in 1905 he even pressed charges against some local boys for disturbing the birds.
RelationshipsFather: Samuel Fielden of Todmorden (1816-1889)
Mother: Sarah Jane Yates (m.1859) daughter of Joseph Brooke Yates of Liverpool
Spouse: None Known
Children: None Known
Linked entries in the catalogue
KED/3468/1339Tower Farm, Holme, Hunts (arbitration): Executors of J.A. Fielden to Starling
KHAC4/4945/6/2Draft plan of Toon's Top Lodge Farm, Glatton, showing a proposed hovel to be erected for J.A. Fielden
KHP43/1/9/7Conveyance; J A Fielden to Rector, plot for further extension to churchyard
KHP43/1/9/13Order in Council to discontinue burials except Wells & Fielden families
KFIELDEN/F6Additional Records
KAH/26/241/47Mandate for induction: James Sowter, Vicar of Holme: patron, John Ashton Fielden of Holme Wood, Co. Hunt Esq.
KHAC4/4945/3/3Plan of bacteria beds and apparatus for J.A. Fielden of Holmewood House, Holme, by J. Whittaker, Surveyor of Stanground
KHP43/6/6Faculty for a vault granted to J.A. Fielden in Holme church yard
KHAC5/5330Account book of John Ashton Fielden
KHAC4/4945/3/4Sections of a reinforced concrete trough at sewage beds of J.A. Fielden Esq. [2 items]
KFIELDEN/F6/1/1Box 1 of records of JA Fielden and executors
KFIELDEN/F6/1/2Box 2 of records of JA Fielden and executors
KHAC4/4945/2/3Agreements between John Ashton Fielden and his tenants including lease of Woodwalton Fen to GCW FitzWilliam (1904) [5 items]
KFIELDEN/F6/1John Ashton Fielden (1859-1942) of Holme: financial and legal papers 1894-1948, records of his executors and re. winding-up of estate 1942-50; Holmewood Estate Office accounts and correspondence 1927-54, Holmewood and Stilton Drainage Board financial and legal papers 1920-51, plan of estate at London Bridge sold for 'subway' [Underground] 1901, copy plan of Whittlesea Mere n.d. [20th century] &c.
KHAC4/4945/2/2Holmewood and Stilton Drainage Board: file of papers including particulars of conveyance, Stilton Fen Farm (1902); Specifications for proposed pumping station at Black Ham (1912 - 1913); schedule of lands drained (1919); valuations of Mere Engine, Whittlesey Mere. and Black Ham pumping stations (1920); specifications for proposed Mere Engine at Holme Fen (1925); schedule of lands in Holme formerly belonging to Lord de Ramsey; and plans of lands in Holme Fen belonging to J.A. Fielden (nd) [see also 2945/24]
KHAC4/4945/2/10Conveyance of land to be used as a burial ground at Station Road, Holme, by J.A. Fielden to Holme Parish Council, with subsequent mortgage for £300 made between Holme Parish Council and the Secretary of the Public Works Loan Commissioners
KFIELDENFielden Collection
KHAC5/5307/16/24Print of potato harvesting in Holme Fen. The group consists of (l to r): Mrs Florrie Stacey, Mrs Childley, Mrs Helen Wade, Mr John Moyser, Mrs Lenton, Miss Harriet Burdett, Minne Binden, Fred Burdett and [?]. They were working on Park Farm for the Squire, Mr John Fielden. The harrow was used to bring to the surface the potatoes missed in the first picking.
KHAC5/5307/15/55Photograph of the Engine Drain looking SW near Allen's Engine. The building on the left is Mr Fielden's boathouse. Engine Farm is in the distance near the trees. A steam engine is near the house on the right, working the temporary pump
KHAC5/5551/1Scrapbook belonging to John Ireson, land agent, Holmewood Estate, Holme, with newspaper cuttings and photographs relating to Holme and Mr JA Fielden
KHAC5/5551Album/scrapbook of photographs and newscuttings relating to the Holmewood Estate and Mr JA Fielden compiled by John Ireson, land agent; loose pages from an album of Lilian Ireson of Holme, mostly relating to the activities of the wartime WVS and the Holme Working Party, which Mrs Ireson chaired
K1383/A/8/1/1/274Copy letter to Prof. G. Sims Woodhead, Cambridge, about how to obtain a donation from Mr Fielden
KHAC4/4945/2/1Description of properties acquired by J.A. Fielden (incomplete)
KHAC4/4945/5/2GNR railway line proposed widening between Holme and Yaxley and showing the cutting owned by Mr Fielden
KFIELDEN/F4/5/33Cashbook with no indication of its purpose or to what it is related.
KHP61/6/4/13Correspondence and other papers concerning the restoration works to the chancel
KHCP/15/1697/8/3Police. a) 1 June 1857. Agreement for consolidation of Huntingdonshire County police with borough police force of Huntingdon b) 4 July 1857. Similar Agreement for Borough of Godmanchester. c) 25 June 1901. Letter of Secretary of State approving Lt. Col. Alan George Chichester's appointment as chief constable. d) 25 June 1935. Agreement [between] Standing Joint Committee and John Ashdon Fielden of Holmehood, [for] providing Special Constable for Holmewood Estate.
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