Person NameThornhill; George (1681-1754); of Diddington Hall
Epithetof Diddington Hall
ActivityGeorge Thornhill's (1681-1754) career is difficult to discern, he is not a particularly notable figure because of his holding of public offices or for leaving a particularly large cache of documents; rather he is an important figure for responding to his somewhat unusual circumstances by acquiring land in a county far from his family home. His legacy is the centuries of public service and prominence which his descendants enjoyed in Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire. All that can be said with certainty about his occupation is that a portion of his time would be spent managing the lands around Diddington which he acquired around 1719.
RelationshipsFather: George Thornhill of Fixby (1655-1687)
Mother: Mary (m.1677), daughter and heiress of Thomas Wyvill of Constable Burton
Spouse: Sarah (m.1733), daughter of John Barne of London
Children: Thomas Thornhill of Fixby (d.1800)
George Thornhill of Diddington Hall (1738-1827) m. Mary Anne, daughter of Sir Cesar Hawkins, 1st Baronet of Kelston, Somerset
Mary Thornhill, m. Miles Barne of Sotterley
Sarah Thornhill, m. Sir John Blois, 5th Baronet of Cockfield Hill, Suffolk (d.1766)
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KAcc148/2/A/73Exemplification of Common Recovery
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KAcc148/5/B/17Cause Summary
KAcc148/5/B/18Settlement of Account
KAcc148/5/D/255Pedigree of the Thornhills to
KAcc148/2/A/79Release and covenant to levy a Fine and suffer a recovery
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/3/17Release under the will of George Thornhill Esq., of mansion house in Doddington alias Diddington with all messuages and lands in Doddington alias Diddington, Southore [Southoe] and Boughton, Huntingdonshire
KAcc1832/A/2/25Deed of Exchange. 30 Jun.1741
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/3/13Lease for a Year of Manors of Grimbauds, Gimbers and Waldersheaves alias Waldershaws in Doddington alias Diddington, Bowton alias Boughton, Buckden, Stirtloe, Grafham, Southoe, Huntingdonshire, and Hardwick, Cambridgeshire
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