Person NameThornhill; George (1783-1852); MP, High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire (1836); of Diddington Hall
TitleMP, High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire (1836)
Epithetof Diddington Hall
ActivityGeorge Thornhill (1783-1852) was most notable as the member of his family to have served for the longest time in the House of Commons - doing so as a Conservative from 1837 to 1852 - however during this time he does not appear to have been an active member, with no contributions in parliament recorded. He was however very successful at entrenching his family in the social circles of Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire. He was a political ally of the future 1st Baron de Ramsey, was close to his brother in law John Heathcote of Conington Castle (1767-1838) and his wife's guardian before their marriage was a member of the powerful Montagu family. He enlarged his family's estates through an advantageous marriage, but also allowed the lease on a Cambridgeshire Manor to expire, which may suggest either that he was more interested in lands in Huntingdonshire, or else that he was not as interested in the accumulation of land as his father had been. Though he studied law and was admitted to the Inner Temple, it is unknown if he practiced law.
RelationshipsFather: George Thornhill (1738-1827)
Mother: Mary Anne (d.1830), daughter of Sir Cesar Hawkins, 1st Baronet of Kelston, Somerset
Spouse: Charlotte Mathilda (d.1830), daughter and heiress of Rev. Charles Greene of Offord Darcy (d.1803)
Children: George Thornhill (1811-1875) m. Elizabeth Mary, daughter of Robert H. Wilkinson
Rev. Charles Thornhill (d.1881) m. Margaret (d.1877) daughter of John Woolsey of Priorland
Rev. John Thornhill, Rector of Boxworth m. Catherine, daughter of Robert Wilkinson
Rev. William Thornhill, Rector of Offord Darcy (d.1872), m. Helen Jameson, daughter of John Woolsey of Priorland
Bryan Thornhill m. Sophia Tuke
Henry Jordan Thornhill m. Elizabeth Julia daughter of Major Goldie
Mary Anne Thornhill (d.1899) m. Captain Edmund Packe
Charlotte Mathida Thornhill
Frances Thornhill (d.1878) m. Rev. John Pardoe, Vicar of Leyton
Lydia Ann Thornhill
Georgiana Thornhill m. Rev. Plumer Roper
Everilda Thornhill m. Rev. Alfred Jenner
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KAcc148/5/C/135ADraft Letter
KDMC/373Islington and Clerkenwell estate map
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KAcc148/5/C/131Letter and Draft reply
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KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/10/134Letter from William Vincent of Park Cottage, Barnsbury Park, Islington to Mr. T. Hooker of 12 Thornhill Place East, requesting that application be made to Mr Thornhill respecting the site that has been promised for the church
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