Person NameThornhill; George (1811-1875); High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire (1869); of Diddington Hall
TitleHigh Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire (1869)
Epithetof Diddington Hall
ActivityGeorge Thornhill (1811-1875) was not active in national politics as his father had been, however he took an keen interest in local government. He likely continued to be well-connected as sa result of his father's networking, and his family was of sufficient standing by this time for him to be the first of his line to hold the office of Deputy Lieutenant of the county. In addition to this honour, he was a JP for Huntingdonshire, and High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire in 1869. He was well educated, and emulated his father in earning two degrees from St John's College, Cambridge, though there is no evidence that he entered any of the Inns of Court. He was a keen first-class cricketer while at University, and this appears to have been a popular hobby with the men in his family at the time.
RelationshipsFather: George Thornhill, of Diddington (1783-1852)
Mother: Charlotte Mathilda (d.1830), daughter and heiress of Rev. Charles Greene of Offord Darcy
Spouse: Elizabeth Mary (d.1899), daughter of Robert H. Wilkinson
Children: George Thornhill (1846-1847)
George Thornhill (1849-1868)
Arthur John Thornhill (1850-1930)
Francis Herbert William Thornhill (1851-1914), m. Helen Georgina, daughter of Rev. Charles Thornhill of Milesdown, co. Louth
Edmund Henry Thornhill (b.1856)
Charlotte Sarah Thornhill
Catherine Georgina Thornhill m. Captain Maunsell Bowers of the 5th Dragoon Guards
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