Person NameThornhill; Arthur John (1850-1930); High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire (1893); of Diddington Hall
ForenamesArthur John
TitleHigh Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire (1893)
Epithetof Diddington Hall
ActivityArthur John Thornhill (1850-1930) was a prominent landowner in Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire, who augmented his family's holdings through the acquisition of rights in the Manor of Southoe. He was known to have invested in improvements for the lands he owned, for example by constructing a village hall in Boxworth, Cambridgeshire, in 1914. Away from his estate management, he was active in local governance and served as JP, Deputy Lieutenant and High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire. Additionally, he was a Major in the Huntingdonshire Militia and this interest crossed into his political activity as when he served as a Conservative MP for Cambridgeshire his lone recorded parliamentary contribution was regarding pensions for Artillery Officers. Like several other members of his family he enjoyed cricket as a young man, and likely maintained an interest in the sport throughout his life.
RelationshipsFather: George Thornhill (1811-1875)
Mother: Elizabeth Mary (d.1899), daughter of Robert H. Wilkinson
Spouse: None
Children: None
Linked entries in the catalogue
KAcc148/2/A/98Requisitions on Title and Replies
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/3/22Letter from Arthur J. Thornhill to his Uncle Henry regarding the leasing of College Farm [Diddington, Huntingdonshire]
KAcc148/2/A/102Trustees Account
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/1/6Diddington Hall gardens - notebook containing details of fruit trees and rose bushes
KAH/26/242/6Mandate for induction: George Howard-Wright M.A., Rector of Offord Darcy: patron, Arthur John Thornhill of Diddington Co. Hunt.
KAH/26/242/31Mandate for induction: Ernest Verschoyle O'Connor B.A., Rector of Offord Darcy: patron, Arthur John Thornhill of Diddington Co. Hunt Esq.
KAcc148/5/D/258Papers re Thornhill Pedigree
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/4/57Letters [2] from H. Lestrange Newell of Offord Darcy Rectory, Huntingdonshire, to Henry Thornhill regarding the redeemed land tax charge on the living of Offord Darcy Rectory due to the Squire
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/10/145Conveyance of land lying at the rear and forming part of nos. 26, 28, 30, 32, and 34 Thornhill Road, St Mary, Islington
KAH/26/239/83Mandate for induction: Francis Herbert William Thornhill M.A., Rector of Offord Darcy: patron, Arthur John Thornhill of Diddington Co. Hunt Esq.
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/10/144Lease for 21 years of property in Clerkenwell, Middlesex
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/9/118Vesting Assent of the Boxworth Estate by John Norman Heathcote of Conington Castle, Huntingdonshire, Esq., as Special Representative of the late A.J. Thornhill, deceased, in favour of Noel Thornhill of Diddington Hall, Huntingdonshire, Esq.
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/5/79Deed of Disentail re copyhold allotments of land in West Field, Buckden, Huntingdonshire
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/10/140Agreement for Sale and Purchase for land in Clerkenwell, Middlesex
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/5/80Certificate of Acknowledgment of Deeds
KAcc148/2/A/97Requisitions on Title of Shooters Hollow Farm
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/10/146Conveyance of property in Clerkenwell, Middlesex
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/9/117Vesting deed for the Boxworth estate
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/4/68Assent by Noel Thornhill of Diddington Hall, Buckden, Huntingdonshire, Esq., and Edward Lambert Gosling of 13 George Street, City of London, Esq. as Personal Representatives of A.J. Thornhill, deceased, vesting lands and premises in Offord Darcy and Buckden in Noel Thornhill Esq.
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/9/121Authority to execute a deed of discharge
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/5/88Manor of Buckden Brittens: Surrender (draft) by Arthur John Thornhill of property [as in 5109/87] for barring the Estate tail
KAH/26/240/15Mandate for induction: Thomas Warrington, Rector of Offord Darcy: patron, Arthur John Thornhill of Diddington
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/4/61Notice of Mr. A.J. Thornhill's intention to exchangepart of his field at the old Brickyard Crossing at Offord Darcy, Huntingdonshire, with land belongingto the Great Northern Railway Company in the same parish
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/3/21Letter from Messrs Castle, Fuld and Castle of Oxford to H.J. Thornhill of Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex regarding Mr. Arthur Thornhill's tenancy of College Farm,Diddington, Huntingdonshire
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/9/115Conveyance of fee farm rent
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/9/114Assignment of share in the Boxworth estate
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/10/139Release of Rent Charge for lands and premises at Islington, Middlesex
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/10/148Agreement to define boundaries between properties in St Mary, Islington
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/4/60Conveyance of Freeholds and Covenant to Surrender Copyholds, for freehold and copyhold lands in Offord Darcy, Huntingdonshire, including lands in Top, Middle and Further Red Lands
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/1/7File containing newspaper cuttings of flower shows held at Diddington Hall
KAcc148/5/D/255Pedigree of the Thornhills to
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/1/5Terrier of the estates of Arthur John Thornhill Esquire in Huntingdonshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire
KAH/26/241/22Mandate for induction: Ernest William Godfrey M.A., Rector of Offord Darcy: patron, Arthur John Thornhill of Diddington Hall Co. Hunt Esq.
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/10/143Lease for 21 years of messuage or beer house at 10 George Street, Islington, Middlesex
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/1Volumes relating to Thornhill Estates in Middlesex, Huntingdonshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Lincolnshire, Diddington Hall estate accounts 1944-1955 and details of the gardens at Diddington Hall and flower shows 1926-1939
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/10/151Assignment of leasehold premises known as 49 Richmond Road, Barnsbury, London.
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/10/154Assent by Noel Thornhill of Diddington Hall, Buckden, Huntingdonshire, Esq. and Edward Lambert Goslng of 13 George Street, City of London, Esq. as the personal representatives of Arthur John Thornhill late of Diddington Hall, deceased, vesting leaseholds in the Borough of Islington, London, in Noel Thornhill Esq.
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/10/147Acknowledgment of conveyance of the Swan Public House, Islington
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/5/87Manor of Buckden Brittens: admission of Arthur Thornhill to a messuage in Buckden
KAcc148/2/A/95Articles of Agreement
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/4/62Conveyance of land adjoining railway line in Offord Darcy
KAcc148/UNCAT/5109/1/4Settlement of the Family Estates of George Thornhill Esquire and Arthur John Thornhill Esquire
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