Person NameBernard Sparrow; Lady; Olivia (c.1775-1863); of Brampton Park
SurnameBernard Sparrow
Epithetof Brampton Park
ActivityThe main legacy of Lady Olivia Bernard Sparrow (c.1775-1863) is that of her philanthropic endeavours which outlived her in the form of the buildings she had endowed and the people she had given an education. Having received a good education herself she was particularly passionate about the education of girls and the poor to a high standard, and at a time when it was unusual she successfully established two schools for girls, and attempted also to start one in Nice though local opposition prevented this one from functioning. As well as building schools she also constructed homes, at least one hospital and a library. Her compassion was also evident in her construction of a family villa near Nice for the benefit of her son's health which was too delicate to survive existence within the city itself. Her charitable activities brought her close friendships with the social reformer William Wilberforce and the philanthropist Hannah More.
RelationshipsFather: Arthur Acheson, 1st Earl of Gosford (c.1744-1807)
Mother: Millicent Pole (d.1825), daughter of Lieutenant-General Edward Pole
Spouse: Brigadier General Robert Bernard Sparrow (1773-1805), son of Robert Sparrow (1741โ€“1822) of Worlingham, Suffolk and Mary Bernard, sister to the 5th Baronet Bernard of Huntingdon
Children: Millicent Sparrow (1798-1848) m. George Montagu, 6th Duke of Manchester
Robert Acheson Bernard St. John Sparrow (1800-1818)
One further child died in infancy.
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