Person NameMontagu; Sir; Henry (c.1563-1642); 1st Earl of Manchester (1626-1642); of Kimbolton Castle
Title1st Earl of Manchester (1626-1642)
Epithetof Kimbolton Castle
Activity"Sir Henry Montagu was one of the representatives of the City of London in the Parliament called by James I upon his accession (19 March 1604) and acquired great distinction as a Parliamentary orator. In 1616 he was apptd. Lord Chief of Justice of the Court of Kings Bench; in 1620, constituted Lord Treasurer of England and elevated, 19 Dec., in the same year to the peerage as Baron Montagu of Kimbolton, Huntingdon, and Viscount Mandeville. Upon the accession of Charles I he was advanced to an Earldom as Earl of Manchester and subsequently apptd. Lord Privy Seal."
- from Burke's Peerage, Baronetage and Knightage (103rd ed) 1963
RelationshipsFather: Edward Montagu MP (c.1530 - c.1602)
Mother: Elizabeth Harrington (c.1545 - c.1618)

Spouse: Catherine Spencer (c.1586 - c.1612), daughter of Sir William Spencer MP of Yarnton [Oxon]
Children with Catherine Spencer:
- Lucy Montagu (?-?)
- Elizabeth Montagu (?-before 1657), m. (1) Sir Lewis Mansel and (2) Sir Edward Sebright
- Walter Montagu (d. 1670), Abbot of St. Martin's Abbey, Pontoise, France
- James Montagu (d.1665), m. Mary Baynard
- Henry Montagu (?-?), Master at St. Katherine's Hospital, City of London
- Edward Montagu, 2nd Earl of Manchester (1602-1671)

Spouse: Anne Holliday (c.1553 - 1619), daughter of William Wincott of Langham [Suffolk]

Spouse: Margaret Crouch (c.1582 - c.1653), daughter of John Crouch of Hertfordshire
Children with Margaret Crouch:
- George Montagu (?-?), m. Elizabeth Irby
- Susan Montagu (?-1652), m. George Brydges, 6th Baron Chandos of Sudeley
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