Person NameMontagu; Sir; William (1771-1843); 5th Duke of Manchester (1788-1843); of Kimbolton Castle
Title5th Duke of Manchester (1788-1843)
Epithetof Kimbolton Castle
RelationshipsFather: Sir George Montagu 4th Duke of Manchester (1737-1788)
Mother: Elizabeth Dashwood (c. 1740–1832), daughter of Sir James Dashwood, 2nd Baronet of Kirtlington Park

Spouse: Lady Susan Gordon (1774-1828), 3rd daughter of the 4th Duke of Gordon
Children of this marriage:
- Lady Jane Montagu (1794–1815), died unmarried
- George Montagu, 6th Duke of Manchester (1799–1855)
- Lord William Francis Montagu (1800–1842), m. Emily, third daughter of James Du Pre of Wilton Park [Bucks]
- Lady Georgiana Frederica Montagu (1803–1892), m. Evan Baillie of Dochfour nr. Inverness
- Lady Elizabeth Montagu (d.1847), m. Major General Thomas Steele
- Lady Susan Montagu (c. 1801–1870), m. George Hay, 8th Marquess of Tweeddale
- Lady Caroline Catherine Montagu (c.1804–1892), m. John Hales Calcraft, MP
- Lady Emily Montagu (1806–1827), died unmarried

The Duke and Duchess were estranged by the time of his appointment to the Governorship of Jamaica and they later separated.
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KMAN1/A/10/13/2Notes labelled "General Remarks" containing additional legal notes on the case of Lecesne and Escoffery
KMAN1/A/10/9/12Bundle of loose unrelated papers
KMAN1/A/10/13/3Correspondence, mainly between the Duke of Manchester and H. J. Hinchcliffe, about the legal case involving Lecesne and Escoffery
KMAN1/A/10/13/4Published pamphlet titled "Two Letters to The Colonial Secretary from Hector Mitchel in Answer to The Yellow Book"
KMAN1/A/10/13/1Handwritten notes, presumably compiled by the Duke and/or his lawyers in preparation for the legal case regarding the deportation of Lecesne and Escoffery from Jamaica
KMAN1/A/10/13/5Unbound volume labelled "Confidential No. 4. J. Horton" containing a published letter from Stephen Lushington to Courtenay, setting out the facts of the case
KMAN1/A/10/13/6Bundle of contemporary newspaper reports referring to the case of Lecesles and Escoffery
KMAN1/A/10/2Extract from a Jamaican newspaper condemning Rear Admiral Sir Home Popham for receiving men of colour while stationed at Jamaica
KMAN1/A/10/13Papers relating to the Duke of Manchester's involvement in the deportation of Louis Celeste Lecesne and John Escoffery from the island of Jamaica
KMAN1Records of the Montagu family of Kimbolton Castle
KMAN1/A/10/32Manuscript notebook containing an account by Susan, Duchess of Manchester, of the circumstances leading to her separation from her husband, the 5th Duke of Manchester
KMAN1/A/49/16/1Letter to the Duke of Manchester from Lord Bathurst, Mansfield Street
KMAN1/A/49/16/2Letter to the Duke of Manchester from R. M. Morton[?], Derry Street
KMAN1/A/49/16/3Letter to the Duke of Manchester from P...[?], possibly the Earl of Powys
KMAN1/A/49/16/4Unfinished letter addressed to "My Lord", unsigned
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KMAN1/A/49/12/6Letter to Lord Frederick Montagu from Lord Liverpool, Coombe Wood
KMAN1/A/49/12/7Copy extract from a letter to Lord Liverpool from Lord Frederick Montagu
KMAN1/A/49/12/8Letter to Lord Frederick Montagu from Lord Liverpool, Bath
KMAN1/A/49/12/9Account of the fees and duties incurred in the appointment of the Duke of Manchester as Postmaster General
KMAN1/A/49/12/10Letter to the Duke of Manchester from J. Vernon, Treasury Chambers
KMAN1/A/49/12/11Circular letter from the Earl Marshal's Office, Whitehall, seeking confirmation of those Peers who intend to be present at the Coronation
KMAN1/A/49/12/12Societe Francaise de Statistique Universelle: admission of the Duke of Manchester as an honorary member
KMAN1/A/49/12/14Letter to Lord Frederick Montagu from Lord Bathurst, Stanhope Street
KMAN1/A/49/17/1Draft letter addressed to Prince Lieven, unsigned [in the hand of the 5th Duke of Manchester]
KMAN1/A/49/17/2Letter to the Duke of Manchester from the Duke of Wellington, Walmer Castle [Kent]
KMAN1/A/49/17/3Memorandum labelled "In Relation to the Game Laws"
KMAN1/A/49/18Address to the 5th Duke of Manchester, on his resignation of the office of Lord Lieutenant of Huntingdonshire
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